ParadiseInside intense electro using solfeggio pitches. i'll prolly never pgm this, but find the percussion of sawtooth waves helps me notice where in body they hit

Solfeggio Arpeggio 396 417 528 639 741 852 963

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ParadiseInside awesome classic bit of ambience from the wonderful "Crossing The Trail" release, 1998. i shall have to pull this disc out & give it a spin now
Surreality @Alliemamma: Wow, you're reading my mind now. I was going to play this song next but had to go for supper. One of my fav songs ever :) (reblip)

Tear GardenOphelia

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Surreality Yet another beautiful Slowdive song

SlowdiveSpanish Air

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Surreality "mind games don't move me" but this gorgeous song does :)

slowdive- when the sun hits

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loreena mckennitt - the highwayman

| play
ParadiseInside Bedouin Ascent's 2000 remix of smooth devotional from Cheb I Sabbah's 1st disc. from "Maha Maya: Shri Durga Remixed" 2000
pjhanse En wederom een bijzonder aangename uitvoering door Heinz Holliger | Mozart oboe concerto #h #mozart #oboe

Heinz Holliger with Mozart oboe concerto

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buchmamsell Wunderschönlied-Variation ~ Ich zôch mir einen valken ... & ich im sîn gevidere golde wôl bewant, da huop er sich up vil hôhe & fluog in anderiu lant


| play
buchmamsell Sleep tight, beloved - princes, knights, queens and all those who believe in love, tadam :-*

Faun ~ Der König von Thule

| play
tonstrina Traditional music in irish. Couldn't beat it with a big stick.

PlanxtyBean Phaidin

| play
tonstrina One more and home grown. Excellent.

Tin Whistle: Ships are Sailing/?

| play

Crowded House (don't dream it's over)

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In_Cognitus Utviklingssang vi@avivamagnolia Thanks! (reblip)

Carla Bley / Steve Swallow: Utviklingssang

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Surreality @jennyleepenny:Well yeah you're right. Sometimes Ifeel tired all the time and hate it. Didn't mean to make light of your problem though sorry!
Surreality @DJEmpire1: thanks... @darklion I liked De-luxe quite a bit. kind of sounds a bit like Stereolab in the vocals and mood. (reblip)
filippocioni New new Indie 2009: >>>> St. Vincent - The Strangers <<<<

The Strangers by St. Vincent (2009)

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pjhanse Just listening to Madrigali Guerrieri – Monteverdi ...
Surreality Lyrical Dissonance FTW part 2 :)
In_Cognitus vi@avivamagnolia: "Cat Power // Where is My Love?" Thanks! (reblip)

Cat Power-Where Is My Love?

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ParadiseInside zero info on this, but like it! alpha-paced processed woods&stream, crystalline drone, complex chorus. words being spoken you can't understand. shines

Lotus Sutra

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pjhanse Clara Rockmore (theremin), Nadia Reisenberg (piano) – Achron: Hebrew Melody
pjhanse To Zanarkand on Guitar

To Zanarkand on Guitar

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perditus A surprising Pasternak interlude in this -- "Февраль. Достать чернил и плакать!"
pjhanse ..... waarom, dat is de vraag, soms kun je iets wel begrijpen maar niet snappen #twexit

Bach Musical Offering BWV 1079 Parts 2-7

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ParadiseInside from 1999 "Cho Ku Rei." this Reiki energy rejuvenates, heals and adds chi vitality to the physical body.

Akshara WeaveCho

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filippocioni Marissa Nadler – Heart Paper Lover


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Surreality Great version of this song. Love the strings.
Surreality "Hung like jewels in a forest of veils"
Surreality I'll be wearing a river's disguise..."
filippocioni Good lunch to all with Team Waterpolo – Room 44 (Louis La Roche Remix) (via @disconnesso via @Nymph ) (reblip)
pjhanse La Valse d'Amelie (Orchestre) | Original (clip)

La Valse d'Amelie (Orchestre)

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perditus Me, I've got to learn to spell -- yes, I meant 'find' not 'fine'.
yejele des moments de piano qui sont éternels ...

