crosby via@salleegal here is to the caterpillar, becoming... (reblip)
crosby @Dunstock... no! did you send it to work email? will check other.... (reblip)
BlueJeanBaby Bob Seger - Old Time Rock and Roll. @gpharley Frank, do done with that time machine? I've got the carpet . . .
BlueJeanBaby @gpharley I almost killed myself on a Harley in 1988. Here's Arlo with The Motorcycle Song.
lilwldchld She could feel the ocean foam rise. She saw its ragin' glory...
gpharley @BlueJeanBaby I'm going to listen to my 45's ain't it wonderful to be alive, when the rock n roll plays.... (reblip)
BlueJeanBaby @gpharley @RunningRealtor @karma_musings I've got fifteen minutes till the next meeting, and am having trouble blipping. Anybody having a problem?


| play
tubilino Tears In Heaven

Eric Clapton - Tears In Heaven

| play
organicsue "Out Of My Way" I SAID Stand Back!
organicsue 10cc – I'm Not in Love....
gpharley @organicsue The motor is always roaring in my head. I live in FL so I can ride all year!
Marcos_Ferreira Ainda a tentar tocar o 1º solo na guitarra
Loni Last night in LA, then back to the Bay Area. *sigh* Miss the Hollywood nights already. Goodnight all. (Bob Seger)
elocio Stevie Ray Vaughan – Change it
TaxiBob Good day to all my friends. I love you all.
Gaz50 One of my all time Favs ...John Lennon - Mind Games :)

JohnMind Games

| play
gpharley @BlueJeanBaby Oh Sally. Is the glass half empty or half full? John Lennon said "There are no problems, only solutions."Think about it.
Gaz50 @norrissyfm,Instead of a Reblip on Kashmir :)
gleegirlrock The Youngbloods~Let's Get Together..dont think I needed a single thing I bought 2day,but I needed to get out & enjoy myself,been 2 long!Feel good :)
gleegirlrock Shangri-las~Leader of the pack.....Twisted who? :P
gpharley This song says it all. Thanks for the blips and new listeners. Must leave for now.
sandraew Meant to shout out to you on the last one @PurplePrincess Thanks for making me smile. (reblip)
davidwatts1978 click to open an account in minutes, are you paying too much for your car insurance, does my bum look big in this? Oh Blip you were so good.....
Gaz50 The Bellamy Brothers – If I Said You Had A Beautiful Body Would You Hold It Against Me ..Phew some title !
organicsue WARNING heartache coming...........


| play
Gaz50 @REO Speedwagon - Cant Fight This Feeling

REO Speedwagon - Can_t_Fight_This_Feeling

| play
Tsaksonakis R|B @ all of you, but especially at Zachsmind who's busy beavering! Damn! Bob Dylan – Like A Rolling Stone (reblip)
TaxiBob I look at you all see the love there that's sleeping,I don't know why nobody told you how to unfold your love I don't know how someone controlled you
RunnerDJC @gingerw... Got a nice running beat. One of these days I'll actually develop my new playlist.
BLUESBOOGIE THX @cormael thats a rap for me gotta sleep have a gr8 day.:-)THX all for oops rb and your ear later.. (reblip)
gpharley This is for my old lady who is taking care of her sick sister. I haven't seen her since November. Will fly to MO to see her May 4th.
gpharley This is also for my woman and to get my heart pumping this morning.
gpharley Been there, done that. Let's not go back!


| play
gpharley THX @cormael thats a rap for me gotta sleep have a gr8 day.:-)THX all for oops rb and your ear later.. (reblip)
gpharley Good morning. I love blues and Muddy is blues! (reblip)
gpharley I love George Thorogood's version of this John Lee Hooker song.
gpharley One great band that will live on forever! (reblip)

