CTannStarr U2 and Mary J Blige: One


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gingerNC Full moon~October night~in the mood~
gingerNC For my late hubbie Chuck he loved this one
gingerNC @mizzle concert memories~ Dire Straits @ Radio City~Awesome! ~Clapton also on the bill~WOW!
gingerNC @lisahiendel~We're on the same wavelength with 'Van the Man" O Mama~
jasoncrouch This has to be one of the smoothest songs ever recorded - "Let's Stay Together" by Al Green:
AugustaGALiving Everybody else gone to bed? (favorite 45, BTW. Wore holes in it on the record player :)
gingerNC @jasoncrouch if you love Blackbird, You might dig this cover of Stings song

eva cassidy - fields of gold

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gingerNC Every women wants to hear this from her man~
gingerNC @jasoncrouch This one was my first blip~gives me chills~she recorded it a couple of months before she died
gingerNC @jasoncrouch Dedicated to you my friend~Congrats on 800 listeners!
gingerNC Just got back from a night on the beach~the stars the moon, the breeze~beautiful~
WandringWizzy Early Morning Rain with a dollar in my hand
gingerNC @carolsmith So glad you are really here in beautiful NC!
gingerNC @nycbroker Mitch~Think you will love this one~Welcome to Blip.fm~Thanks for the prop!
gingerNC always feel like dancing and singing with this one
gingerNC One hot rockin', bluesin' duo~ Grab your air guitar :)
gingerNC This one sends me into RR nirvana~Blast it~
gingerNC Can't get this one out of my head today~
gingerNC A classic musical collaboration~Love the Sax!
gingerNC @victorhui~thanks for theTorme Blip! I was blessed to see him LIVE In Manhattan...Ella another great I got to see in concert! Enjoy!

Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong Summertime

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gingerNC Wishing you all rainbows! Eva's version is exquisite!
gingerNC A classy jazz version of an oldie but goodie


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gingerNC Eva does it her way~ Stunning! Sweet Dreams everyone!
gingerNC Whatever colors you have in your mind~
DJMees @LINDERMAE: "Fill my heart with gladness...that's what you DJs do! " (reblip)
gerardvanderstar Breathing is most importance... daily bread is the same...

Breathe by Michael W. Smith

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easycandy Zero 7 – Distractions ... Just heard this on Big R Radio - Erin's Chill on iTunes radio. Aural ativan

Zero 7Distractions

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gingerNC like a heartbreat drives you mad in the stillness of remembering what you had~
gingerNC "See for me that her hair's hangin down that's the way I remember her best"
gingerNC "I don't why nobody told you how to enfold your love"
gingerNC "The day breaks, your mind aches, there will be times when all the things she said will fill your head, you won't forget her"~
gingerNC It's been a long cold lonely winter~
Lafnalot She has a magical voice~Jane Monheit-Somewhere over The Rainbow
juankarh @GaiaMix: "Porque hoje é sábado...! Great blip and Great avatar! rb@roberlan: "Ray Charles & Count Basie – Every Saturday Night"" (reblip)
snoop_dizzle Ooooh a new badge. Big thanks @ everybody!
gingerNC help him break these chains of love~
gingerNC "You turned my whole world upside down"
gingerNC @ARDELLd: "So tired...tired of waiting. Tired of waiting for you." (reblip)
gingerNC Have a great run in Beantown Dan & say Hi to my hometown!@RunningRealtor
gingerNC @gingerNC: "Now your daddy don't mind & your Momma won't mind mind if we have another dance justa one moe time" (reblip)
gingerNC 'I will hold you close, make you stay because love is the saddest thing when it goes away"
gingerNC He'd trade the world for the good thing he's found~When a man loves a woman~deep down in his soul she can bring him such misery~
gingerNC "War is not the answer only Love can conquer hate"
gingerNC "I felt a rush like a rolling bolt of thunder" '"What a Lady what a NIGHT! " @RunningRealtor@ARDELLd@RobertaMurphy@MoInColumbusOH@tcar lets party!" (reblip)
gingerNC "He got the action, he got the motion, oh yeah the boy can play!"@RunningRealtor@KitsapAgent@nicolee73@harmony63
gingerNC "How does it feel being the one left behind, what the matter baby is it hurting you?"@RunningRealtor
gingerNC "Some fools fool themselves I guess but they're not fooling me"@RunningRealtor@MoInColumbusOH" (reblip)

