green_i_girl Oldie but goodie. I really adore this band.


| play
green_i_girl A seriously underrated band (Michele, check this one out)
green_i_girl Let's go fly one...


| play
green_i_girl Come on now sugar...bring it on, bring it on!
green_i_girl eerily moody and melodic - me just likey!
green_i_girl holy 80's, this makes me want to dance...
green_i_girl I've been saved by a woman - ain't it the truth.
green_i_girl @ATG Busta Lava Move! ;) Love this - 2 great tastes that taste great as 1 (reblip)
DJGEMSTARTING Commercial Break!!! But Stay Tune !!! DJ Gem*Star Ting!!!!!
green_i_girl Take a look around the 'hood

Track 10

| play
swfrost Smile! It's Friday! :)
green_i_girl @sdtips This just made me laugh out loud. Long live the Kids in the Hall!! (reblip)

kids in the hall - dave song

| play
green_i_girl Used to be a favorite - still holds a special place in my ice cold heart.
green_i_girl I lost my Curve - Pubic Fruit CD in my house somewhere. Bummer, it was great! I'll have to enjoy this for now.


| play
green_i_girl Dear Mr. Fantasy, Play us a tune (slow & dirty)

Dr Mr Fantasy

| play
green_i_girl You better hurry....cause Time is Running Out!
green_i_girl When the dogs begin to smell's time for a shower.
quakkaz We are going to the hidden place
green_i_girl Is this the place that I've been dreaming of??
green_i_girl The love you bring won't mean a thing...unless you sing.


| play
jccunningham still my favorite song from my favorite m83 album... so there.


| play
green_i_girl Great beat! Go ahead, dance along...
green_i_girl JT gets all effed up in some karaoke bar, after 2 drinks he's a loser after 3 drinks he's a star!
LOLeon músicas que me fazem andar engraçado n3
green_i_girl @tiagosr, I just noticed you beat me to a Audioslave blip. Great minds think alike?
green_i_girl My last hour has been spent coughing...damn cold!
green_i_girl Yay, vampire baseball song (for all you Twilight fans!)
JoyUnltd Too many times! A sign of humanity or insanity? TY @green_i_girl and @photogurrl "It made me want to put on a fancy dress and drink martinis!" Yes! (reblip)
green_i_girl Here's another for you @djwttw. Where have these guys gone? (I may talk in my sleep, but I never sing!)
jlightbody Thanks @AliceInPepperland, she only cums when she's on top (reblip)


| play
green_i_girl Some days I ask myself this over & over...
green_i_girl It's your right to bear arms...
green_i_girl I could never sleep my way to the top, cause my alarm clock always wakes me right up!
green_i_girl This song has been stuck in my head lately, I must release it...
gmona shout out from G Sizzle, aww killer
ilostmyfakeid you got it...some kind of magic. hypnotic, hypnotic! you're leaving me breathless. i hate this, I HATE THIS!
fleshisgrass Or more pertinently, how soon is bed?
DownLow I could never sleep my way to the top, cause my alarm clock always wakes me right up! / Thanks @green_i_girl (reblip)
green_i_girl It's chilly here in the Northeast - I need to wear my Raspberry Beret!
green_i_girl Sorry, this song was in my head today and I must get it out once & for all!
green_i_girl Sparkle & Shine, baby!

Letters To Cleo Sparklegirl

| play
green_i_girl Bring on Christopher Walken...(maybe he's too busy getting a fever for more cowbell!)
Atomik welcome to the party @ElmerThud - Congrats on your 1k badge @GR8FL (reblip)
green_i_girl Take it slow, take it easy on me
green_i_girl Funny thing about money for sex, you might get rich but you die by it...
tubilino Use Somebody - Kings Of Leon
Anya1976 oh yes

The Cure Lovesong

| play
Ots Califooooooooooooooooorniaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
SlipperyDistortion @MusicRex I think she's due in KC in April. Would love to see her perform. (reblip)
green_i_girl Couldn't find "Lady Fingers", so this will do.
green_i_girl "Hush, hush - keep it down now..." (this is an oldie but definately a goodie)
green_i_girl This guy is like an angel with a dirty face - smooth yet flawed in a good way.
green_i_girl I love this song - I hate that it reminds me of "the 2 corey's"
green_i_girl A good song to end the night on ** Nighty-night blipsters... "More sweet than bitter, bitter than sweet..."
soundmangroupie Oops misspelled's another Prince protege, Vanity

