greyeyesgabriel My very first blip. of course should be the Beastie Boys...I am a die hard fan after all...
greyeyesgabriel Come with me and Rock The Casbah...
greyeyesgabriel I'm goin' down to Fraggle Rock...
greyeyesgabriel Ahhh...the days of the dance mixes and MTV...
greyeyesgabriel ...speaking of MTV...the very first video shown on MTV...
greyeyesgabriel HA HA HA, thought this was funny even back then...

StyxMr. Roboto

| play
greyeyesgabriel Inspiration for those hardworking insomniacs...YOU SHOULD BE ASLEEP>>>
greyeyesgabriel While I'm looking to the sky...

Foo Fighters - Learn To Fly

| play
greyeyesgabriel And how could we fly without some Pink Floyd...
greyeyesgabriel @MaryJCannabian Dual cassette recorders were awesome, I stole my sister's 12 inch of this...

The CureA Forest

| play
greyeyesgabriel Who Likes American Music...I Like American Music...
greyeyesgabriel ...Like a Blister in the Sun...

Violent Femmes - Blister in the Sun

| play
greyeyesgabriel Can you feel it, I'm sending out my Love Buzzzzzzz....
greyeyesgabriel I'm feeling outshined, how about you...
greyeyesgabriel I love not being reminded of anything...I find it refreshing...
greyeyesgabriel Any Adult Swim fans out there remember this theme...

Cowboy BebopTank !

| play
HuMBush Oooooh I did and am always coming undone.... I fuckin love this shit!! =P
greyeyesgabriel ...and this concludes our broadcast day...we will reset in 6-7 hours...@greyeyesgabriel signing off...
greyeyesgabriel ...what is I say I'm not like the others...
greyeyesgabriel Don't you know it's all 4 U...


| play
greyeyesgabriel Well, I am a Scottish/Irish/Hybrid/American...of course I'm in the House...
greyeyesgabriel Is it time to play the game...

Triple HThe Game

| play
greyeyesgabriel I'll be on the road for 4hrs...I'll just want to keep rollin'
greyeyesgabriel ...Sundays are usually a rather smooth trip, less traffic...I carry faith everywhere I go...
greyeyesgabriel This one almost didn't make the album; and it was their biggest hit on Hello Nasty...
greyeyesgabriel Just chill, relax, and enjoy...everything's alright...
greyeyesgabriel Is it funky enough for you out there...
greyeyesgabriel For those with the sound system to handle it...why pay for a massage...
greyeyesgabriel I love the message in this one...I'm sending this one out to all my tweeps...
greyeyesgabriel Sending this one out to my honor of her day @ Edgefest in Dallas yesterday...Happy Mother's Day, Jiffy...
greyeyesgabriel Another one of my favorite's an everlasting gaze...
greyeyesgabriel I'm back, figured I would start this set with My Chemical Romance...
greyeyesgabriel Have you told your mother thank you...

Pink FloydMother

| play
greyeyesgabriel What's your favorite pie...I like Cherry Pie...ooooooo, you have a dirty >>>

WarrantCherry Pie

| play
greyeyesgabriel All we really want is to have a good time, isn't it...

poison - nothing but a good time

| play
greyeyesgabriel You just keep coming back for more...
greyeyesgabriel I wouldn't have it any other way, you are one of a kind...
greyeyesgabriel Have you found your Hero of the should be your mother today...
greyeyesgabriel Trust is very important to us as earthlings, the emotional computers that we
greyeyesgabriel I Love the way the '80's are getting a new twist...generation next knows how to rock...
greyeyesgabriel I had a Red Beat It Jacket /U know the on with the zippers all over it...No white glove tho...
greyeyesgabriel Isn't this the one that started the hole '80's thing...
greyeyesgabriel Just a fun little tune from the Beck family...

BeckDevil's Haircut

| play
greyeyesgabriel This has to be the all time happy song; I can't listen to it and be in a bad mood...
greyeyesgabriel This has to be one of my favorite bands of the 21st century...
greyeyesgabriel If you don't like me for who I am, there is not much I can do about it...just be yourself...
greyeyesgabriel Well, you found the rock from which I slithered...
greyeyesgabriel Just about to Jet, it is time for @greyeyesgabriel to recharge...
greyeyesgabriel You can't go wrong with Feel Good in the title of the song...
greyeyesgabriel I seem to be lingering...but I should be asleep...
greyeyesgabriel I feel you haunting me...STOP IT!!!LOL!!!


| play
greyeyesgabriel This is one of my classical favorites...just one of the planets...


| play
greyeyesgabriel To my friend to sleep to...

