bohocrush this song is so sexy. I would love to do a performance to it. makes me think naughty thoughts!
bohocrush exploring the magical artists of love the chill of this song! perfect for today while working :)
METAPHYSICAL all you raw food dieters out there, i applaud your strength and perserverance!!! this is for you!!!!
bohocrush we love being in LOVE, we are always by each others side! share your soul, let go of your barriers, LOVE LOVE LOVE!

SadeBy Your Side

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bohocrush I love it when @bassnectar remixes other artists I love! @beatsantique is now on twitter as well!

04 Roustabout (Bassnectar Remix)

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NoPantsDance This song makes me wet in the NoPants :)


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NoPantsDance mmmmmmm love Bass... he gives me a big music boner :)


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NoPantsDance i really enjoy the piano in this song :)

SiaBreathe Me

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NoPantsDance hahaha shoooow me your pusssyyy.. show it to me!

Lords of Acid - Show Me Your Pussy

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wildangelone Once again before I go to bed. Good night everybody...
NoPantsDance YUP! today is a hula hoop day! I'm doing some much need cleaning then hooping to this song.. naked.. in my story book back yard :) (reblip)
heidalicious this one is dedicated to @rockstarpaige
johno @CaseyJo . have you heard the wrong trousers cover this?
luiz_com_z @toosweet4rnr, cumbia is one the few Caribbean rhythms I like, perhaps the only one. :) (reblip)
luiz_com_z @stay_loose, não esqueça do chazinho pontual!
Catwoman69y2k Sadly, I never heard this once while hanging in @metaphysical1 's studio. Too bad.
melodyofurlife Got to go and clean the basement. my peeps are coming over.
emob backatcha, @JLBreak. Post THIS one on facebook!
heidalicious i so feel like this right now
BohemianChick Heya! @suzesinc I missed this place...(I'm a blip addict..shhh!) LOL! ;-)

SadeKiss Of Life

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BohemianChick Gonna hit 90 degrees today...I miss winter!!

NellyHot In Here

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BohemianChick Hi BlipStars...I'm back! :-)
NoPantsDance Album teaser from @AuditoryCanvas . i LOVE this song :) (reblip)
lschibs Dear I fear we're facing a problem..
sixdegreesofreno You make the streetlights reappear (reblip)

LightsDrive My Soul

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beatsantique crazy gypsy electro blues

Beats Antique Beauty Beats 2009

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jordaniscreative positive music: Bassnectar - "Laughter Crescendo" -> He's back in LA this Friday:
heidalicious what a sexy song!

Meiko- Said and Done

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heidalicious this song is so intense. one of my personal favorites.
DareToEatAPeach rb@DJFrankie: "It's STILL good!?! WTF? Shouldn't I hate it by now?" Ha ha I know what you mean. Still haven't gotten enough I guess. (reblip)
DareToEatAPeach @CaryB lol! That's why I stay away from the Bible Belt (well, that and Wal-mart.)
heidalicious sawed off shotgun hand on the pump (reblip)
DownLow if u liked the movie slumdog, you may like this one. this blip fits the current mood...
XTO @edadkins: "Fact: it is impossible to listen to this without shaking your ass, or the ass of the person next to you" (reblip)
heidalicious this song will definitely make you move.

Keith AlanMove

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artiswhy you said i made you feel warm inside
heidalicious i'd love to see @edadkins dance to this in his orange cosmonaut jumpsuit. @beatsantique: "wow " (reblip)

COSMONAUTsweet snacks

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tattooednyyfan I figure this is a great way to start lunch....


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thebrotherscup to NOT be honest... no... :P @Dottily: "Good! oh my name is Dot so it just materialized-do u like it-be honest :) (reblip)

U2-Beautiful Day Lyrics

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A_delle @A_delle: "fuck yeah. one of my faves. serious." (reblip)

Random Rab at Bohemian Carnival

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artiswhy should have known better than to cave in to such fantasies
heidalicious wow, fantastic song. @artiswhy: "should have known better than to cave in to such fantasies" (reblip)
heidalicious some relationships can be torture.