Creedence Clearwater Revival - Midnight Special

| play
gpharley Lookin' Out My Back Door all I can see is my neighbor's house. Must not be smoking the the brand as John was when he wrote this.
gpharley Most Viet Nam era vets understand what this song is all about. John Fogerty certainly did.
gpharley Willie Dixon And The Allstars – Walking The Blues. Classic blues!! (reblip)
gpharley It's been said the lyric "there's a killer on the road,his mind is squirming like a toad" was reference to Charlie Manson of the Tate-LaBianca murders (reblip)
Gaz50 Stray Cats Rock This Town
BLUESBOOGIE @mushka... I was blipin' this tune when I saw super rabbit had 2 say Hi!! Bugs Bunny wouldn't like it if I didn't !! (reblip)
Gaz50 Julian Lennon – Much Too Late For Goodbye
gpharley @skylarkingClare One great guitarist that doesn't get the props he deserves with or without Fleetwood-Mac.
DJloverofsoul Bryan Adams - Broken Wings.......... (reblip)
Captain8Track But if you try sometimes you might find you get what you need.
Captain8Track Eternal summer slacking.
elocio Dire Straits – Sultans Of Swing @nicolevsanchez Night :) (reblip)
Gaz50 Pink Floyd – Comfortably Numb
sapam The Beatles - Hey Jude


| play
BLUESBOOGIE THX @mikeyboy50 Is this Robert Johnson ? Old, Old version of "Dust my Broom" BLUESBOOGIE & @gpharley (reblip)


| play
davidmiller RB @deepbluesealove / such a Lovely Flower - .38 Special - Caught Up In You (reblip)
Captain8Track We can't stop here...this is bat country.
RunnerDJC You always won... everytime you placed a bet... You're still damn good... no ones gotten to you yet...
BLUESBOOGIE John Mayall with Eric Clapton – Hideaway
Captain8Track I'd rather laugh with the sinners than cry with the saints.
Captain8Track Rock-a-billy anyone? Brian and the boys are ready.
RunnerDJC In my life...theres been heartache and pain... I don't know if I can face it again... Can't stop now, I've traveled so far...
BLUESBOOGIE Damn, I was just talkin' bout this album, with a friend, your cheating heart,I use 2 sing this I was 9yrs, Yes still remember the words.LOL!@BarbieRay (reblip)
gpharley @BLUESBOOGIE@nightsurfer@Captain8Track Good morning. Couldn't find Clapton's version but I believe this will do nicely. Whatchya Think?
marieiris How can i let the day go by without some Queen?

A Walk On The Wild Side

| play
Scalla Fastball – Out Of My Head

MAHALIA JACKSON ~ Summertime/Motherless Child

| play
BLUESBOOGIE T-Bone Walker – Good Feelin'
gpharley @BLUESBOOGIE: "THX Been some time since I heard this @TakeFive: "The Outlaws - Goast Riders In The Sky,,, @BLUESBOOGIE"" (reblip)
truebluemoon Player – Baby Come Back
BLUESBOOGIE have listen @gpharley Sue Foley at the Narooma Blues Festival 2008

Sue Foley at the Narooma Blues Festival 2008

| play
DJMees Pink Floyd – Comfortably Numb (Live)
DJMees Tnx :-) @jet333: "Pink Floyd ~ "Wish You Were Here" (live)" (reblip)

Pink Floyd-Wish You Were Here (live)

| play
davidmiller Lonely Boy – Andrew Gold
Beaudine Friday Night Blues: Things I used to do I won't do no more... that's it, I'm out tweeps. Time to find a little live music.
Vikinggirl Smoke From a Distant Fire

Smoke from a Distant Fire

| play
BLUESBOOGIE @BLUESBOOGIE: "Phil Keaggy – County Down Phil Keaggy is In Glass Harp from my home town of Youngstown, Ohio - sure you heard this band @gpharley (reblip)
J_D ????????????@TrainWreckRadio: "@J_D killer harp!" (reblip)