BeethovenFür Elise

| play
greyeyesgabriel Don't talk to strangers unless they are stranger than you are... :-)
greyeyesgabriel ...this concludes our broadcast day @greyeyesgabriel...join us later for...well you never know what to expect...
greyeyesgabriel Just one more before I go...meditate...
greyeyesgabriel I have to get motivated to go grocery shopping...


| play
greyeyesgabriel I'll keep giving all 'til I collapse...
greyeyesgabriel Are you down...feed me hate and I will turn it into love...
greyeyesgabriel Homegrown Texas rock from Arlington, TX...that's near Dallas, TX...

PanteraA New Level

| play
greyeyesgabriel Give me fuel, give me fire....get me to the store, lol....


| play
greyeyesgabriel OH, NO!!! I'M CAUGHT IN A MOSH!!!!!>>>>>
greyeyesgabriel Just a little pepper from another Texas band...
greyeyesgabriel ...and what happens if you take me out...
greyeyesgabriel And she was...beautiful song...
greyeyesgabriel Alright now, @greyeyesgabriel is online and on air...expanding my network like never before through
greyeyesgabriel @greyeyesgabriel, just an ordinary guy...burning down the house...
greyeyesgabriel ...uh, Houston...we seem to have a problem...
greyeyesgabriel My favorite NIN song ever...this is the only link for it I could find on Help...
greyeyesgabriel Messenger to the world...ambassador of common sense...only We the people of earth can make the difference...

Come Together - The Beatles

| play
greyeyesgabriel Do you remember this one, I lived this...just like Hands Across America...I was there...
greyeyesgabriel Now to cleanse the palette...BYOB!!!!>>>>>><<<<<<><><><>
greyeyesgabriel Is it a demonstration or a gathering...


| play
greyeyesgabriel The manual of how to get through life...
greyeyesgabriel Jeremiah was a bullfrog...are you a friend of mine...well then, JOY TO THE WORLD>>>>>><<<<<<>>>>>><<<<<<>>>>>
greyeyesgabriel ""the toadies were a local band to me :-) this is the greatest stalker-rapist song of all time... yes i'm sympathetic to victims, but love the song"" (reblip)

The ToadiesTyler

| play
greyeyesgabriel I had some technical difficulties last night...but I am you believe...
greyeyesgabriel Are you ready for what is to come...

CreedAre You Ready

| play
greyeyesgabriel Spiderman is having me for dinner tonight...

The CureLullaby

| play
greyeyesgabriel @MaryJCannabian you went for a ride in his little blue dune buggy, didn't you...
greyeyesgabriel ...and of course you can't have a Spiderman theme running without the Spiderman theme song...
greyeyesgabriel This Spiderman song is truly is Veruca Salt though...
greyeyesgabriel I wish this had been the theme song I would have grown up with...There goes the Spiderman....


| play
greyeyesgabriel HA HA HA...The Astroglides....LOL...karaoke anyone...HA HA HA....
greyeyesgabriel Very interesting spiderman mix...
greyeyesgabriel ...walking in the spider webs, leave a message and I'll call you back...

No DoubtSpiderwebs

| play
greyeyesgabriel What if... Spiderman were Italian...
greyeyesgabriel Shoo Bee Doo...*clap, clap*...LOL...Scat Spiderman...
greyeyesgabriel Spiderman covered by Fang...


| play
greyeyesgabriel Are you a spider on the web...or are you the fly...
greyeyesgabriel The Spider Web @ Jimmie's Chicken Shack...
greyeyesgabriel Interesting...climbing the Spider's Ladder...
greyeyesgabriel Where's the Hypnotoad...he's never around when you really need him...
greyeyesgabriel The movie Dazed and Confused was based on a story written about Tyler, TX...Robert E. Lee High School...LOL...
greyeyesgabriel You know we like things slow in the Southern molasses, baby!!!>>>>>

FoghatSlow Ride

| play
greyeyesgabriel I'll have the Quesadilla...

NickelbackRock Star

| play
greyeyesgabriel Uh,'s that Crazy Bitch....
greyeyesgabriel I need a about you...


| play
greyeyesgabriel It's always the hardest button to button that gets cha...
greyeyesgabriel Who are you to wave your finger...eye hole deep in muddy water...don't go tossin' your stone musta been high...

