blipvurt testing...1...2...1...2
rico Known for his soca's, but he made heaps of excellent ska tunes too... Byron Lee
blipvurt @drunkenatheist: "fuck yeah" - what would possess one to search for this? Hilarious and awesome, cousin o' mine. (reblip)
rico if you want to see some good exhibition, you got to see the man called Cassius Clay in action
hooliganyouth Might as well start with a classic.

The Specials-Skinhead Moonstomp (1979)

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hooliganyouth From the man who brought us iconic Spaghetti Western scores - Italian psychedelica.
hooliganyouth A Swiss band that I've been following for over a decade...Jesus, I didn't realize it's been that long.

Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited

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hooliganyouth A halfway decent movie with a pretty solid score.

Danny Elfman Terminator Salvation "Opening" (Track 01)

| play
hooliganyouth I don't think the Hitman series would be the same with a different score.
hooliganyouth Bob Hoskins made this movie, well him and a top notch score from Massive Attack.
hooliganyouth This is a band I discovered on that I kind of love.
hooliganyouth You can put your They Might Be Giants in your pipe and smoke them. I'll stick with the Four Lads thank you very mcuh.
hooliganyouth Sampling Dave & Ansel's "Double Barrel" and Dekker's "007", Special Ed found himself with a hit in 1989. One of my favorites on many levels.


| play

Harold Melvin and the Blue notes-Wake up everybody

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Radiobread @Legseleven: "Summer's coming, green onions in my salad..." t. & The MG's - Green Soul Classic cool! (reblip)
hooliganyouth One of my all-time hands-down top 100 favorite covers by Judy Mowatt and the Gaylettes. Bringin Dusty's classic to a new level.
hooliganyouth I see your Smashing Pumpkins and raise you a Screaming Trees.
hooliganyouth The theme for an excellent Candian sketch comedy show by a pretty solid band.
hooliganyouth It took me years to get into Gary Numan & the Tubeway Army but I'm very glad I did.
hooliganyouth This is a song that gets cranked in my kitchen.
Pishba Lucky @banannie will be seeing Bruce tonight. With floor tixs.
SarahG1988 Ooooo love this by the jam
hooliganyouth It's not a good until I've listened to Desmond Dekker.
hooliganyouth I wanted to be Falco when I was a little kid. Of course I wanted to be Peter Venkman, Indiana Jones, and Ferris Bueller too.

FalcoDer Kommissar

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zaqrack japanese anime jazz at its best

Rain- Yoko Kanno with lyrics

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hooliganyouth The future was then, the past is now, Kraftwerk is eternal.
hooliganyouth Music for driving through tunnels at night.
hooliganyouth More classic Ska, this time from the underrated Lord Brynner.
hooliganyouth An excellent cut from Baba Brooks - highlighting the influence of American Westerns and the emerging Spaghetti Westerns on Jamaican music and culture.

Guns Fever

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hooliganyouth Monster bashing in a rub-a-dub style. A great track off a quintessential dub album.
hooliganyouth Awwww yeah. The Isley Brothers smooth it out.

GTA IV (The Vibe 98.8) Footsteps in the dark isley Brothers

| play
hooliganyouth Continuing with the Smooth Groove cuts...

Easy like Sunday Morning by: Lionel Richie

| play
hooliganyouth The Isley Brothers, Lionel Ritchie, and now Mr. Teddy I sensing a theme?
hooliganyouth When it comes to smooth there's "Never Too Much". A little black velvet from Luther.

Luther Vandross- Never Too Much

| play
hooliganyouth For when you're done with the smooth and need to clean up the blood and dig some holes. Instrumentals for serial killers.

The Theme From''A Summer Place''-Percy Faith Orchestra

| play
hooliganyouth The way surf is supposed to sound.

RumbleLink Wray

| play
hooliganyouth I still can't believe that Ms. Gentry was white. Super Sounds of the Sounds continues...
hooliganyouth If I owned a strip joint I'd play this song pretty regularly.
slicedgeek Buddy Holly – Not Fade Away
hooliganyouth One of the cornerstones of any jazz collection. A Blue Note masterpiece from 1957. Features a 19 year old Lee Morgan on trumpet.

