alicia_ Pleasantville soundtrack. The music video's fantastic ---->

Fiona Apple :: Across The Universe

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Lavender Diamond-Open Your Heart

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graynoise 4 times is once too much for luck

Oviedo ~ Blind Pilot

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graynoise Just heard this for the first time, me likey... although clip kinda makes me dizzy
melodyofurlife @Aluciel: "@melodyofyourlife Great! I am going to Austin City Limits So I will see them there, hope Shara is there too!. (reblip)
graynoise love the feedback loop underlying this track... awesome
graynoise dancing tune for a thursday afternoon

Spank RockBump

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mixmastermel top artist #21: Architecture in Helsinki. Looking for a pick-me-up? Give them a try.
graynoise PJ Harvey and Thom Yorke... love it.
melodyofurlife na, na, na, nanana na, na, na, na
mixmastermel one more from Eef. "The truthfulness must leave the room If I ever wish you well." Love.
graynoise Danger Mouse takes on The Beatles...
graynoise Heart It Races vs 99 Problems... A.I.H. could use a slap from Jay-Z, bless them.
graynoise loving this at the moment. thanks @hawaiibuzz
everythingispop Is this band not the greatest. predicting good things when the record comes out later this year. (reblip)
graynoise is it just me or does the start of this sound like The Cars?
graynoise random blips from richard kingsmill's hottest 100 #8
graynoise random blips from richard kingsmill's hottest 100 #54... so awesome...
graynoise random blips from richard kingsmill's hottest 100 #40
melodyofurlife have not listened to this excellent cover for a while.
graynoise this won't last, watch it now...

Burn My Shadow

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graynoise love this

Flame Trees From Little Fish

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graynoise can't play this often enough
ScenicKK KASABIAN – UNDERDOG Official video
graynoise "my life is a stereo, kinda cheaply made though"


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graynoise The Coup - My Favorite Mutiny. Wordy beats.


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graynoise "Use your flippers to get down!"
stena [Clouds – Say It] *^_^* rb!@J2ad: "And you'll get what you want" (reblip)

CloudsSay It

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graynoise another sweet sounding pop song
melodyofurlife @RHYTHMjunkie @melodyofyourlife @Crimmie @threebears @marilovisky I was just listening to this about an hour ago driving home from the fireworks
DareToEatAPeach rb @headshaker: "its good having someone good play at Cafe du Nord tonight." (reblip)
graynoise thx, this put a big smile on my face rb@daretoeatapeach: "Pain: Best band you've never heard of." (reblip)
graynoise was looking for the original, but this should be an interesting sidetrack
graynoise How good are The Killers live?! New video from T In The Park 09.

All These Things That I´ve Done Live @ T In The Park 09

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graynoise You all ready for this...? Morning hello @space_cadet @pkate
disconnesso sonnecchia. Sarà il caldo..
graynoise had to scare myself with this one again... stick with it, it gets pretty intense
graynoise Alright! rb@Vacuum_Boots: "Shake what your mama gave you!" (reblip)
graynoise love these old talking heads live performances!
graynoise Nice one! rb@Modster: ""Love in a Trashcan" - the Raveonettes ...ONE more! I am almost done here, blippers..." (reblip)
graynoise vi@CreepyGirl: "@nastysurprise72 Ooh, another freebie! Only available on blip to the best of my efforts." (reblip)
ladypn I tremble They're gonna eat me alive if I stumble, they're gonna eat me alive.
graynoise careful not to burn yourself on this one, it's that hot... :^)
ladypn Well how do you do? A kiss on the cheek... :)

White Rabbits "Percussion Gun" Official Video

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graynoise wow, beautifully shot video, I've got a soft spot for stuff shot at night. thx and hi. rb@mammara: "hi ..." (reblip)
graynoise wake up music rb@s0ak (reblip)


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graynoise Hello. Albert Hammond Jr - Back To The 101

Back To The 101

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DJrainndietrichwilson Ok, seriously. Conor Oberst, M. Ward and that dude from My Morning Jacket? Supergroup?! (rainn faints like a Jonas Brother fan into a pile of tears)

Coconut Records "Microphone" Official Video From Davy

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Bright eyes- Waste Of Paint

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graynoise Hello. Liking this very much... nice spacey electronica with a twist.
graynoise Still lovin' @DirtyUrine: "I still trip on it!!! @graynoise: "how freakin awesome was that! TY rb@DirtyUrine: my fave GN'R vid (I think!)!!" (reblip)
DirtyUrine ~ Kings Of Leon – California Waiting !!! (reblip)
Jazzhole That last Jarrett track was so amazing, I don't know what else could follow it other than more pure improvization from the man.
Vacuum_Boots I just tripped out to this video. Love it.

We Have BandOh!