Love Hurts- Roy Orbison

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gingerNC "All around people looking half dead walking on the sidewalks hotter than a match head" Happy weekend! @runninrealtor@GGDANCE
gingerNC "Bring it to me, bring your sweet loving, bring it on home to me, yeah"@RunningRealtor@GGDANCE
gingerNC "Summer's here and the time is right for dancing in the streets~ all we need is music sweet music"~@RunningRealtor@GGDANCE
gingerNC "Imprisoned by the way it could have been~someone locked the door & took the key" @RunningRealtor@GGDANCE@TropicsZ4@ARDELLd
gingerNC @ARDELLd: Stand Tall...don't you fall. For God's sake don't go and do something foolish." (reblip)
CastlesideCat thanks for the props @mark_till, my last blip...time to take a "Sleep Walk" with Santo & Johnny...
avard "The Honeydrippers ~.~ Sea Of Love" (reblip)
gingerNC "any heart not tough or strong enough to take a lot of pain" @SusieBlackmon@ARDELLd
gingerNC "Only with every little beat of my heart, every single minute I'm awake" @SusieBlackmon@22Crystal22
gingerNC "Take away my troubles, take away my grief~ Love Love Love Love Crazy Love" @RobertaMurphy@ARDELLd@SusieBlackmon@MoInColumbusOH
gingerNC "You'll spread your wings & take to the sky"@MoInColumbusOH
gingerNC "Stop hey what's that sound everybody look what's goin' down" @RunningRealtor@RobertaMurphy
gingerNC "Soft kisses on a summers day laughing all our cares away"
gingerNC "You don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows"@RobertaMurphy@RunningRealtor@moincolumbus@ARDELLd
gingerNC "How does it feel to be on your own with no direction home a complete unknown like a rolling stone"~@KitsapAgent@SusieBlackmon@nycBroker
gingerNC "After midnight we're gonna let it all hang down" @22Crystal22@TropicsZ4
zamfir Emiliana Torrini – If You Go Away
gingerNC "He got the action, he got the motion, oh yeah the boy can play!" (reblip)
gingerNC "oh baby you wait so long... won't you come home,come home"~ (reblip)
gingerNC "Every night I have the strangest dreams" (reblip)
gingerNC "the day break your mind aches"

The Beatles For No One

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gingerNC "and I knew I should run.....but I heard her say"....
gingerNC @StreamingMimi: "Sarah Vaughan – Broken Hearted Melody" great pick! I was privileged to see Sarah in person inNYC & met her backstage! (reblip)
gingerNC @StreamingMimi: "Got to make your dream come true"~ (reblip)

roy orbison - dream baby

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gingerNC @DavidL1313 There will never be another GP...This one my Fav~Got to see him live~Amazing
gingerNC "I don't want you but I need you"


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gingerNC @DavidL1313 Good Morning new friend across the pond!!
gingerNC @DavidL1313 ~Waving right back at ya with the amazing Eva
gingerNC Off to the beach on this perfect summer day in NC~enjoy yours everyone@DavidL1313@Sly_dog@RobertaMurphy

Theme from 'A Summer Place Percy Faith and his Orchestra

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One Summer Night- The Danleers

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bobby vinton my special angel

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ElaineHanson @paulslaybaugh @melinatomson @startabuzz @dpatricklewis An early morning singin' song just for you guys :)

Oliver-Good Morning Starshine

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gingerNC Another perfect day in coastal NC~heading down to beach now to watch the ebb tides flow! Enjoy your day friends!
gingerNC Great one Mimi~Love this song too!!!@StreamingMimi: "Love this song! ~ Ed Townsend -- For Your Love" (reblip)


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gingerNC @BetoSchneider~ Fenton was amazing! Eva's doing alright, too ya think?
gingerNC Good one Mimi!@StreamingMimi: "Lou Rawls -- Love Is A Hurting Thing" (reblip)

Love Is A Hurting Thing Lou Rawls

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gingerNC Feeling good tune~ Welcome @DJCocoloco: "Wishing everyone a Lovely Day ;)" (reblip)
gingerNC "Life is very short & there's no time for fussing & fighting~