Blue Train

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hooliganyouth My favorite Lee Morgan album from 1964, considered by some to be his best work. This title track turns up the heat somethin' fierce.

Lee Morgan-The Sidewinder

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hooliganyouth A cut from the aptly titled,"Birth of the Cool" by Miles Davis. This 1949 release cemented the "cool jazz" movement and shifted the course of jazz.
hooliganyouth Getz and Coltrane playing together in Dusseldorf? An amazing meeting of masters.

Stan Getz and John Coltrane

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hooliganyouth In 1963, this bossa nova gem out sold the Beatles and the British Invasion on the US Top 40.
hooliganyouth Another Bossa Nova release from 1963.
hooliganyouth Rosolino is not a name you hear in the same breath as many of the giants but I think he's a genius.

Frank Rosolino

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hooliganyouth The song that The Beastie Boys sampled for "Flute Loop". Pretty groovy for jazz flute from 1966.
hooliganyouth A cut from my favorite Beastie Boys' album, "The In Sound From Way Out" (titled after an experimental French electronic album from 1966).
slicedgeek Elvis Presley – Guitarman
hooliganyouth A cut from one of my favorite scores from one of my favorite movies that is going to be completely destroyed by the remake.

Mini Man Hunt by David Shire

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hooliganyouth A 1972 Blaxploitation that is superior to most of the genre with a score to rival "Superfly".
hooliganyouth I had completely forgotten about Count Machuki. I'll have to dig up what I have in my collection.
hooliganyouth from "Superfly" 1972. Nothing I could say about this song could do it justice.
hooliganyouth from "What's Going On" 1971, his masterpiece.
hooliganyouth While "Lookin' Out My Back Door" is good, I'm more of a "Green River" fan.
hooliganyouth part of "The Dutch Invasion" of 1970. Huh, who'da thunk?
hooliganyouth An absurdly influential-Stereolab and others have raved about Komeda-and creepy score from Polanski's film.
hooliganyouth The theme from Dario Argento's 1977 "giallo" (Italian splatter flick).


| play
hooliganyouth Mark Mancina's kick ass theme from the 1995 infinitely quotable buddy cop movie.

Bad Boys soundtrack-Main theme

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hooliganyouth Apparently 1995 was a good year for action movie soundtracks. Fun trivia, I'm short but still taller than Banderas.
slicedgeek "I Wanna Be Loved By You",Marilyn Monroe

"I Wanna Be Loved By You",Marilyn Monroe

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hooliganyouth Industrial from 1992 kicks off today's playlist.
hooliganyouth Before YouTube, mash-ups, and digital madness at our fingertips there was EBN.
hooliganyouth Ministry's 1992 "Psalm 69: The Way to Succeed and the Way to Suck Eggs" was, is, and will always one of my favorite "Angry White Male" albums.
hooliganyouth The first track off "Dos Dedos Mis Amigos" 1994 re: anti-immigrant sentiment in the UK.

Pop Will Eat Itself "Auslander"

| play
hooliganyouth An Industrial "dance floor crowder" with that Chicago sound from 1989.

Die Warzau Jack Hammer

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hooliganyouth "Blood Meridian" 1997 has that magic sound that I love about Industrial-it sounds like I should be hacking and assorted cyberpunk stuff.
hooliganyouth 1992 was apparently a big year for me musically. I borrowed "Honey's Dead", copied it, and listened the tape to death.
hooliganyouth "Doppleganger" 1992. This entire album is choice.

CURVE Fait Accompli

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hooliganyouth "Loveless" Nov 1991. Oddly enough this is album reminds me of romance.
hooliganyouth Kraemer's first film score was for "The Way of the Gun" 2000. While the movie had problems, the score did not.
hooliganyouth I think I have to OMG this. A Japanese Ska cover of Schifrin's theme.
hooliganyouth I sense a strech of Ska/Reggae covers of film themes coming on...maybe...
hooliganyouth There's always room for slackness.
hooliganyouth I've only been able to find The Valentines on compilations but this cut is in my top 5 Rude Boy themed songs.
hooliganyouth I was looking for the Lord Creator version of this song but this version is just as good if not better.

big bamboo

| play
hooliganyouth Sometimes you forget that other musicians did this song first and better.
hooliganyouth I'm picking up this Trojan Set ASAP.
hooliganyouth From the 2001 MCA release, Kuti's masterpiece condemning the mindless obedience people give their governments.
hooliganyouth Big Youth's "Dreadlocks Dread" album is a must own for fans of the mid-70s Jamaican sound.
hooliganyouth Trinity was influenced by Big Youth but that is definitely not a bad thing, nor was Trinty a knock-off. King Tubby dubbed up this album.

