foxy_kida @PatriciaCordeiro: "Seven Nation Army – The White Stripes" a classic already !!!!!!!!!! (reblip)
foxy_kida @Gen22: "The Chemical Brothers - Galvanize"thnx love them GALVANIZE :) (reblip)
foxy_kida @spacespencer: "chilling." thnx ... love this song (reblip)

M83Too Late

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foxy_kida @Gen22: "The xx - Islands" aren´t they great :) (reblip)

The xxIslands

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foxy_kida @Doggonahogg: "@ilklovn I'm gonna work on that assignment. Talk to you later? :)"oh this guys are funtastic ... (reblip)
foxy_kida :o how could i forget to blip this ?!?! I Loooooooooooooooooove Loooooooooooooooooove Loooooooooooooooooove Loooooooooooooooooove it (reblip)

depeche mode - blue dress

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foxy_kida @Doggonahogg @sabragirl @Gen22 @ilklovn Gotta blip out for awhile too. Good job, dream team ;) off i go with another fav ;) toodles

Radiohead -- Idioteque (Music Video)

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foxy_kida @goncaLo_: "Between the click of the light and the start of the dream...I go now..." i could blip them all night long too :D (reblip)
foxy_kida my fav from radiohead ?!?! Tuff job to decide just One !!! But this is definitely one of my favs :)
foxy_kida @iMickeyD: "rb @foxy_kida: "5*****"Hmmm, what is this one?? i like it! Is it midnight in Portugal?"it´s pass midnight :)and this is a funtastic song:) (reblip)

The WhipTrash

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foxy_kida everyone is blipping Radiohead :DDDD No surprises they´r f....... great :)
foxy_kida @meliseolive: "P hahah"" :D why not ;) (reblip)

Radiohead-Fake Plastic Trees

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foxy_kida oh ... i could blip radiohead all night .......

Radiohead-Fake Plastic Trees

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foxy_kida @goncaLo_ indeed ... as usual *_* my placebo fav !!!!
foxy_kida Day's dawning, skins crawling !!! Grande musica :) (reblip)
foxy_kida @foxy_kida: ....."rebliping myself :) what can i say ... i´m my favorite DJ :p (reblip)
foxy_kida You think you've been there before
foxy_kida @Melusina: "Strobe lights and blown speakers, fireworks and hurricanes, I'm not here..." (reblip)
foxy_kida told´ya i was obssessed with this song (reblip)
foxy_kida did you get everything you asked for?!?!

Hôtel Costes Volume 8

| play
foxy_kida I'm moving, moving with the wind.........................................
foxy_kida Haven't seen that smile such a long time :( I miss it :)


| play
foxy_kida Oooh oooh, oooh oooh, oooh oooh oooh.............. such a perfect song :))


| play
foxy_kida Made a note of it...

Zero 7 feat. José González -- Futures

| play
foxy_kida @the_bat this one? :) all creddit to @MissLalala i found it thru her!!! check her station ... she´s in my favorites :) XoXo aussie *_*
foxy_kida C U ..........toodlessssssssss
foxy_kida @the_bat "@foxy_kida:"Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh!!!!!!!!!!"This is awesome..... getting surprised!! :-)"I suprised my"musical advisor"?!wow!I´m Proud :)* (reblip)
foxy_kida @goncaLo_: "to relax a little..." i sure need to relax today !!!!!!!!! (reblip)
foxy_kida @goncaLo_: "@foxy_kida vamos a isso :)" eu pedi boa musica e tu cumpris te :)) fenomenal :) (reblip)
foxy_kida straaaaaangeeeeeeee... taking a break

the doors people are strange

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foxy_kida @MissLalala: "@CherriCherry70 Time is just a number...." now let's have some fun:) (reblip)
foxy_kida morning 2 u ... a must rb@Alvaroxx: "The Knife – Heartbeats... ...Good Morning Blippers!..." (reblip)
foxy_kida I do Like this song... don´t know the singer quite well...
foxy_kida @markmac not a bad thing at all :)


| play
foxy_kida A fav :)

REM E-Bow The Letter **HQ** Video

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foxy_kida @Labareda eu estou viciada nas das palminhas como a "pipoca" *_*:DDD
foxy_kida @Gen22 Hi :) a fav :D

