finestsuit what a message these guys delivered... not just this song... but their entire package... much more than music my friends...

DevoGates Of Steel

| play
finestsuit dang near played a mudhoney song... figured i'd make it a lucky 3 from DEVO first... soundgarden did a really nice cover cover of this song.

DevoGirl U Want

| play
finestsuit a love song...? man, as i'm listening to the last song, uncontrollable urge while i'm blippin' this one... DEVO rocks... i don't care...


| play
finestsuit freedom of choice, it's what you got... freedom from choice, it's what you want.
finestsuit mudhoney... the greatest garage band to grace our feeble existence. if you're in search of a higher power... church might disappoint ya , try mudhoney
finestsuit i saw mudhoney in 1995 *tear* and was touched by the hand of god... if you ignore all else i've got, for your soul's sake listen to this song... feel.
finestsuit this was mudhoney in the 1980's... what the hell were other bands thinkin'???

MudhoneyIf I Think

| play
finestsuit i believe in music, and i'm gonna preach it the best i can... devo as my bible and mudhoney as my choir, i'll share all the bands that i believe in...
finestsuit dan peters, with just a 4-piece trap set, out drums any of these shlock-rock super drummers with their ridiculous drum cages and pony shows...

MudhoneyGood Enough

| play
finestsuit a single note guitar solo... not one long noise, but a single note picked through the bridge... you gotta be awfully damn good to get away with that.
finestsuit the smiths... how they convey indifferent drabness. and they do it with such wonderful music and morissey's perfect voice. so empty yet so full...
finestsuit these guys did it right... just decided to stop before the inevitable happened... loss of "it". i wish most bands would do this.
finestsuit alright... another smiths song to keep it in the 3's... although i just noticed "hand in glove" was unavailable...?
finestsuit the violent femmes... to my knowledge this is the only xylophone solo in a song, at least in this musical category... and what category is it anyway?
finestsuit you couldn't find a more wholesome lookin' group of mid-american wisconsin boys than these fellas...
finestsuit how did a street performing acoustic band from milwaukee ever get a record contract in the early 80's...? thank god they did though...
finestsuit try and tell me 3 guys, a single amp, and a snare drum can't rock...
finestsuit fu manchu... in a club setting with only true fans to feed them as they play, not 20,000 dumbasses, you're hit by a brick wall that feels like flight.

Fu ManchuUrethane

| play
finestsuit here's one of those brick walls i was talkin' about...
finestsuit i hafta pay close attention to my speedometer if i'm driving in auto-pilot at night and this one comes on... the middle build-up in this song gets me.
finestsuit consistent good songs and albums from these guys... how can people come up with so much solid rockin' music...?
finestsuit yet again... they rock.

Fu ManchuHogwash

| play
finestsuit alright... one more fu manchu... i gotta start putting out a variety. i just get caught up when i start playing a band...
finestsuit on my 22nd birthday i sat behind a drum set and played this drum beat for 4 hours... one of those rare moments that you become one... best b-day ever
finestsuit this song is for sh0kr0k... she showed me the way to this music laden share pot that is mighty kind of ya sh0kr0k
finestsuit genius... that's what these boys from oklahoma possess... and i use the word genius very sparingly. normally musical experimentation = crap...
finestsuit nobody incorporates child-like, wonderous entertainment and audience interaction, not just participation, with such honesty as the flaming lips do...
finestsuit this album is what the beatles were tryin' for with sgt. peppers... sorry beatles fans, being legend doesn't mean you deserve title of the greatest...
finestsuit hank williams sr... perhaps we have him to thank for music being what it is today. died at 29 and had more feeling than 95% of people can conceive...
finestsuit hank is my favorite songwriter... he made the saddest of moments sound so happy and peaceful... too bad he felt the sadness to such a degree he died..
finestsuit i wish i could have been there, 3 feet from the stage, and experienced hank in person. the feeling i get from recordings is strong... in person, whew.
finestsuit i can't upload some hank demos i wanted to share, so i'll close out with this one, i'll figure out how to get around whatever it is blockin' me...
finestsuit yes... hank III is very, very good... his shows are amazing. if you like pure honky tonk and death metal... you'd enjoy hank III.
finestsuit i once heard someone perform this song live... and at half the speed of this song... i heard then exactly how deep and mournful hank williams was...
finestsuit johnny cash... so solid you could build a house on him and pass it down to your great-grandchildren. god bless johnny cash...
finestsuit i would like blip a more obscure set of music, but johnny cash is in my top 10... and it's not his fault he's popular.
finestsuit soundgarden... yep, when johnny cash covers your song, that's validation. tom petty & the heartbreakers backed johnny on his last 4 albums. here's one
finestsuit johnny cash is a rolling train. this is a great song that showcases the driving force that is johnny cash. that sumbitch sure could roll out the words
finestsuit johnny cash validates yet another... trent reznor (NIN), great song writer... you must see this video. johnny said goodbye to us before he died... sad

Johnny CashHurt

| play
finestsuit krs-one... here ya go kids, a role model for us all.
finestsuit the blast master... this guy was there for the inception of hip-hop. yes, you doubters... there is such a thing as quality rap. *don't tell the radio*

KRS-OneOutta Here

| play
finestsuit quality music right here... krs-one can be credited with instilling life message into what was, without him, viewed as a fluff format. many followed.
finestsuit well neigh sayers... it's all over... rap has infiltrated the heartland. here's 2 white guys from minnesota... and they're really good... just listen
finestsuit this is what "famous" folks have to deal with that us nobody's don't really think about...
finestsuit jello biafra was the first person in america to be arrested in violation of his freedom of speech... didn't the man know it was fuel for his fire?!?
finestsuit what would skating have been like without the dead kennedys in the early 80's? we didn't care what he was saying. they thrashed, good enough for us...
finestsuit due to the video of studio footage playing this song... my son's 1st words were pol-pot... the cambodian dictator in the mid 70s... how precious huh?
finestsuit the origional punk rock. just listen to this... done at a time when "i wanna hold your hand" was considered rock-n-roll. (sorry again beatles fans)
finestsuit ray davies, the genius, had his little brother playing guitar and singing back-up. why can't i have a little brother to create music like these boys?
finestsuit haunted music... that's the catagory i'd put this one in.
finestsuit the pixies... black francis was one of those rare reclusive type genius folk with issues that translated well into musical form.

PixiesGouge Away

| play
finestsuit i do believe the toadies were inspired by these guys, this song in particular. they inspired many a 90's bands. nirvana maybe the most notable...
finestsuit a great song to listen to if you want peace as you get drunk and kill yourself...(where the hell did i get that from?) i can't control my descriptions


| play
finestsuit the meat puppets... 2 brothers and their best friend on drums. how could they go wrong? curt kirkwood is an overlooked a-m-a-z-i-n-g guitar player...

Meat PuppetsWhy?

| play
finestsuit with inspiration from chemical imbalance in the open desert, these fellas bring an immense talent to help explain what they may have learned...
finestsuit i wouldn't mind sittin' around in the dark, outside somewhere, away from civilization, with these guys and their instruments...