Wet Willie Keep On Smiling

| play

Dire Straits Tunnel of Love Videoclip

| play

Dire Straits Where Do You Think You're Going

| play
BLUESBOOGIE Pat Travers – Last Child->->I know...,He does a good job!! sounds GOOD to ME!!! @gpharley
BLUESBOOGIE check this out.starts w/ turnin' knob on a radio then it goes @gpharley hI @ladypn needs VOLUME!! Pat Travers Band live in concert 2009

Pat Travers Band live in concert 2009

| play
BLUESBOOGIE @gpharley "WE GOT VOLUME..BETTER ANYWAY!! PAT TRAVERS BAND: STATESBORO BLUES Live 1980 *Rockin' Classic!****You Gotta See This One!***" (reblip)

PAT TRAVERS BAND: STATESBORO BLUES Live 1980 *Rockin' Classic!****You Gotta See This One!***

| play
BLUESBOOGIE @gpharley "Hans Olson & Toad Hall jsp - The PHOENIX BOOGIE @PS1968 HANS OLSON KICKS ASS!!!!" (reblip)

Hans Olson & Toad Hall jsp

| play
BLUESBOOGIE @gpharley "had the Blonde Sun on album !! - ON TAPE NOW !!(1978)excellent listened to his stuff B4 I LIVED in Phoenix, Arizona..EXCELLENT!!"@PS1968 (reblip)

Hans Olson

| play
BLUESBOOGIE @BLUESBOOGIE: "Hello @mushka check out some -_- Hans Olson- A Gift Of The Blues- 2007" couple tunes on this blip EXCELLENT @gpharley (reblip)

Hans Olson- A Gift Of The Blues- 2007

| play
BLUESBOOGIE @ladypn@gpharley@PS1968 This is a GR8 Tune!!!! Hans Olson -Death Letter

Hans Olson -Death Letter

| play
BLUESBOOGIE Tommy Conwell live – I'm seventeen (rare 1990 clip) I know thats rite...Seventeen GET OFF my back!!!! @gpharley You Still Remember?? HIGH LITES..LOL!
StonyTunes ~ BIG BIG LOVE ~ Fleetwood Mac
gpharley @BLUESBOOGIE: " Tommy Conwell, More Than A Kiss @gpharley@PS1968@ladypn>>shorter hair lol.." (reblip)

Tommy Conwell, More Than A Kiss

| play
FitzgeraldKC Buddy Guy in Houston, doing Sweet Home Chicago #blues #guitar
tigeladakawaii This song was released in the month and year of my birth: December 1985 :D
FitzgeraldKC Squeeze My Lemon, make the juice run down my leg, U know what I'm talking about. Mr. Johnson doing Traveling Riverside #Blues

Robert Johnson-Traveling Riverside Blues

| play
Annimallover @DJ_Marcus: "@djjazzyliz:" I thought I was the only one who liked early beegees! (reblip)
Annimallover "A ship is safe in the harbor, but that is not what ships are made for"
StanWeddle @DeaVG: "It's the time of the season for loving ♥ ♪ ♫ " (reblip)
gunny420 @danielbdc: "♫ THE ANIMALS – House of the Rising Sun " (reblip)
gunny420 @SevenTenths: "rblpn greatness :) @mystwitch: "Bob Seger- Turn The Page" hey @jennyleepenny didja refresh to get the new av ?" (reblip)

Bob Seger - Turn The Page

| play
StanWeddle @1980s: ""Is it any wonder I'm not crazy? Is it any wonder I'm sane at all?"" (reblip)
BLUESBOOGIE It's My Own Business ( Chuck Berry ) – The Boogie Ramblers>.@gpharley ->Jus' cuz..
tweetinben Steppenwolf – Don't Step on the Grass, Sam
josi101 My addiction: "Babe I'm Gonna Leave You" by: Led Zeppelin
wrightrs @2fast4u: "My vote for coolest duet" (reblip)

