gulfcoastgal hope for the helpless, rest for the weary, love for the broken heart...
gulfcoastgal Fernando Ortega just lifts you up whenever you hear this song...
gulfcoastgal we used to dance and dance to commander cody and his boogie woogie tunes
gulfcoastgal We did not know if they discovered old old songs or wrote in the fashion of
gulfcoastgal QMS sang it and then we heard the blue grass versions which were much more dense and rich

Doc WatsonShady Grove

| play
gulfcoastgal they always had such a unique sound

PentangleLight Flight

| play
gulfcoastgal this song properly scared us all at a young age - an old traditional British song
gulfcoastgal another song which scared us like Alfred Hitchcock
gulfcoastgal this is one of my favorite songs
gulfcoastgal here is one version of this old traditional song we used to sing
gulfcoastgal we were enchanted by all these old songs
gulfcoastgal similiar melody to shady grove.. but again a song from SD
gulfcoastgal have not heard this in years ..still is so pretty
gulfcoastgal SRV could do amazing things with a song
gulfcoastgal My musician friends hated the breathy technique but we adored this sweet song with all the different roads it took

Jethro TullBourée

| play
gulfcoastgal emmy lou and linda sweet song

I CAN'T HELP IT by Linda Ronstadt & EmmyLou Harris

| play
gulfcoastgal dwight brought back a true sound for a while
gulfcoastgal that soprano harmony with dancing melodies behind it and triangle notes- we were startled that a song could reach such beauty
gulfcoastgal we heard this and thought yeah we want to inspire THAT !!! mmm
gulfcoastgal I did not know for years that they were sisters - no wonder they sound good together
gulfcoastgal none of us could sing ANY of these notes they floated up so
gulfcoastgal we all remember her amazing voice
gulfcoastgal have never heard Sandy Denny with vibrato This tune is reminiscent of Pentangle's melody in Once I had a sweetheart..
gulfcoastgal written by Richard Farina to an old Scottish melody recorded by one of the better voices SD
gulfcoastgal 2 of the best I cannot imagine what that must have been like hearing them both on the same stage
gulfcoastgal I hear this in my sleep some nights... :)
gulfcoastgal those tubular bells and that voice- from a 13th century British song


| play
gulfcoastgal ooooh this was too sweet

Cat Stevens- How can i tell you

| play
gulfcoastgal love it All I need is a tall glass of cold sweet iced tea..
gulfcoastgal johnny cash singing this beautiful song
gulfcoastgal a sweet version of this classic We sang this so often a million years ago

paradise , john prine

| play
gulfcoastgal Steve Winwood has been amazing us since age 14 in Spencer Davis Group
gulfcoastgal pretty harmonies


| play
gulfcoastgal @organicsue: "Big Mama Thornton – Down Home Shakedown" mm-hmm (reblip)
gulfcoastgal love this song

in my life- beatles montage

| play
gulfcoastgal yeeees we can can -- make it a better land --- great goshamighty
gulfcoastgal we all loved to watch them ride & sing in the TV reruns
gulfcoastgal hee hee


| play
gulfcoastgal we LOVED to sing this

The Erie Canal Song

| play
gulfcoastgal for my mother may she rest among the roses she loved so well

Rose 1: Walking in the air,Celtic Women

| play
gulfcoastgal what a beautiful version of this song We knew this from Fairport Convention and Sandy Denny
gulfcoastgal we were enchanted by these old songs and sandy denny's voice
gulfcoastgal you.......are...... my pride and joy..
gulfcoastgal adore this song---years later my girl would come running up saying Sesame St is playing Carmen now the world hears this and thinks of...

victoria de los angeles bizet-carmen habanera "l'amour est un..."....gypsy song "les tringles"

| play
gulfcoastgal ...deeply touching my emotions.. I wanna stop and thank you baby.. how sweet it is..
gulfcoastgal We cried 3 times Once when we heard 4 students were shot Again when we saw the photo and when we heard this song
gulfcoastgal who needs lyrics when they have this kinda talent with melodies
gulfcoastgal saw them at age 16 in Ft Worth in 1970 Had never seen so many types of drums in my life What a talent

Oye Como Va -Live 1971 Original Santana Band

| play
Wootberries This is not a fire drill, and if we hold any hope, it's harmony connection, a stereo symbiosis.