Beatles- We Can Work It Out

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gingerNC For my Hubby~"Your love for me is everything"
gingerNC TY! @opus111: "I wonder how many guys asked girls to 'go steady' while listening to this song." (reblip)
gingerNC One of the most romantic instrumentals of all time~Goodnight All~Sweet Dreams!!!
DavidL1313 So sweet dear @gingerNC Glad you are so in love with your hubby...I once sung these lyrics to my first love...sniff! :>)(
gingerNC Those were beautiful lyrics, David. I hope you'll find another one to sing to my friend@DavidL1313

Frank Sinatra-I Wish You Love

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gingerNC @DavidL1313: I was just playing this CD Saturday on way to the beach & singing' this one to Hubbie...LOVE IT!!! TY (reblip)
gingerNC @StreamingMimi: "The Capris -- There's A Moon Out Tonight" One of my favs Mimi~Love to sing this one on our moonlit beach~"let's go strollin" :) (reblip)

The Capris -There's a moon out tonight

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gingerNC @elliebecker: "Cool duets 5!" great one. TY! I have the 2 record Album, they were tops~I saw Ella in person~my first Jazz concert~I was blown away! (reblip)
StreamingMimi Dion DiMucci (BB Del Satins) – Come Go With Me (1963) (Doo- Wop)
StreamingMimi This will be my last spin for tonight! Thanks everyone for everything! Luv you all! XOXOXOXOXO
gingerNC @DavidL1313 Have another listen to the brilliant Kenny Rankin, He was one of Johnny Carson's favorite artists. Former heroin addict from NYC
isonauta @scotlandlover: "HI Red...how are things your way? ;) @redoctopus: "Hello scotti scotlandlover" (reblip)
isonauta @DJRosaNava: "Listen my Favorites: Hello! Me too! @Dancer12: "Love Billie,Ty♥Rb@blip_tsf"" (reblip)
gingerNC @DavidL1313 ~yes! music bonds across the pond, time, space, past, present & future! TY for the gifts, the lifts, the smiles~keep smiling!

Joe Cocker with a little help from my friends live in woodstock

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Ezmerelda109 @DJCA4u: "Ideed I DO @JonathanDune YOU are my "Soul and Inspiration" !!!!!!!!!" (reblip)
gingerNC @DavidL1313 Baking a global love Cake :) Another ingredient for You~sweet dreams!
gingerNC TY!@jaynee: "excellent choice@dANGELofLOVE: "RB @JonnyWilson: "@mescalinawhu: "Janis Joplin - Take Another Little Piece of my Heart""""" (reblip)
gingerNC TY my friend for the terrific Stones Rainbow video @DavidL1313 Painting a rainbow for you & all our listeners tonight! ((()))
gingerNC "Just a soul whose intentions are good" classic Joe Cocker !! @DavidL1313@hairgirl@nawlinswoman@GGDANCE@RunningDJC
gingerNC This so lovely~ Perfect prelude as we head down to beach now to watch the stars come out~night friends~sweet dreams((())) (reblip)
backtoback good seeing you roboman...have a super day and thanks RB@c3p0: "blip" (reblip)
gingerNC For Our 9/11 Victims & Their Families & Friends Carrying the Weight(())) inspired by @DavidL1313

The Beatles- Golden Slumbers, Carry That Weight, The End

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gingerNC @DavidL1313 Your "reflections of my life" lyrics reply touched me deeply ~been there~I know a better place~ no more tears~I'll take you there ((()))
gingerNC Perfect pick for today or any day @DavidL1313: "Thanks @gingerNC For the victims and those touched by 9/11.(inspired with love & thanks by @gingerNC)" (reblip)
gingerNC For 9/11 survivors & fellow N Yorkers~Sending our love in song remembering loved ones Over the Rainbow@DavidL1313@dANGELofLOVE@StreamingMimi@RunnerDJC (reblip)
gingerNC Amen! TY @WDavidStephenson: "critical message 4 9/11. Come on people now, smile on your brother ... try 2 love 1 another right now!" (reblip)
StreamingMimi The Drifters – Save The Last Dance For Me
gingerNC Hope everyone is groovin' this Sunday Afternoon!! ((())) @DavidL1313@RunnerDJC@nawlinswoman@StreamingMimi@GGDANCE@BetoSchneider

