carolluck Uh baby, I feel right, the music sounds better with you!
CleberFacchi Nada como comer sanduíche de queijo e ouvir Modest Mouse
vja She's A Bad Mama Jama (She's Built, She's Stacked)

Cello Song ~ The Books featuring Jose' Gonzalez

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by_starla A new discovery for me-- what can I say? I live on the East Coast. May not change your life, but it's catchy.
farkus Noise music can be beautiful. If you listen to the entire album you will realize their genius.
dj_midori *Dropping my ever famous, always favorite, last track with a wink to the crowd.*
erroneous what? I think you might enjoy this one @GoogolHz @djfizzy
LaKarune @Nymph U are one prolific/terrific blipper my luv. This may be my swan song (unless I catch another hot one on my Replies stream [high liklihood]) (reblip)
Cindy79 RB - thx @JeremySole: "Afro Heat (Fela VS Roy Ayers VS Michael) - 2000 Black / Billie Jean" (reblip)
djilo Kind of a cool house cover of Ian Dury & the Blockheads classic :)

PEOPLE ' S CHOICE do it anyway you wanna 1975

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solid_au appropriate (sort of....sshhhh we're all mates here, rite)....nice groove @djilo @bduubz @ZOEBOE @Corts @AnitaBreakSoon @abravastar @rasbo + @shouxing
ZOEBOE wow, thats a rarity (nice sf dude). This is a right nice fine track :) rb@WIGSTA (reblip)

Lloyds Tsb Advert Sick Dubstep Remix

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crowjane @Chris_Jobim: "what up Chris~thanks for this taste of lovely (reblip)
surfsuze dedicated to some folks I know.. LOL! @honeygirl: "@SevenTenths ....i figured it was cigarettes...i KNOW u always got the.... ;)" (reblip)
djilo Cornelius - Music

Cornelius Music Video

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robots are un-american

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GroovyMonster My favorite Ventures tune (and another good one for Halloween)...
djilo Hey! Thanks for the props & tunes :)@rocket1206: "@annapurna" (reblip)
Shadowping @FoxxySheist ~ Color Me Badd – I Wanna Sex You Up (reblip)
Stay19 stockfinster – Dismantled<><>
brunapp Que bom @rafaelcs! Aí vai uma pra animar então: live fast die old.
brunapp very appropiated for today, thanks @Blippo (reblip)
anothercraze Also from "A Zed and Two Noughts" // Goblin = creepy as hell @dronnoisseur.
anothercraze Copy the url just gave you and paste it into the url shortener. Tag it w/ artist and song name @sandyriverside @PunkBroc. Yr all dun
Swampratje hey hey @anderkaliber - we are home again, inmiddels een wortelkanaalbehandeling later... "Dat u er niet meer last van heeft"
Swampratje Mine too!@ElNito: "Ghost of the machine 8. A great one by one of my fav bands ! ;) @Koei@Swampratje@BurstPistil@TroyHolder@rne" (reblip)
Swampratje @anderkaliber : hell-ride to Hamburg... gaan wellicht toch naar Ardennen.. morgen eerst dierenpark - pour Monsieur..

Amphetamine Annie --- Canned Heat

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BurstPistil Works strangely well after Area vi@Faddic (reblip)

Johnny Harris. Light My Fire

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bendrix 7 of 100 Memorable Blips - Thanks to @jaquelinapacks on 11/25/08 - BEAUTIFUL, it sounds like something out of a James Bond Movie & @LYRIC agrees (reblip)
toobad @GR8FL i gotta leave the party – but how sweet it is indeed, and have a fab-4 day... enjoy! (reblip)
erroneous Acid Jazz, Downtempo... dig it

ワンドアトゥロック : ロレッタセコハン

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paulastudio Moby – "Why does my heart feel so bad?"
rico Today is my first aniversary on Here's a selection of my favourite offbeat performers: 9 - catch 'em live if you can... the Aggrolites!
rico Today is my first aniversary on Here's a selection of my favourite offbeat performers: 7 - The Slackers (man I love them!)
rico Today is my first aniversary on Here's a selection of my favourite offbeat performers: 6 - Hepcat, please come back!
rico Today is my first aniversary on Here's a selection of my favourite offbeat performers: 5 - Alton Ellis, so sad this man died...
rico Today is my first aniversary on Here's a selection of my favourite offbeat performers: 4 - The Maytals (love those old tunes!)
rico Today is my first aniversary on Here's a selection of my favourite offbeat performers: 2 - The late great Jackie Mittoo
madame_guillotine y arriba el norte!!! jajaja