Meat PuppetsShine

| play
finestsuit the pixies live at the bbc... wonderful. *listen for black francis when he loses track of when to stop singing and playing for the break...*

PixiesIs She Weird

| play
finestsuit pretty music... with a creepy under-feeling i can't put my finger on. i'm thinkin' that black francis had a little somethin' shady in his mind?


| play
finestsuit man, i sure do wish the pixies would have done all their songs sorta acoustic like this one... they were just flat out fantastic.
finestsuit that's right folks... everybody needs to be accepted. from 1975... yes, DEVO did exist before whip-it.


| play
finestsuit r.e.m. in the 80's, through all the new wave and safe rock... these georgia boys SPOKE TO ME. thank you michael stipe for your soul.

R.E.M.Sitting Still

| play
finestsuit r.e.m. the i.r.s. years are un-equaled by anybody of the day. heck, anybody to date. so very country based in the post-punk era wasn't cool... but.
finestsuit apparently early r.e.m. is a good role model for teenagers. i lived r.e.m. and i turned to be a good person, and doggonit, people like me...


| play
finestsuit michael stipe stood outside the studio door in the stairwell to record this. he sang at such a personal level he was too insecure for others to watch.
finestsuit if i were to have to explain to somebody who r.e.m. was that had never heard them... i just might play this song.
finestsuit perry farrell + 2 girls = 1 love. 1 girl dies. perry + other girl stay in house with 1 dead girl and mourn for 3 days. this is the story. beautiful.
finestsuit the toadies were a local band to me :-)... this is the greatest stalker-rapist song of all time... yes, i'm sympathetic to victims, but love the song!

The ToadiesTyler

| play
finestsuit marty robbins, godly voice. this song is the reason we have distortion on our guitars. a short in the bass chord, and marty insisted it remain. thanks
finestsuit whatever happened to the cowboy-storyteller genre...? matter of fact, whatever happened to country and western...? *shakes head* poor new generations.
finestsuit mike ness of social distortion. by god, if anybody is gonna show what's great about old country, this guy is a force to reckoned with. note last blip.

Mike NessBig Iron

| play
finestsuit the carter family. maybelle carter is a country guitar goddess. if you hate the "twang" of country guitar... she is the 1 responsible. what a woman...
finestsuit dang, song was unavailable, uploaded another, let's try again. here ya are, mike ness again, punk icon givin' it up to our roots. refer to last blip
finestsuit i know i've played this one before... but i'm on a mike ness influence shtick now, and besides... it's hank sr. nobody can hear too much of that.
finestsuit i wanna find a group of folks really good on an instrument, and i wanna play cow-punk with passion, and i want it to be as fun as it sounds these here
finestsuit bob dylan... i can't claim his music moves me... but he fascinates me. i watch everything i can find on him. a genius and so wise at such a young age.
finestsuit mike understands bob. don't get me wrong, his music is great. when i see early footage of bob dylan performing, i can't take my eyes away. *last blip*
finestsuit i saw the flaming lips in '94, they opened the show covered in christmas lights, bubble machines, all things cushy, and this song... that was heaven.
finestsuit the cure. innovators without the air of being so. robert smith had knowing in his eye. "this is what i'm doing, and it is good". and it was, and is.

The CureA Forest

| play
finestsuit this song is for you. we're all DEVO.

Devo - Beautiful World

| play
finestsuit pulp fiction asked, r u an elvis guy or a beatles guy? non-applicable. elvis is the king. it's r u a rolling stones guy or a beatles guy?
finestsuit dave grohl... if you can surpass the title of "kurt cobain's drummer", and become "the foo fighters" by your own hand, then you are bygod TALENTED!
finestsuit xtc - dear god. quite powerful and opinionated. it'll sure piss some folks off, and for that, it is valid. i rebuked it as a youngster, i love it now.

XTCDear God

| play
finestsuit the red hot chili peppers. true, deep, life philosophy delivered in an acceptable package. if you wanna learn, listen to these guys. i'm being serious
finestsuit seriously... i'm still in awe of the arrival of elvis presley. out of basically a stifled society came this extraordinary man that impacted mankind.
finestsuit astonishing song... i don't feel that this is "the chili peppers", dave navarro of jane's addiction played guitar on this album, good but not "there".
finestsuit rejoice! john has returned! yes, the boys rescued john and just listen to what he created with guitar and back-up vocals. i feel the brotherhood...
finestsuit soft and sweet, the misfits are finally realized for who they are. evan dando with his soothing voice croons us into a lull as we dream of mutilation.
finestsuit does anybody else hear the elvis influence in danzig...? these guys... wow, all i can say is, "these guys..." yes, they put it down.
finestsuit listen... basically all he's saying is the names of the actors in the movie "return of the fly". that's great stuff right there.
finestsuit anybody out there attend a misfits concert in the 70's? and if so, did you fight glenn danzig... if you said yes, then "cool." *nodding in admiration*

The MisfitsShe

| play
finestsuit damn... thanks blip. i forgot how much the misfits ignite my drive to... i don't know... get off my ass and... hell yeah!

The MisfitsAttitude

| play
finestsuit u got a fella singing and playing guitar. u got his wife playing bass and singing back-up. u got a drummer playing with a maraca. what's not to like?
finestsuit simply amazing... where did these guys come from? and then... where did they go?
finestsuit donovan... i don't think we hear enough of him in this day and age.
finestsuit when i was very small, and i felt tiny in the back seat of ma & pa's car... this is one of the handful of songs that carried me through the trip.
finestsuit this particular song effected me deeply in earliest memories i can recall. i knew from the beginning that certain music held the key to understanding.
finestsuit jose feliciano... i remember when he appeared on sesame street. in my opinion, this is the best "made for a television show" song to date. really.
finestsuit conway twitty owns the room when he growls out this powerful piece. somewhere along the line, conway became a joke for "uncool". well, i'm uncool.
finestsuit bill withers was a refreshing individual to hit the scene. him and a group of fellow warehouse workers got noticed without trying, and made it.
finestsuit ah, when music was fairly fresh. loaded with exciting possibilities for innovative sounds, and boy howdy this crew turned out some harmonies they did.
finestsuit hello spuds! nothing like a message from smart patrol... toil is stupid.

DevoCome Back Jonee

| play
finestsuit i am a bon scott guy... although brian johnson is a powerhouse, i enjoy the feeling ac/dc has with bon... sounds like they're having a good f-ing time
finestsuit sadly billy corgan became a bald, vampire, rock-star... yet i can't deny what the pumpkins created when they were normal kids. beautiful music...
finestsuit this song is the reason why i'll never be ashamed to say "hell yes the smashing pumkins". i'll admit though, i know nothing beyond siamese dream.
finestsuit you'd hafta be dead if this song didn't make you move a little bit. if i could go back in time... i'd be famous for making this song... sorry george.
finestsuit you'd be muerto if this song didn't move you around... robert rodriguez is a damn fine movie maker... he's never disappointed me...

