Bob MarleyOne Love

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Beatles - Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds

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dustincowell Awesome song that I was reminded of on the radio this morning, thanks to @927mike and @927fm
starrsgalaxy So other than Eddie..what ever happened to the other Pearl Jam members? Here's Stone Gossard..
abogdan every rose has it's thorn...

Poison-Every Rose Has Its Thorn

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Jerry Garcia Band: Tangled Up in Blue

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divaelle I can't believe a 16 year old (at the time) white girl can sing this song like this . . .
djTOUCHits keeping it rolling with ERIC PRYDZ... rocking the 80s remixes like i have never heard before SWEET GENESIS... with a little help from BUSTA RHYMES?

holding out for a hero Bonnie Tyler

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eade it's an apparat kind of day..
nerdiando Hey another guy who likes to look exactly like Raggedy Man (more like Raggedy Ann). Fantastic version of a classic!

korn-another brick in the wall

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Spookaap Sigur Rós in English, still fantastic :) Great music to relax...

Sigur Ros-All Alright

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flipchickmom A tune I frequently see people at a bar singing at the end of the night totally smashed, lol! Thanks for props @Salvosong
nerdiando I wish that your wishes become true!

Boston-More Than A Feeling

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eduardocasino Buffalo Springfield – For What It's Worth

The Fat Boys "Stick'Em"

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Goofy @patita ...................................Help Is On Its Way
erock0013 go back to sleep

10.Counting bodies like sheep to the rhythm of the war drums

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DirtyUrine nice tune! @joechapman: "rb@Jcubed: "Indeed. How many indeeds is that?;) @AdamOfDallas: "Great tune"" (reblip)


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holygee listening to Johnny Cash God's Gonna Cut You Down

Johnny Cash God's Gonna Cut You Down

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ClarissaPaula Bob Marley & The Wailers Cover – High Tide or Low Tide Ft Ben Harper & Jack Johnson

KoRn- Freak on a Leash (with lyrics)

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Filter Hey Man Nice Shot (Big Mac)

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erock0013 sweet

Aerosmith _ Sweet Emotion .

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erock0013 all that i want from you my son, is to be satisfied (reblip)
MicraMan Feels Like the First Time - Foreigner

Foreigner- Feels like the First Time

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erock0013 say something you know they are going to attack you for. When the rich wage war it's the poor who die!!!
andre_dereh em homenagem ao meu pai... q sempre escutava essas musicas quando eu queria ver desenho! [/13anosatras!] oO [2]

Fight Club sound track (Where is my mind)

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darrenjamesbell @Kadieful: hiya thanks for the track earlier, not bad need a few more listens tho. cheers again... (reblip)
mattAdkins @sstyron: "Bill really brings it." Nailed it. Why is this not our new national anthem? (reblip)

SANTANA "Black Magic Woman" Live 1979

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Marystudio vi@Intriguingds: "((Twitter Stretch)) Tommy James - I feel fine I'm talkin' bout peace of mind I'm gonna take my time I'm gettin' the good sign..." (reblip)
1sweetwhirl Nuttin like a Hammer video.. dig it! ~Mc Hammer Too Legit to Quit

Mc Hammer Too Legit to Quit

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MilaCas Pink Family Portrait Lyrics. Ahhh! That was good, I needed a good cry.

pink family portrait lyrics

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Staind "It's Been A While"

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TheFox I’ve got another confession my friend, I’m no fool, I’m getting tired of starting again
Reemo Thumbs up@PaddyH: "Jesus - did we REALLY look like this in the 80's?!?!? (great song though)" (reblip)
Sally29 r/b @warhorus: "Looks like I'm going to see these guys live twice this summer..." - just the once at Wembley for us - but I am looking forward to it! (reblip)
NinaBille One of my whishes...... :-)


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luchinadj Portugal trip 95 - the first song on train - amarcord (reblip)
underdogwin @AcidBlack that sounds good to me. I will start with more Metal Ballads.
SooperTrev Michael Jackson – Man in the Mirror
DJErmjizzle She came up to me and said.....catch you later baby I gotta split. I've gotta have it, I just can't quit.

Eric Clapton, Pavarotti- Holy Mother

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ACIDminds Y en la terapia contra el ceño fruncido recomiendo también esta...
MicaPianezzola Johnny Cash. "Os grandões do rock."

Johnny Cash'Hurt"

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Kebsy No one knows what it's like to be hated....to be faded....to telling only lies....

