sophie_o and so, were the words to transpire
playalongjon A great bunch of songs you've got there @DeAnn (reblip)

CreamWhite Room

| play
UmpNews Nobody Does It Better – Carly Simon
DrFloyd *full volume* *no brakes* & *shake it* ....lets walk ;)
thrak Hyperactive! – Thomas Dolby (reblip)
Sally29 B-b-b-b-b-bennie and the jets...! News improving: It's 1 -1 on the open schools tomorrow. Just one left to make the call but already 33% less stress!
jillogradydjlady Bob is that really you? Blue moon – Bob Dylan

Bob DylanBlue moon

| play
Jadisnoir it just stays good, whichever way you look at it. Alannah Myles, Black Velvet
Jadisnoir A walk down memory lane, Atlanta 1997 Paula Cole Where have all the Cowboys gone?
Jadisnoir a little pick me up ;-)

B-52sLove Shack

| play
Lambchop rock on, fellow blippers!

Pearl JamAnimal

| play
guitng @JouJoux Até ia passar LIVING YEARS de 1989 de k7 pra cd mas acabei baixando em mp3 mesmo... é mais prático! mas fita tem 10 anos e toca como nova!
guitng Hold On My Heart – Genesis
DrFloyd luv this tune thank u @abarbosa We can be heroes, just for one day. (reblip)

David BowieHeroes

| play
DrFloyd this tune is so full of beauty = every tone, between every tone and nights after the last tone ;)
DrFloyd pink °!° pink floyd * floyd pink * pink floyd * thx for ur tunes & flows ;)
DrFloyd °!° plz touch my sun ;) °!°
DrFloyd another ultra supa killer tuuuuune ----> straight to U ;)
Werberolli People who say they sleep like a baby usually don´t have one
Werberolli Time to go to bed...

Peter Gabriel - In Your Eyes

| play
Werberolli Good night everybody... How long it´s gonna last? I don´t know. Enjoy the last track with the great Paul Carrack... Bye

Ace158 How Long

| play
Werberolli Wir hatten Fleetwood Mac schon, aber der Fallback ist größer ;-)

Fleetwood MacGypsy

| play
Werberolli again the 80s. Not that bad. I love it, actually...

Woman in chains - Tears for Fears

| play
Werberolli So true. And pretty close to my real life.
Burgers Good Morning Friends!

With A Little Help From My Friends

| play
Burgers !!! xoxoxo to all my blipster Friends!
Burgers Ah esqueci-me quando ... Bom cool! @ Ricardo_ssa

Christina Aguilera Keeps Getting Better

| play
Burgers A Favorite!! @fbrahimi You Can Leave Your Hat On – Joe Cocker (reblip)
Burgers Não ouvi esse é um instante .... obrigado @rainersousa (reblip)
Burgers Here is another version for you....@Diordan

Britney SpearsToxic

| play
Burgers hey little girl....where can I run now?
Burgers Just one?! Love the slow rhythmic move of this one....
Burgers Got Marshmellows? Cool Classic

Light My Fire - The Doors Jim Morrison

| play
mellomatic Hi @marilovisky! How are you? @godninja, guess you learned your lesson. :P
leroy77 my favorite Chemical Brothers song. And the video is amazing too!
leroy77 @marieiris that is a great song, here's my fave Cure song!

The CureLullaby

| play
leroy77 @marieiris here is my favorite Sting song. I love the chorus!
leroy77 In my dreams Chrissie Hynde seduces me and I am pretty much under her control!!!
leroy77 Ahhhh. Dont take my heart. Dont break my heart. Dont Dont Dont throw it away
leroy77 dream of white boy. dream of black girl. and wake up to a brand new day!

INXSOriginal sin

| play
leroy77 I'll let my first blip of the new year be very obvious. "A world in white gets underway."

U2New Year's Day

| play

james brown - i feel good

| play
Lambchop @sendchocolate- another Mom who knows how to get down! Muchos Wigglios! lol

B-52'sRock Lobster

| play
marilaliah Saudade tanta do meu pai.... "I'll see you on the dark side of the moon."
marilaliah there's definitely no logic to human behaviour
marilaliah eu sei que é aqui, mas em dezembro eu queria estar lá. com todas memórias que tenho... bandeirantes gens mea.