Stevie Nicks and Tom Petty - Stop Dragging My Heart Around

| play
wrightrs @jet333: "The Commodores ~ "Easy"" (reblip)


| play
pjredd ZZ Top – Sharp Dressed Man (LP Version)
sandraew @musecrossing Who'll be my role model, now that my role model is gone gone... : "Via @LunaJune (reblip)
Jeffie The Crystals - "He's A Rebel" ...and he'll never be any good...
ManaJunkie Is it Frankestein or Frankenstien or simply Al Franken?
EclecticGrooves You're The Kind Of Trouble that I can get into..;)

Leon RedBone and Zooey Deschanel (Baby Its Cold Outside)

| play
athousandguitars I'm just rediscovering Berry's music again and it's oh so good!
BLUESBOOGIE The Robert Cray Band – The Forecast (Calls for Pain)@PS1968@BarbieRay @gpharley@ladypn@sheryonstone@JODYGIRL162 AND aLL THX 4 prop rb UR EAR Later..
MrsASoprano Lets' bop Shee got me rockin' and a rollin' Rockin and a reelin' barbara ann...
SylentSyd's so subtly funky, really...
SylentSyd "Can your heart conceal what the mind of love reveals?"
Janetttt "The Doors - Love Her Madly" rb @Chise ..happy saturday! (reblip)


| play
westham999 LMAO Best Blip 2day >@Sophizz:my love is 5'11" tall.not deep :p @DeinhaRJ: RB@verawooten:RB@digitpt: "rb @Sophizz : Bee Gees - How Deep Is Your Love? (reblip)
HERDE Glad to hear that. We all need a little Neil once in awhile; I do.@sheryonstone

Neil Young OLD MAN

| play
HERDE Something always pulls be back to M.T.B...LOTS OF MEMEROIES;FOND!!
CrescentMoonglow RB@lostpixie: Sweet! I love the girl groups, too. Thank you for blipping this! (reblip)
Loesje @Bimbler should be able to get a new badge With a little help from my friends
TakeFive @SipsEssenceoftheSouth: Koko Taylor - I`m A Man,,,Must Check Sometimes,,, (reblip)
ultimateanswer Bob Welch with Stevie Nicks – Ebony Eyes
BlueJeanBaby @gpharley I'm not dead, just close. Have gotten your blips. Thank you! Paranoid -- Black Sabbath (reblip)

Black Sabbath Paranoid

| play

Creedance-Have You Ever Seen the Rain?

| play
mushka @Abraham_Thunderwolf: " find out what's going on. watch it at ~ A_T headin yer way soon.. oh la la (reblip)
Chise Jimmy Barnes – When A Man Loves A Woman

Paul Simon and Garfunkle - Bridge Over Troubled Waters

| play
Cyad @wild_divine: thanks for that song & Groove Coverage! (reblip)


| play
Carlin majic


| play
Chise Eric Clapton & Robert Randolph + John Mayer - crossroads @gpharley

Eric CLapton, John Mayer + Others At Hard Rock Calling

| play
johndoe_design Now playing: John Lennon - Intuition
johndoe_design Now playing: John Lennon - Isolation
johndoe_design Now playing: John Lennon - Old Dirt Road
rubikoO Ray Charles & The Count Basie Orchestra – The Long And Winding Road
BLUESBOOGIE Better Than Ezra – This Time Of Year @gpharley ..whatcha think ??
LeandroAzevedo RB @Larry_Joe: "The Pretenders~Middle Of The Road. Enjoy!" (reblip)
scotlandlover listening vi @jimmybradley: "Bob Seger – Turn the Page Awesome Seger throught the years video!" (reblip)
trialbyjury RB: @QUEENRO: "@KANL: "@FreakinFrog: "@trialbyjury: "70s Sunday ~ The Eagles - Take It to the Limit"""" (reblip)
PabloM Aerosmith live in Warsaw 29.05.94'- Amazing

