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Los Lobos...bertha...5.19.98 asheville NC

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Jerry Garcia Band "Evangeline"

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aquamarines The Aquamarines – Roulette (ルーレット) (reblip)
aquamarines with our wonderful mentor, Gary Brandin on lap steel
aquamarines seems raining everywhere, no? thx so much à @Corts: "ty c ya @aquamarines" (reblip)
growitall RB @OxlahunOc: "Im GROOVE, Im JAZZ, Im FUNK Like That!!!" (reblip)

Pierce Me by The Planet Smashers

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growitall Wow! jun21/71. great show, great footage. Gonna play all I can find right now!
growitall hity&RB! @bigredneckhead: "Hardly ever, OK... Always! @growitall" (reblip)

Weed Card by Garfunkel and Oates (Official Video)

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growitall cool! tyrb @ell_ess_dee: "The Stevenson Ranch Davidians – Feelin' Good" (reblip)
growitall tyrb @LacedRadio: "DEAD FLOWERS "Slow Burn" ~~ cool tyrb @OriKaL" (reblip)


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growitall RB @Vanzetti: "@MFP4073: BACK IN THE GLORY DAYS OF CLEVELAND -THE DEAD BOYS" (reblip)
growitall RB @Hizzapuf1: "moe. – Rebubula pt.1" (reblip)

moe.Rebubula pt.1

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growitall RB @aki_lvmsc: "Merci, merveilleux :) **Wilson Simonal – Pais Tropical** via @damazio: "Pra animar..."" (reblip)
growitall nice! RB @Triptonic: "@ell_ess_dee: "The Growlers – Red Tide }:) Later all......." ty rb" (reblip)
WhiskeyLogic @growitall Here you go my friend, love this one!

3-27-08 Soul Coughing-Soft Serve

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Odds-Truth Untold

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growitall tyrb @FCKahunaBob: "The Fall – The Wright Stuff" (reblip)
growitall RB @amphore: "@Stendhal & @MichiZuki :)) ....... perhaps you like too" (reblip)

I Love The Rain by The Real Tuesday Weld

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growitall I should comment but really dont what to say, guess lol! RB @greentrees (reblip)
growitall really like DJ Shadow, hity&RB @threecs (reblip)

DJ Shadow - Erase You (feat. Chris James)

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growitall excellent pick ty! RB @Cityboy_Floyd: "Mink DeVille – Spanish Stroll" (reblip)
aquamarines Zdenek Gromnica – Last ... don't stop :) @marisalanuit (reblip)
TricksRadio pleasure's mine ;-) ty @waggonerradio: "tyvm @TricksRadio * Bob Dylan ~ You Ain't Goin' Nowhere (reblip)
growitall hi! I was looking for this TYVM!! RB @ell_ess_dee: "King Crimson - The Sheltering Sky @growitall hi!" (reblip)

The Sheltering Sky

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growitall RB @MajaGila: "well i'd do anything in this god almighty world, if you just..." (reblip)
growitall tyrb @aki_lvmsc: "**Happy Birthday, Blossom Dearie** always so sweet" (reblip)
growitall tyrb @ell_ess_dee: "The Fresh & Onlys – The Mind Is Happy" (reblip)

Gelka / Soon

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Triptonic @dragonflytunes: ""@me: "~can't get this one outta my head :-)" :-) Alaska :-)" It's a Beautiful Day ~ Enjoy! BBL Peace :-)" ty rb (reblip)
state1848 :)))@growitall: "heard you play this earlier today, just remembered - its really good! @state1848: "@djSherwood"" (reblip)
growitall Yeah!!! I've been looking for this for soooo long!!!
growitall excellent! tyrb @Driftaway: "Amen! Luv this!!! RB @smilecin: "outstanding. long live Willie! :)"" (reblip)
sheryonstone this is an Imaginary Song - Mark Sandman for @growitall :)
growitall RB @ell_ess_dee: "Julian Cope – Not Raving but Drowning" (reblip)
growitall things go better with cake! RB @majonghasnothingonU: "but i'm down for some cake" (reblip)
ZONE good energy here... and to you as well :) @CynDyn: "hiya @ ZONE :)" (reblip)
growitall RB @ruthiara: "Grazie!!! =) RB@lilli_l: "bon gusto, si diceva! :) e buon appetito @mnemosine @hedgehogOo"" (reblip)
ViralStyles For 8%, I'm gonna need u 2 move some product out in CO u by chance have distribution channels 4 10,000 Terrence McKenna bobble-heads?
kirkill Dwight Yoakam - Fast As You - @state1848 @growitall (reblip)

Dwight Yoakam Fast As You

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growitall must RB! @allisonhale: "@Chow322: "its really great @ellendiane: "how much capital$$:)@Chow322: "just capital @ellendiane: " (reblip)
ElNito cool :) @Modster