ToolThe Pot

| play
greyeyesgabriel Dying is far to boring these days...


| play
greyeyesgabriel I refuse to be an American Idiot...turn off the Idiot Box...join the real revolution...just say no...
greyeyesgabriel Of course a revolution is nothing without a Riot!!!>>>>>
greyeyesgabriel Going back to my dad's days now...ever seen a bong???>>>>>
greyeyesgabriel ...and I leave you with this one while I go cook dinner...tell me, who are you...>><<<><<><<<<>>><<><>>>><<>>>

The WhoWho Are You

| play
greyeyesgabriel I feel like I am forgetting you remember what I was doing...
greyeyesgabriel This one goes out to @DarylHorner...Fight the good fight my man... \""
greyeyesgabriel Find out the low down on YouTube, are you next....<<<mood music>>>
greyeyesgabriel The Cure v Korn...need I say more...OK then...Undone Lullaby...Awesome Mix...
greyeyesgabriel Sometimes it takes death to make us appreciate life...
greyeyesgabriel I feel you pressing down...don't you...

CandleboxDon't You

| play
greyeyesgabriel Wanna go for a ride...I'm your Zero....
greyeyesgabriel Would this count as a Quiet Riot...
greyeyesgabriel @DarylHorner Verbally Vicious Nation's got you're back...
greyeyesgabriel It's 3 A.M. in the morning...did I blackout again? Ah, shit....
greyeyesgabriel .....zzzzzzz......a-huh? Was I asleep?>>>>
greyeyesgabriel Now that we're far away...

Staindso far away

| play
greyeyesgabriel I am about to go get some, let me bring it down...
greyeyesgabriel ...and goodnight from @greyeyesgabriel on will hear from me the next time you hear from me...>>>>
greyeyesgabriel Just to get me started in the right mindset....
greyeyesgabriel Can you say it in X-Amount of Words....
greyeyesgabriel It's almost 3:11 here, so here is some 311...

311Love Song

| play
greyeyesgabriel Stone Cold Crazy @greyeyesgabriel...coming to you live from the New East Texas....
greyeyesgabriel Don't you know...I'm The Man....
greyeyesgabriel Have I been here before...have I seen this before...have I done this before...
greyeyesgabriel Aren't you your head>>>>
greyeyesgabriel Off to do and such...just a little Beastie tune before I go...So What'cha Want...
greyeyesgabriel I will never turn & run...there's nothing I can't overcome...
greyeyesgabriel Smooth up in ya with the Bullet Boys...

BulletBoysSmooth Up

| play
greyeyesgabriel Where the down boys go....>>>>

WarrantDown Boys

| play
greyeyesgabriel We will, we will rock you...

Queen - We Will Rock You

| play
greyeyesgabriel Iron Maiden has a great story telling ability in their music...awesome...
greyeyesgabriel This is really cool...The Christmas Massacre of Charlie Brown...great fun mix...
greyeyesgabriel Not the version I grew up with...but I LIKE it...Rooby Rooby Roo!!!>>>>

scooby doo - mystery mix (very cool techno remix)

| play
greyeyesgabriel Let's all sing together now...We all live in a yellow submarine...>>>>>
greyeyesgabriel Lately I've been dancing with ceiling fans...
greyeyesgabriel Born in Mississippi...raised in Texas...with extended fam in Tennessee...all repped in one place...
greyeyesgabriel Are you a shot caller...I-10 hauler...Wanna be a Baller...
greyeyesgabriel I actually got to see Too Short live in Tyler,TX...with was & my friend were the only 2 white people there, LOL...good times
greyeyesgabriel Me & my posse used to roll Tyler, TX, LOL...
greyeyesgabriel Yep, blipping it again...Cowboy it...

Cowboy BebopTank !

| play
greyeyesgabriel Ok; so it is a Cowboy Bebop sue me...wait, nevermind...just enjoy...
greyeyesgabriel You could always end up in Pot City...
greyeyesgabriel ...theme music; just in case you get in a rush...
greyeyesgabriel You have been a Bad Dog No Biscuits for you...
greyeyesgabriel Slight break...need ice cream...I am a space cowboy...back to Bebop in a bit...
greyeyesgabriel What do you do when you've got the Cat Blues...
greyeyesgabriel Is it in your memory yet>>>>>>>>>>>


| play
greyeyesgabriel Goodnight Julia...