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graynoise heard this last night on 'So you think you can dance' - me likey
EvaliaEngland Thanks for being listeners! @juanleiva @kinezumi @Timpsk

Foals- Big Big Love (Fig 2)

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graynoise New music (to me at least) ... Mumford and Sons - Little Lion Man. Like it. Vocal kinda sounds like Andy from Manchester Orchestra.
graynoise something I heard on the tv last night
ladypn We've had a gorgeous moon of late. Such gorgeous clear skies, not at all red & dangerous. ;)
graynoise I want to live where soul meets body too
graynoise Good one

The Kills | Good Ones

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graynoise love paul dempsey's voice... may be an acquired taste though?
matwater213 @fleurdelis101: "@romanus: "G'nite ~ Sweet Dreams! "my nighty night tune." thanks! i'm putting a deposit down on a REALLY sweet dream.wish me luck.;)" (reblip)
graynoise sweet song that's getting a lot of play on a tv spot for flavoured milk in oz... advertising has a way of making you feel dirty for liking a song...
graynoise WOW. Thanks! @EvaliaEngland: "One of those things I think everyone should listen to at least once. Beautiful track. "Metamorphosis One- Philip Glass" (reblip)
graynoise Florence and the Machine - Drumming Song
graynoise Metric Live and intimate. Stadium Love from the awesome album Fantasies.

MetricStadium Love

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graynoise thanks for this one rb@Jibtastic: "NEW animal collective EP. This song has the first officia grateful dead sample!" (reblip)

What Would I Want Sky- Animal Collective BBC Session

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graynoise I wish I knew Natalie Portman too! This is pretty cool - it samples Phantom Planet's California (a favourite 'o mine)
graynoise digging this at the moment - Pursuit of Happiness - KiD CuDi ft. MGMT & Ratatat
graynoise reminds me of simpler times... rb@KitDakota: "Bob Seger – Against the Wind – rb @daisyblack1 – Thanks, Daisy" (reblip)
graynoise Arcade Fire from Dark Was The Night Compilation
graynoise thanks to my friend marz for this one... Johnny Cash covering Moby... yeah, Moby.
graynoise Hey thanks for putting me on to Dawn Landes @helloalong nice one!
graynoise Before the Beatles were Beatles. The Quarrymen. Recently saw the movie Nowhere Boy about John Lennon's youth, awesome!
graynoise From Jordan Ireland's (The Middle East) Mix Tape
graynoise cool photography in this clip... plus Charlotte Gainsbourg, daughter of Serge and Jane Birkin is also pretty cool, and Beck... goes without saying...
ladypn Hi @graynoise! Maybe from this song of theirs? Its gotten more airtime nationally, maybe you've heard it? And I've blipped it several times as well.
graynoise "the boy was in the hallway drinking a glass of tea"

Tegan and Sara -- The Con

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graynoise Like this a lot


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graynoise another awesome Kid Cudi collaboration @cookiegonebowling: "RB@koncept: "Actually this song has me feeling good lately.. Good stuff from Dat Kid Cudi" (reblip)
graynoise I love Spencer Krug's voice, so distinctive, thanks @PORTERla ... I'm like "hey, that's the Wolf Parade guy" (reblip)
p0rter Me too. And he's a lyrical genius. @graynoise
graynoise If I fall into the drink I will say your name before I sink
antisuze Great Lake Swimmers - There Is A Light - Music Video by Andrew Quinn (reblip)
indieearcandyforeveryone this one's finally on here. nice. (and ty to whomever)
graynoise just discovered this gem by accident whilst looking for the Talking Heads original...
emilymphocyte Model Karen Elson's debut album, produced by hubbie Jack White, not too shabby.
graynoise from nowhere this just came into my head
graynoise great song, beautiful clip - it's like fight club meets ballet
graynoise this is on the tv right now. i like it.
graynoise Awesome video thanks to The Year in Pictures ( Don't know much about Hold Your Horses, but vocal's a bit lk Mumford

70 Million by Hold Your Horses !

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graynoise if only i'd thought of this one listener ago, I would have felt oh so very witty
Indie_Tunes Nice! Thanks @nothingcorporate: "Everythings going to get lighter, even if it never gets better." (reblip)
by_starla [Black Hat Brigade - Zombie City Shake] special doubleshot for @badtemperedzombie--part 1 :)
graynoise something new (I think?)
graynoise Last one from Easy Rider soundtrack for now.

Princess One Point Five-With Light There Is Hope

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graynoise V.weird @Ineluctable I was just searching for this without knowing it... the lyric "i've lost my way again" came into my head with no melody. Thanks. (reblip)
lantz45 Elysian Fields - Set the grass on fire - "Vivere senza rimpirnti" (Live without regrets)! itunes: (reblip)
graynoise Loving this! The Jezabels - Hurt Me. Top of my playlist at the mo.


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graynoise This is new for me - Harper Simon is Paul Simon's son - he sounds a bit like Jonathan Donahue of Mercury Rev. It's Nice.
mnemosine heard yesterday again in some tv thing, got stuck it in the head
graynoise inspired by @mnemosine (I was), I suspect Belle and Sebastian were inspired by The Kinks? Thanks.
straywebsurfer ♫ Galactic - "Quiet Please" Cheers for you! rb@CamelWalk (reblip)
GarrettTheK I think I saw one of these outfits on ebay last week.
graynoise Rolling Stones from Exile on Main St. Caught an interesting Doco last night on the making of the album. Fascinating.
sparklingarrest Top ten of 2010 kind of record.
graynoise cool new clip from Tame Impala's latest
graynoise haven't seen this live version...