Foo FightersHome

| play
marilaliah Room for photographs, Box full of letters...
marilaliah sem dúvida, na lista das melhores!
marilaliah You're invisible now, you got no secrets to conceal...
marilaliah Those were the best days of my life.
marilaliah ele é bem xaropinho, mas canta meia dúzia de música divertida...
bwmson A classic

Paul Simon and Garfunkel Mrs, Robinson

| play
bwmson Great classic

T-Rex - Bang A Gong Get It On

| play
bwmson Donna's version is awesome.
bwmson Don't get much more 80's than this...
bwmson Listen for the Mattel electronic football "turnover" sound at the end...yes, I have issues.
bwmson Playing in at least 50 elevators across the world right now.

Herb AlpertRise

| play
bwmson GREAT 80's song. Love Peter Gabriel
bwmson @ssminnow7, start scratching the tune.....
bwmson Fleetwood Mac classic...sing it Stevie
bwmson There is freedom within.....


| play
bwmson Nicer video


| play
bwmson Showing my age: this one was the standard slow dance song in junior high. How I worried about being asked to dance.
bwmson In one of those moods

The Eagles Desperado

| play
bwmson Everyone on the dance floor.....
bwmson Come don't you want to go?
bwmson Really like the older U2...

U2I Will Follow

| play
bwmson I know Captain Kirk is mentioned....
bwmson strap yourself in for a great ride...
bwmson No Blip list is complete without this one
bwmson I listen to this tune all the time.
bwmson Great song....great title.....great artist

Robert PlantBig Log

| play
bwmson Song has a special meaning to me.


| play
Raven73 You know you like it...just go ahead and sing along. (reblip)
gilbey Heard this in the car on my way home tonight. Bruce you still have it...
gilbey Seems thats the song of the moment for me... Bruce you will always be THE BOSS..
gilbey I Think I will noooow zzzzzzzz
gilbey Mmmmmmm. We all know on, But we still Love em...
gilbey She may be Nucking Futs but she is Nucking Frilliant.....
gilbey Ahhhh Some late night Soul from the true master of Soul. Marvin R.I.P.
gilbey Maybe not but they sure make me feel goooooood
WarLordwrites marc Cohen "Walking in Memphis" - love this song ;)
gilbey I dont want the word to see me...

Goo Goo DollsIris

| play
gilbey Rod you where at your best when you haD rONNIE BESIDE YOU........
gilbey Cant stop thinking about the band aid video with this playing.. Heartberaking..

The CarsDrive

| play
russoz History recalls how great the fall can be. [yes, I blip it all the time and I like it more each time] (reblip)
gilbey The first band I had the privilage to see Live in Belfast many many years ago.. Awsome
Symplektik In honor of all the American Idol contests who choked on this song tonight...


| play
rogue_fm It's too late, and I gotta get a few things done. Later, Blippers.
rogue_fm The first song Toronto radio station CHUM FM ever played. Obscure, I know, but somebody out there probably knows what I'm talking about.
rogue_fm I may have already blipped this. It's just such a frickin good song. "I got sunshine in my stomache like I just rocked my baby to sleep."

GenesisIn the Cage

| play
rogue_fm A hymn to mortality. Magical.


| play
rogue_fm I thought this was the saddest, more romantic song in the world when I was about 13. Glad you found it. (reblip)
gilbey And Finaly some home grown tallent ... Play me out boys...
gilbey Ten days before he died of cancer she sang this... Even in the face of death she was a wondertfull singer and performer. Eva R.I.P....
gilbey Any body fancy a Lunar Waltz....@kalamario wanna? (reblip)
gilbey Ahh This brings me back to soppy snogs in dark doorways.. Oh our childhood fumbles..Heee Heee Where are you Gillian Curry (Great Snog)
davidwatts1978 @EvDJ thanks for your very kind words... here's a 1000 things I want to say to you....

The JamIn The City

| play
davidwatts1978 @EvDJ not sure if its quite the tempo you want but its great TSC debut single
davidwatts1978 @EvDJ they're not all on blip but here's a good start
Burgers !Boy do I ever! no...not really...feeling good!
Burgers !!!maybe today, maybe now! always!!! (reblip)
Burgers Finally I have been so busy today!!!
Burgers Longing for the green of the Erin Isles again!
Burgers Yes Life would not be the same if not...
Burgers Good for you...go for the zest of life you deserve it. (reblip)

Lionel Ritchie Commadores Sail On

| play
Burgers one of my favorites...yes...we all do (reblip)

remeverybody hurts

| play
Burgers A Favorite Love the top hat
Burgers Goûter la rosée douce de mes pétales...