COWBOY BEBOP - Goodnight Julia

| play
greyeyesgabriel I had a friend once give me the nickname Cowboy...long before this song...but I am all about saving horses, lol...
greyeyesgabriel You can checkout; but you can never leave...
greyeyesgabriel Could this be the Twitter theme song....
greyeyesgabriel Growin' & Glowin' like a forest you like Micheal Jackson...WE LIKE COOL J...>>>
greyeyesgabriel I haven't been very active in the community today...does this explain unconditional love...
greyeyesgabriel My dad and I had another "discussion" about "religion"...our faith is different...


| play
greyeyesgabriel My faith is Gnostic dad believes in God, but has not professed any faith..I don't have a problem with this..he has a problem with mine>>
greyeyesgabriel He tries to force his perception on me...but my faith teaches acceptance of all, teaches love one another, even your enemies...
greyeyesgabriel I don't have any worldly enemies that I know of...spiritual, politically, that is another dad refuses to even listen to my view...
greyeyesgabriel My dad claims to believe in the inalienable rights of the US Constitution...he was in the USAF...but oppresses my rights with his anti Christian views

Jimi HendrixFreedom

| play
greyeyesgabriel ...which is his right...but he gets mad because I state my faith as fact, perhaps he doesn't understand the definition of faith...
greyeyesgabriel ...I do not infringe on his rights or beliefs that he states are "facts"...but he refuses to afford me the same respect...
greyeyesgabriel ...all I ask is the same respect that I give, is that too much...if not, then I don't need his negative vibe bringing me down...


| play
greyeyesgabriel ...just accept me as I am, the way I do him...I state my faith as fact, without that conviction, it is not faith; only failure...
greyeyesgabriel I live everyday by faith, what I have is by the grace of God...He guides me & protects me through my day...He is my Father, by His breath, I live...
greyeyesgabriel ...and in the end, where did all this discussion get us...
greyeyesgabriel the end, it really doesn't matter...he still can't control me and I still don't respect him...
greyeyesgabriel ...I refuse to allow him to manipulate my emotions and push my buttons...I am not the angry little boy that he remembers...a lot changed in 30 years>>

KornDid My Time

| play
greyeyesgabriel I am the master of my own emotions, God gives me one pulls my strings without my permission...
greyeyesgabriel All things are possible through God...with Him on my side, I am indestructible...>>>>
greyeyesgabriel Well, this was just a sample of my life...bored is not in my vocabulary...
greyeyesgabriel Now I am going on a quick The Doors theme, hope you enjoy these timeless artistic treasures...
greyeyesgabriel I am the Lizard King...I can do Anything...Celebration Of The Lizard>>>
greyeyesgabriel Hello, I love you...won't you tell me your's #FollowFriday on Twitter...I am about to go get some sleep...
greyeyesgabriel Poetry in motion...for my tweeps, send your #FollowFriday replies to me will end up on my list...when I awake...
greyeyesgabriel I send my #followfriday out from replies from the week...have I heard from you @greyeyesgabriel this week...Ride the Storm with me>>>
greyeyesgabriel @ this point, I am waiting on the sun...insomnia, this time...can you feel the colors...
greyeyesgabriel Well, that will do it for me for least where I am, almost's not really the end...I'll be back..may love be the order of the day>

the doorsThe End

| play
greyeyesgabriel Are you paranoid...then Twitter is not the place for you, much less the internet...get off now, I am reading your mind, lol....


| play
greyeyesgabriel What level are you on...I like to take it to a new level of power and confidence>>>>>>>>>

PanteraA New Level

| play
greyeyesgabriel Have you had your Cyanide today...>>>


| play
greyeyesgabriel Let the Bodies hit the floor... \"">>>>

Drowning PoolBodies

| play
greyeyesgabriel Are you looking for a miracle man>>>
greyeyesgabriel Make sure to bring your parachute...>>>
greyeyesgabriel U ALL ROCK>>> @rocketman528 @ergeekgoddess @twtboxdj @1KC @HennArtOnline @onmoonlightbay @Bonniestwit @StopChronicPain #FF>>>
greyeyesgabriel I'm not alone cause the TV's on...I'm not crazy cause I take the right pills everyday...Do You Bleed American...>>>
greyeyesgabriel Amen - I, I'm Alive>>>the biggest little word that everything balances on; "IF">>>>>>>><<<<<<>>>>>
greyeyesgabriel @gigia: "@Adeline604: TKS--- ?? e com esta eu supero qq surto esquisofrenico. sorry." (reblip)
greyeyesgabriel Round Here something radiates...>>>
greyeyesgabriel Rock & Roll All Night & Party Every Day>>>>>
greyeyesgabriel For my friend @Durgagirl on the twitterbox...I hope you enjoy this one>>>
greyeyesgabriel @FatboyMillionaire: "Prince – Purple Rain"<<<I was looking for prince earlier ~@greyeyesgabriel (reblip)

PrincePurple Rain

| play
greyeyesgabriel It may not be morning here, but is morning somewhere in the world...

