ellanovak I think I'm going to watch all episodes now that they are available online at the exploratorium.edu
613mike rb@WunderTwinPowersActivate -- after listening to the whole song, it had to be reblipped. thanks, and have a great mornningg. :) (reblip)

New OrderCeremony

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sophie_o BNB, direto do TAPAS, em SAMPA! A primeira festa interativa do BRASIL.
sophie_o BNB, direto do TAPAS, em SAMPA! A primeira festa interativa do BRASIL.
JeffreyJDavis !!! -- "Me & Guilliani Down By The Skoolyard (Q-Burn's Abstract Edit)"
das_Vakuum Wenn wildfremde Leute mich so von der Seite anstupsen, ist mir das immer ganz komisch.

Shadow DancerPoke

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threebears delayed reblipping via@bendrix .. hey back Ben! No haven't had my sugar frosted .. ahem .. have my cereals without sugar and my people ... Howareyou?? (reblip)
Inesobjetsmart was having a debate who was going to wind up there first. She earned some of her own points.
djxkn 1997 hit single "Song 2" by English band Blur, from 1997 album "Blur": "I got my head done / When I was young" - thanx and welcome @Ooitbedacht! (reblip)

BlurSong 2

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Inesobjetsmart @thoughtwell, welcome to blip. She was looking forward to sharing his ear. (reblip)
godninja @marilovisky @mellomatic I like that one with the girl with the red hood & there'z a wolf and a ninja. anyway was playen football. got pissed on.

Yeah Yeah YeahsRich

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Inesobjetsmart wondered how she could not have heard it before. Perhaps it was just a matter of timing. (reblip)
happymooncake i love this song in an awkward way

M83Kim And Jessie

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happymooncake great video for this song; kinda obsessed w/the knife at the moment
DareToEatAPeach This song is so damn cute. "Dunka-dunka-dunka-dun"
happymooncake its coming for me thru the trees
jethostel Royksopp, Fever Ray and Rex The Dog,live at London´s Royal Festival this saturday 11th April

Fever RaySeven

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briangreene worth another spin having seen them on Jools/Later.
happymooncake one of my favorite scenes in life aquatic


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613mike bill murray monday.

NicoThese Days

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evablue i went to sleep it was monday. i woke up and it was still monday.
evablue i swear i didn't just wake up. what kind of respectable person wakes up at noon anyways? i was just stating a fact. it's monday.

M83We Own The Sky

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JeffreyJDavis Surf City -- "Headin' Inside" Kiwi speed pop
wildisthewind This is amazing. What a great marriage of artists. (reblip)
613mike lolll, same deal: mashup from the past. but this track is amazinggggg.
threebears criminally insane? that boy needs therapy!
mmemaledicta "striatal volume" 1 billion times *pulls hair*
happymooncake @monocultured are you dissing my skills at distinguishing fruit eating?? :] (reblip)
happymooncake fi-fa-foo fun for me / girls just wanna have fun and I am not the exception! (reblip)

Moloko - Fun For Me

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wildisthewind This band used to be called 'Jimmy The Moonlight'
wildisthewind It is time to play the question game, fellow blippers! First question: If you could have any superpower, what would it be?
monsteratomic Going to see Throbbing Gristle tonight...
minmae @blackkites é sempre quente? linha do equador está perto... (reblip)


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happymooncake N.E.R.D. – My Drive Thru ft. Santogold & Julian Casablancas (reblip)
flanflan never gonna give, never gonna give / quiero salirs a bailarssss este fin de semanarss!
minmae 1 of the reasons to go out on wednesday's night: "Lets to survival at sea class, because zombies dont know how to swim"
maurilao Goooooooooooooooooooooood moooooooooooooooooooooooooooorning, blip
minmae hey @dubstarr how's everything there? [never played on wed...a shame...I'd spin around until I get dizzy *^_^*]


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happymooncake i'm going to fulfill my guilty pleasure of feeling feisty so pardon the following - All Feist, All the Time show
minmae @dubstarr oh...I was talking about before web ^_^. and I doubt u are older than me ^_^
happymooncake indo bem animada... pro almoço! ;) @Tharcy (reblip)

La RouxFascination

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minmae @jj_jota @andrielly sinto que a geladeira ficará vazia de líquidos =P
happymooncake @jj_jota @andrielly sinto que a geladeira ficará vazia de líquidos =P@minmae bad breakups are a good excuse to be constantly drunk (reblip)
happymooncake Friday reply day! vi@liamvickery@Greenie thanks guys- i absolutely love this tune!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (reblip)
minmae @happymooncake haha we drink to celebrate. in this particularly case, celebrate how much we like cheeeese ^_^ but to breakups is a good remedy too
JeffreyJDavis Glasser – "Glad" love the Asian campfire song melody


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happymooncake pretty neat remix of the dreamy original
happymooncake damn, this is old and so i must be too
jethostel señores llegó el diablo... !!!Don Diablo!!!
happymooncake the ultra ORIGINAL smoooooooooooth disco grooves
happymooncake i'd use this song on my toast every morning if it came in a jar
happymooncake i hear this alot but i still want to
happymooncake i've been denying that i enjoy this guy but last night i gave in
happymooncake ha, isn't this a band not a song? im confused
happymooncake it's a good morning to appreciate

RadioheadAll I Need

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sarahlovesyou reblip@eightbitkoala this song gives me goosebumps every time! live it was RIDICULOUS. i can't wait til they come again (reblip)
das_Vakuum Zur Zeit bei RBB radio eins zu Gast. Falls es hier wen interessiert.


