nastysurprise @MsBojangles Another good one. How cruel to give out homework on a holiday. (reblip)
by_starla RB@Surreality-this is excellent choice! going thru list-will reply 2 u over weekend-takes thought!: "..what was your fav album of 2009,This was mine " (reblip)
by_starla [The Big Pink–Crystal Visions] #2009by_starla @wayoutosphere-airport-portion of my idyllic holiday journey over. did you make it through the samplers?
by_starla [Vic Chesnutt-We Hovered With Short Wings] #2009by_starla back later tonight or tomorrow night w more from seemingly neverending list-thnks 4 patience
Tranquil So lovely RB@ABoyNamedSue: "Another new band using Grizzly Bear as a jumping table to get noticed, and doing a real descent job at it." (reblip)
Tranquil Another unavailable track that allure me bring life to it.. The noble quest for hidden gems continues RB@ABoyNamedSue
by_starla [The Morning After Girls - Alone] @Surreality you asked the other night what my fav 2009 album was. this might be it-such a strong album throughout.
by_starla RB@indieearcandyforeveryone-excellent choice as always-thanks! : "mellow folksy feel by_starla @Alturn8tive ;)" (reblip)
by_starla RB@Davrocks-ty!!: "then follow this link for a free EP with 5 songs that don't appear on blip " (reblip)
Alturn8tive {freelance whales-generator 1st floor}overplaying it but wtf its my music crack

freelance whales generator 1st floor

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DJJuxtaposedJunkie * Hard To Fathom, But, More New Bands For 2010 To Take Notice Of! * : Best Coast -> "When I'm With You"
by_starla [Ten Kens - Y'all Come Back Now] i love the song Alternate Biker, but it's not currently blippable.
indieearcandyforeveryone such a beautiful song i got from @katost wayyyyyy back. =] (reblip)

Burning Stars by Mimicking Birds

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by_starla [Woodpigeon – A Hymn For 2 Walks In Different Cities] so very pleased to hear it @missursula-they are wonderful! here's a favorite of mine for you. :)
by_starla RB@rakula-thank you! <3 their new album. it seems like International Woodpigeon day today. hi as well @Corts &@weething :): "Inspired by by_starla:)" (reblip)


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DJ_HeckaCool great new song and video.
by_starla RB@indieearcandyforeveryone-my favorite song from a great album-ty: "so beautiful" (reblip)
djpuggie @djpuggie very will like it and germ free
by_starla [Great Lake Swimmers - Moving Pictures Silent Films] stupid SWOT analysis. i hate writing these things.
kaosicism ...another acoustic take from an amazing songwriter :)
FunkShoi Alright, I just realized everyone left the studio and I've been sitting here alone for 45 minutes. Gotta run, later! // @GrassyKnoll THANKS!
indieearcandyforeveryone this is another one that never really gets old. rb thx @muzicmajic: "...and January is pitch black and very, very wet!" (reblip)
AlyG in the rain and through puddles hahaha. soooo nice today.

Lykke Li & Bon Iver 'Dance Dance Dance' Live in L.a

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kaosicism more acoustic rendition from Josh before I drift into dreamland
kaosicism ....apparently I can't add any tracks from his first album :(
Figgywithit Anyone else bidding on Radiohead tickets for the tiny Fonda theatre in Los Angeles this Sunday?
nastysurprise I just instantly fell in love with this. Seems like a video @CreepingElm will like, too.
Coffeenuts Poison & Wine - The Civil Wars

"Poison & Wine" | The Civil Wars | OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO [HD]

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by_starla RB@nastysurprise72-massive fan-have you picked up the BBC Sessions?: "by_starla Is it fair to call you a fellow fan of the Delgados and Emma Pollock?" (reblip)
JimmyDanko thx. that goes both ways for sure. :) @kristenboyd I can always count on you for good tunes. (reblip)
by_starla [Trespassers William – Love You More] thanks @jong for ULing this-and hello @nick_sorg and @Aluciel :) goodnight @sufferin_jukebox
mesecina The Mars Volta - Birthday - Bjork #coversthatdontsuck Ji ji ji ji la voz de Cedric es tan aguda como quieras
scape @GarlandGrey: "Heard about this collaboration on Fresh Air today." (reblip)

Neil Cowley Trio... Degree In Intuition

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jmikeh Love SY Love this song. hello @katost: "Sonic Youth – Unmade Bed ;)))" (reblip)
MapleLeaves i'm really enjoying hearing a lady sing this... rb@newNEWwave: "Heard this...Got Shivers...Had to blip it. " (reblip)
kidkilowatt You too, @DuncanDog. Love this one. (reblip)

Nico: I' ll Keep It With Mine

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nofrills Beautiful, and #coversthatdontsuck :) RB @dojodub: "just heard this on the stream ... beautiful voice - BBC Alba has opened my ears to this" (reblip)

Julie Fowlis Lon-dubh / Blackbird

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jmikeh thank you but I was starting to bore myself with my own theme @Franimal: "@jmikeh #stupidtheme #coversthatdontsuck" (reblip)
kaosicism "...another new one off the upcoming "We Built a Fire"...all I can say pretty" ..reblipping obsessed with this ;) (reblip)
UncleMookie @jas13: "@bEw_balance: "b_e_a_u_t_i_f_u_l!!!@jchernandezjazz: "Nina Simone I put a spell on you @Edainsmom: "Just a little eye of newt <wink> ***"""" (reblip)

Nina Simone I put a spell on you

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BlacknTan Happy Australia Day @Davrocks...The Middle East – The Darkest Side
everythingispop If prodded I would have to list this as one of my favourite songs ever.Sorry to hear you are exhausted @by_starla Winter has been defeating this year.
indieearcandyforeveryone sweet, this tune is finally on here!


