DJrainndietrichwilson Trust me, you'll like 'The XX'. Insidious, intimate, stripped-down post-punk. (But, does the name mean they're twice as good as "X"?)

The xxCrystalised

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hpseaton Doesn't get much better than this....
hpseaton A beautiful and powerful song from one of my favorite movies.
hpseaton @lilwldchld Totally forgot these guys until I listened to your blip. Thanks!
hpseaton My favorite from Nouvelle vague! Can't hear it too much! Thanks @MissLalala: "That's the way ... for bad girls..." (reblip)
hpseaton @MissLalala, I'm turning to this one to help me. Miss Phair seems quite mistaking this one... (reblip)

Liz PhairFlower

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hpseaton Why stop at just one trip into the dark world of Mickey Avalon? Those easily offended should definitely avoid him!
hpseaton Great, great pick! Love this group, thanks @kitt_pupp! You have great picks (reblip)

BellyFeed the Tree

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hpseaton I love this one from Cool J!! Going Back To Cali
star45 Marilyn Manson – Are You the Rabbit?
hpseaton God I love this one from them! Thanks for a great pick @agogab!! (reblip)

The CureLullaby

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hpseaton Very cool pick, I'd never heard this one and really like it, thanks @octoberland (reblip)

RubyTiny meat

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hpseaton This is a beautiful cover of Skid Row's 'I Remember You' by The Silverfish.

I Remember You Skid Row (covered by The Silverfish)

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hpseaton Another amazing cover by The Silverfish - Nirvana's Heart Shaped Box... Wow!

Heart Shaped Box-Nirvana (covered by The Silverfish)

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hpseaton This is some great stuff! Thanks @seaux: "Saw her Live Thurs Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" (reblip)
Tiuhuru @Lady_Lindsay: There's a beat that's in my mind, I'm feelin quite fine Strange song from such a long ago time. Thx 4 sharing Life can't b more d fined (reblip)
hpseaton Another great tune from @GlitterPopRock. This one always makes me dance about crazily...wait did I say that outloud? (reblip)
hpseaton @iris_iris not in the same hard rock vein but I thought you might appreciate this great cover by Silverfish

I Remember You Skid Row (covered by The Silverfish)

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hpseaton Well we'll have to play this one more often!! @agogab: "dont worry,it brings out the stripper in me ;) (reblip)
hpseaton @SassyKBear great Orianthi pick. This one with her and Steve Vai just is amazing
hpseaton Bob Dylan with one of my favorites, 'Make You Feel My Love'
hpseaton Really great pick! Thanks @DIGGIT and @twanvanelk: "Bif Naked – I Love Myself Today"" (reblip)
hpseaton Damn @steppinheavy you have lots of awesome picks!! Love this one alot - "bang tango ~ breaking up a heart of stone" (reblip)
hpseaton Now this is great!! @chuck_corbitt: "Thanks for finding this version! Great song." (reblip)


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hpseaton rb @ace23: this is a freakin awesome song/video.. thats me walking behind carmen on phone!! what an awesome 2 days shoot it happened in NYC 4 yrs ago (reblip)
hpseaton Super pick from @analu137! (reblip)

Gym Class Heroes: Cupid's Chokehold / Breakfast in America [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

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hpseaton @semfoto's great Melissa pick had me craving this one too
hpseaton Yes, I'm in a Beatles kind of mood...Get Back
hpseaton Great pick! Haven't heard this in forever! Thanks @Zjosman: "Paul Young - Come Back And Stay" (reblip)
hpseaton A little more Zep - The Battle of Evermore
hpseaton Great song for my rainy day - Van Morrison - Into the Mystic
hpseaton @markomello thanks for that great Band pick! Here's another that I love - I shall be released

The Band, I shall be released

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hpseaton I love this video!!!! These guys should be in Hollywood
hpseaton Some great REM - Crush with eyeliner
hpseaton Awesome choice from @LibbyLou! Love Veruca Salt! (reblip)
hpseaton Damn I love this one! Thanks big time @Lisa_Michele! (reblip)

Missing PersonsWords

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hpseaton @mz_rocko great Idol pick! Had to hear this one from him, one of my favorites - Sweet Sixteen
badbabygirl2 "Im NOT amused anymore..." Gotta Go To Slo! Later Blipstars!! (reblip)
hpseaton Very cool pick by @Betterlucky- Got reminded of this recently... Wu-Tang's take on "My Guitar Gently Weeps (reblip)
hpseaton Damn @URKiddinMee, this is my new wake up tune! Kicks ass (reblip)

SourAm I Evil

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hpseaton Cool pick from @Lilleh: "we got lost in the battle with rock 'n roll" (reblip)

