Janetttt one of my all time fav jazz tunes...
JimmyHook The 14th Wray - Let It Out

The 14th Wray - Let It Out

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heatherknitz P L A Y b a l l !

CCR - Put Me In Coach

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Racheltfd thanks @ GAY_AMSTERDAM @pchampoux @elocio @Uhrwerk and the undefatigable@crowjane !! your stamina and repertoire are incredible ;)
Eangel My last version of the things we said today, did not work so well, this one is a better quality although not the Beatles. Tweet you later. : )
maddkelci I don't know if the title is right but w/e @TheStranglePets u can search my name if u wanna friend. it's Kelci Cox.
hellohawk One of the earliest punk rock bands from my native state of Kansas (more specifically, Wichita, lovingly a.k.a. Wichititti).
Jalapeno This life ain't good enough I would give my world to lift you up I could change my life to better suit your mood Cause you're so smooth

k.D. Lang - Constant Craving

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DrDebs Them's fightin words, @philkirby. Best band I ever saw, full stop, Queen. Waves @DJJazzyJacq, @elocio, @BlueWaverly.
rubikoO Simply Red – If You Don't Know Me By Now
DocRockstarDiva When tears are in your eyes and you can't find the way...
B52Diplomacy Some Buddy Rich, a.k.a. The Best Drummer Ever


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radiojen and nowwwww...back to the music! Violent Femmes - Blister in the Sun

Violent Femmes - Blister in the Sun

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radiojen Corrs - Runaway for @lv.bites1


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weething well, may as well go all out and blip XTC for the 91st time this week. All in or all out, right? right.
elocio Coleman Hawkins – The Bean Stalks Again
elocio Coleman Hawkins – One Sweet Letter From You
elocio Coleman Hawkins - Body And Soul (3)
elocio John Coltrane – Body And Soul
elocio Queensryche – HAND ON HEART. A promise, a word, and a voice. @Gypsylyn
elocio John Coltrane – In A Sentimental Mood
elocio @tamij Ella Fitzgerald for Ray Charles :) I'm chipper all the day ~Happy with my life
elocio Willie Nelson – If you had not have fallen ~Then I would not have found you ~Angel flying too close to the ground RP @lissame73 (reblip)
elocio Barry White – Counting the hours, the minutes, the seconds, the moments
ourladybeth There's a river of chocolate. Screw the Oompa Loompa's. I'm taking some chocolate!!!!!
Jalapeno Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin'...power ballad?
HipMarye where will we be? what will we know?
elocio Chris Isaak: The world was on fire and no one could save me but you.
ourladybeth Motion in the Ocean, baby ...
elocio Barry White – Im not going nowhere Im stayingbaby Im staying You know why?
elocio Jimi Hendrix: Blue are the life-giving waters taken for granted, They quietly understand (Bold as love)
Janetttt @elocio I grew up with my dad playing Santana allllll the time

Santana - Europa

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valkry18 Always one of my favorite Easter songs. Happy Easter all!
elocio George Benson – Sweet Taste Of Love
elocio Regina Belle – Baby Come to Me
savh77 @djdiggla Going back a little further for this one :)
kennu Tiesto Feat Julie Thompson – Do You Feel Me (reblip)
elocio Iron Horse – Stairway To Heaven (Led Zeppelin Cover) Good morning/afternoon/evening all ~
elocio Barry White – I Wanna Do It Good to Ya
elocio David Bowie – Quicksand
elocio Iron and Wine/Calexico – Wild Horses
cathie10 Nirvana – Where Did You Sleep Last Night (reblip)
LucyGrace something new to my ears today
annadynamite @HPooh @morebrains @gsmeck @andreayates @krisenthia @ChristianneCharity -- I miss blipping at work. :( I gotta get on here more evenings in exchange!
GlassofWin WHY did this song just randomly pop into my head?! Noooooo! Now all of you must suffer with me!
MyBadTexas Can't you just smell the smoke, beer n tears?1
MyBadTexas A sweet and greatly tallented (and fine as hell) LADY. She married none other than Derrick Trucks!
DJJazzyJacq @Oldies - we love every inch of you including your contours! :0-) (reblip)
LucyGrace I try to forget, but it's hard, so hard
elocio Subliminal Erotica - One More Time Tonight ;)
elocio The Quantic Soul Orchestra – Terrapin
elocio The Quantic Soul Orchestra – Something That's Real
elocio The Raconteurs – Teenage Kicks (The Undertones)
elocio Paddy Milner – Blister In the Sun (Violent Femmes cover)
elocio Jason & The Scorchers – Absolutely Sweet Marie (Bob Dylan cover)
elocio Claw Hammer – You got your left hand You got your right hand The left hands diddling (Devo cover)
elocio David Bowie – Pictures of Lily made my life so wonderful Pictures of Lily helped me sleep at night (The Who cover)
ShyTrbleMaker Sara Bareilles - but I've never heard this one. I really love her stuff.
viewsnews Song O' the day... Do u Remember the 80s? <hair flip> I lived it. lol. londonbeat #retro


