grep6 I haz a groove. "Time after time, I've tried to walk your way - ウンー ウンーウンー, and you don't break my heart..."
calamari @Diordan @gigia Okay, let me try to find a cool club with free wifi. We'll be blipping songs live right? I'll email you later.

Move for me - Kaskade

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calamari @andhow Completely agree. You can never have too much Oscar Peterson :)
andhow Can't resist ^__^ I can't feel Christmas yet, but I love listening to this :) For @negra, @NickyFingers and my other friends here in! :)
andhow Uploaded an Oscar Peterson song where he sings. We need more of this! :) For @calamari and @kalliban :)
andhow A beautiful cover. Better than Jamie Cullum's, I think. :) I think this is my new favourite. @nansan, check this out!
andhow Another Brad Mehldau cover of Radiohead. :) For @sunnysunnysunny, @purplemoonaries, @cabron & @grep6, who loved Exit Music, which I blipped earlier.
andhow ( Blessings are not just for the ones who kneel...luckily )
andhow My 90s teenage life is coming back to life hahaha
kalliban The peril of a 3-dimensional world: "I know your profile better than you, I promise/ But you'll never see my front. I'll never see your face."

Tokyou JihenKao

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punchdrunkdaisy A salute to the rebuild of Eva (the 1st movie + the upcoming ones), the Rei cubecraft pattern I recently found & Ms. Hikaru.
punchdrunkdaisy @grep6 I really do miss someone & I wish he'd say he misses me more often. LOL!! I should go to sleep. I'll try to tell him tomorrow :3
kalliban Afternoon song; an old familiar. "Ever since the day we met, ever since the day we met."
kalliban Well the day was saved ^^ Time for a hot cup of nude coffee.


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kalliban Good eve, everyone. "It is time to say good night to Napoli~"
grep6 Been listening to BT for a while, but didn't realize this song had crossed over into DDR territory—kinda bizarre coincidence. This is that short mix
Z80GameCoder I just love it how tracks just drop into my lap like this, awesome, appropriate.

Deadmau5I Remember

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kalliban Signing off with one of my utmost favourites; Prelude16 in G minora.
kalliban @skywriting, it would be this band, and their songs. A cover that kind of ATE the original. バンプはこんなにすごいし
clarkowitz Stairway to Heaven played on a Glass Harmonica. Bet you didn't see that coming... ;) Out...
kalliban 「この星を思い出して続けて〜」9mm is always a little on the epic side, no matter how early X3 Good morning!
jencvs @jcbmac I think God only knows...dont u?
kalliban The train stranger rode on. I had to get off.
punchdrunkdaisy I've nothing to say, really. Just listening to this now and reading.
kalliban Good morning @dangerman; the red hat of your morning song for a green apple? :D
SarahWV "You never heard me break your heart." I woke up singing this, not my usual but I love it.
andhow Brad Mehldau's interpretation of Radiohead's Exit Music is one of the more complex covers out there. I like Mehldau. Great jazz piano player, imho.
punchdrunkdaisy @grep6 You're right, a couple of J.Drexler's melodies are illustrative of his lyrics. Also blipped another song of his before: Al otro lado del rio ^^
SarahWV Never thought I'd let a rumor ruin my moonlight
Z80GameCoder Our daughter plays drums. Apparently this is not so easy to just pick up. She's trying now.
n_e_l i should have given you a reason to stay.
WalkingZero Good Day. Hope everybody has a very nice day.

U2Beautiful Day

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WalkingZero @grep6 yep just a few more hours and the weekend is here.
geo_ a melhor do coldplay pra mim... perfeita essa cantiga...
Crimsonmuse One day darnit...I'll be on top...instead of *jostled about* 'In The Middle' ;P
calamari @melodyofyourlife Thanks for the Frank Sinatra and Split Enz blips. Loved them both.
calamari @Sindor Oh I love old jazz standards. It's a deal. I'll blip jazz standards all afternoon. :D
cosita i would stand in line for this

MobyExtreme Ways

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DJVee Theme music for John McCain. *snicker*
Z80GameCoder Life is all about circles, right?


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DJVee Hey, Sarah! I can see your humiliation from my back porch!

11 Presidents of the United States of America - Back Porch

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jencvs U2 & Paramore...odd combo I just had to Blip it...
kalliban "Don't pray for it to rain, don't look to the sky~" I really like Ringo-chan's noir feel here, and this collab with Neko is lovely.
punchdrunkdaisy Just got home. Here's music for a more quiet evening.


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Crimsonmuse @WalkingZero Hehehe! BRAINS! Nom. Nom. Nom. I <3 that song, I do.
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