Robin Williams - Good Morning Vietnam

| play
greyeyesgabriel ...cause I'm a high plains drifter, drifter...>>>
greyeyesgabriel I'm So Sick - Flyleaf>>also from Texas...>>>>

FlyleafI´m So Sick

| play
greyeyesgabriel Who can it be knocking @ my door...>>>>
greyeyesgabriel Can you feel it >>>>>>>----------------------------->
greyeyesgabriel No one can tame the animal I have become>>>>
greyeyesgabriel Don't you forget about me...not the 80's version...New Found Glory>>>>
greyeyesgabriel If you wanna live, just live>>>>
greyeyesgabriel Finally getting around to that haircut & shave>>>>>
greyeyesgabriel Ahhhh! So fresh & clean again...I feel like a new person>>>>
greyeyesgabriel I am a member of the Men's dad got me into it...never even been in the military, thank God>>>
greyeyesgabriel I am considering quitting this organization for many reasons...most of which have to do with my dad...
greyeyesgabriel I haven't had a cigarette...I feel very hostile...don't step on my toes today>>>>
greyeyesgabriel Angry Again...just kinda fed up with it today...ready to go off, set to explode with a sensitive switch>>>

MegadethAngry Again

| play
greyeyesgabriel Stress is what causes people to take a rifle on top of a tall tower>>>


| play
greyeyesgabriel Who Made Who>>>

AC-DC - Who Made Who

| play
greyeyesgabriel The Internet; a social forum for the Antisocial>>>>>


| play
greyeyesgabriel Do you have have Problems>>>>>---------------->
greyeyesgabriel Where did I put my Monkey Wrench?>
greyeyesgabriel Did I drop that funky music over there?>
greyeyesgabriel My mother gave me an appreciation for Neil Diamond>>>
greyeyesgabriel One of my favorites...thanks Steven; miss you my friend...
greyeyesgabriel Pardon me while I burn and rise above the flames>>>

IncubusPardon Me

| play
greyeyesgabriel This was originally a RUN-DMC song; the Beastie Boys just changed 2 lines, and the music>>>
greyeyesgabriel Worked on my car it is time to play Need For Speed, but which one...
greyeyesgabriel Of course in most of the Republic of Texas the speed limit is 70MPH, although the average speed is 80MPH>>>
greyeyesgabriel Ahhhh, back in the day cruising Broadway, looking for some action>>>

PoisonI Want Action

| play
greyeyesgabriel I hope there are Hot Rods in Heaven>>>>


| play
greyeyesgabriel @realtyman: "@JODYGIRL162 The first 12 minutes of Cheech & Chong's "Up In Smoke" has to be some of the Funniest EVER!!!" (reblip)

WarLow Rider

| play
greyeyesgabriel Really miss the true Big Blocks...442, 455, 400, 409, 454>>>
greyeyesgabriel Always considered myself a Lone Wolf, but if I were in a Pack, I would be the Leader>>>>
greyeyesgabriel Do you remember a little movie called "Cool Word," it was a real trip with my friend Cid>>>
greyeyesgabriel Did you notice the motor theme? I'm out, going to go run from the cops now...on the game, geez>>>
greyeyesgabriel @mellomatic: "@Flow - nope, hadn't heard it. but i like it! =) hey are you going to Lolla after all?" (reblip)
greyeyesgabriel I know the pieces fit cause them watched them fall away>>>

Tool- Schism

| play
greyeyesgabriel He was turned to steel, in the great magnetic field>>>

black sabath-iron man

| play
greyeyesgabriel Straight from Hidden Treasures, a really well done cover>>>
greyeyesgabriel Henry Rollins is a trip>>>

Rollins BandLiar

| play
greyeyesgabriel Now to combat the Liar, LOL...>>>>
greyeyesgabriel Goin' back to Cali; man, I don't think so...>>><<< [""/ \""] >>><<<


| play
greyeyesgabriel I say a movie like this once, it was called Weird Science, LOL....

Midnight Star- Freak-A-Zoid

| play
greyeyesgabriel Here's the Weird Science song...Oingo Boingo, thirty something in the house...

Weird Science (full version)- Oingo Boingo

| play
greyeyesgabriel Diggin' way back into the toy-box for this one>>>

Jam On ItNewcleus

| play
greyeyesgabriel I remember listen to this one on my transistor radio under the slide in the 5th grade, @ Chandler Elementary School, Chandler, TX...where?
greyeyesgabriel Down By Law>>>

Down By Law Fab 5 Freddy

| play
greyeyesgabriel Are you ready for the Summertime; well, let put some Summer in your ear...
greyeyesgabriel As first heard on your favorite broadcast pop station...1987>>>
greyeyesgabriel Listening to my step-dad's records, (LP) while he was gone; we weren't supposed to touch them, especially Cheech & Chong, OPPS>>>


| play
greyeyesgabriel To all of my Cannabis lovers out there...THE REEFER SONG>>>>>>><<<<<>>>>>>Light it UP!!!>>

cheech and chong reefer song

| play
greyeyesgabriel Naw, man...I didn't's Dre...