Nortec Collective presents: Bostich+Fussible "Tijuana Sound Machine"

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threebears rb kick with @SatooriGho ^(^ Not heard this before - thanks! (reblip)
anothercraze @sandyriverside @PunkBroc. Ingredients: 2 websites. AND a url compressor of your choice.
MyJerusalem Getting good reactions with your ''BeBo'' talk
FunkShoi rb@PunkBroc: "I am... Batman!" -- FPM is too cool for school. Be the night. Avenge me dammit. (reblip)

Fantastic Plastic Machine - I'm Bruce

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erroneous welcome aboard; to those that like parades, cheese and things that bounce
erroneous slow burning bluegrass groove performed masterfully... amazing
erroneous The USA needs a strong public health care option now -

We Can't Afford to Wait

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GR8FL oh good gracious @tubilino now I understand :)
ICEGIRL152 i'm right down there with you @poochiesan24: "ok, I don't even remember who my last love was... Beth.... I kneel at your feet" (reblip)
djilo Telefuzz - Dream of the Dendreons
ramon_bcn Paul Oakenfold - Starry Eyed Surprise

starry eyed surprise

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ZOEBOE I wish it were nice here @djilo. It looks funky, but I can't complain cause the weather in Norway was superb.
ZOEBOE A bjork moment for you-->@bendrix :) Felt this was fitting. :)
ZOEBOE FUNKY and lovin it! Thanks! rb-->@nuffced (reblip)

Funky Kingston (With Bootsy Collins And The Roots)

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ZOEBOE Hey @djilo ! I missed you too and am happy to be home. How u dooooin??
ZOEBOE rb@WIGSTA: "Actually Marmite is for Wimps, Vegemite is for those who are as Hard as Nails"<egads, think I'll stick to butter :) (reblip)
threebears "@threebears its a pleasure ;)" quote'n'rb my friend @sonicmichel hehe - if I say thanks & u say 'it's a pleasure' we could repeat like that 4 ever ;D (reblip)
bendrix This is the sound of tiny ripple waves as my Fruity Pebble Cereal drizzles into the legendary milky fountain of youth pond @LYRIC & @GR8FL
musicalmind now how perfect is this, the flaming lips covering queen?!
threebears I haven't had a chance to blip & it's time for bed (moan) (moan) (more moaning) (complaining) (additional moaning) (****) (additional moaning) :( :(
Swampratje RB @CargoCulte: "Thnx! @noiseAnnoys83: "rb@CargoCulte: You're definitely blipping some stuff I have not heard and I like. "" (reblip)

Gorillaz Kids With Guns (Hot Chip Remix)

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erroneous is digging Poland's Novi Singers. Don't be turned off by scat and funk in the same description... it's good stuff.
erroneous gonna be playing at my roller skating party!
CynDyn another "must-reblip-this" song. thanks, @Trip4Music: "Fleetwood Mac – "Albatross"-->@ArcticCaribou (reblip)

Stuart Staples- say something now

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akiraboy2010 nice nice version of the Kraftwerk tune.
anothercraze First thing's first though. It's my best friend's birthday. Extra frosting for you, lovely. Here's to my gingerbread cupcake @redheadedgreengirl!
erroneous sleepy time way out west... g'nite bleeps

Lullaby Of Birdland -- The Blue Stars

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erroneous oh yeah... another one for my roller skating party (o:
CynDyn vi@viva: "According to research based on UN stats, global poverty could be eradicated with as little as 80 billion dollars strategically invested." (reblip)
erroneous Wow @ilublo -thanks for this crazy blip (reblip)

N.A.S.A: Tom Waits + Kool Keith, Spacious Thoughts (BB Video)

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djilo Thanks for the offer! :) I'll need your device ID. I'll chat w/u on Twitter...RB@BumpusHound: "@djilo I have an glad to test you app... " (reblip)
djilo Mostly. Need some beta testers. Got an iPhone? :) RB@solid_au: "hey there @djilo .. get the app finished?" (reblip)

Cabre- Pillhead

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erroneous yo @ginhollow @threebears - check this performance out...astonishing...