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by_starla RB!!!! @BlacknTan and hello-i do love this song so-thank you! how are you? : "a foamy toast to the BLIPflys ......Freelance Whales?" (reblip)
nastysurprise @melodyofyourlife: "Midlake – Acts of Man" This song is just awesome. They played it even slower live. (reblip)
chelseagirl19 I love the hell outta this song! @JohnnyJohn: "@jaimee: "Love hearing this one @buzzledderjohn. :-)@JohnnyJohn"" (reblip)
by_starla [Casiotone For The Painfully Alone - New Year's Kiss] @Alturn8tive-i really love Mount Eerie's Lost Wisdom-arrangements all sound so wonderful.
huangmarong ... connecting the World through music ... <a>

Four years, five continents, 100 musicians, One Love—Playing for Change.

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Indie_Tunes Can't recall who opened my ears to this but I like it and you rule. Thank you @whom-eva-you-are! And thanks @everyone. Good day!


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BlacknTan wow, the BLIPflys are killing it tonight @Davrocks @goliardi @by_starla @radofreeillinois @Modster..ahh, this tune will promise to transport far away!
SabriESC @Davrocks: "For those living in the desert or the tropics #WeatherReport" That's a stretch! : D However, I love this band. (reblip)
Davrocks Perhaps their best, perhaps not, it is still my favourite song to help get rid of a crappy day
SabriESC @Modster: "Kangaroo - This Mortal Coil ...covering an Alex Chilton tune..." Thanks! I looooove this one. (reblip)
Davrocks @SabriESC - That should be "Someday I will treat you nicely", sorry Miss
Davrocks I am happy to call it even, for now @SabriESC: "This is such a great song. Another Cn. band Davrocks- I think think we're pretty close now : )" (reblip)
Coffeenuts The Low Anthem – "Cage the Songbird"
djpuggie @calwal725: "Really loving this song by Miike Snow right now..." (reblip)
Mollykills I heart the microphones rb@markmac: "The Microphones – I Want Wind To Blow" (reblip)
Davrocks played this album to my wife yesterday and she asked me 3 times who it was - that means we have a winner!
nastysurprise @goliardi Here's one that works. I have to get it off another site. Love this song.
kaosicism ..rb vi@kristenboyd: "Inspired by @kaosicism" ....oh damn...awesome...I like :) (reblip)
Franimal I owe the credit for hearing this band to @by_starla. Thank you! :) (reblip)
nastysurprise @midnightwalker: "And spending time in a pitchblack forest is not very pleaseant an experience. Trust me!" I was in the Marines. I like dark forests. (reblip)
oMAY @katost: "Atlas Sound – Criminals" (reblip)
Lovecat #narcoCover ... Luna does Beat Happening ... yeah, baby.
Davrocks rb and thanks @slanted_and_enchanted: "This song... I almost forgot how exhilarating this band is." (reblip)
Lovecat @DJRazor ... You reminded me, I haven't blipped this today ... ;-)
Gen22 Paramore - My Hero (Foo Fighters Cover)

ParamoreMy Hero

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indieearcandyforeveryone this is probably my fav off the new one... @starrynight ;) the transition toward the latter part -- with the horns -- is awesome.
BlacknTan Kinetic Stereokids – Twisted Thoughts

Mirwais ::: Miss You

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kaosicism ... Jacob Golden - Hold Your Hair Back ........... :)

Hold Your Hair Back

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JimmyDanko sweet a barn

State Radio: Indian Moon (Long View Farm Sessions)

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kaosicism ...these guys have been getting a lot of buzz lately...they are very catchy...this I believe is a new track on here :)
Davrocks wow, i've never heard that one before very industrial but nice! @Modster: "We Got Broken Eyes - Sunset Rubdown" (reblip)
nastysurprise @2liveis2fly: "@amsiebee: "yup." rule #2" All these reblips are keeping me busy. (reblip)
by_starla [The Morning After Girls - Part Of Your Nature] @SabriESC thanks so much for blipping the songs by The Northern Two--will be RBing shortly :)
HighPlainsDrfter thnx for the props & replies blipsters! Hope this tune lightens your evenings @goliardi @cheesy80s @tbell @marybrunk72 @mellomatic @victrolacola @
sliddy Ok, I'm gettin' some of that.... @MateoMuhammad: "Nice rb @sliddy sorta echo and the bunnymen-ish" (reblip)
indieearcandyforeveryone this one sounds soaked in drama. slow and gradual intro.
kaosicism ....still indulging in covers ...... Chan is quite the queen of covers
handstamp discovered band called Turbo Fruits last night at the Bottom of the Hill. They opened for Surfer Blood... and stole the show.
kaosicism ...have to play this every once and awhile ;)
bytatos ...Don't talk to me, If you're not on the leave, I'll never get to sleep...
oMAY RB@kristenboyd: "I have officially awoken from my afternoon fog. Thx :)@nastysurprise72: "NEW Holy Fuck. Need a song to wake you up?This will do it."" (reblip)
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