haizee "Les Dijns" = a spirit often capable of assuming human or animal form and exercising supernatural influence over people.
haizee French Dub - Saint Germain style
haizee what you going to do when you run out of time?
haizee staccato beats are exciting


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haizee love this down-tempo version with enhanced falsetto bits...
haizee Giles Smith atmospheric subterranean mix...
haizee Roni Size is the godfather of drum n' bass
haizee drum n bass on a thursday afternoon is working out very well
haizee sam cooke is so nice on a rainy friday
adbert @giiih ROUGE & ROLL [Fighter – Christina Aguilera] ♥ www.blipathon.com#blipathon
haizee this song feels like a rave in a locomotive
haizee why have I never heard of Tigerskin before?
haizee life, rain, fall all at once
haizee never older, always the same...like a man who dies everyday
haizee the day steals all my time...
haizee a messed up kid with no ideals aka phoenix ~ long distance call
haizee Four Tet and Sia should get together more often
haizee reminds me of 2001 ~ Fischerspooner's cover of the 15th
haizee classic late 90s ~ #daft punk's around the world #housemusic
haizee moloko's the time is now ~ quasi-RnB remix


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haizee frou froulicious ~ breathe in

Frou FrouBreathe In

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haizee bitter:sweet makes me bitter when their songs end #electronica
haizee Calvin Harris ~ Neon Rocks - this song reminds me of that candy "Pop Rocks" for some strange reason
haizee Musical arrangements don't get much more simple than this
haizee Robyn vs the Cure ~ Close to Konichiwa Bitches
haizee wanted dead or alive ~ Justin Martin ~ The Fugitive #techno #electronica
haizee Though you may not drive a great big Cadillac...
haizee What's happening butterfly? Dig Planets ~ Swoon Units
haizee Tracey Thorn does Arthur Russell ~ Get Around to It
haizee Le Knight Club ~ Coral Twist ~ happy french house
haizee deep house extended mix


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haizee what happened to Archigram?

ArchigramIn Flight

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haizee T.I.T.T.S!!!!!~buffalo bunch


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haizee until tomorrow ~ Arthur Russell + DFA
haizee shwayze ~ she was buzzin' all over me
haizee Iggy Pop + the Twelves = Awesome?
haizee space disco ~

Estella's Invitation

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haizee aaaaaaahhh! @bdubz will you marry me? (reblip)

Aloud - Sex and Sun Part III

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haizee Paul Simon Caribbean Dub (Todd Terje)
haizee Just discovering Arch M - kind of reminds of an Emo Aphex Twins

Arch M21st Union

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haizee Before Daft Punk...Justice...there was Breakwater
haizee Bjork / hidden place

BjorkHidden Place

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paeix thanx___________________________________________________ from@clockworkbox (reblip)
paeix thanx___________________________________________________ from@antennica & @robotnik & @lalamalone (reblip)

Pit Er PatSkeletons

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paeix thanx___________________________________________________ from@ArthrReeeeD again, a re-reblip (reblip)
haizee @patita tell everybody about roisin murphy (reblip)
haizee flying down to Rio just to meet my girl Cleo...


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haizee Let me iron my Leisure Suit ~ Moulinex
haizee @bdubz freakin you biatches like Jodeci
haizee In the garden with Cut Chemist
haizee Charlotte Gainsbourg + The Black Ghosts
formalhaut @GR8FL i guess no one doubts about your big <3! please listen to this remix. it's even more touching, imho.
haizee Air guitar ~ VHS or Beta
haizee Nuuro - Common Dragons

NuuroCommon Dragons

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haizee Savage Racing

Savage - Racer

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haizee Candy Clash - Just Kiss Her (Shoes Rmx)
haizee Plastic Bertrand ~ the French surf rock
haizee Time to turn to the page...Fleetwood Mac ~ Little Lies
haizee Brazilian Girls ~ How to live the good life...
haizee @tubilino so hard to find a Gorillaz tune on Blip
haizee New Order is always a good thing

New OrderTemptation

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haizee this was so scandalous when I was 8 ~ Prince's Darling Nikki
haizee Dj Shadow / Six days / this is a more subtle version

DJ ShadowSix Days

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haizee the Whitest Boy Alive ~ Don't Give Up
haizee classic deep house / Mr. Fingers ~ Can U Feel It
haizee Rapture / Simian Mobile Disco / Woo! Alright...Yeah
haizee LX-iR Stracciatellaaaa


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haizee Justin Martin's Sad Piano ~ Charles Webster mix
haizee Architecture in Helsinki ~ Let's do the Whirlwind
haizee Pnau ~ Come Together

PnauCome Together

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haizee Pnau - Dancing on the Water - classic
haizee @bunq I've never heard this version - thanks!! epic indeed (reblip)


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haizee Everything but the Girl goes Brazilian
haizee @bdubz strolling down memory lane with Inner City

Inner CityBig Fun

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bduubz i'd forgotten about this track! LOVE LOVE LOVE.