Los Lobos Cancion del Mariachi (Morena De Mi Corazon) Los Lobos with Antonio Banderas Despera

| play
finestsuit i love bluegrass... love it. i'd be in a bluegrass band if i could find a group of folks that were capable. can't fake bluegrass... it requires talent

Del McCoury - Nashville Cats

| play
finestsuit if i may, i dedicate this song to myself. i think it was written about me... alison krauss is my favorite female vocalist. heck, she plays fiddle too.
finestsuit while we're on the subject of beautiful music...
finestsuit this is ed burleson... he's a local guy 'round these parts... dallas/fort worth. and thank god, 'cause nothing beats a true texas country live show.
finestsuit britt daniel, singer of spoon came to my house a few times. friend of a friend. i blew off his little band, lots of guys were in bands. i was wrong.
finestsuit sorry 'bout that britt... who woulda thought a somebody was gracing my threshhold... spoon is unique. kill the moonlight is a masterpiece...

SpoonPaper Tiger

| play
finestsuit the melvins. come prepared... these fellas will rock your face off. *that's the first time i've used that term "rock your face off", but it fits here*


| play
finestsuit go to a melvins show... that is what live shows were meant to be.


| play
finestsuit al green... if i were a lady, i'd throw my panties on stage when i heard this voice fall out of the cool dressed cat that he was.
finestsuit this song sounds literally like a sexual force moving through a crowd of sexy seventies women... giving each one of them extra estrogen as it flows by
finestsuit there isn't anything i can say about al that he isn't preachin', no explanation needed as to why this song deserves to be listened to...
finestsuit do you know why you don't hear any queen covers? because they were perfect. very hard to do a direct cover of. travis proves they have talent here.

TravisKiller Queen

| play
finestsuit before bono was a spokesman for countless pretentious causes... he fronted a band, that was to me in the mid 80's, the best thing since sliced bread.
finestsuit i can't deny... this song, actually the u2 of this era really impacted my formative years. nobody plays the guitar like the edge.
finestsuit psalms 40. i saw u2 in 1985, and they closed with this song... we, the audience kept singing "how long to sing this song" to our cars. pure magic...


| play
finestsuit mark mothersbaugh and gerald v. casale had a philosophy... it was de-evolution... they are DEVO. we're all DEVO...
finestsuit smart patrol... mark mothersbaugh, gerald v. casale, bob 1 (mark's little brother), bob2 (gerald's little brother), and alan price... suburban robots
finestsuit good morning spuds! if you rely on others, this will always be true.
finestsuit the most misunderstood individual in american pop culture. this man is a genius. i reserve that title for few. he is a master of the english language.
finestsuit i don't care who you are... you hafta recognize talent, no matter the format it is presented to you. i cannot hear enough of eminem's voice and words.


| play
finestsuit i don't listen to the radio... but when i hear other folks with the radio blastin', i don't hear anything this good. just listen to how E flows...
finestsuit this particular group of friends gets to do this while hangin' out. 1 of 'em happened to become world famous, and now he owns a studio where they play
finestsuit hey spuds! how 'bout that hurricane, huh?


| play
finestsuit @ZachsMind... i live in fort worth... and i hope it rains until halloween. maybe it'll shift the equator so as to make next summer about 70 degrees..
finestsuit while on the subject of d/fw, let's show 'em what was goin' on round here in the '80s and 90's, spawn of mr. peppermint.... the butthole surfers.
finestsuit no... you couldn't place your finger on exactly what category to file the butthole surfers under. song to song they delivered spectrums apart.
finestsuit the category of this song would be: off with the face ROCK!
finestsuit and i'd categorize this 1 : maybe... irish sea shanty *is shanty a correct term here? even if it's not, that's the category i'm filing this one under*
finestsuit finally... a song for the kids. *don't even get me started on kurt cobain, i don't have time to blip that endless supply of magical music*


| play
finestsuit the indigo girls... these ladies... this song... wow. *it's quite the lovely song, and then michael stipe graces the scene and it all falls together*

Indigo Girls - Kid Fears

| play
finestsuit i don't care... i know you're gonna try and hit the high note.

Aha - Take On Me

| play
finestsuit before auto-erotic strangulation... before the "hunt to replace the voice game show"... these boys really had a good thing going.

INXSDon't Change

| play
finestsuit dave davies, ray's little brother sang this one. i really enjoyed the sound when i thought ray was singin' in a different voice. but i love dave too.

Kinks - Death of a Clown

| play
finestsuit at the moment, i'm trying to think of a more enjoyable song to play and sing on the acoustic guitar... and i can't *you gotta sing like elvis though*

DionRunaround Sue

| play
finestsuit ok... maybe this song is just as fun to play and sing... actually this is neil diamond... it's more fun... the most fun.
finestsuit neil diamond... who can explain him..? he sure does seem as though he'd be one of those that you wouldn't dare admit to listening to... but he's cool.
finestsuit neil... forgive me if you might happen to see my last post. you know what i'm sayin' though... the talent cannot be denied. timeless is neil diamond.

Neil DiamondPlay Me

| play
finestsuit the smiths... i assure you folks, i'm not a homosexual... but i am comfortable enough with my sexuality to say this: morrisey was one appealing fellow
finestsuit buck owens and the buckaroos. my heroes. i wanna be in a band with matching nudie suits. listen to how buck was john fogerty's idol... same phrasing.
finestsuit i've not heard anything that quite matches the sadness i hear in this. his voice sounds genuine...
finestsuit these guys came years before the swing trend resurfaced... nobody put on a bass playin' show like this guy with his stand-up bass.
finestsuit the clash... these guys believed in punk rock.
finestsuit the band of joy division found themselves without their singer due to death, they weren't ready to quit. the guitar player stepped up, they did well.

New OrderTrue Faith

| play
finestsuit morbid as this sounds... the fact that this guy killed himself makes the song so much more emotional than if it had just been a creative writing.
finestsuit i took crap from my suburban friends in the 80's for liking "processed" music... shit, this music is great. by the way guys, where is dokken nowadays?
finestsuit i love i've started tryin' to track down songs i haven't heard in 15 years... and i find 'em. well, most of 'em, had to upload quite a few
finestsuit this is one of those songs that you can't think of if you're tryin' to think of songs... it just happened to pop into my head.
finestsuit from the early '90's... the gin blossoms sounded as though they should have made a bigger noise.
finestsuit maybe this girl shoulda been more sympathetic to his feelings... he fell victim to suicide, the girl the song's about has to wonder if she contributed
finestsuit peter murphy could have been a successful opera performer i think... you could ride his voice across a dark lake.
finestsuit i think this was peter murphy's strange attempt at opera performance in these days... i've got live footage of these guys. different to say the least.
finestsuit yea... i'm goin' through my mind and blipping the first song i think of. so what if smokey and the bandit comes to mind? the song really is great!
finestsuit while on the subject of burt reynolds movies... let's remember deliverance. i don't care who ya are, if you play the banjo like this... you're good.