Imogen HeapEarth

| play
gulfcoastgal "these precious words keep me hanging on.." We LOVED Diana Ross and the Supremes - Ball gowns like Barbie and dancin' like we'd never seen
gulfcoastgal All I hear is the sound of rain falling on the ground @marsabell: "The Rolling Stones - As Tears Go By "It is the evening of the day.."" (reblip)
gulfcoastgal My mother passed just a few moments past her 67th anniversary 3-24-10 May she be honored by this song and the roses she loved #iheartmom

Rose 1: Walking in the air,Celtic Women

| play
gulfcoastgal stop in the name of love....before you break my heart

Diana Ross & The Supremes Stop In The Name Of Love

| play
gulfcoastgal one of the best versions Wait until you hear her vocal playing through this classic
gulfcoastgal this is one hot song and his voice really has it

Elvis PresleyFever

| play
gulfcoastgal first time I heard SRV = I had to pull over ---my jaw was dropping at his sound = I could hardly breathe.......
gulfcoastgal Love her slide guitar and this haunting song from DUMBO

Bonnie Raitt and Was (Not Was) 「 Baby Mine 」from Dumbo

| play
gulfcoastgal we all believed..... and we loved the vibrato and heard it in our dreams
gulfcoastgal the sax and the song is a hoot!!
gulfcoastgal no one could do this better and Leon could make those piano keys just dance

Joe Cocker / Leon Russell "The Letter"

| play
gulfcoastgal sung from deep pain with an aching amazing voice
gulfcoastgal this is early Bonnie at her finest slide guitar bluesy and raw
gulfcoastgal everyone is grinnin' after just a few of his rollicking piano licks
gulfcoastgal hope for the helpless... rest for the for the broken heart---
gulfcoastgal lone star girl -- That's US!! wheeeeeeee
gulfcoastgal playing the flute HIS way -breaking all the rules

Jethro TullBourée

| play
gulfcoastgal mama , he's crazy ... crazy over me
gulfcoastgal no off stages lines could make me feel bitter or treat you unkind- wild wild horses couldn't drag me away..
gulfcoastgal as sad and deep as you.... his clear true voice with this classic song
gulfcoastgal ah now the steve miller band let us dance in the wee hours
gulfcoastgal I'm a picker I'm a grinner that gangster of love
gulfcoastgal when handsome Paul sang I know this love of mine could never die ---we all sighed and thought ahhhhhhh
gulfcoastgal that little band from texas
gulfcoastgal no one else could make us grin like him
gulfcoastgal heard him play in Dallas when this song was smokin hot
gulfcoastgal alvin lee 1970 in Ft Worth -- at that time the fasstest guitar in the West and this song ...made us shiver with excitement
gulfcoastgal @DJMcMe: ""otis reading---sitting on the dock of the bay.""" thanks (reblip)

otis reading---sitting on the dock of the bay.wmv

| play
gulfcoastgal to find a dream and a life of their own..
gulfcoastgal and we danced and danced to this
gulfcoastgal hot stuff

Peggy Lee _ You Give Me Fever

| play
gulfcoastgal so look out now..

The Angels-My BoyFriend's Back

| play
gulfcoastgal ooooh thanks LOVE your stuff @DJMcMe: "Cool Old fav! thx! RB @gulfcoastgal: (reblip)
gulfcoastgal whata strong song such pain in her powerful voice
gulfcoastgal her old stuff was more raw and LOVE that slide
gulfcoastgal if I'm standing in a crowd.. call my name

JJCale--Don't go to strangers

| play
gulfcoastgal love that band from texas ..@TropicsZ4: "Hi, thanks for reblip ZZ top :)) @hairgirl: "@TropicsZ4: "ZZ Top – Gimme All Your Lovin #awesome'80s""" (reblip)
gulfcoastgal oooh Joe Cocker and Leon Russell what a pair thanks @tomperanteau
gulfcoastgal thanks talk about pain!! @GALLEXIESWORLD: "fabulous rip JANIS JOPLIN WE REMEBER" (reblip)
gulfcoastgal YEP good song thanks 4 the RB@Eclecticjams: "Still sounds smokin rb@gulfcoastgal: "heard him play in Dallas when this song was smokin hot"" (reblip)
gulfcoastgal gulfcoastgal -mmm heard jjcale sing this in dallas mid 70's thanks @Believer: (reblip)
gulfcoastgal first time I heard him-- I had to PULL THE CAR over took my breath away ...stevie ray!!!
gulfcoastgal try again gulfcoastgal we DID dance to this under the moon to MOONDANCE @Lovebreath:U just tremble & sigh Van Morrison " (reblip)
gulfcoastgal such a quietly dangerous voice that just drew us in
gulfcoastgal Eric Burton put soooo much into a song--you just believed whatever he said
gulfcoastgal those summerdays thanks @marsabell: "hot fun in the summer time" (reblip)