"Groovin'" By The Young Rascals

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gingerNC Wishing you all ~A Sunday Kind of Love (Doo Wop version) @DavidL1313@GGDANCE@StreamingMimi@RunnerDJC@nawlinswoman@SreamingMimi


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gingerNC Hi ! TY Great song! @nawlinswoman: "Together we rule! Morning all.." (reblip)
gingerNC Good One~Cha Cha Cha!@WDavidStephenson: "@GeorgeSand ... then slow dance." (reblip)

"This Magic Moment" by Ben E. King & the Drifters

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gingerNC Love JobimTY @DJTrayn: "Yes ma'am!!@Flying_Roundhouse: "Antonio Carlos Jobim – One Note Samba ~ HELLO BLIPLAND!"" (reblip)
Loveszar Otis Redding - Try A Little Tenderness
Beto_Schneider I don't think so..@BrassGlass: "Any relation to Jim Dickinson?@Me: "➜ Johnny Dickinson & John O'Connell @SevenTenths @Hu9oBastos @MigPads @gingerNC"" (reblip)
SMFII ty for following me! rb@kittycat62: "rb :)!@bluumonday: "Doctor's orders. at least one Cooke a day ~Sam Cooke – Bring It On Home To Me"" (reblip)
maurice_ i'm still recalling things you said to make me feel all right - i carry them with me today

As I Lay Me Down To Sleep by Sophie B. Hawkins (with Lyrics)

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StreamingMimi My favorite, too! And I love this song! TY! rb@Tuneaholic: "@StreamingMimi .....I guess you tell my favorite Color...." (reblip)
StreamingMimi The Drifters – Save The Last Dance For Me
gingerNC @DavidL1313 Leave that crazy river behind~ Take a trip up a Lazy River :)
StreamingMimi Okay, I will ... :-) TY for the RB! @pdaddy: "dont forget who's taking you home (but dance with me anyway...)@StreamingMimi: "..."" (reblip)
StreamingMimi The Searchers -- Needles And Pins (live 1965)

The Searchers.....Needles and Pins (live 1965)

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gingerNC Never get tired of this one~so peaceful~ Goodnight All~Sweet dreams!!!"@StreamingMimi@WDavidStephenson@GeorgeSand (reblip)
GeorgeSand b@Lovada: "@egyptianbman: "Quite possibly my new favorite song. So beautiful!"" (reblip)

And Now My Lifesong Sings by Casting Crowns

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DavidL1313 What beautiful lyrics ty@ladypn ...I always loved this love lament she does have a Leonard Cohen style in her songs...sort of! :>)
gingerNC The genius of the Beatles Got a hold on me! @StreamingMimi@DavidL1313@BCboy


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gingerNC For couple of my fav DJ's across the Pond~ Swing it Ella & the Satch~ @DavidL1313@jaynee
gingerNC So Romantic TY! @backtoback: "as they say a way to a man's heart is through his belly RB@DjHM_L: "[4/5] Serenading Nora's Balcony (via norak)"" (reblip)
DavidL1313 Thank you @gingerNC you are so lovely...making this Englishman smile from a million miles away! despite the fog...yes foggy at 1am! :>) Musical hugs
jayneliz I have chosen this one for you - fits your DJ style perfectly. TY my friend @gingerNC
DavidL1313 This is a special song especially for...me! Cos I love it and think it will help give me lovely dreams very soon!
gingerNC TYSM @jaynee I was privileged to see Miss Ella in person back in the day! This ones is for you Good Lady! @jaynee
gingerNC TY@DavidL1313 I saw Jose eons ago on the same bill w/ Santana. Audience got impatient for Carlos to take the stage & booed him off~ so sad to see


| play
gingerNC @jaynee It was amazing!!~one of my favorite concerts ever. Love her duet w/Louie on this one but seems its not available to blip
gingerNC @DavidL1313@jaynee~ Its been fun Tonight :) Thanks for the music friends! Sweet Dreams~
StreamingMimi My fav LR song! ~ Linda Ronstadt and Bobby Darin – Long Long Time
StreamingMimi The Everly Brothers – All I Have To Do Is Dream (1959)
DavidL1313 Yes always fun thanks for all your great music and lovely words @gingerNC night night (when yours happens as it will!) :>Dx
StreamingMimi Thanks again, honey! @russasis: "@StreamingMimi: "Gene Pitney – Just One Smile (1966)"" (reblip)
StreamingMimi OMG! I love this! ~ Jerry Butler – For Your Precious Love (1958)
StreamingMimi J Frank Wilson and the Cavaliers – Last Kiss

John Lee Hooker and Van Morrison. Baby please dont go.