Edith Piaf La Vie En Rose

| play
marieiris promised to each other that we'd always think the same...
gilbey Ahhh Sousix and the banshees... A real blast from the past.
gilbey Having a bit of a home grown buzz.... Heee Heee
gilbey One of the greatest guitarists ever ( and hes from Home)
gilbey More home bread goodness..
Rudra ozzyyyyyy! Who doesn't love the prince of darkness? (reblip)
Rudra @paula_h boa seleção, continue assim (reblip)


| play
Rudra Keep it simple, keep it good
Rudra Ok, that's the last one! I swear! For today! Cause I'm out! See ya! (reblip)
Rudra I used to mistake this guy with Leonard Cohen
Rudra Chet makes good suicide soundtrack =)
Rudra OK, enough pansy faggot music =)

T. RexJewel

| play
Rudra gi el o ar i a


| play
Rudra I prefer the unplugged version. Always the 'drooler' solo =~~
Rudra This guy sure did his homework
Rudra @janara Outro cara 2000's q talvez faça o rock dar seus últimos espamos é Jack White.
Rudra Tico-tico no fubá! By the bebop master.
Rudra A little more Robert Plant
Rudra could blip the whole album
Rudra I'm dislexic today, gotta be this... @Cherry mas ela é bunitinha, eu pegava! hahah
Rudra @Cherry tenho a impressão q a grande mídia um dia vai dizer q divulgou as músicas/clipes dela (Mallu) só pra testar as pessoas, rs...

Björk Possibly maybe

| play
Rudra Dammit! My heroes are gay!
Rudra Jazz standard, better when sung by Sinatra @RVieira e aí, gostou do Blip?
Rudra Hello blippers! feeling happy today
Rudra Well, if you like happy music, few things beats this! =) @RVieira
gilbey This is a great version of 3am... Laid back and COOL...
Gypsylyn Time After Time -Matchbox 20
Gypsylyn I Will Wait -Hootie & Blowfish
Gypsylyn I'll meet you on the "Fields of Gold"

StingFields Of Gold

| play
Gypsylyn The Chain -Fleetwood Mac
Gypsylyn I'll Stand By You great song @themarmalade excellent song (reblip)
Gypsylyn It's Probably Me - Sting
gilbey Just a fantastic band His voice is what makes a band great such unique sound
gilbey You cant have a Gary Moore track without Phil Lynnot. So here they both are at there best
gilbey She reqaly is a wonderfull writer.. Ironic realy ......
gilbey When I dance I want to dance inthe Rain.. Nuts I know but thats just meeeeeeee
gilbey I think shes already gone... By babe


| play
gilbey Ohhh I feel somewhat UNWELL... Ughh. But great track

Matchbox 20Unwell

| play
Vickingo Lady & Bird – Suicide Is Painless (M*A*S*H)
gilbey In MY OWn Waaaaayyy....

mad decent worldwide radio #40 - PRGz SCREWED & CHOPPED

| play
Lambchop I hear ya @SevenTenths... maybe this'll cheer you up ;)

ICP Kermit the Frog on Weed

| play
seeshell I wondered out in the world for years. While you just stayed in your room.
seeshell there's one thing you gotta do...
seeshell I looked back in there how did we get there? The water was foggy but I didn't really care. 'Cause stagnancy makes me drown, and I really want to live
seeshell I could listen to the voice of Kurt Wagner forever.
damnredhead [Mahna Mahna - The Muppets] DOOT dooooo do do do ... (reblip)
damnredhead [Furry Happy Monsters - R.E.M. & the Muppets] I *heart*
damnredhead [Bette Davis Eyes - Kim Carnes] a classic 80s gem
gilbey Are we all HAPPY In The HAPPY HOUSE TONIGHT ?????????????
gilbey Lets have a 70s real Boogie.... Play it Mark... (reblip)
gilbey Mmmmmmm. We all know on, But we still Love em... (reblip)
gilbey If you caught one would you know what to do with it Rover?????. (reblip)
gilbey I feel this could be me Maaaaad I know but meeeee Haaaaa Haaaaa Haaaa They will never take me alive...... (reblip)
gilbey Think I will do just that...goodnight fellow Blipers... Zzzzzzz (reblip)
gilbey Just cabnt get certain images out of my head. Maybe its the SnM in me (bad Bad Gilbey Take ten Lashes) Heeee Heeee (reblip)

Woman in chains - Tears for Fears

| play
Lambchop @djblackwhite - not a track I would put on my playlist, but I SO completely agree.. This rack actually scares me because of its truth. (reblip)