Trinity Hold Them Jah Jah

| play
hooliganyouth LKJ's 1978 debut "Dread Beat An'Blood" is a scathing indictment of British policies towards West Indians. That and a great album to boot.
hooliganyouth Another artist I own scattered across a dozen compilations but don't own a single album of...that needs to change.
hooliganyouth Another contemp of Big Youth. One of my personal favorites.
hooliganyouth 1977 was a good year for Reggae, case and point "Police & Thieves".
hooliganyouth Released 1976, it was instantly a reggae classic. Despite short term memory loss among listeners it remains a classic.

Legalize It-Peter Tosh

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Diordan Hello @crispast Hello @boamorte Hello @DeAnn Hello @carlarafaela This blips was inspired by @Sook's
hooliganyouth Dillinger ain't got nothin' on Cab Calloway.
hooliganyouth Wrapping up the cannabis set, Andy Kirk & His Twelve Clouds of Joy.
hooliganyouth I just had to put Cab's version of this on the playlist.
hooliganyouth My grandfather has this on 78. Wish I had been able to get my hands on his music collection after he died.
hooliganyouth A new take on "John the Revelator". This DM album is actually my favorite, outranking even "Music For the Masses". Spooky video too.
hooliganyouth You can scoff and roll your eyes but The Louvin Brothers are great.
hooliganyouth John & June.

Carter Family- Will The Circle Be Unbroken

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tubilino hola @schau final te acostumbraste al video ;) (reblip)
hooliganyouth I see your Daft Punk and raise you a Newcleus.

Jam On ItNewcleus

| play
hooliganyouth One of the greatest songs by one of the greatest bands. I miss you Joe Strummer.

The magnificent seven -- The Clash

| play
DJPrimitivo ♪Death Of A Disco Dancer - The Smiths
hooliganyouth A song I didn't know about until GTA:VC. Now one of my favorties, the 12" is better though.
DJPrimitivo ♪I Won't Share You - The Smiths
DJPrimitivo ♪Bullet The Blue Sky - U2
hooliganyouth I fell in love with these Ivans because of "Six-String Samurai". I saw them and nearly wet myself. This one goes up to eleven.
EddieEntropy @MsAineseY D/Led and listening to this one you blipped a few daze ago a whole lot. She's a machine, grinding/grating/gyrating her's are the gears!
hooliganyouth Not the version I was lookin for but c'mon Fats. Besame Fats. Besame mucho.
BiggL @Diordan: "black is beautiful" Never heard this one but I'm feeling it. Respect! (reblip)
hooliganyouth This is for not only me but Mike and Amanda and all'y'all who know what a fekkin' Dalek is.

Dr Who And The Daleks Remix

| play
Jalapeno More Mike Nesmith...Listen to the Band
hooliganyouth @briangreene: "its still here/. cracking track. " this is a brilliant track! Where'd you find it? (reblip)
briangreene silly me GMT=UTC 8am Irish Summer Time (IST) was what I meant
DJPrimitivo ♪Go On, Say It - Blind Pilot
Llltex1969 Angelo Badalamenti – Twin Peaks Theme (Instrumental)
cabrochette mesmo quando teu coração tá aguentando firme no super bonder, as músicas para os quebrados são sempre mais legais.
hooliganyouth Yeah, well, I have to replay this. I blame the Daleks.
paul_steele wakey wakey (Transvision Vamp – Baby I Don't Care)
blipvurt @hooliganyouth - because the new BBC Doctor Who's kick unholy amounts of ass! (reblip)

Dr Who And The Daleks Remix

| play
BeeSeeThree stayin up late playin lego batman!