Vanity 6 - Nasty Girl (Wicked Mix)

| play
JoyUnltd Why, of course we can! TY @dorkland hasn't blipped this one for a while, so we're going to go back to the source for all the new friends... (reblip)
finestsuit @by_starla... i've been right here. the dog ate my homework. my car had a flat. my alarm clock didn't go off. the check is in the mail. wasn't me
CanvasNY My favorite of the band.
Michele A coworker suggested some songs for me to listen to. I'm open to anything! Here's a sample.
feiticeira Kings of Leon - Sex On Fire. I love driving with this song blasting. Don't ask me why.
green_i_girl Night all - thx for the props @JoyUnltd @RadioFreeIllinois @jlightbody & @ekman. @Atomik - you were on fire 2nite, I ran out of props 4 u!
green_i_girl I swear the fact that I like this song has nothing to do with that fact that it is in the Twilight movie.
green_i_girl This song reminds me of John Candy mud wrestling in the movie "Stripes". RIP John Candy!
green_i_girl These guys have funny lyrics in all their songs, but they make me smile!

PolarisIvy Boy

| play
green_i_girl This guy is so much better than "Cars", too bad that's what he'll always be remembered for.
green_i_girl Yes they can - starting Tuesday (Inaugeration Day)!
ivyc Plush – Stone Temple Pilots
feiticeira Ivy - Edge of the Ocean. I think they made this into a dance song. I like it either way.
green_i_girl This song is featured in the trailer to the movie "The Summerhouse" w/Rob Pattinson - anxiously awaiting its release.
green_i_girl Do you miss me like a hole in the head?
green_i_girl @feiticeira - I remember Poe, too. I like this one...


| play
green_i_girl The talking leads to touching, and the touching leads to I'm bad news.
green_i_girl Aww, humor me a little as I'm feeling a bit nostalgic.


| play
green_i_girl I used to listed to this cd over & over...

The SundaysJoy

| play
green_i_girl One night my husband's band was playing in a seedy, little bar & Greg Allman walked in and just started playing this song - awesomeness!
green_i_girl Oh sympathy, where have you gone?
green_i_girl "Love is just a Bloodsport" (well, only if it's done right...)
green_i_girl Because it's cold here in the Northeast - like someone has stolen my sunshine, dammit!
Michele @wspencerreed You set your self up for this!
green_i_girl Snuggle with your special someone and make googly eyes @ eachother while you listen to Ray sing...I could listen to him all night.
green_i_girl Almost anything this guy does is worth of a blip! Hail Moby! "No one can stop us now, we are all made of stars!"
green_i_girl take it slow, take it easy on me...
green_i_girl Please Mr. us all
green_i_girl It's gonna be a close call...
AugustoSehn Trigger Happy Jack (Drive By A Go-Go) – Poe // Pretty nice music :) (reblip)
Baku Such a good song, in a mediocre movie (Bride of Chucky)
DonyaQuixote i am no good for you, i'm seeing ghosts in everything i do.


| play
MK2Fac3 because I feel like it! :P
green_i_girl Now we grieve cause now is gone, things were good when we were young.


| play
green_i_girl And all the roads we have to walk are winding...
green_i_girl @photogurrl -I love this song and have been looking for it on here! Yay to you for finding it! (reblip)
green_i_girl It's not time for me to go


| play
green_i_girl With his see-thru skin, the kind of skin you can see-thru...

BellySlow Dog

| play
halyne @brenobm perdi o último show do coldplay no brasil e me arrependi demais. esse não posso perder! hahaha :D
green_i_girl How are you feeling? Seem a little sick to me now.
schatze no change, I can't change, I can't change @alienfresh how awful, all these years I though he was saying "I can change." Can't does make more sense :p (reblip)
green_i_girl Take me away from this big, bad world...
green_i_girl Stay Gold, Ponyboy, Stay Gold.


| play
green_i_girl Belligerant ghouls run Manchester schools, spineless swines, cemented minds.
ColonelMunson This song is one of my co-workers obsessions.... I kinda dig it too
green_i_girl Where can I run to, where can I hide? Who will I turn to now I'm in a virgin state of mind?
Infosourcer What would you do if I follow you? What would you do? I follow for all Tweeples ;-)
green_i_girl "So get your feet on the floor and you're making a stand now"
green_i_girl Ok, that's all for me for 2nite. The weekend starts..."Right Here, Right Now".
green_i_girl This city's mad in the head And sick in the soul...
green_i_girl @davislove Welcome to the "Muse Admiration Society".