| play
gulfcoastgal wished my green eyes were brown when I heard this
gulfcoastgal this song touched us all with that deep dense melody @Ineluctable: "an incredibly evocative song that brings on intensely bittersweet emotions (reblip)
gulfcoastgal done me wrong and you'll be sorry one day -like this version
gulfcoastgal everyone knew he was no good except for
gulfcoastgal gulfcoastgal says yup...... @djpuggie: "You can't argue with 8 Grammys.." (reblip)
gulfcoastgal "nice thanx " from ex NOLA gal here still on the gulf" where YAT dahlin'? "@nawlinswoman @daytonacharger: "@Lisa_Michele,@suzan,@nawlinswoman, (reblip)

Frank Marino I'll Play The Blues For You

| play
gulfcoastgal go girl! @mammaciliegina: @DJMcMe: "7 away from 100 badge AND its her birthday! Help this sweety and kickass DJ with some Blip LOVE please!" (reblip)
gulfcoastgal U r amazingly!! generous and have empowered SO many THANX :) @DJMcMe nice tune @Boheme:" (reblip)
gulfcoastgal now THAT's some classic boogie woogie- gotta dance
gulfcoastgal THE song & spells it .. M.. A .. N ! says he has LOTSA FUN!!
gulfcoastgal Feels like my day today @DJMcMe: @qvigear: rb@thejuice"" (reblip)

JANIS JOPLIN Ball and Chain at Monterey Pop Festival 1967

| play
gulfcoastgal He is sooo in love with his woman...
gulfcoastgal soo nice We miss u SRV ( try and find larry davis' version 'bout Hurricane Ella category 5 )
gulfcoastgal this would put anyone in a great mood-- well almost
gulfcoastgal WOW this is such a find thanks I gotta go hear more thanks again@Foxymoron: @nawlinswoman" (reblip)
gulfcoastgal title made me laugh but OMG she can really sing thanks foxymoron and that nawlins sound

Irma Thomas-You Can Have My Husband But (Don't Mess With My Man) Live

| play

Irma Thomas-You Can Have My Husband But (Don't Mess With My Man) Live

| play
gulfcoastgal ... hope for the helpless, rest for the weary.. and love for the broken heart

Howlin' Wolf Smokestack Lightning

| play
gulfcoastgal "havent heard this song in yrs- she makes it soo powerful"" (reblip)
gulfcoastgal I pledge allegiance to thee, Texas, one and indivisible.

"Texas, Our Texas"

| play
gulfcoastgal Love that flag ..Come 'n take it ( with the cannon-haha!!) "I pledge allegiance to thee, Texas, one and indivisible."@TricksRadio53: ..;-) (reblip)

"Texas, Our Texas"

| play
gulfcoastgal "wait 4 the the harmony @TricksRadio53 @MusicSavvyMom: may you never forget those sweet hours.."

stevie nicks live, red river valley

| play
gulfcoastgal still like early bonnie raitts version best (early sound was earthier ) "the definitive texas song" as per DH
gulfcoastgal blippin thx 4 listenin' 2@Greenfields47 @MaskMuse@MusicSavvyMom@ robsonag@docstimulas@apm35 @ stephericsson Marystudio@HippyWebb@ frankierocker
gulfcoastgal wait 'bout 15 sec to the next bit-worth it--great at his craft
gulfcoastgal lotsa harmonica solos wait a bit -worth it
gulfcoastgal his polkadot stratocaster slays me but he can PLAY
gulfcoastgal now THAT is really nice work..
gulfcoastgal Sandy Denny's great voice & Fairport Convention 17th cen ballad& her special vision thx &RB@wamylove: @garbageman01 @FOGGIELOANER: @Greythorn (reblip)
gulfcoastgal 4a while UK's #1 vocalist Sandy Denny ancient melodies enchanted us- thx@jarnokeim: "@#threesomethursday @#sandydenny@Zipp @cloudbusting@lalrichie
gulfcoastgal g'nite moonlight ladies ( my childhood ambition was truthfuly to be a buffalo gal & Dance in the Light of the Moon) @TandaoKungFu@VelvetCharmer (reblip)
gulfcoastgal This song took my breath away.. I actually had to pull off the freeway-- thinking "OMG! WHO is this...I gotta hear more!!! " thanks@dj_bluesdaddy (reblip)
gulfcoastgal breathing new life into an old song with a twist of a nice new melody in harmony near the end with her man
gulfcoastgal now.... here's a man who has lost that lovin' feelin...


| play
gulfcoastgal They used to call it - a Texas style divorce thanks @dj_bluesdaddy (reblip)
gulfcoastgal yup- sharp dressed man makes a difference
gulfcoastgal brings a smile .. this rolls around in your mind after..