Primus - Dueling Banjos (Original)

| play
finestsuit before the eye-liner, friends haircuts, tight leather pants, and fancy shoes... it's metallica when they ROCKED!


| play
finestsuit ian mckay... the originator of the "straight-edge" movement. followers of "don't drink, don't smoke, don't do drugs, and don't fuck"... no fun! :-(

FugaziWaiting Room

| play
finestsuit hank III... about time somebody brought country back to the people.
finestsuit this song is so true... everybody has a "garage", but those in bands growing up know how important the actual garage was, or basement preferably.

WeezerIn The Garage

| play
finestsuit i hope this song plays for the people... it's a choppy son-of-a-gun as i'm tryin' to preview it. it's just a lovely song though.


| play
finestsuit everyone you know someday will die...
finestsuit blondie... wow. i do not base my opinion of music on the performers appearance whatsoever. i just gotta say, debbie harry is the example of 70's hot.


| play
finestsuit i could never hear too much of the smiths...
finestsuit tom petty and the heartbreakers... timeless relics. among my top 10 all time favorites. though times change... tom petty doesn't.
finestsuit song after song... i'm never disappointed.
finestsuit why are there 2 versions of this song? 1 says "roll"... the other "hit". now, if a radio station won't play 1... i don't see the other being alright.?

Tom Petty You Don't Know How it feels

| play
finestsuit before danny elfman was a highly accomplished movie score composer, notably tim burton's and sam raimi's films... he was in a decent 80's band...
finestsuit how could tim burton even have considered using another guy to score his movies? both have such a happy expression of death...
finestsuit for a group of pretty boys, i'd hafta say they sure made some great songs. i also give credit to 'em for having the hottest of 80's girls go crazy...
finestsuit somebody needs to do a worthy cover of this song...

Duran DuranRio

| play
finestsuit even years after their wave ridin' status was waveless, they could still make a quality song.
finestsuit don't know much about these guys. i do know my friends mom had their record when i was young... and i loved it.

The FixxRed Skies

| play
finestsuit as far as i know, these guys don't get much recognition nowadays... i think they should.
finestsuit this was always my favorite fixx song...
finestsuit when doves cry is is unmistakably great music. prince deserves his place for this song alone...
finestsuit the smithereens... i haven't heard this song in 20 years... so i'm struggling to find something to say. i did like as a youngster though...
finestsuit oh boy... these fellas sure did know how to slide through a rock song.
finestsuit alright... no way is this bob dylan... but it's a great characterization and that makes it kinda funny.
finestsuit chris cornell has the best led zeppelin voice since... well, robert plant. what a song writer he has proven to be. listen to johnny cash's cover...
finestsuit DEVO! see folks... soundgarden knew that devolution is real...
finestsuit hey spuds! yes sir, you did just hear this song done by soundgarden.

DevoGirl U Want

| play
finestsuit i'm still waiting for a pop song to knock this one out of the "most excellent" spot...

Nena99 Luftballons

| play
finestsuit quick... somebody ask me some 80's trivia questions... i just sat down and i'm recalling songs i couldn't think of yesterday... just like that.
finestsuit if the 80's never happened... neither would the 90's have happened, then we wouldn't be here now. *i didn't really say anything complimentary did i?*
finestsuit oh yeah... sounds like an ian astbury (the cult) side project. good stuff...
finestsuit O! M! G!... vince clark was yaz, then he was depeche mode, then erasure... and allison moyet with the voice. such a voice gave validation to new wave


| play
finestsuit @melodyofyourlife yes trent reznor hit hard. and this song, kurt cobain directly stole the riff for teen spirit... this song truly did create change.


| play
finestsuit @ all those involved in this wonderful 80's montage... it's been a friggin' blast... i leave you with this one. :-)
finestsuit @paledancer... i saw your name throughout the 80's hit parade, then i realized i was only seeing those i'm following... so here is one for you. gnite!
finestsuit @newwaveclassics devolution is real... are we not men? we are DEVO! *runs the hell away from the computer and goes to bed*
finestsuit yea... restless night... so i'm gonna stick this one to you people so that everybody has it runnin' through their head.

They Might Be Giants - Istanbul

| play
finestsuit i saw these guys in '88... and basically, 2 1-man-bands (2 guys donned in instruments), are worth every penny in entertainment.
finestsuit closed my eyes and this song came to me..? you can feel that every one of these guys were "there" when they recorded this...
finestsuit @newwaveclassics goodnight... back to the tunnel of life.
finestsuit hey spuds! unlock the secret voice...

DevoGates Of Steel

| play
finestsuit i saw that some cure was goin' on round here...

03 Dinosaur Jr-Just Like Heaven

| play
finestsuit my favorite cure song... and longer than normal!
finestsuit @sh0kr0k nice to see you around... for you i shall play a song.
finestsuit i'm there... i'm allowed.

Book of LoveBoy

| play
finestsuit @newwaveclassics i saw erasure and depeche mode (separately)... what a night for vince clarke when you saw 'em... 2 groups he founded at one show...
finestsuit from the vince clarke days... i think both parties did better on their own paths. vince in erasure, and DP more instrumental, worked out nicely...


| play
finestsuit i jiggled the output chord on my surround sound 1 too many times... *POP*... :-( no audio! so i'm blippin' this one deaf. i hope it's the regular song
finestsuit honestly... if i were lucky enough to find 2 or 3 other folks that knew how to feel music as they played it... i'd want to make music just like this.
finestsuit hey spuds! yes... over 30 years later, smart patrol still sacrifices themselves to help you in your ignorant, gleeful, often angry toil... *salutes*
finestsuit well, there he goes. me... gotta git for a bit. i find myself not being able to resist blip. i'm rejoicing in the resurfaced songs i once lived with.
finestsuit was the fame of unlikely nirvana a notable moment in devolution? when youth culture was infiltrated by the man, relentlessly imposed upon, n sold back
finestsuit @newwaveclassics another great thing about punk is... it's fuckin' awesome!!! *french words required in certain subject material, if offended ,,!,,*
finestsuit *gasp!* "the lord's name in vane!"... *picketing out front*... ~megaphone~ (((stop the evil that is destroying our children... stop rock-n-roll!!!)))
finestsuit *loudly, and vacantly* "stop satan now! this show must end!"... *30 years later, unhappy, miserable* "lord, i couldn't stop it. satan is among us."
finestsuit *those being picketed against* "if only the "believers" recognized conviction and accepted what they were searching for. hard to rejoice and rebuke."
finestsuit pay no attention to finestsuit. he's only theme-ing a cluster of music. he's not preaching. he has no idea what he's talking about. here's a godly 1.