MuseNew Born

| play
Figgywithit @rkmonkey Taking the boy to the pool at the Y. Blip you later.
RagainsT Yep, still my favorite E. Costello track.
green_i_girl "She was a sour girl the day that she met me" (making best 'pouty face' right now...)
green_i_girl I never kiss and tell...(wink-wink)


| play
green_i_girl "With the moon I run, far from the carnage of the fiery sun."
green_i_girl Thanks to @PiscesInPurple for becoming my 100th listener last night!
green_i_girl "You look like a perfect fit, For a girl in needof a tourniquette."
green_i_girl @Atomik - You're blip just reminded me of this excellent song!
green_i_girl Thanks for all the props, @robtraut - this one is for you.
robtraut Speaking of which... love to keep blipping, but I have to get some done. Back l8r tonite. Bye @patita @green_i_girl @abarbosa @ladypn & everyone else
green_i_girl "Im in love with 2 sisters, only weapons can decide, which bed I share tonight" (In my top 10 songs!)
drhamr let it never be said that the romance is dead
green_i_girl JT gets all eff'd up in some karaoke bar, after 2 drinks he's a loser after 3 drinks he's a star!
green_i_girl Hey boy take a look at me, let me dirty up your mind...


| play
davidwatts1978 very few songs blew my mind like this did the 1st time I heard it. There was nothing quite like this before; it is A.D.
green_i_girl I'm in love with a girl who knows me better, Fell for the woman just when i met her.
leinergroove Actually I was looking for "Music is power" but it's not in here... Instead, I found this acoustic beauty!

Richard Ashcroft Bittersweet Symphony (Acoustic)

| play
green_i_girl A chance to change your fate Forgiveness falling down on those who chose to wait
wilsoke I don't deserve you unless it's some kind of hidden message to show me life is precious...
green_i_girl You were an island, and I passed you by.
AugustoSehn Nearly Lost You - Screaming Trees // @green_i_girl nice music :D (reblip)
green_i_girl "Keep on keeping on..." Wow, I'm into whiney music tonight...
green_i_girl I got nothing to prove I got nothing to say
rkmonkey indeed strange and beautiful. worth a rb @andhow But aren't we all? Strange and beautiful, I mean. I'd like to think that. // (reblip)
green_i_girl Her soul slides away, But dont look back in anger I heard you say
green_i_girl Oh god, that voice...yummy!
green_i_girl Can't talk to a psycho like a normal human being...
green_i_girl Gotta love the Cure. Here's one of their less "mopey" tunes.
green_i_girl @jlightbody - Here I am! I'm multitasking & switching between blip & twitter. I'm a busy gal!
green_i_girl @Dillin_Chillin - I loved Rancid - nice bunch of wholesome boys...
green_i_girl If I had a moustache, I would be twirling it in a very evil manner right now.
green_i_girl This is my favorite K's Choice song ever...
green_i_girl Always been one of my fave Beatles tunes.
green_i_girl Can I break the spell of the typical
green_i_girl Crap, I'm outta props for you so I'll reblip! (reblip)
green_i_girl This is a favorite blip of mine, but her voice is so cool & sexy.
leocesario In case you didn't notice, it's for you.


| play
green_i_girl Don't think 'cause I'm talking, we're friends...
jlightbody This is the craziest party that I've ever seen!
green_i_girl Jonesing in a hard way to hear Morrissey's voice...ah, there...that's better.
green_i_girl Are you crazy, man? You must be blind...
NyQuilDriver @green_i_girl good call on the Polaris! Yay Pete and Pete! :D
green_i_girl They call me The Seeker...(well, not really, but it's a lot better than what they really call me)
green_i_girl Love, love, love this song. Freddy Mercury was great...
jlightbody My therapist said not to see you no more...


| play
green_i_girl A bit overplayed...yes, but it's sweet.

LenkaThe Show

| play
green_i_girl My So-Called Life Theme - Aaah, memories. Why can't all shows be this cool?