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elocio 112 – Peaches And Cream - no comments ;)
elocio The Proclaimers – I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles) ;) (reblip)
elocio Jethro Tull – Aqualung my friend --Dont start away uneasy-- ty @Nalora (reblip)
Nalora Jethro Tull – Aqualung
rogue_fm @messinwiththekid Now...the movie that used this song and your Joe Cocker blip was a good one. Do you know it?
Nalora The Moody Blues – Dawning Is the Day
Diordan 1 2 Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh freak Out!

ChicLe Freak

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elocio Trammps – That's Where The Happy People Go @HippieMarye
HipMarye @elocio thanks!

Go Gos - Our Lips Are Sealed

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katesnowbird needed a little more Robyn Hitchcock & the Egyptians after that last one.
HipMama If you leave me, I'll Go Crazy. James Brown. How much do I love the punchy horns? Quite a lot. :-)
Personified Goodnight all! Dream a Little Dream of Me, and I'll dream a little dream of you :)
OneLuvGurl I don't care for your fairytales...
OneLuvGurl I don't mind the sun sometimes, the images it shows...
Personified Green eyes: For all the beautiful green eyed ppl (like myself) + a great melody :) enjoy!
elocio George Strait – House of Cash (Duet With Patty Loveless)
elocio Freddy Cole – Black Coffee
elocio Freddy Cole – I Wonder
elocio Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown – Hootie Blues
elocio Joji Hirota & The Taiko Drummers – Yuki Jizoh
elocio Oedo Sukeroku Taiko – Matsuri
Jalapeno <3 this song... Love Somebody Like You
Zarabeth ok, that's the lowest point of my "blipping career"... :-D THIS is TRASH!


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Personified Why go on stalling, I am falling, my love is calling, why be shy? Let's fall in love.
Personified @joshuadenney -- The sun has arisen, yet again :)
Surferess Hey @Thnikkaman and @mr_miyagi Not sure what stripper clubs guys are going to, but IMO this is stripper song #1
Surferess RB @Chise ♫ Tom Petty – Free Fallin' "It's a long day, living in Reseda. There's a freeway runnin' through the yard." (reblip)
Surferess RB @TrainWreckRadio via @TawnyMarie The sweetest Zeppelin song with the extra bonus ending. (reblip)
rogue_fm A silly little song done by a Canadian band that you may or may not enjoy @Madigan Taking my chances... Cheers!
ThaRocker Dashboard Confessional - Hands Down - 4 @3xasif and all the DC fans
lipsync ..vi@merlinn: "Placebo – Running Up That Hill"...needed to RB for appreciation,a prop didn't seem enough :-) (reblip)
elocio Amr Diab – Tamally Ma'ak
elocio Amr Diab – Agheeb Agheeb
StreamingMimi Thanks! @Zahgon: ""You're a symphony, a very beautiful sonata my Innamorata..." -- So glad this song is finally available! Beautiful." (reblip)
StreamingMimi I'm sure most of you will recognize this piece, and now you'll know who composed it.
elocio Eisbrecher – Vergissmeinnicht
nilsen31 heard it in a looove song, can't be wrong...so great!
Zarabeth @philkirby let's squeeze our brains... O_o (I love that scratchy vinil sound)
avivajazz Jen Gloeckner – Nothing Personal // Thanks, rb@steveking, rb@piratejenny: "a dark little hypnotic number..." (reblip)
maika sem dúvida a música da semana! heeey online people @Lucas_Lima @patriciacoelho
elocio Sonny Rollins – Allison
elocio Wynonie Harris - Keep On Churnin' (Till The Butter Comes) #spankyouthursday
LaKarune Sleepy music for @BohemianChick. This is my bedtime choice - Clint Eastwood sings Gran Torino with Jamie Cullum

