Sysperia from 20 tracks I will always love
FullMetalRadio Quiet Riot – Trouble

Quiet RiotTrouble

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dj23andMe @DJetLag ask for perks!

'Oprah, God Wants You To Have A Private Jet' by Scott Lanaway

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kakefuda ♪A Little Bit Of Heaven - Tommy McCook #Ska #Rocksteady from My 7inch Vinyl Collection♪
Dancer12 ♥♫♪♪♫•*•.¸¸♥•*¨**•♫♪♪♫♥ " Love and Paragraphs " ....closing pages, Time got away from me (what's new, I know)....Much 2do morn, ref repman...
TheTAZZone Well it's that time good, be good to each other, have FUN, and may all the monsters under your beds be just in your dreams...night Blip! (reblip)
scotlandlover Aye..or Yass @sir_edward_ross: "ya think? @SL "isn't that MY line? @sir_edward_ross: "Got wood? SLBeatles Norwegian wood""" (reblip)

Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)- The Beatles (Rubber Soul)

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new_clear_MUSIC 99 LUFTBALLONS ~ {tyvm for listening..] rb@abcd3fghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz: "@iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii: "iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii x 3 = 99"" (reblip)
PeachyJane nice,thx,rb@CreepingElm: "Phosphorescent – Los Angeles (Live on KEXP)" (reblip)
DDPlay :D @romanus: @DDPlay "<3 @romanus: "<3 n Tks for always making me laugh on this 1! xoxos @Angie74: ROTFL exactly <3 @DDPlay: Cuz he loves our errr us! (reblip)
Quepasa secondo me nemmeno @NCA e @La_Biz riescono a immaginare una cosa più snob di questa :)

Gassman e Duke ellington.

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eraser mod microblog/ ↶                                           ↶  JSBach BWV578 "Little" Fuge in g minor Ivan Sokol (reblip)

JSBach BWV578 "Little" Fuge in g minor Ivan Sokol

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The101HiWay Late Nite Freak Out!@BklynBagel: "@JazzyChazzy: "+++Frank Zappa/ The Mothers Of Invention+++-----Freak Out!1966 +full+"" (reblip)
avard "Time for a ride in the old chevy"" (reblip)
MrGrandprix Creed - One Last Breath (Six Feet From The Edge
LosAngeles @HARDFEST @Destructohard To Release ‘Technology’ His Debut EP April 9 On Boys Noize’s Record Label BNR TRAX #k2 (reblip)
justgeorgeaz I know I'm all over the place tonight. Okay, all the time.

Cobrastyle Teddybears + Lyrics

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renaud_favier Il faut essayer de sourire de tout, même #Fukushima w/ "Love That Bomb" (1964 - Dr Strangelove) -

Dr. Strangelove and the Fallouts: Love That Bomb (1964)

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Songbird_ #YOU Mark Knopfler ~ Done With Bonaparte - AVO Session
creativeness "woof", said the wolf

Ozzy Osbourne-Bark At The Moon+Lyrics

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Talking Heads- And She Was with Lyrics

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Kingmob6 LOVE her when she awesome...
cccdynapro I just like to remind people from time to time, not to tug on superman's cape. :) @fxp123: "Boston is a fave for sure ty ur too kind @cccdynapro: "" (reblip)
Ezmerelda109 Madonna - Live To Tell
sir_edward_ross Lolly is UK slang for money as well as bon bons ... jes sayin' @scotlandlover: "Lolly? @sir_edward_ross" (reblip)

Hank Williams Six More Miles (to the Graveyard)

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chelchelsplaylist #1 of sweet adorable songs

The Cab: Endlessly

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svgirl @ARDELLd: "Just give some kind of sign show me that you're mine girl. (the body movements are quite awkward...but I like the song.)" (reblip)
Ezmerelda109 Rocky Burnette - Tired Of Toein' The Line


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GinaGina now it is early morning here. 6.30 am .. time for a coffee. hopefully i will sleep a bit during the day:) @nightcruiser
DareToEatAPeach ZOMG I'M THE FEATURED AUTHOR ON PROTAGONIZE.COM That's me in the yellow box.
pacha17 i love this one..rb@JerryKidd: "Just before she hangs her head to cry, I sing her a lullaby..." (reblip)

Bo Diddley and Ron Wood-Gunslinger

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fxp123 my heart is pumping purple peanut butter with pink specks @DDPlay: "Mwuah! @fx: "ty @DDPlay: "RB! @fx: "Shinedown- The Sound of Madness ( lyrics ) (reblip)

Shinedown- The Sound of Madness ( lyrics )

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FullMetalRadio LOL@DDPlay: "Nope never @FullMetalJacket: "Don't judge me@DDPlay: "Again???? Sheesh @FullMetalJacket: "SWORD – Stoned Again"""" (reblip)
my_synthesizer Calculating the number of women who got pregnant at the thought of @NipseyHussle and @rickyrozay working together is like calculating pi.
ScottHN ☺ thus "favorite" ☺ @MsMercurial: "...beneficial one at that...What stalker provides links to good art, books, music, etc @me "to my favorite stalker" (reblip)
kakefuda ♪Hush Puppy - Audley Williams #Ska #Rocksteady from My 7inch Vinyl Collection♪
Sysperia *~*~*~*x3 from each artist 2night *~*~*~* 'we hardly knew what you were capable of doing, so why don't you give it a try'
alicialejandra ;) @favre: "did someone say Corona?? sí, por favor! @alicialejandra: "@favre"" (reblip)
LOVE4ME Thanks for the #BlipLOVE....good night!!! ☮♥❀

