djmoonfrye An old school song for our cyber party!!!!! I'm dancing.
funkiedjtutu more lovely talent from VanCity

third eye tribe featuring Ndidi Cascade

| play
funkiedjtutu singing straight from the heart
funkiedjtutu sharing the magic of VFMF Stage 5 with a Toronto audience

Delhi 2 Dublin live in Toronto: May 3, 2009

| play
funkiedjtutu still missing Ollie RIP

James Keelaghan & Oliver Schroer

| play

Section 25 "Looking from a Hilltop" (Version 1)

| play
funkiedjtutu still find it quite creepy

The CrampsHuman Fly

| play

Shes In Parties

| play
funkiedjtutu surely can!@THEORDEROFEARTH: "thnks @washingtonson: "MC Hammer VS Black Eyed Peas – U Can't Touch My Humps"" (reblip)
funkiedjtutu neo-soul

Beats Without Borders :: February 2008

| play
funkiedjtutu continuing the journey as inspired by BBC asian Network's Panthaan's Musical Rickshaw
funkiedjtutu got the hippy hippy shake

BebeLa Bicha

| play
funkiedjtutu from a Spanish stopver

Kumar "Pelicula de Barrio" CD. "Pelicula de Barrio"

| play

Minimow Billyhouse

| play
funkiedjtutu a little bit jazzy from Motown's techno groove
funkiedjtutu s'more


| play
BigIsleBob @funkiedjtutu: "ahah! Tarun!@BigIsleBob: "Tspoon & D2D summer playlist""d2d2 juiced for summer 09 (reblip)
funkiedjtutu a happening 4 sure - even the ghosts and spirits came out to play

DreamTree Project live at Shambhala

| play
funkiedjtutu It's Bitch and her famous manifesto - strong language be warned

'Pussy Manifesto', Bitch andthe Exciting Conclusion

| play
funkiedjtutu very nice

bombay dub orchestra egypt by air (funky old medina remix)

| play
funkiedjtutu off to Afghan

Homayun Sakhi, The Grand Master of the Rabab

| play
funkiedjtutu hooped me in

The Nasha Experience Compose for Vena Rampal(shiva dance)'07

| play
funkiedjtutu first official music video from Canada's Delhi 2 Dublin


| play
funkiedjtutu Friday's Friction ends here

The Chemical Brothers- Galvanize

| play
funkiedjtutu more from bbc Asian Network Friction

Imran Khan Amplifier

| play
funkiedjtutu family values

The Addams Family Theme Song

| play
funkiedjtutu classic not forgotten

Creedence Clearwater Revival: Bad Moon Rising

| play
funkiedjtutu rock and roll franknstein part one

Edgar Winter: Frankenstein

| play
funkiedjtutu best of both wolds scary monster and super creep
funkiedjtutu music to move you music you move to

EarthRise SoundSystem: The Yoga Sessions 01.01.10

| play
funkiedjtutu glorious sub b4 it slips away to the southern worlds

Glorious Sun Video Clip

| play
funkiedjtutu written by U2s Bono and The Edge

Tom Jones Sugar Daddy

| play
funkiedjtutu From Vancouver's DJ Wizard - Timothy Wisdom
funkiedjtutu heavy break-beats for the dance floor
funkiedjtutu playing it for about 500 red-winged blackbirds down my road
funkiedjtutu Sweet sounds of westcoast gals

Po' GirlTrack 01

| play
funkiedjtutu remixing Feist because he could
briangreene don't change - songs you can believe in
funkiedjtutu news from N«Z

Mihirangi No War Video Clip

| play
funkiedjtutu throat singing of a different source

Wimme Saari Sami Yoiking

| play
funkiedjtutu From Nigeria, Nneka is getting a lot of well deserved attention for her fusion of hip hop, soul, reggae, afrobeat with a socially conscious message


| play
funkiedjtutu Vancouver`s Delhi 2 Dublin rocking the 2010 Winter Olympics Ozone with their remarkable world fusion experience.
funkiedjtutu so nice at the 2010 Olympic opening ceremony.