Erik Satie Gnossienne N°1 Alexandre Tharaud

| play
avivajazz Leon Redbone | Lazy Bones // A song in honor of Sunday

Leon Redbone Lazy Bones

| play
avivajazz Arabesque | Nazar es Sahara (Desert Look)
avivajazz Stephan Micus | Athos


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avivajazz Nick Drake | Sunday // Nice! Most Sunday-ish, @UncleRay: "The sound of Sunday to me." (reblip)

Nick DrakeSunday

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avivajazz Little Jimmy Scott | When Did You Leave Heaven?

Little Jimmy Scott--When Did You Leave Heaven

| play
avivajazz Abdullah Ibrahim Trio – Leverkusen 2007 (1/2)
avivajazz Lonnie Pitchford | Old Dog Blue
avivajazz Joan Baez | House Carpenter


| play
avivajazz Joan Baez | East Virginia

JOAN BAEZ "East Virginia"

| play
yejele ce morceau de musique doloriste @marycavalari qui appréciera

Miserere Allegri

| play
LadyAmbience Labyrinth – Stronghold Soundtrack
avivajazz Rabih Abou-Khalil (oud) | Nashwa | #jazzaviva
yejele merci c'est magnifique @Tubabo: "puts new meaning into the word "uplifting"♬♬♬♬Johann Melchior Molter (1696-1765) - (reblip)
yejele fantastique de drôlerie ! et étonnamment moderne je trouve

Nel profondo

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yejele Quelle énergie, c'est prodigieux !

Vivaldi-"La Fida Ninfa" Sinfonia in Do Maggiore RV725-3/3-Spinosi-Ensemble Matheus

| play
yejele c'est délicieux @PatriciaC @jsalinasi

Maria Kalaniemi "Skymningspolskan"

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yejele qu'est-ce que "la saudade" ? c'est ce pincement au coeur ... dixit
yejele un air qui me fait voyager très loin d'ici, au bord d'un lagon, au souffle des cocotiers, à l'ombre des faux-tabacs et des pins colonnaires ... ♫
buchmamsell With hugs and kisses at beloved lady @abarbosa :-*
pjhanse I should have been there ...

Musik messe 2009 Fagotts

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avivajazz Nick Drake || Cello Song

Nick Drake'Cello Song

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avivajazz Australian Aboriginal Music || Song with Didgeridoo // Merci beaucoup! Hotter than hot! RB@aloredelam (reblip)

Australian Aboriginal Music: Song with Didgeridoo

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avivajazz Concierto de Aranjuez ~ II. Adagio ~ Paco de Lucia & Some Symphony Orchestra

Paco de Lucía Concierto de Aranjuez Part2

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avivajazz Concierto de Aranjuez ~ I. Allegro con Spirito ~ Paco de Lucia & Some Symphony Orchestra (reblip)
avivajazz Narciso Yepes || Recuerdos de la Alhambra || Classical Guitar
avivajazz Paco Fernandez | What Are We Living
avivajazz Omar Faruk Tekbilek || Take a Flight || Turkish Traditional+Sufi/+Ambient/+Electronica/+Percussive
avivajazz Ustad Jawad Tabesh || Beshnow Ay Ziba Botte Tannaz Man (2009)
avivajazz Popol Vuh ◘▬◘ Kyrie

Popol VuhKyrie

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avivajazz Nana Mouskouri || Misa Criolla // Kyrie
avivajazz Stefan // Flamenco Guitar // Persia // This is one of Stefan's original flamenco guitar compositions. See:

Stefan Flamenco Guitar: Persia

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avivajazz John Martyn // Run Honey Run
avivajazz Axiom of Choice | Valeh || Beyond Denial (reblip)

Axiom of ChoiceValeh

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avivajazz Sigur Rós | Fljótavík
buchmamsell Forget past indiscretions and stolen possessions - You're high. In the cold light of day. Whistle ... away. ~~ Hear you later, dearies of the night.
YoginianneJ Yikes - great combo!@avivamagnolia: "David Gomez + :Logical Progressions || Visions of Mahamudra // Keyboards and Bata Drum (Iya)" (reblip)


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avivajazz Abdelaziz Stati | El Haj 1
avivajazz Tom Fahy | The Child Branagh
avivajazz Hanne Hukkelberg | Break My Body
avivajazz Peter Gabriel | Book of Love
avivajazz South San Gabriel | Trust to Lose
avivajazz The Beatles | Something | 1969
avivajazz Vangelis | Losing Sleep (Still, My Heart) || First time I've listened to a tune by Vangelis; atmospheric, intriguing. Thanks, RB@tommus (reblip)
avivajazz Mariza | Minh' Alma || Thanks! RB@cmarques1953 (reblip)