Wolf Like Me

| play
Andresa Jimmy Gilmer & The Fireballs – Sugar Shack
hooliganyouth Saw these guys on many moons ago. My favorite German reggae/dub crew.
hooliganyouth My new happy song. C'mon an entire song extoling the virtues of cereal? Fresh!
Andresa Creedence Clearwater Revival – Fortunate Son
philkirby kill your television! . . . just saying.
hooliganyouth Metal from Austin, TX. Kick ass.

The SwordFreya

| play
hooliganyouth Awesome band I need to find out more about.
hooliganyouth Back in the way back times of the last century a friend of mine and I used to suit up to this song before going out for adventures.
hooliganyouth Some girls and boys loved Blondie. I loved Siouxsie.

Siouxsie And The Banshees ~ Fireworks Top Of The Pops

| play
westham999 DJ Earworm – If I Were a Free Fallin' Boy (Beyonce vs. Tom Petty) (reblip)
hooliganyouth I see your Shiny Toy Guns and raise you a Plastic Bertrand.

Plastic Bertrand Major Tom

| play
tardisgrl for the comeback cardiac kids--hang in there lads! RB @hooliganyouth (reblip)
hooliganyouth I had forgotten about this band until I was in a record shop the other day and remembered this cover.
hooliganyouth mmm...Stranglers..."I think this song is about Vietnam."
hooliganyouth I can totally heart Lily muchos.
hooliganyouth I love playing cover tag/progression. By the by, "I think this song is about Vietnam".

Straight To Hell The Clash

| play
hooliganyouth A brilliant album. A personal favorite when it comes to: turn it up and cooking.

naci orishas

| play
mmemaledicta geez, finally found a working version of this

Eurythmics-Who's That Girl?

| play

Unkle / Keys To The Kingdom

| play
hooliganyouth While I lived in ATX these lads were my favorite twang. Still one of the best bands live or recorded I ever heard.
hooliganyouth @newNEWwave: "Nice one @SabriESC: "Oh, I can't help quoting you..." What's sad is my dream, growing up was to be an international playboy. (reblip)
hooliganyouth I'm a Soundgarden fan and a Johnny Cash fan. this version makes me wanna punch The Preacher.
toosweet4rnr [Stevie Wonder – Don't You Worry 'Bout A Thing] I'll be back in a bit. :)
hooliganyouth I think I got thrown through a DJ booth during this song.
hooliganyouth Here's a classic for any of you folks who remember the Combustible sound before Stereolab jacked it.
Ruadh I used to know what my favorite song from the 80's was but totally forgot. This'll do in a pinch. @1980's
ternoman how many artists can cover curtis mayfield and make it work? under my covers pt.35
hooliganyouth I have no idea who or what this but I like it. Strum it Aska. Strum it hard.
hooliganyouth @ternoman: "how many artists can cover curtis mayfield and make it work? under my covers pt.35" Lord, I wasn't sure... but Well played. (reblip)
hooliganyouth Private life aside - Ike & Tina were a musical powerhouse.

Ike Turner & His Kings of Rhythm-Thinking Black (1969)

| play
hooliganyouth Another gem from Daptone Records. My current repeat play album.
hooliganyouth Quite possibly my favorite cover of all time.
rico Upsessions live tonight, must be in shape...
DareToEatAPeach Song for all the PYTs and cherry bombs. Takes one to know one (and believe me I was one).
Marystudio Claire Austin – Careless Love
Marystudio Beatrice Kay – The Old Piano Roll Blues
rico you come back as an insect...
hooliganyouth Another cut from my "Reservoir Dogs" Master Mix.
hooliganyouth The theme from the original series. I used to watch this with my grandpa. Rockford still kicks ass.


| play

The Stylistics " People Make The World Go Round" 1971

| play
hooliganyouth Yes, Virginia. Earth, Wind, and Fire was once a brilliant band.
hooliganyouth Van Halen's "Van Halen II" 1978, while not my favorite Van Halen album still makes for a rocking good time.
lola0813 Digable Planets – Rebirth of Slick (1993)
cjh Will you fly to the moon and stay?? hi you@tubilino: "The World Is Not Enough" (reblip)

Ohio Players- Fire (vinyl)

| play
hooliganyouth from "Risotto" 1997. Excellent late-90s techno.