PYLON cool 1979

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growitall this is great! tyrb @futuresun: "Did I mention this recently?! The 10min Answer from BBC Maida Vale sesh. Mr Saadiq on fine form." (reblip)

Lynyrd Skynyrd-You Got That Right-1977

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growitall RB @ruthiara: "Nice Sunady for you,TyRB@CamelWalk! Thank you very much!!!" (reblip)
growitall RB @SevenTenths: "@funkyBP Hope you're getting a dose of this sun. Small doses are better than none" (reblip)
growitall RB @ell_ess_dee: "Babyshambles – Do You Know Me" (reblip)
growitall Wow! thats so cool! was always one of my fav gun club tunes tyrb @Besos (reblip)
growitall great pick! tyrb @PuRFeK_AsIAm: "@Angelitos55 @growitall: @PuRFeK_AsIAm: "Sure Thing..."" (reblip)

St Germain Sure Thing

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growitall rb @ell_ess_dee: "The Morning After Girls – Always Mine" (reblip)

Hayden "The Hazards of Sitting Beneath Palm Trees" live on Open Mike w/ Mike Bullard (1998)

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growitall nice RB @Fangbaby: "taking a ride on the way back machine rb@GrassyKnoll: "@Fangbaby Another goodie from GF"" (reblip)
growitall you hit one outta the ballpark once again! tyrb @bigredneckhead: "Tod Snider... Ballad of the Kingsman @growitall" (reblip)

Ballad of a Kingsman

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growitall RB @Ring31: "...and now - before I Leave to have some sleep - Fennesz!" (reblip)
garbageman01 You can still find this LP kinda cheap, occasionally, 'cause people think it's just a kids' record . . . rb @AMHellman: "@actualrose" (reblip)
growitall RB @raspberrysonya: "..but this time, this time, I'm gonna try it my way" (reblip)


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growitall nice! RB @Triptonic: "@ell_ess_dee: "Will Thair – Billy Whizz (Spacemen 3 Cover) @Katapultado" ty rb" (reblip)
growitall really like tyrb @Katapultado: "Spacemen 3 – Billy Whizz/Blue1" (reblip)
craigz dávila 666 are where it's at. i swear.
growitall luvit!! wish I was there! ty&RB @yfr: "bang on the drum all day :)) @HowieWard @santamistura @santamistura @Unaturalsoul @growitall @growitall" (reblip)

Episode 40 Todd Rundgren Live From Daryl's House bang on the drum.

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growitall RB @gadamer: "Floratone/Bill Frisell - Mississippi Rising" (reblip)
growitall RB @TricksRadio: "ah hells bells, so soon? gm, thx @greentrees * The Lazy Cowgirls ~ Your Charmed Life's Fadin' Fast" (reblip)

The Lazy Cowgirls : 'Your Charmed Life's Fadin' Fast'

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growitall RB @krisp: "@mteric: "The Stevenson Ranch Davidians – Feelin' Good"" (reblip)
growitall I just soaked that in what an amazing tune!!!!!!!!! RB @bigredneckhead (reblip)
growitall a must RB! @Cityboy_Floyd: "Brian Eno – Baby's On Fire" (reblip)
growitall RB @CBKs_cafe: ".... : X" (reblip)

Fascists Eat Donuts

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AvidEyeZenIll Les Claypool's Frog Brigade – Cosmic Highway @growitall
growitall tyrb @avivajazz: "Sun Ra + Walt Dickerson ~ Light Years ~ I would never have known about this divine vibraphonist without uploads by @redoctopus :-)" (reblip)
growitall hilarious! RB @thevictimsfamily: ""lmao..I love this!!!!!" Had to watch it once more before bed. :)" (reblip)

Vegan Black Metal Chef Episode 1 Pad Thai

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growitall RB @2Tall: "PhaseOne – Soulful Trip @MrThompsonR >good evening sir." (reblip)
growitall tyrb @HawkNoize: "@Fred_Hunter: "yas!@ell_ess_dee: "Vibravoid – Random Generated Future""" (reblip)
growitall RB @Jlg_jlg: "Mise en musique d'un texte de Deleuze. Un président d'université m'a jeté de son bureau en me lançant ce cd de ce titre à la tête." (reblip)
growitall RB @MagusMom: "@Showstopper2 --welcome to blip--who loves ya, baby? you got 9 props now" (reblip)
growitall RB @torino: "Venus ----- Shocking Blue" (reblip)

Venus by Shocking Blue

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Gelka / Soon

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Debauchery Eight Days A Week