MarizaMinh' alma

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avivajazz The Moody Blues | Go Now || Top of the Pops (1964)
Sephiros One of my favourite Siouxsie & the Banshees songs, a true classic.
avivajazz Traffic | John Barleycorn Must Die || Thanks, RB@hotbeans (reblip)
avivajazz Etta Jones | Unchained Melody || Unusual version, quite personal and beautiful. Thanks, RB@Lizelizabeth (reblip)
avivajazz Bert Jansch // Promised Land
perditus Goodnight, 'net; or good morning, however you want to take it -- sun's peeking through the windows, so time to get on with the day.
YoginianneJ love this clever syncopated story of bravery and jealousy, it can go like that...

StingSeven Days

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umraojan @cadmium: "well, good morning to thee!" (reblip)

Alaska in Winter - Horsey Horse (Extended Remix - Quiet)

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perditus Nyitva lesz szemem hogy még egyszer lássalak. Ne félj a szememtol holtan is áldalak... Utolsó vasárnap
perditus @iGotSurvivalism lol Tipper & PMRC would hate this - unfort. for them it was recorded some 40 years before they claimed such music started: in 1938.
perditus "You bought a guitar to punish your ma..." -- actually, it was a bass. And a violin. And a piano. And...
perditus ...or song titles, for that matter. (Starts at full volume; fair warning.)
perditus Azam Ali in a bit more upbeat mood than she was in that last Vas track.

NiyazThe Hunt

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perditus Come on, Natalie; it's not *that* bad -- on my way there now. Back later.
perditus "Sometimes, I cannot sleep..." "I miss your manic scratches, and your howling at the moon"
A_See whoa

Nathan "Flutebox" Lee and Beardyman @ Google, London

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pjhanse Jan Dismas Zelenka – Gesù al Calvario - Chorus (1/9)
perditus Cohen cover; live at the Jewish Heritage Festival, 9/13/05. "You told me again you prefer handsome men, but for me you'd make an exception."
hajoni it's The Books - All A's

All A's

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perditus "And lost among the subway crowds, I try to catch your eye"
hajoni forgive me this sentimental journey ;), oh Bap, oh Cologne....


| play
hajoni ...and thx@dojodub - hides video (use FF) it is sound-only :D.. thx! @loriiseclectic: "there he is!" (reblip)

Tom WaitsHold On

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YoginianneJ sort of like walking with a caravan the desert and seeing a mirage...then an oasis truly appear...

Jai UttalHot Button

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drwh0 Whoops, I meant @avivavox "I'm grading and listening to Tuvan throat singing (sygyt style)." (reblip)


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YoginianneJ a very lovely tune that is great for travelling...and shuffle dancing...

Cesaria EvoraSodade

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pjhanse Bhai Avtar Singh – Khambh Wikaandree Je Lahaan
perditus A great track from 98's "Soft Black Stars".
mishakitty nothing wakes me up like a good karsllama (or however you'd like to spell it!) - this one is a favorite for my restaurant gigs!
mishakitty for the tribal fusion grrls...Circus Contraption smacks of Beats Antique with a freashow edge...shimmy, slink and sway to this, folks!
amayadori 芝居で、つかったなー。なつかしい。
perditus From the excellent "Fog Dance, My Moth Kingdom"
perditus Opening track from Shiva in Exile's sold-out 2008 release, Nour, with Theodor Bastard's and Samka's vocalist, Yana Veva (Яна Вева) guesting.
pjhanse Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus – Requiem in D minor K 626 - Sequentia. Dies irae
perditus "I ain't about to go straight; it's too late"
perditus Listening to Waits makes me want to work at the piano bar down the street - unfort. they always put my app. on the bouncer pile, not the pianist.
perditus @litania Você já ouviu essa versão jazz?
pjhanse Thanks @avivamagnolia | Brahms - Accentus, Laurence Equilbey – Wie lieblich sind deine Wohnungen, Herr Zebaoth
perditus "Wedding Day at the Troll House" in Edvard's original happy form; for an alternative, and perhaps darker take, my version is here:
perditus "The picture of all rage, all lust and wanton" -- "the gods I loved are all dead"
perditus A little ambience seems suited just now

In DenialWaves

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perditus A little something to zone to, coming down from the "feast for the three days of the writing". And with that, I'm off for a walk.
Houdinial You can't beat the album THE KICK INSIDE but HOUNDS OF LOVE is a very close second ;-)
xosfaere This rocks!