Gran Torino

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elocio Sertab Erener – Sen Üzülme Diye
elocio More great Flemish music; Noordkaap – Het zou niet mogen zijn
elocio Gorki – Maar laat mij nog iets weten, je mag mij niet vergeten. Ik leef onder de sterren die jij ziet aan de hemel.


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elocio Noordkaap – Satelliet S.U.Z.Y.
elocio Cowboy Bebop - Ballad of Fallen Angels (Rain) Morning/'noon ~ Happy Sunday, all :)
elocio Pearl Jam – ..you can come to terms and realize, You're the only one who can't forgive yourself, oh Makes much more sense to live in the present tense
elocio Soundgarden – Spoonman (Music Video) Thank you for #followfriday, MATT_369 !!
elocio Lynard Skynard – Sweet Home Alabama
elocio Empire Of The Sun – Walking on a Dream
elocio Terri Hendrix – Bring Em All In
elocio Sex Machineguns – Heavy Metal Thunder (blip.up)
Girltrader Catchin' up with Blips & Tweets & still reinstall'n & list'ng 2 RB @alexparr "This is just the most wonderful song"-Frank Sinatra-My Way (reblip)

Frank Sinatra, My Way, With Lyrics

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AnneG33 Another very sexual/sensual DMB Song...
elocio HIM wicked game [ty @Zarabeth] (reblip)

HIM wicked game

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JanHauser All is quiet in the yard

Morgan Page The Longest Road Ft Lissie Deadmau5 Remix

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JanHauser Mmm'mm'mmmm a storm is moving into #Seattle after all
elocio Barão Vermelho – Milagres
elocio Legião Urbana – Há tempos*
elocio Legião Urbana – Os Barcos
Zarabeth Italian electronica from early 80s (he does look a bit like John Turturro, doesn't he?) Franco Battiato from Sicily :)
avivajazz Alemayehu Eshete – Marign Biyeshalo
pagan_spell Good ol' Hutch (ahem, Starsky was my favourite, though)..
elocio Prime Circle 'She always Gets What She Wants'

Prime Circle 'She always Gets What She Wants'

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peacelover This is the funniest band in all of Iceland.
DJDreamy @lipsync: "@DJDreamy: Sweet Salvation ~ Rhythm Corps ~ saw them 3 times "ucky you,they rock!...out to@elocio@b_s_lynn@pinkpolkadots@DJJazzyJacq XX" (reblip)


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oreoteeth @bl828: "One of my favorites." Tis indeed good to boingo your day away. (reblip)
elocio Cool tune from Los Hermanos - Samba a dois TY @lorinewton (reblip)
elocio Paul Anka – Lovecats (The Cure)
elocio Paul Anka – Hello (Lionel Richie)

Paul AnkaHello

| play
elocio Paul Anka – Eyes Without A Face (Billy Idol)
elocio Paul Anka – Jump (Van Halen)

Paul AnkaJump

| play
Stay19 Aqualung – Strange And Beautiful (I'll Put A Spell On You)<><>
elocio Lefty Frizzell – Always Late (With Your Kisses)
elocio Speedy West – Spacemen in Orbit
elocio Lefty Frizzell – I Want To Be With You Always


| play
elocio Buddy Guy – You been runnin all over town – Oh I guess you gotta put your flat feet on the ground :))
elocio Paul Anka - Put Your Head On My Shoulder

Paul Anka - Put Your Head On My Shoulder

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Starmonique Na na naaaaah na hey hey left Liberals Kiss him good bye #hhrs #tcot #sgp #912 #TeaParty (reblip)

Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Good Bye

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elocio Gianluca Grignani – La mia storia fra le dita
elocio Vasco Rossi - Vivere