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growitall cool RB @ZONE: "Doug Carter – North Coast" (reblip)
growitall Really like this, gotta hear it again!: "wow - they are really unique! RB @mairsplaylist: (reblip)
growitall Ive heard a little before, but - oh man - these guys are awesome ty! RB @mairsplaylist: "another one of their's I really like@growitall" (reblip)
growitall so cooool! TY!! RB @CBK: "@growitall & mairsplaylist" (reblip)


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growitall RB @2Tall: "rb@MrThompsonR: "Pete Philly & Perquisite feat. Talib Kweli – Hope> @me > nice to hear from you sir." (reblip)
growitall RB @Mysterymix: "who's got da bone da bone da bone diggy diggy diggy says the boogy says up jump the Boner! #warp" (reblip)
growitall right on! RB @PuRFeK_AsIAm: "The Wailing Souls – For What It's Worth" (reblip)

Led Zeppelin-The Crunge

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growitall @growitall: "RB @ruthiara: "Thank you very much!!! RB@ZONE: "Fred Wesley Quartet – Chameleon""" (reblip)
growitall RB @seanjudge: "RB @DepartmentEss: Diplo does no wrong, and I like the use of the Communards melody line in this." (reblip)
growitall tysm! Im gonna try to repay the favour, but seems your pretty plugged in! @HappyCamper: "The XX – Basic Space @growitall ...yvw! band!" (reblip)
growitall RB @sudarashik: "Listening to Cal Tjader - Nica's Dream @summer_dream" (reblip)
growitall RB! @Shiner: "respect@Fujazz: "quien dijo que la buena no está buena... de los power trios, y efectos colaterales de quienes se les arriman"" (reblip)


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porcupine tree | mellotron scratch

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growitall check this @bigredneckhead - "wow! RB @TricksRadio: "Dr. John and The Blues Brothers Band ~ Season Of The Witch"" (reblip)
growitall this is great, ty! RB @CamelWalk: "Nino Moschella – We Fight @growitall" (reblip)
growitall mmm, this is good, you gave me my introduction to xx! ty RB @HappyCamper: "The xx – Crystalised @growitall" (reblip)
growitall RB @TiffTackToke: "I tried to blip this weeks ago and for some reason I couldn't find a good version * THANKS*! @DJLOPZ: "@MissLordy :D :D :D"" (reblip)

dwight yoakam little ways.wmv

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growitall RB @AvidEyeZenIll: "Oysterhead - Polka Dot Rose" (reblip)

Oysterhead~ Polka Dot Rose

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growitall RB @bigredneckhead: ""Fucked up... gonna get fucked up..." how cute ^_^" (reblip)

Weed Card by Garfunkel and Oates

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Blippo Hey there @sheryonstone Hope you're fine? This song makes me think of you .. if you know what I mean ;)

King Krimson lp DISCIPLINE elephant talk

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G Love and Special Sauce, Stepping Stones, buik remasters

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Led Zeppelin- Hots On For Nowhere (STUDIO VERSION)

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Neats-Six (Boston 1980 Synth Punk)

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Flying_Roundhouse Curtis Mayfield – Pusherman ~ Speaking of 1972
growitall RB @mairsplaylist: "hey friend, going to see this guy tonight!!!@CynDyn" (reblip)

Ben PrestageWeed

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Neats-Six (Boston 1980 Synth Punk)

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growitall I like this vibe

Daniel Merriweather-Chainsaw(Live@ BBC Radio1 Big Weekend -05-2009)

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Mary Jane's Last Breakdown

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growitall RB @melodyofyourlife: "Record Club: Master Song" (reblip)

New Beck, Devendra Banhart feat MGMT Video Master Song

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growitall RB @leffi333: "beck interpreted by the man in black" (reblip)
growitall think I'll be listening to this a few more times! "RB @leffi333: "beck interpreted by the man in black"" (reblip)
growitall has to go on my playlist! RB@DerrickStHolmes (reblip)

Led Zeppelin- Hots On For Nowhere (STUDIO VERSION)

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Grateful Dead Franklin's Tower

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growitall RB @ZONE: "Soulive ft. DJ Spinna – Cash's Dream Remix" (reblip)
growitall @growitall: "tyvm, this is great!! RB @notveruca: "@growitall: Read about M Sandman. Before Morphine,was Treat Her Right. rnr life & death." (reblip)
growitall RB @MusicalDragon: "@ronald_1969: "♫ Upsetters & Augustus Pablo - Lover Dub 12inch" > TYVM:)) Have a Fine Day:))" (reblip)
growitall RB @backtoback: "excellent blip John thx RB @GimmeSomeJohn: "Los Lobos – Kiko and the Lavender Moon - 1996""" (reblip)
growitall tyrb @opruimfee: ""☢I want delete my listenerbuttom and put a nuclear power buttom" rb@fishkopp_deluxe" (reblip)
growitall tyrb @SevenTenths: "@growitall down to follow the Galactic vein for a min or two" (reblip)
growitall what a cool pick! RB @ell_ess_dee: "Grateful Dead – Rosemary" (reblip)
growitall RB @Douryeh: "@Hotyoungmom: "@Alvaroxx: "Röyksopp – Remind Me...""thx GN @ll" (reblip)