Hallelujah- KD Lang

| play
funkiedjtutu checking out the BBC Asian Network top tunes

Aal Iz Well Full Song

| play
funkiedjtutu rhythm & blues for modern days
funkiedjtutu @jillbabe: "the word 'pioneer' comes to mind" (reblip)

Brian EnoThe Big Ship

| play
funkiedjtutu because it is - in Vancouver on the final day of the 2010 games
funkiedjtutu wishing everyone a wonderful Monday morning!
funkiedjtutu Finishing up a reverse Pathaan Musical Rickshaw inspired ride also is a good tune for bringing the 2010 Olympic Games to an end.
funkiedjtutu Another inspiring evening with Pathaan`s Musical Rickshaw
funkiedjtutu loved this one for awhile now
funkiedjtutu @lksriv and a random click to one of my fave djs (reblip)
funkiedjtutu back when music was silly - and so were we - at least on the dance floor
funkiedjtutu Deidre was dancing to this song on Coronation Street and now it is stuck in my head!
funkiedjtutu @DareToEatAPeach: "@FunkShoi Oh no way. 30 is the best. You have to turn thirty to know that though." (reblip)

Green Day-My Generation (The Who cover)

| play
funkiedjtutu now we are reaLLy stirring up the memories

Gina XDrive My Car

| play
funkiedjtutu "Nice one, thanks @winukomi. A little reggaeton done well hits just right: ""Indian Reggaeton Remix"the new one frm GIMI production"so beautiful"" (reblip)
funkiedjtutu at request from Bob

Hermans Hermits-I'm a Henry the Eighth I Am

| play
funkiedjtutu Thinking about friends in the eighties and Helen and David in particular during our 1982 Valentine costume party.
funkiedjtutu Karl Hyde is the poet voice of Underworld who assimilated techno into the art-rock tradition
funkiedjtutu and at the end of the day...
funkiedjtutu This is Pure Scenius!


| play
funkiedjtutu Zappa heard The Persuasions singing over the phone from a Jersey record shop he immediately flew the group to Los Angeles to record their first album,
funkiedjtutu Tony Allen was the drummer and unofficial musical director of Fela Kuti’s seminal band,
funkiedjtutu Seun has kept the Afro-beat agenda well and truly alive, perpetuating its pulsing rhythms and outspoken politics.
funkiedjtutu Brian Eno's seminal Apollo album brought exclusively to the live arena Icebreaker/BJ Cole
funkiedjtutu a little Latin American softcraft in the mix
funkiedjtutu For the last two decades, Anouar Brahem has revolutionised the role of the oud - the ancient North African/Middle Eastern lute.
funkiedjtutu 'Arguably the most exciting, most thrilling live African music show around.' The Guardian on Rokia Traoré
funkiedjtutu Winding down from another Pathaan mix - what to do if they shut down BBC Asian Network! Too much inspiration will be gone.
funkiedjtutu good morning all! still following the Pathaan Musical Rickshaw - stop by and come aboard!

dub pistolsganja

| play
funkiedjtutu A multi-cultural band of exceptional musicians giving an explosive sonic snapshot of the ever-evolving musical landscape of the Americas.
funkiedjtutu A selection from the original soundtrack Ishqiya, composed by Vishal Bhardwaj
funkiedjtutu He was born in 1976 in Vienna as the son of Kurdish parents. Love for music came from the Kurdish singer Sivan Perwer and Kurdish celebrations.
funkiedjtutu Anintroduction to the vibrant urban club culture that rules the dance floors of South Africa.
funkiedjtutu Ancient Astronauts feature a melding of old school hip hop, funk, and dub reggae with forward-thinking flair and production technique.
funkiedjtutu Munty leads us off to another musical rickshaw ride inspired by Pathaan.