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avard ""( Bobby Vinton My Special Angel)""""" (reblip)

bobby vinton my special angel

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StreamingMimi The Mindbenders – A Groovy Kind Of Love (1966- live)
StreamingMimi Mary Wells – You Beat Me To The Punch
DavidL1313 I have loads of beauty to share..with you @akadjwttw but The World should take most credit! I send you love light & lots of peace (it's on special!)
nawlinswoman Saturday is the day for "cruise control!"
gingerNC Je t'aime was lovely@GGDANCE sending more Romance your way :)
gingerNC TY! Good one!!@StreamingMimi: "Mary Wells – You Beat Me To The Punch" (reblip)
gingerNC Lovely!TY @WDavidStephenson~keeping it En Francais the ultimate Chanteuse Madame Edith
gingerNC Enjoy the beautiful day in Beantown ~ My hometown too!~@WDavidStephenson
victomlinson Thanks for the props & listening, @mamapowers,@sandraew,@TheAdamJanes,@embrownny,@Cephy


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victomlinson Here's one of my favorites by Dusty Springfield! Check it out!
victomlinson Here's one of my favorites by the Stylistics!
Beto_Schneider ➜ Eric Clapton / John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers – All Your Love
victomlinson Here's one of my favorites by The Diamonds!
Beto_Schneider ➜ Victoria Spivey & Louis Armstrong - How do They Do It That Way? (1929)

Victoria Spivey & Louis Armstrong-1929-How do They Do It That Way?

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StreamingMimi I love this! ~ Johnny Mathis – A Certain Smile
StreamingMimi Great voice! ~ Billy Eckstine – I Apologize

Billy Eckstine - I Apologize

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gingerNC "Bring it to me, bring your sweet loving, bring it on home to me, yeah" (reblip)
dANGELofLOVE My Pleasure!☺@fridayschild:For my "oh so wonderful" top proppers - smooth groovin' @DoctorOfJazz @IverSlocum @nawlinswoman @dANGELofLOVE @rockchalk75" (reblip)


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gingerNC TY Angel! One of my favorite tracks by the Amazing Kenny Rankin! RIP! @dANGELofLOVE: Been looking for this on BLIP for a while! You found it! (reblip)


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nawlinswoman The uber-gorgeous Julie was born today. When I saw her on TV as a kid, I was blown away by her beauty & style..RIP
SMFII TY for telling me about this one@StreamingMimi
gingerNC Right!@WDavidStephenson~ consumed "mass" quantities of clam rolls @HoJo's Canton, "back in the day"~Yum!
gingerNC 84 here & heading down to the beach 2nite come on down!@DavidL1313 refuse to accept Autumn until we get to Spring will be Summer in my heart! Sigh. (reblip)
gingerNC @DavidL1313 Feelin' your pain~memories of freezin MBO Apr. in London~Keep dreamin' of warm summers & warm friendships~Martha & the Muffins new 1 4 me
StreamingMimi O.C. Smith – (God Didn't Make) Little Green Apples
russasis gr8 idea!! go for it! @enricchi: I could see podcasts in the Ed Sullivan style being very popular.... TY@me: "generational differences complicate!!" (reblip)
Tropicsz4 The Police – Every Breath You Take
gingerNC That's so cool! I instantly thought of you when I listenened! @DavidL1313: @gingerNC Funny my parents had this great Mov. Themes LP which had this on (reblip)
gingerNC so we are both big movie theme lovers!! Here's one of my Favs~ keeping the warm summer theme alive~ WOW! Beautiful photos @DavidL1313

Percy Faith A Summer Place Theme Sunset Slideshow

| play
gingerNC @DavidL1313~another terrific movie theme from one of my favorite movies~bring tissues~

Moon River-Breakfast at Tiffany's 1961

| play
DavidL1313 I loved this film...but always loved John Barrys film scores @gingerNC this one matches the films beauty perfectly
GeorgeSand WOW! How did you do that? : )@bytera: "Much Welcome! How 'bout a tulip? ჱܓჱܓ & a warm Hug! *winks* ЯB!@GeorgeSand: "OOPs 4 U my friend..." (reblip)


| play
DavidL1313 It's not that sad...Dustin doesn't die and Jon settles down, marries and his family visit Dustin's ermm...shop often @gingerNC ...phew...nearly tears!

