hardtime had to play it again. this time live.
hardtime i bet you've never heard this one?
hardtime great song that brings back a lot of memories. i forgot how much i like this song.
hardtime this song reminds me of the last road trip to panama city beach. we took that trip from macon,ga with $20 in our pockets.
hardtime please listen to the words. then go out and love someone.
hardtime beautiful song! "she's as sweet as tupelo honey"
hardtime i guess it takes both being in love to feel this way!
hardtime is this not cool or what? lie to me baby!

Jonny LangLie to Me

| play
hardtime who ever thinks there will be a last goodbye? great words. check it out. can you feel it? if you can't then i have to wonder about you.
hardtime what man has'nt been searching for someone like you.
hardtime jack youngblood turned me on to this song along time ago. man it just don't get no bettr than this!
hardtime every daddys nightmare. let them go daddy, let them live there life and always be there to catch them when they fall.
hardtime these days seems to be confusing. don't they GINA!
hardtime you have to listen to his words man, you just have to listen.
hardtime i had almost forgotten this beautiful song.
hardtime i love to listen to peter frampton when im felling kind of lown and need a friend. his songs bring back a lot of friends that i will never see again.
hardtime another good song from his live album
hardtime good stuff to drive too? riding music, yea !
hardtime blues. can you dig it man? i hope you can.

Peter FramptonSmoky

| play
hardtime great song from a great album. "Frampton comes Alive".
hardtime why have i not ever heard this song before?
hardtime "1985" the best of times and the worse of times.
hardtime this song reminds me of sherry and the hard choice she had to make.


| play
hardtime just had to play it for you Gina.
hardtime who could'nt conjure up good memories listening to this?
hardtime i had to play it again boys. to me this is his best.
hardtime great song and a hard song to remake, but he did a hell of a job.

Jon Bon JoviLevon

| play
hardtime "Let me tell you my story".

KissDomino (Live)

| play
hardtime "mama told me there would be days like this"
hardtime the original is always the best.
hardtime "believe in me and i will believe in you"
hardtime "you don't know where you're going until you know where you're at"
hardtime it never works out like you want it to. been there and done it.
hardtime great remake. i sit in with an awsome band in tallahassee at bullwinkles and played this song. we rocked!
hardtime a beautiful song for every father and daugther.
hardtime it took me and sherry hours and a lot of beer to write down the words to this song.
hardtime good job with a hard remake.
hardtime sometimes memories aren't good, but they are still memories.
hardtime yea, i like elvis' version better.
hardtime this song will make the lamest white boy in the world do a little dance.
hardtime great song from the 80's.

outfieldTalk to Me

| play
hardtime memories of a different time, a different place, and a different girl. man what a girl she was!
hardtime true story about our government and how much they really care about us.

Neil YoungOhio

| play
hardtime listen to the words GINA. talking about that honey. can't wait to taste that wild mountain honey!
hardtime chech this one out. is this not a cool song or what!
hardtime what! a white boy who can sing with passion and soul! well this is him. one hundred present white boy singing with soul. check him out.
hardtime awesome song recorded right before d. allman
hardtime he really pours out his soul in this version.
hardtime "georgia ain't no paradise but is't where i call home."
hardtime "i don't own the clothes i'm wearing", awesome line.
hardtime "let me start a fire in your heart" "

Gregg Allman- I'm No Angel

| play
hardtime i like you just the way you are donna. i wouldn't change a thing about you.
hardtime i like the way you chew your gum baby

Billy Joel

| play
hardtime just listen to the words!
ladeebugz I dont understand most of what he says but i remember it was popular when i was in the 9th grade. . . ???

FalcoRock Me Amadeus

| play
hardtime i saw these guys in 1978 on the don't look back tour. awesome concert!

BostonDon't Look Back

| play
hardtime another cool song from the 80s donna
hardtime don't you just love her hair?
hardtime i like this song so much i had to play it again.
hardtime a great song of hope and growth.