Marvin Gaye - Mercy Mercy Me

| play
gilbey Ok its the 80s the music genre a lot of people want o slate BUT... It did bring some great stuff... One of the best i think from the 80s

cindy lauper - true colours

| play
gilbey Phewww... getting hot in here will some one turn the heat down... Im boiling
gilbey A some cool jazz from the king of Sax the one the only Mr John Coltraine.
gilbey Never lay your head down?? phew Id be knackered after a day....
threebears @pyrrhoX ^_^ thanks! ..together we'll search for the end of the world ... you gotta be strong and carry on alone ... (reblip)


| play
threebears @jamreilly ^_^ thanks! how could I not rb this? compulsive re-blipper of this track. (reblip)

SantanaSamba Pa Ti

| play
gilbey You got me in the mood for a BIT of Clannad.... Bono sound good in this..
gilbey You cant have Clannad with out playing soem Enya..

EnyaI Want Tomorrow

| play
ladypn Brilliant idea, @StamperCat! Music is restorative! What a sign of hope, that he actually responded to a question!! (reblip)
CaryAtid Happy B-Day Dr. Seuss. rb @toosweet4rnr. ["Happy Birthday to Dr. Seuss!"] ["Green Eggs and Ham as interpreted by someone who sounds like Dylan"] (reblip)

Green Eggs And Ham

| play
CaryAtid Bert and Ernie – La La La (Sesame Street)
CaryAtid Suzanne Vega – Tom's Dinner.
sheryonstone @Choonks ~ thanks, one of my most favorites :D (reblip)
ladypn OK - didn't listen to all of the LAST blip, I deleted it! LOL! HAPPY BIRTHDAY @RadioFreeIllinois! This is a tad better way of saying it... ;)


| play
DownLow @xhantee, disco shoes on? check. so, ready to boogie. ready to groove. and ready to dance. (reblip)


| play
star45 Pat Benatar – All Fired Up – . . . @photogurrl 'afternoon - hi's to @smiley @djwttw @howdystranger - @nicavieira hola!
Jeffie Procol Harum - "Conquistador" (1972)
sugarberrysupply ///////////////////////////////

eva cassidy - fields of gold

| play

k.D. Lang - Constant Craving

| play
Momboman Dire Straits blasted into our consciousness with Sultans of Swing. We all perked up out ears to this tune. Knowing there was something special here.


| play
mteric @djwttw that video was cool. I like the guy turning the knobs! haha Music videos sure have come a long way...
gilbey She realy is the best thing tohit the Music scene in a long time

DuffyOh Boy

| play
Tine Distant Dreamer - Duffy
Diordan Today at 15.45 hours India conducted 3 underground nuclear tests In the Bogram range Gracias pelo elogio @loureed saudade de vcs! @Phezaumm
gilbey Just in a real mood to listen to the Boss
rogue_fm Dancing cures all...including broken hearts. Hey Blippers: I'm almost out of props! Help! I promise I'll give 'em back.
sandraew Guitar Man - Bread


| play
sandraew I may be climbing on rainbows but baby here it goes...
rogue_fm Sometimes I'm not sure who I am...
gilbey Think you know what I think...


| play
gilbey Soul Soul Soul... he had it is bucket loads
rogue_fm Wanna be spickin' and spankin' clean. (Live)
gilbey Angels get a better view of you... I suppose they see us in Purity..
rogue_fm Out of props for you @messinwiththekid Love this too. It's another of my 'anthem' songs. ('You can keep my things, they've come to take me home...') (reblip)
rogue_fm A very fine choice @DJCedric Hey @messinwiththekid Cheesy enough for ya'? (reblip)

Tom Jones - Whats New Pussycat

| play
rogue_fm [not sure if this is cheesy or just strange] And you know who he's singing with? @messinwiththekid The Cardigans. Twilight Zone. (reblip)
gilbey I Try and Try and Try and Try and Try and Try and Try and Try and Try and Try and Try and Try and Try and Try and Try and Try and Try

Macey Gray-I Try

| play
DownLow In need of direction even with this effort
DownLow somewhat preferential to ms smith's covers, like this one. for @RonnieBebop b/c he's going buckwild w/ prince related blips at the moment. ;)
nervioso Every single one of us, the devil inside. (reblip)

INXSDevil Inside

| play
by_starla @scound--not to worry--headache-relief sessions not really the norm on blip, and Ministry blip didn't cause a relapse. :)
rogue_fm Damn! My team lost. I'm sure you're likin' that @ICEGIRL152 Well, I won't hold it against you.
ladypn you walk down the street will ask you why you're walkin all alone, why you're on your own Just say Im gone, cause you done me wrong