rebolado @evablue Wilhelm Reich would be proud of you :P
mammara ho un occhio che mi lacrima e un discreto mal di testa. vado, 'notte @la_Ceciarelli e @Ceci
melissaleigh OH Finals, I just want to scream a big F- You at thee.
mammara another cober a million times better than the original
mammara oh, how much i loved them.
rebolado hands need warning, early in the morning. i know it's wrong, but i swear it won't take long.
irisfz Toi la basse et moi la guitare.
codaofchoice I should call in and take the day off work and just blip all day. ;)
euskir @janetsommer Just for you my dear;) Glad you met Doug. He DOES need to do photog again.Maybe Twitter will do zee trick. Monk was thumping. (reblip)
KafkaJoubert Commas, Turning Up, Everywhere (The Onion) (reblip)
evablue @Shukitty if you're an idiot like me, everyday all day is a work day. ;) (reblipping) @drikkes (reblip)
evablue @GR8FL thanks for helping out. this is why i put you in the nice category. ;) (reblipping) @pafurada (reblip)
evablue @bendrix thanks. was looking for this ways back then i forgot. (reblip)

KosheenHide U

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evablue boing boing boing boing. this song makes me bounce my head. (reblipping) @threebears (reblip)

Manu ChaoBongo Bong

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NancyClaeys [Rock Me Amadeus – Falco] @adbert. For geeks only. Correction: For super-geeks only. :-D ???? Noes!!!! ;) (reblip)
morriganfae This is truly a very playful the kids at play mixed in


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gnaisse violão, vai tocar assim!
AbsinthEve I love Otis..."So..I am going to sit on the dock of wasting time..." @RainStorms... (reblip)

Otis Redding - Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay

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yamamiya @morgainemacbay She is great, great, great - and so beautiful! Regina Spektor – Fidelity (reblip)
yamamiya @GypsyOwl Karen Carpenter – Guess I Just Lost My Head (reblip)
sunnysunnysunny I just caught a whiff of someone else's coffee. Sniff. Suddenly I don't want my fruit juice anymore.
AbsinthEve Now I gotta play this cuz of the movie with both of those songs But I want Candy!!!!!
Sarpedon bourbon and rocking my ears a little, need moar UK Hip-Hop ASAP.
MetalBreath B Boys -Shake your rump- Like Sam the butcher bringing Alice the meat. like Fred Flintstone drivin' around with both feet. (reblip)
alisonb I knew a sweet Jane. She left us too soon.
Nata thanks @Lazaar but why am i a skunk? i dont produce mercaptans pfff.
zengzung elis.

Elis Regina - Lupicinio Rodrigues - Volta

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mammara @whistlin_indie congrats! the first step to the blip celebrity ;)


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tigeladakawaii Porque é que agora me deu para pensar que é 3ª feira??? Hoje é 2ª!!!
yamamiya Zero 7 - In The Waiting Line
mammara @poniboy out of props for you hours ago, so i reblip this, i love it. (reblip)
FOGGIELOANER @RadioFreeIllinois "AF in fine form..." indeed...this is sublime .I'm happy she's a national treasure now, but in the '60s she had no equal (reblip)
mammara a storm is approaching here and maybe is already on the earthquake zone. god bless the homeless tonight.
ArturAnjos o original do This is Not a Love Song. Alguem tem o Religion dos PIL?
chrisbarrettpic kick it , and ya better not flick it.. keep the lights low..

Notorious BIGJuicy

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IKR Haco & Sakamoto Hiromichi – Standard Smile
unpopular I love it when I come across something awesome when searching something else on here
unpopular So many kids in Gothenburg who want to sound like must be all the socialism
gracieriots @mushka I have a (surprise!!) Birthday party tomorrow night and Sunday I have my first roller derby practice. Hope you have lotsa fun! :)
mammara Tunng on Buckley thanks @everythingispop (reblip)

No Man Can Find the War -- Tunng

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Nouvelle vague- in a manner of speaking ... Love

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evablue awesome. they're really performing in a cab.

The Black Cab Sessions. Chapter Thirty-Seven: Lykke Li

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100YearOldMan good food! CHUCK MILLER kinda old but is it FUNKY? "There's fryers - broilers - Detroit barbecue ribs" "HOUSE OF BLUE LIGHTS"
sammi_x We can have some more. Nature is a whore. Bruises on the fruit. Tender age in bloom.

Nirvana-In Bloom

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Panor Elvis Presley – In the Ghetto
FOGGIELOANER @TroyHolder: ""Spoilt Victorian Child" by The Fall" and, of course, @ElizaHerp (reblip)

09-Potato Hole-Booker T Featuring The Drive By Truckers

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FOGGIELOANER @acanuckfan: "♫•*¨`*❀ hey new avatar like it. congrats on the 1000 (reblip)
Porter Charlie Tuna is the man.
glueandglitter You got a smile so bright!

The Temptations- 'The Way You Do The Things You Do'

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duskviolet Tonight, this rain will be my lullaby.
Annapurna Good! @krisp: "Another version...this from the great Westbound label..." (reblip)


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mammara @Danae75: "St. Vincent ~ Laughing with a mouth of blood (@mammara hope you like this one)" yes, thanks i love St. Vincent. (reblip)
mammara fuck download, fuck mp3, i'm born with records and will die with it.
mammara Alun Woodward's of Delgados new project.