MuntyDelhi to Detroit

| play
funkiedjtutu Ending the VFMF 2003 retrospect stay tuned for 2004

Sufi Wisdom ( Rumi, Islam... etc )

| play
funkiedjtutu kick'n the heels up with this reel from Quebec
funkiedjtutu Discover the Toronto Tabla Ensemble

M-DO Toronto Tabla Ensemble Center for World Music

| play
funkiedjtutu @funkiedjtutu: "celebrating Tobias' 8th and Veronica's 1st" (reblip)

The Beatles-Birthday

| play
funkiedjtutu #1 for #2 son

I Don't Want To Talk About It Rod Stewart

| play
funkiedjtutu some new music from D2D guaranteed to stop the stress

Delhi 2 Dublin,"Thank you Ashland!".MOD

| play
funkiedjtutu something old is new again with The Runaways
funkiedjtutu mashed and requested for Bob

Phil Collins and Naturally 7 "In the air tonight"

| play
funkiedjtutu music is the ribbon connecting the vision of peace across the globe

War/No More Trouble | Playing for Change | Song Around The World

| play
funkiedjtutu to be the song behind the upcoming film, Legends of the Guardians
funkiedjtutu just what I'm feeling thinking needing
funkiedjtutu congratulations it's Brian Eno

MGMTBrian Eno

| play
funkiedjtutu @lub: "no need no lyrycs!" (reblip)

Takumi Kato - Tone 10

| play
funkiedjtutu I do believe I was in the audience of Bobby Darin's TV show.

Bobby Darin sings "Beyond the Sea"

| play

Bobby Darin sings "Mack the Knife"

| play
funkiedjtutu for Vancouver - East Side

Soul Jazz Orchestra -1

| play
funkiedjtutu try sitting still with a bit of funk
funkiedjtutu always moving to the beat of his own drum
funkiedjtutu Don't don't don't don't don't believe the hype - YES
funkiedjtutu @rinzwin: "rb @Sir_UffO: "WC 2010 South Africa - E agora é o "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" " Ladysmith Black Mambazo – Mbube Wimoweh"" (reblip)
funkiedjtutu sweet & lovely

Sara Rénélik y Agape

| play
funkiedjtutu Their sound is a true love affair between modern dance and bollywood.
funkiedjtutu thank you for listening to the earth hour playlist
funkiedjtutu are you taking a stand fr earth hour?
funkiedjtutu just before i turn off the lights and laptop for Earth Hour
funkiedjtutu my son Troy just sent me this one

Death Cab For Cutie Cath Cover

| play
funkiedjtutu hip-hop ballads from British Columbia
funkiedjtutu bringing dhol to the masses

Dhol Foundation, Punjab De Rang (Colours Of Punjab)

| play
funkiedjtutu makes me feel like spring inside!
funkiedjtutu big brains are Delhi2DubHeads too!

Delhi 2 Dublin ideacity09

| play
funkiedjtutu fancy fingers

Electric Bass Guitar Solo by Nathan Aweau

| play
funkiedjtutu With thanks to Bobby Friction inspiring new music at the BBC Asian Network.
funkiedjtutu going to miss all those magic carpet rides if we lose the BBC Asian Network

Magic Carpet Ride Flavasia Urban Desi remix Karen David

| play
funkiedjtutu a favr for so many years it still sounds great @DareToEatAPeach: "This is #HQlive" (reblip)
funkiedjtutu hope you enjoyed new music from David Byrne, Fatboy Slim & Friends

David Byrne & Fatboy Slim Feat. Florence Welch "Here Lies Love"

| play
funkiedjtutu another maybe track from Here Lies Love

Cyndi Lauper Eleven Days

| play

david byrne and fatboy slim-men will do anything

| play

Never So Big Feat Sia Furler

| play
funkiedjtutu best selling CD today - April 9, 2010 - will be featuring this CD at next weeks Almanac

Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings I Learned the Hard Way

| play

Robert Palmer ~ I Didn't Mean To Turn You On {Extended Dance Mix}

| play
CMFlinn Eric Clapton- I've Got a Rock 'N' Roll Heart

Eric Clapton- Ive Got a Rock 'N' Roll Heart

| play
Coffeenuts @Word_Bandit: Rosanne Cash The girl from north country (reblip)

