gladstein eating snowflakes with plastic forks
gladstein these guys killed it the last time I saw them
gladstein these guys, also worth checking out
code402b rb@gladstein [anyone who hasn't listened to pt. 2 of in rainbows is in for a treat.] also my favorite from pt. 2, (reblip)
gladstein @gorester hardly sounds like the same band but so excellent. the video is classic too
succexy rb@r0g1 is the new cd not great? i love the acoustic volume II, i always knew he should go acoustic [p1ng!. .] (reblip)
gladstein @code402b bet you've never heard of these guys. worth checking out
gladstein i love this band. check this 'roo vid out: i can see myself... @ 3:40, one of the greatest moments in music

WilcoVia Chicago

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gladstein psyched to see these guys.... apparently they do good things live
gladstein rb@succexy agreed... why can't they play it live when I'm in the audience? (reblip)
gladstein @funkyheff is it going to take this song to get you on here?


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gladstein more genius.... if you don't mind farm animals
gladstein @CouchFire from that Pompeii vid--what a beautiful song.... and how it breaks down into that sick jam after a while? genius
gladstein can't put my finger on why this sounds so good, but its classic
gladstein @code402b this one too. in fact this whole album is fantastic
gladstein @CouchFire remember when Kirk Hammett came out and ripped solos when jacket played this? one of the best moments in rock n roll
gladstein dope track off the new album. who knows what they'll bring to us next?
gladstein it still moves is my fav album of theirs.... in large part because of this track
gladstein ridic track by jacket. Seen it the last two times I've been to their shows... you must watch this vid
gladstein I dig this one too. It's got a gorillaz sound to it.
gladstein a stand-out from "dear science"
gladstein and another one. real funky.
gladstein new album is great. Wish I could find "This life" on here somewhere....
gladstein insane song. trent absolutely must play this song at 'roo
gladstein a classic. sends chills up my spine every time

Nine Inch NailsHurt

| play
gladstein another track from magnolia

Aimee MannOne

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gladstein magnolia.... what a great film. this music fit it so perfectly. saw her @ 'roo one time... napping under a tent on a sunday, twas amazing

Aimee MannSave Me

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gladstein some nostalgia from this one
sailsForce rb@gladstein ya i think i've heard some other tracks by scissor sisters which are also good [@sailsForce are you a fan? ] (reblip)
emilymphocyte it girl. rag doll @gladstein high five! should i worry about the fact that pretty much half of these are radiohead related?
gladstein @gorester strange i was just about to blip this one. greatest song ever. [a chemical reaction]

RadioheadLet Down

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gladstein rb@Sappha love this track [Wilco – Misunderstood] (reblip)


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gladstein just cause you feel it, doesn't mean it's there
gladstein big night, with all my friends
gladstein not sure if this song can be topped by a remix of itself


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gladstein there's no sun today, but if there was, i'd listen to this song
gladstein @code402b oh MMJ didn't tell you? they are the best cover band of all time.
gladstein @code402b and @ladypn my contribution to this wave of female vocals
gladstein rb@code402b definitely [rb@arbusecret @melodyofyourlife this is a song for a 60 degree day in NY in February] (reblip)
gladstein not much, water comin over the hill
gladstein Half of the time we're gone but we don't know where
gladstein this guy's dad was a leading theoretical physicist, believe it or not. inventor of the "multiple universe" theory or something.


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gladstein one of the greatest voices ever
gladstein Putting all the vegetables away?!?!? Probably the strangest opening line in any song ever. Go Wayne, since this song is brilliant.
gladstein the talent of this band is not really gaugeable by any human metric
gladstein Strobe lights and blown speakers...fireworks and hurricanes...I'm not here...this isn't happening [Thom so uniquely wielding the acoustic]
gladstein beautiful stuff right here
gladstein @Gentrifitz it was a junk-house in south carolina...
Gentrifitz @gladstein new theme for the afternoon...grunge

NirvanaLake Of Fire

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gladstein great sound on this recording. love vedder's voice

pearl jam07 black

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gladstein @Gentrifitz i think this song is crucial to our grunge endeavor
gladstein this was so perfect for the matrix
gladstein the useless drag of another day ...
gladstein easing my way into the late afternoon
gladstein this song is one of the greatest things that the year 1989 gave us
gladstein new album soon. hope it doesn't suck as bad as the last one
gladstein love the solo at the end of this one

PavementThe Hexx

| play
Chill_Mixer_Sly I don't think I've ever heard a bad strokes song
gladstein digging the punk vibes this afternoon. here's some proper nofx

03 Freedom like a Shopping Cart

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gladstein or even some lagwagon.... Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 [the school level] anyone?