SiaI go to sleep

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FoxSmoulder Need a theme song for the night..."Say nighty night and kiss me...Just hold me tight and tell me you'll miss me..."
JerryTheK @MCDEIBEM: ""Thanks! &rb @lukesharp: "PINK FLOYD -RARE"" (reblip)


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djwashingtonson It's Tricky - Run DMC, Beastie Boys

run dmc and beastie boys its tricky

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Unkle / Keys To The Kingdom

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kakefuda ♪Green Moon - The Soul Brothers #Ska #Rocksteady from My 7inch Vinyl Collection♪

The Black Keys- Wicked messenger

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libbi_libbi_libbi _though not a little ray of sunshine_damn he's good_leonard cohen_darkness_

Darkness Leonard Cohen 2012 a new album "old ideas"

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SifiJen Bob Marley – Legend (full album)
MrGrandprix RB!@QueenzQT: "I'm going to tell you right away, I can't wait another day, Amanda." (reblip)


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ThePassenger is it blip etiquette to play oneself? a question for DrRuth but who cares .. i love this and the next one (reblip)
Jasper5o Soundgarden - Jesus Christ Pose
zoso418 @zoso418: "If not the circle, you must be the point" #coversthatdontsuck (reblip)

A Perfect Circle, Imagine, With Lyrics

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themoon `R.{g_g@e_`_`_`_`Mo(.)n_`_`_`_`$p|a$h_`_`_`_`^-^yEl|o+\|/Ma|\|.R.{g_g@e_`_`_`_`Mo(.)n_`_`_`_`$p|a$h_`_`_`_`^-^yEl|o\|/Ma|\|.!.!.!`~`~`~

Reggae Moon Splash (w) Yellow Man

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DownLow Los Campesinos! – The Sea Is A Good Place To Think Of The Future
Balou8900 Okay, that last one was a let's try this mess :) Guns 'n Roses - Night Train

Guns N' Roses- Night Train

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AmyIsImaginary AC/DC – The Jack

AC/DCThe Jack

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aprildax hey bb gurl's got a new incarnation..xo@tippy12@fxp123: "you're doing very well not many dj's around this time of the day tho not to worry @tippy12 (reblip)
aprildax there's a boat on the reef with a broken back..@zamfir (reblip)

Elton John "Madman Across the Water"

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salondelynn Maurice Jaubert (born Nice 3 January 1900 - wounded in combat at Azerailles near Baccarat, where he died 19 June 1940) was a French composer. @geegee_

Chanson de Tessa (Maurice Jaubert)

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Balou8900 @TearsForFears - Change :) and with that...Happy New Year from Blipville....I be out! Happy New Year Purple Mountain Time Zone majesty!!
BklynBagel @TrainWreckRadio: "I cannot resist......the 'Apostrophe'" (reblip)

Frank Zappa "Cosmic Debris"

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mark_till Muse- Starlight

Muse- Starlight

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JulzCav #NowPlaying Corinne Bailey Rae - Call Me When You Get This
TWO_Dutchguy22 #Classical #Renaissance Ghinolfo Dattari (1535 - 1617) - Villanelle: Amore, l'altro giorno ~~ Fortuna Ensemble (reblip)
eraser buenos días/tardes/noches microbloggers del mundo...uníos...y o sino ↶  ↶ "Little" Fuge in g minor Ivan Sokol (reblip)

JSBach BWV578 "Little" Fuge in g minor Ivan Sokol

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RafaelCortines [School of Fish - Three Strange Days]
TWO_Dutchguy22 #classical Une jeune fillette - French Traditional/ Française - 16th Cen. (reblip)

Une jeune fillette

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NaaTC @nikisot: "Αχ τι καλά που έπαιζα εκείνα τα Χριστούγεννα need for speed και άκουγα αυτό" (reblip)
zoja01 rb@paulab42: lay my hands on heaven and the sun and the moon and the stars... (reblip)
geegee_ lol....@Grayfox: "Black Sabbath-Sweet Leaf...WTF did all the rockers go to sleep?" (reblip)

Black Sabbath-Sweet Leaf

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DirtyUrine Hey DTM! \m/ RB @DamnTheMan: "Alice In Chains - Dirt" (reblip)
HorseShitWally Minor Threat- I Don't Wanna Hear It

Minor Threat- I Don't Wanna Hear It

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steppinheavy popa chubby ~ sweet goddess of love and beer
Oculuris RB @sir_edward_ross: "Another slice o Cake @PaulMorrisTIM: "Gotta love Cake (reblip)

CakeWar Pigs

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CucumberMouse @djaces29 thx Vibraphone fixations are new to me. Lol

Chick Corea Gary Burton Vibraphone Duet

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HowieWard1 :) @keefee Henry VIII I Am - Hermins Hermits

Henry VIII I Am

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BradWest Right away perfesser!

Push the Button Max!

