djmulher essa daqui NÃO SAI DA MINHA CABEÇA há pelo menos 2 horas. e olha que eu não ouvia há anos.
gingerlipstick amo o vídeo, amo a letra. 'love is to share, mine is for you' ...
gingerlipstick fourty days and I miss you, i'm so high that I've lost my mind...

Slowdive40 Days

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gingerlipstick @edusilva, vc me fez lembrar dessa... é muito férias em miami. ai que saudade! :´(
Pizzy Ahhh! prefiro o Lucky Man do Verve!!!

The VerveLucky Man

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Pizzy já quero passear com essa música.

RoyksoppRemind Me

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gingerlipstick all the street signs spell out your name. will I meet you here?
gingerlipstick para @Pizzy e @lunarboy os mais descontrolados do blip. nao dou conta de blipar com vcs... hahahaha
gingerlipstick classico do éramos jovens com bom gosto e frequentávamos a torre.
chmanceau ready for the dancefloor
lunarboy aaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaa aaa aa a

David Bowie - Let's Dance

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gingerlipstick if you want, want my love, take it baby... you can have it all <3
gingerlipstick i'll be your whatever you want ... mmmm
andyzeo you make me feell so happyyy so reeeeeal
spicystu Drop that ghetto blaster

theme from s-express

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gingerlipstick like a soul without a mind, in a body without a heart, i'm missing every part...
Benezooca esse nome faz algum sentido prá vc. ???!
gingerlipstick KLF is gonna rock ya! old school <3
gingerlipstick it really didn't make sense just to leave this unresolved ... :D
pierre My favourite off In Rainbows.

RadioheadAll I Need

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gingerlipstick camden gonna have to make you understand, you'll always have a place in my heart.
spicystu mousaches at the ready....
gingerlipstick when your smile shine around...

The YoungstersSmile

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gingerlipstick greg dulli é foda demais. but i ain't ever gonna see you again and i'm never gonna feel you again so let this moment never end
audiojunkie It won't get any more straight to the point.
gingerlipstick telepopmusik : all we need is peace of mind. <3

TStop Running Away

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toobad Downderry beach, at dawn...
gingerlipstick oi gato @lunarboy! queria ouvir disappointed do pet shop. é vc quem vai fazer o upload? :)
gingerlipstick love it.


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gingerlipstick ...rise and amplifyin' when we come in with de swing :D
gingerlipstick the trouble is that you're in love with someone else!


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gingerlipstick @JamesJoyes23 i'll take your brain to another dimension
gingerlipstick the first cut won't hurt at all the second only makes you wonder... lalalala


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Pizzy apesar de ser muito conhecida eu adoro!
gingerlipstick i don't know what's happening to me. is it a symptom of disease? ... i love erlend!
gingerlipstick i love you the best. better than all the rest.
gilbarbara KoC <5 "Everything you want is what I've got to give you / There's no time to hesitate, come with me now / Let's go and watch the sun rise."
gingerlipstick quero ouvir snowflake 10 na piscina do delano miami agora. *teletransportei*


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gingerlipstick acabei de receber flores! the easy part is taking yourself in it's wartime every time a shot away...
calamari I just found out that there's a new Cure album coming out on Oct. 27th. Yay!
lisias "the girl who never cries..." ginger, eu não sei fazer link aqui, mas ó, amo você e faz tempo!


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gingerlipstick @Pizzy entrei em offline mode por causa do trabalho. mas eu adorei. gosto do hibrido de diversão + responsabilidade. a loca. ;)
gingerlipstick great track by ladytron. 'technology is there to cure yourself this is where it has to start'


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gingerlipstick acho incrivel. da uma olhada no site deles @LFilippi

marumari - pathscrubber - 01 - birch beer forest

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gingerlipstick @Pizzy @lunarboy abafa. estou louca e dislexica.

Coldercrazy love

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hellorenats Adoro esse sonzim meio assim... florestinha..
sete Do mundialmente desconhecido Sébastien Leger eu já ouvi muito esse remix
sete "And all that shit of wining and dining... I'm fucking you tonight." Puro romance.
camden need to upload more songs by this group


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sadrhino Bulls On Parade – Rage Against The Machine
gingerlipstick minha sorte do dia segundo orkut: Happiness is nothing more than good health and a bad memory... adoirooooo!

SuperfunkLucky Star

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felibry Reblipped from @gingerlipstick. Can only give a DJ 3 props in a day, so here's unoffical props to you for this one, my dear. One of my faves too. (reblip)
sulfurica adoro quando a gente procura uma coisa no blip e acha outra completamente inesperada. tipo essa cover do human league pelo lloyd cole.
gingerlipstick be sensitive, keep it pure, be secretive ♥
gingerlipstick but jesus made me so jesus save me from pity, sympathy & people discussing me.a frame of useless limbs.what can make GOOD all the BAD thats been done?
snifty sunshine, been keeping me up for days
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