Aerosmith live in Warsaw 29.05.94'- Amazing

| play
cjh Aerosmith - Dream On
CrescentMoonglow @djLop: Hello, my friend! I love this song & even better that I get to see the vintage clip again...I never tire of it! (reblip)
MrsASoprano r/b & Have a good day @ivan_filios: "@ianthomaz Thanks and have a great Tuesday!" (reblip)
scotlandlover vi @joechapman: "Love this! rb@CarolannB: "Good ♫ 4 reflecting abt what matters the most in ur life: "I ♥ You" (Climax Blues Band)"" (reblip)
sweetlilmZmia BOB DYLAN-EVERYBODY MUST GET STONED #miafavorite


| play
Raffila wow i love this video. It hits the funny bone.
Raffila @gpharley: "The real "You Shook ME"!!!!" Thanks for finding it! (reblip)

Led Zeppelin Since I've Been Loving You 1973

| play

Led Zeppelin -- Dazed and Confused

| play
Chise Mountain – Nantucket Sleighride (To Owen Coffin) @gpharley
digitpt Elton John – This Train Don't Stop There Anymore
Chise @FOGGIELOANER: "rb"@Chise: "Little Feat,Bonnie Raitt- Dixie Chicken"" NOT FORGETTING Miss Emmylou harris. She looks 15 " (reblip)

Little Feat,Bonnie Raitt- Dixie Chicken

| play
LaBelladiva_ @hawaiibuzz: "oh man, got to watch them in concert .. once in a lifetime .. loved it! .. " Me too! This is my favorite version of any of their songs. (reblip)
LaBelladiva_ awwww thank you :-) @hawaiibuzz: "@surfcitykitty @VegasFran thx for the props! @DJDolceVita < -- natural woman .. imma play that for u" (reblip)

Gary Puckett and The Union Gap Over You

| play
finchbeak @candy156sweet: "Kenny Rogers – Crazy" richard marx wrote this song! gave him the demo before he even got his break! damn, you're good! ;-) (reblip)
DensOnAir ♪♫♥ The Beatles Live- Michelle My Belle ♥♫♪

The Beatles Live- Michelle My Belle

| play
Chise Marc Ford and the Neptune Blues Club "Don't Get Me Killed"@Janetttt @Jimmylad @gpharley

Marc Ford and the Neptune Blues Club "Don't Get Me Killed"

| play
BLUESBOOGIE @gpharley have listen has an kickin' sound..
rachidkas Many thanks@cArtPhotography: "Paul Simon – Kodachrome kind of day! =) " (reblip)
BLUESBOOGIE This Is a GOOD TUNE!!@gpharley @MaddMatt Tony Joe White – Garter Belt
SgtMac "All Gave Some, Some Gave All" To absent brothers!
Marystudio Jeanne Pruett - Satin Sheets

Jeanne Pruett -- Satin Sheets

| play
Marystudio The Flying Burrito Brothers – Tonight the Bottle Let Me Down
Marystudio Charley Pride - Six Days on the Road


| play
DeeJayBlip A much older We Five... but they still do a good job of this classic
LaBelladiva_ A smile to greet you when you wake up . . . you've made me so happy :-) (reblip)

SmileDavid Gilmour

| play
CrescentMoonglow When I was a little girl, it scared me to hear this song...*lol* I hoped I never heard the Devil calling my name! But I liked/like the song anyway.
CrescentMoonglow Ooooh! Complete with pops & crackles! Yessss! Thank you for props & RBs:@sapam@ilublo@wingsinger...All my Blip friends & listeners make my days!
CrescentMoonglow You hate what you did & regret what you said...but you blew it & you're living alone.***Greetings @its4am & thank you to you & @gpharley!
TheSmokingPen Nothing like a little Aerosmith to clear the early morning cobwebs!
kcny9819 hello @SaoRibeiro ... now that I can spell correctly ;) (reblip)
Cheyenne1218 I`m a joker I`m a smoker I`m a midnight Toker!! *good quality...when do they think it was recorded..1910?
Cheyenne1218 @weschicklit: "Becca ADORES this song!...Heart...These Dreams... :O)" * Me Too!!! (reblip)
Cheyenne1218 There were a bunch of DJ`s I thought I was following, but I forgot!! I`m so sorry!! Thanks for sticking around!!! *Kiss