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MrsRobinsome pssh well behaved....*snickers* @FullMetalJacket

Halestorm- I get off LYRICS

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Flying_Roundhouse KT Tunstall – Ain't Nobody (Chaka Khan cover)
DJDustmon Dick Cheney has the finest doctors.
Ezmerelda109 Violent Femmes - Blister In The Sun

rolling stone angie

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BlipStarr rb @robsradio: @DDPlay: Thanks for spinning "Muse ~ Uprising" :-) #music (reblip)

MuseUprising (HQ)

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Metal_man_ Blue Oyster Cult – Godzilla
Jessica_Rabbit @patita: "yvw!! ty@girleddy: "thanks! @patita Rush - Closer To The Heart"" (reblip)
Dachkammermusik So klingt die Elbe, wenn sie im Hamburger Hafen zumacht. ~ That's the sound of the freezing up Elbe (Port of Hamburg).

faderhead taking pain in large doses

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sassikassi hi doll hope things aren't "heavy" with you ; ) xo @SugarAndSpice (reblip)

King Crimson-Starless (Complete)

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judi Red Rider – Lunatic Fringe (reblip)
thedigitalbee54 @Charmdeyes: "TYVM for listening: @nateal33t: "what's up Jackie Brown? @Nikkibgood: "Across 110th Street - Bobby Womack #nyc At Last" (reblip)
kapri sounds yummy!@The_Swin:espresso martini.1oz each: Godiva Liqueur,Coffee Flavor Baileys,Vanilla Vodka,and dark coffee - shake&serve straight @Naestopaz (reblip)

'Blood' The Middle East

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axefield Maethelvin – Plan B | :P

MaethelvinPlan B

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PAMsLOvE RB @sanguine_totoro: "Somehow hypnotic, sensual... got me hooked right away...." Come My Lady Crazy Town Butterfly (reblip)

Come My Lady Crazy Town Butterfly

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renaud_favier Somebody must be "Le Responsable" for 2012 ;-) * (Jaques Dutronc) -
DrCocker Moritz von Oswald – Watamu Beach Rework
MachoSluts From here in the furlined fallout shelter @jimmytheP

Keith Anderson-Hot Guitars 1964

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JazzYogi888 Oi Sao Paulo, ! nice new Foto :))@pacha17: "!!!!!!!...rb@ICEGIRL152: "oh yeah, love this ;)"" (reblip)

Long Cool Woman In A Black Dress-The Hollies (With Lyrics)

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SweetSensation September - Me And My Microphone .. Turn it up... I wrote it for you

September- Me And My Microphone (Radio Edit)

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Lovethis @noralina: "not at all @crazyfox: "Ramble On – Led Zeppelin@noralina ....out of props...?"" (reblip)
keefee @GeorgeSand@scotlandlover: As an Adjunct to the galliard Eliz 1 found this 2B gr8 exercise wiv 6 galliards every mng betta than zumba? I guess (reblip)

Contrapasso Historical Dance Ensemble: Volte (Lavolta)

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MusicByBella ⊱✤◦◦✿◦◦✤⊱ ⁀↘‿↗ ❤ ƮӇЄ ƜẴƳ I ƑЄЄԼ ƳѺƱ ❤ ⁀↘‿↗ ⊱✤◦◦✿◦◦✤⊱

♫♫ ❤ ♥ ♫The Way I Feel You ✿ ✔♫ Live Life With Music World♫

| play
DaveDoyle The Ventures - Pipeline rb@JoanieBeachMusic: @geegee_ ☮♥❀◕ ‿ ◕❀♥☮" (reblip)
djhornsby This may not be so far fetched if we continue down the path we're on... (reblip)
livingrope @NaturalDancer: "Bonham was a God. :) ty/rb@SimpleJim: "4 sticks >"" (reblip)
MarMir Queen-'Crazy Little thingCalled Love'-And Crazy,and Little,and Thing, something which isn't something Little neitherThing is!!Its aCrazy BIG feelling!
keefee Bruegel paintings and appropriate music - so intricate

Bruegel l'Ancien

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Echoes Space Odyssey [Part I].flv

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sassikassi ~~ i'm sleep deprived & slap happy ; )))
EchoesJai THX Sarah@SarahABQ: "Hi Jai~nice manicure :) ty!RB@me△☮△Close To My Fire△☮△"" (reblip)
Unaturalsoul ...Hello.....@Greenfields47: "@Unaturalsoul: "....If You Need A CHANGE....I'm The One Lurkling In The Shadows......"" (reblip)
kimme23 Molly Hatchet ~ "Flirtin' With Disaster"
Bizius Chrome – Isolation


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cjcomputerservicesnc @ifckdup: "rb@ellendiane: ":0 rb@R_A_Y_B_E: @barbsurvives: "that's now nearly all @MrBean: "Soft Cell – Tainted Love (Remix)""" (reblip)
scotlandlover re BE @sir_edward_ross: "re-ally @ scotlandlover: "really @sir_edward_ross: "Leonard Cohen-Be For Real""" (reblip)

Leonard Cohen-Be For Real

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ICEGIRL152 nite@sls3411: "nighty nite...ty djs for all the fun!" (reblip)

To Be Continued... -Set Your Goals (Lyrics)