07 My So-Called Life

| play
green_i_girl Breathe it in & breathe it's automatic.
RuiMCB Last of the day: "In a perfect world, the alternate ending would have Jeff Buckley returning home from his fateful swim." (reblip)
green_i_girl These guys are totally cool. (I miss Pete & Pete!)
Driusha Amazing and directly to my toplist: @green_i_girl @prettywmn here's a song to add to your's in my top 10
Driusha This is the kind of song that makes you want to dance on the table like no one is watching! (reblip)

Fiona Apple Criminal

| play
boomerang_man Three guys at my office just performed this in our department talent show. They performed as "printer jam"...
green_i_girl Happy Valentine's Day fellow Blipsters!
green_i_girl "Do you think I'm you think I really care?"
green_i_girl I love to walk in the rain - it's 2nd only to kissing in the rain ♥
green_i_girl Beautiful artist, beautiful song. I wish he made it back from his fateful swim...♥
green_i_girl My favorite Zep song...just achingly beautiful♥
green_i_girl " were an island, and I passed you by"
green_i_girl My favorite song by these guys. I want to slow dance w/a glass of wine in my hand.
green_i_girl "Show a little faith there's magic in the night, you ain't a beauty, but hey, you're alright..."
green_i_girl I love this band. Their lyrics are wacky & often undecipherable.
green_i_girl Thanks to @citygirl912, I must have a Kings of Leon-athon.
green_i_girl How can one family produce so many perfect men?
green_i_girl This Carming Man - The Smiths. I know it's a bit overplayed, but the intro excites me so!
green_i_girl I ran out of props for you @glenncase - thx for the reblip. Here's another of my favorites.
green_i_girl The Gallagher brothers may be pricks, but they made great music.
green_i_girl Lately I can't get enough of this gal...she's spunky!
green_i_girl This song brings back great memories! I'll send an SOS...
green_i_girl These guys are kinda kooky, kinda cool.
green_i_girl Because everyday should have a little KoL in it!
green_i_girl Lenka - Trouble Is A Friend (Unfortunately, this is true for me)
green_i_girl nice tune... :)


| play
green_i_girl @jlightbody Here is one for you. Love Sixx on bass...
green_i_girl @jlightbody I'm outta props for you. You'll have to settle for reblips/dedications. Try this on for size...


| play
SonicBoom Mark Lanegan's solo stuff is great too, along with his work on Queen's of the Stone Age @green_i_girl (reblip)
SonicBoom This isn't Al Green .. it's Bill Withers. can it be retitled? @unclarity (reblip)
edwardcullen I love this song in the morning. Or afternoon. Or night. :D
WesLA Got this song stuck in my head because its so damn groovy
green_i_girl MuteMath - Typical ~ This is in my top 10 songs!
green_i_girl Polaris ~ Saturnine (I love these crazy guys!)
green_i_girl The Smiths ~ Shoplifters of the World (Just take it. C'mon, you know you wanna!)
green_i_girl Ray LaMontagne - Hold you in my Arms (anyone catch him on SNL this week? Just lovely.)
green_i_girl Oasis ~ Don't Look Back in Anger (unless absolutely necessary!)
green_i_girl Sneaker Pimps ~ 6 Underground (a little slow & naughty)
green_i_girl "Cover us in chocolate...'
green_i_girl I'm in the phonebooth it's the one across the hall...
green_i_girl My only weakness is...well, nevermind, nevermind!
green_i_girl When I first met you I was cold, a melting snowman I was told...
green_i_girl @feiticeira And a reblip for you cause this song is full of chocolatey goodness with a nougety center (reblip)
fishoutofsea Just started listening to this and I already love it. She loves everybody~
green_i_girl ugh, help me...this is how I feel.
green_i_girl "Recently I kissed you, it's like a dream come true."
green_i_girl Reminds me of my Doc Marten-wearing days.
green_i_girl cause they make me smile...

PolarisIvy Boy

| play
runswithvampires Another VM flashback...I miss Veronica & Logan SO MUCH!
sasaloves @GrizzlyCullen take me by the hand and tell me you would take me anywhere.
adbert [U2 – Vertigo] Bono is learning Spanish via ordinary mail... 1, 2, 3, 14....


| play
green_i_girl It's not a habit, it's cool, I feel alive...I'm not an addict.
edwardcullen Playing guitar and this is what it gets you.
fStop23 I can change...... I think.....
jlightbody For @green_i_girl...the girl with the cherry ice cream smile:)