Brenda Lee -I'm sorry (with Lyrics)

| play

Steely Dan live plays "Babylon sisters"

| play
BLUESBOOGIE EEEEHAAAAAA!!Delbert McClinton – Too Much Stuff shuffle ur feet to this..@gpharley ..keeep up NOW!!LOL..
Chise Bob Dylan – When The Deal Goes Down .. Thanks for all the props .
BLUESBOOGIE OOHHH,wiggelin' her toes at ME!!You'll remember this kind of tune...has ur name ALL over @gpharley ,..Whatcha think??
originalCarpediem @PaulaVel: "Thanks!!! I love this one! rb@toosweet4rnr: "[Fleetwood Mac – Big Love] *waves hi* @MrsASoprano @PaulaVel @chuckadams @LUVkillZ (reblip)
Terrebelius "I'm going home". Back in the days when musicians were ugly and the music was pretty and not the other way around. Here's Ten Years After.

Ten Years After live at Woodstock 1969.

| play
LaBelladiva_ Good night everyone . . . sweet dreams to my babe, it is one day closer to being with you ♥
CrescentMoonglow @aarondelay: "while we're talking drinking, this is a MUST have." **ABSOLUTELY! Way back when I used to party a lil bit, I would pujam to George! (reblip)
DeadCabbage @jo04 Yes it is Johnny Rivers – Positively 4th Street
PabloM Lou Reed "Walk on the wild side"

Lou Reed performing "Walk on the wild side"

| play
avivajazz India.Arie – Strange Fruit
SandroC Having a smoke, in a New York state of mind... @patita

New York State Of Mind / Billy Joel

| play
angiece RB @DirtyUrine: "Metal Friday, Ha ha!!! @SwingingtoDJFox: "RB @Flying_Roundhouse: "T Rex ~ Bang a Gong (Get It On) ~ RB @SwingingtoDJFox: @broadwayg"" (reblip)

Bang a Gong (Get It On) by T.Rex

| play
Marystudio Ricky Nelson – Travelin' Man 1961
MrsASoprano reblip@eraser: "1976 Kansas ... éramos rebeldes? Carry On Wayward Son" (reblip)
Gaz50 Rolling Stones – Waiting on a Friend
RockinRobot RB @scotlandlover: I can't believe my little girl is a woman now...WOW! Where did the time go? "Little River Band – Reminiscing" (reblip)
BlueJeanBaby My promo guy says I need Facebook friends. Any takers?

The Beatles-Paperback Writer

| play
DaveDoyle Jimi Hendrix - Stone Free

Jimi Hendrix-Stone Free live at Royal Albert Hall.

| play
Chise Rare Earth – I Just Want to Celebrate
BLUESBOOGIE Try this out..@gpharley Delbert McClinton – The Rub
De_Ann one more for the road ;)) Thx @CT5: "great riffs!".... lalala...

Black Betty- Ram Jam

| play

Neil Young: ~ Cowgirl in the Sand ~ 1976 Budokan Japan: unRELeAsed. ~vIDeo~ Great guitar work

| play
J_D @Songbird1: "@J_D @BLUESBOOGIE an oldie but goodie...That Black Snake do they get their nicknames Blind Lemon Jefferson..." (reblip)
dubeez @anna8687...huh...