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Gr8tune **** Nine Inch Nails – Closer, Fuck You Like An Animal (Screwed and Chopped)
freejack @KayceeSpinnin: "Turn It Up!" Couln´t If I wanted 2. Hey K! (reblip)
mmemaledicta #katebusheveryerafaves that Hounds of Love maxi single is nothing but pure brilliance. It's been so long since i lost this, once upon a time.
rachidkas YVW always!TY;))@nvaquero: "@susstudio hehehhe, your spanish is quite good :) @r: im really happy to be back, thanks for make me feel welcome :)" (reblip)
onesanz ... tyrb@djilo: ":) @ onesanz .... David Sylvian – Let The Happiness In" (reblip)
onesanz @matoart ... musicalmente ... <Fink – Pills in my pocket>
snaksac @mark_till: "--Prodigy ,Babys got a Temper" (reblip)

Prodigy ,Babys got a Temper

| play
Diplopito Brad Mehldau ~ Teardrop | Totally agree Pia, that's the beauty of our connection, it transcends props and distances, mille grazie cara! @matoart
wyatt2860 Sadistik Ft. Mac Lethal - Ashes To Ashley
ellendiane she was hacked & I think we know by who- rb@scotlandlover: "how odd! her acct is still there as is her dangeloflove acct @ellendiane@MusicByBella (reblip)
JMoriarty "Either you're part of the problem or you're part of the solution or you're just part of the landscape." Ronin (reblip)
JacoLovesMusic Outkast – roses ( only the song )
noralina @Leika anywaysss i gotta run now, lookin forward to b mesmerized by TO. Won't b blippin for a month now, if u hav twitter, its @AlinaRockChic <3
mark_till Deftones--Please, please, please, let me get what I want
Greenfields47 hi:) flo :)@Dancer12: "♥ღ ♫♥Ty, Raja!! Sometimes, I'm God's B-R-A-T, but LUV'D♥:) (reblip)
DJBadBilly Gino Soccio...DANCER

gino soccio dancer

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loripop326 Firehouse - Love of a Lifetime


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Coffeenuts Light Catches Your Face

Bell X1- Light Catches Your Face

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DJBadBilly Ignore them, You're dealing with some classless idiots, Ignore It @KayceeSpinnin: My insides are still the same whether I wear *StopBullying*" (reblip)
carriedm Waterboys in town last Friday & another Scot coming to town: KT Tunstall (love..) 10/16" "Universe & You" (reblip)

Universe and you -KT Tunstall

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angiece @DarylJames FANTASTIC MOVIE ... FANTASTIC ... 12 on a 10 scale .... :) xxxx Nico Vega – Gravity
mark_till --The Kooks- Sway

The Kooks- Sway

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Pierro Quantic – Cumbia Clash
Pierro Little Dragon – Twice

Little DragonTwice

| play

L7-Pretend that we're Dead

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katjgroove @artboycraig: "Thanks again@matoart: "I must say I agree with John & Carlos... il blues come cura...; ))"" True" (reblip)
JayBomb If I ever wanted to kiss a man full on the lips, I'd want to kiss Jonathan Richman. (reblip)
jimmytheP shh ! I was hoping to sneak that typo by :)@kevinkline: "i prefer a girl w/ pouty makeup @jimmytheP: "Sade – By Your Side @withpoutmakeup (reblip)
maryness dang fred falke. he's all over my perk me up playlists lol tyrb@kevinkline: "@maryness" (reblip)
jenfromhell listening to a gazillion lil frogs outside, lol. @neomystery_kid: "2000 Light Years From Home @jenfromhell sup?" (reblip)

2000 Light Years From Home-Rolling Stones

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kim_harris take a little walk to the edge of town....
Dancer12 ♥ღ¸.•*•♫♥♥ "Friendship" said Pooh, "is a very comforting sort of thing." ♥♥ I Give Thanks to GOD for Friends, Soul Comforting Friends . . .tysm .sk ♥ (reblip)

Anne Murray and Jerry Reed "You Made My Life A Song"Country

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ARDELLd Does he love me? I want to know. How can I tell if he loves me so? If you want to know if he loves you's in his kiss.
harmony60 Always look forward - Looking back is bad for you - Ty Xo @Mi_Alma: "b^.^d rb@harmony60: Boston – Don't Look Back (reblip)
vixxeninpink LMAO...

Boba the Fett

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ambit After 10 yrs......I;m heading back to Cali to catch up with the Homies!!!! Can...UUUU...Dig It! #2Pac – California Love
zoja01 rb@phil_25: Sleeping is giving in, no matter what the time is (reblip)
Alvaroxx Bibio - Cry! Baby!... !... ... .. .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

BibioCry! Baby!

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Deerhunter "Strange Lights"

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new_clear_MUSIC ㋡ I GOT A NAME ㋡ "if it gets me nowhere, i'll go there proud.."
ducks2007 rb @ellendiane: "Haydn Symphony No 94 'Surprise' 2nd movement" (reblip)

Haydn : Symphony No. 94, 'Surprise', 2nd movement

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markharger #Needs4MoreListeners2Reach ~> #ONETHOUSAND ~> <3 ~> @DelightfulMiles: "Gary Numan – U Got The Look (of a 1K DJ :) IMO per markh <3 (reblip)
FromFullHouse Moldy Peaches – Anyone Else But You w/ Lyrics
garbageman01 From 'L'Univers De La Mer' (1978) . . .
www_StroumDesign_com @DemonOfSouls: "#Trivium ~ #DownfromTheSky ~ :-D ( My own playlist " Burnout : Paradise " Soundtrack fave!!) Takedown!!" (reblip)