Duran DuranRio

| play
green_i_girl Some lovely Pete Doherty to help me drift off to sleep...
green_i_girl A broken nose, a broken heart and an empty bottle of gin...
green_i_girl For @Gen22 I started looking & the bubble burst - I started looking for excuses...
green_i_girl Frankie died just the other night, some say it was suicide, but we know, how the story goes...
green_i_girl I'm not a huge BNL fan, but love this song.
green_i_girl @Gen22 Here's a fave 80's tune of mine..."Oh, your city lies in dust, my friend"
green_i_girl "People they come together, people they fall apart"
green_i_girl @Gen22 You will get a reblip for awesomeness since I am outta props for you. (reblip)
green_i_girl I loved this movie! "Won't anybody help us, what are we waiting for?"
green_i_girl Look into the sun and see your soul is dying; Used to feel the faith, but now you're tired of trying
green_i_girl One sign said North, one sign said East so I went South.
bellakel85 NERD - She Wants To Move (one of my fav dance songs)
green_i_girl @Gen22 This one gets me everytime. Sinple & perfect.
green_i_girl Feels so good but I'm old, 2000 years of chasing taking its toll
green_i_girl You learn to accept it, you know you're so pathetic.
dswancanada see what lookin pretty cool gets ya
green_i_girl Nirvana ~ Verse Chorus Verse : he'll keep you in a jar... he'll give you breather holes.
bwebs She said call me now baby, and I'd come a running. (reblip)
green_i_girl So, here comes a delivery Straight from the heart of my misery
green_i_girl My lungs push hard against my ribs to keep the truth in the air.
green_i_girl My friends are so distressed, And standing on the brink of emptiness.
green_i_girl You're a million miles from my position, but i would gladly set upon a mission
green_i_girl Trashcan Sinatras - Only Tongue Can Tell
green_i_girl @Gen22 Eeeps! Here it is! INXS - Listen Like Thieves


| play
green_i_girl She lies and says she still loves him, can't find a better man...
GKTree21 "You're a million miles from my position, but i would gladly set upon a mission" via @green_i_girl (reblip)
green_i_girl Leave me, lying here. Cause I don't wanna go.
green_i_girl Is there something you lack, When I'm flat on my back, Is there something that I can do for you?
green_i_girl Breathe it in & breathe it out. Pass it on it's almost's not a habit, it's cool, I feel alive...
green_i_girl Show me, show me, show me how you do that trick. The one that makes me scream, she said.
green_i_girl It only takes one tree to makes a thousand matches...
mzampino This goes out to Carrie: Third Eye Blind – How¹s it gonna be
ironButterfly @TLKOK "In the year and a half together I never had much fun"
green_i_girl So I made a big mistake, try to see it once my way...
green_i_girl And you just dont get it, You keep it copacetic. And you learn to accept it, you know its so pathetic.
green_i_girl I try and comprehend you but I got a dyslexic heart. I aint dying to offend you, I got a dyslexic heart.
green_i_girl You say your life's a total waste. You told me on the fire escape, Just before you bummed a cigarette.
karie @Filipogs: "Just for tonight" (reblip)

Bitter Sweet Symphony by The Verve

| play
Gen22 OK OK - This is for ALL you PJ Lovers out there and you KNOW who YOU are! Word. Pearl Jam - 'Dissident'
Gen22 Ok - I know I've played this before but I can't help it- it's so damn good! Tegan and Sara - 'Walking With a Ghost'
scrambledmegs Love this song. But the video terrifies me. I am going to have nightmares. They all look like creepy-ass ventriloquist dummies.
jfeeney Glastonbury szupertitkos fellépő, na vajon ki?
green_i_girl Temple of the Dog – Four Walled World
green_i_girl Social Distortion – Dear Lover
FineNGood @ladypn "And if i ever didn't thank you then just let me do it now"


| play
green_i_girl The Movielife – Thank You *I reached over 1,000 blip listeners today. Here's to you!*
FineNGood @green_i_girl You keep nailing it tonight. I don't think I have enough props to give you all that you deserve :-)
green_i_girl Concrete Blonde – Everybody Knows
WhitBlips hot*

18 Visions Victim

| play
green_i_girl So nostalgic. I won tickets to this concert when I was 15! Still a cool tune...
green_i_girl dandy warhols – bohemian like you
WhitBlips @green_i_girl :( :( :( :( this makes me wanna cry

Michael jackson-Music And Me (video)

| play
MoREthANHuMAn @green_i_girl ::wraps arms around you in unity of mourning for the king of pop:: breaks my heart... such beautiful talent we took for granted. #MJ
green_i_girl Last Night – The Strokes
Gen22 Pilot Speed - 'Into Your Hideout'
green_i_girl K's Choice - Virgin State of Mind

Virgin State Of Mind

| play
green_i_girl @GiantPimpslapper: "Radiohead - Fake Plastic Trees - The Bends (1995)" (reblip)
Gen22 New Order - True Faith
green_i_girl Sign O the Times mess with your mind....
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