Spoon's The Ghost of You Lingers

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foxy_kida @efraim: "TY my listeners @SeeYouTwo @Schoork @redoctopus @fleurdelis101 @CircleMusic"I blip this a lot i know.. but never enough *_* (reblip)
foxy_kida @r0bb3rt:"rb@arcadianhermit:"Is she promised to the night?"Yeah !!!Let me go on like I Blister in the sun Let me go on Big hands,I know you're the one (reblip)
foxy_kida @MaskMuse: "Muse – Supermassive Black Hole (HQ)" I can´t help to reblip this everytime i see it *_* (reblip)
foxy_kida two weeks ... the countdown!!!
foxy_kida @the_bat:"this is a f*** sexy song!!!love the lyrics and rhythm" it is a f*** sexy song!!! This song is turning me on, the beat is doing me in ;) (reblip)
foxy_kida for you tell you what you already know :)* @the_bat
foxy_kida ... was already awake ... but sure need my coffee ... do u have a cup of coffee 4 me :DD @starsailor3k
foxy_kida a fav .... and love the movie 2 @goncaLo_: "inspired by @foxy_kida" (reblip)
foxy_kida YVW nice weekend 4 u 2 :) @muso: "LCD Soundsystem – "I Can Change" *New*" (reblip)
foxy_kida so true !!! i admit i just discovered this one very recently !!! @markmac: "don't see this one come up very often @foxy_kida" (reblip)
foxy_kida @MissLalala: "Tx hon, I ove it...@foxy_kida"i´m in love with these music...another tip from my music adviser ;) @the_bat (reblip)
foxy_kida How will you ever wake her up when she is deep in her dreams, wishing....
foxy_kida @abarbosa: "Ouch I have lost myself again" let´s start with i nice tune Ouch I have lost myself again Lost myself and I am nowhere to be found (reblip)

sia - breathe me

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foxy_kida @goncaLo_: "thx. I can`t stop listening this song...:))@foxy_kida"so why don´t we listen once more ;) (reblip)
foxy_kida And it's coming closer!!!! And it's coming closer!!!
foxy_kida @MissLalala: "Can't unreblip it ... J'adore thx cupcake xxxx RB@Nice2Tweet_U" Oh Yeah :))) (reblip)
foxy_kida the wether in portugal is "Something like a phenomena" right now
foxy_kida @goncaLo_: ""...the show must go on, yeah, yeah...""Queen fav :) (reblip)
foxy_kida @Zene this is one of my fav musics of all time :) tnx :) (reblip)
foxy_kida @marco_paschoal: "rb: @DesertLily: "The wheel keeps turning the sky's rearranging... look my son the weather is changing""my Massive´s Fav :) (reblip)
foxy_kida @ani_1: "rb@huangmarong: welcome to the blipstream GLORY BOX- PORTISHEAD" *_* (reblip)


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foxy_kida I do feel Numb !!!!!!!! (reblip)


| play
foxy_kida @an_an_an not bad :) a cover too, this time by a portuguese musician from a different song hope you enjoy it :)
foxy_kida @karih: "@RedRhia: ""Muse - 03 - Time is Running Out | pause""" i´m so addicted to this song !!!!!!!!!!!!! (reblip)

Muse - 03 - Time is Running Out

| play
foxy_kida @Makaaberi hope you´r feeling better !!! Tnx for props :) (reblip)

portishead glorybox

| play
foxy_kida Can this bridge cross the ocean?
foxy_kida again friday night indie disco #mtv oh i´m loving this show !!! see u in a while :)
foxy_kida inspired by #mtv "friday night indie disco !!! Tell me what you saw, Ooh ooh, ooh ooh, ooh ooh, ahh ohh Ooh ooh, ooh ooh, ooh ooh, ahh ohh

Yeah Yeah Yeahs-Gold Lions

| play
foxy_kida Love is our resistance :)

Resistance (Official Video)

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foxy_kida @RustytheCat: "Tnx :) had to reblip it !!! love this song :)) (reblip)


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foxy_kida @Zene: "@foxy_kida something between nosferatu, she want's revenge e abóboras. Saudações brasileiras :)"I do Miss them :) Saudaçoes Tugas :D (reblip)
foxy_kida @VictorArias: "RB @sphings: "Gute Nacht! Je härter desto besser!" Rage against the machine - Killing in the Name"i had to replib this :) (reblip)
foxy_kida @marco_paschoal the original is even better :)!!! This music is just PERFECT :)
foxy_kida You got the love *_* off i go see u Later xoxo
foxy_kida @r0bb3rt: "rb @larrrrs: "@foxy_kida: "@serialbox --- smashing... i miss these guys !!!"""TY Tnnxxxxx :) (reblip)
foxy_kida @goncaLo_: "World, the time has come to ... push the button..."hell yeah "don´t hold back... Galvanize" (reblip)
foxy_kida Shoot out the lights for all your pleasuresssssssssssssss
foxy_kida a tip from my musical adviser :)

