fbz thursday - asobi seksu

Asobi SeksuThursday

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fbz le camembert c'est bon quand c'est bien fait
fbz her nametag said meegan, she was a vegan
fbz poppy but strong. rawr.


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fbz it's a small small world, girl it's gettin' smaller every day
fbz fatty remix, yuksek rocks live too.
fbz that is how it ought to be.

Das PopYou

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fbz i put my laser on stun
fbz i just can't get enough. les francais in the house.
fbz inspired by bre's trip
fbz digital days, binary night times, buy what they say it's the best of time
fukami Another Squarepusher track, this time taken from "Burningn'n Tree" (this is no typo :)
fbz bernadette! elle est tres choette.

Nino Ferrer - Gaston Ya Le Telephon Qui Son

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fbz i always see christina applegate and cameron diaz dancing on their road trip in The Sweetest Thing when i hear this song. (reblip)
fbz ride cymbal rocks. play bach is an incredible album.
fbz i told you how long we got: all the time in the world...


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fbz my fav moz, the little g minor

Mozart - Symphony No. 25 in G Minor - Amadeus Soundtrack - Classical

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fbz aaaaaave marrrrriiiiiiiiiiiiiaaa
fbz may all your xmases be white...
fbz la neige est dans sont manteau blanc...
fbz it took six hamburgers...
fbz ping bing bling ping ping
fbz inspired by late night coding and hacking at picnic a few months ago
fbz i want to date a tegan or a sara, but i don't want the relationship to play out like their songs.
fbz like a tiger in the dark, you were hungry from the start
fbz and i won't disappear... in this city
fin hey little gothic girl, watch out, you might get a sun tan...
fin @kewagi thanks. what superpower do i get?
fin as the herbaliser seems to hvae entered my radar again ( thanks to @oneup ), here's a great one.
fbz there you again in your dressing gown
fbz nine to five (haha those would be nice hours!). vacation imminent. (reblip)

Dolly Parton9 to 5

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fbz vacation morning song

The KillersHuman

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li5a we're gonna ride the race cars - another good track to feed to audiosurf
fbz mein herz klopft: my heart knocks... at your door. (reblip)


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fbz everyyyyone's lookin' at you, ooooh
fbz or don't, but at least you have office supplies agogo
astera Sooo incredibly thankful for all the great tunes I got within the last weeks. Love it.


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fbz breathing gets harder, made room for me, too soon to see
fbz paradise, i'm warm in the shadows here. strange and beautiful and in the colors of paradise.
fbz this is a call to arms

MGMTThe Youth

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fbz but i was far away

Cut CopyFar Away

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fbz life is bettah, bettah, now that i found you.
fbz stuck in my head. she was such a good girl to me!

The KooksOoh La

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fbz we can both be just from the sky
fbz all the sunny afternoons
fbz Spécialement dédicacé à tous celles qui sont motivées


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fbz w. t. f.


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fbz recommended by quine for serious rug cuttage.
fbz nobody knows a single place I go, city by city, night after night
fbz got modified features with software brains, but thats what the girls like
fbz i can feel the heat, the heat between me and you.
fbz and i'm talkin to myself at night, 'cause i can't forget...
fbz The state put the youth in a harness Creatin' hostility among us
fbz your hair upon the pillow like a sleepy golden storm
fbz frak @johannes_mono for getting this song stuck in my head. (reblip)
fbz you'll find out so take me with you
fbz consumed with what's to transpire... :)
fbz paint the black hole blacker
fbz sitting outside get your shoes on come on
fbz i love the double time middle chorus breakdown. yum!
fbz drive your car home every night just to feel the open road.
fbz who knows what goes on in your pretty little head?
fbz que j'aime ta couleur, café!

Serge Gainsbourg - Couleur Cafe

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fbz bass line of doomy doom doom


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fbz on a dark desert highway.

Bob marley - Hotel California (Reggae Remix)

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fbz hand in hand in the park
fbz i've got a twelve sided die

WeezerIn the Garage

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fbz elevators and soldering mother boards
fbz super girl, landing in paris or maybe tangiers
eliot RT cnelson: Fucking amazing, not even sure you can call this a remix - more like a cover. <3. DIRTY. ELECTRO. (reblip)
fbz It's a hard wait yeah, When every second takes it's toll, With every kiss, you kill me more, But I'm here.

Junior BoysHazel

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fbz turning into circles


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fbz want someone to show you around? no one knows this place quite like me.
fbz what a brotha gonna do?

Nasty GirlNitty

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fbz spam spam spam spam spam you know too much spam spam

bonapartetoo much

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fbz someday, as i look at the sun
fbz yeah for a minute there, i lost myself

Karma Police w/ Citizen Cope by Easy Star All-Stars

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fbz happy hardcore mix of der computer nr. 3 "the computer n. 3 searches for me the right boy, love guaranteed"

B.I.O.S Der Computer Nr.3

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fbz "she's not wrapped in flash, all she wants is a java and a shell to bash." hawt geek girl rap.

Coder Girl

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fbz sweet use of a vocoder. hawt and pretty, just like that girl you idolize.
fbz time machine send me forward in space and time
fbz my green eyed love you know when push come to shove, i need you...
fbz computer who knows where i am lost in this kind of hyperspace

MusettaRed Star

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eliot Robyn - Fembots Have Feelings Too (via @nealobermeyer)
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