Bright Eyes Waste of Paint

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ShandaBear happy and opal-tastic - you will like this one @graynoise
graynoise thanks! @handstamp: "NEW ARCADE FIRE single... album out June 1." (reblip)
graynoise technically I don't know if I can finish on this...

British India Avalanche

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SpyroKeet this was my first Bright Eyes song! @graynoise: "first introduced me to Bright Eyes @Si_za"@jacob_hixson
graynoise @ShandaBear this one seems good, that's a good sountrack
graynoise g'night... like this, thanks! @muzicmajic: "goodnight blipworld! time for me to go count sheep...have a great morning/Saturday/weekend! see ya soon.." (reblip)
Davrocks at about the 3.45 mark this song owns me - fist pumpingly good
graynoise like this a lot ty rb@cookiegonebowling: rb@DJIrishboy @JillianRabbits: "New Black Keys today to keep us awake" My fav of the new album done and done" (reblip)
graynoise and also a lil' bit rock n roll ... Reading!
graynoise Goodnight.

"Kennel District"

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Davrocks i haven't listened to this today, must rectify NOW!
Davrocks @graynoise - apart from also Sunset Rubdown I'd love to see these guys live
graynoise yeah, good call @Davrocks: "@graynoise - apart from also Sunset Rubdown I'd love to see these guys live" (reblip)
by_starla [The Acorn - No Ghost] happy Saturday @mammara :) // loving this album @everythingispop -TY for reminding me it was out!
quietheart ..there is rapture on the lonely shore.. -lord byron (i think)
Dolittle @graynoise some good shot to in this vid

Autumn Owls A Thousand Blind Windows

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Dolittle loving this band @pmpnorton I'm good thanks :) you? // & @graynoise yes & this vid is made from15,000 stills.
maurilao Gooooooooooooooooooood moooooooooooooooooooooorning, blip.
nastysurprise Really cool song. Share it.
graynoise remember this? props to anyone who can find a version with better audio...

Skunk AnansieWeak

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Jazzhole @graynoise: what Fink lacks in the facial hair dept., he more than makes up in melancholy.
Jazzhole @graynoise true, but a truly unkempt beard really turns the melancholy knob to eleven.
Dolittle Little break for new Arcade Fire
Dolittle new too

We Used To Wait- Arcade Fire

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graynoise Starts full of wonder. You're taken in by newness. Get lost in its charms. Start to feel trapped. Reach the end. Massive. They don't have what u need.
ShandaBear Swedish guys are just too cute! Check em out! @ampm @snapbadger
Davrocks @snapbadger - only if I can have this one (apologies NMH all your other stuff is excellent except 'Oh Comely' is too long) #Ipreferthistotheoriginal
Davrocks good night, you all rule
MakePhantoms Here's one more of my songs before I head off for the night. Blip it freely if you feel so inclined. ;) Goodnight all Blip-friends.
graynoise @ShandaBear it just keeps going around and around...
Jazzhole Hiya @vandaleyes, hope the weather's nice & summery in yer part of the world.
graynoise just rediscovered this on a Q Summer Festivals '98 compilation. wow.
graynoise mis-typed you on my last shout-out @cookiegonebowling so you get your own... hi!
graynoise Well this is another from my Shazam machine @Dolittle ... summerish for sure. too cool photography. has that 'last days of summer' feel... fleeting.
by_starla [Dark Mean - Happy Banjo]

Evie Part 1

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Evie Part 3

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graynoise love coming back to this one, the backing singers are doing the 'health hustle'
graynoise ok, i'd said goodnight, but had to RB@EvaliaEngland: "RB via @kennethoja" (reblip)
graynoise Bonnie Prince Billy is a new discovery for me.

Love Comes To Me

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Davrocks @graynoise - I can't believe you did go there, for shame! You could have gone with 'Ride on Time"
indieearcandyforeveryone i didn't know that this was the same guy as absofacto. @kristenboyd not much of the other stuff really stuck with me, but i can be impatient. ;)
DareToEatAPeach One of my go-to chill down songs lately.
Dolittle @Davrocks @winggirl Foals were great on Friday & Eels, sat villagers on his own, the Antlers & Gil Scott Heron, Bad Lieutenant (new Order set really)
graynoise some beautiful Brooklyn low-fi shoe-gaze pop
nastysurprise Somebody play something I've never heard before that's awesome and will make me an instant fan.
star45 Kitten – Kitten With A Whip
Davrocks this album is seriously blowing my mind

Bear Hands // "Crime Pays"

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Arcade Fire- Culture War music video

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graynoise when I get back home I won't be the same no more
nitologic :) @cuezaireekaa | French Films – Golden Sea

The Clapping Song (ft. Coin Locker Kid)

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graynoise Katalyst - Black Dragon (ft. Mr Clean) : love the baseline in this

Black Dragon (ft. Mr. Clean)

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graynoise Love this video... although if she pouted any harder her lips could fall off her face.


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graynoise Poolside covering Neil Young

Perfume Genius-All Water

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