MudhoneyThis Gift

| play
finestsuit if you are willing to play a game... whatever the game may be... be aware of, and be willing to pay the price if you lose...
finestsuit "it carries like a buck owens song... the voice is definitely derived from elvis." if u spend ur life in music, these are the things u think about.
finestsuit i am audio-less. deaf blipping is a gamble... when a few options for the song are there, just use the force and blip. i'm hopin' these are album cuts.
finestsuit dear god, thank you for buck owens, and don rich, and nudie suits, and reverb, and fender guitars, and let me be highest bidder on the DEVO figure set
finestsuit before young george riddled his body and soul with drink & drug, he was a bright eyed country singin' fella... although good, not lonely enough yet.
finestsuit still smilin' and janglin' through the happy lil tunes... unaware of the dark turns ahead, necessary turns to bring "george jones" front and center...
finestsuit ahh... the sweet feelings of love. his lady, tammy wynette, was the light of his life... too bad his light was dimmed by dependencies and sadness...
finestsuit *tear* i love weddings... i love tension... i love when people argue... i love when bad decisions take their course... i love divorce. it's all here!
finestsuit *snicker* i'm so sorry things didn't work out for you guys... you seemed so perfect together...
finestsuit keep drinkin' george... take these pills... here, cocaine will keep you from gettin' too drunk. damn... you've lost about 85 lbs. in 4 months...
finestsuit george jones, you are respected and appreciated by finestsuit. you sir, sacrificed yourself, so that me, and others like me, can hear agonized music.
finestsuit three part harmony... new york style. *drops head to the left... sways... drops head to the right... etc. etc.* i can't listen to this sitting still.
finestsuit "i've got a cd with 3 jewish guys in their 40's rapping"... sometimes the facts on paper don't represent the truth properly... this case for sure.
finestsuit if you listen to what these guys say in their songs... one might be pleasantly surprised to hear a worthy message of life and how to live it...

Beastie BoysAlive

| play
finestsuit i was on vacation to colorado the week this album released. i got a cassette, it was orange, and the music was head changing... pioneers of change.
finestsuit in a perfect world, the beastie boys would be given the props they have earned. how such talent and longevity can go un-checked baffles me..?
finestsuit it's a beautiful world for you................................................................................................................ not me.

DevoBeautiful World

| play
finestsuit hey danzig... how do the corpses hang..?

The MisfitsSkulls

| play
finestsuit hey evan... it's so much prettier when you tell me, how do the corpses hang?
finestsuit this is how a song would sound at a purely evil with no bad intentions happy dance... take no offense to these words, it's just the way things are...
finestsuit whoda thunk a group of inexperienced musicians who loved 50's music would launch the misunderstood musical salvation... punk... the last revolution.

Ramones- Needles And Pins

| play
finestsuit and people were afraid of these boys..? but they're so sweet...
finestsuit what happened to the message in this song? damn human rights sympathists have encouraged a new generation of a**holes with no discipline...
finestsuit @newwaveclassics finally off work...? you lucky sumgun, you get to blip while at work? (in reference to the inxs blip)
finestsuit *public service announcement*: pay your tickets people... even ones from 1997. the man has been doing their job keeping undesirables off the streets.
finestsuit this song is about me the last few l-o-n-g days... it's always nice to be left alone with time to reflect. i'm refreshed... :-)
finestsuit 3 squares a day... free a/c... new friends... government provided vacation is what i call it.
finestsuit alright spuds! i'll leave you for now with one of the greatest songs ever... give it a listen.

DevoGut Feeling

| play
finestsuit if... a favorite by this trio just had to be chosen... maybe this one... a nice 2 part where the 2nd part is a scream repeat of the first... love it.

NirvanaLounge Act

| play
finestsuit ahhh... nothing like the complete sickness that is young love... one of my favorite middle-of-the-song-breakdowns of all musical time.

NirvanaDrain You

| play
finestsuit with a name like this, i had to check it out... if you appreciate hip-hop with talented flow, and a bunch of it, well, here's a cluster of it.


| play
finestsuit i got a song a wanna sing.*turn right* i got a song i wanna sing.*turn right* i got a song i wanna sing."DEVO!" (my son luke at 2 yrs. proud)
finestsuit yes, i've played it before... but c'mon... it's soundgarden covering DEVO. what?
finestsuit the video for this song was filmed in an ungodly wind tunnel... and i gotta say, someone knew what they where doing on that particular shoot choice.

PixiesAlec Eiffel

| play
finestsuit normally i have to be able to hang out with the artists i feed my head with... don't know if i'd care to be alone with black francis, but he's great!
finestsuit beautiful song... listen to the song i play next... i'm gonna wrangle up some influences... *yea i'm repetitive with this stuff, but i love it*
finestsuit another beautiful song... about stalking and unwelcomed advances... black francis must be so proud of the toadies.

The ToadiesTyler

| play
finestsuit listen close kids to the guitar rif when francis is singin'. yep, the pretty, perfect toothed, now headless icon on your wall used it in teen spirit!


| play
finestsuit don't get me wrong... i love that headless icon deeply, it's just good to know your roots. and these are shallow roots. *lord, i blipping teen spirit*
finestsuit alright... here's some real roots... i'll git outta here before i start a never-ending root track. bye spuds!
finestsuit @paledancer quite elegant is your picture if i may say so... why not play a song for you by the greatest band before DEVO. :-)

The KinksFancy

| play
finestsuit @paledancer *tips hat* thank ya kindly ma'am... sweet dreams.


| play
finestsuit yes... the pixies do feel right tonight, and by gosh, awfully hard to not love this dreamy, surf rendition of a genocide anthem...
finestsuit speaking of pretty girls... *don't worry pale, i'm touched by beautiful morbid songs... i don't condone their messages* >: D mwahahahaha...
finestsuit *looks around to make sure nobody's paying attention... and enjoys duran duran* what might well be the pioneer boy band was very good. talented guys.
finestsuit lyle. i left 12 milk crates full of 80's 12" records in the garage at "riverside" in 1994 when i moved. word is you got 'em, i want 'em back por favor
finestsuit lyle. remember the nights a mass of people would cram into the 10x12 living room, no fighting, and this stuff would drive us? i'll find those records.

new order blue monday (hardfloor remix)

| play
finestsuit lyle. the more i'm reminded of the songs i scoured the record stores for... for years, the more i'm deciding to hunt you down. "lyle", that's a start.
finestsuit celebrate the nun... lyle. i'm thinkin' you have songs that would revive my inner guy in that record collection... songs i couldn't begin to remember.
finestsuit when certain things were... pure? and free? and the crowd had a more wise, common goal... "?going there?". techno brought the frat boys and beer. :-(
finestsuit i can totally see why my metal-head friends hated my music... but they sure missed what i recall a fine time in dark, rejuvinatingly scary warehouses.

Dominatrix - The Dominatrix Sleeps Tonight 12_

| play
finestsuit come to think of it... why did the metal-heads even have me around? novelty i suppose...
finestsuit i'm not here... i've had to let my subconscious find these long forgotten grooves... when the ice cream man sold o.j. at 3am outside of adam hats...
finestsuit "ICE CREAM MAN!" and the room would clear... i had older friends see, more of a shock for a sober kid to be around drugs than to actually do them...
finestsuit *hiding under the table* then i realized these folks only wanted their o.j. and to dance... this was a refuge for the different. i liked it. :-)


| play
finestsuit after the o.j. i could feel a change in the music and attitude... such an inviting group emotion... such a misunderstood music and scene it was.