Forgot About Dre Video (Uncensored)

| play
greyeyesgabriel 100 Miles and Runnin' add 1 more, ft. 2 Pac>>>>>
greyeyesgabriel Not of the Limp variety...but here, have a biscuit...Portishead>>>>


| play
greyeyesgabriel I love it so much; I have to blip it again...With the feeling so pure...>>>>
greyeyesgabriel Is this the real life, or is this just fantasy>>>
greyeyesgabriel @FranciscoIV: "Humpday @MerlottesBar LAST BLIP! Lynyrd Skynyrd – Gimme Three Steps"<<<My fav LS song...>>> (reblip)
greyeyesgabriel Man I spent so many quarters on this game; can I get a refund?>>>

Super Mario Bros. Original Theme by Nintendo

| play
greyeyesgabriel Oh my, I'm having arcade flashbacks...I have to step outside and collect myself>>>

BBC MicroSpy Hunter

| play
greyeyesgabriel @Elling_: "@nervioso me morí también!! :)" (reblip)

I Saw Her Standing There

| play
greyeyesgabriel @TrainWreckRadio: "@sistina catcha on the rebound! remember....go see monte! (laundry lol)" (reblip)
greyeyesgabriel Just one of those bands you would rather see live...FOO FIGHTERS...YOU KNOW YOU MAKE ME BREAKOUT>>>[Live in Roswell 2005]
greyeyesgabriel @deadwood4: "wtf are these creatures on this vid? oddly human"<< TOOL is Awesome @greyeyesgabriel>> (reblip)


| play
greyeyesgabriel The band that proved you only need 3 power chords to make it...Helmet>>>
greyeyesgabriel It's everywhere...can't hide the truth in the information age>>>
greyeyesgabriel It's GWAR, tamed down to School's Out, LOL...these guys can put on quite a disgusting show...not for children, LOL>>

GWARSchool's Out

| play
greyeyesgabriel This is awesome...Harvester of Sorrow...not Metallica>>>
greyeyesgabriel So Let It Be Written...So Let It Be Done...Creeping Death>>>
greyeyesgabriel Just sit back relax...and get mellow with me on Planet Caravan>>>

PanteraPlanet Caravan

| play
greyeyesgabriel This was the #1 song on Billboard on the day I was born; November 20, 1972...

Johnny Nash-I Can See Clearly Now

| play
greyeyesgabriel I am so dirty; no, literally...greasy, sweaty, sandy...going to shower, have to get on the road soon...

Alice in ChainsDirt

| play
greyeyesgabriel I'll tweetcha later...this is the year I was born, LOL>>>
greyeyesgabriel I so enjoy this cover...this band is so much fun...Alien Ant Farm>>>Smooth Criminal<<<>>>
greyeyesgabriel I should act my age?>>>What's my age again?>>>
greyeyesgabriel Are you still stuck in 1985...good news, the '80's are coming back, lol>>>
greyeyesgabriel It's not what I took from you; it's not what I stole...We are born like this>>>
greyeyesgabriel I so loved The Muppet Show, Kermit the Frog here>>>
greyeyesgabriel Are we designing the next new life forms in our own image? Maybe more Human than Human>>>
greyeyesgabriel What happens when David Bowie meets Nine Inch Nails...I'm Afraid Of Americans...what if you were being stalked by Trent Reznor>>>
greyeyesgabriel My all time favorite movie...what if generation x just decided not to participate, to change the rules...choose a different path>
greyeyesgabriel ...and of course the ending, LOL>>>
greyeyesgabriel You can't go wrong; if You go Your own way>>>> (reblip)
greyeyesgabriel I have seen this movie more times than I can keep track of>>>Surf's Up, Dude...
greyeyesgabriel From a beach to a swamp...she might be dead...LUMP>>>
greyeyesgabriel I have the video for this on the enhanced's on my hard drive, copyright issue>>>not that tight with the guys, lol...PTs.of.AthRt

Linkin Park -Points Of Authority (Reanimation Edition)

| play
greyeyesgabriel Bone Thugs N Harmony meets Phil Collins>>>Home...
greyeyesgabriel I am kind of like JackFM...I play whatever I want...Let's celebrate>>>
greyeyesgabriel Keep your head up & your eyes open...I am the Egg Man>>>

Beastie BoysEgg Man

| play
greyeyesgabriel The Truth Is Out There><><><><><><><><><

The X-Files Theme Song

| play
greyeyesgabriel This is about the only song that I like by Slayer...