Senor Blues Silver Horace 1959

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erroneous I can see your face, I can hear your voice, I can almost touch you... (o;
erroneous dig it

indieATL- The Brunettes "Red Rollerskates"

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HobbeLink Amerie ft. Jay-Z – One Thing
elhombrecohete "Profesora de literatura" o "Azafata de Aeroflot" son mis formas de vestir ideales. Muy de Señora.
avivajazz John McLaughlin / Zakir Hussain / Hariprasad Chaurasia | Lotus Feet | Remember Shakti (1999) | Chaurasia-bansuri, Hussain-tabla | (reblip)
erroneous beautiful psychedelia, reminds me a little of early 70's pink floyd
CynDyn he pretty much said last yr that we're lame, @GR8FL: "govt closed today, lol @CynDyn wonder what Obama from Chicago thinks about the lame DC folks" (reblip)
bendrix {{WARNING: TOOTH CAVITY ALERT}} This is the sound of a Secret French Lounge serving Exclusively a Rare Creme Brulée Caramélisée à la Vanille
by_starla RB@everythingispop-1 of my fav songs by them! sorry missed you tonight-hope all is well (reblip)
erroneous WAKE UP

Mambo Caliente Arturo Sandoval

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hajoni Sidsel Endresen & Bugge Wesseltoft – Try
djilo OOP4U RB@skreama: "Thayers so damn bashin' funky, incredible!" (reblip)
DrFloyd luvs this piano concert °!°

Prokovief Piano Concerto 3 C minor, Davinski Pianos Part 1

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ishibutsu RB@madrigal: "Gil Scott Heron - Is That Jazz?" (reblip)

Gil Scott-Heron Is That Jazz

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MsBojangles yes, it is- one of my faves . tough to beat...thx @CargoCulte: "Inspired by @ MsBojangles //This song is so damn fantastic." (reblip)
Fengels @Unaturalsoul: "" I'M Rick James Bitch.... '@AngelaHaussmann: "."" Exactly what does she end up giving though ;) (reblip)
CargoCulte This song will forever remind me of cassette singles. @MissM773 @JAE82" (reblip)
by_starla [The Besties – Zombie Song] special doubleshot for @badtemperedzombie--part 2 :)
Nicoviolet Never thought I'd be blipping a song by a guy I heard of because of Family Guy.

AMON DULL II morning excuse 1973

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CynDyn Sing! you know you want to. Thanks @Fid3Lys and @lantz45: "Passion Pit–The Reeling" (reblip)
avivajazz CoDoNa ● Mumakata ● Collin Walcott • Don Cherry • Nana Vasconcelos ● #twitjazznet #jazz


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akiraboy2010 John Cale - Antarctica Starts Here | this tune is great
amphore o.k. ... a friday early morning dance ;)) RB@grebbo: It's Dancing Time :) @ ... (reblip)
avivajazz Sonny Clark (piano) | Black Velvet | #jazz |
beefless worth the wait for the bonus track on here... a gruesome twosome@ArthrReeeed: "@Letranger <3" (reblip)
Diordan Daniel Cohen & Marcela @i_Dea

03 Onde Foi Parar

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SabineWe Archie Shepp – Blasé. Deeply bowled over by those powerful ten minutes. (reblip)
MsBojangles (this too) annnnnd...........g'nite =]

jason collett - little tiger

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toobad yeah, peace all – I like that @2Tall: "rb@DanksJive: "peace all (*_-) @intinet @2Tall @die_Kalte @Alvaroxx @CreepyGirl"YM" (reblip)

DabryeThe Lish

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liminal Gato Barbieri + Dollar Brand (a/k/a Abdullah Ibrahim) ~:~ 81st Street (reblip)

Gato Barbieri And Dollar Brand -81St Street

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erroneous ...

