ericb For my love lost yet still here.
ericb Bummer the live one is the only working one :(

Staind - Home (Live Chicago)

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ericb I've been locked inside your heart-shaped box for weeks...
ericb Go see these guys live when you hit the West Coast. It's worth a trip!
ericb Rivers Cuomo was emo before it was popular...
ericb Would you believe me when it tell you you're the queen of my heart?
ericb Continuing my self-depression kick

Somebody Someone

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ericb This love has taken its toll on me she said goodbye too many times before
ericb Damn these guys can play music and speak for me in the same turn!

Maroon 5Shiver

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ericb Now that I've music'd my way out of my melancholy, this one goes out to the one I love, even if she doesn't care anymore.
ericb That's right, I'm not ashamed of my Van Halen songs either. Sammy knew how to make a love song...
ericb I'm your Ice Cream Man baby all my flavors are guaranteed to satisfy
ericb You know you can't get this one out of your head. Butterflies in her eyes and looks to kill. That's my woman.
ericb If you're 555 then I'm 666. What's it like to be a heretic?
ericb Never realized how good Coldplay was until i listened to all their albums in 1 night. I realized I've heard so many of their songs without knowing it
ericb So bad it's good! Let's do it like they do it on the Discovery Channel
ericb God this is haunting. Call em played out, whatever, it's still good.
ericb Underrated song. I'm bringing it back dammit!
ericb Geek heaven!

System Of A Down - Legend Of Zelda Theme

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ericb and that's the lovin sound. Their best song IMHO :)
ericb Wish i was ocean size... They cannot move you and no one tries...
ericb Man, they were such a great band! Why do all the bands turn into ballad-whores after they make 5 albums or so?

Beatles - With A Little Help From My Friends

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ericb Why is this song so damn catchy?
Cusack Hells Yeah... Sir Psycho Sexy.
ericb This song is a poem to myself it helps me to live. In case of fire, BREAK the glass and move on into your own


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ericb 2 fer Taproot. Cuz I'm c-c-c-c-calling


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ericb Now for some of my favorite covers.... starting with Foo Fighters :)
ericb Like the Aerosmith cover of this best, though I know Crue and Oasis have done it as well
ericb Walking down the street...shooting down people I meet...fully loaded tommy gun. Covering Queen here.

Stone Cold Crazy

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ericb Better than disco! Covers keep coming...
ericb Guilty pleasure. You just wont admit you love to listen to this one, but you're bobbin your head right now. Korn covers Cameo.

KornWord Up!

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ericb Guilty pleasure. You just wont admit you love to listen to this one, but you're bobbin your head right now. Korn covers Cameo.

KornWord Up

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ericb Listen and love. Dynamite Hack covers Ice Cube.
ericb Richard cheese, the king of lounge and cover songs. Some Limp Bizkit...
ericb Bow down before the awesomeness that is Faith No More covering The Commodores. Yes, I'm a Mike Patton disciple, he is god. Deal with it.
ericb With the lights out it's less dangerous...Tori covers Nirvana
ericb Cat Power you say? Covering CCR in an interesting way. Tori ain't the only one who can sing alongside a piano (and 808 from the sound of it)
ericb Done with covers, now for something interesting. If you havent heard of this piano/drum duo, you're missing out on some of the coolest music around.
ericb another one since I know that last one made you a fan of Dresden's Sing
ericb Because we've all wanted to write this song
ericb They never get enough praise....ladies and gentlemen....PRIMUS
ericb My favorite band, I can't believe I haven't blipped some of their songs...One of their most under appreciated songs from Vs.
ericb For my covers session a few songs back, this one should have made it....
ericb Everyone hates Nickelback, but they still manage to sell out concerts and albums... They're a guilty pleasure. Just kick back and enjoy.
CoSlive @soul_jony Listened to this album way too much last summer. (reblip)
ericb Sounds like the soundtrack to a new Spaghetti Western. This one is a great one to drive fast to!
ericb Geekdom. Drive to this one! CLICK CLICK BOOM
ericb Two turntables and a microphone...
ericb The No Hit Wonders themselves....Sodium Pentathol was an idea i had...
BrigitBerlin Takes me back to my college radio DJ days.
ericb Now for something different from Weezer
ericb some Chili Peppers. Love this one. the whole BSSM album was great.
ericb Haven't heard this one in a while
ericb This one gets to go on the soundtrack to my life.


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ericb Before I Forget...Need some crunching guitars.
ericb Lets see where I can go with themes today
ericb Continuing on.... Green Day's ode to....
ericb yeah there she was, like disco lemonade
ericb Pink? Say it ain't so!


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ericb Oh, this one even sounds like it's subject matter...
ericb i want a doctor to take your picture so i can look at you from the inside as well
ericb One more coming (get it?)...what is the final song on this unnamed theme day? But first, the Violent Femmes :)

Violent Femmes - Blister in the Sun

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ericb You're everything that's why i cling to you...
ericb Oh, I'm sorry, did I break your concentration?
ericb Knick Nack Paddy Wack

Squeeze Me Macaroni

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ericb Shut up, you love this song
ericb I can't use what I can't abuse


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ericb you might have loved me but now i got a gun!
ericb Dr. Stephen's in the house...a little comedy music
ericb My favorite Pearl Jam song

Pearl JamPorch

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ericb Need to keep going at work. Nothing like some good old Metallica
ericb They rocked right out of gates with this one
ericb Sound like what work would be like if i had a cubicle :)
ericb I remember the video for this being some creepy stop-motion

ToolPrison Sex

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ericb You may or may not agree, but he's a great all-around musician
ourman Good tune from a fine compilation album "If I were a Carpenter"
fearshop Testament - Alone In The Dark
neraulia great lyrics if you pay close attention. free download from
JohnCarvill Some-thing im-por-tant is a-bout to ha-ppen
MissNonSense i wish i could buy back... the woman you stole. lol
ericb Blood will follow blood...dying time is here...Damage Incorporated


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ericb Too rich too poor, shes wanting me less and I'm wanting her more...the bitter taste is cumbersome
ericb These guys always get the blood pumping with those crunchy guitars and double-bass drumming
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