anadiomena quando estou com você, estou nos braços da paz.
schizophonic Mulheres Maravilhosas da MPB - #2: "Eu ando pelo mundo, divertindo gente, chorando ao telefone..." @thecx@evablue@by_starla@Heike@Crismf@SofiaFada
schizophonic @luiz_com_z @malg Obrigado por lembrar de mim, depois de Clara Nunes e da Clementina, só me resta blipar Lia de Itamaracá! :-)
schizophonic The numbers: 2 months. 418 blips. 422 props(WOW!) 453 files on the playlist. 244 listeners. 1,598 favorites(!)... & about 80 days 'til radiohead here
BlipChick An underrated but truly great singer and a lovely song
CyberManin CSN – Our House : I'll light the fire, you put the flowers in the vase that you bought today.♫Staring at the fire for hours n hours while I listen
suzan Hotel California!!!!

Eagles - Hotel California

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jvs Barenboim & Co – Mi Buenos Aires querido

Nino Bravo - Te quiero, Te quiero

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rahmiranda atóron fazer trabalho de mkt ao som de bacharach, nem quero ver as olheiras amanha (reblip)
RockItRadio Let's rock cuz we're gonna rise above this!
Burgers Hello & Good to see you again. Thanks for all the goodo blips @adbert[Rolling Stones – Stop Breaking Down] Hello (reblip)
RockItRadio Hey..very pretty song here..don't miss this one...some of you may need to grab a tissue
toosweet4rnr nickel creek - somebody more like you* vi@ Figgywithit (testing boombox pro mobile app) (reblip)
Apdeites "I didn't mean to hurt you"
myrisss Tango_flamenco


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Apdeites Ó mãe, aquele môce batê-me, dê-me um pontapé no cu. E tu nã fazes nada, mas carraio de Mãe és tu? (versão original)
jvs Toto Cutugno – Solo Noi
SandroC às vezes, no silêncio da noite...
SandroC Don't forget the butter...
ashlon Red Hot Chili Peppers – My friends
SandroC Depois de ter você... quero ter você de novo...
Acidoriccio ["chi è lui?", mi chiese G., "il tuo nuovo passatempo?" - "Sì", gli risposi, "qualcosa con cui distrarre il dolore". Lui mi sorrise, complice.]
schizophonic Avalanche de bandas novas muito boas, socorro! // Help, I'm drowning in a flood of really great new bands!!!
deliofaleiro copiando o @viniciusluiz, começa agora o meu alfabeto.
cabrochette surpreendente canção de martinho da vila sobre a condição feminina. depois dela despedi a equipe de psiquiatras que me tratava. ^^
Diordan Essa vai em retribuição @Lili_Maniglia e pra sua mãe! uma velharia deliciosa na voz da Elis! aproveito pra retribuir também a Elis do @ric
Diordan Mais uma do Ary Barroso, dessa vez na voz da Aracy de Almeida
mammara time to stop. goodnight @all.
simplesmente Não me deixe só... que o meu destino é raro e não precisa que seja caro... .... ..... BoM DiA Dj's ;) Agora eu sei quem me faz bem ......


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SandroC Ana Torroja y Mecano

14--Mujer contra mujer

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suzan Luis Miguel - Besame Mucho
suzan Você tem meia hora pra mudar a minha vida (reblip)
SandroC Senti como piove...


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SandroC Só pra dizer...

Clã - Problema de Expressão

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CyberManin Would you have me dancing... Voulez-Vous danser avec moi.... ♫♥♪ [Bryan Ferry : Avalon]


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chibiko00 I must blip this again. she sounds amazing in this song
CyberManin bonjour @cybervic .... en pensant à toi ♫♥♫ [Dionne Warwick – That's What Friends Are For]
myrisss Tom Zé – Vai (Menina Amanha De Manha) (reblip)
tubilino Who Wants to Live Forever? ["fuckly" awesome! says so?]
digitpt Porca Véia - Mulheres - women
HungryKid Jackie De Shannon - Needles And Pins
HungryKid Jackie De Shannon - When You Walk In The Room
CyberManin Finally I have a beautiful and sunny Day... so happy ♫☼☼☼☼☼☼♫♪ [Sade – Kiss Of Life]
CyberManin @CarolineMusic je suis au jardin, les hirondelles tournent au dessus de moi dans le ciel bleu, c'est booo ♫☼☼☼☼☼☼☼♫♥ [The Kinks
myrisss e o que me interessa - Lenine (reblip)


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CyberManin on avait parlé tout la nuit sans même penser à s'embrasser ♥ au petit matin tu avais disparu..♥ sans doute un songe..♫♪♫ [Eric Carmen A
TeaganTheDog yep, my mums is that old... this was one of "her songs".. BOL BOL...
CyberManin This night will be a terrific one ♫♥ I feel it in the air ♫♥ I waiting for this moment all my life♫♥@CarolineMusic [Phil Collins In The A
Lady_S @LeonDj~Oh Yeah a little Clapton with a splash of King~just perfect!!!!!!!!!ThanxEric Clapton & BB King – Riding With The King (reblip)
hype don't know why but I like Hole... (reblip)
yoyesno The Bird And The Bee – How Deep Is Your Love
evacabrera Kumbala


