gebgdc all songs tonight for the sea, of the sea, set in the ocean...
gebgdc on a roll, buy it!

Interpol "Untitled"

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Flaming Lips -silver trembling hands

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gebgdc let's all give thanks for the existence of PJ Harvey
gebgdc Providing, deciding, it was soon there Squared to it, faced to it, it was not there

WireThe 15th

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gebgdc still love the guitar in this song....
gebgdc "because you have not been! payin' attention payin' attention"
gebgdc or perhaps you're more in the mood for this...

MGMTThe Youth

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gebgdc turn device to 11, strap device to head with duct tape, blast out the cobwebs


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gebgdc release date on the 12" I have: 1982. eat it.
gebgdc first time I heard this - my Ipod trudging through falling snow
gebgdc as you may have guessed by now, yes - I was weaned on Wire. goodnight. again. why am I still up?
gebgdc another morning song. this one, to veg to (large coffee).
gebgdc twisting through beautiful equations and exquisite language I can't read. oh well, just have to look at it thankfully.
gebgdc I know, I got some 'splainin' to do...
gebgdc I am doc'd out. Now for some #nargy british television that's bad in the best way. last song for the eve.
gebgdc a great remake of the original Trex
gebgdc the piano at 2:47 is my onlinename. or rather the notes form my name. the long form that is (some of you know that :) )
gebgdc Anthony says about what may - a melancholy start to the morning. I will cheer you up after. promise.
gebgdc Had soil all over my hands today. Arugula planted. Sun's come out. Air smells nice.
gebgdc and while we're on the topic of Wire, 'oh what a pearl, what a well made world....'
gebgdc this song has the bass line that became famous when Grandmaster flash sampled it for White Lines. enjoy.
gebgdc "I can see clearly: round hole round whole, square peg don't fit"
guilty Reportedly the band w/ the LOUDEST SHOW EVER, MBV is the mad product of Kevin Shields. Reunited in 2007, their reissues has been delayed, again.
gebgdc just breathe...and goodnight from vancouver
gebgdc the internet at this hotel sucks the big one. if this gets through it's a frickin' miracle..oh, btw, here's a song. if it get's through. love you all.
gebgdc encore, just can't get enough of this one...
gebgdc let's all sing along, funky little boat race:
gebgdc @Juice7, this is a good one...Take Care of Business...
gebgdc wow, great cover blipped by EchoesdeLuxe yesterday. (reblip)
gebgdc Good morning everyone. Just got this new release on itunes by Echoes de Luxe.
gebgdc'd better hang onto yourself...
gebgdc ah, yes, Magazine, @trent_reznor, Barry Adamson was a fave bass player growing up.
gebgdc a song for a sunny walk with the best cup of coffee in Vancouver. bye.
gebgdc time we should be going... I've been waiting so long till you come.
gebgdc adding some halloweeny tunes for the party tonight!
gebgdc put on your seat belts and turn it to 11, no 12!

01 Ministry - Jesus Built My Hotrod

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guilty MY BLOODY VALENTINE 'SOON' - If all works out well, might catch them at ALL POINTS WEST in August in New Jersey :)
gebgdc and now for something new...
gebgdc I have my sea legs...(The Shins)
gebgdc 4:00 am. Awoken by a very loud drum kit next door -coverofthis song.atonal singer or may have enjoyed it.4 songs later still awake.more coffee plse.
gebgdc something So Real to counter my current Html./coding abstractions, I have a feeling that endless scripts will invade my dreams tonight... :/
gebgdc Cause this phase is finally over, And there's only me and you, Cause the night can't wait forever. And I don't really know what to do...
gebgdc Come closer and see see into the trees find the girl while you can just follow your eyes
gebgdc my love's another kind...rush of wind passing over me:
gebgdc one of my faves by deftones. good for a hot summer night.


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gebgdc classic, Logic System, with Ryo Kawakami and Hideki Matsutake circa 1981.

( Logic System - Unit

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gebgdc @mikegarson welcome to the mad mad world. funny just heard this and thought it would be wonderful for you to Blip us too with your faves...
gebgdc no email, no contact, no twit log in, only through Blip, strange, strange connection in this shining hotel. ah, music.
gebgdc is pretty excited and happy that @mikegarson is here and in the fold. welcome Mike!
gebgdc while mining the depths of lovely things, I happened upon one of th' loveliest love songs ever to refer to vehicles...
gebgdc I love stumbling on this riff
gebgdc good getting ready music...butterflies turn into people when my boy walks down the street...
gebgdc encore for you: Wire...funny when I searched this most results were Naval band patriot songs...oh, the irony.
gebgdc you do it to yourself, you do...and that's what really hurts.