FlukeAtom Bomb

| play
hooliganyouth composed by my man Sam Cooke, released on Stax "Double Dynamite" 1967. A classic Stax track.
hooliganyouth I'm new to Joe Simon but I dig him and will have to track down more releases.
hooliganyouth Early Detroit R&B from the little known but infinitely enjoyable Gino.

Gino Washington puppet on a string

| play
hooliganyouth If anyone knows more about track please let me know.

Ethiopian HipHop

| play
hooliganyouth Another blip find, I have no idea what this is but I kind of love it.
hooliganyouth Seems like I've shifted to an African set so I have to some Fela.


| play

ET Mensah/Abele

| play
hooliganyouth Yes, you know the sample, now listen to original.
hooliganyouth A top-notch Afro-Beat band from NYC that's been laying down the heat since 1998.
hooliganyouth Another artist I have to find the recordings of...
hooliganyouth One of my favorite summer bands.

naci orishas

| play

Qusai and Jeddah Legend: the Wedding (Saudi Wedding rap song)

| play
hooliganyouth French and Hip-Hop go together frighteningly well.

raggasonic légalisez la ganja

| play

hip-hop from morocco(maroc)" issawa style" from H-kayne

| play

Junto al Río (Septeto Habanero)

| play

Bangladesh- Fly Feat. Kazi (Stoic Bliss) SP_Lil-Redd

| play

singapura-kuala lumpur

| play
hooliganyouth This is the song I heard a couple of years ago that got me into Punjabi hip-hip/mix mastery.
hooliganyouth What goes awesome with rap in any language? Kung Fu.

Chinese Rap with Kung Fu clip

| play
hooliganyouth okay, Chutney Music is a new one to me but it makes perfect sense considering the ethnic backgrounds of Trinidad.
finestsuit yes indeed, the beastie boys are deep spiritual members of smart patrol. they bring a message of happiness and hope. they believe and that's the key~
Marystudio via@trajano: "I agree.@carlarafaela: "Essa é linda! deu vontade de ver o filme de novo :)"" (reblip)

Pump Up the Volume Freedom of Speech Above the Law

| play
hooliganyouth An excellent score from the film. One of my favorite modern Noir/Westerns.
hooliganyouth Me and the lads used to sing this, very loudly and drunkenly, but only in English.
hooliganyouth Everyone needs more shamisen & taiko in their lives.

Shamisen Vs. Taiko

| play
hooliganyouth KICK! ASS!

Shamisen Rock

| play
hooliganyouth @hooliganyouth: "This is a band I discovered on that I kind of love." (reblip)

les sages poetes de la rue qu'est ce qui fait marcher les sa

| play
by_starla [My Bloody Valentine - You Made Me Realise]
StonyTunes ~ HELLO BABY U SWEET THING U KNOW WHAT I LIKE ~ Big Bopper ~ Chantilly Lace ;-)
stustevens good call via @jovianha: "ok let´s bump" (reblip)

WomanBarabas 70's

| play
Marystudio via@cjoy: "when your baby leaves you all alone.." (this pretty much describes it) (reblip)
hooliganyouth Might have to downshift to some classic American funkity funk-funk for a few blips.
hooliganyouth I know I blip this song often but it's in my top 50 for oh so many reasons.
hooliganyouth That's my jam in the shadow of love.

chaiya chaiya (Dil Se) with subtitles

| play
hooliganyouth Happy Harry Hard-on was one my role models.
hooliganyouth The Hammond line in "Gloria" is Go-Go priceless.


| play
hooliganyouth Normally I'm not a Beatles fan but...well...I grew up on this album.
hooliganyouth Another one of my favorite songs that I reblip.
hooliganyouth German nympho techo is pretty kick ass.
hooliganyouth GODDAMMNIR. This is not what I was looking for but it's fucking well done and makes me smile. Bastards.
hooliganyouth And this is why I went to college.
hooliganyouth If you don't understand what this song means to me then I guess you're just an EPIC FAIL.
hooliganyouth S'a'ight'i'nnit? I used to stagger across the bridge to work, counting steps towards sobriety, lissenin to this wank.


| play
2HandedJam ***George Michael - I Want Your Sex (Ultimix)

George Michael I Want Your Sex Ultimix

| play
2HandedJam *** Jose Nunez ft. Taina – Bilingual (Dirty Mix)


| play

Tall Ships and Sea Shanties, Liverpool 08

| play
hooliganyouth I can still sing this song word for word no matter how drunk I get.

