estudi080 Recien subidita al Blip.... PLEASE (LIVE FROM ROTTERDAM)... se sale... y por que no se puede ver en DVD...
nazaret Stuck In the Middle With You – Stealers Wheel
arres e..l..e..v..a..t..i..o..n


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nazaret Run DMC - Its Like That

Run DMC - Its Like That

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nazaret Walk Like An Egyptian – The Bangles
estudi080 Mr. Cab driver- Lenny.....Fuck you I'm a survivor!!
estudi080 I´ll be waiting -Lenny .... una para empezar la mañana
sailorblur Una de las mejores canciones del año, de uno de los mejores discos del año...
dd_ss ...I will always Love You...
dd_ss ....I dont wanna close my eyes... I dont wanna fall asleep.. cause I miss you baby...and I dont wanna miss a thing...
dd_ss ...ahh matador...ahh matador!!...Matador!....Matador!
ChristineLovesPhilly I can never get sick of this song..."I'm so tired, tired of playing with this bow and arrow"...brings me back to the good old college days!!!
estudi080 donde está la tarimaaaaaaa!!!!!
kalimero Salvation, salvation, salvation
kalimero No la hay, no

Marvin Gaye - Ain't No Mountain High Enough

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Flower Tu me estas dando...

Mano Negra - Mala Vida

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casasroger No. 4

03,Calle 13 Ft Cafe Tacuba No Hay Nadie Como Tu

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gordilloegea @casasroger muy buenas y en mi TOP 5 del grupo, aunque también citaría esta entre las mejores ;) (y tantas otras...)
estudi080 All these things that I've Dones- The killers
estudi080 Manu Chao - Raining in Paradise... a mal tiempo bueno cara!.. que buen rollito!

Manu Chao - Raining in Paradize

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estudi080 Son of a Preacher Man....Tarantino for ever!
dd_ss ....Time Goes by so slowly for those who wait...I know!! @klitoria...Hello!! =] (reblip)

MadonnaHung Up

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dd_ss ....Time Goes by so slowly for those who wait...

MadonnaHung Up

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earcos para animar la tarde/noche!
BenditoMadrid Buen pop-rock y una cancion de chica mala - Good pop-rock and a song of badgirl @patita @memoria @siren @carmelatop
kalimero Ironía: que la canción más famosa de uno de los mejores guitarristas del mundo destaque por sus teclados

Van HalenJump

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estudi080 Numb... Don't run if u can walk

U2U2 - Numb

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BenditoMadrid Ain't No Mountain High Enough, Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell, ¡cuantas veces la he cantado! (reblip)

Marvin Gaye - Ain't No Mountain High Enough

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estudi080 Buen rollito para empezar la mañana!!
Flower Flamenco del mejor, subele el volumen!

Paco de lucia - entre dos aguas

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estudi080 Para ponerse a tono rápido!.... bright blue sky
cosita all suited up! see you all tomorrow!
cosita i've had this stuck in my head all day.


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cosita positive temps after weeks! finally, we're at 7ºc today.
cosita happy hump day! we all made it to mid-week!
cosita watching muriel's wedding blatantly reminds me of this song.
Flower esta la bailamos todos eh!


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estudi080 que buen rollo me trae!!! (reblip)


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na_takenobu "Know what you're doing doing to me!? / Could it be, could it be, That you're joking with me, And you don't really see, You and me..."
estudi080 @kalimero... dedicada a esa foto de tu blog!! Im-Presionantes!
estudi080 Rocky - Eye of the tiger

Rocky - Survivor-Eye_of_the_Tiger

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estudi080 Crazy Town... the only think I really know' s she got sexapelle!
kalimero @freakscity pero buen hombre, que las botas son para andar, no para morir xDDD
estudi080 air hostess... cabin pressure is rising!!
estudi080 una rockera para animar la mañana
cosita i think all my body fat has turned to lard. @matthewclower, now i understand why you're so bouncy, lmao.
cosita we're having some sort of rain/snow right now. it's going to be fugly tomorrow. ¬¬
enrique_ time should go by slowly when it is time off - rb @GR8FL [let´s dance] (reblip)
estudi080 Street's like a jungle!!
cosita totally emotionless except for her heart
estudi080 para que vuele un poco mi cabeza..
na_takenobu SIM, vou blipar a setlist todinha. Se quiser mais vai no StudioSP.
cosita dear, i fear we're faced with a problem.
estudi080 para animar la tarde...