Anna- The Beatles

| play
adolfocorujo Y para cerrar la monarquía completa del Blues: Freddie King y su 'Hideaway' en prime time televisivo...
tygerbaby DOUBLE SHOT What I feel, I can't say - What Is Life
MsBiddyBytes Brothers in Arms.....♫ ♫ ♫

Got To Get You Into My Life lyrics by The Beatles!!!

| play
TroyHolder "You're Full Of Shit" by X-X

Meat Loaf I would do anything for love

| play
BlueJeanBaby Got it right, now! @MikeattheMike @gpharley @RunningRealtor @GeryDiMarco @taxibob. The five best-looking guys at Blip! Chiffons - Sweet Talking Guy
BlueJeanBaby @GeryDiMarco is THE best-looking guy on Blip. THEN come @MikeattheMike @RunningRealtor @gpharley and @taxibob. Nag, nag, nag, Gery! (reblip)


| play
narataku0217 It is a tune of which degrees you may hear how many. Recommendation. (reblip)
GeryDiMarco Actually happy to share the Best Looking title 5 ways w/@MikeattheMike @RunningRealtor@gpharley and @taxibob because...We ARE @BlueJeanBaby 's Champs

Queen we are the champions

| play

Keri Leigh and the Blue Devils

| play
BLUESBOOGIE @gpharley have a listen - Chris Thomas King – Red Mud - whatcha think??
BLUESBOOGIE @gpharley have a listen - Chris Thomas King – Soon This Morning Blues
CrescentMoonglow @cjh: "I suffer from an allergy..." As do I, actually several offenders. The current one is the cottonwood. Has the yards looking snowed on! *lol* (reblip)
CrescentMoonglow Wow. This song came out 26 years ago? I am stunned. It has been in my life's soundtrack for a very long time, then! Greets @gpharley@GR8FL@phatdaddio!
doyler29 Johnny Powers - Long Blond Hair, Red Rose Lips

Johnny Powers ( long blond hair )

| play

Bluebells Young At Heart

| play
crowjane @BLUESBOOGIE: "I Like this Alot..THX vi @gpharley: "@BLUESBOOGIE crowjane have a listen..whatcha think??"~Blues Monday babe~Hell to da Hizzzie~thnx (reblip)
DaveDoyle Rolling Stones - Come On....Stones 1st single..Chuck Berry cover...1963

Come On Rolling Stones

| play
Shaman777 En Fuego@Chise: "Buddy Guy - Red House @gpharley" (reblip)

Buddy Guy Red House Jimi Hendrix Vernon Reid

| play
BLUESBOOGIE Jus' Alittle JAM for ur toast.. @gpharley eric lindell movie preview film by Ken Swartz

eric lindell movie preview film by Ken Swartz

| play
DaveDoyle THE KINKS - LONG TALL SALLY...1st single...Little Richard cover...1964
BLUESBOOGIE @gpharley enjoy Bro..Robin Trower – Bluebird
crowjane @MamaMel: May your worries be gone crowjane Get some rest dear lady and bless your heart for the love tonight. ~U sweet chlie' nitey nite everybody (reblip)
BLUESBOOGIE BigPete and the V.I.P.'s (Virtual Interactive Player) – Chicago Cubs Blues - @gpharley have a listen..And??
dianne10jack ( I Jus' Can' Afford It Any-Mo'
sheryonstone good morning @redangel I obviously was dreaming it's over cuz here I am blippin again. ;) seriously though, back to sleep (reblip)
onesanz <Beloved>

VNV Nation- Beloved

| play
sarahcarina Great song !!@TA__: "Guns.N.Roses-Sweet Child O'Mine ...... Sweet Child O Mine ? ............ My daughter " (reblip)

Guns.N.Roses-Sweet Child O'Mine

| play
BlueJeanBaby @nxtphase Yeah, it's good. But it came out right after I met my now-ex. I should have taken it as a sign . . . (reblip)