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haizee @xuxE Inner City ~ Good Life

Inner CityGood Life

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haizee @xuxE just for you ~ Liquid People at the Ice Cream Parlour (reblip)
haizee The Sunburst Band is so right on a sunday morning @bunq @bdubz @xuxE @stena
stena @bdubz said:"DO IT NOW"@haizee@Yedna@xuxE @bunq @baripembo so i say "sure!" and forward@DJFrankie@adbert then realize @_@ no"simon says"_disqualified_ (reblip)
haizee @bdubz WTF? this is so awesome and the name is even better SteedLord (reblip)


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haizee double thanks @mybeatiscorrect ~ lovely Sebastien Tellier and Atrak (reblip)
haizee Roger Sanchez / Laidback Luke ~ Here we go again..
haizee Massive Attach / Karmacoma
haizee Une Very Stylish Girl / Dimitri from Paris
haizee Friendly Fires vs Justus Kohncke word up @bunq
Radiobread @problemchylde .."Just 'cause you feel it doesn't mean it's there" .. Radiohead - There There.... amazing band, thankx! (reblip)
haizee a late night serenade, courtesy of Chicken Lips
haizee how many memories does this bring back? @bdubz / Ian Pooley vs. Daft Punk
haizee Thunderheist ~ Sweet 16
haizee Gui Boratto ~ No Turning Back / this is amazing


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haizee Popnoname ~ the Movement / beautiful ambient trip hop / thanks @DarraghMc
haizee Wavves Weed Demon (not what you think)

WAVVESWeed Demon

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haizee @bunq how do you make the pretty pictures?
haizee I'll be there after midnight, wearing my beleaguered frown
haizee Fever Ray = The Knife's alter-ego

Fever RaySeven

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haizee Bob Sinclar wants to talk about the Ghetto
haizee Surprise! Telepopmusik have more songs besides "Breathe"
haizee Junior Boys are back at it
haizee @leoreis you just inspired a Zoot Woman triple feature

Zoot WomanMaybe Say

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haizee Depeche Mode / remixed by Jacques Lu cont = 1/3 zoot woman
opomegranate i probably did this already.

MyloIn My Arms

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haizee @chilQ thanks! @bunq is the wind beneath my blips
haizee Lily Allen + Stonebridge <3<3
haizee classic Jazzanova *sigh* @baripembo I think you'll like this one

JazzanovaNo Use

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haizee Oh good. I was hoping this was club Booty house

Bob SinclarTrack 13

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haizee Royksopp + Datassette (this is fun)
haizee Synth for breakfast ~ Sebastien Tellier + Atrak
haizee Offshore clubbing with the Phantom's Revenge
haizee Chris Rea goes groovy

Chris ReaJosephine

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haizee Arthur Russell ~ magical
haizee 4Hero does Stevie Wonder? whoa


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haizee just keeps getting better / 4hero + Carina Anderson
haizee @trepanado gorgeous thanks ~ Quiet Village - Too High to Move (reblip)
haizee Self portrait with "electric brain" ~ Stereolab
haizee @bdubz it's a bit scary when Craig David is classic
haizee UK garage was so much fun back in the day ~ Artful Dodger were my faves

Artful Dodger and Craig David - Woman trouble.MP3

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haizee Booka Shade – Outskirts (Trentemoller Remix) - amazing, thz @DJstromer19 (reblip)
calamari Dance music? This works for me. :) #danceparty
haizee @bdubz i do remember. i also remember all of those Dimitri from Paris-filled evenings, with our fairy Goddess/Charo
haizee @sophie_o Modjo rocks...classic tune (reblip)

MODJO - Chillin

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haizee Dj Mehdi is coming back with a vengeance

Dj Mehdi - Tunisia Bambaata (Mercury Remix)

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haizee if happiness could dress up as a song.... (reblip)


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code402b @succexy I liked this a lot more when I listened to the album straight through. really starts to get good at the last half I think
haizee @succexy @code402b this is lovely ~ yeah yeah yeahs - hysteric (reblip)
haizee frYars with Dave Gahan from Depeche Mode
haizee @stena wish the sound was better on this Sugarcubes + Justin Robertson ~ this must be really old
haizee it's funny how Iggy Pop has become the darling of electro
haizee i think i need a change of scenery ~ especially if it's with Esthero @bdubz @calamari @stena @opomegranate @baripembo


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haizee lovely lovely lovely @bdubz special for ju
haizee the original yacht rocker ~ christopher cross
haizee @opomegranate i bet you got Betty Davis eyes


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haizee Pavement ~ Summer Babe / Winter Version
haizee @opomegranate so you weren't even born when this came out...gee whiz, i'm getting old
haizee Aloud triple feature coming ahead....