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Greenie no denying, this is just a freakin catchy, fantastic song.. vi@joechapman (reblip)
happymooncake so very dramatic but lovely
toobad Bobby Bird was a bit wonky, how you feelin James?
toobad good day @anjuscha – my new pic, a Mayday special edition! x
toobad beautiful, from the original Beltane rocker...
happymooncake good morning. love all the references here, so funny and true!
happymooncake i always love this one, yahhhhhhhhh blippers unite!@formalhaut
happymooncake i've fallen down a flight of stairs and survived, very proud of that
happymooncake another one i keep hearing in my head because i like it, but i hate hearing it all the time. love/hate relationship
happymooncake it's friday! no sleeping tonight for sure
happymooncake beautiful, from the original Beltane rocker...@toobad thanks never heard this before (reblip)
briangreene a twist on Human League - Dignity of Labour 1
happymooncake i imagine speeding down a twisting roadway- nothing simple
happymooncake there are three deer living in my mother's backyard

The KnifeReindeer

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happymooncake oh wow, i really like this sound
happymooncake oh my i feel very cocooned in here

CorneliusSleep Warm

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happymooncake a bit piano, a bit electronica, a bit weird mixing, some beats, interesting
happymooncake yes, i think she's in the the knife video you take my breath away and helps with vocals
happymooncake some sunshine would go nicely with this
sarahlovesyou ☀thank you for the morning surprise @bunq!! ☀ @snapalicious..for you pretty pants. (reblip)
threebears Yes! @DaHilster ... same experience as you - I ♥ Fever Ray!
happymooncake hellooooooooo are you singing in a cave?
happymooncake love that beginning, vroom
happymooncake i'm really into this guy right now
happymooncake man, the swedes are on a roll....


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Greenie Passion Pit – Cuddle Fuddle
Greenie @amanda8923!! The Decemberists – Think About Me (Fleetwood Mac) (reblip)
Inge_FS this one is for @twentyfour. And no connection with the title, so don't judge :))
threebears ...reblipping @santamistura ^_^ maybe its brain damage but I'm loving this - thanks! (reblip)
Inge_FS i so need one right now. double macchiato would be perfect (reblip)
minmae @robotnik ok, Im gonna stop with questions now. otherwise, Ill ask you all day long [or for a review >_<!]
happymooncake Radiohead dedication hour commences! (i've neglected them for a while)
happymooncake super sweet it's almost nauseating but still catchy


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das_Vakuum Mit manchen Titeln tu ich mich echt schwer …
happymooncake absolutely one of the best! (reblip)


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happymooncake there is sun this morning! no cats no dogs!:)
happymooncake fell in love with this song more than a decade ago
happymooncake clicks and clacks, noises and stuff they're nice!
happymooncake so california. love this bass line


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DJFrankie @kylecameron - reblip. Thanks so much for that A-Ha commercial. Super charming! (reblip)
minmae @dubstarr with band itself. dont hate me...but I think johnny marr is overestimate
happymooncake for The Smiths fans this morning
happymooncake definately a head bopper

Holy FuckMilkshake

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happymooncake dont we all have a little bit of this
happymooncake @DJFrankie we'll be making payments for the rest of our lives, let's make it worthwhile!
happymooncake passion pit pit-stop we shall rest here for a bit
happymooncake especially when you believe in reincarnation
happymooncake excellent message- because none of this is real
happymooncake eek, i cant resist the infectious uplifting da da dumm
happymooncake for@ArthrReeeeD- thnx for the props, thought you might like this one!
das_Vakuum Ich mag Tiere mit großen Augen.
das_Vakuum Besten Dank für den zauberhaften Abend. Das Publikum war heute wieder wundervoll :-)

Wagon ChristLovely

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happymooncake how about some late afternoon space-out time?


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happymooncake please meet the quieter side of mr deacon

Dan DeaconSnookered

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happymooncake i like her voice SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE!

ThaoBag of Hammers

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Greenie Kings Of Convenience Featuring Feist – Know-How
Greenie i must have liked this a lot... my #1 most listened track on last.fm...
happymooncake this is so stuck in my brain today
happymooncake i'm going on a short trip with the dirty projectors because they are cool
jspace3 @dronedream - they are fabulous and I am doing alright
happymooncake by the Dirty Projectors- ack it's so good i cant get over it

Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie

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happymooncake @mmemaledicta: "...Agree anyone? " yes!- but, like an awkward adolescent in the deep hot green part of summer (reblip)

M83We Own The Sky

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threebears decided to quit some most beloved djs from the US as long as imeem does like it does, I miss you already, but can't stand it .quote'n'rb@hajoni thnx! (reblip)

CamilleJ'ai tort

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happymooncake really like this one, puts me in a good mood

Four TetMisnomer

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happymooncake saw them play at the student center in college-so cool that i'm blipping this song years later!
happymooncake paying respect to taiwanese friends
happymooncake i miss tapes sometimes, especially mix tapes- making them and getting them
happymooncake @Greenie: "@julieQ: " hahahahahah"- one of the best shows ever! (reblip)
happymooncake ...i wanna have your babies...hahahaha this song is funny
happymooncake @das_Vakuum: "Und jetzt: Dies."- thank you, i am in a four tet mood (reblip)
bounce I don't know most of you but I love you. You're taste is slaying me today. My floor is bouncing.
DJFrankie Is that a sample from Peter Gabriel? I don't blip nearly enough Hot Chip.
happymooncake liking this direction into electro land


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happymooncake such a great movie, ok, must get in the shower and get this day going
happymooncake good morning, still in weekend mode, don't feel much like coming out yet, but... eventualllyyyyy.......

Black DiceDrool

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happymooncake mr.deacon played NYC bowery sat. night- late show was spectacular, sound was excellent, total dance freakout, it was so much fun!
happymooncake when they dont go too far off the grid i really like these guys