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hype totally agree...nice jazzy cover... (reblip)
loureed Los Hermanos – Samba A Dois
SavannahsGMA this tune's a cutie! Leo Sayer – You Make Me Feel Like Dancing
SavannahsGMA @cg_2001: "love me love them straight to me heart meck mi feel good when we walk no badder leave me gall no badder part..." great tune! (reblip)

cj lewis - sweets for my sweet

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SavannahsGMA Kylie Minogue – Can't Get You Out Of My Head (Greg Kurstin Remix)
Punched :: Eric Weissberg & Deliverance – Dueling Banjos :: Now com'on get them feet a'tappin'! Squeel like a pig!!!
schizophonic "Bat Macumba Yeah Yeah, Bat Macumba Obá!" Bat-macumba... Batman... Macumba... It really makes sense, huh?
Punched :: Duran Duran – Ordinary World [Single Version] ::
CyberManin y ahora a bailar se ha dicho...♫♥♫ un mambo para despertarse ♫☼☼♫ [Bad Manners – Mambo N.5]
ianthomaz NEW LISTENERS - PLEASE INTERACT ! - I'll prop-back, i'll know that U r around, I might even follow U - Definitely wont BITE !
i_Dea "Take a music bath once or twice a week for a few seasons and you will find that it is to the soul what the water bath is to the body"Wendell Holmes
digitpt Nancy Sinatra - These Boots Are Made For Walking (DJ Flex Mix).mp3 -
yoyesno HOOBASTANK – THE REASON @Bruxita give us a smile :) (reblip)
Ez3k @ladybug: "@edustarling: "Minha menina / estrela matutina / vivo sem dinheiro / como é bom ser brasileiro..."" (reblip)
digitpt Herman's hermits - No Milk Today -
yoyesno @WillYouAtMe: ""One" - Mary J. Blige feat. U2 - #Tunes" (reblip)


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majdamagdalena SOasis Dont look back in anger...Sleep inside in the eye of my mind... (reblip)

Oasis - Don't Look Back in Anger

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digitpt rb @In_Cognitus : Lhasa De Sela - El Desierto - to be honest, this is the first time that I've heard Lhasa... just fell in love with her sound (reblip)
digitpt Deee-Lite - What Is Love? - webster: attraction based on sexual desire : affection and tenderness felt by lovers :
digitpt Ornella Vanoni - Io So Che Ti Amerò - Con Jovanotti - I know that I will love you
CyberManin I want to stand with you on a mountain,♫ I want to bathe with you in the sea.♫ Until the sky falls down on me♫ [Savage Garden – Truly, Madly, Deeply]
hBeats rb@paulastudio: "vi@pmpnorton: "@fernorton"" It deserves at least one more re-blip (reblip)
schizophonic @Diordan mandando o ouvido da gente pra estratosfera. Maltrata, @Diordan, maltrata! (reblip)
digitpt Miku Hatsune - Happy birthday - for @Sophizz
WandelStern @pinkpolkadots...have a listen!!

NAUDO Baby I Love your way Peter Framptom

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yoyesno @rogue_fm: If You Don't Know Me By Now – Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes (reblip)
Simpless instead of feelin' bad, just listen...
Houdinial Hi to Aaron c/o @air - how's your lovely lady? :-)
acarranca @mmeixide: "Mayra Andrade & MC Malcriado - Mas Amor || @avivamagnolia@acarranca" I already knew Mayra, but not MC (reblip)
acarranca @mmeixide || @avivamagnolia@acarranca" || I watched D. Ivone Lara sing "Sonho meu" in Luanda in 79, with other braslian singers (Chico, Djavan, etc). (reblip)
kaboe627 Star gazing, waves crashing, cool know my steeze...
Embroidery @ladypn: "No I can't forget this evening or your face as you were leaving..." (reblip)

Can't live if living is without you -Harry Nilsson

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SuShiMat Who could forget this? Shouldn't forget - We Are The World with... everyone
lucette17 Rt @CyberManin: la journée commence fort trés belle musique ♥ Wallace Collection – Day Dreat╔═╗╚═╝╔═╗╚═╝╔═╗╚═╝╔═╗╚═╝╔═╗╚═╝╔═╗╚═╝╔═╗╚═╝╔═╗╚═╝╔═╗╚═╝" (reblip)
SuShiMat The original "You Are So Beautiful" - Joe Cocker

You Are So Beautiful

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CyberManin Las bulerias de Jose son que mas me gustan... y le hubieran gustao a mi Padre... olé ♫♥♫ toca Manuel... ♫ [José Mercé – Bulerías]
lucette17 Richard Anthony – J'entends siffler le train<untrain peut en cacher un autre)
Llubyloo Eve of destruction- Barry Mcguire

Eve Of Destruction By Barry McGuire

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digitpt @Atomik: Mylo vs. miami sound machine – doctor pressure (reblip)
lucette17 Alain Barriere Ma Vie C'est bien vrai