Trivium-Down From The Sky (lyrics)

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ducks2007 rb @ellendiane: "so very true- lots of stuff going on hugs.@cityboyFloyd: "Sarah McLachlan – Building a Mystery ~ it seems to be a very pensive nite (reblip)
TBFKA @shinji_aoki: "and I joined the beautiful people when we became Blippers (reblip)
mark_till Imogen Heap I'm a lonely little petunia (in an onion patch)
MertitytesMuses Kashmir – Led Zeppelin
geegee_ : ) @ranaberden: "welcome RB @ValMixMusicFm: "Eric Clapton – "Old Love"(amazing live version)/ Onde a guitarra 'chora' bonito...Coisa mais linda!!! (reblip)
Cecoknopfler g'morning there! please remind me the daily todo list

RöyksoppRemind Me

| play
FeralCat Tizzle125 ft. Young Thug World - Kaked Up
chopp3rr3ad @KayceeSpinnin Modestep&TeddyKillerz–Inside My Head (ftGhetts) noo only :( 4 having stand up 2 early on sunday,we wanna look 4 the lil horseboy we buy
Jungstir crazy beach to crazy horse and neil jung...: see ya til next time..props later...enjoy the time off
eraser Cuba Feliz – Besame Mucho ... (reblip)

9. Climbing up the Walls

| play
ChIcCoDoRo rb@RoughMac: "Some poor bastard had ceased to listen to me. Fuck you, you chicken shit!" (reblip)
new_clear_MUSIC I MELT WITH YOU ~ [NEEDS 3 LISTENERS 4 THE 50 BADGE] rb @richarddrogers: "@courtneylane this is what the cool kids were making out to when you were 1" (reblip)
TheOneAndOnly "Radiohead ~ You And Whose Army" Ok and thanks ;D rb @nemesisurchin: "@TheOneAndOnly "whose"... I meant "whose"" (reblip)

Radiohead ~ You And Whose Army (Kingdom of Heaven)

| play
sassikassi yes it does, chin up babe ; ) xo @MrGrandprix Poison – Life Goes On (reblip)

PoisonLife Goes On

| play
TrainWreckRadio follow >> @JoeWalsh – Lucky That Way [from his new album releasing june 5 2012]

The Beatles "Rocky Raccoon" Music Video

| play

The Ramones-Baby I Love You

| play
killahtunz These few moments sound like love and music merging- Love can be, in part, music!


| play
Lunaladee good song. but i hope doomsday will somehow be averted @BluJulius: "an offering of pending doom" (reblip)
MaxBr3 Whoa, there's nowhere to run.. No one can save me.. The damage is done.. @lemontree10: "Thx 4 the rb hun :D @3asylistening: "rb (reblip)
Peppermind dai disperiamoci assieme, abbraccio di gruppo, giuro che non palpo... @Quepasa @claudiav78 (reblip)
BluesHotel Old, robotically dead folk think them boring. People with ears and musically inclined souls know way better...
amphore monday morning greetings - wishing a nice week :) TY @toobad: weekend greetings – stay lovely and be lucky @ .... (reblip)
zjohn Foster the People — Houdini
ucana422 For we wrestle not against flesh & blood,...

Led Zeppelin The Battle of Evermore

| play
DonkeyRide Man lives in only a small part of himself..

Gurdjieff Piano Music

| play
hanimeli have yourself a good Monday -- rb @so_you_know: soft revolution ~ stars ~ "We are here to make you feel It terrifies you, but it's real" (reblip)
JLHensley Journey (SpinningDiscs) ~ Girl Can't Help It (reblip)
HerMenUtoPic "... Body and void are still distinguished, Since nature knows no wholly full nor void..." -Titus Lucretius Carus (ca. 99 BC – ca. 55 BC)
zjohn Jackson Browne — Sky Blue And Black
3asylistening Put on your red shoes @frankbozic: "flying together!!@Natayla: "@frankbozic: "with you sure, its magic all the time@Natayla: "with magic? @Natayla go? (reblip)
zoja01 rb@romanus: RrrrruuufffF ~ VNV Nation // Perpetual (reblip)
huangmarong : "Hungry Ghosts Festival" it is on seventh moon,day fifteen at chinese calendar (August 15,2011)...ghosts are said to roam the earth...
AmyIsImaginary Let's clarify~The X is a signal 4 a dear friend. I gave 2 X's (was feeling generous)pls don't judge. @gpharley-you're getting a kat like it or not!
RatatatPat -Shit, it's 5 AM! Time for my signature Goodnight Tune!
DaveyT Lynyrd Skynyrd - Gimme Back My Bullets

Gimme Back My Bullets

| play
ucana422 #TY @pil_pilon: "לילה טוב חמודים. וזה Led Zeppelin Thank You" (reblip)

Led Zeppelin Thank You

| play
Flying_Roundhouse Garbage — #1 Crush ~ For my #1 Crush

Garbage- #1 Crush

| play

I'm not an addict

| play
ucana422 Are you on a lost highway,...?

