lunarboy *not proud of this blip. at all* kkkkkkkkkkkk
lunarboy tell me about your childhood
mauroueda Fique com medo quando vi o clip pela primeira vez! Eu era pirralho, PO!
nica Great song, great video - raaaawwwwk!
nica Olympic anthem if I ever heard one!
nica Fear is all I know... confusing what is real.

Linkin ParkCrawling

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mauroueda Cpop? Também, também...

CoCo LeeBlue Sky

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lunarboy i've got something that you'll really like

MadonnaDress You Up

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lunarboy todo mundo fica louco de seu respectivo edy

cindy lauper - true colours

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mauroueda Ruuuóóóx... aneee!

The PoliceRoxane

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pcornqueen Good Evening Friends, I get a little time to myself ...and def needed to play some tunes :D
pcornqueen I am diggin' Alice in Chains this evening


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pcornqueen @Torrefaction Right on! Looks like I picked a band everyone's enjoying tonight !! Sweet
pcornqueen I kinda enjoy having the house to myself, so I can play what I like and not have to have the headphones on haha :P
nica Another brilliant band live - they are playing in Brazil later this year, so go see them!
jeffk Not a big Cat Power fan, but this is a great track.
diegoghiggi Está desmotivado? Precisa de um empurrãozinho pra fazer suas árduas tarefas diárias? Ouça só o comecinho desse Blip e tudo resolvido... heheheh

Rocky Soundtrack - Theme Song

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adrianebr Muito melhor que Barão Vermelho. Essa vai pra @Dri_Lo, que compreende o que eu blipo aqui.

Amor meu grande amor Angela Ro Ro

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richol Descobrindo coisas loUUUcas no Blip
lunarboy i'm a tree that grows heats, one for each that you take

Bjork Bachelorette

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nica A golden oldie for you!

Jethro TullAqualung

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Silverchair - Israels Son.MP3

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nat_gunji Não é a guitarra blueseira mais gostosa que vc já ouviu?
lelira sorry guys.... I promise I'm still a rocker
lelira sinto falta dos shows... no Rio era quase toda semana...

Dead FishNoite

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nica "My heart is broken, yours is bent..."

Live - Pain Lies on the Riverside FOR

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UNI i'll be a passenger in a car to big sur in two day
UNI then there's always the tar
openarms dessas músicas maresia, uma das mais gostosas...
imgbuilders More nice nusic on wednesday september 10th.
SerginhoVieira Roberta Sá, agora ninguém segura...
Rodflores Valeu, Pinheirão. Ontem teve show e eu perdi. Deixo o registro no blip então.
Hanja true colours by Eva Cassidy
JollySea @stilroyal Hammer Song!

BlurSong 2

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tatatata yeah she makes me smile

Lilly AllenSmile

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nikolatosic different version of even flow

Pearl Jam - Evenflow

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monovolume #sha la la la la 2

Monaco - What Do You Want From Me

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racheljuraski Das antigas. E continua excelente.
zipvogreg I am a strong believer in what this song is saying....
tonyd have heard this one i a while - one of my favorite guitar licks from mm.
didib i'm all i wanna be: a walking study in demonology.

HoleCelebrity Skin

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nica The song is great, and this version is something special.
maurilao Eu não sou muito fã do George, mas essa era bacana.

George MichaelFaith

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giseleramos Muuuito tempo que eu não ouvia isso!
macronix "You go back to her - And I go back to black."
mauroueda Minhas dor nas costas tem trilha sonora :s.
lunarboy na na na

kylie minogue cant get blue monday out of my head

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pcornqueen Gotta go now....enjoy your day and give a moment of silence for all those lost 7yrs ago and are still being lost in this pointless war!! Peace!
lunarboy only human on the inside

The PretendersHuman

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lelira alguém não quis virar piloto depois de Top Gun?

Top Gun - Danger Zone

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maisachisholm Como não achei a que mais gosto (Aliens), vai essa que também adoro. Ah, bons tempos. :~
lelira para terminar o dia muito, muito, muito bem!

The KooksShine On

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carolchang because days come and go, but my feelings for you are forever! PAPA ROACH!