Limp Bizkit "Behind Blue Eyes"

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liminal You got exactly why I'm blipping all this "minimal liminal subliminal" stuff@RichardCoffre: "(vi@liminal) Useful to help you when you work at night!" (reblip)
DJJOHNNYG make me want to go live back in GERMANY
rafaps Basement Jaxx - Hey U

Basement Jaxx- Hey U

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Hoyii H2 theme song.

Halo 2 Theme Song

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KalaBamboo @Noe: [rb] [stuck in my head now aswell] [thx :")] (reblip)
glidingstar sounds great at this time of the night (11:30 PM)....

MetallicaMama Said

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energizerbunny @energizerbunny: "steppenwolf NOT LED ZEPPLIN!!" (reblip)


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jub2609 Listening to this MJ's tune... Amazing!
YelleyHasNoPants :) @Jentern: "Probably my favourite APC song. Guh." (reblip)
a_team may we all make it home safely
Nilloc By Use Of Google, Remembered What Today Is [1]

Take My Breath Away... Berlin (Top Gun) [Lyrics]

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Euphoriefetzen nicht wahr, der könnte auch @Lnell gefallen. "@cremeweiss: herrlich, danke @Euphoriefetzen: "toller track, danke @scholt."" (reblip)
laurapasquini I feel like The Scientist as I dissect these transfer courses & degree audits.
milesgrace77 theme song thursday........to the east side!!!!
Annapurna for my taste original is better,but this song is always good ;)@djLop: "I like the remix!!!@annapurna: "ok,this is my kind of song :)) @djLop"" (reblip)
ElZorro LOL thx@honeygirl: "to the listener that left, i'm a big girl, i wont cry... my eyes will just water alittle..." (reblip)
radio4kids ♥♫♪THNX2 @TakeFive: The Fugees - Killing Me Softly (reblip)
Bright_Blue what? eh?@DJJazzyMua777: "stop cake! sigh!@SuperSpaceAngel: Chocolate cake? Who said that? =]@DirtyUrine: "LMAO!! @BenWright007TX: "no kidding me too! (reblip)
tasos Ahhhh! I love this song so much... (oldies but goldies)
CaboCrazy Dangerous Toys – Sport'n a Woody
milesgrace77 thursdays theme song:)........i loved luke sooooo....he was the blonde right??

Dukes of Hazzard Theme

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erock0013 Tool Thursday contd.


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TimBravo I'm so glad to have a computer whiz/IT guy here at work who knows more than I do! This one goes out to the man of the hour, Eric! THANK YOU!
flinndc You are in like Flinn! @SaucySammy: "... count me in! ..vi@flinndc: "Great song.. RB vi@shortygal: "Cutting Crew – (I Just) Died In Your Arms""" (reblip)
PerpetualKid Just because I need something to wake me up this afternoon! Whitesnake - Here I Go Again:
Shaiman Tracy Chapman | Talkin' Bout a Revolution (via @StephenL) (reblip)

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind Music Video

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Kenny Loggins / Danger Zone / Top Gun

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gbshannon @rubybird Yeah, you'd try to hit me until a john Mayer song came on then you would begin to sway back and forth and start dreaming of far away lands.
hipEchik @hipEchik -Spirit in the Sky - Norman Greenbaum "When I die and they lay me to rest, gonna go to the place that's the best"

Spirit in the Sky Norman Greenbaum

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sinistercinnamon "The day the music died ..."

Don McLean- American Pie

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paulastudio I would like to reach out my hand...

Framing Hanley- Hear me now

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kid koala- drunk trompet

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Fall Out Boy ft. Kanye West This Ain't A Scene

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stephadamo Track 4 - Stars - "You're twenty-three, but how can that be?"
Roddee Katie Melua – Blowing in the wind (reblip)
mister_e If you're not into Kate Nash, keep listening until you get to the part with Billy Bragg. Their harmonies are so pretty! (reblip)
DuncanDogg Nice find@Jimmylad: "To all @absentees ... Radiohead – Wish You Were Here ( Pink Floyd cover with Sparklehorse)" (reblip)
FlowerGirl Jamie Fox did a great job on the movie "Ray"

Georgia on my Mind- Ray Charles

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Raquelnews Musiquinha do casamento sucesso do youtube!

Cris Brown forever

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finchbeak love this live version; think it is one of the song's first debuts, before released on album. seems like he hasn't even given it the final title! = )
brunomiguel Sigur Rós - Inní mér syngur vitleysyngur | como eu adoro esta música!
MusicIsMySoul3 ♥ I am everything you want. I am everything you need. I am everything inside of you. ♥ (reblip)
njvinnie TOOL needs no other introduction, right @marijaanadj ? "Jambi" on the #musicmonday rock alternative.