Radiohead Just

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gebgdc ok, night night with a sweet little pop tune

PJ HarveyBig Exit

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gebgdc and now for a great tune.
gebgdc this song changed my life

WireThe 15th

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gebgdc look to the sea, here I come! (beacon). to celebrate:
gebgdc digging through the vault...


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gebgdc getting ready to go out tonight to the 8th silent vigil in Vancouver for Iranian citizens. The silence is deafening. join us.
gebgdc one of many from last nights Slowdance at 3rd beach in Vancouver, BC. broadcast on small radios dotted around the beach, the sea air was everything

Friendly Fires feat Au Revoir Simone- Paris (Aeroplane Remix)

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codingmyescape remind me again..of a dangerous affair


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gebgdc thought a lot and talked about the ocean today. I wonder how it was all tethered and retold. I hope the gyre was not lost in the mix.
gebgdc Divine, to define, ... moving to define
EchoesdeLuxe thanks @davenavarro6767 for playing us on Indie last night---for those who missed it, :{
gebgdc love, love, love this (in my collection). perfect song for today.
trent_reznor If you get hooked on "69 Love Songs", check out "I" next.
guilty '79 Aka The Shouty Track - Lemon Jelly off '64-'95. First heard this on HEAVY.COM! Meant for bouncing down the street, blaring on a ghettoblaster ;)
guilty EVEN DEEPER Nine Inch Nail 'Love Dub' Telefon Tel Aviv remix via @aka_varia. Since Charles Cooper's death, listening to these is so melancholy ~sigh~
guilty Forgotten this track til Dave N. played it last night; it's so heavy w/ meaning on all sorts of levels, it's almost painful for me to listen to it.
guilty Vocals were commissioned for this moody NIN instrumental track for the "Stigmata" movie but were ultimately never included.
guilty Very cool multi-faceted artist, he's currently teaching a course on creativity at Stanford, one of his resolves to give back to the community.
guilty */ Pirates, skulls & bones / Sticks & stones & weed & bongs /* Brilliant track. In other news, Maya/MIA is expecting her first child early next year.
gebgdc listening to this getting ready for interview about Surface. (it's about the ocean after all...)
gebgdc off to talk tags, temporal flow, frequencies, occurrences.
gebgdc off for some well earned grub and libation. how hard did I work today? way too hard.
gebgdc I bliptwit a lot when I have a cold, sorry. this one just popped into my head out of the thin air...good night.

Second Layer Definition of Honor

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gebgdc song for my right hand one
gebgdc not amongst my usual genres, but this song is going on my playlist. great stuff.
acoustic badly tagged, but i support this song right now.


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Eagles of Death Metal "I Want You So Hard"

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gebgdc yes, yes, yes.

Wolf Like Me

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gebgdc apropo for the evenings festivities, don't cha think Dave? @davenavarro6767
gebgdc twist, swag and bop around the house prepping for tonights Partay shenanigans
gebgdc haunting video for this song
Stay19 Portishead – Requiem For Anna (Un Jour Comme Un Autre - Anna)<><>
gebgdc heard this song & forgot until seeing the video that TR had sent it around while on Au/Jan tour.1 of thse songs that get stuck & just won't get out:)
gebgdc the first time I heard this was on a BA flight to London early in the morning with the sun rising. curiously over Iceland. it was mesmerizing.

A Certain Ratio "Shack Up"

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gebgdc @deadcowaroma: "New one for the Desert Island Playlist. I had an awesome dream set to this song once. (@weething)" (reblip)

Turbonegro, All My Friends Are Dead (With Lyrics)

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gebgdc this bass line is madly excellent
gebgdc one of my all time faves

colin newman B

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gebgdc nice guitar in this reminiscent of Wire

radiohead street spirit

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White Rabbits Rudie Fails

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gebgdc making tomato salad then making music.

interpol-obstacle 1

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gebgdc one of my faves by them, played so well in Pemberton 2008

Slow Hands :Interpol

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gebgdc on an Interpol roll tonight, buy this, goodnight peeps.
gebgdc so excited to see them! got my tix...yay!

Grizzly Bear "While You Wait For The Others" Radio premier

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Death And Night And Blood (Audio)

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gebgdc k, some of you my friends, won't dig this, sorry...
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