Rosanne Cash The girl from north country

| play

Jake Shimabukuro-While My Guitar Gently Weeps

| play
funkiedjtutu wrapping up another playlist inspired by Pathaan's Musical Rickshaw

bombay dub orchestra egypt by air (earthrise soundsystem remix)

| play
funkiedjtutu more from Pathaan's Musical Rickshaw - March 21, 2010
funkiedjtutu detrour of a classic

1 giant leap-dunya salam ft. baba maal (asim dxc edit)

| play
funkiedjtutu bebop beatbox

amit chaudhuri

| play

Liquid Stranger- Lotus

| play
funkiedjtutu Pathaan's Musical Rickshaw for March 21, 2010 will miss this show if no more bbc asian network
funkiedjtutu if the BBC Asian Network goes down it will be a terrible loss to world music
funkiedjtutu enjoyed seeing Tom Tom Club with Talking Heads 1983 (reblip)
funkiedjtutu wake up! @ special request from BigIsle Bob
funkiedjtutu awake yet?

Nazareth Razamataz

| play
funkiedjtutu L O V E

ABC ♫ THe LooK oF LoVe ( YounG LoVe ReMiX )

| play
funkiedjtutu we all ahve them what to do?
funkiedjtutu reblip for 15 after@SGMan: "Daft Punk ~ The Prime Time of Your Life" (reblip)
funkiedjtutu @donnadontplay: "HEY EVERYONE this awesome DJ === @theFRUKE === ONLY NEEDS (( 7 )) LISTENERS FOR 1K BADGE! ADD HIM!!!""" (reblip)


| play
funkiedjtutu another @ 15 after@muffinlab: "haha! @Modster I've already gotten in to the vodka in lieu of dinner. If you don't tell I won't...err wait..." (reblip)
funkiedjtutu not 4 lucy

Joy Division She`s lost control remix daz s tune 09

| play
funkiedjtutu thanks to William

The Logical Song Roger Hodgson NOTP France

| play
funkiedjtutu can't pass by that funkie music@Atomik: "Ike & Tina Turner – Crazy 'Bout You Baby" (reblip)
funkiedjtutu @RRicco: "I'm not scared of dying, and I don't really care. If it's peace you find in dying, well then let the time be near." (reblip)
funkiedjtutu accidental reblip@Mysterymix: ":" (reblip)

Good morning vietnam- California Sun

| play
funkiedjtutu looking forward to new releases later this month stay tuned
funkiedjtutu @KublaConn: "You say the hero is the ones who die, But the true hero is the ones that don't live a lie..." (reblip)
funkiedjtutu grade 8 music class @CHaDmAn: ""Oh won't cha come with me and take my hand?" (in the garden of eden, baby!)" (reblip)
funkiedjtutu @DJTheFox: "great classic@Flamboriant: "The Righteous Brothers – You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'"" (reblip)
funkiedjtutu @sir_edward_ross: "Eclectic RB ;) @Eri_Z: "from girls just wanting to have fun to this ;=D@sir_edward_ross: "RB @tender13: "Wild Man"""" (reblip)
funkiedjtutu next week's media selection for CD of the Week
funkiedjtutu might be good choice for hybrid car ads@CHaDmAn: ""All I want is some energy!"" (reblip)


| play
funkiedjtutu can never pass on a Ali Farka Toure tune (reblip)
funkiedjtutu as suggested by PJC

The Beatles "Real Love"

| play
funkiedjtutu closing on another fabulous journey on Panthaan's Musical Rickshaw hoping to save the music of the BBC Asian Network


| play
funkiedjtutu Panthaan's classic not 4gotten

Peter Gabriel- Nusrat Fateh Alì Kahn

| play
funkiedjtutu Bombay Connection

Lal Meri's "Bandhan" featuring Norton Wisdom

| play
funkiedjtutu full tracklisting from Panthaan's Musical Rickshaw

Paddy FreeLali

| play

The Beatles Get Back with Rolling Stones in the Apple Studios

| play
funkiedjtutu memories of Expo 86

Loverboy Expo 1986 Working For The Weekend

| play
funkiedjtutu 4 my girl

"Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds"- The Beatles

| play
funkiedjtutu It's Aloha Friday!