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MaxVelocity "..~~" watch the color of the pill...hhahaa (reblip)
cpcdiniz @karma_musings: "@crowjane Yr Manhattans song brought this one to mind, don't know why!" (reblip)

Bee Gees- You Should Be Dancing

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deekattax RB @SirJaz: " ♫ The Pussycat Dolls – Buttons" (reblip)
dailystendhal have a great concert! :) @HannahShaya (reblip)

Muse-Hysteria Official Video

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CanadianClassic Classified-Oh Canada

classified- Oh Canada

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karolgalvao todos os vídeos no Channel 4 estão ótimos *_*
jmabell Great song :) @minmae: "rb@sandyriverside hey mister! yeah..heavily. and is still flower spring over there? [hey @Arth! ^_^]" (reblip)
Schlu nehm ich, danke:-) @darita: "««««rosary girls»»»»»" (reblip)
jamiethehutt Anyone having a hard time getting going today or feeling a lull? You know what you need? Eye of the Tiger. (reblip)

Rocky 4 Eye of the Tiger

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FunkShoi rb@sandyriverside: "...Selling this kids Simpsons dolls - the buyer didn't get them - they got a video of me destroying them." --- eeeevil. (reblip)
CindyWrightson "...I could offer you a warm embrace to make you feel my love." Adele/Make you feel my love
andresarredondo ...tengo miedo pero aqui va...Total Eclipse of the Heart

The Lord is Gracious & Compassionate

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KristyRNinAZ Blind Melon – Working Class Hero ♫ Some of us gotta go to work! NOW!
Ricellyn making islands where no island should go.
Terra_rist @zx10r07: "Godsmack – I Stand Alone [@zx10r07]" You're on a good role today ZX! thanks for the tunes, helping me survive the work day :) (reblip)
DJLMatto Just in need of a little time in The Shire
manouski @babouski: "apaisante, puissante, intérieure, la wally, Callas" (reblip)

Maria Callas is "La Wally" (w. text)

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derbli Especialmente a trilha sonora...

500 Days Of Summer (2009) Soundtrack 13- Vagabond

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Missy Higgins Secret

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RoxP It's going to be an American-themed playlist today;)
Gordyjp Well tonight thank god it's them instead of you!!!

Do they know it's christmas

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Eclecticist rb @aprildax: "Give me the beat boys and free my soul I wanna get lost in your rock n roll and drift away..." (reblip)

Dobie Gray. Drift away

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verdetian Great twist on a holiday standard.

A Day to Remember- Over My Head(Cable Car)

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SuperSpaceAngel ♥ I haven't posted this song in months... *Giggles* @ChadThomas & the bunch (reblip)

AC DC Thunderstruck

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rvandromel "Is someone getting the best, the best, the best, the best of you?"// The Best of You - Stereophonics (Foo Fighters Cover)

Candlebox-Far Behind

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jessexpress if you win you get this shiny fiddle made of gold. But if you lose, the devil gets your soul.

Lisa Loeb Stay I Missed You (Subtitulos Español)

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DJFrankie I can't think of another artist who sings about such awful feelings in a way that is so consistently delightful.
lilisn Dica do dia: "don't look back in anger."

Don't Look Back In Anger

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Kill the Poor-Dead Kennedys

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Ian_Aranda bran van 3000 – Drinkin in LA
whuddafugger @Model_Daughters: "i think i have a crush on you @pillpushera. could you ever love a scorpio? // Dolores O'Riordan - Black Widow" (reblip)


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hondomesa you are a good woman @Jimenalacandona: "I wish all this suffering will end @barracudita, @flinndc, @Filthy_Rich, @hondomesa. " (reblip)


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hulagirl13 Another winter.. keep yourself warm! :)
flinndc Please accept my condolence rb @jimi_bullington: "just so you all know.. this song reminds me of my late sister, who I lost to cancer @ShiaoMei (reblip)

Iris-Goo Goo Dolls

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Dysn0m1a Nine Inch Nails – In This Twilight (All The Black is Really White Rmx) by TweakerRay
stephsworldX @CMDoria: "RB!!@TropicsZ4: @ShiaoMei whitesnake – here I go again" i think this was my graduation song. ha! (reblip)

Macy GrayI Try

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arthurfontes Green Day - Working Class Hero Live (reblip)

Cake- Love You Madly

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aprildax really?@droolius: "my theme song@aprildax" (reblip)

I wanna get high

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Coldplay-The Scientist (Acoustic)

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motleysu Nine Inch Nails - Slipping Away
Allie_rific I'm just through out the microphone

Rob Base and DJ E Z Rock It Takes Two

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endomeso I'm all out of credits :( - at least I get a Big-Spender badge... Karma Police w/ Citizen Cope by Easy Star All-Stars

Karma Police w/ Citizen Cope by Easy Star All-Stars

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blakrhino i must have listened to this song at least 15 times today.