Anoushka Shankar, "Red Sun"

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Cocteau Twins ; Pandora

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ParadiseInside programming some basic acoustic meditation tracks now.

didgeridoo meditation

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ParadiseInside the tamboura and veena. great meditation track

Classical Indian Music for Healing and Relaxation by Music for Deep Meditation

| play
ParadiseInside very useful for inducing mystical ecstasy under the right conditions
YoginianneJ brings up my deepest sorrow

Dead Can Dance-Sanvean

| play
YoginianneJ sweet and fragile like -unknown


| play
YoginianneJ my fav of theirs - the belly of the ninja in my own words...

Baka BeyondKonti

| play
ParadiseInside based on the Schumann resonance solfeggio tone, but also a brainwave piece with hemispheric synchronization [headphones]

528 Hz Schumann Chakra Balance (HQ for binaural stereo)

| play
pjhanse Marc Antoine Charpentier – Nativité de la Vierge
bendrix Major Pearl Jam luv to U kats. One of my fave PJ trax=> @1indienation @squidbrain @Karuna
bendrix I'm glad U found my dedication :) => rb@LYRIC <---rb#bendrix--thankU B.A.--lovethatbass... Uarelyricallydelicious2 :) (reblip)
ParadiseInside Belgium Apr 1991 ElectronicTrance By Nikkie Van Lierop , Oliver Adams , Praga Khan cool early trance! techno goddess tryps are always wonderful

PhantasiaInner Light

| play
ParadiseInside not much Kip Mazuy to find at Blip, but here's 3 minutes. his recent "Shakti Silence" awesome. (reblip)

Ocean Euphoric

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ParadiseInside darkest of the dark ambiance. intergalactic space? from "Where The Black Stars Hang," 1994. two 10-min segments.
ParadiseInside darkest of the dark ambiance. intergalactic space? from "Where The Black Stars Hang," 1994. two 10-min segments.
ParadiseInside the solfeggio tone said to have healing dimensions and connective to the love vibration

528 HZMiracle

| play
buchmamsell @pixelfreund Apropos Bowie: Nicht des Liedes aber des bezaubernden Films wegen (Trickfilmstandard 80s) - mit dem schönsten androgynen Männchen ever.

as the world falls down

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umraojan @Nymph: "thx...its tuesday and i finally feel up" (reblip)
Houdinial Simon & Garfunkel at their best ;-)

Sheila Chandra: Lament of McCrimmon/Song of the Banshee

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ParadiseInside true brainwave music. from Unison Volume One.

Air ( with STEREO Binaural Beats )

| play
hajoni Feist + Ben Gibbard – Train Song ---------------[Search: "Train Song"-imeem -youtube]thx 4blippingimeemfree4outsideUsblippers: keep Blip global!
hajoni Herbie Mann & Sona Terra – Gypsy Jazz
bendrix @LYRIC - The1stTime iHeardThisWas 5AM DrivingOnThe BackRoadsTo see the GR8 Wall. BTW I forgot to show U my 41 sec Trailer=>
ParadiseInside title track from the brilliantly conceived and produced 2001 album. former Missing Persons bassist/keyboardist. Awesome long term ambient artist.
ParadiseInside five minute excerpt from Eno's finest hour. 1984. superb rarefied atmosphere: quiet, gentle, evocative of creativity & noble emotions
perditus "zanurzam się w lepką słodycz naszych ciał" ... ah, yes.

Pati YangUwolnij

| play
ParadiseInside so many brainwave vids to choose from, but the birds here in maui started to sing when i played this one

John Cage "In a Landscape"

| play

philip glass: glassworks

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bendrix When I woke up I was surrounded by "It" then "It" chased me around my padded room then "It" got in me & made me do shameful things => rb@LexiePixie (reblip)
perditus G'night folks; going to try for an early night for once.