0075 - Mysterious Art - Das Omen I

| play
finestsuit yes... disco was a contributor to this scene, but disco went left... this was more innocent, less judgmental, for people who understood things...
finestsuit oh lord girls and boys... you lost finestsuit when this one ushered in the new style at the aqua-lounge...
finestsuit and then... the era of remix was upon us in a big way... this has been a ridiculous recap of my late 80's intro to 90's experience... goodnight spuds!
finestsuit did i need to deny sleep? no, not if i'm trying to be responsible... yes, if i rejoiced in music that made me stay awake... duty now for the future.


| play
finestsuit hello spuds! my name is finestsuit and i am an addict. if left to my own devices and unchecked, i will snowball endlessly through music. i am DEVO too


| play
finestsuit @melodyofyourlife i saw your post about the pretty voice, yes it is. this is my favorite female voice. plays fiddle also. song's about me too. :-)
finestsuit @newwaveclassics i wanted to find a song that i could do the "yes it is" to... but this crossed my path first. such wonderful production and force.
finestsuit rock and roll. honest and simple. all that is required. doesn't hurt to have bon scot singin' either. and angus strummin'. his brother too. undeniable

ACDCHighway to Hell

| play
finestsuit it couldn't hurt to have the clash playing either... damn, here i go, a theme. nope. i will resist...
finestsuit @newwaveclassics i'm sure ian assumed most folks wouldn't know sh!t... unlike these boys. they understood enough to give credit to those deserving...

R.E.M.Femme Fatale

| play
finestsuit mornin' spuds! feels great outside in fort worth, texas... finally...
finestsuit long sleeve shirt this mornin'..?!? finally...
finestsuit please mother nature... set me free from the soul draining heat of the texas summer...
finestsuit this song just simply because. because it's the greatest band... DEVO aside. because it's hauntingly beautiful. because i can.
finestsuit this is how the onset of cooler weather makes me feel. i come out of hibernation due to heat. listen to the words spuds. duty now for the future...

DevoGates Of Steel

| play
finestsuit hey spuds... do you want more? i'm off to sacrifice myself to protect you from what you don't need to deal with... (goin' to work). you, think today
finestsuit @realize @newwaveclassics the kermit version of mad world is a finestsuit version... won't find it on blip... only live by finestsuit and an acoustic.
finestsuit @newwaveclassics speaking of DEVO doin' covers, i like when the boys cover... DEVO *i played heck uploadin' this one... if u luv DEVO... u'll luv this

girl u want (elevator version)

| play
finestsuit hey spuds! drop all pre-notions of DEVO and the "flower pots". if you and your neighbors lived by the simple message shared here... we'd be prospering

DevoWhip It

| play
finestsuit very fun song to cover if you have friends that play music... the steady flow will draw you to play it for awhile... easy to add new words too. try it


| play
finestsuit ...and for some reason... this is a fun song to cover too. i suppose these slow driving beats tend to help you reach "there" when playing... try it


| play
finestsuit yep... this is another fun one to cover. now, you've gotta have a deep punk influence while covering any of these songs. make them your song... try it
finestsuit ...and when you reach "there"... instantly kick into this song, and extend the breakdowns... till the neighbors call the police... try it
finestsuit ...and when the police arrive kick into this one so you can't hear 'em knocking. they'll eventually get tired of knocking and leave... try it
finestsuit don't stop! let the drummer carry the break, then whoever has the guitar will glide into this one... it'll show the cops you're winding down... try it
finestsuit then... just to keep 'em guessing, play this one, but real slow... they'll start headin' for their cruisers... they know you rock by now... try it
finestsuit boy howdy... as long as you guys are rockin', play this one too... forget the pigs at the door tryin' to stop what they don't understand. try it

Fu ManchuUrethane

| play
finestsuit ...if the night meant anything to anybody... this song will surely have been covered. how can anybody not love casale and mothersbaugh? do it!

DevoGut Feeling

| play
finestsuit after recovering from the onset of genius that is DEVO... buck owens is the genius of the 60s country scene, and songs like this are why. cover it too
finestsuit whether you cover this or not, i just gotta say... this song is good rock-n-roll.
finestsuit by the way... i forgot to add this one to the "fun to cover before you rock" songs... very fun when done very s-l-o-w, then build... try it
finestsuit @melodyofyourlife very nice use of blipping to create a medley of posts for a statement. *did what i just said make sense?*
finestsuit so good to see i'm not the only one that sets a pattern for a blip session... it's not ocd... it's a performance of sorts... with other people's music


| play
finestsuit *SONG RECALL* i'm recanting on my last blip. when given the option between "very" and "fuckin'"... i choose "fuckin'". not for the cuss, for the feel.


| play
finestsuit what do you get when you cross an old man dying in a nursing home, a band not showcased due to former vocalist, and a genius lyricist and singer? this
finestsuit mother nature lied to me this morning... the texas sun made my back burn today... lyin' bitch... made it feel as though comfortable was a reality.
finestsuit oh wayne... where hast thou voice gone..? but i still love you and the other lips. when did these guys decide to cover a song like the original?
finestsuit due to lack of voice power in my last blip, we had to re-up the rock essence of war pigs with the real one...
finestsuit due to the re-upping of the rock essence of war pigs in my last blip, we had to appease the blue grass crowd that we don't want to neglect...
finestsuit due to the blue grass appeasing in my last blip, we had to comply with the standards of guys with their head half shaved under long hair on top...
finestsuit war pigs? where did i get the notion to follow that song around the map? i never know. but i do know DEVO... have fun spuds. it's up to you...
finestsuit @devobrain so rarely do the good songs receive due attention by the herd of cattle that make up the listening public. and this comforts me...
finestsuit @devobrain so true... but i love 'em, and we, smart patrol must continue to sacrifice ourselves to protect them from themselves. we're all DEVO.
finestsuit sometime mid-80s i was watchin letterman and this group came out to play, and this strange lil lady singin indistinct words was absolutely enthralling
finestsuit @devobrain and one of the sloppiest yet wonderful covers of one of the greatest 80s songs...