Eric Clapton & Pavarotti Holy mother Live Pavarotti and friends 2003

| play
ternofailure poppy popsters. love them! <3
AnnieLicious That must mean he's got one hell of a rocket arm! You go mom! ^5. I get so excited/nervous watching him play. rb @jsholman (reblip)
SimpleJim Ya think so ? :) @readmylipstick: "blip IS addictive @inkiemolletje: "Before you know you're a blipaholic :) @mandymusic @inkiemolletje (reblip)
cobb367lifetime @Dolittle: "rb @Chise: "Frightened Rabbit – Swim Until You Cant See Land"" (reblip)
Lovebreath Passive - APC *fm Band of Brothers* SUPPORT USA forces,ARMY,NAVY,AIR FORCE,MARINES,COAST GUARD *U guys Rock Hard* thank you (reblip)

Band of Brothers (APC passive)

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revbeatman @Holland_Oates "According to the computer, said folder and path to it don't exist." I'm in yer computer, deletin all yer files.
QuietIslands so true @Flavoured: "Really like your musical taste! @shiverspt: ""The National – Afraid of Everyone" another from the new album, High Violet"" (reblip)
Shaunforhire i wanna play rhythm guitar in this band. nice lyric change for the second verse. haha.
lamoranga WAIT! They don't love you like I love you!

Canadian, Please... NOW ON ITUNES!!!

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Nine Inch Nails: Only

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DDPlay Very nice! Could go back to sleep! @Angie74: "Hiya sista! @donnadontplay shakin up our petty this am with some GnR! Damn ggirl, I'm TIRED today! zzzzz (reblip)

Guns N Roses & Tom Petty Free Falling

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blipwisp 50 cent - P.I.M.P remix reggae Bost & Bim (reblip)

50 cent-P.I.M.P remix reggae Bost & Bim

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Nessa1972 I Love It!!!!!!!!!!!!! My Favorite One!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ladycatlady i woke up in between a memory and a dream... Tom Petty, You Don't Know How It Feels
StevenMarkMusic Track 6 off my first album Distraction.
wolluf need an automatic reblip button@attank (reblip)
zoja01 rb@ShedMySkin: A new friend turned me on to an old favorite........ (reblip)
Zeta1 @avard: """""Awe Shucks tyvm@diamondgal: "thanks for your great music:) hugsss @avard""""""" (reblip)
1sassychick Who is gonna run this town tonight? Life's a game and it's unfair, I break the rules so I don't care....

Jay Z ft Rihanna ,Kanye West & LiL-D Da Prince Run This Town (Remix) + Lyrics

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Silveramberz Yeah, it's one of my faves :) @BBWolfey: "Yes@hpseaton: "One of their best! Thanks (reblip)
Schoork Guns N' Roses – Knocking On Heavens Door
tuedelkrams Simply Red – The Air That I Breathe
KendallJaye @alexparr: "Me too! @GraceOMalley: "Feeling Groovy - yes that's me ;-) @jcase59: ""slow down, you're moving to fast..."""" (reblip)

Feeling Groovy

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crampr @edurrosa: "Dreams ... ty @BBandit: "(((((The Cranberries – Dreams)))))"" (reblip)
simply good vibrations to face the future!
davidssilverman @DirtyUrine: that is an inspired Sabbath song. Great album cover too! (reblip)
LynnSunshine Capleton – Jah Is My Everything (Made In Jamaica - Reggea) @DoctorOfJazz
adamdeyoung Lovin' me some Tom Petty - this is a great album
BlackAlpha Goldfrapp – Road To Somewhere.. Why thank you @aprildax..
tuedelkrams sischer dat... ;))) @Towanga: "@lusimi uii wann war die 69 oder ? :)) Roxette- Listen to your heart -first video" (reblip)

Roxette- Listen to your heart -first video

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fangalJen "Strong Enough " [ High Quality ] Sheryl Crow" (reblip)

" Strong Enough " [ High Quality ] Sheryl Crow

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"If I could be where you are" by Enya

| play

I'm only sleeping The Beatles

| play

Soundgarden ~ Flutter Girl

| play
revbeatman Not me- I've got nothing better to do than blip:) RB @JonPublic: "i don't get much chance to blip things these days." (reblip)
kcdc13year Awesome version of an awesome song...love acoustic tunes!!
Spica7 @fxp123: "rb @SpicaSeven: "@Blipdjj: "@SpicaSeven: "@Tddmn: "Journey - Lovin Touchin Squeezin""""" (reblip)