I'm Deranged. David Bowie soundtrack "Lost Highway" 1997

| play
geegee_ "mind soul and zen" "the way that you walk...." ; ) baby !!
geegee_ this is the sound of my face sliding off@geegeeuntilsept: "Johnny Pearson – Bed Of Roses ; )___ lol" (reblip)
geegee_ @skinnythroat: "It's already Saturday but it feels like Monday Morning.. RB @doubledrat @DareToEatAPeach" (reblip)
grilledcheez The Monkees - Do I have to do this all over again? #head

The Monkees Do I have to do this all over again?

| play
1AChord What's the legal Ramifications?
Doylex Double Vision – Foreigner
hippiechick Jethro Tull — Bungle In The Jungle

Jethro Tull- Bungle In The Jungle

| play
hippiechick @LoveForX: "Kim Carnes – Bette Davis Eyes" (reblip)
Hater215 Patti Labelle (HQ) – If You Only Knew
JacoLovesMusic Who Cares.. I don't :) @carrangela howya doing? blip has become really annoying, hasn't it?

Elvis Presley- Suspicious Minds

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garbageman01 A little early, innit? @Beeeast 'I put two full sized skeletons armed with hatchets and shields, climbing up our balcony, haha @gm01'
BlueDemon I wear the black for the poor and beaten down...
baffled Squeezing lemons, falling out of bed...that'll take my mind off it...
SpinalTap LOL! gotta share w/@Dawnrazor too :)) @MrGrandprix: "Wreckx – N - Effect - Rump Shaker" (reblip)
AmyIsImaginary Did I really just see that-in reply@Cityboy_Floyd (Jose Nunez) Oh my, Who knew? Kudos!!!
DareToEatAPeach I can has sleeeepy. Here is a #video. With bears.

Marcus Miller bass solo w/ Miles Davis "Jean Pierre" Live 1982

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geegee_ Enter Sandman – Metallica this video is pretty incredible
Snowblood You can crush us, you can bruise us, oh but you'll have to answer to the Guns of Brixton. ~The Clash
AmaiOnna We're gonna fly..... On a white wind ..... Through a blue sky .... Til we're dancing in the moonlight baby ......................................

Thriving Ivory Moonlight

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DirtyUrine TY 4 the tunes! RB @lemontree10: "Hiya hun thx 4 the props - hope u r well xox ~ "Ozzy Osbourne & Randy Rhoads – You Can't Kill Rock and Roll !! \m/"" (reblip)
Lady_Lindsay Luck Be a Lady

Frank Sinatra Luck Be A Lady Tonight

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RatatatPat -Yeah, Ren and Stimpy aside, how excited is everybody about new Beavis and Buttheads soon? @HorseShitWally @ReverendSal

Beavis And Butt-Head : Come To Butt-Head (HQ Audio)

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RatatatPat -hey, you know who we're working for, right? @noralina
RatatatPat -if I was a Pusherman nowadays, what do you think would be my Featured Item? @InnerRhythm @lalke


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RatatatPat -Compare/contrast #coversthatdon'tsuck (advantage:Entwistle)

Type O Negative-Cinnamon Girl

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RatatatPat -May I urge EVERYONE to rent this, the best Asian Western they will EVER SEE @Sharuana


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PinkPrism Can you feel it, now that Spring has come, that it's time to live in the scattered sun? @Gidyean: "RB @PinkP: At first flash of Eden We race" (reblip)
fxp123 Wolfmother - New Moon Rising
paulcastle Listen to the new Gillian Welch album on NPR First Listen : Scarlet Town (The Harrow And The Harvest)
LeParadis come closer...

Nick Cave -far from me

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curatEar "Have you ever stood b4 a VanGogh?" It almost pulls the heart from my chest and leaves me still breathing and more alive. (reblip)
Flying_Roundhouse Marvin Gaye – I Want You ~ Marvin in the studio
lemontree10 Def Leppard – Animal (PaintedDaisy)
mark_till Weezer – Suzanne @MissSuzanne Sometimes a song just pops into my head. I'm sure there's a good reason.


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driade @djmyskin ho iniziato la giornata ascoltanto questa canzone grazie :)))) (reblip)
Quepasa rb@zolletta1999: "zollselfreblip™ @zolletta1999: "The Police – Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic ('77 Demo)"" - bello! (reblip)
BLUESBOOGIE Hey Sheryon, have a listen...Treetop Flyer : Stephen Stills @sheryonstone ;-)

Treetop Flyer : Stephen Stills

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aprildax @Cholaholic: "Gracias @christy_of_beaumetz ¡Años sin escuchar esta rola y tanto que me gusta! Spirit In The Sky - Doctor & The Medics (HQ Audio)" (reblip)
pcsketch ah nite nite sweet dreams… I'm just a moonlight mile down the road
blip_susanac Alice In Chains – Don't Follow.
JoeyDiamond420 Wit A Name LikE@HorseShitWally, U No U KAN TrusT This GuY!----------ZING,
spirina :) ciao!@Alvaroxx: "Neon Indian – Mind, Drips..." (reblip)
DareToEatAPeach Niiiice. This would be right before Syd dropped out. RB and thanks @Ineluctable: "#1967incolour" (reblip)


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geegee_ Metallica – Wherever I May Roam
geegee_ I need this one again!!@geegeeuntilsept: "sweet tune!!" (reblip)
RatatatPat -this is the version that warms the cockles of my heart (hehheheh- I said COCKles!) @CBK
nataliatune ty rb@kobiswim: "WA Mozart - Piano Concerto No. 21 in C major" (reblip)

Mozart. Piano Concerto No. 21 in C major (European Pictures)

