fantomplanet Got into a SDE workbook exercise groove w/ The Faint today.
fantomplanet A little Old 97's to pick up the pace.

Old 97'sDoreen

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fantomplanet Ever been in -40°C temps? I have. And colder!
fantomplanet More geography related tunes for the geogeeks.
fantomplanet This should make the Bond soundtrack. Creeper by Islands rocks.


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fantomplanet The office says, "You need a haircut, you need a shoeshine..."

Man ManTop Drawer

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fantomplanet Self-editing MIP chapters before sending them off to the editors.
fantomplanet Man, this thing has been coming up in my iPod often.
fantomplanet Yeah. The job is getting to me. I better get to it.
fantomplanet If ppl from Poland are called Poles; then are people from Holland called Holes?
fantomplanet Heard this at dinner. Had flashbacks from '92.
fantomplanet Aw, Obama received a letter today from a "buddy."


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fantomplanet Have to love a band with a name like Secret Dakota Ring ... 'Fade to Black'
fantomplanet Crabbin' against the set & drift.
fantomplanet Leader—Phantom Planet: Must be about me? Nah...
fantomplanet @mountainrunner: "He's a what? He's a what? ..."
fantomplanet It isn't ice on the wings these days, it's birds in the engine. (reblip)
fantomplanet Here's how I'm going to change the world: With my hockey stick!

Change The World With My Hockey Stick

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fantomplanet This is what was lost in my multiple iTunes Library moves. F!
fantomplanet I have no groupies. I am bound to walk alone.
fantomplanet Obvious work hazards these days.
fantomplanet Not going to dev summit. Going to miss the drive.
fantomplanet @nathanhamm: This one's for HTS.

Ben FoldsArmy

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fantomplanet Always a good Ted Leo tune to put Thing Two to sleep with.
fantomplanet "I'm not cocky, I'm just better than you."
fantomplanet Some ended up being 80's remakes.
fantomplanet I guess this is the original #geomonkey theme song?
fantomplanet This is a throwback to the 90's for the Minnesota crowd. "Your Favorite Thing."
fantomplanet There's nothing like late-80's radio to start the day.
fantomplanet It's tricky-tricky-tricky.

Run DMCIts Tricky

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fantomplanet The Specials did a good job picking up the tempo. #geomonkey
fantomplanet A low moment for the Mountain Goats: Covering Ace of Base?
fantomplanet If there was ever a theme song for the office, this would be it. ...Or, not?
fantomplanet To reiterate @mcpaige's blip the other day...
fantomplanet I think this is my favorite of my favorite Reel Big Fish songs.
fantomplanet I like the carnival atmosphere of these guys.
fantomplanet "Borga-borga-borga like the Swedish Chef"
fantomplanet Good night. Have a safe St. Patty's Day. Just remember what NOFX says about drinking & driving...
fantomplanet I was kind of a sucker for The Stereo.

The StereoDevotion

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fantomplanet It my wife's birfday next weekend. Begin the countdown.
fantomplanet What ain't we got? More Rogers & Hammerstein covers by Reel Big Fish.


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fantomplanet This song reminds me of @lewisshepherd in my Interwebs. But I have his [IP] address, and, like Thing One says, "I put a big red 'X' on you!"


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fantomplanet I haven't played The Hippos in a while.
hairball80 okay okay I admit it Ive Karaoke d to this song .....Yes I was intoxicated but I rocked in my own mind!!!
fantomplanet @sengseng: I think 'Miss Teen Wordpower' is a suitable title for you.
fantomplanet Ok: 'Nother day of ambiguity tackled and tomorrow is a day off.
fantomplanet If there was a theme song for the Twitterati, this would be something to consider.
fantomplanet A song about submarines, er, prison. Well, they're almost the same thing, right?
fantomplanet @ckras I think this explains a lot about what our problems are.

Sum 41In Too Deep

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fantomplanet Classic 90's radio airplay in the midwest.


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fantomplanet More classic 90's Midwest airplay.
fantomplanet My bros say Solid Gold is pretty awesome. I think I agree with them for once. #mfr
fantomplanet 4th of July song for all the sub guys.

Submarine by 7 Seconds Of Love

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fantomplanet One of the many songs why I need to nab these tunes from Amazon. St. Vincent 'Actor Out of Work.'
fantomplanet Have to love The Zutons.

The ZutonsValerie

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fantomplanet Feel like repeating The Current's playlist tonight.


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fantomplanet This is the song Caps fans shouldn't sing at games.
fantomplanet @cageyjames: Congrats! Now for a little marketing, right?
fantomplanet Heard this one on public radio that I thought was catchy.


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fantomplanet I have a feeling this week is going to be a long week.
fantomplanet I drove into the woods once... trashed my snowmobile like a speeder 'asplodin in the Ewok forest.

Blitzen TrapperFurr

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spagornasm Man, whatever happened to these guys? They were damned good, but they've been quiet for the last five years.

Ambulance Ltd. "Stay Where You Are"

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fantomplanet The precogs in my Psychic City are #asshats.

YACHTPsychic City

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fantomplanet Tomorrow... Upgrade & the Hong Kong Phooey Chop!
fantomplanet Friday, I'll be the only one not there.
fantomplanet Something about this song that's a little retro. Can't quite describe the style.
fantomplanet Kiss With A Fist. Ka-pow! I still owe my wife a 4-finger ring with "LOVE" engraved backwards on it.
fantomplanet The background music as I move to make coffee.
fantomplanet F'k you an your tribes. This is where the #hoomantrain is pulling into.
fantomplanet I hate it-hate it-hate it when someone proposes using ArcReader or the old ArcExplorer as a fk'in solution. #badgeodesign
fantomplanet Yes, it's hockey season... God, I hate Virginia!
fantomplanet Thing Two liked this one when it came up in the mix.
mecredy @Fantom_Planet this was one of the songs I couldn't remember in that list today
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