Blue Hawaii by Elvis Presley

| play
funkiedjtutu like a big pizza pie....

Dean Martin "That's Amore!"

| play

Hey, Mr. Spaceman: The Byrds

| play
funkiedjtutu Playlist for 40th Anniversary of Apollo 13

Apollo 13 OST 9 All Systems Go The Launch

| play
funkiedjtutu @santamistura: "Wavin' Flag Wavin' Flag Wavin' Flag ;o) @thakoharris" (reblip)

KnaanWavin' Flag

| play
funkiedjtutu researching my genealogy for Funkie family and this band keeps popping up in the results

LFOEvery Other Time

| play
funkiedjtutu 4 a smile@santamistura: "♪♫•*¨*•¸¸♥ .•*¨*•♫♪♫•*¨*•¸ <(~.~)> ¸♥ .•*¨*•♫♪♫•*¨*•¸¸♥" (reblip)
funkiedjtutu looking forward to Adham's CD release event Vancouver, April 22
Francinemhaas @JustAnotherTrnd @SchmittySays Happy #Earthday to you and all! Max sez it is a wonderful world....with you in it!
funkiedjtutu Go Kelly! for 2010 Earth Day!


| play
funkiedjtutu @bendyjoe: ""This was a pizza hut. Now it's all covered with daisies ..." #earthday" (reblip)
funkiedjtutu @mtouceda: "rb@AlienThomas: ""What's the theme song of #EarthDay? I'm Blippin' sunshine songs today.""" (reblip)
funkiedjtutu @velvetunes: "If Earth were a DJ, what would it play on #EarthDay ? #EarthDJ <Always look on the bright side of life?> 4 u @katyvance" (reblip)
funkiedjtutu @vyskol: "rb @earthspeakorg: "Aloha! Happy #EarthDay @thereisawayjose: "Playing For Change – One Love LEGENDADO EM PORTUGUÊS - BR.""" (reblip)

Cat Stevens * Where do the children play ?

| play
funkiedjtutu @PollysMusic: "Yardbirds - Shapes of Things. Please don’t destroy these lands. Don’t make them desert sands... #earthday" (reblip)
funkiedjtutu @mthellfire: "George Harrison - Give Me Peace on Earth #earthday RB @DJMattAttack" (reblip)

George Harrison-Give Me Love (Give Me Peace On Earth)

| play
funkiedjtutu "Help us find Delhi 2 Dublin fans on Facebook! & discover why D2D is launching the Planet Electric!" (reblip)

Adrian Belew , Lone Rhinoceros

| play

the beatles-Octopus' Garden

| play
funkiedjtutu It`s Aloha Friday - have a good one!

HapaAloha Friday

| play
funkiedjtutu Numbah 1 song Hilo Hawaii - April 23, 2010

Ekolu-I'll Be Good To You

| play

Bring It On Home To Me...UB40

| play
funkiedjtutu Wishing all a nice Aloha Friday

Sleepwalk- Hapa

| play
funkiedjtutu watching W5 documentary about music and the brain - it is a biological need to compose, play, and move to the groove!

michael franti everyone deserves music frequency 3 remix

| play
funkiedjtutu looking forward to Adham Shaikh's CD release event April 29 at Vancouver's Red Room
funkiedjtutu starting the work week with something new from Delhi 2 Dublin
funkiedjtutu Delhi 2 Dublin new CD Planet Electric released today

Delhi 2 Dublin Promo Video

| play
funkiedjtutu Trent Reznor currently working on How to Destroy Angels. A new collaboration with his wife, former West Indian Girl leader Mariqueen Maandig
funkiedjtutu worth remembering

Otis Gibbs -"Joe Hill's Ashes"

| play
funkiedjtutu CD release party tonite at VanCity`s Commodore!
funkiedjtutu Ndidi helped blast Delhi 2 Dublin into the Universe Electric!

third eye tribe featuring Ndidi Cascade

| play
funkiedjtutu RIP Lady Horne - Stormy Weather" (reblip)
funkiedjtutu Pure Scenius - 2