gummiebear727 there's nothing left to try. there's no place left to hide. there's no greater power, than the power of . . . goodbye.
gummiebear727 Dear Lord, on my knees can you hear my prayer?
gummiebear727 with nothing but your t-shirt on . . .


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gummiebear727 "la solitudine" laura pausini (version en vivo con lara fabian)
gummiebear727 breathin . . . eaaassyy.

SugababesBreathe Easy

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gummiebear727 ohhh girl . . . i'd be in trouble if you left me now

Paul Wall-Girl

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gummiebear727 if i could turn . . . turn back the hands of time . . .
gummiebear727 aim high, shoot low . . . gotta aim high, shoot low baby.
gummiebear727 let all your emotions run free . . . with someone like me.
gummiebear727 can we bring yesterday back around? cuz i know how i feel about you now.
gummiebear727 even if it kills me to see you in that wedding dress . . .
gummiebear727 just gonna stand there and watch me burn? DEMO (skylar grey)

Skylar Grey -- Love The Way You Lie (Original Demo)

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gummiebear727 i'm addicted and i just can't get enough . . .
gummiebear727 on the first page of our story the future seemed so bright . . .
gummiebear727 lonely . . . i'm mr. lonely . . . i have nobody . . . for my own . . .


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gummiebear727 my body never knew such pleasure, my heart never knew such PAIN


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gummiebear727 lately . . . been thinking 'bout you greatly


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gummiebear727 these dreams go on when it's cold outside . . . every moment of the night, i live another life.

HeartThese Dreams

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gummiebear727 and you were right, when i walked into your house . . . i knew i'd never want to leave.
gummiebear727 you're so naive yet so . . . (mutya buena version)

Mutya Buena Naive

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gummiebear727 "i know, he knows that i'm not fond of asking" (lily allen version)
gummiebear727 they say the future's out to get you, you know that i won't let you fall
gummiebear727 could you forgive, and learn how to forget? hearing as i'm calling out your name . . .


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gummiebear727 cuz there's beauty in the breakdown

Frou FrouLet Go

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gummiebear727 and if i don't come home tonight, just know i tried my best to fight . . . please don't think i plan to lose to the night . . .
gummiebear727 cuz everybody knows, but . . . nobody really knows.
gummiebear727 10 thousand miles apart . . . :'(
gummiebear727 no hope, no love, no glory . . . no happy ending . . .
gummiebear727 you've made a FOOL of everyone . . .
gummiebear727 i try to move on, but you're not gone, cuz in my heart you still live on
gummiebear727 just promise me you'll always leave the ground.
gummiebear727 let's show them how to live: accept the pain, always forgive.

This Day and Age -- Second Place Victory

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gummiebear727 you wouldn't drive without a key, you can't live if you don't bleed.

This Day and Age - We Always Rewind the Best Part

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gummiebear727 say it ain't so . . . weezer cover by mozella

Say It Ain't So

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gummiebear727 cuz boy i'm on a hunt for you . . . where you at? where you at?
gummiebear727 one look in your eyes . . .


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gummiebear727 and i'll swear it all over again
gummiebear727 you're the words that i read, you're the light that i see . . . and your love is all that i need
gummiebear727 i remember way back when, you used to look at me that way . . .
gummiebear727 from the moment i saw you, from the moment i looked into your eyes . . .
gummiebear727 now i see what love means . . .
gummiebear727 take me back, take me back to when love was good

take me back brick and lace

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gummiebear727 you just gotta ignite the light . . .
gummiebear727 losing you is like somebody just turned all the lights off
gummiebear727 if. you. take. your. love away from me, i'll go crazy . . . i'll go insane
gummiebear727 turn around, don't you feel something missing?
gummiebear727 are you just another fake? or something special?

Skin DeepNo Secrets

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gummiebear727 vida, devuelveme mis fantasias . . .
gummiebear727 YOU ARE MINE, there's no other one for me, keep in mind . . . you make my life COMPLETE

SolunaFor All Time

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gummiebear727 only thing i'm guilty of, is giving you too much love.


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gummiebear727 and even if the sun refused to shine, even if romance ran out of rhyme . . .
gummiebear727 if the sun shuts down and decided not to shine no more . . .
gummiebear727 i'm feeling really UNAPPRECIATED. ... i don't know. how much more. i can take from YOU.
gummiebear727 "because i know i deserve better . . . i'll never let another teardrop fall."
gummiebear727 . . . let it rain . . .

JoJoLet It Rain

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gummiebear727 cuz he don't wanna leave, and i don't wanna go . . . i don't wanna fight this kind of war
gummiebear727 "can we go back again, as lovers not as friends?"
gummiebear727 i wanna hold you . . . til the fear in me subsides
gummiebear727 but nobody said that it would hurt SO BAD, so how do i live? how do i deal without you . . . ?

How to Deal by Frankie J ((lyrics))

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gummiebear727 i'll be your love. i'll be your light.
gummiebear727 and even though we ain't got money, i'm SO IN LOVE with you honey
gummiebear727 i wish, i wish, i wish . . .

R. KellyI Wish

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gummiebear727 life's a prison without your love . . .

Without you (interlude) & Can u help me by Usher

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gummiebear727 they wanna push me down, they wanna see you fall down . . .
gummiebear727 just when we promised we would only be friends . . .
gummiebear727 i don't wanna put on my make-up just like every girl in the magazines
gummiebear727 i know it sounds lame but it's so true . . .
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