haveAwonderful great way to start a morning and end a night kinda song!
haveAwonderful sexy? yes! hot, lazy summer evening... sangria anyone?
haveAwonderful maybe yes, maybe no - i will!
showbizgirl raised out in brooklyn - well close - westport
ladyexinor no words can explain the genius of the isley brothers
haveAwonderful raised out in brooklyn - well close - westport (reblip)
haveAwonderful @samL ooooh! play this one often! a better way to close the night... (reblip)
haveAwonderful liked that? check out notorious b i g vs peter bjorn and john - - -http://tinyurl.com/d4kakp (reblip)
olumi_day A Tribe Called Quest – Bonita Applebum
toddkelley "Jon B – What In The World" Not a big Jon B fan, but d@mn.. this song is so dope. @bendrix @dj_kwame @lickasha @MFeldman @lub @1indienation
itsRamel And to close J Dilla Hour, of course: Pharcyde's "Runnin'" RIP to Your Favorite Producer's Favorite Producer. Big ups to BothTeamsPlayedHard for blips (reblip)
haveAwonderful love this one!!!!! ahhh, shaka, shaka, shaka
bendrix If ya'll don't know Tanya Morgan - seriously check out their tracks on blip. One of the best young groups out now @liquidjumper @BohemianChick
bendrix Nice to meet U=> @JustMichele --- (@ladypn oh i get what d/l means :) -- :(@sheryonstone I am sorry I let U down - how can I make it up to U) (reblip)
bendrix I love all things telepop - most of it is yummy stuff - I dont remember this as car commercial?? via@petronia (reblip)
bendrix Hey Cindee this is a really GR8 track - what does "u/l" mean? Upload? reblip=> via@ladypn @bendrix, she u/l for you! (reblip)

09_Din Din Wo_Habib Koite & Bamada

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bendrix 1st heard this when @jaquelinapacks blipped it for me on Nov 25th> via@LYRIC @bendrix>U R the 1st I have seen blip this Xcellent selection my friend (reblip)
haveAwonderful ladies - a great way to wrap up the day...
haveAwonderful mid day friday stuff... slow down - enjoy the idea of friday one day closer to summer.
olumi_day heck yes! dug it @lub ooh no @bendrix!!! you were my hope! hahahaha! anyway, i think you will also dig this & maybe olumide_e & @TheHobbyshopHERO 2 ;) (reblip)
bendrix This is what it must have felt like being trapped in that 2D glass prison that General Zod was locked up in the movie Superman=> rb@lub (reblip)
bendrix {{{Blip Raid On}}} @TheHobbyshopHERO => blipped on 3/14/09 - This is F#$%in BEAUTIFUL I dig the horns & has a Bossa vibe (reblip)
bendrix Another special request from the lovely @Karuna seeking the iLLest Female Emcee I mean One of the iLLest lyricists on the planet. Now U can blip it :)
bendrix A special request made by @Karuna - its the ULTIMATE BEEF Hip Hop Track. Mos Kills it better than any hip hop lyricist EVER!
bendrix Ha Ha Hee Hee Ho HO!!! This is my theme song, I never heard this before I love it... my friends say this about me all the time=> rb@Karuna (reblip)
bendrix First I love the cure, Second Thanks for the Otis, Thrid I have a special comparison track for you. Its this & "Tokyo Police Club" => rb@lollydaskal (reblip)
bendrix Sometimes I forget the brilliant tracks blipped days, weeks, months ago.. This one is a timeless treasure, Thanx for the reminder=> rb@T_DeBarros (reblip)


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bendrix Lyrically this is On Point - I'm not used to hearing BRit's flowN, this sooo refreshing - I wonder what their other stuff sounds like?=> rb@Saorsa (reblip)
bendrix if music was food then this track would be a Steaming Hot blueberry pie with vanilla ice cream @salleegal (reblip)
bendrix She's the iLLest Female/Male lyricst & Intelligent :) => @MyCT - ThanQ for the foto compliment & glad ya'll dig the tracks=>@tjerki @crowjane (reblip)
haveAwonderful @bendrix hey there. this is nice one here. you're doing your thing tonight! (reblip)


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bendrix EarGASM 101: is that chill down your spine you get when listening to amazing music - This track is definitely my vibe
bendrix Or what about this Masterpiece off of the 187 Soundtrack @ladypn @Atomik
LaKarune @Newmaidumosa this is fabulous, love the good drum and bass - @b_money check this out!|[The K&D Sessions 1998] Nite @soundmangroupie! xo I'm out too (reblip)
haveAwonderful @Afy saw the furtado mashup on your youtube. fan?
bendrix Ni hao xiao peng you. wo shi hen kuai le ni shi wan zhe ge :) => rb@BohemianChick #bendrix...thx for this one! (reblip)
Mabelhoneycutt75 Twitterspace music: Tujiko Noriko (Saigo No Chikyu)/ I love the video for this song.
bendrix YO I've been hearing about Blu for over a year now but this is the 1st time I'm hearing him... WORD this boy is DOPE!!!Thx=> rb@ZOEBOE @Karuna @lub (reblip)
haveAwonderful @Diordan thanks this is perfect for the quiet cloudy saturday morning here in atlanta! (reblip)


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sdotkeiko_deux You probably think that I'm so strange.
haveAwonderful @bendrix: "if music was food then this track would be a Steaming Hot blueberry pie with vanilla ice cream @salleegal " (reblip)
haveAwonderful @LadyFantastick: "..I saw a B-girl crying. I walked up and asked what's wrong, She told me t... radio's been playing the same song all day long" (reblip)
bendrix U R sooooo high on my hug list mayne madd luv... Can't remember where I heard this 1st but digz it=> rb@ZOEBOE (@Blippo's rides HIGH on my hug list 2) (reblip)
bendrix I've been away for a while I feel like I'm way behind on whats hot ... regardless I SALUTE U & your sick blips!!!=> rb@ZOEBOE (reblip)