"Look After Your Wife" by Lord Cut Glass

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SouthOKCChamber Be our guest at Who Says There's No Such Thing as a Free Lunch! 634-1436 for info
OMGANTON I love this song; it's been used by Wells Fargo, Wimbledon, Anadin Extra, and the movie Prime.


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Sainter Sexy Sadie...what have you done...wah wah wah wah

The BeatlesSexy Sadie

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ssinfa born WHERE...???on the Bayou...what is that like???

Creedence Clearwater Revival: Born On The Bayou

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SmoothplayNonharsh ( B ) David Bowie - Unwashed and Somewhat Slightly Dazed
FOGGIELOANER @quitecontrary: "@GrassyKnoll. I'm ok with long as it doesn't include Brass Monkey. " (reblip)
DJMadamFallsALot you ran away as the pendulum swung
rollovellocet vi@hanabi rebliptastic!!! :) (reblip)

Cowboy Bebop intro-Tank

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katarinax 美空ひばり大好き!いいですね、これ。 rb @arappocaro: "@katarinax 美空ひばりいいっすね。Misora Hibari - Omatsuri Mambo" (reblip)


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JennyBlaze lollapalooza :) this time tomorrow, i'll be there!
Marystudio Sonny Rollins ~ Just in Time
giltokio tem tb um video maluco, ao vivo, improvisado, q é bem legal. mas o som ta meia boca:

Marie Laforet-Toi mon amour mon ami

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nycsongs Susan Enan -- "If You're Feeling Low" ...Terrific Brooklyn singer- songwriter via Northern Ireland & England.

ユー・リアリー・ガット・ミー  byThe Kinks

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HellenKellersIpod @Shukitty I know, I'm usually monitored more closely, but this is a light day.

The DodosFools

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Ces_SM The State I Am In – Belle and Sebastian
Ces_SM All Shook Up – Elvis Presley
Ces_SM Hoy en #nochemexicana una banda que marco un antes y un despues en la música Molotov - Gimme da Power

Molotov-Gimme Da Power

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Ces_SM I Don't Believe You (She Acts Like We Never Have Met) - Bob Dylan

Bob dylan-I Don't Believe You (She Acts Like We Never Have Met)

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wagnerweb Musikinha de segunda. Music Monday! :) #mariagadu

Maria Gadu : Ne Me Quitte Pas

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Manu Chao wellcome to Tijuana

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CaptainLee vi@randyhate:there is surely a version of this song suitable for every activity - this one is for those sexy, comedic bank robberies... (reblip)
unpopular some lovely spacy post-rock i think the kids are calling it...suitably epic for tantric sex or maybe cooking
mammara @space_cadet they're fantastic live, i've seen only once but it was really amazing.
iddybud Happy birthday to Rep Dennis Kucinich! I hope Polish hero Casimir Pulaski gets honorary U.S. citizenship! ♫
Shukitty am I ever going to hear the end of it if I admit i actually like this? (reblip)
wOwtaku Blur feat. Françoise Hardy: @pierocast11: "Soon it will be gone forever (en plein soleil)"... (reblip)
oriolbuisan ...!!!!

stereophonics-maybe tomorrow

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HellenKellersIpod I think I prefer it without the video from the sub-par movie
steveshelley in Paris today filming 'L'Album de la Semaine' for Canal + (reblip)

Let's Stick Together by Bryan Ferry (1976)

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yamamiya Laure Briard – Tatoo

Laure BriardTatoo

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steveshelley christina r. asked me if i liked any 'uncool' songs like 'at seventeen' by janis ian - i mentioned cat stevens but i forgot this one by don mclean (reblip)

PIERO UMILIANI-"Pussycat '69" (1969)

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listenupnow Sigur Rós – Heima

Sigur RósHeima

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mammara @daretoeatapeach i'm not exactly a Quintron fan, but i like it in the same way of a million of other stuff (distinctions are all disintegrated now)

Soap&SkinCry Wolf

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mammara last one, goodnight people. (@space_cadet i didn't listened the whole album, but maybe it worths)
mammara @space_cadet: "I mean, "before I forget, @mammara, thought this was perfect for you."" sure it is, thank you dear. (reblip)
GorgoMcGuirk Gonna put on my boots and see what new tracks are in the snowy woods. Luv to @by_starla@Franimal@Corts@@MsBojangles@jennyleepenny@Laughing_Gravy
sarcasticoptimist RB@okmusic, I loved your entire set yesterday. Listened to you and @PunkBroc while i labored into my computer for hours. Made it better. TY. (reblip)

Page FranceChariot

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HellenKellersIpod Who am I to tell anyone this. Thanks @Shukitty
arcticarab thanks! rb! ~ @MsBojangles: "probably in the shower. quietly. and in tongues. @alexavier: "MsBojangles - singing nuns?"" (reblip)

06 The Veils--The House She Lived In

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FOGGIELOANER from Chapel Hill, NC @BobOstwald: "Wow. Musical history. @Shanti_baba: "Love it...a train song,Bob :-) @BobOstwald"" (reblip)

Elizabeth Cotten performs "Freight Train"

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mammara thank you @twirldrone have a good weekend you too

Slow ClubWhen I Go

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