Lindsey Buckingham ~ Trouble ~ Milwaukee Live 2006

| play
Deja_vu ~We gotta get out of this place if it's the last thing we ever do~
BLUESBOOGIE Omar Kent Dykes & The Howlers – Mississippi Hoodoo Man (Live in Germany)@gpharley have a listen..
steveking Hi @jennyleepenny here is my favourite Beefheart track
BLUESBOOGIE King Crimson – 21rst Century Schizoid Man @gpharley
Chise Kt Tunstall -Tangled up in blue

Tangled up in blue

| play
ROSIEOLIVEIRA @cjh: "Chicago - Hard to Say I'm Sorry - It seems to be difficult to say ... sorryyyyyyyyyyyyyyy" (reblip)
CocoLand @DirtyUrine @fyrebyrd thanks for the props and for listening!
LaBelladiva_ Grazie . . . Buona Sera @PazzoRagazzo: "Buona Sera @DJDolceVita...I know how much you like Heart...=B>)" (reblip)
AnitaBreakSoon I like this and Bonnie raitt's versions ... Cool! RB@miguesme: "Roy Orbison – You Got It" (reblip)
Deja_vu I'm always up for more Tom Petty.. thanks! @NotAsPunkAsYou: "@Deja_vu You know that it's right" (reblip)
CrescentMoonglow @docstimulas: "Eddie & the Cruisers" fame!*I'm ok.Didn't sleep last night,so tired.Life is good,though.Have appointment soon,so only here thislong. (reblip)
crowjane @FOGGIELOANER: " was an answer record to Ruth Brown's I guess? never heard it before. is it Scatman? Kick the can (twilight Zone mov.) great find bro (reblip)
digitpt Mary Wells – Two Lovers - lucky girl.......
dcychan Nice! RB@docstimulas: "thank you vera you are so kind with the reblibs always @verawooten: "@docstimulas: "Bonnie Raitt – I Can't Make You Love Me""" (reblip)
digitpt Dr. Hook – (steno) Sexy Eyes
elocio Creedence Clearwater Revival ~ Who'll Stop The Rain TY4pps~@FollowMal @punky07 @MusicWithMsB @TheLenzyme @NicoleVSanchez @LauStar @djLop @D90cent

Creedence Clearwater Revival: Who'll Stop The Rain

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The Beatles- Eleanor Rigby Music Video

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DaveDoyle Over Under Sideways Down – Yardbirds (Page)
ericsvonk Whiskey river take my mind, don't let her memory torture me [Willie Nelson – Whiskey River]
avivajazz Susan Tedeschi // Magnificent Sanctuary Band
GeryDiMarco Dang! I always give it away somehow. @MusicWithMsB: "Hey Baby, It's You" (reblip)
steveking Classic ! Reblip tks@DJPrimitivo: "♪Dazed and Confused - Led Zeppelin" (reblip)


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theGrit Of course, the desire to get a belly full and put fist to face isn't limited to the American west.
gpharley @steveking: "Classic ! Reblip tks@DJPrimitivo: "♪Dazed and Confused - Led Zeppelin"" (reblip)
BLUESBOOGIE Budgie – Baby Please Don't Go (-_-) tip - GET HEADPHONES - N - KICK It wAAAAAAAAAAY UP!! @PS1968 @gpharley @ladypn @mushka @messinwiththekid
avivajazz I love Broonzy! One of the first blues guitarists I encountered as a teen; thanks! @wayoutosphere: "@avivamagnolia - another master " (reblip)
azandiaMJBB Had To RB :)@yoyesno: "@tonylazz: "@NotoriousROB: "Now, how could the Chicago-rooftop-views inspired 80's lovesongs blipstream leave out this group? (reblip)
ladypn I'm so sorry you've been sick @dionroy! You've been missed!! Take care of yourself, get better soon & of course, "take it easy!" ;) (reblip)
azandiaMJBB ~~**TY** :)) ...RB @SpinninSara: "Hello my simple or not so simple friend ;-) @SimpleJim: "@SpinninSara, Hello my Spinnin friend ......"" (reblip)