hideaway what if we wore our stripes in the sky??;.~,~;.~;,~;.~,;.~,;.~;,~.;,~;.~,;.~,;.~,;.~,;.~,;.~,;.~;,~.;,~;.~,;.~,;.~;~;,~.;~,;.~,;.,~;.~,;.~,;.~,;.~,~,~
hideaway bela cover dos beach boys!!!


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hideaway pedagógica na vida musical das pessoas da minha idade.
hideaway será que eles também aparecerão por estas bandas?
hideaway again and again and again again and again and again again and again and again again and again and again again and again and again again and again.....
hideaway ainda lamento não tê-los visto quando vieram ao brasil...
hideaway o clipe é a coisa mais linda que eu já assisti.
hideaway falei que era a última mas achei uma outra belezura!
hideaway let's not kid ourselves, it gets really really bad
bruno__ era mesmo, @kregis / @kregis just blipped one of the greatest songs =~ "don't ask me to explain".of montreal. and the stream streamed well here...
bruno__ help me, @kregis , I don't know Coquelicot very well :)
kadocsa Mais uma do mestre do afrobeat.
hideaway cortada, mas tá valendo...


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hideaway I feel a little strange... feels like I'll never get my shit together... 27 and I'm fucked. so really real
hideaway You're going to fuck up my make-up. You're going to make-up my fuck up.
hideaway one of the best stereolab songs

Stereolab - Margerine Melodie

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hideaway @bruno__, você fica com nicki lighthouse que eu fico com hideaway na posição de eterna na vida! (ao menos nos últimos meses/ano) :)
hideaway What if we wore our stripes in the sky?
hideaway gypsi, gipsi, whatever. it's good.
hideaway melhor que a original. sem medo de estar falando heresia.
hideaway aretha franklin is so goood, but for eleanor rigby i prefer kim weston's version
hideaway same thing but more melodic. "writing his songs held so dear that no one wants to hear"
hideaway last about happines - menina, amanhã de manhã quando a gente acordar quero te dizer que a felicidade vai desabar sobre os homens, e ela mete medo
hideaway they will fill the air~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
hideaway O (@bruno__, olha o que os caras são capazes de fazer...)
hideaway Men of wisdom and men of compromise, men of weak flesh in an armored disguise... All fall down!
hideaway one of the most beautiful covers ever made
hideaway gotta maintain the high blood pressure
hideaway Essa música tem um que de safada irresistível...
hideaway we will live forever and you know it's true... you know it's true.....
hideaway I want to start a new life with my valuable hunting knife
hideaway there are movements necessary then there is unnecessary motion... happens all the time, you can see it swim In the skin parade...
hideaway IdontwanttotalkaboutitIdontwanttotalkaboutitIdontwanttotalkaboutitI dontwanttoknow
hideaway we built a robot and it's all like us it hurt like us
hideaway if this nightmare cant be stopped blow out and hide me when im droooooooopped
hideaway are you all alone? are you made of stone?
hideaway that's whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy i had dinner with her familyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
hideaway hot chocolate nation, hot chocolate boy
hideaway everything is illuminated soundtrack, i think
hideaway hey! hey! you! you! i wanna be your girlfriend!!!
hideaway i'm happy, and i'm singing, and a 1, 2, 3, 4!
hideaway 17 minutes of pure love.....~;;..;; and noise, and k
hideaway we should be whispering all the time
hideaway cheat and lie, cheat and lie
hideaway mas eu conheço bem o seu defeito e não vou fazer segredo não
hideaway eis aqui este sambinha feito numa nota só
hideaway lascivity metter 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 [10]
hideaway zelda looks lonely, i want a zebra
hideaway youre asking the wrong questions, youre open the wrong doors...
hideaway reblipping, cause "sitting on my chair where nobody want to care" is exactly what im doing right now


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hideaway I'm a real bitch, I'm a twisted witch, I'll screw you around, when youre feeling down. happy fucking halloween! feliz dia das bruxas!!!
hideaway november 21st in brazil!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!┌Ç¢┌┘▓§↓☻♥
hideaway a mi me gustan las hamburguesas con papa fritas y mayonesa con mucho queso y mucho jamón. el que inventó la hamburguesa es un campeón. sin ideolog
hideaway with the twilight and the white bright silver trucks
hideaway great VU covers #5 (@nariposa, what a greeat song you blipped!!!)
hideaway junto a la luna sangrienta con tu pequeño corazón
hideaway can I tell you that you are the purple in me? can I call you just to hear you, would you care?
elfgirl here's 1/2 of the Olivia Tremor Control..i hope the photographs from days to come are beautiful...@Anomaly
hideaway go out to the meadow, scare off all the crows
hideaway it was the worst of the lord, some of the worst of the lord
hideaway i don't know why you want to tell me when I'm right or when you're wrong
hideaway essa música faz a gente ter saudade dos tempos que nunca viveu
hideaway un....... deux..... un, deux, trois, quatre!
hideaway a symphony of silence, after all


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hideaway i always knew that we were meant to be more than friends...~~~~
hideaway carinhoso pra poder ferir / lentamente prá não atrasar / atrás da vida pra poder morrer / eu tô me despedindo pra poder voltar. genho master

Tom ZT

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hideaway ok, 2008 #3


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hideaway tom zé já dizia e eu já dizia que ele dizia pela enésima vez: menina, a felicidade é cheia de Eno, @sudaca70! :) (reblip)
stereoleo @hideaway em versão ao vivo ainda! ¡muchas gracias! :)
stereoleo @hideaway com eles? imagiiiina. é apenas coincidência. :)
hideaway plumy-plum drops of pear shaped rain and tear drops dripping pastly from peacock parasols~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
hideaway bring your kiss up to my lips and better get the world i get
hideaway play with me and i'll play with you
hideaway i guess i'll crawl.............
hideaway my favourite parks are car parks, grass is something you smoke, birds are something you shag, take that "years in provence" and shove it up your arse

PulpI Spy

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hideaway ¡viva la america central! ¡y viva lo portuñol!
hideaway !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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hideaway Soy extranjero de mi tierra / Y de las tierras por llegar / Pero a quien mas caminos inventa / Habrá de haber donde quedar.
hideaway wow, great cover

THROW ME THE STATUE | My Valuable Hunting Knife

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