groovecookie the version without the whistling...
groovecookie Summerbirds In The Cellar - Beware Of False Prophets
pitchforkmedia Built to Spill: "Distopian Dream Girl"
groovecookie Modest Mouse – Satellite Skin
groovecookie Modest Mouse – Tiny Cities Made Of Ashes
groovecookie My Latest Novel – I Declare A Ceasefire
groovecookie The Rifles – Fool To Sorrow
groovecookie Glasvegas - Fuck You, It's Over

Glasvegas - Fuck You Its Over

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groovecookie Royal Bangs - My Car Is Haunted
groovecookie Jane Vain and the Dark Matter – C'mon Baby Say Bang Bang
groovecookie Vivian Darkbloom - Cold War

Cold War

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Jupiter One "Made In A Day" (official music video)

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doubledrat Deerhoof – The Perfect Me
groovecookie The Charlatans - Blackened Blue Eyes


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merzmars This one is for that one

The soundsego

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SabriESC AC/DC cover- rather unlike the original (OK, I'm only guessing because I've never actually heard AC/CD's version)
SabriESC @doyler29- sounds interesting! We're making do with the old-fashioned kind, haphazardly decorated by young children ; )
SabriESC Good morning to you, @everythingispop! : ) Hope your skies are sunnier than out here...and your roads better...
SabriESC RB and thanks! @CeeSeeBlips (reblip)

The The-Uncertain Smile

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SabriESC @DJFrankie- Oh, I would take rain any day! We are completely snowed in here : ( Hey @TheNewYorkChimes!
SabriESC Hey @DJFrankie : ) Hope you NYers are having a lot better weather than we are!

The AntlersTwo

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SabriESC @deadcowaroma: "I'm an out of towner (from out east)--> Given the last couple of weeks, you're probably regretting the decision to move here?! (reblip)

OhbijouBlack Ice

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SabriESC @muffinlab: "@deadcowaroma your name makes a lot of sense to me!" haha, now that you mention it... (reblip)
SabriESC @muffinlab: "@SabriESC yes! that was some storm! Electric six is playing broken city in march..." Hmm, don't know their music- what are they like? (reblip)

Kasper Bjørke: Young Again

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SabriESC @badtemperedzombie: "coffee's done, snow drifts await my shovel. Be careful out there! You may want to tackle it in stages ; ) (reblip)
SabriESC @badtemperedzombie- that would be nice!! We wouldn't be able to get to the airport, though ; )
SabriESC @nastysurprise72- no, sadly, I have zero capabilities in that area...the link was sent by a designer friend.

RadioheadNice Dream

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SabriESC Hey @badtemperedzombie! We had no phone, cable or internet until about 45 min. ago...
SabriESC @craigz: "I guess this is my GP (@SabriESC @Epicrates @newNEWwave)." Oh, no- Ramones cannot qualify as a GP! The Tiffany one was good, though ; ) (reblip)
SabriESC ...that it was my turn to get up with the kids tomorrow. Goodnight @jong @Modster @craigz @yourfavoritedj- lovely to see you all : )
SabriESC @newNEWwave: "Satellites – Daydream Nation" reblipworthy, indeed. (reblip)
SabriESC Goodnight @Epicrates.....don't play too hard ; )
anothercraze Don't rain on my parade, I'm like Noah and the arc @PunkBroc. Sublime, simple and all in sets of two. Plus I'm usin' a pa-pa-power drill. RAWR!
doubledrat Charlotte Gainsbourg – Trick Pony ....fresh upload for all you blipstars. you know who you are; dont make me say it! actually, i dont have a clue...
anothercraze No offense to Karen O...but THIS is the kind of song "Where the Wild Things Are" needed more of. A lot more.