Harry Nilsson Everybodys talking

| play
DavidL1313 Beautiful..what a great location for the movie of your life! Is that the Harvest moon? @awriterchick luv the moon (it's not made of cheese you know!)
Flying_Roundhouse Ray Charles ~ What'd I Say ~ Olá & Obrigada ;-) Tudo bem?@DJRosaNava
bytera you are very welcome! Parabens! ЯB! @dinnerplatedahlia: "ty ty for sheriff's new badge @bytera" (reblip)

John Lee Hooker with Rolling Stones & Eric Clapton (HQ)

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gingerNC @gingerNC: "@DavidL1313 From a great movie: Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid~ is that on your Fav list?"
DavidL1313 Indeed I think it must be about 9pm in your World (not sure but am guessing NC is where you are?) but 3am in mine @gingerNC Yes great fun thanks

The sound of music = all songs mixed ( some of them)

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DavidL1313 Great pic sure it was even more impressive in real life! @awriterchick George Peppards Laptop is a bit wierd! She could do so much better than him!
gingerNC @DavidL1313! Thanks so much for the movie night :) now you go get your beauty sleep~Sweet dreams ჱܓჱܓ ჱܓჱܓ flowers by@GeorgeSand
syn44 "it's the latest it's the greatest"
gingerNC @DavidL1313 My dog bolted the room w/ the start of your Beatles "chirpy" morning LOL~Thanks 4 good thoughts & bein a blippin good friend~great day 2 u
russasis rb @StreamingMimi: "For country music fans ~ Ray Price – For The Good Times" (reblip)
rescuegal rb@Sheribaby_SPH: "I'll be right back..... I gotta go get a cocktail! Need anything while I'm going past the kitchen to get to the bar? @tokool4u" (reblip)

Somewhere down the road by Nina with lyrics

| play
gingerNC TYSM Mimi~ always loved this song~@StreamingMimi: "Perry Como – No Other Love" (reblip)
gingerNC TYRB@GeorgeSand~This song digs deep:"I could have missed the pain but I would have to miss the Dance"@DavidL1313@jaynee@avard@StreamingMimi xoxox Hugs (reblip)
LOVE4ME Good morning @BluesdaddyD ...thanks for the PROPS...we all need love....LOVE Muddy Waters...have a GREAT DAY. Hey do you have a horse? (reblip)
SMFII beautiful! RB@catiaFM: "E para rematar, o meu preferido! Amália Rodrigues - Fado Português #FADO" (reblip)

Amália Rodrigues Fado Português

| play
SMFII For one who knows who she is
geekette43 @DavidL1313: "Sweet...glad you have some happy places left from your childhood... @awriterchick and some happier memories too" (reblip)

Boz ScaggsGeorgia

| play
StreamingMimi Perry Como -- Catch A Falling Star

Perry Como - Catch A Falling Star

| play
StreamingMimi Woody Herman & His Orchestra – Laura

LAURA ~ Woody Herman & his Orchestra 1945.wmv

| play
StreamingMimi Artie Shaw & his orchestra – Begin The Beguine
Lafnalot Michael Buble ~ "The Way You Look Tonight"
gingerNC TY! Great picks@StreamingMimi: so many of Favs on your list 2nite~will listen 2all 2morrow! Sweet Dreams! xoxox@AngelOfLove@avard@GGDANCE@DavidL1313 (reblip)
Lafnalot Michael Buble ~ "Feeling Good"
rescuegal rb @kittycat62: "luv!@bluumonday: "Billie Holiday – The Very Thought Of You"" (reblip)
rescuegal It sure does rb @Flying_Roundhouse: "Sarah Vaughan – What A Difference A Day Makes ~ Well, ain't that the truth...." (reblip)
DavidL1313 A different but equally pretty Angel song for your collection @dANGELofLOVE ...a sweet little collection of Angel statues on the video

Clifford T Ward ... Where Do Angels Really Come From?

| play
DavidL1313 A great song...only matched by Dobie's attempt at the world shirt collar record!