Joe PurdyIsn't Love

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bohocrush time to get those bodies moving and preparing for the adventures this weekend!!! this little girl was so excited she finally feel asleep at 8am :)
deroinmotah Mariah Carey - We Belong Together (Peter Rauhofer Club Mix)
heidalicious i wonder if Jem was in a cult too.


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lschibs I got fiiiive on it. Luniz - I Got 5 on It

LunizI Got 5 on It

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heidalicious I walked down the aisle to marry @edadkins to this song. #iamtheluckiest
heidalicious Yoshida Brothers are just plain awesome.
heidalicious @_rosana i hope you get some. :) happy birthday lovely.
heidalicious are we the last living souls?
bohocrush I'm twitterpated! :) ha ha this is so my new song :) "the whole wide worlds in love"
heidalicious this song just kicks ass

SantogoldThe Creator

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heidalicious @edadkins look! it's Burning Man! no wait, its Darfur! ;)

Living Darfur (Official Music Video)

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artiswhy i can't help it, you're so beautiful.

Burial 'Archangel'

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ZOEBOE rb@fuzzygroove via->@Highena:"Perfect weather outside, makes me want to break out a giant Slip n' Slide and rock the park <agreed! Tho beer is needed. (reblip)
TheBoredOne I read in an interview that when Amy Lee and Shaun Morgan of Seether were together, this was their song. :D


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MissMarian Human relationships are difficult, complicated things, and, let's face it, so many of them involve exactly this scenario...

Peaches"Lose You"

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Tina_Tea When I see a song with Bird in it, I always have to hear it. and I always like it : )
heidalicious @dirtydiana wow, so you're an animal lover, huh? what a naughty naughty girl! :)
heidalicious does this make anyone else hungry?

01 Dexter Main Title

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trevorwarren I don't know why I feel so compelled to play this song but for some reason I do.

D-12Purple Pills

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heidalicious fantastic lyrics!

Kid Sister- Switch board

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heidalicious you're so pretty the way you are
heidalicious enya got me through the most difficult time in my life: delivering and nursing @rockstarpaige. long story.

Enya- Only time (with lyrics)

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heidalicious "i got a coca-cola shape with a onion in the back" -best song evar!

Kid Sister- Switch board

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RichBlood CoolCat@FUZZYFM: "Hey @MissDiggity ... I agree with you on "Metric". Don't think they'll be bettered this year for sheer quality of output" (reblip)
jefeguero @gcrush Your FB post made me think of this
heidalicious @edadkins "you're pretty when you're mine"

VAST, "Pretty When You Cry"

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ladypn Any finer & it would be illegal, @CargoCulte! ;) Thanks! How are you? (reblip)
heidalicious i think that possibly maybe i'm falling for you

Falling in Love at a Coffee Shop by Landon Pigg

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bohocrush to achieve maximum results: strip down naked and run, dance, leap, and celebrate! clap your hands, stomp your feet! shake that ass! :)
aublajud Sing to me the song of the stars Of Your galaxy dancing and laughing

SwitchfootOnly Hope

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heidalicious headed straight for the mutha fuckin g-spot

Warren GG-Spot

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SuzenNwchptr4me OMG! wow!! Violent Femmes - Crazy (Gnarls Barkley cover) ... I just found this! WOOT
laurenlemon As we enter the Monday afternoon work hours, let's all just stop for a minute and have a carefree dance party.