Papa RoachForever

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stewbagz "Wish You Were Here" - Pink Floyd. Another one for Richard Wright ....
Inagaki Meu tributo a uma das bandas mais injustiçadas de todos os tempos:

Buffalo TomSummer

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D1972 Como andei de skate com esse som
guidoks It's raining in the park but meantime
SylvioMicelli Eu adoro Cansei de Ser Sexy!!!!!!!!! Banda paulista para combater o mundo nerd!
MelsWorld I am so NOT sure why, but I really like this song...AND my head is spinning so it fits my mood perfect!

Gnarls BarkleyCrazy

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hcvale tipo isso

Engenheiros do Hawaii O Exército De Um Homem Só

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driczz AAAahhhh yeeeahhh AAAhhh yeeaahh...
Evelyn dangerous, dangerous gaze
pcornqueen These guys suit my mood nicely!!


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lelira Preparando o clima para o TIM com o MGMT!

MGMTTime to Pretend

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danfutema Where were you while we were getting high?
guidoks best of creed.


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MCBlanco Primeira musica tocada no radio do carro =) Sabado, as 10h
lisie D V N O - 4 capital letters!
FabiPinho this is the ritim of the night...haha
danuzza buy it, use it, break it, fix it, trash it, change it, melt it, upgrade it...
fredpill Jogaram farofa em mim! ahahaha

Skid Row18 And Life

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gregbarnett Have no idea how this got stuck in my head, now its stuck in yours too! Bahahahahaha


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kacciukko @zoe amme il tipo che hai blippato te ricorda un po l'immortale davide bowie :P
hootmama i like this version of this song too...
vento @MandaJ you make me blush, thank you :D


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sandraew My heart may be lost, never to be found.
ferrar Supermassive. (What a great word)
lipegilard não sei porque essa música veio na minha cabeça! hahahaha
hecyra si prepara per una seratINA tranquilla a casa o resta vigile per un'uscitINA serale?
rntk fui almoçar com essa na cabeça - graças ao guitar hero

Kaiser ChiefsRuby

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Slack3r78 New Reggie is awesome Reggie.
patoka Me lembra tanto meu pai esta música. Com certeza, a musica q mais me emciona. Achu q nasci na epoca errada... Esse é q é o bom rock!
fol Feia, feia! Pra não ser tombada, vamos mudar os ares...
akasharj Esaa música é muito linda :)
meninaquejoga This must be... POP!

NSYNC - Pop (CD Quality)

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junnnior aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa meu pai é detetive!
kopper I heard this one on KZQZ AM 1430 over the weekend. St. Louis finally has a GOOD oldies station! (reblip)
raquelbcastro @Reginacelia mas peraí, essa não é a melô do aspirador de pó??? "Suga a poeira" (reblip)

SadeSmooth Operator

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mawdawgie Love this video.

Eddie Money - I Think I'm in Love

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Nyx Its getting harder and harder to breathe
gdoubleodbye john mayer - slow dancing in a burning room
S4Songcrush The very beginning of this song goes well with NIN "Closer" lol....
millievanilly Eurythmics – Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)
TinesOnTheRocks @ eeee Lucio... Vê se aprende a andar de skate pra não ter fratura exposta heim buuuuuro! SUCKEEEER!!!!!!!!!!! (reblip)
Christianne It's been a stressful afternoon. Who will it be?
DJ_EL_Coyote time for ride on air force one

NellyAir Force Ones

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smurfbr when i was 14 i heard this at least 15 times a day =D
TJSharky If he wasn't such a good performer in his day job, he could be a great vocalist.


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angelheart night you two!!@NicoleVSanchez: "bye, see you later :-) @HERDE: "I'zz outta here;TY ALL!"" (reblip)

Led Zepplin-Stairway to heaven

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04. Cão Guia | COMPLETE Ao Vivo | Móveis Coloniais de Acaju

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suzan Oi!! tudo bem?? rb@simplesmente: "Ficou pra trás também o que nos juntou ....Ainda espero respostas \\0//" (reblip)


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mmeixide Tom Jobim, Vinicius de Moraes, Toquinho e Miúcha - Sei la a vida tem sempre razão

Tom Jobim, Vinicius de Moraes, Toquinho e Miúcha

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lilisn Losing my religion.

R.E.M. Losing My Religion

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Boston- More than A Feeling

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Jazz a Vienne Spain Chick Corea+Jorge Pardo+Carles Benavent+Rubem Dantas+Tom Brechtlein

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