Alain Barriere Ma Vie

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poochiesan24 ok who's old enough to remember this one - he played a lot with Van Morrison later
Llubyloo This one remind me of Disneyland USA (reblip)
Blippo Bonga Kuenda THX@DesertLily Always great recommendations, this song is beautiful! (reblip)

Bonga Kuenda

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myrisss replip @BrunoSwell: " "Caetano Veloso – Nao Enche"" (reblip)
digitpt @rerkaizen: "@SoninhaLovecat: "Love & Sex anything better out there?! Chocolate & Music could be added to the list too!!!! ;o)" Add lots of money :))) (reblip)
digitpt Salt-N-Pepa - Let's Talk About Sex (Original Recipe Club Mix) -
avivajazz Luar na Lubre // Tú, Gitana // Rosa Cedrón (Vocals) // Galizan music
avivajazz Luar Na Lubre – Romeiro ao Lonxe (con Diana Navarro)
Blippo Lullaby..bye! THX@chestyle (reblip)

The Cure --" Lullaby" Acoustic Music Video

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Blippo Really easy@Stitch_13 (hey, I guessed something like that ;) And I thought of the most easy & short name for a blipper - blippo (blippa was taken;)

EasyFaith no more

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Artbydi14 Nice

Video Clip ¡Qué Shula Noche!

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AncaRemix for a raining morning enjoy :)
liminal Sheila Chandra ~ Taal ~ (also, "Taala") is the classical North Indian system of rhythm. (reblip)

Sheila Chandra-Taal

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Llubyloo Try again...sorry about the broken link x
AliyCia Como "internauta" que sou, gosto de navegar...
Gattopardo Apologies, but this is actually better than you would imagine for a tango version of a grunge rock staple.
AliyCia Algo contigo...

Algo contigo- Rosario Flores

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Requinto "Sabor A Mi" Trio Los Panchos Espanol

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George Baker Selection Una Paloma Blanca

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AliyCia Líame a la pata de la cama, no te quedes con las ganas de saber cuanto amor nos cabe de una sola vez...

No Se Por Que Te Quiero.. (Ana Belen Antonio Banderas)

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digitpt Malcolm McLaren – Madame Butterfly
lpmonteiro Best jazz music ever made. (reblip)

India, John Coltrane Quartet with Eric Dolphy

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Stuelpner Neil Young & Crazy Horse – Hey Hey, My My (Into The Black) (reblip)


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como dos extraños

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metaphysic @novisibles: "@metaphysic @caronoznip por luis mi, por gus, por uds dos, por bogotá, por uno, por todos, hoy me emborracho carajo!" Pero con toda (reblip)

"Uno" Tango por Julio Sosa

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Ez3k Deixa eu dizer q te amo, deixa eu pensar em vc isso me acalma, me acolhe a alma isso me ajuda a viver... (reblip)


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paulastudio luvees must get ready for some sand sun & surf- you are keeping me here w your fab blips ;)
Ez3k Queria uma versão melhor... e apenas áudio! Não achei...
miudaaa Tentooo saber... coisas de miudaaa :-)))

Tento saber- Nuno Guerreiro

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miudaaa "Eu procuro um amor... que ainda nao encontrei, diferente de todos os que amei" - SEGREDOS :-))) de Paulo Gonzo !!!

Ez Special com Paulo Gonzo-Segredos

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Ez3k Aquela que te falei... @leokopp Porém, no entanto, não é nada pessoal hahaha!
mariapastora Día de recuerdos: 31 Minutos – Freddy Turbina - Equilibrio Espiritual [Seguimos con los recuerdos, dedicada a @heorellana xD]
cayoyin @Flower te viste Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind? "I call it off!!!!!!!"

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind Music Video

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vincentico Los Autenticos Decadentes – El Gran Señor
CyberManin TY@piriting "dio luz a mi vida ♫ Apagandola despues ♫ Ay que vida tan obscura ♫ Sin tu amor no vivire ♫ [Guadalupe Pineda – Historia de un amor] (reblip)
flaviarisi passa tempo, tic tac. tic tac passa hora. chega logo tic tac, tic tac vai-se embora...
PauloFurtado Roachford – Cuddly Toy
Bright_Blue Def Leppard – Too Late For Love
RenataFern Tempão que não escutava essa... Adoro! •.☆★.•°•♥ •°•♫.☆★.• @apossamai: "Eu acho esse som...afrodisíaco. Pronto. Falei. " (reblip)
avivajazz Jacob do Bandolim e Conjunto Época de Ouro :◘●•~ Lamentos
Sissahoon Dizem que ouvir Morning Bell, do Radiohead toda manhã dá sorte... Kissing my lady luck.. Bom dia
TamiresSezoski Tem dias que eu fico pensando na vida e sinceramente não vejo saída. Sei lá a vida é uma grande ilusão.

Rosinha dos Limões

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SabineWe Le Clair de Lune de Debussy revisité par le jazz et la guitare. Magnifique U/L. Merci @Eri_Z (rb) (reblip)

bezerra da silva não tem Flagrante .porque a fumaça ja subiu

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RickRicardo Sequestraram minha sogra, bem-feito pro sequestrador.
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