Dobie Gray. Drift away

| play
StreamingMimi The Five Satins – In The Still Of The Night
StreamingMimi The Shirelles – Dedicated To The One I Love
murph1114 The Four Tops--Baby I Need Your Loving
backtoback thanks Danny it's a winner RB @dcychan: "And this one for you backtoback thanks for all props and rbs!" (reblip)
gingerNC TYSM to my Top Proppers this week! xoxox @StreamingMimi@DavidL1313@GeorgeSand@tokool4u@avard~May a Sea of Love surround you all of your days! :>"
StreamingMimi Jackie Wilson – Alone At Last (1960)
StreamingMimi The Crystals – He's A Rebel

The Crystals-He's a Rebel

| play
StreamingMimi The Angels -- Till

Till By The Angels

| play
StreamingMimi Mel Carter – Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me (1965)
StreamingMimi A nice song for @LEVS ~ Heatwave – Always And Forever
StreamingMimi The Flamingos – I Only Have Eyes For You
StreamingMimi The Flamingos -- Love Walked In
StreamingMimi Jimmy Ruffin – What Becomes Of The Broken Hearted
StreamingMimi Brook Benton – Endlessly
StreamingMimi Roy Orbison -- What Now, My Love (lyrics)

Roy Orbison "What Now, My Love"

| play
StreamingMimi Lenny Welch -- Ebb Tide

Ebb Tide by Lenny Welch

| play
StreamingMimi Wow, is right! I love this version so much & I'm so glad you do, too! TY! @fxp123: "wow @StreamingMimi: "Jerry Butler & Betty Everett – Let It Be Me"" (reblip)
StreamingMimi Poetry In Motion – Johnny Tillotson

Johnny Tillotson-Poetry in Motion

| play
StreamingMimi Buddy Holly – True Love Ways

Buddy Holly, "True Love Ways"

| play
StreamingMimi Uh huh... ;-) TY! @scotlandlover: "yup, he is ;) rb @StreamingMimi: "The Chiffons – He's So Fine"" (reblip)
StreamingMimi The Impalas – Sorry (I Ran All The Way Home)
StreamingMimi This one's for you @LEVS ~ The Paris Sisters – I Love How You Love Me

The Paris Sisters-I Love How You Love Me

| play
gingerNC TYSM! @StreamingMimi: One of the sweetest love songs ~Love to all goodnite~ xoxox (reblip)

Buddy Holly, "True Love Ways"

| play
rescuegal Thank you so much for listening--I appreciate it. RB @Nani1982: // RB @ndbob" (reblip)
gpharley Gotta split! Thanks 4 all the fun and props! Have a good day all!!
gingerNC Gonna be a lovely day! May yours be blessed!

Kirk Franklin ~ Gonna Be a Lovely Day

| play
Soul_in_Tune @fridayschild: "Saturday morning interlude: To find a love like ours is rare these days... you are my precious love @DoctorOfJazz" (reblip)
DJRosaNava Listen my Favorites: @DJSisterpeace: "Good day blippers & tweeters, have a peaceful Saturday....." (reblip)
avard """Mickey and Sylvia – Love Is Strange"" (reblip)
avard ""( Bobby Vinton My Special Angel)"" (reblip)

bobby vinton my special angel

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thedigitalbee54 "Hope you had a fine weekend>@seb098: "@lillianwong: "A Fine Romance -- Billie Holiday 1936"" (reblip)

A Fine Romance -- Billie Holiday 1936

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djaces29 Eva Cassidy with Chuck Brown – Need Your Love So Bad
djaces29 John Stewart and Stevie Nicks - Gold