Slayer "Seasons In The Abyss"

| play
greyeyesgabriel This is a local band; that is a friend of mine on vocals...Kevin Greer...East Texas Rocks...

"Septable" by Hinge Bound live at Clicks 4/18/08

| play
greyeyesgabriel Remember this band...they came from Tyler, TX also...they have a new album out, The Bear>>>
greyeyesgabriel Still doing Texas bands...they recently got back together and been working on a new album...The Toadies...


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greyeyesgabriel Independent Worm Saloon>>>Who was in my room last night...
greyeyesgabriel Austin's Own my ass, he was born and raised in Dallas, TX...SRV~RIP>>>
greyeyesgabriel It's #followfriday on twitter...I have quite a list this week & we are getting off to a great start for the long American weekend>>>
greyeyesgabriel #followfriday 1 @missyisnikkilee @psalmist_one @Bluenscottish @wipoolplayer @magnusang @TheBigfella @EarthLifeShop @PJIII @fridayluv

Drive (The Cars)

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greyeyesgabriel #followfriday @bairdsaj @LoriMoreno @sunshine_diva @Surrender40 @kwwkjock @corporalchief @BruceDCollins @marcuszacco @BooksByTara
greyeyesgabriel #followfriday @DonaldHardyCRS @cancermoonwolf @Wolfields @Durgagirl @mamacapps @epcotx @FU4ChildRights @MaryJCannabian @RossWeber
greyeyesgabriel This one is just for you...@aussiecynic #followfriday...always a great conversation from down under, sending love...

Men at work: Land down under!!!! (One of their best songs!!)

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greyeyesgabriel #followfriday @DarrenSproat @darrenmonroe @Lady_Twitster @DemonFactory @writemo @rocketman528 @twtboxdj @HennArtOnline

Sheena Easton Strut

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greyeyesgabriel I am out going to sleep>>>just a little Holst-Mercury the messenger,,,G'nite>>>

Holst- Mercury, the Winged Messenger- The Planets Suite

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greyeyesgabriel Good Day to all of my friends...wherever you may be...thought I would start off today with some Metallica>>>...but the memory remains>>>

Metallica-The Memory Remains

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greyeyesgabriel Megadeth just finished recording on a new album...Dave Mustane said that it is the best they have done since Countdown to Extinction>>
greyeyesgabriel Are you down? Digging in the toy-box; I came across this gem>>>311~Down>>>
greyeyesgabriel Does it make you happy now?>>>


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greyeyesgabriel #followfriday @onmoonlightbay @writemo @1KC @ergeekgoddess @Buckpimpette77 @rleseberg @starlingpoet @Wolfields @Lightcoaching @missyisnikkilee

Sick Puppies "All The Same"

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greyeyesgabriel A little tune from The Smashing Pumpkins to start the US Memorial Day weekend>>>>>
greyeyesgabriel Creed has gotten back together; in studio working on a new album>>>

creed-With Arms Wide Open

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greyeyesgabriel What is this...Faith No More~Epic>>> (reblip)

Faith No MoreEpic

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greyeyesgabriel Live on Letterman>>>Slither...Velvet Revolver>>>I enjoy Letterman appearances...

velvet revolver-slither (live at letterman)

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greyeyesgabriel Working @ the car wash yea...I was a partner in a detail shop once, in Canton, TX; A1 Detail...Not like the rest, We clean the best.>>>

Rose RoyceCar Wash

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greyeyesgabriel Pressure pushing down on me...pressing down on you>>>

QUEENUnder Pressure

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greyeyesgabriel YES! I so like this video...can't you see... ...confusion>>>
greyeyesgabriel SHOUT! SHOUT! LET IT ALL OUT...Disturbed style>>>

Disturbed ~ Shout 2000

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greyeyesgabriel 1993...Live on Letterman...Stone Temple Pilots, debut>>>wow we were so young then, lol...
greyeyesgabriel Everything looks so much better will get yours>>>Cold Contagious<<<>>>

Bush Cold Contagious (Full Version)

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greyeyesgabriel I Love this song; so sweet, yet so powerful...>>>When I was a young boy>>>

[My Chemical Romance: Welcome To The Black Parade]

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greyeyesgabriel Maybe I'm just paranoid; but I may be a basket case>>>