03 Dinosaur Jr-Just Like Heaven

| play
finestsuit j mascis is THE over-looked guitar god. so creative, and so very unnoticed. this guy was just too much an individual for even underground renown..?
finestsuit if i could go back in time, with option of when and where... i'd go back and be robert smith's childhood neighbor. then i'd be in the cure. or elvis's

The CureClose To Me

| play
finestsuit @devobrain *looks around to make sure nobody is listening* this sounds great in the car when played loud. *windows up of course*

Bon JoviRunaway

| play
finestsuit maybe i'd choose to be tom petty's neighbor. i wouldn't have had to wear make-up during the 80's. yea, i wouldn't mind bein' a heartbreaker...
finestsuit @newwaveclassics you're a friggin' celebrity. everybody's heard your voice. "i'm not worthy, i'm not worthy." did everybody see!!! he's replied to me!
finestsuit @newwaveclassics i like inxs too! :-) *just kiddin', no, i mean i do like 'em, it's absolutely awesome that you're able to do what you do, congrats*

INXSDon't Change

| play
finestsuit actually, i'd wear make-up gladly if i were in the cure. man, i loved the kind of girls that loved the cure in those days. yep, i'd be R.S.'s neighbor

The CureLovesong

| play
finestsuit @newwaveclassics i checked out yer site on twitter, and i listened to your sample voice-overs, and if that's a real deal, your vocal chords are famous
finestsuit @newwaveclassics dadgum, i thought those were actual commercials you'd done, and you were just settin' there gatherin' $ for talking... good luck 2 u.

R.E.M.I Believe

| play
finestsuit @newwaveclassics well, when you are famous, if you remember, subliminally throw in "finestsuit is DEVO" behind one of your gigs that'd be great... :-D
finestsuit @newwaveclassics it's like i'm 6th chair tuba player tryin' to impress the 1st chair guy from another band... only to find out you're 6th chair too...
finestsuit @newwaveclassics i was kiddin' on my last blip... dang message limits left me hangin' like i'm really a jerk. i am, but not to others that know music.
finestsuit yea, i'm a jerk, but only in my head as i walk around the planet and constantly think how lucky i am that i'm not that person. glad to know what i do.
finestsuit @newwaveclassics *cracks knuckles* tuba huh? i'll xylophone circles around your lumbersome tuba pal... *is lumbersome a real word?* circles!
finestsuit my dream is to one day be payed to know crap about music... if i dedicated half the interest in somethin' profitable that i have in music, i'd be rich
finestsuit @newwaveclassics every now and again, throw in one of these... not too mainstream, but definitely has a trendy crowd... you'll gain a few newbies...
finestsuit see, i am a jerk... i'll talk sh!t about folks right within their view. however, if they miss it, no harm no foul. right SPUDS? are you in bloom kids?
finestsuit *waits impatiently...* c'mon spuds... just 7 more for that accomplished "250" star... i gotta catch the 6th chair tuba player from oregon high school!
finestsuit @newwaveclassics i hear ya. i love ALL real music, i'd be trapped in a 1 genre personality, but, alter dj's is a good idea, yep, old country guy. hmmm
finestsuit i am confused about the truth with these blokes, great propaganda i suppose. i do know that this is a fantastic song. and johnny rotten was genuine.
finestsuit how many listeners would old country lure? do folks care that merle was buck owens' bass player, "the buckaroos" , his idea, and he stole buck's wife?

Merle Haggard - If We Make It Through December

| play
finestsuit how bout this. waylon was buddy holly's guitar player, lost a coin toss to richie valens for a seat on the plane... interesting stuff... to me anyhow.
finestsuit @beavercheese i noticed these very relevant guys in your previous blips. i figured you knew too much about the era nwc showcases to not know more...
finestsuit @claudix i was constantly seeing your name from newwave, now i see you directly...
finestsuit @claudix aw shucks, you're gonna make a fella bashful callin' me baby and smilin' at me... ;-)
finestsuit @claudix sweet dreams lil darlin... and @beavercheese you're baby too huh? *c'mon folks, join me, i gotta catch newwave... c'mon "250"!* nite all...
finestsuit hey spuds! yep, i sure did blip 2 peek-a-boo songs tonight. pay attention to your surroundings, be aware, and realize... try it. goodnight spuds.


| play
finestsuit and this one is goes out to all the ladies... *now you know i'm full of crap. what, do all of you have something about you? answer: hell no!* >:-D
finestsuit @claudix just so ya know, my seemingly competative manner directed at newwave about you callin' us both baby is just goofy. even though i'm gonna win!
finestsuit ya know, still i have yet to visit the "all blips" section. i've only experienced blip by seeing, now 16, others' blips. 12 of which blip 1nce a month

BeckWhere It's At

| play
finestsuit if ray davies had decided to play the game, it'd have been this, "the kinks! the stones too. oh yea, i do suppose the beatles were around then too."
finestsuit and beavercheese, bruce wayne, newwave, batman, whoever, it's a tuba VS. xylophone 50 yard line challenge! *i've no idea what i'm talkin' bout* OUT!
finestsuit @claudix dream a dream that is worthy of instant recording on paper as you wake... as was the story of kubla khan and shangri-la. GOODNIGHT BLIPVILLE!

The KinksShangri-La

| play
finestsuit hey spuds! ...spuds? my blip timing is always too friggin' late. i see all my favorites mingling. last blip 2 hours ago. oh, well. alone i'll blip.
finestsuit and by-gosh... the light envelopes me. i suppose i'll be alright...
finestsuit omg... would you folks like to hear what may just be my favorite ccr song..? sure you do, who wants to not hear the best? listen to it... go on... u
finestsuit this song is just as darn good as the last one... that statement goes for every song in the creedence catalog. this one is a special dandy though...
finestsuit i just realized... there has never been a ccr cover, i'm sure some obscure recordings exist... but as far as a semi-major nod to them... not a one.
finestsuit know why there are no ccr covers. yes, they were so unique, there are no cover possibilities worth tryin'... main reason: they laid it down perfectly.
finestsuit @claudix george costanza is hands down, my favorite television character of all time. he is a genius figure so understood by writers and actors alike.
finestsuit @sk8bette knows. why lemon tree for a george costanza statement? during the tape switch, code word options, tippy-toe or sing lemon tree. tippy-toe?
finestsuit @sk8bette alright! just learned that i can contact my favorite seinfeld girl from the land which i am addicted and cannot leave when at the computer.
finestsuit @sk8bette george? are you there? i hate that stupid message. i know you're avoiding me, i'm at the office, please call me, i've gotta talk to you...
finestsuit @sk8bette "I study design. I take pictures. I shoot pool. I play video games. I practice Shotokan. I quote Seinfeld. I crave chocolate. I TOUCH ROSES"
finestsuit *walks in polishing his shiny silver 250 marker... sees newwave with his shiny 500... turns and goes back to the sewer...* goodnight spuds...
finestsuit @claudix newwave is a decent fellow, but he's not my type. don't like balls or penises, or body hair, or men's farts. i like the girl next door type.

I Dont want any gays around whilst im killing kids

| play
finestsuit @claudix & @newwaveclassics sleep is for suckers. government scarin' folks into believing sleep is required... pfft! won't catch me buyin' into that
finestsuit i rarely am made to laugh, but when lookin' for a song to blip in response to claudix, when i saw "I dont want any gays around whilst im killing kids"
finestsuit it's not the love makin' me laugh...

IncubusLove Hurts

| play
finestsuit @claudix goodnight you... i was gonna find a song to blip that matched your picture... and at first glance, instantly this one was the one. hey wait.