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wayoutosphere RB @outoforder: I changed my FB from the smurf & got complaints. That could be that I replaced it w. a pic of me... Handsome Furs – Officer of Hearts (reblip)

Killing Joke Love Like Blood 1985 HQ Lyrics

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wayoutosphere It be good! Q n' RB @ehkz: "@LikeAnAngel: "more than slightly obsessed with this song."": Florence And The Machine – Rabbit Heart [Raise It Up] (reblip)
wayoutosphere @by_starla: "Stately, plump Buck Mulligan came from the stairhead, bearing a bowl of lather on which a mirror and a razor lay crossed."... (reblip)
wayoutosphere rRB The Boots is really bangin 'em out! @Modster: "Definitely a reblip, thx to @Vacuum_Boots" (reblip)
wayoutosphere RB @Maedhros : Spoon – "Written In Reverse" *New* : Do you think any artists object to Blip? Anyone..? (reblip)
wayoutosphere RB @katost: "Throw Me The Statue – Ship Been working on anything? Just chucking statues..? (reblip)
SabriESC TY@scound: "[The Arcade Fire – In the Backseat]" ~cannot let this one go without a reblip. (reblip)
SabriESC rb@star45: "The Temper Trap – Science of Fear" TY : ) (reblip)
SabriESC @killerswp: "@SabriESC...perfect song for here in Philly today!! That's too bad-can definitely empathize. We've had nothing but cold and snow all Dec. (reblip)
SabriESC AC/DC cover. Also better than the original (ok, I'm guessing...never heard the original!)
SabriESC @killerswp- Iike them a lot : )

Fanfarlo cover Neutral Milk Hotel 'In The Aeroplane Over The Sea'

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SabriESC Just heard these guys a while ago. Different. They remind me of a mashup of bands...maybe Bauhaus and Softcell?
SabriESC @platugleSoundtrack...I'm getting the impression that you like Fanfarlo. ; ) (reblip)

FanfarloI'm A Pilot

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SabriESC @jong ~possibly my favourite band. Definitely top 5.
SabriESC @jong: just getting to know these guys. Apparently I like everything on FatCat (?) Records : ) (reblip)
SabriESC @Epicrates: " a frag grenade into their pocket and blowing their legs off =)" Nice. So anyway, you haven't yet elaborated on the M/SM distinction : ) (reblip)


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SabriESC @jong: "Phoenix – Fences" Of course, I'm long out of props for you. (reblip)


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SabriESC @jong: "Cymbals Eat Guitars – And the Hazy Sea" Great tune. Even better avatar. What's next? And where can I find this program? (reblip)
SabriESC @deadcowaroma~ I actually was out for a while tonight (Earls) but you know, we old people have to get home early : )
SabriESC @deadcowaroma! Staying home on a Friday night~what's up with that?! ; )
SabriESC @Davrocks: "@Epicrates - these guys may give pinkshinyultrablast a run for their money in the best band name competition" I like these guys : ) (reblip)

Keeping warm by We Were Promised Jetpacks

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SabriESC rb@whistlin_indie: "[Saturna – Chasing the Unpredictable] still an absolute fave. " I really like this one : ) (reblip)
SabriESC @shoplifterslocal415: " too much pressure! I could make an argument for all of them..." It's OK- "All of them" is a great answer ; ) (reblip)

The SmithsPanic

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SabriESC Hey@wayoutosphere: "Cool! }{ MP3 At 3PM/ TY for the reminder. We get their emails but no magazine, tho we paid for a subscription months ago! WUWT? (reblip)


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SabriESC Hello @muzicmajic- nice to see you : )//@UncleRay- glad to help- hope tomorrow's better : )
SabriESC Had to UL this one. One of my favourites from the album (OK, I admit it- they're almost all my favourites)
SabriESC part because I'm spending a disproportionately large amount of time listening to this band...

Great NorthernHome

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wayoutosphere @pressurekid : Islands – Where There's A Will There's A Whalebone
wayoutosphere @Vacuum_Boots: NYU Acquires Kathleen Hanna Papers for Riot Grrrl Collection :: Music :: News :: Paste: (reblip)

Annie 'Songs remind me of you'

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wayoutosphere @Vacuum_Boots : Sometimes you have to tend to the foundation. : BLACK CROWES - I Ain't Hiding 86


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DareToEatAPeach Totally #addictive. No full album but a track qualified for #bestof2009 for sure.
DareToEatAPeach Feels like the Faunts equivalent of Love Like a Sunset.