Caribou- Melody Day (Four Tet Remix feat. Luke Lalonde Adem and One Little Plane)

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MrThompsonR @CynDyn "once in a while" like now. Thanks," Yes, I have my moments..;o)
dirtycash fuck me! who are these guys? think i've just died and gone to heaven. this is insanely good @cuezaireekaa @PORTERla @pisspoorpiecharts @GarlandGrey

Mean Lady-rain.wmv

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frenchy_rjp music: #alwaysOnMyMind Massive Attack - Exchange. Just love me those strings and that very, very FAT beat! Bass!
LaKarune Don't come home drinkin with loving on your mind....lulz.
avivajazz Yndi Halda ~ Illuminate My Heart, My Darling! ~ Part I of II

Kings of Convenience My Ship Isn't Pretty

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erroneous inspired by @Foudefafa

Revival- Martine Girault

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liminal Quetzal / Calle O'Reilly / Stillmuzik
yuuhi_hajime Goodnight Everyone(^^)/ ♪Prince – Mr. Goodnight #nowplaying
by_starla [Luna - Sleeping Pill] hi @jmikeh! about to go to meeting, but so glad to see you @pratinsky @Xyling @all first :)
erroneous strike the skyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

I Want a Little Sugar in My Bowl

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Surreality The Raincoats – "Lola" It is... RB@HardCandi: "...awesome cover!! rb! ;) @eliott_is_dead" (reblip)
djilo Floating Points – Love Me Like This (Nonsense Dub)
djilo Eli Goulart e Banda do Mato – Sunny
GR8FL music fills my soul & now am great... btw cute dog! rb@FernandaW: "hi dear :-) GR8FL, hope you're doing great !!!" (reblip)
crowjane simply the best~often imitated~the Temps came closest~~
amphore hahahaha ..... so ein süsses video :-) ...... Mungo Jerry – In The Summertime ORIGINAL 1970
Pierro WildCookie – Touchy, Touchy

Lake Charles Connecton Chris Ardoin

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EternalOptimism @stationzzz Good journey home miss Mimi☝ l♡ve and courage for tomorrow x (reblip)
jimmytheP Li'l Millet & His Creoles – Rich Woman

Mr. Fox 'Party Track' (Golden Flamingo 1980)

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CynDyn RB @qvigear: "Visions Of A New World .. Lonnie Liston Smith ..." (reblip)
MugichaGozen Francis Lai - London Airport  詞:カトリーヌ・ドサージュ 指揮:クリスチャン・ゴベール
erroneous oh shit, this is giving me the fever! lights... flashing... chest... thumping... breaking a sweat... YOW!
salondelynn Orange Colored Sky ōŠBetty Hutton (1950)
MrThompsonR Count Bass D – Down To Get It
DepartmentEss Lusine – Gravity


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MrThompsonR Marschmellows – Swoundosophy
amphore good night :) thank you as always ... :)
Coked_up_jesus #HipHopNight Never heard this version of this song, but it sounds fairly off...still the song good, even if I can't get behind the message *Wink*
AlyG weird nostalgic love for this
CamelWalk Right on. @NastyMcfelins: "this one chewed me up and spit me out- ...." (reblip)
treakiepop There ain't half been some lovely tunes this year already, I reckon //word@cuezaireekaa yo @RCR @wassup@toxiferous hey@terrene rock on @aagochan
k_marie 神楽坂はん子 -- こんな私じゃなかったに

こんな私じゃなかったに 神楽坂はん子.wmv

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MrThompsonR [Lost Balance – These Days [HQ] Good evening Blip Fam!
erroneous a really nice soul groove for @mishkarap & any other listeners out there
erroneous last bleep... zzzz

Dntel Rock My Boat

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CynDyn had to hear another

Ane BrunThis Voice

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kikue Chiyoko Shimakura * Karatachi Nikki

からたち日記 島倉千代子

| play
kzythm #Forky ..."Beth Orton & Terry Callier – Lean on me"
DesertLily Rodrigo Sá ~ Berimbau

Berimbau, Loop Brazil Music Rodrigo Sá ブラジル音楽ビリンバウ

| play
jtabz Glad the weekend was good to you, @Echo_L. We're not actually moving until August. It's shaping up to be a rather prolonged transition period. (sigh)
BoogalooBob Thx@missako This is beautiful....@xSDOx: "Mmmmmm RB> @BoogalooBob: "@missako: "Makoto Ozone Trio - Asian Dream""" (reblip)
MapleLeaves hell yeah, they cover the shit outta this one.
Mysterymix ®@darlin: "This is my most recommended cycling-around-LDN-in-the-soft-damp-green-of-encroaching-summer tune." (reblip)
CynDyn Sakrid's Khari Green plays guitar "Fragment" -- pass to @kcsunshine
kikue Liew Yun * Chinese Hokkien Dumpling songs