Nirvana - Heart Shaped Box

| play
finestsuit @newwaveclassics that's right... what's up now whitey? yea, my "intestinal" fortitude was blippin' all over the room dawg. what! *nite*
finestsuit @claudix here, you might need these... *gives her back her hands* time for work... have a wonderful days spuds!
finestsuit *looks around frantically* have you seen my harborcoat..? can't go outside without it..!


| play
finestsuit i know 2 of them wouldn't have taken my harborcoat... but 5 of those brothers i don't know very well... i know one of them took my harborcoat dammit!
finestsuit than nguyn... tell your brothers i'm sorry. i found my harborcoat... i only blamed them because they're foreign and not like me. *looks for keys*
finestsuit *pony runs through blip dressed as a sinister confederate cowboy... throwing out documents about devolution, hoping that at least 1 spud unlocks life*

DevoCome Back Jonee

| play
finestsuit seriously folks. i know there is a certain misconception that "rap is crap", but you gotta listen to this. the wisest would struggle to be so lingual.
finestsuit @claudix and if it's not a big thing, you should stop and ask me... hope your day was quite lovely, glad to see that i'm not the only blip addict. :-)
finestsuit @claudix don't worry, it's all over now. apparently you didn't need that pc, there's room for something better now. sorry for your ankle though. :-(
finestsuit @claudix i am an hvac tech (air conditioning) and electrician for money. my job is to let folks know that life is up to them alone. make it good...

BeckCold Brains

| play
finestsuit blippin this again for wondie's sake. for the rest, the distorted bass riff was a short, marty loved it, we now have distortion because of this song.
finestsuit @newwaveclassics where are you hidin' newwave..? you can't leave us in here without your musical input. i'll truce on the 50 yard line challenge...

DevoJocko Homo

| play
finestsuit this song truly retains the essence of what love would sound like if it made sound. it's love's theme music. it would hardly be heard though... :-|
finestsuit i will not share the origin of this song. i'm tired of all my pompous music knowledge. she sings of the depths music reaches me... nice just to listen
finestsuit DAMNIT! i could not resist... roberta flack was singing about the way this song effected her. watch the video for this song. amazing the meanings...
finestsuit @sudaca70 @newwaveclassics and all spuds! duty now for the future... toil is stupid. i must leave blip and face the public for a bit... *salutes*
finestsuit @newwaveclassics @claudix @lunarboy @sudaca70 my proudest upload... if i wasn't part of the creation, i can at least share it with the people...

girl u want (elevator version) a finestsuit special

| play
finestsuit speaking of a better version of is she weird...

PixiesIs She Weird

| play
finestsuit speaking of the pixies...


| play
finestsuit hey spuds! unlock the secret voice... give in to ancient noise... take a chance on a brand new dance... this man is real, not made of steel...

DevoGates Of Steel

| play
finestsuit sadly it makes none, though they were right it was only an observation of our inevitable destination. though it was spelled out, only few heard...
finestsuit yes it is... i have no worries... i wish the same for you. you cannot change anything beyond the back of your eyeballs. so don't try to. change you...
finestsuit me. well, i wouldn't mind being young elvis presley... but i'll settle for just being me. i'm a fairly lucky fella... i get on just fine.
finestsuit i've made mistakes that i'm sure i'll make again. guess i liked 'em enough the first time around. no way to fight 'em. no use denyin' the way it goes

MudhoneyGood Enough

| play
finestsuit this song was written about how @newwaveclassics feels when the alarm goes off on sunday morning.
finestsuit this song is a story about most of the folks and how they feel as they get ready for church while yelling at their kids... before the fake smile...
finestsuit @shoemoney always nice to breach the gap between sites...

U2I Will Follow

| play
finestsuit *not an endorsement for drug activity* you can tell the drug of choice by bands by feel... and this song says tom and the boys partake of the weed.
finestsuit i met a guy the other day. he's everywhere. in fact, i basically see the same guy everywhere, there's 2 guys i think. 1 with a hat, 1 a fancy haircut.
finestsuit i met this guy too, and yes... he's everywhere too. mainly on the road listening to the top 40 station. he's always talking too... never speaking.
finestsuit i always see this guy with the others too... i never see him alone, i don't think he could be. scary to be alone... who'd approve of you..?
finestsuit i thought i was always seeing only 2 guys, maybe 3... then i went to the mall and an arena rock show. i learned the sad truth there... it's society.

The KinksApeman

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finestsuit it's raining today my friends... i couldn't ask for a better way to wake up on a monday. is it only a pre-warning for breathtaking humidity though?
finestsuit hey spuds! folks... you should rush right out and buy the rolling stones rock-n-roll circus on dvd...
finestsuit good gosh the rolling stones were amazing... c'mon mother, let's go to the park and listen to the stones... you're high, it'll be good times...
finestsuit @claudix and hello to you fair lady... hope all is good on your side of the planet. :-)
finestsuit and when it's all black... i will wear a rainbow outfit and run as fast as i can until i fall down exhausted or die...
finestsuit keep 'em under your thumb... then spill their coffee on 'em right in the middle of their favorite artsy hangout... provoked or not... grande buddy...
finestsuit but mick... we were told not to eat from the tree of knowledge. if we think we may begin to know things. we might just figure stuff out. scary scary
finestsuit yesterday don't matter if it's gone...
finestsuit you're on your own by the 19th... i'm gone on your first one. drama and hassle are 2 elements i do not let interfere in my atmosphere... good luck.
finestsuit ever spray old school hair spray over a fire, and carry a ball of fire into the air..? you could work the flaming ball around for up to a minute. :-)
finestsuit shoot the moon... what you've got's been shot to hell.
finestsuit man... i'm every so often able to fully rejoice in the stones... how lucky i am to hear again how they flow with the knowing... a true band indeed.
finestsuit i knew this had to be leading somewhere... devolution comes round full circle.
finestsuit be like your ancestors or be different. it's all the same.


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finestsuit @lunarboy good morning... at least here it is anyway... well, it's 4am pee break anyway, not quite morning... goodnight.

New OrderTrue Faith

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finestsuit @lunarboy no, only sleepless for a trip to the john. thank goodness too, i'd be a different person if i still wet the bed. can't help but look at blip
finestsuit this is my inception to after deep consideration on what to play first, here it is... DEVO, the foundation of my belief structure... howdy

DevoGut Feeling

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finestsuit often i feel discouraged that we've lost the ability for anything new to be true. music especially. occasionally i have reason to rejoice, here's why.
LaKarune @squidbrain:"I'm in no condition to look this up so: did Sonic Youth cover Mudhoney, or did Mudhoney..." U know who will know? This guy-->>@finestsuit (reblip)
marijaanadj rb:@finestsuit: "@muda... yes indeed pushit live on salival is amazing. so is this..." (reblip)

ToolYou Lied [Live]

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marijaanadj Well...what to say....:)Thank you for this TOOL is always welcome!!! @finestsuit: (reblip)


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