Slut- Odds and Ends

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hpseaton Does it get any better than this? Nahhh. Norah Jones - Turn me on

Turn Me OnNorah Jones

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hpseaton I'm really liking Melissa Auf Der Maur, and this cover seals the deal
hpseaton Jimmie's Chicken Shack - High

Jimmie's Chicken Shack High (Live)

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hpseaton One of my favorites at that moment - Melissa Auf Der Maur with 'Taste You'
hpseaton @JanetSEyre got me thinking about this one....HIM - Wicked Game

HIMWicked Game

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hpseaton Nice!!!!! @DebbieD0: "Tell Me What You Want--Zebra" (reblip)

Tell Me What You Want--Zebra

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hpseaton My favorite artist at the moment - Melissa Auf Der Maur with 'I'll Be Anything You Want'
hpseaton This song rocks - Crave by Drain S.T.H.

Drain STHCrave

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hpseaton Catchy and sexy tune, can't beat that!
hpseaton I'm giving you some major props for this great pick! @Schoork: "Dokken – It's Not Love #BHT" (reblip)
hpseaton It's a #BHT and where, oh where, is our rock queen @La_Vera_Mahshid? She's usually here or on Twitter..or both lol
hpseaton Very cool song! And I forgive you for looking it up lol @MalcolmSchmidt: "I admit I didn't know about the baltimore cocks, I looked it up.@hpseaton" (reblip)
hpseaton @xGriffx this is awesome! Love it -Thanks! "Noose And Nail." (reblip)

OtepNoose and Nail

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hpseaton Now this is just fantastic, thanks @La_Vera_Mahshid, @ankita_gaur and @Buzzz for such great taste! (reblip)
hpseaton @lenaphrodite how about this one? Always makes me dance around the room!

We Trying To Stay Alive

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hpseaton One of my favorite Petty tunes, thanks @dntbthrme and welcome to blip! Keep those fine picks coming (reblip)

Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers-A Woman In Love

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hpseaton No argument here...always gives me chills @JanetSEyre: "simply a masterpiece. best soundtrack EVER." (reblip)

Last Of The Mohicans theme "original song"

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hpseaton I'm not lying when I say these guys rock

HalfcockedI Lied

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BeautifulSin I didn't want to hurt you, but you're pretty when you cry...
hpseaton Very cool, this one @nalinii: "@florinux: "Time for KINGS! ....."" (reblip)

Kings Of LeonCloser

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hpseaton Damn @chameleonpixie this one is quite unsettling! lol (reblip)

Android LustStained

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hpseaton Don't stone me but I really love this tune
hpseaton @mz_rocko here's my 'good morning' song for you today! Hope it energizes your day
hpseaton Haven't heard this one is a long time, thanks @Franimal and @greentrees (reblip)
hpseaton @raem1975: "my absolute favourite doors song.... So Raw... Jim is soooo....... mmmmmmmmm" (reblip)
Pantagruella I used to go to Sennen Cove. It's one of the last places where you can still see mermaids.

Sennen Bizarre Love Triangle

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thisISkayla ++ Devil Doll – Bourbon in Your Eyes ++ I adore this chick!
hpseaton I listen to this one while meditating. I do! Thanks @agressiv for a great pick, haven't heard this one in quite awhile (reblip)
hpseaton I needed a shot of The Clash at Demonhead. Don't believe all those bad things you've heard about poor Envy Adams.

Black Sheep by Clash At Demonhead

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hpseaton Love it! Great pick from the stellar @mz_rocko (reblip)
hpseaton These guys can take you right to the 80's. Frightening, but fun. Thanks @TheSpindleshay for putting it up
hpseaton Awesome! Thanks @MARCOSFRBASTOS: "The Kooks – Kids (MGMT Cover) -- Nice to meet you... hope you guess my name." (reblip)
hpseaton Now for something completely new and different and beautiful

Traveling Fates cover Eleanor Rigby by the Beatles

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hpseaton Familiar with Trixie Whitley? Here's a nice introduction to this smokey voiced siren
hpseaton This song has been running around my head for days. Special thanks to @bektrekker for introducing me to this great fan video (reblip)
hpseaton Usually I avoid covers, but her voice is terrific, and I love the whole vibe


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hpseaton Agreed! Thanks for this one @mizkellie: "amazing cover !!" (reblip)
hpseaton Being completely honest here: I watch this video wayyyy too much.

Sick of Sarah "Kick Back" Music Video

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hpseaton @Brizzle1980 you had me as a listener with this one right here! Belinda is dreamy! (reblip)
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