Passion PitSleepyhead

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heidalicious adkins dance party commencing @laurenlemon: "As we enter the Monday afternoon work hours, stop for a minute and have a carefree dance party." (reblip)

Passion PitSleepyhead

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NoPantsDance @VibeSquaD is indeed "Bass Love" :)

VibeSquaD- "Blimey" (Bass Love-video #02)

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NoPantsDance my machine parts are grafting skin and becoming human. robot tranZamorphation in progress.. proceed with caution. *BEEP*
NoPantsDance i look forward to being on stage with @AuditoryCanvas :) watch out world! wahoopz!
DareToEatAPeach [Jenny Wilson – A Hesitating Cloud of Despair] A lovely song pulled from @SlipperyDistortion's blipstream. (reblip)
NoPantsDance rain city.. i suppose you would need a boat to live in a town like that.. and perhaps some rubber boots.
NoPantsDance all this heavy breathing is pulling my thoughts into the gutter. baha
heidalicious i want to fall in love at a coffee shop

Falling in Love at a Coffee Shop by Landon Pigg

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kristopherh "do you imagine you can get away with the things you say?"—Cicada
keskenja ma smor...a treba mi za pulu...i tako, 4 sata stajanja svaki dan... i dobijem kao 5 eura ja tai kazem, sranje zivo @annapurna (reblip)

Manu ChaoMe gustas tu

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DareToEatAPeach It's a good thing I wasn't alive in the fifties because I would have thrown my life away as Harry Belafonte's stalker. <3
edadkins "'cause I'm picking up the message lord, and I'm closer than I've ever been before...*" [*sung with brooding power-angst]
heidalicious coloring my hair to this song.
heidalicious this is a MUCH better version- even has the rain in the background!
bohocrush missed them on the playa this year. heard they came at the last minute, and will hopefully be returning to the playa next year :)
NoPantsDance making my cells dance.. like waves.. head to toe in swirls

Sigur RósDögun

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My Wet Dreams-Soko

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heidalicious hells yes. @reethahn: "almost time to break out of here " (reblip)

Dr. DreXxplosive

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heidalicious guys guys guys guys. @ana_sia will be in Reno Friday at 3rd Street. check it!
greysononer @METAPHYSICAL: "CloudA9 - Dove, Steez, Tampa, Meta - produced by DJ Kentaro" (reblip)
heidalicious omg funniest video EVAR! #wtf @evablue: "one more giggle a la francais :)" (reblip)
heidalicious these guys are amazing! hahahaha shake ton booty!

Peter Broderick: Softly freezing

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heidalicious your lips said hello and i said hi

Kris Kross(Blast from the past 3) *Jump feat. Super Cat & Warm It Up* live

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MaySan Vamo' pa' la playa a pasarla bien con lo' friend' xD (que video tan guiso ola)
heidalicious dreamy

Kesang Marstrand -- Bodaga Roses

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heidalicious this is exactly what sunrises at burning man sound like
Alex44 Buckshot & 9th Wonder – Food For Thought good evening :)
heidalicious my smithsters sing this perfectly

LeAnn Rimes-Blue

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Adam levine feat alicia keys- Wild horses

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heidalicious this is soo rare.

At The Same Time by i am jen

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GR8FL yes, @CynDyn: "so that was Yoko that who I saw you with under the MIRRORBALL, GR8FL?" amazing, yes? :) (reblip)
heidalicious but dammit its just soo good.

The KnifeHeartbeats

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evablue if humans are animals and humans are running the internet then logic rules that the animals are running the internet
renokate Ready to mellow down for the night, and no one can help me do that better than Sufjan.
ladypn "When I see you I really see you upside down"@UKDad. Do you think its because we're on opposite sides of the pond? :) LOVE this DC4C! (reblip)

Mark Antony & Jennifer Lopez-No me ames

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elinejv Base! N.E.R.D. – She Wants To Move
GR8FL issue #1 with ... cannot hear previewed blip after pressing 'ok'; still thinks it's on the 'paused' one & continues to scroll.
ecocity we are all just colored souls.. in these black and white town we roll.
smartard Sa-ra Creative Partners – Feel the Bass
carriebenton @Modster: ""Best Thing That Never Happened" - Paul Westerberg" (reblip)
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