flyingscot_54 Great flute featured on this seminal track from one of my 70's-80's musical maestros.
flyingscot_54 Lamentably lost too soon, Miles remains a Jazz Giant in the extended Universe.
flyingscot_54 Sad to say Joe and Jaco are now playing in the Land of the Gods. A Love Supreme.
flyingscot_54 Haven't heard from these guys in a long time but have fond memories of the early John Peel sessions.
flyingscot_54 In my student dj days this was a mover.
flyingscot_54 Another memory shaker from my DJ days in the AU Student Union.
Stay19 Minipop – Precious<><>
flyingscot_54 Delving into the deep recesses of my musical past and this was a great memory.


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flyingscot_54 Right up on the list of the finest 70's bands around.
flyingscot_54 This is a great "undiscovered" track that I first heard on GTA and it really is one of my faves.
flyingscot_54 Guaranteed to get you UP from your seat!!
flyingscot_54 I have to learn the flute part on this??
flyingscot_54 You can't beat this with a stick?
flyingscot_54 This is very catchy and a surefire track for the all time best.
flyingscot_54 I wasn't much for country music until I crossed swords with the Dead, the Byrds and this great Burrito track.
flyingscot_54 Went to see the Captain play in Edinburgh at the Empire in 1974 he was remarkable in every sense. Zoot Horn and Rockette et al.
flyingscot_54 This is one of my standout Dylan tracks, really powerful.
flyingscot_54 Echo and the Enigma that is Ian McCulloch........from my DJ days in the 80's
flyingscot_54 Guitar maestro in perfect harmony with bassist Haden.
flyingscot_54 Evening from Scotland, the Allmans at their sizzling best and a tragic loss to the world at such an early age.
flyingscot_54 This one comes from the mists of time and has Stevie Windwood out front doing the honours.
flyingscot_54 This hit the back of my head as soon as I heard it and was one of my most played tracks from one of THE most important Jazz albums of all time.
flyingscot_54 The Album cover was almost as memorable as the disc for those around at the time.

Juicy Lucy - Who do you love

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flyingscot_54 Caravan belong to the great emergence of keyboard led bands of the late 60's and early 70's.


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flyingscot_54 Great evocative lyrics with strong visual content. Masters of song.
flyingscot_54 Saw them at Wembley 1974 with Joni Mitchell and Neil Young after a marathon overnight train trip from Scotland.
flyingscot_54 I find the sound of the Fleet Foxes links in my mind to these masters of the vocal rendering.
flyingscot_54 Almost timeless and still sounds great today. (reblip)
flyingscot_54 Monday's done and day off Tuesday.......sleep in time.
flyingscot_54 All time great track from the minister of soul.
flyingscot_54 Another "Aitken" Classic from the AU Union. For Aberdonians around the world.
playalongjon nice chorus , why not join in !
mammara bad!

Sting - Ne Me Quitte Pas

| play
dos Lou Reed – Walk On The Wild Side
flyingscot_54 When this played for the first time on radio it was a surefire all-time winner.... RIP Jim.
flyingscot_54 This has the groove and all the rest, play loud.
flyingscot_54 Amongst equals he was a giant of the Alto Sax.
flyingscot_54 Through the phases of early ensemble to modern Jazz - Herbie has proven his skill on all platforms.
flyingscot_54 What the Captain says goes!! Period. Van Vliet thus spake Zarathustra.....
MapleLeaves gotta turn this one up a bit... no amount of covers can ever top this original.
flyingscot_54 Special dedication to all twitterers!!
flyingscot_54 The old boys network is alive and well.........give it Peter.-------
flyingscot_54 This is very catchy and a surefire track for the all time best. Time for bed - night all. (reblip)
flyingscot_54 Top of the morning to you (Afternoon for the latestarters)
flyingscot_54 Great track by one quarter of CSNY.
flyingscot_54 For the lovers of flute Ian and the boys.
flyingscot_54 New Orleans is a place I'd like to visit someday.
culturite With the launch of today, this seemed appropriate... Angelo Badalamenti – "Twin Peaks Theme"
flyingscot_54 I was introduced to this album by a bassist buddy Mike Rae, hope he's well.


| play
flyingscot_54 Used to play some Wes material with a guy called John Eubanks who stayed in Aberdeen a few years ago, played flute/guitar duets Jazz and other stuff.
flyingscot_54 More maestro guitar for those who like the 6 string orchestra.
flyingscot_54 Miles found the best and improved it along the way.
flyingscot_54 This guy made the blues what it is, great song for those nights with a beer in your hand and a ...........!!
flyingscot_54 The enigmatic Beach Boys, Brian Wilson up front.
allenweiner Used to be the song to get me through any bad traffic
flyingscot_54 This one hit the dancefloor hard in the student disco days circa 1981/82.
flyingscot_54 Great guitar and vibes with Pat and Gary in good form on a reflective track.
flyingscot_54 Saw Jan in Edinburgh and have abiding memories of the gig. Superb.
flyingscot_54 I almost let David Sanborn by, but luckily got on the bus.
flyingscot_54 This guy with a wierd haircut and a voice that slices watermelon taking out the seeds along the way brought me great songs.
novaren I had to phone someone so I picked on you.
flyingscot_54 This one takes me right back to the emerging characters in the world of Soul.
flyingscot_54 Great evocative lyrics with strong visual content. Masters of song. (reblip)
sheryonstone house hunt going ok, thanks. found one today, now begins the application process :D we'll see (reblip)
flyingscot_54 If this ain't the 12" version I can live with it.
nervioso chan chan chan chan chan na na na na na na (singing)
avivajazz Duke Ellington tune featuring John Coltrane, "In a Sentimental Mood." (reblip)
flyingscot_54 Moving up a few gears with this disco heart stomper.
flyingscot_54 Dukes best known for this track, though I prefered his earlier work Aura and I Love the Blues.
flyingscot_54 This guy absolutely put the bass on a planet one million miles up on high.