John Stewart and Stevie Nicks Gold

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gingerNC Hi!! @GeorgeSand~ This ones for you! Sending a wave of Musical (((())))
RunnerDJC Sometimes I find myself typing the old name to login... @marcylauren
DavidL1313 Thanks for the information video you sent out to us all about safe blipping and care options... @singout I feel it's Safe Blip or no Blip! :>D
Dancer12 [You Take My Breath Away – Eva Cassidy] Some times you just take my breath away . . .♥ (reblip)
djaces29 Ella Fitzgerald & Nat King Cole It's All Right With Me 1949

Ella Fitzgerald & Nat King Cole It's All Right With Me 1949

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DavidL1313 Hiya @tammik one of my fav love songs I can pretend it is playing for my girl...but for real I can play it for you and dear @krisp

Chicago Wishing You Were Here

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StreamingMimi Louis Armstrong -- A Kiss To Build A Dream On

Louis Armstrong - A Kiss To Build A Dream On

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gingerNC This so lovely~memories of those we have loved & lost~
gingerNC TY Rare Find!@StreamingMimi: "So pretty ~ Mel Carter ­- (All Of A Sudden) My Heart Sings" (reblip)

Mel Carter ­- (All Of A Sudden) My Heart Sings (HOLLYWOOD A GO GO, 1965)

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gingerNC ((()))to @David1313~one of the most poignant love songs~ always chills my heart strings~beautiful version by a great voice of our time~
gingerNC Classic duet from 2 of the greatest! Love the way it crescendos@GeorgeSand@scotlandlover@DavidL1313@BetoSchneider@StreamingMimi@avard~:) Iwill dance!

Louis Armstrong & Ella Fitzgerald-I Won't Dance

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gingerNC The ultimate broken hearted love song~for all the lost loves in R lives"it is better to have loved & lost"..... @DavidL1313@AngelofLove@scotlandlover
gingerNC "into the magic night I softly pray"@dAngelof Love@StreamingMimi@scotlandlover@DavidL1313@GeorgeSand~may all your dreams of true love come true ((()))
gingerNC Wishing you sweet David@DavidL1313 a "crazy loving" girlfriend to sing this song bout you!~
gingerNC @DavidL1313 Walker Brothers was lovely, but for me Mr Jerry Butler really brings it home~((())))
gingerNC Time to sleepwalk into bed~ Sweet Dreams!@DavidL1313@GeorgeSand@StreamingMimi@scotlandlover~David burning the night blips~no beauty sleep 4u2 nite eh?
DavidL1313 This is pretty too @gingerNC apparently the song was meant to be Dionne's first single but she heard Jerry Butler had been given it and so declined it
dcychan rb@gingerNC:The ultimate broken hearted love song~for all the lost loves in R lives"it is better to have loved & lost"..than not having loved at all ! (reblip)
RunnerDJC Enough sensationalizing these storms... weather forecasts seem to be are all about hype.
RiaLaurens @scotlandlover: "TY rb @gingerNC: "Classic duet from 2 of the greatest! Love the way it crescendos" (reblip)

Louis Armstrong & Ella Fitzgerald-I Won't Dance

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gingerNC TY! rb@backtoback: This ones for you my friend @DavidL1313 (reblip)


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WDavidStephenson @GeorgeSand: "rb@SabineWe: "Miles Davis Quintet – When I Fall In Love. Excellent aussi dans ce style très tendre..."" || mai oui! (reblip)
thedigitalbee54 "Welcome 2 blip>@BlueMoonShine: "rB/tY@DiosAngel: "A very special song for me and I hope for you too!"" (reblip)
StreamingMimi Skyliners -- Since I Don't Have You (Doo-Wop ballad)

Skyliners Since I Don't Have You

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DavidL1313 Must rb @gingerNC "This ones for you my friend David" Thank you so much this is so beautiful...and you are so thoughtful too ((hugs)) (reblip)


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StreamingMimi Yep ~ Everly Brothers – Love Hurts
Dancer12 [Louis Armstrong & Ella Fitzgerald – Dream A Little Dream Of Me] . . . (reblip)
gingerNC "I'm getting close but I don't know what to" @DavidL1313@WDavidStephenson@russasis@jasoncrouch@backtoback

Dan Fogelberg Missing You

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russasis music! rb @gingerNC: "I'm getting close but I don't know what to" @DavidL1313 @WDavidStephenson @russasis @jasoncrouch @backtoback (reblip)

Dan Fogelberg Missing You

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