AloudRocky XIII

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haizee Adam F + Tracey Thorn *beautiful*
haizee oooohhhh Yoko


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haizee And the beat goes on...


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haizee what ever happened to Jean Jacques Smoothie?
haizee must re-blip ~ NEW Royksopp ~ Vision One (reblip)

RöyksoppVision One

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haizee do your own thing

Dab HandsDYOT

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haizee 7 times out of 10 we listen to our music at night

Dave SpoonAt Night

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haizee Daftendirekt


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haizee Must blip every day, multiple times per day ~ Royksopp - Vision One

03 Vision One

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haizee @DJstromer19 this works with your Zero 7 theme ~ Weekend Players
haizee Bebel Gilberto classic ~ Samba de Benção
haizee @DJstromer19 my pleasure ~ enjoying Jose Gonzalez + Massive Attack
haizee @bduubz @kooi @xuxE @stena @bunq @baribempo On the dance floor I am a world class freak - IT'S THE BEAT
haizee Give me every little Juan Maclean


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haizee Cut Copy ~ Future

Cut CopyFuture

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haizee I never get tired of this song. It's time to bring it back in a major way - Daft Punk + Ian Pooley
haizee Kaos + Erlend Oye ~ Lessons in Love @kooi @stena @mybeatiscorrect @baripembo (promise to never misspell again)
haizee @bunq is there such thing as a double-prop? this is SICKENING (reblip)
haizee intergalactic mermaids ~ Lifelike - Waves
haizee is this DB_boulevard in a Phoenix suit? @bunq


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haizee @bunq i see, so it's like 8 years old? crazy / Lifelike is striving for worldwide domination


| play
haizee Ladyhawke + Pnau in a band together = HEAVEN ON EARTH
haizee Pierre de la Touche ~ definitely the best DJ name of the night...

Pierre de la Touche - Song of the sirens

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haizee I still have last night in my body ~ GusGus


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haizee i like the sunday theme @opomegranate ~ you might like this too @baripembo
haizee @PaulMedley ~ we all know there's more than just eyeliner and blush in Appolonia's make up bag

Vanity 6Make Up

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haizee don't talk to me @bunq - you been NIGHTIMING brother (reblip)
opomegranate whatevs. they don't have Lacunae on here. lame. @haizee

Thom YorkeAnalyse

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haizee @bunq @opomegranate the blips are traveling at lightening fast speeds - whiplash!
haizee can we just go to RIO already? @bunq @opomegranate


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haizee @bunq gotta re-blip when I can't prop (reblip)


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haizee Fever Ray ~ sounds familiar? @XmX

Fever RaySeven

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haizee quick pretty song became let's get in pajamas and snuggled in bed song, eh? @opomegranate

ShriftFloating City

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opomegranate goodnight, buenas noches, bon soir, etc.

Nick DrakePink Moon

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haizee @bunq you definitely have magic unicorn power (reblip)
haizee these crazy legs are going to bed ~ nitey

CassiusCrazy legs

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haizee Chairlift goes Deer Hunting

ChairliftDeer Hunt

| play
haizee Little Boots + Fred Falke ~ New in town
haizee ........Espace........


| play
haizee this is pure magic ~ Little Dragon ~ Twice

Little DragonTwice

| play
haizee Got Fear of Tigers - Rich Cry Too on constant repeat - thx @bunq
haizee @opomegranate i volunteer to leave work early and go bask in the sunshine ~ Hot Chip ~ I became a volunteer
haizee so many pretty things on your playlist @XmX
haizee Junior Boys should never say Goodbye
haizee Quiet Village ~ Circus of Horror
haizee Quiet Village sound like being in a department store in the 1970s tripping on really good drugs
haizee supreme beings of leisure....


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haizee You are beautiful Matthew Dear
haizee @XmX the pleasure is all mine....

OctetHey Bonus

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haizee @XmX i like this live version better than the CD version
haizee @XmX so weird. i was just lamenting the fact that there barely any Dairy Queens in Los Angeles
haizee @bduubz i would definitely cross the dance floor for you Boomie
haizee Most of all @opomegranate, i'm so happy you're back on the blip
haizee would love to hear the ernest st laurent mix of "A Different Feeling" ~ alas @bduubz @bunq


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haizee this is a favorite of @bduubz ~ @bunq @XmX @kooi @stena @mybeatiscorrect - DAMN ARMS!

Destination Pt. I

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