Quah Another Man Done Gone

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Grateful Dead• Fire On The Mountain

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growitall right on!! T!Y! RB @sheryonstone: "like this also @growitall :) especially for you." (reblip)
growitall oh shit!!! a true genius that changed the world RB @bigredneckhead: "heard today that Owsley Stanley died last week in a car wreck." (reblip)

Of Montreal: Lysergic Bliss

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growitall RB @EduardoKaripuna: "Use your imagination to lift your level of understanding into other realms." (reblip)
growitall nice one! tyrb @anxiolytic: "Yellow Ostrich - Hahahaohhoho @strayhope @shiraemet @DarkLady @growitall (reblip)

Yellow Ostrich Hahahaohhoho

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growitall tyrb! @rjoe: "Hey-evenin/mornin@Hizzapuf1: "Hi r! thx rb Earth feat. Kurt Cobain – Divine And Bright vi@rjoe"" (reblip)
growitall something I just stumbled across I'm really digging
growitall extra extra nice! ty!! RB @sheryonstone: "[Have Patience - Mark Sandman] RIP" (reblip)


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growitall youre killing me with suspense;)! I would really really love to! RB @sheryonstone: "thx would you like to hear another from the album ? @growitall: (reblip)


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growitall really like this! RB @aprildax: "@Alvaroxx: "Foster The People – Pumped Up Kicks..."" (reblip)
growitall RB @ZONE: "Tortured Soul – Love Everlasting" (reblip)
growitall RB @sergemalovatov: "@LionaB: "Rb@marcdennis: "thanks@lenaphrodite: "The xx – Islands... ... ... ... ..."""" (reblip)

The xxIslands

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growitall RB @dogzbollox: "My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult – A Daisy Chain 4 Satan" (reblip)
growitall nice-ty! RB @dogzbollox: "Gaudi - Heaven in dub @growitall ;)" (reblip)

08 Heaven in dub

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Grateful Dead Perform " Althea " 6/25/93

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growitall ya man! RB @SylverHawk: "The Gracious Few "Honest Man"" (reblip)

The Gracious Few "Honest Man"

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fposati RB @ladypn: "Thanks for my Beck fix!! :) rb@growitall: "one for @ladypn" FRIENDS please read & share/rb/rt!" (reblip)
Blippo @bexible loved your sofa surfers description! Felt exactly like this :)

porcupine tree | mellotron scratch

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growitall RB @2Tall: "Nas – Get Down @TarinnS > welcome new listener" (reblip)

NasGet Down

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growitall ty! this is great! @rachidkas: "TYSM!@growitall: "RB @Seastonemusic: "@r""" (reblip)

"Buttercup" Lucinda Williams NEWEST single from BLESSED STUDIO TRACK

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growitall Time fer a good ol' dead break, one of my favs here

PORTUGAL. THE MAN: New Orleans (Live)

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growitall this is amazing, ty! the tunes you come up with floor me RB @InnerRhythm: "thought you might like this one@growitall bbl~full moon beach party~!!!" (reblip)
growitall tY!!! for the tunes and this one is really unusual, Im gonna havta play it a couple times! RB @BlessedBea: "thanks for the tunes@growitall" (reblip)
growitall outta funpoints for ya, but still luvin the tunes! RB @BlessedBea (reblip)
growitall tyvm, this is great!! RB @notveruca: "@growitall: Read about M Sandman. Before Morphine,was Treat Her Right. rnr life & death. (reblip)
growitall RB @backtoback: "excellent blip John thx RB @GimmeSomeJohn: "Los Lobos – Kiko and the Lavender Moon - 1996"" (reblip)
growitall nice! RB @2Tall: "Kero One Presents – Give Thanks (Sound Providers Remix) @elae @Foudefafa" (reblip)
growitall this is so cool! tyrb @InnerRhythm: "@growitall" (reblip)

Molly Hatchet-Dreams I'll Never See.mp4

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growitall wow! excellent ty RB @PuRFeK_AsIAm: "Pama International – Be My Guest @growitall" (reblip)
kEv_Il @eurogudo: "@kEv_Il: "Skajackers: I Graduated from Ganja School, #OccupyWallStreet"rb.@eurogudo" (reblip)

"I Graduated from Ganja School" by, The Skajackers (Occupy Wall Street Song)

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