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bendrix @Stitch_13 - Vanessa is very precious to me & @Blippo overwhelms me. I can not keep up with all her FRESH recommendations. I am humbled (reblip)
ZOEBOE nicely ced :} rb@Elle_Michele: "no one on the corner has swagger like us (reblip)
haveAwonderful @bendrix: "<=he's snatchin this out of U're hand at stealth speeds leaving U disoriented & spinning like the Tasmanian.... This is SICK=> rb@bduubz" (reblip)


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bendrix U have a GR8 memory I don't even remember that far back :) => rb@azandiaMJBB: "*TY* love to rb one of the first songs you ever played :) rb@bendrix" (reblip)


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bendrix SpeakN of Hooverphonic U got me thinkN about this track. Thanx for your kind words & blip inspiration - I really appreciate U=> @BlackInConnecticut
haveAwonderful wow - this is SO my mood right now! also reminds me of new year's in boston w/friend - good times!
haveAwonderful @Chickee: "@bendrix: "Holy *ish this is so FreakN iLL - is this JapaneseHipHop? -i don't know what he's saying but it sounds sweet." (reblip)


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haveAwonderful thank you. i love it @aktovoir: ""I invite U to spend a night on my planet. You don't need a spacesuit" (reblip)


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J*Davey-Get Together (Boudoir Synema: The Great Mistapes)

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Bekay- Where Brooklyn At?

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haveAwonderful "i wish the world was truly happy living happy, living as one" i wish i had words 2 describe my mood & memories stirred w/this song!! Commodores Zoom


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LaKarune I do so love Pumas @UrbanSoulcialite :) Another Tweet today: "Thoughts that occurred to me, not of the usual kind. I don't take that for granted."
haveAwonderful @Karuna i love this one even more. you're going to make me blow my itunes budget! (reblip)
haveAwonderful closing my night with Guachi Guara – Dizzy Gillespie & Chano Pozo - love ya! sweet dreams...
Chickee Cold Steel (video) J.Dilla production
haveAwonderful oh, wow. that's better than _ "Mike Slott – Boxed In feat DistantStarr" via rb from @DJLOPZ (reblip)
haveAwonderful @B2thamuthafuknP i think if she had a sound this would be it>> "Santagold: Starstruck (Murdok #Dubstep Remix)"
bendrix This track is soooo damn HOT that I have decided to retire & work Pro-bono fulltime for Yukimi Nagano FOREVER=> via@RonnieBebop rb@Chickee (reblip)
bendrix Can someone... anyone... PLEASE FIND me a hip hop act other than Busta Rhymes that is more dynamic & creatively refreshing than Missy Elliot????
haveAwonderful oooh, i remember when this came out! t.r.o.u.b.l.e. it was "Jodeci – Freek'n You Remix ft. Ghostface & Raekwon"

Chuuwee Night Life

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haveAwonderful a little sweat ain't never hurt nobody... #ladies!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)
haveAwonderful um, yeah...them right here (all 3 them:) >> Black Thought, Common, Mos Def << "Hurricane"

J.Cole Feat. Chuuwee "Bun B For President"

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bendrix Its Beautiful that All U Dilla kats haven't forgotten his memory. It makes me proud thanx for carrying the torch bro=> rb@naku: "2u4u#dillafriday" (reblip)
haveAwonderful rb @bendrix: "If hip hop needed a kick in the A$$ to showcase what articulate & intelligent hip hop sounded like.. this track would be.... (reblip)

Pete Rock & 9th Wonder ''Always'' (Feat.Kevin Brown) from ''Class in the Session''

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HayleyLove Some 2Pac to start the weekend. Open your eyes baby, recognize a player...
cecili a different bilal...must b something about that name that means Talented..

Bilal Salaam IN BETWEEN (Boozina rmx.)

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bendrix Its true iDo take Lykke Li for granted, but Dntel is under appreciated too so i ThanQ for this reminder=> rb@sanaponic (reblip)
bendrix Yes I bet Mr Bop loved this. I'm digN the jazzy. I haven't seen U in months welcome back=> rb@macello: "@RonnieBebop #bendrix" (reblip)
haveAwonderful "Ibiza Chillout (via @bendrix) – Lemongrass" he really doesn't know how much I love himusic... (reblip)
haveAwonderful hey @Mrxtrabusy love this >> rb: "Brazillian Soul Crew - Brazillian soul (Henry Kohn mix) (reblip)
haveAwonderful finding new music is always a treat. thanks @2Tall
haveAwonderful i do! spot on. @2Tall: rb: "NUMAADS "NOW" VIDEO w/ Robot Koch Remix > I hope you love this also... (reblip)

NUMAADS "NOW" VIDEO w/ Robot Koch Remix

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haveAwonderful @itsRamel ooooooh! thank you for this one -> rb: "Jesse Boykins III – Amorous" (reblip)
bendrix This is the sound of rb@EarCandy being inserted into one of those monster truck tires then seal it w/ a protective silicon & roll her down a hill :) (reblip)

La Melodia Sounds Of The City HQ

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Ishe+Dilla _Layd Up.wmv

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bendrix Yeah Bakojo i'm feeln this, its nice. Hello Ronnie=> rb@Bakojo: "[♫ <::>JINGOBA ABEAMALIGHT<::> ♫] I LUV IT ... @MrThompsonR (reblip)


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bLaKtivist afriKan... very afriKan... walkn'... walk'n in my big black boots #MM [this is so tough!] (reblip)
haveAwonderful this "Esthero – Fastlane (Cottonbelly Mix)" will get you in trouble...so promptly add to your playlist :)
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