Darius Rucker- It won't be like this for long and lyrics

| play
hardtime what is time? how much time do we have left together? what did we do with the time we had together?

Hootie and the Blowfish Time

| play
hardtime great song from a classic movie. check the words out DONNA
hardtime pretty song with a soulful sound that only gregg can pull off.
hardtime it hurts losing a friend to death knowing that you will never see them again in this life.but it's worse when you lose a friend and still see them.
hardtime awesome song! wonderful lyrics. is he begging or what?
hardtime this song reminds me of the summer lula and me to aroad trip for 2 weeks in a stolen car. boy did we have a time! thank you lula.
hardtime it's to late now buddy, shes gone. suck it up and move on.
hardtime "i'll be looking for 8 when they pull that gate"
hardtime is'nt this how every man wants to go out?
hardtime this is one of the best songs ever to come out of the 70's.


| play
hardtime i knew a mustang sally once. that's one girl i really do miss!
hardtime listen to the words gina. awesome song!
hardtime he was able to give her what could'nt. all of himself.
hardtime listen to the words. awesome song.
hardtime good southern blues. "grits ain't groceries eggs ain't poultry, and mona lisa was a man". check tis one out "HUMBUSH" LETS TALK! BLIP TO LET ME KNOW.
hardtime awesome band from warner robins georgia. check it out!
hardtime i had to go to court in tampa i wound up in panama city .slept on the beach for 2 weeks. best 2 weeks of my life. the stories i could tell.gator counr
hardtime i saw pat travers in 1982 and his equipment was giving him trouble so he dedicated this song to his equipment. great concert at the omni in atlanta.
hardtime i feel this way sometimes but then again the sign i was born under doesn't really matter. i don't have to stay unde it.
hardtime check out the words to this song. hard rocking!
hardtime probably my favorite pat travers song.

Pat TraversStevie

| play
hardtime do you remember this song from miami vice! check out miami vice on hulu.com they have every one!
hardtime great bass line in this song."over there, where"
hardtime i feel a lot like this when i listen to old songs.

Boston-More Than A Feeling

| play
hardtime are there any rebels left? i seem to think so!
hardtime forgotten skynyrd. why? who knows. good stuff!
hardtime long forgotten queen. yes it's cheesy but give it a listen.
hardtime can you feel it baby? i knew you could.
hardtime our band used to play this years ago. robin rocks!
hardtime what can i say! here i go again!
hardtime i saw him in concert in 1982. one hell of a show. boom boom!
hardtime who's got it backwards,us are pat?
hardtime the best three piece band in rock-n-roll history.


| play
hardtime to much soul for any white girl.
hardtime this song brings back so many memories, both good and bad.
hardtime i love everything about this song!

Secret Garden

| play
hardtime who do you think about when you hear this song?
hardtime please take me back to the 70's. boy do i miss them!
hardtime a beautiful song from a beautiful lady. a sexy lady!
hardtime this has got to be one of the best summer songs ever."tin roof, rusty".
hardtime great song that never made it to the radio. if it did, i never heard it. a local bar band, DC KICKS used to play it.
hardtime a song of struggle. does that make sense? well of course it does if you ever had to struggle.
hardtime when i was in the 4th grade my family lived on oak island and i would spend my summer days at the beach.this song reminds me of that time in my life.
hardtime how can anyone not like this song after hearing it?
hardtime memories of panama city "1987" riding the strip in my jacked up 4x4. women, whiskey, and all night parties. where did the good times go?
hardtime you haven't lived until you've lived on mean street.
hardtime hard driving rock-n-roll!
hardtime when i listen to unchained i think back when i was 16 living in augusta with my dad. what i wouldn't give to go back if only for a day.

Van HalenUnchained

| play
hardtime words can't describe what this song means to me.