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HellenKellersIpod Whoops, misspoke that last time. The part about @Mollykills being awesome is true though (reblip)

MisfitsHybrid Moments

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HellenKellersIpod But before I go, someone listen to @Mollykills she needs 1 person for a badge and is awesome (reblip)


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HellenKellersIpod I think it's nap time. Perhaps I will see you @ll later. @Mollykills @Modster (reblip)
HellenKellersIpod This video is incredible


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wayoutosphere Journée Terminé. : Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros – Ramshackle Day Parade : Y'all know what to do..! Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...
SabriESC Hi @vgan, I've heard a lot about this band. They sound good! (reblip)
DareToEatAPeach You should buy this album. Just sayin'. It's good.
HellenKellersIpod RB every time (reblip)


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DareToEatAPeach @Craindre Truly nothing of consequence. But that's the beauty of Friday night.
wayoutosphere Wha's what, kiddo? Q n' RB @SabriESC: "This is a great song, but you have to give it a minute." (reblip)
SabriESC @UncleRay: "inspired by my friend @SabriESC" Very nice : ) Thank you!! (reblip)

IvyEdge of the Ocean

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SabriESC @craigz: " malwarebytes can be helpful."TY- we have an anti-malware program running now to fix it- still no idea how we got it...: ( (reblip)
SabriESC @craigz- yes, in fact, it's called the Nickelprop Virus- it actually steals your props and gives them to people who blip Nickelback ; )

BeastMr. Hurricane

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wayoutosphere @OrangeKrush: It couldn't be better than my imagination..! (reblip)
HellenKellersIpod @OrangeKrush What the fuck. I've seen them, I can't believe I'm so bad at picking her out of a crowd! (reblip)
DareToEatAPeach Little Boots is coming. March 9th: Fillmore.
DareToEatAPeach Manchester Orchestra: SF: Great American Music Hall March 11th.

Tinted Windows - Kind of a Girl

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DareToEatAPeach Heh. @SlipperyDistortion: "@anothercraze: "I'm SUCH a narcissist. But where's my red carpet?" I'm sure I have a red towel around here somewhere..." (reblip)
DareToEatAPeach "No le gusta caminar. No puede montar a caballo Como se puede bailar? Es un escandalo" (reblip)
ScenicKK Port O'Brien – I Woke Up Today

Moving Clocks Run Slow by We Were Promised Jetpacks

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Moneybrother Born Under A Bad Sign

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remembermstn GReat 1 thx @spacespencer: "qucik blip. a tape song." (reblip)

The KillsTape Song

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charleyhorse ..... asleep at the keyboard.... need energy...
Drieka Lets Have an Elbow hour

ElbowForget Myself

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RafaelCortines [The Lovetones - Everybody Hides Away]
craigz a single addendum to tonight's blips from me. 1 blip requires the following: " )." / lame typo... / oh, and this for George Harrison; you were <3'd!
nastysurprise @Metapratsch: "Hey @nastysurprise72 I see you made the 5K last night. Congratulations." Thanks. (reblip)
craigz Blake Babies; how is it that my sleeps/zzz's became a nap and here I am 10 minutes ahead of an obligatory (now) 4:20?????


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craigz @evablue I'm just so tempted to rb Cocteau Twins; but Sparklehorse jumped the starter pistol.
mark_till It will be <insert favorite improbable condition here> before I tire of this...The Fratellis – Chelsea Dagger (reblip)
mark_till The Cult - Edie (Ciao Baby)
craigz such the night-night; in 3 words: so very happy / @amsiebee
groovecookie okay, maybe this was the highlight of day 2 at harvest of hope fest...

Apostle Of Hustle - National Anthem Of Nowhere

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