Don't Make Me A Target Spoon Music Video

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PLACEBO 'Bright Lights'

| play
foxy_kida You got to cry without weeping Talk without speaking Scream without raising your voice
foxy_kida it had to be the 1º blip of the year.... cause in 2010 a wish will come true xD
foxy_kida Come with usssssssssssssssssssssss
foxy_kida "re"blip"ing"

Tryin' to throw your arms around the world

| play
foxy_kida The days they go slow. The nights they go fast. It's only some time, Til we get together.
foxy_kida love this music ....e sou aracnofobica :)
foxy_kida A look into your eyes

strange kind of love- Peter murphy

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foxy_kida Quem me dera, ao menos uma vez..........
foxy_kida ... great actor .... great movie... great song..
foxy_kida I've Got You Under My Skin

Bono & Frank Sinatra* I've Got You Under My Skin*video clip

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foxy_kida Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery; None but ourselves can free our mind.

Bob Marley - Redemption Song

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foxy_kida nice video :)

Gossip-Love Long Distance

| play
foxy_kida waiting for 2010 ....


| play
foxy_kida Pure and simple happiness :)
foxy_kida great song ... again ......great movie....
foxy_kida It's cause of these things, it's cause of these things
foxy_kida today´s guilty pleasure

pink just like a pill official music video

| play
foxy_kida Ain't love the sweetest thing :)
foxy_kida Early to bed... i guess not today ;)
foxy_kida Black, black, black, black, black, black, black,
foxy_kida Every artist is a cannibal, every poet is a thief

The flyU2

| play

U2 "Moment of Surrender"

| play
foxy_kida you're perfect Don't please don't change a thing
foxy_kida And I believe in Love And I know that you do too


| play
foxy_kida La la la la lee


| play
foxy_kida he ordinary and the extraordinary...

U2The Wanderer

| play
foxy_kida Riddle me this, Riddle me that, who's afraid of the Big Black Bat..
foxy_kida it is ......having my private u2 gigg *_*
foxy_kida I wanna hurry home to you put on a slow, dumb show for you and crack you up... ....You know I dreamed about you for ... years before I saw you

Slow Show By The National Music Video

| play
foxy_kida I was lookin' back to see if you were lookin' back at me To see me lookin' back at you
foxy_kida didn´t knew muse did a cover of this song... (reblip)

Feeling GoodMuse

| play
foxy_kida heard this one on the radio today :) it has been a while !!! hope you enjoy it as much as i did :)

♫ The Pogues Fairy tale of new York (Lyrics)

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foxy_kida @MissLalala: "@foxy_kida---> Thanks sweetie, enjoy this one :o))"Thankx :) i could "prop" you all day :D (reblip)
foxy_kida fui vê-los o ano passado ao optimus alive :) volta brian *_* (reblip)

PlaceboSpecial K

| play
foxy_kida love it!!! noticed that is the guy from "the Office"
foxy_kida @JC700: "@ginhollow: "Hope it's working now, (appropriate choice)@prescottscott: "@prescottscott: "or I can test on my own @prescottscott"""" (reblip)
foxy_kida great music... bad memories
foxy_kida No-one can take it away from me, Brian !Brian !! Brian !!! *_*

Placebo Bright Lights (Official Video HD) + Lyrics

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Collateral soundtrack--Hands of Time (Groove Armada) HQ

| play
foxy_kida I want it now

Muse-Hysteria Official Video

| play
foxy_kida I'm addicted

Muse time is running out official music video (HQ)

| play
foxy_kida @MissLalala: "@foxy_kida: "@MissLalala"Went to l'Olympia de Paris 5/6 years ago for an amazing gig...Love this song:)" U w´r there?!i´m sooo jealous:) (reblip)
foxy_kida *_* tnkx paying forward ;)... not difficult with such great song (reblip)
foxy_kida off i go .. C U tomorrow

Left BehindZero 7

| play
foxy_kida I want to satisfy the undisclosed desires in your heart
foxy_kida @FGS1959: *_* U2 my favorite band from all time !!! i´m gonna to see them this year :D (reblip)

LCD soundsystem-new york i love you but your bringing me down lyrics

| play
foxy_kida great news they´r coming to Portugal YUPIIIIIIIIIIIIIII :D
foxy_kida hey hon :) ♥ this one xoxox @MissLalala_: "RB!!! @A_BlippinBrat: "~~ Just Breathe ~~"" (reblip)
foxy_kida :) ♥ them 2 *_* i´m ok and u darling ? @MissLalala_
foxy_kida :) @Alvaroxx: "Hola!:), ¿cómo estás?(Oi :) Como vai você?) ...@foxy_kida... boa noite a partir do final mundo..." (reblip)
foxy_kida Seems to me, history was left behind