Clint Black - Like The Rain

| play
hardtime jack youngblood and i used to play this song when we played together. real crowd pleaser. check it out.
hardtime those dog days can be hell sometimes especially when they come back to back to back
hardtime haven't we all had atleast one evileen in our lives? the best love you have ever seen.
hardtime what is a normal love? i would sure like to have one.
hardtime please listen to the words as a lonely man sings out.
hardtime i have found someone in my life that i can truly love and honestly say that i would do anything for. i love you baby! umm baby baby!
hardtime great title song from his best album
hardtime not my fav. band but this a cool song!
hardtime awesome words! can you fell it baby?


| play
hardtime you will give me one more day , i truly believe you will.
ladeebugz honest you do. . I find myself wanting to take you home.

Sam CookeYou Send Me

| play
hardtime one of the all time best !
hardtime love is something you do. i want you to witness the love everyday darling. i'm going to continue to tell you i love you but i want you to see it baby.
hardtime beautiful song about commitment between two people.
hardtime i hear this song and think about leroy my friend.
hardtime every little thing going to be alright.
hardtime just one chance, that's all i want.

Nickelback Far Away Lyrics

| play
hardtime it's amazing what a picture can bring back .
hardtime 1987 one of the best years of my life.

Pour Some Sugar on Me

| play
hardtime there is nothing like the love of a woman. thank you baby for your sweet love.

Travis Tritt-Love of a woman

| play
hardtime i guess every real man has a little outlaw in him.
hardtime how many times have i wished that i was only dreaming

(6) Travis Tritt - Tell Me I Was Dreaming

| play
hardtime gina never listens to the words of any songs that i ask her too. this song is no exception.

Hall & Oates-Sarah Smile

| play
hardtime my baby has more ounce than bounce. and i love every ounce.
hardtime This song reminds me of my friend Tip
hardtime it might not be your cup of tea.
hardtime this song only gets better with time.
hardtime good song to play for background music
hardtime another song thats great to play real low while friends are visiting.
BlacDahlia You can have our cool rain if you like...RB and Ty @impossiblewmn: "Need something cold for this sweltering heat..." (reblip)
hardtime yes, some do like it hot. and sweating in the heat of passion is great. i love it when my baby is hot.
hardtime she's so fine there's no telling where my heart went.
hardtime i play this song for you darling.
hardtime i ask myself this same question.
hardtime great song named after a woman they didn't even know.
hardtime my kids loved this song when they were little.
hardtime that's the story of my life.
hardtime son't you just hate it when you get double crossed?
hardtime what do you think about this one?
hardtime good music to cool out too.
hardtime give me one more try baby
hardtime nobody knows the __ _ _ _ i have been through.
hardtime that's you baby. you have the brightest smile in town.
hardtime my personal biography set to words!
hardtime two lonely souls enyoying one anothers company for however it last
hardtime don at his best apart from the eagles.
hardtime listen to the guitar licks through out this song and tell me you can't feel them.
hardtime what do you think about when you think about apart of me being apart of you?
hardtime lover's moon, id there really a lover's moon?
hardtime do you like his version better?

DesperadoGlenn Frey

| play
hardtime this one's for you baby!

Glenn FreySexy Girl

| play
hardtime take me back to tallahassee baby!
hardtime i'm not a fan of his but i do like this song.

Kid Rock All Summer Long

| play
hardtime i've come home baby thanks to you.
hardtime i've got me a sweet georgia peach.
hardtime not the one i was looking for but this good stuff.
hardtime this song reminds me of little martha. she is buried at rose hill in macon,ga.

Concrete Angel

| play
hardtime that's the way i feel about my gina!

Aerosmith-Dont Want To Miss A Thing; lyrics

| play
hardtime good 'ol texas rock-n-roll!

ZZ TopJust Got Paid

| play
hardtime what woman don't want a pearl necklace?

ZZ TopPearl Necklace

| play

Rick JamesMaryjane

| play
hardtime i forgot how pretty this song is.
hardtime this is my fav. during christmas.
hardtime i never heard this and i am a big fan of blackfoot.