Journey Live in Manila DVD Lovin' Touchin' Squeezin'

| play
valeriapiemonte rb@Dancer12: "Can't complain(does no good) ;-)@c3p0 everything is great in my world angel,&yours ?@Dancer12 Hi boss, how's everything in Your world? . (reblip)
yelastica Dirty talking Amy...but her voice is (even when it's broken) just plain - awesome
ginastarke perfect beat for the eliptical

Riders of the storm- snoop dog feat the doors

| play

Willie Nelson "Georgia" [Worldwide Groove Corp. Chill Remix]

| play
mafebf If I Were A Boy (original video) - Beyonce Featuring Zee Kay – #FelizDia
zamfir KT Tunstall – Fake Plastic Trees (Live)
mdlex This song reminds me of all the Bella's of Fanfic world missing their Edwards!!!

Alicia Keyes Try Sleeping with a Broken Heart

| play
crasin2me Bic Runga – "Sway"
loriks not my fav but i cannot find young lust
trishpants Hey....Thanks for the props. @Sparklepony: "[Sparklehorse – Eyepennies] with PJ Harvey... such a great loss... RIP Mark..." (reblip)
erock0013 i've eaten the sun, so my tongue has been burned of the taste
2liveis2fly @Dolittle: "ha first time I've heard that @DJIrishboy: these guys always get me ready to get on the beer" so does it really mean "the asses"? (reblip)
kreyne Sad that Joshua's leaving me for a week. This will be my song of mourning. Miss you, love!
Nautiloid Last tune was so slow to load. This makes up for it
bjerre may 23. copenhagen. I'm there!

Filter & Crystal Method - Trip Like I Do

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Stardazer heard a guy singing this in the grocery store last night... incredibly funny!

funk soul brother!

| play
Dancer12 G'Morn to you! RB@edurrosa: "Flores @dANGELofLOVE LOL! @Dancer12:Look behind you! @dANGELofLOVE:Following You!@Dancer12: @DJRUCA:Thank You. ☸ڿڰۣ— (reblip)

Flores para minha melhor amiga ☸ڿڰۣ— Flores para mi mejor amiga

| play
blusol Tool – Schism Very GQ

ToolSchism Very GQ

| play
rock2monster ~yeah, me, too(read the transcripts-HOT!)~~>@klynnDemar: "@rock2monster what? i can't help myself.....that cherry chapstic gets me everytime;-)"~ (reblip)

Iris-Goo Goo Dolls

| play
Lizpe Pearl Jam – Alive ☆☆☆☆☆

Pearl JamAlive

| play

Iran Green Revolution Trance 2009

| play
RonD007 Robin' people with a six gun.......
MirQ -♥- rb @melarimo: "rb @DragonMoonTunes: "Supermassive Black Hole"" (reblip)

Supermassive Black Hole: Live At Wembley Stadium 2007

| play
killerswp @blorio.....awesome blips... greetings from philadelphia!! (reblip)
readmylipstick Taking a (or 'an" if u say AT-buzz ;-) @Buzzz break from Melissa to share Aerosmith - Dream On (reblip)
Claudine_fairy good1 rb@marijaanadj: "Hey Hi! Finally!!! :)) rb @jennajames: "Thanks girl! good to hear you 'live' :) always rb u when u r away!! (reblip)

Lord of the Rings set to Requiem For A Tower

| play
Nadir_MoG "Into the void...returning to the familiar. Jubilant bitterness of mine, swallow me whole and overwhelm me to the fullest. Take me.." "ND"
Dancer12 TY RB@PokesWithDriftwood@Dancer12@EllenaGilbert Very nice! @Dancer12 Nice One!@77ozzie song...my love is pure, I saw an angel..of that I am sure.. (reblip)

You`re Beautiful Live

| play

Ozzy Osbourne Mama, I'm Coming Home

| play
PenaltyKillah yikes, a blip I forgot to complete from yesterday! "I'm out of songs from the True North, for now. RB courtesy of @im_not_agirl" (reblip)
Schelmy My little West Highland "Terror" watches me jig w/eyes that say "U have lost ur ever lovin' mind" LMHO RB @SheenaLara @mark_till @TriggerHappyJack (reblip)
RadioReserva Comemorando que vai rolar @bootierio, mais mashup!
Randomnoiz Joanna Newsome - Good Intentions Paving Company. So good I had to blip it again!
erock0013 Who's gonna steal the show You know baby it's the guitar man
Oregonize er...props. out of props. ta ta! @dirtycash: "hello there @upholstery" (reblip)