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geegee_ @pcsketch: "Plateau" somehow your smile has turned into a smirk with this blip... : / (reblip)


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geegee_ @Flying_Roundhouse: "Blink 182 – All the Small Things ~ I can get pretty small ;-) RE: can you fit in a carry-on? @Sly_dog @DavidL1313" (reblip)
eraser @cucodevenegas cuak cuak #wenrolling #guenrollitooooo Supertramp – Poor Boy patito cuak ;-) onde andás? #19J (reblip)
aprildax re:why i <3 u...@TropicsZ4 (an angel,no. but i know my way)
Peppermind Questa per @Quepasa che lo so che lo ama. @claudiav78

david bowiechanges

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jimmytheP Tiny Bradshaw – Walk The Chalk Line
junisidro time for you to sleep then and have pleasant dreams! :) @woow: "@junisidro. yes! i just started yawning. time to snooze!" (reblip)

Yes Roundabout Acoustic

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LauChe one of my mom's favorite songs.
yuuhi_hajime iTunes play "Mary J. Blige - What's The 411?" #nowplaying
masochist rb@Gidyean: ";)@AnnieLicious Don't Sit Down 'Cause I've Moved Your Chair" (reblip)

Arctic Monkeys -- Don't Sit Down 'Cause I've Moved Your Chair

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DareToEatAPeach rb@eraser: "GOODNIGHT TONIGHT #20N ... #spanishrevolution #15M – Paul McCartney & Wings - 1979 ╭┫╳━╳┣╮┃∅━∅┃╭┫∅━∅┣╮" (reblip)
Flying_Roundhouse Spandau Ballet – True (I Know This Much Is True) ~ This video is AMAZING. I'm only blipping one song tonight, and this is it. Enjoy.
Jeice Had a good day. Time to sleep and prepare for tomorrow. Good night. (I swear, I could listen to every remix of this song and never get bored with it.)
ReDeviLogie Florence + The Machine - Oh Darling (The Beatles Cover)
TheOneAndOnly "Yoav – Where Is My Mind? (feat. Emily Browning)" Where was it last seen? rb @GR8FL: "have no clue." (reblip)
WhiteHare rb@JazzyChazzy: """Tom Waits reads Charles Bukowski ( The Poem For Tonight)""" (reblip)

Tom Waits reads Charles Bukowski

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LOVE4ME Did I tell you I went to the place where that song was written? rb@fxp123: "good to cya @LOVE4ME Otis Redding-Sitting on the dock of the bay" (reblip)

Otis Redding-Sitting on the dock of the bay

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fishkopp_deluxe moin @keithold: "TYRB@yahowa57: "dedicated to a special friend at a distance..."" (reblip)
eraser PPSOE La Navidad d los Pobres ❄ ❄ ❄ ❄ ////////// #worldrevolution //////////// ❄ ❄ ❄ ❄ Rafael Buendia #mpi23J (reblip)
Gidyean we are not witch doctors LOL @LOVE4ME: "seeing new acupuncturist every other day for 9 days.. Bach RESCUEremedy.getting my health back from OVERLOAD! (reblip)
greyminx Livin' Joy – Dreamer

Livin' JoyDreamer

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SGMan Glad to know you plan on being here awhile! \m/ @Sylak: "Maybe I'll hit ten before you! ‡‡Children of Bodom - "In Your Face"‡‡ @SGMan" (reblip)
DJRosaNava TY dear! xoxo @merddln333: "Eagles - "One Of These Nights" (via @DJRosaNava)" (reblip)
JustSweetAngel LOVE LOVING YOU!!! UR LOVE IS REAL! @Mobkay @CarolinaChick82 @HiDEOUTSYDNEY @RebelChick82 @terrinakamura @DJDallasGreen (reblip)

Your Love Is Real

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LOVE4ME words I would never say .. ☮♥❀
HowieWard1 Thanks to all for this great JC song! rb @clasblues:@DjblueClariz: @Rocketron:@MidnightReader:@PointSeven Thank you for listening! (reblip)
desolation0 I'm up to 50 listeners now, it's a sign of the Apocalypse, time to Run To The Hills!
djaces29 Bud Powell – Yardbird Suite ...may lady wants some potato pancakes...the things we do for love...
blipfm 2 4 Tuesday (1/2)

Lali Puna Faking the Books

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ESTOPA Como Camarón

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SanClemente „ø¤º°♫♪♫°♥¤ø„¸PAUL OAKENFOLD¸„ø¤♥°♫♪♫°º¤ø„
TBFKA Let's hope so@BradWest: "I can only hope when it comes my time the place will be rocking this beat." (reblip)
TheDaybreaker The Calling – Nothing's Changed
ComixRock drummers got a whole minute to get it together witch doctor included, yep that's right honey the cat with the shakin stick
asterion ...