Blackfoot-Baby Blue

| play
hardtime this song reminds me of my teenage years with my friends jack youngblood and fred brooks.
hardtime what ever happened to these guys?

BlackfootIn the Night

| play
hardtime i used to wear this song out on my 8-track.


| play
hardtime i felt like this guy for 10 long years.
hardtime great song from a great band.
hardtime i know what you mean brother.
hardtime this song gives me chills.

Ed McCainI'll Be

| play
hardtime great come back song.

Cheap TrickThe Flame

| play
hardtime this song brings back a lot of memories.
hardtime how many of us created jeremies while growing up?

Pearl JamJeremy

| play
hardtime i forgot all about this song.
hardtime there are 3 versions of simple man and this one is the best.
hardtime michael hooks turned me on to this song.

Neal Schon Jan Hammer Lies

| play
organicsue Average White Band – Pick Up the Pieces
hardtime great song except the part about living in a trailer.
hardtime great, yea, background stuff!
hardtime another good song.they just don't make em like this anymore.
hardtime never heard before. good song.
hardtime awsome song.

Neil Diamond Hello Again

| play
hardtime this is a pretty song that i bet you never heard before!

Pablo CruiseRunnin'

| play
hardtime listen to the words to this song.man what a great song.
hardtime my baby still remembers this song from when she was little.
hardtime my baby wanted to hear it and i couldn't say no.!
hardtime one of the best songs and videos from the 80's!

Godly & CreamCry

| play
hardtime sometimes i feel the same way. a world of make belive.
hardtime i'll get by. thats what i said when i was in prison. that was the lonelist time in my life.
hardtime sometimes water is just not enough.
hardtime i guess some of us were meant to go through this life alone. we are just paying for past sins.
hardtime i forgot how great this song is. this was one of my favorite songs when i was a teenager. i really miss those times.

Eddie Money- Save a little room in your heart for me

| play
hardtime God has sent so many angels to me in my life. thank you father.
hardtime some of the good 'ol bayou music.
hardtime i never knew how true those words could be. boy was i a fool.
hardtime i wish you could have a little faith in me.
hardtime i love to see you smile baby. you just don't know.
hardtime most people don't know the name of this song.

The Band- The Weight

| play
hardtime give me some elbow room give me some elbow room give me some elbow room give me some elbow room!

Molly Hatchet Gator Country

| play
hardtime cool c=song!

"Little Drummer Boy", David Bowie and Bing Crosby

| play
hardtime me and my baby slow dancing in the kitchen !
hardtime cool 70's song!

Jay Ferguson-Thunder Island (Live)

| play
hardtime great song from the 70's!

Jay Ferguson (Shakedown Cruise)

| play
hardtime one of my favorite songs from the 70's
hardtime i am glad i found this song. i almost forgot about it.
hardtime don't you just love his voice?
hardtime ain't the moon the same every where?
hardtime my baby says i hold on to too many memories. i guess shes right.
hardtime this one of her best,can you feel her passion? (reblip)
hardtime long song, but if you'll listen to the words you'll be glad you did. i promise.

Harry ChapinTaxi

| play
hardtime one of the last songs put out by skynyrd.
hardtime never heard before until today. i'm glad i did.
hardtime this song reminds me of the movie "the big chill" .
hardtime straight 70's!

Sandford Townsend Band -Smoke from a Distant Fire

| play
hardtime i love his slow songs, and no they don't make me think of old girlfriends, or ex-wives, or the past.
hardtime i'm i the only one who thinks this is country rapp?
hardtime how did i miss this great song?

Toby KeithYet

| play
hardtime there is nothing like a woman's touch.
hardtime my baby loves this song!
hardtime do you ever feel this way?
hardtime do what!


| play
hardtime we all cry. don't we?

Tim McGraw-Grown Men Don't Cry (With Lyrics)

| play
hardtime i think about toby when i hear this song.
hardtime listen to the words

All these years Sawyer Brown

| play