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DesertLily Tibetan singer Yungchen Lhamo ~ Happiness is (reblip)

Happiness Is...

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bendrix @Blippo = the Milla J of shhh don't tell anyone I'm a huge blippo fan :) " (reblip)

Puscifer The Mission with Milla Jovovich in Ultraviolet

| play
sheryonstone unmistakable voice of Mark Sandman @rjmestre :).....@BarbieRay ~ you may like this one also sis <3 (I miss you)
perditus Okay, okay, getting back to it. Later all!
YoginianneJ here they come...thanx@amyalynx: "always love this... (reblip)
perditus "One day, you know, you're going to fall, or I'm going to fall or... something's going to happen..." Song from 1992; Jhonn fell to his death Nov '04.

CoilWho'll Fall?

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perditus "Don't you just love goodbyes?"


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hajoni damned, already missed the Saturday lottery again, but I'll try Janis's example
hajoni Dead Can Dance – The Lotus Eaters
yejele ces palabres ...@DesertLily: "It's been a while.." (reblip)
yejele délicate recherche des oeufs de Pâques sous un ciel partagée entre soleil clair et giboulées d'avril

Maria Callas "Mon coeur s'ouvre a ta voix "

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Saorsa Nice track :o)@DJNickPapag (reblip)

Leaves in the River- Sea Wolf

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koiheart @MapleLeaves: "might not exactly fit my current theme, but this remains one of my favorite basslines ever. Colin Greenwood is an absolute genius." (reblip)


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Village_Works Goodnight Great Floating World ~ May the graces of insight be bestowed upon us. Andreas Vollenweider – Drown In Pale Light
yejele romantisme et grands interprètes toujours, persévérer ...
yejele magique

Kyrie Missa Brevis BWV 235 JS Bach

| play
Village_Works The Beatles – Across The Universe
yejele Dave Brubeck qui fêtera ses 90 ans en fin d'année se produit toujours en concert
avivajazz Choying Drolma + Steve Tibbets | Yumchen Tarkar } Thanks!@BleakMouse: "Thanks @akiraboy2000" (reblip)
yejele pour le réveil - merci @puxxler: "Scarlatti Sonata L33. Horowitz turned me on to Scarlatti & did much to expand my love of #classical music (reblip)
yejele j'ai eu le plaisir de visiter votre belle maison de Nohan, haut-lieu musical Merci@GeorgeSand (reblip)
avivajazz Grup Kızılırmak + İlkay Akkaya | Aze | Turkish Music / Türkçe Müzik | #jazzaviva (reblip)

Grup Kızılırmak-Aze

| play
koiheart Altan – Slow Air & Dance, Altan Beo - 21 Bliain ag Ceol 2006 for my newest friend @wisewoman. They are my most favorite Irish group
koiheart rb@blurruin: "donnie darko geldi kaç asdgfd" Yet another treasure for your playlist...deighted for the new association :) (reblip)
inlighted Thanks!@smaclaren: "Tarantas, Carlos Montoya, one of the greatest Spanish guitarists ever" (reblip)

Carlos Montoya

| play
koiheart rb@DorothyAnn: "For your quite timesvi@PatriciaC: "Claude Debussy – Reverie"" A small thing with great wings having you as a new listener. Thankyou (reblip)
koiheart rb@GeorgeSand: I would give you my firstborn for this Bach if I had's just wonderful! Thank you!! (reblip)
koiheart rb@MmeKlein: "Horowitz plays Mozart piano concerto 23 3rd movement"" I could not be happier to have you as a new listener!! (reblip)

Horowitz plays Mozart piano concerto 23 3rd mov

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koiheart rb@leffi333: "rb - thanks @mscate" Love this! Tusen tak! Will miss you... (reblip)
koiheart Inspired by my newest and welcome listener @undo

bjork amphibian

| play
koiheart Cocteau Twins ft Harold Budd-Sea, Swallow Me
theotherlondon Very nice. RB: @mteric: "Republic Tigers – Buildings & Mountains" (reblip)
theotherlondon Btw, I'm going to guess you know Tony Dekker from GLS went to university in London? @RadioFreeIllinois
avivajazz Charlie Haden (b), Chet Baker (tp), Enrico Pieranunzi (p), Billy Higgins (d) | Silence (1987)
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