Vasco Rossi-Vivere

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elocio Vasco Rossi – Gioca Con Me
MusicWithMsB Gotta run and enjoy SF Days

01 Chris Isaak - San Francisco Days

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Janetttt @elocio..we've been doing the ships passing thing again..
elocio Merle Travis – Sweet Temptation
elocio Merle Travis – Green Cheese
elocio Meg Hutchinson – Seeing Stars
elocio Reverend Horton Heat – Eat Steak
elocio Commitments – Mustang Sally - Guess you better slow the Mustang down
SunsetMom RD @bcb Take Me to The River -Talking Heads care to go for a swim with the manatees' Crystal River FL see u in the sun! (reblip)

Take Me to the River - Talking Heads

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haumea Back from a little break. Thanks to @elocio for finding this gem that fits right in my cover set I'm about to start! Cheers! (reblip)
SunsetMom Commodores – There's A Song In My Heart this one goes out to CoachJudy on twitter RB @elocio id the lion (reblip)
DonnaFox Try? There is do or not do, there is no TRY... ~Macy Gray~ I Try

Macy GrayI Try

| play
elocio Townes Van Zandt: Living on the road my friend, Was gonna keep you free and clean, Now you wear your skin like iron, Your breath's as hard as kerosene
elocio Townes Van Zandt – We had our day but now it's over ~ We had our song but now it's sung ~ We had our stroll through summers clover
elocio Guy Clark – the indian cowboy
elocio Hayes Carll – Hey Baby Where You Been
elocio Yat-Kha - When The Levee Breaks
elocio Kansas Joe – When The Levee Breaks
virtuallin Cocteau Twins (Live) – Song to the Siren - Did I dream you dreamt about me... (reblip)
elocio Brooks & Dunn – Rock My World (Little Country Girl) Ty @pinkpolkadots (reblip)
elocio The Lovemakers – Whine & Dine
elocio Frogs Gone Fishin' – Hope You Find It
elocio Lily Allen – Littlest Things
elocio Logan Heftel – Tell To All
avivajazz John Coltrane – You're a Weaver of Dreams
elocio Jenny Owen Youngs – Led To The Sea
elocio Einstürzende Neubauten – Sabrina
elocio Silversun Pickups – Catch and Release
elocio Bell X1 – Rocky Took a Lover
elocio Bon Iver – Blindsided
elocio Great Northern – Our Bleeding Hearts
elocio Oh Susanna – River Blue
elocio Nakia & His Southern Cousins – Choose Your Poison
elocio Leah Siegel – A Day At The River (With You And Your Lover)
Voxetta Billy Preston – It´s Alright Ma (I´m Only Bleeding) #mothersday
melbrehl @OCkracker - I know you won't leave me High and Dry
divadoll123 Geeeeeze . . . I'm back in junior high. (reblip)
electricfeel And her nose starts to bleed, a most beautiful ruby red. slow motion--see me let go.
Starmonique If you wanna play hide and seek today on the twitterverse (reblip)
mandahoofs Love love love this Zeppelin cover.


| play
Starmonique VIVA CAPITALISTS! ... "Happy 5 de MAYO" 2 ALL TWITTERS in THE TWITTERVERSE Arriva REAGAN!! arrivARRIVA #teaparty Arriva #TCOT (reblip)
elocio Norah Jones – Not Too Late ;)
elocio Jerry Lee Lewis & John Fogerty – Travelin' Band
elocio Rita Lee & Tutti Frutti – SuperStafa
girlpiper Well, we can certainly tell what all the girls of blip are thinking about tonight! Count me in! LOL RB: @melodyofyourlife Divinyls - I touch myself (reblip)
elocio Annuals – Complete, or Completing
pocket_edward Hope to hear our song tonight @ the Iron & Wine concert at the Troubadour
TawnyMarie to vera my sister.. @verawooten: I sent this to you earlier today, hope you got it...heading out now, going to bed... sweet dreams
TawnyMarie G' me a beat... see you in the a.m.... g'night all....
TawnyMarie TURN IT UP!!! @MaraBG : @MaraBG: "Garth Brooks – American Honky-Tonk Bar Association #ENB " (reblip)
elocio João Gilberto – Tin Tin Por Tin Tin
elocio Yellow Matter Custard - While My Guitar Gently Weeps
elocio Rupert Everett - Tainted Love
elocio "Bathed in blue, the walls of my memory divides the thorns from the roses" INXS - Afterglow