Liew Yun Chinese Hokkien Dumpling songs

| play
SabineWe Attention trésor ! ♥☆☼❤☺. Mon interprétation préférée de ce duo de Lakmé de Delibes. Natalie Dessay, Soprano + Delphine Haidan, Mezzo-Soprano.

Delibes. The Flower Duet.

| play
dirtycash going to keep my ears out for this guy. like where he's coming from @SuzySue @Corts @Sensa111 @anna_twee @Smell_Mop @pisspoorpiecharts @doubledrat
Donkeyrapist1 Snow joke.......s'real love innit
fastfood hello.

Barbara Morgenstern Come To Berlin

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Catch Wrek Jazz Addixx

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Mysterymix Luke's Anger ≈ High Volume - Luke's Anger's 'Theremin from Hell' remix
Mysterymix Royalchord – I'd Rather Go Blind (Etta James Cover) rb@luciash< (reblip)
anothercraze Remix the pain awayyyyyyyyy

Le Tigre _ After Dark (Diplo Remix)

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Mysterymix Anita Ward – Ring My Bell (Lorcan Mak's Mischievous Little Rascal Bootleg)
djilo =) Look who's in the house>>@moloko_sp: "@djilo Hey! Electro Deep House Nation!" (reblip)
intinet @moloko_sp didn't realize you were from Brazil, I just arrive from Sao Paulo =S
fastfood someone else coming to the area, awesome awesome
frenchy_rjp music: @jvos007 @HieronymusFox. Evil Vibrations from De La Soul - A Rollerskating Jam Called Saturdays
ffluxx samon kawamura. somiya.
erroneous if I wasn't careful I could spend all my props in one place --> rb@CamelWalk (reblip)
CamelWalk Orfeo Negro – Evil Vibrations
dirtycash 13 years! gosh...i always need to remind myself of the now and what's to come. i am a sucker for past loves and nostalgia @Letranger
Diordan awwwwwwnnnnn this song transports me to some place....
erroneous frick frack, where's this been all my life? awesome! BIG THX! rb@djfizzy (reblip)
Foudefafa I like Passion Pit & I like Calvin Harris too so cool ^^
avivajazz Justin Adams + Juldeh Camara | Fulani Coochie Man | Mali Blues :-)@DesertLily (reblip)
ouioui73 頂きました。ありがとう。@EgglestonGarden: "夏の記憶とbikerideの音楽。 Bikeride – Samarah" (reblip)


| play
BleakMouse TY@akiraboy2000: "Choying Drolma & Steve Tibbetts |thanks @vajracutter for having the patience to page through my stuff to dig this out from June 09." (reblip)
amphore for @kundunphei :)) --> you inspired me for another 1970's #schlager ......... Rex Gildo is so lololololol for me ......
EFR56 BLACK BOX – Everybody Everybody (Remix)
akiraboy2010 Sugar Minott – Good Thing Going
djilo The Funktastics - Lies In Paradise
kikue rb^^!!!!!しみじみといいですね・・・!ジーン・・・@mxtxmxtxm (reblip)
Diordan Eric Burdon + WAR - Pretty Colours - Pretty Colours Thanks @manipulator
pratinsky nice nice, olà @abarbosa: "Linda canção, linda @DesertLily... :) Obrigada, querida :)" (reblip)
DesertLily RB @Diordan: "maria bethânia please send me a letter I wish to know things are getting bettah bettah bettah bethânia" (reblip)

Caetano Veloso-1971-03-Caetano veloso-maria bethânia

| play
SoMuch I'm jealous! Would love to see them live. @julierthanyou: "@SoMuch my friends and i are going to see them the night before newport folk fest" (reblip)
radiowasabi Obrigada! Brilhante @matoart: goos weekend warmest hugs @BoogalooBob @amarantapico (reblip)
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