LagwagonMay 16

| play
Gentrifitz @gladstein THPS represent haha

Suicide Machines - New Girl

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succexy rb@MapleLeaves i like to listen to this while studying for the math section of the GREs... (reblip)
gladstein sometimes work becomes a bit unbearable

WilcoCan't Stand It

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gladstein so simple but so good

the Strokes12:51

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Chill_Mixer_Sly Awesome @gladstein i had no idea that song existed. Although I think Regina paired with anyone would be good (reblip)
gladstein nyc show comin up real soon.... i'm psyched.

The WrensHopeless

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gladstein @CouchFire this one's got medicinal properties, right?
gladstein one of the reasons why "good news for people who love bad news" makes it on to my desert island list...
gladstein wish their last two albums were as good as their first two

ColdplayDon't Panic

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gladstein just saw the H.A.A.R.P. DVD.... incredible stuff. They've really gone over the top since I saw them in 2006, but in a great way, kind of like Queen
gladstein and yes, this song is badass


| play
gladstein sick vid of ben + greg from the Dillinger Escape Plan joining trent on stage for this song:

Nine Inch NailsWish

| play
gladstein @Gentrifitz and also rock out on this album for a sustained period of time

Operation IvyUnity

| play
gladstein and btw, tour dates are up for JA/NiN.... Jones beach bitches!
gladstein greatest Monday song ever... only if you believe that anything "monday" related could actually be great


| play
gladstein waiting for the next album...
gladstein The universe is shaped exactly like the earth, if you go straight long enough you'll end up where you were
gladstein they should have gone with this instead

02 The Lost Art Of Keeping A Secret

| play
gladstein @gorester yeah damon albarn is a genius. gorillaz live sets are something else, as well

GorillazAll Alone

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gladstein anyone who hasn't listened to pt. 2 of in rainbows is in for a treat. this track is gorgeous
gladstein these guys put on a pretty dreadful performance @ all points west... but I dig this track and a few others on this album
gladstein considering my pic is a shot I took of these guys @ roo... i'll put The W.a.n.d. up here
gladstein rb@code402b [doesn't hurt that they might be my favorite band ever] (reblip)
gladstein at the NYE show this song ran about 14 minutes.... hard to explain how good it feels when it's been played in front of you full force
gladstein this one's face melting live....
gladstein a Herculean feat: nailing the impossibly tough section of this song on a *real* drum kit
Gentrifitz escuchela... la ciudad respirando
gladstein stone temple pilots, elegant bachelors them

PavementRange Life

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gladstein you can't hear em on the radio
gladstein saw them play this, was awesome
gladstein one of the funkiest tracks ever

Daft PunkVoyager

| play
gladstein don't question my authority or put me in the box

Radiohead2 + 2 = 5

| play
gladstein i'm gonna get myself connected

Stereo MCsConnected

| play
gladstein thank god i'm not counting the cars on the new jersey turnpike
gladstein stuttering in a good way


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gladstein tight band, check 'em out
gladstein @sailsForce somebody's got a case of the mondays... where's no tears?
gladstein eating snowflakes with plastic forks... and a paper plate, of course.
gladstein this album is ideal background music for when you need to sit down and get some serious work done.


| play
gladstein awesome live version


| play
gladstein :o = me being amazed by the quality of this recording
gladstein The universe will have its way...too powerful to master
gladstein on a private beach in michigan
gladstein and you can't find nothing at all, if there was nothing there all along
gladstein this track strikes me as a bit reminiscent of floyd... which is a great thing

RadioheadGo Slowly

| play
gladstein a song to match the spring weather


| play
gladstein greenwood can write songs too....
gladstein more good weather music

The StrokesSoma

| play
gladstein oh the dashboard melted but we still have the radio ...
gladstein so awesome to watch this morph into a long jam live
Gentrifitz we’re gonna crack your little souls
gladstein at least as serious as your life
gladstein i will reiterate the seriousness of this jam
Gentrifitz in the spirit of your post-St. Paddy's day frame of mind...
gladstein @TimMothE really like this sound... these guys are opening for Cloud Cult i think (reblip)
gladstein your voice is rattlin’ on my window sill... yesterday's headlines blown by the wind...yesterday's people end up scatterbrain
gladstein so classy. feels like it should be the background music to a movie from the 1930s

Radiohead - Amnesiac - 11 - Life In A Glasshouse

| play
gladstein trying to go in this direction
gladstein check these guys out if you haven't heard 'em before
gladstein the funny thing is that we couldn't have it any other way
gladstein possibly my favorite song ever.
gladstein fantastic

Radiohead - The Bends - 11 - Sulk

| play
gladstein always loved the beats on this
gladstein how does it feel like... to let forever be
gladstein fat beats

Moby - Lift Me Up (Mylo Mix)

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gladstein there was nothing to fear and nothing to doubt
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