What Shall We Do With A Drunken Sailor?(British)

| play

Branle de Noirmoutier

| play


| play

Van Halen - Diver Down - 09 - Big Bad Bill Is Sweet Wiliam N

| play
StonyTunes ~ GET THIS PARTY STARTED ~ Pink waking up


| play
avivajazz Gil Scott-Heron | The Revolution Will Not Be Televised // Timeless, relevant, biting! RB@westvillageidiot (reblip)

Oman Ghana by Daniel Ayisi

| play
hooliganyouth It's going to be one of those nights folks so please bear with me.
hooliganyouth How can you not love Lord Kitchener?
hooliganyouth Once upon a time, before the National Front pissed everything off, Skin lads'n'birds were a perfectly reasonable lot.

Claudette & The Corporation ~ Skinhead a Bash Them

| play
hooliganyouth Lord Creator was one of my Ska gateway drugs.
hooliganyouth Before Rudies, before Walt, before Third Wave rabble rousers were the Teddy Boys. Naughty Teddy lads.
hooliganyouth Here's one for you folks who think calypso is bullshit and just for tourists.
hooliganyouth Among Lords and Kings one Prince stood above them all.
hooliganyouth Skin'ead reggae, it's not just for peanuts anymore.
hooliganyouth A later track I didn't recognize but solid through and though. Smoke 'em if you got'em.
hooliganyouth Sticky an' dread. Made for 96 degrees in the shade.
hooliganyouth A dash of rump shakker dance-hall is well placed now and then.
hooliganyouth Chicks dig this song, I swear to God, you wanna full dance floor play Shaggy.
hooliganyouth I picked up this LP over the weekend. I've been hunting for this vinyl for a little over a while. Worth every $3.50.

Roy Orbison "Cat Called Domino"

| play
hooliganyouth We just gotta slow everything down for a mere moment. Gladys told me to.
LunaJune the first record I ever had when I was 7 I played it a million times till it disappeared I'll never find another you
hooliganyouth @hooliganyouth: "More classic Ska, this time from the underrated Lord Brynner." (reblip)
hooliganyouth CCR is my favorite band to listen to when playing combat XBOX 360 games...especially with robots.
DareToEatAPeach "Like a real-live emotional teenager."
hooliganyouth I see your Surfaris Streaming Mimi and I raise you a Link Wray.
hooliganyouth Reminds me of a Benny Hill/Hee-Haw crossover...I wonder why...

Buck Owens- I've Got a Tiger By The Tail

| play
StreamingMimi Johnny Rivers - Secret Agent Man

Johnny Rivers - Secret Agent Man

| play
hooliganyouth I love the Louvin Bros through and through.
StreamingMimi Little Caesar & The Romans – Those Oldies But Goodies

"Those Oldies But Goodies"

| play
hooliganyouth I don't know why...I just had to. Sumimasen.

THE SHANGRI LAS Remember Walkin' in the sand

| play
hooliganyouth Yup. This is how I spent the late 90s in DC.
hooliganyouth Someone asked me, "What was the NYC Ska Mob" sound like. I played this album.


| play
hooliganyouth A classic for a reason. No, seriously.
GroovyMonster "If you close the door, the night could last forever..."
hooliganyouth I figure...oh c'mon it's a brilliant score to one of benchmarks of Italian it's plenty swell.
hooliganyouth Brilliant on every level. Plus chicas dig it the most.
hooliganyouth Not quite a self-reblip but I love this band and especially this band y my Orishas.


| play
hooliganyouth I am a white kid watching "I Love Lucy" on a sick day and I see this. I started dancing. I fell in love with the sound.

Badass Babalu

| play
hooliganyouth Okay, so there's a link between my love for Italian giallo/porno/library music and my love for Caribbean beats...

PIERO UMILIANI-"Saudade" (1969)

| play
hooliganyouth Yes, I knew this song and got high to it, well before "Bioshock".
hooliganyouth I have another soft spot in mein heart for the Andrews Sisters.
hooliganyouth Now there's a mambo.