Basket CaseGreen Day

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greyeyesgabriel And I'm talking to myself at night cause I can't forget...>>>
greyeyesgabriel You know how I love this song>>>with the cool regulator smoking Cigaro...>>>
greyeyesgabriel ...and of course it is a double shot...but only if you brought your own...B.Y.O.B.>>>What's wrong with the System>>>
greyeyesgabriel I am out of here>>>to borrow a phrase from @Alyssa_Milano, until we tweet again>>>Bless you, my friends, wherever you may be...>>>
greyeyesgabriel I don't get it, I get up, logon to Twitter, and start with API exceeded...without even being online? Ridiculous>>>

Led Zeppelin-Communication Breakdown(Music Video)

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greyeyesgabriel Apparently Twitter is a bit dazed & confused by their sudden burst of popularity...weren't prepared for this kind of success>>>

Led Zeppelin -- Dazed and Confused

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greyeyesgabriel How about a little Indestructible power to get you going>>>
greyeyesgabriel What if I say I'm not like the others; what if I say I'm not just another one>>>
greyeyesgabriel Our entire existence hinges on tow little letters..."if">>>

CreedWhat if

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greyeyesgabriel Just like the Pied Piper led rats through the streets>>>

Megadeth-Symphony of Destruction

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greyeyesgabriel If I was the King of all the Rotten, would you be my Queen...>>>
greyeyesgabriel Take a look @ the sky just before you die; it's the last time you will>>>For Whom The Bell Tolls>>>
greyeyesgabriel I dedicate this song to me ex...she would totally agree>>>
greyeyesgabriel Just sending out some Beastie Gratitude to all of my friends...

Beastie BoysGratitude

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greyeyesgabriel I watched this one when it aired...was an awesome performance by my favorite band>>>Live on Letterman>>>

Beastie Boys killing it live on Letterman '04

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greyeyesgabriel The turntables might wobble; but they don't fall down>>>Peter Piper>>>

Run-DMC Peter Piper

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greyeyesgabriel ...Portishead...what else can I say, indescribable>>>


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greyeyesgabriel I was there and I saw what you did.........
greyeyesgabriel ...and you; can bring me to my knees, again...

Staind Outside

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greyeyesgabriel Reverend, Reverend; is there some conspiracy...Cemetery Gates>>>


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greyeyesgabriel I am on myYearbook...getting caught up...had 797 notifications...and am working through 128>>>sending love>>>

Big TymersStill-Fly

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greyeyesgabriel New Eminem>>>Relapse>>>In Stores Now..."We Made You" Official Video>>>
greyeyesgabriel Cars ridin' by with the boomin' system; generation X is responsible for that>>>

LL cool j the boomin system underground remix

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greyeyesgabriel Oh Yes, I have been looking for this one...From the Goodnight Dallas label...Nemesis>>>Last Night>>>><<<>>>>Dallas, TX>>>

nemisis-last night

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greyeyesgabriel I sit alone in a four corner room staring at candles>>>my mind is playing tricks on me>>>
greyeyesgabriel Another group of Texas Legends...Ghetto Boys, where it began...Do It Like A G.O>>>>
greyeyesgabriel @greyeyesgabriel: "Just sending out some Beastie #Gratitude to all of my friends..." (reblip)

Beastie BoysGratitude

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greyeyesgabriel This is for #blink182day...All the small things, it is impossible to be in a bad mood while listening to this 1>>>
greyeyesgabriel I love the melodies of The Smashing Pumpkins...proving music is art...Tonight, Tonight>>>
greyeyesgabriel Help! No, not me...The Beatles>>>

Help! Beatles

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greyeyesgabriel O MY! Oingo Boingo, on The Gong Show, LOL>>>

Oingo Boingo on the Gong Show

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greyeyesgabriel Green Jello's debut was a short one>>>

Green Jello on the Gong Show

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greyeyesgabriel I used to love listening to this band while I was skating (boarding, that is)...this was my favorite by Anthrax>>>>
greyeyesgabriel Now my son has taken up skating...funny, I wouldn't mind him and his friends doing this, isn't this what a pool is for>>>
greyeyesgabriel You take my life, but I'll take yours too; you fire musket, but I run you through; so when your waiting for the next attack>>>
greyeyesgabriel ...but I still believe in mortal love; and I know there's someone above>>>Shine Down>>>

GodsmackShine Down

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greyeyesgabriel @SpinningDiscs: "Slipknot – Sulfur...... Shout Out & Thanks, to @greyeyesgabriel" (reblip)


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greyeyesgabriel @mrdeleted Congratulations on your 3,000 followers>>>

Blue October- Congratulations

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greyeyesgabriel Having a bad Fibro day>>>

Three Days Grace--Pain (One-X)

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greyeyesgabriel @Rubyskyys and the Richard Sharkey & Peter Sar Remix>>>
greyeyesgabriel @Rubyskyys & the David Lois Paul Remix>>>