Dr. John plays 'Pine top boogie'

| play
gulfcoastgal what we all thought true love should be like........thx and RB @DoctorOfJazz@Jumbojetje. (reblip)
gulfcoastgal "hadn't had a day off in over a yr" --yup been there and survived thx to the good Lord..@TricksRadio53@Leda_Lee (reblip)
gulfcoastgal " took me by surprise--I must say.." I hear those MoTown songs in my dreams some nights ......Now where is Marvin's version.......?
gulfcoastgal here's to honor 2 marriages over 60 years-my folks and my in-laws ---- amazing love over time - not perfect but still laughing even in the last days
gulfcoastgal love how her unique voice dances around the melody in this song

Phoebe Snow-No Regrets

| play
gulfcoastgal one of their best === faith has been broken tears must be cried no off stage lines could make me feel bitter or ... treat you unkind...
gulfcoastgal " too busy thinkin 'bout my baby" we still love you Marvin...
gulfcoastgal ..... a understated and beautiful song

Con Que Pagaremos

| play
gulfcoastgal Thistle saved Scotland from the barefoot vikings so the legend says and became the national flower ...thx@nawlinswoman: "A gift of thistle..XO.." (reblip)

Braveheart Theme-A Gift Of A Thistle

| play
gulfcoastgal every blessing you pour out- we'll turn back to praise....when the darkness closes in..still our hearts will choose to say Blessed be Your Name--
gulfcoastgal this crazy love of mine ..wraps around my heart

PocoCrazy Love

| play
gulfcoastgal Love it when a guy takes the time to learn how to really dance.. benefits ALL the women he will ever know...@Dancer12@doctortrustme" (reblip)

Zorba The

| play
gulfcoastgal she played a mean slide guitar in the 70's
gulfcoastgal Hows the Houston song go?-- While they have snow n holly - we're feastin on tamales with xmas cheer & flip-flops in the sand.. :) thx@TricksRadio53 (reblip)
gulfcoastgal A lot of Expat texans out there Do us proud/get back when u can.Fajitas/boatin on the lake& Austin music waitin 4u @TricksRadio53-missin' Tejas 2day
gulfcoastgal Salute to my father and father in law and their military service and to all of our troops -past and present.. thank you thank you
gulfcoastgal what a song ... This video shows such a wonderful moment between audience and artist
gulfcoastgal to my 100th listener thanks@TheJohnC (reblip)

Pas de Deux pt deux

| play
gulfcoastgal thanks @lalrichie for the reminder of her rich and dense tapestry she left for us taking us back 300 yrs
gulfcoastgal classic bluegrass tale with long roots back to wandering European minstrels almost 400 years ago

Doc Watson  Shady Grove

| play
gulfcoastgal a ballad of a love triangle with incredible harmonies .....shady grove grew from this ancient British tune
gulfcoastgal family crisis and we r needin a few prayers sent up thx for a good song@DoctorOfJazz (reblip)
gulfcoastgal my BF used to sing this to me in his deep voice yrs ago... made me melt a little...

Ain't No Sunshine When She's Gone by Bill Withers

| play
gulfcoastgal ooo why thank you- thank yew vera much.. :) @macroshift: "Baby I'm Louisiana red hot!... Marcia Ball – Red Hot ][ special nod to @gulfcoastgal" (reblip)

Marcia BallRed Hot

| play
gulfcoastgal A loves B B loves C Love's bittersweet irony that catches us all @macroshift Good question often without clear answers @gulfcoastgal" (reblip)
gulfcoastgal farther along we'll understand why... we'll understand it all by and by.. (Fond memories--sweetly singing along to a dulcimer )
gulfcoastgal love the simple sounds mountain dulcimer

Simple Gifts

| play
gulfcoastgal @crazydv -lucky friends2 hear u play as opposed2canned music (I'm sucha silly girl/gets me in a whirl.LIVE music)GUYS keep yer girl away from the band

Wizz Jones / Canned Music

| play
gulfcoastgal @AtheDJ: "The Neville Brothers – No one can touch their unique and incredibly etherial sound We need to sing along anyway just for the joy of it (reblip)
gulfcoastgal pour down like rain...washing my eyes to see
gulfcoastgal young n wild we drove 900 mi of TX Heres 2u DH on this sp day wish we could blip real version
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