Kylie Minogue Love At First Sight

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sheryonstone nite all ~~ I can't even keep em a little bit open, let alone wide :D have fun blippin. love you all :D
tcristina ai,que saudade de jogar mario escutando pink floyd! xD @Archibaldo (reblip)
tcristina The queerest of the queer


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tcristina @Archibaldo ! Can you feel a little love?Can you feel a little love? Dream on dream on
estudi080 I'm a hero like Robert de Niro... que buen rollito!!@cosita @sylvia638 @kalimero @PiCr
estudi080 Te lo dije muuuy clarito ;-))
ZachsMind Phil: "Three cheeseburgers, two large fries, two chocolate shakes and one large Coke." Guy: "And some flapjacks!" Phil: "Too early for flapjacks?" (reblip)

Eric Clapton Cocaine

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ZachsMind Phil: "You like boats, but not the ocean... You're kind to strangers & children. And when you stand in the snow, you look like an angel." (reblip)
kalimero Mash-up mañanero para despertar a los bliperos y tuiteros
Stay19 you know ! @Will_deBloke wish we could all congregate Blipfest style..that would be chillax for sure. <><> (reblip)
cosita making myself smile today.
estudi080 (2/3)... can't stand!


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santamistura "Old Skool dance" will be the rhythm that i will hear this sunny morning for to clean my house... thanksssss @struggleville (reblip)
OutdoorLori @BeeRealty Women are NOT the weaker sex. {You know this is one of my fav's! Thanks!} (reblip)
OneLuvGurl I love rock 'n' roll so put another dime in the jukebox, baby!!!

0977 - Yazz - The Only Way Is Up

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suzan Pardon the way that I stare, there's nothing else to compare...gostei dessa versão! (reblip)
crispast ..16:07 dela tarde en italia :)
SarahShoeMe "Por favor I need the magic touch of your amor" - hahaha, great! :P
tubilino ésta dedicada a @abarbero ...que seguro que le encanta :)
crispast i'm underwater.. i need some sleep! goodnight @all!!
estudi080 Better version!!

Madonna - Vogue

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estudi080 buenas !!! good afternoon HUMANS!!!!
sheryonstone @ThePassenger~I'm definitely down. Preferably for a LONG ride :) (reblip)
crispast another one in my personal U2's top ten..yeah, it's so
potele plays some more Fatboy for @Jewisha and wonders if she's already awake... Good morning!!
estudi080 buenos diiiias!!!! morning blippers!... salta!!!... hoy es mi dia y nadie me lo va a quitar!!!
mellomatic Coquettes bitch slap you so polite.

BeckSexx Laws

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estudi080 vaya ojazos!!! no los había visto!! .... yo también quiero ser inmortal!! lo necesitaré para poder pagar la hipoteca ;-)
cosita oh yeah, this was a big hit on the schoolbus, lol.
estudi080 @JanelleV Find it! love that too!!...What I really really really want is you!! ;)

0499 - French Affair - My Heart Goes Boom

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JanelleV Dannii Minogue – Touch Me Like That (Radio Edit)
JanelleV Kylie Minogue – 2 Hearts
estudi080 simply... @PiCr... video included vaya pieza este Robert!!.. parecen nadadoras sincronizadas.... pero más sexys! ;-) (reblip)
JanelleV Kris Kross – Jump (1992)
JanelleV Crystal Waters – Gypsy Woman
avflox 'Cause love's such an old fashioned word and love dares you to care for the people on the edge of the night...
threebears same old, same old - better go2bed b4 it's time to wake. Thanks for the company blip friends. Have a good night/morning/day - in any order! *_~
potele Here's a good one to dance, @succexy! I've blipped it so many times...
ICEGIRL152 Need to do this, haven't yet....
estudi080 sometime i fell I've got to run away!!....

01 Tainted Love

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estudi080 @tubilino... tanto nooo pensaba que te había dado algo!! ;) ..... pues aquí mas noooo,, noooo, noooooo..... your gone a crash!!
TibiDabi Torna a correre!Vento a noi due...
lollydaskal You got to do what you’re MEANT to BE. no if or buts about it........
estudi080 Is it getting better...


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estudi080 Buenas,... hacia tiempo que no blipeaba... salutti a tutti!!
crispast believe..beliiieeeve in meee..... i haven't time to say hello to everyone.. :( (reblip)
estudi080 ... casal rock!! ;))


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estudi080 so. so, good

Broken Strings

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Sympathy for the Devil (the Neptunes remix)

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Chilllzzz Mary J. Blige – Hate It or Love It (Main)
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