| play
DJSelchie Thank you @mystwitch, for mentioning "Slumdog Millionaire." I'd really like to see this movie. N' by the sound of it they've got a great soundtrack!
elocio Soul II Soul – Back to Life acapella intro
elocio Lester Young - Oh, Lady Be Good
elocio Lester Young – Lester Leaps In
elocio Cab Calloway & His Orchestra - Zah Zuh Zaz
elocio Cab Calloway – (Hep Hep) The Jumpin' Jive
elocio Cab Calloway And His Orchestra - Reefer Man
elocio Jacques Brel - De nuttelozen van de nacht
elocio 14PencilSkirt @Aluciel (reblip)


| play
caitlinjane you're the one that I wanted to find..
elocio Richard Grey – Tainted Love (Warped Bass) - Nacho Marco Mix
elocio The Hormonauts - Tainted Love
elocio Stella Starlight Trio - Tainted Love
elocio Gloria Jones !! - Tainted Love
elocio Soft Cell – Tainted Love
elocio Marvin Gaye - I Heard It Through The Grapevine
Gypsylyn Be-Bop-A-Lula....don't mean maybe...LOL
elocio Louis Jordan - Somebody Done Hoodooed The Hoodoo Man
elocio Louis Jordan & His Tympany Five – Caldonia
elocio Bruce Daigrepont - Disco Et Fais Do-Do

10. Disco Et Fais Do-Do - Bruce Daigrepont

| play
elocio Jo-El Sonnier J'etais Au Bal

17. J'etais Au Bal - Jo-El Sonnier

| play
elocio Clifton Chenier - Je Me Fu-Pas Mal
elocio Wishbone Ash - Blowin' Free
elocio "When I get the blues gonna give me a rockin chair" Big Joe Turner – Flip Flop and Fly
elocio Big Joe Turner – Call The Plumber
elocio Just saw this great artist on television! Big Joe Turner - Shake, Rattle and Roll
BlondeUniverse and the last for today from the NINJA sampler, my favorite one on it from NIN . . . ;)

NIN - Not So Pretty Now.mp3

| play
threebears if you pay the right price the evening will be nice ...
elocio The Georgia Satellites When I see her comin' down the street I get so shaky and I feel so weak
elocio Chris Isaak: You ever toss and turn your llying awake and thinking about the one you love? RT @D90cent (reblip)
elocio Queen: I feel alive and the world it's turning inside out Yeah! RT @plgcorea (reblip)
elocio Steve Miller Band: I want to fly like an eagle To the sea Fly like an eagle Let my spirit carry me RT @santamistura (reblip)
elocio Led Zeppelin ~ You are the sunlight in my growing - so little warmth I've felt before ( The Rain Song )
elocio Stevie Ray Vaughn - Texas Flood
elocio Stevie Ray Vaughn - Butterflies and zebras And moonbeams and a fairy tale (Little Wing)

Stevie Ray Vaughn - Little Wing

| play
elocio Madeleine Peyroux – Dance Me To The End Of Love
elocio Keith Anderson ...You and me baby, pickin' wildflowers RT@TrainWreckRadio (reblip)
elocio Rascal Flatts..gonna stand on a rooftop, climb up a mountaintop Baby, scream and shout RT @vonda626 (reblip)
elocio Lou Reed ..I said hey joe, take a walk on the wild side RT @darrylheron (reblip)
elocio The Georgia Satellites – White Lightning (live)
elocio Cream In the white room with black curtains near the station. Blackroof country, no gold pavements, tired starlings
elocio Madonna,,Haven't we met ~You're some kind of beautiful stranger ~You could be good for me I have a taste for danger RT @BlondeUniverse (reblip)
elocio Sergent Garcia - Me Voy Pa La Cumbia
elocio U2: See the stone set in your eyes~See the thorn twist in your side RT @Gypsylyn (reblip)