Trance/Anime-Out of Body Experience (Rabbit in the Moon Remix)

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DelightfulMiles The Delfonics – Ready Or Not ♪
DelightfulMiles Public Image Ltd - Fodderstompf ♪

Public Image Ltd.- Fodderstompf

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DelightfulMiles Brothers Johnson – Stomp ♪ "Let's Step Out Our Comfort Zones".
DelightfulMiles "Proudly Presents This Classic"....Leo Sayer - Thunder In My Heart
fxp123 rb @cccdynapro: "Dad was one of those hardy souls, wind in hair on a lonely pole somewhere keeping power on. Dedicate this to all those working men (reblip)
HowieWard1 Absolutely no doubt that I'm sending this song out to The Most Beautiful White Island Princess in the world ~ @StreamingMimi

The Bee Gees- 'Words'

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ForeverInYourSmile #smile rb @ifujustsmile: "FAVE! thanks friends! :) who else dreams of paradise? @ForeverInYourSmile: Paradise (reblip)
Bigfrosty13 rb @dankitti: "It's Rocktober! Here's The Yardbirds with For Your Love." (reblip)
anticipate come on man, resurrect yourself, tell yourself a thought that's true. come one man, protect yourself. there's nothing that you can't come through.

Steve Miller RARE live show--cash aint nothing but trash

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Robert Johnson-Hellhound On My Trail (stills)

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Eclecticist the most evocative poem for me... Recited on camera by the poet himself... (reblip)

Stopping by woods on a snowy evening

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fabtrain and my favorite color is red...
garbageman01 What are you doin' sleepin'? . . . rb @ElNito: "waving from Slumberland..." (reblip)

MRPHIB axel's dream 1999

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Black Keys-Howling for you

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fxp123 Smokey Robinson - Double Good Everything
fxp123 you said the music was the priority and then said this song @StreamingMimi: "Why I like this song? @fx it's the people always has been (reblip)
RatatatPat -I don't know what this is or what this means but it is BEAUTIFUL.
RatatatPat #listen2this am I crazy? Is this NOT genius? @geegee_

Wayne Hancock Wild, Free & Reckless

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BobOstwald Record 80 degrees today. Tomorrow night snow begins with 4-8" expected in the city and the temp going down to 17 Wednesday night. Then 60s by weekend.
magicnosegoblin A true NYC moment tonight. A man with a guitar started singing this song at 14th st station. The entire crowded platform sang along, including me :)
pcsketch you ok luv? @Cityboy_Floyd: "Husker Du – Sorry Somehow ~ "...whoever cares for your affairs can sort it out for you, send me a subpoena baby..." (reblip)
JerryTheK Halloween MonDay<><><><><><>

Halloween Video #4

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pcsketch nite-y nite all gotta go later all thanks for all the blips and RBs lov it
Orenj Yay for tech death!

The Faceless- XenoChrist

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Dillin_Chillin Ass kickin' Black Label Society - Crazy Horse #halloween #bikers

Black Label Society "Crazy Horse"

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jimmytheP Charles Mingus – Take The A Train
lorenglish C'mon and see me every Saturday night
Awannabeangel Elvis Presley – In the Ghetto
MrBoJungle yvw:) @kkserendipity: "rb ty both @ MrBoJungle: "rb@LindyLuv: "one uninvited chromosome, a blanket like the ozone""" (reblip)
ShiaoMei (-: @ambit: "I have X-ray vision as well.... :) rb@Dancer12: "♥ ♥ ♥ If so, you know I'm Outta here in 5-4-3-2-1 (+/-). . . . Thx for Gr8 evening. . .♥ (reblip)
GR8FL White House guidelines explaining how you are supposed to act & feel on 9-11
DJDustmon For an ounce of oil should we exterminate Turkey?
Clairity For all the musicians laboring for love...
Klangphase [Underworld – Dark And Long (Christian Smith Hypnotica Dub)] #techno |
skiptracr dear #orb little fluffy clouds fans. listen carefully.

Steve Reich "Music for 18 Musicians" -Pulse

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rafaelladm 28:06:42:12

Tears For Fears -- "Head Over Heels"

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RadioNovaglobe rb @harmony60: "Hey H - Lol - I don't know - Your to funny - Smiling - Ty Xo @MCRude: "good 2 cya round.. ps what kind of name is Alma lol@harmony60"" (reblip)


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jadedopivy lovely rb @RadioFreeIllinois: "and it's love that's tearing them down and it's love that turns them around and say it is so" (reblip)
srm1138 Need a bit of a funkified wake-up. "Freeway to Uskudar" - Brooklyn Funk Essentials
Lovebreath For You -Staind *for Ron from USS Port Royal CG-73 "The Will To Win" #remember9/11 *Operation Enduring Freedom (reblip)
geegee_ Thnks whoevr blippied awesome ./!! Royksopp performing "Shores Of Easy" on KCRW

Royksopp performing "Shores Of Easy" on KCRW

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harmony60 Röyksopp – Eple


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FrisbeeViper I'm still a bit shocked after yesterday. My friends brother just dropped dead at work. He was my age & really in good physical health. Honorable...
scsmith41 Wolfsheim - "A Million Miles" a needless pain, you bear in vain...

A Million Miles

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Greenfields47 LOL 2 ..rb @Waves: "phone post; can't rb but can reply (shoot the programmer).. lol thank you for your kind replies to MR.@G (reblip)
shorty9 reblip time ஜ۩۞۩ஜ@letitride2: "#MM have a wonderful week #blip Tiësto – Love Comes Again @DJKatalina @DJ_Electro @Chieki @lostndanet @SuperSpaceAngel (reblip)
geegee_ :)@kobiswim: "Led Zeppelin - How Many More Times #rockclassic" (reblip)

Led Zeppelin- How Many More Times

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SarahHorvat I am sun and air...of nothing in particular