| play
flyingscot_54 Perhaps this was what I was looking for.


| play
flyingscot_54 Classic and forever one to bring a tear to my eye.
flyingscot_54 Missed their gig in Aberdeen circa 1969/70 but have a a poster in my collection of memorabilia.
flyingscot_54 Bringing back memories from my distant past.
flyingscot_54 Great percussion from this Brasileiro!!
hajoni Weather Report – Nubian Sundance (blip.up)
flyingscot_54 First heard Johnny with George Duke on his I Love the Blues abum, the dogs had a great run at the beach prior to the heaven's opening.
flyingscot_54 Friday night music for those with a beer on one hand and a friend on the other.
flyingscot_54 Can't stop your feet moving to this classic.
Oldies Going Up the Country


| play
hajoni Chicago Transit – I'm A Man
flyingscot_54 Taking the road to Nirvana with Jim on this track from Morrison Hotel.
Oldies Robert Cray – Right Next Door (Because Of Me)
adbert [The Verve – Bitter Sweet Symphony]
flyingscot_54 no problem, thumbs up are all I can give you as well :D My sentiments too @sheryonstone (reblip)
Jeffie The Staple Singers - "I'll Take You There" (1972)
flyingscot_54 Hey - this is what I have been doing - not for the last hour, just a short one.
flyingscot_54 One of my dogs is called Candy, so here's another one of the sax variety. Scots are not too keen on Dutch footballers right now.
bluebrummie Jazz Half Hour! - Thelonious Monk – Straight, No Chaser
flyingscot_54 Hit it Candi!


| play
flyingscot_54 Off to bed minus my pyjamaramas!!! CYA
stevetuf Time to go free fallin out along the Los Angeles Hills... with Tom!
adbert [Norah Jones – Come Away With Me] Amazing tune.
flyingscot_54 OK - this is a great song from Tracy and also brings back memories of 1991.
flyingscot_54 Couldn't resist this one.


| play
flyingscot_54 Still working on geographic theme guys and gals.
louielouai Bach was a cool dude and would have approved of this version I'm sure.
flyingscot_54 But if dancing is more your style?
flyingscot_54 OK - I am really going to bed now, this will be a fitting end of session tune. Farewell to the land of blip.
flyingscot_54 sit still while you listen to this? Bet you can't!!
flyingscot_54 Crossing from the Latin and back to the source.
flyingscot_54 One good memory helped me find this jewel.
adbert [Gary Moore – If the Devil Made Whisky] ... an Angel made Martini. =P
ZONE Sergio Mendes – Berimbau feat. Stevie Wonder...RB @Collins, thank you (reblip)
flyingscot_54 Found this Polish artist - more info and tracks on Myspace, also
cosita @kitsuro esta todo bien ;) y si que me parezco a lilo xDDD
flyingscot_54 OK, lets go to the edge of musical styles. This is great marimba.
flyingscot_54 OK - gonna take an early leave of you tonight, got some serious action to pursue today (Friday) - good night all from the Scottish Adventurer.
flyingscot_54 The ethnic cannot be discounted from your range of musical experiences. This really has a great quality.
flyingscot_54 This is stunning - really I kid you not.
flyingscot_54 OK - this is some serious beats. Goodnight - this is solid.
flyingscot_54 OK - it's time to depart, and sliding into some laidback jazz guitar. This is really classy, though I say so myself. For Sir Alex of United.
avivajazz Bantous de la Capitale ~ Lisie // Thanks!@RootsWorld: "great 70s-era rumba" (reblip)
flyingscot_54 Great to see this on blip

David La Mole Ortiz-Puerto Rican percussion treasure

| play
emajik Live Massive Attack. Sweet.
avivajazz Xaxá Portilho – Capoeira // Thanks!@threebears (reblip)
flyingscot_54 The fusion of music and art inspired by visual images is close to my heart.

Mark Rothko

| play
mystwitch Carlos Vamos-Little Wing

Carlos Vamos plays "Little Wing" acoustic tapping version

| play
flyingscot_54 Enough of the 80's retro, back to the inspired choices mode. This really does hold the attention span.
flyingscot_54 My final one for Coco, a worthy tribute to my late lamented guinea pig.
TroyHolder Video: Powermad in "Wild At Heart"

Powermad in "Wild At Heart"

| play
flyingscot_54 More inspiration than perspiration, another diamond.
Awannabeangel ♫ Arrested Development – Everyday People ♫
ElementsOfJazz Watching undated video of Miles Davis w/ saxophonist Kenny Garrett performing in Paris live @urbanmasala @Mcboy @gwensutton

Kenny Garrett

| play
flyingscot_54 One more to send me on my way towards sleep - peaceful sounds.
Brooklynborn123 Listening 2 "Spice Girls" /'Wannabe'
mark_till !! mmhmm !! @makinitrite Spirit – I Got a Line on You (reblip)
flyingscot_54 Glasgow's finest son apart from Sir Alex - One Word.
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