Collateral soundtrack--Hands of Time (Groove Armada) HQ

| play
foxy_kida The big wheel keeps on turning On a simple line day by day The earth spins on its axis One man struggle while another relaxes
foxy_kida ...I took the stars from our eyes, and then I made a map...
foxy_kida hey U :) do love this one @mark_till: "@foxy_kida Placebo - Bright Lights Hi there!" (reblip)
foxy_kida and again :)))@MandyPenn: "Rb again =) @foxy_kida: "TY! can´t resist this 1 :) @iRockzMySox: "@MandyPenn reblip""" (reblip)
foxy_kida hell yeah :) love them @Dj_Edurock: "LCD Soundsystem – North American Scum @foxy_kida" (reblip)
foxy_kida óptima :) @mariaduarte: "Adoro esta!:-)" (reblip)

The National- Sorrow

| play
foxy_kida had 2 rb ... a fav @Alvaroxx: "Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Gold Lion..." (reblip)
foxy_kida Turn the light out say goodnight no thinking for a little while....
foxy_kida i do love this song.... and phone means a lot 4 me these days...


| play
foxy_kida auto rb @Alvaroxx: "The Postal Service – Such Great Heights..." (reblip)
foxy_kida rb gr8 1 @Alvaroxx: "Spoon – I Turn My Camera On..." (reblip)
foxy_kida TY :) @GothTinkerbell: ":)" a fav (reblip)

florence and the machine heavy in your arms

| play
foxy_kida lend me your eyes i can change what i see...
foxy_kida rb @Totengrber: "@Naestopaz: "The maximum hop count for RIPv2 is: A. 10 B. 16 C. 17 D. 18" E. 15" (reblip)
foxy_kida ora essa :) u know i can´t resist this 1@goncaLo_:Big TY to my top props this week:)@DJpessoa@foxy_kida@christinap @mariaduarte and top1->@DJMaririje" (reblip)
foxy_kida a must rb @LacedRadio: "Massive Attack- Safe from Harm (7" Version) ~~tyrb @Lu_She" (reblip)

Massive Attack- Safe from Harm (7" Version)

| play
foxy_kida Had2rb @JanetSEyre hey girl:) hope u´r ok xoxo (reblip)


| play
foxy_kida G2G ... again... BRB... again


| play
foxy_kida my my my ... my my my ... my my ... still obsessed with this 1 ...
foxy_kida 4 Janet ...hope you feeling better tnight hun :) @JanetSEyre

Smashing Pumpkins "To Sheila"

| play
foxy_kida but not anymore ... C U xoxo y´all
foxy_kida :) had2rb ... @goncaLo_: "lol...big xxxo for u 2. Gnight :) @foxy_kida" (reblip)
foxy_kida had2rb @DJRosaNava: "Há gente que fica na história, da história da gente, e outras de quem nem o nome lembramos ouvir... Chuva - Mariza" last one (reblip)


| play

Janis Joplin - Take another little piece of my heart baby

| play
foxy_kida And if I die before I learn to speak Can money pay for all the days I lived awake But half asleep?


| play
foxy_kida entao não :) @minervapaulus

TV on the Radio, Music Video, Dreams

| play
foxy_kida The Nothing Song

Sigur Ros-Njosnavelin (The Nothing Song)

| play
foxy_kida My girl, my girl ... Tell me where did you sleep last night.
foxy_kida Quem me dera, ao menos uma vez, Entender como um só Deus ao mesmo tempo é três

The GiftÍndios

| play
foxy_kida ok ok não precisas pedir mais :) BNoite @minervapaulus: "Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want" (reblip)
foxy_kida the cover

Idioteque Music Video

| play
foxy_kida If you have to go don't say goodbye
foxy_kida had2rb@cpcdiniz: "@crispast: "just to clear: i hate time (never enough :/) .. gotta go!! see you, my friends!!"" (reblip)

Muse-Time Is Running Out Official Video [HQ-HD-Lyrics]

| play
foxy_kida xoxo rb@MissLalala_: "My new crush..... Angus and Julia Stone – You're The One That I Want" (reblip)
foxy_kida had2rb@minervapaulus: "rb @Alvaroxx: "The Knife – Heartbeats... 10"" (reblip)
foxy_kida tyrb@adbert: "[Télépopmusik – Breathe] #FridayDance Volvamos atrás. Se puede tener calidad en la música comercial? Por supuesto que se puede." (reblip)
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