liquidchef This is a good approximation of the mood I'm in: (reblip)
cogno Super-tight dance music; a guilty pleasure, for sure.
supersusie Change your passion for glory. this is for @birdofred

Survivor - Eye Of The Tiger

| play
julesjulesjules does anyone else remember "pump up the volume"?
supersusie @luckyfish "theres nothing to do but believe, Just believe, Just breathe, Another day"


| play
PauloStudio2002 Bee Gees – Stayin Alive.................
cogno Time for a little Depeche Mode. OPINION: Violator was their best album. Discuss... :)
cogno Okay, maybe I need to make up for the last one. How about some epic dance music? Turn it UP!!!


| play
hummingbird604 "If you want to do it, do it right" - Wham! I'm Your Man :) Working late y'all, so ... how YOU doin'? ;-)

Wham!I'm Your Man

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hummingbird604 It was 9.29. 9.29, back street, big city... the sun was going down, there was music all around, it was all right. It was one of those nights...
hummingbird604 Few songs make me feel more empowered than "Maria Magdalena" by Sandra. It's not the lyrics, it's the beat and the music.

Sandra - Maria Magdalena

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hummingbird604 I'm going to throw some Sade into the mix because, seriously, I can't be angry while listening to Sade and hanging out with my Tweeps :o)

SadeKiss of Life

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StacieBee Awesome! Super smacked up Bee Gees Remix - Stayin' Alive. (reblip)
StacieBee I regarded the world as such a sad sight until I viewed it in black and white. (reblip)

Owl CityDear Vienna

| play
StacieBee I ♡ this song ~> you are gold and silver-her-her (go Hugh Grant!)
StacieBee And do you feel scared - I do

Howard Jones - Things Can Only Get Better

| play
StacieBee Jon & Vangelis ~> my Mom listened to this a lot in the 80s


| play
StacieBee From another good John Hughes movie

OMD - If You Leave

| play
hummingbird604 Since @StacieBee is Blipping so much awesomeness, I have to catch up! :)
StacieBee I lived next to West Edmonton Mall when this song came out

Pet Shop Boys - West End Girls

| play
StacieBee You know it feels good to be alive
DJGrape I love you 'cause you're such a prick...
StacieBee John Travolta, I love you so =)
hummingbird604 I know that when my friends listen to my music, they never think this is my style. But it is! Pieces by Prime STH

prime sthpieces

| play
hummingbird604 In preparation for #VanTechKaraoke - I *might* sing this one (I Believe in a Thing Called Love) by The Darkness!
hummingbird604 I think people are gonna be scared when they listen to my harder-rock tastes. Sex Type Thing by Stone Temple Pilots. #vantechkaraoke
StacieBee The video for this song was the first video played on MTV in 1981
StacieBee @gresco This is for you :)
Fluter "That's the way love goes Like a moth to a flame Burned by the fire My love is blind Can't you see my desire?" (reblip)


| play
christianfelix This guys make the best bootlegs.

SoulwaxNY Lipps

| play
danudey @geektreschic Nothin' left for me to do but dance!
Tia_Singh Fleetwood Mac. Nuff said

Fleetwood MacSara

| play
MrCallahan Probably my favorite song from Year Zero (reblip)
devilcrayon I Wanna know! Thanks, Mer!

Information Society - What's On Your Mind (Pure Energy)

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Clippernolan When bad love hurts so good...

Bill WithersUse Me

| play
jakks to the sound to the sound to the sound to the sound
unclespeedo now this is a friday morning song - Fleetwood Mac – Go Your Own Way
gleegirlrock Grand Funk Railroad~We're An American Band.....aint nobody disputin' that!
promQueen need some motivation in your day? BASSHUNTERRRRRR!!!
Clippernolan One of the most enduring bands of our time, people...
teewil This is the Felix song i was originally looking for. It's good. Shinkle will likey.

05 Ready 2 Wear

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julesjulesjules Joan Jett and the Blackhearts – I Hate Myself For Loving You (reblip)
frodofied My second most favorite Canadian (my first is @hummingbird604) with her happiest song ever:
hummingbird604 Sorry if you think I'm an incorrigible romantic, but this is MY song. "I have fallen for you" (Lauren Wood's Fallen)

Lauren Wood-Fallen

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hummingbird604 For @frodofied - Vancouver is a rainy city, and you wanted covers, so here's Raul's first #coversaturday
hummingbird604 I was listening to this tune while doing Cover It Live geekery with my friend @GusF - George Benson's Breezin'
hummingbird604 Confession: I love this song ever since I heard it in the Sex And The City movie - The Look of Love Remix (Nina Simone)
hummingbird604 My heart was broken to the tune of this song. The remix is absolutely beautiful. Talking about heartbreaks is cathartic.

DJ Binhtendo - Forbidden Colors (Remix)

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katsmeow Not for work but great for everything else...

Nine Inch Nails - Fuck You Like an Animal

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Meeratheories get ready to swoon. utter gorgeousness:
marley1964 BOSTON-MORE THEN A FEELING......This reminds me of my high school days!
hummingbird604 I remember listening to Melissa Etheridge's 2001 and wondering about what 2001 would bring along. That was 9 years ago!
DareToEatAPeach jumping on your 4/20 bubble @hkremer Don't be a bubble-burster, maaaan. Be a smoke ring jumper-througher. (reblip)
ReAnto Nirvana – Smells Like Teen Spirit Hi@to all @Novalia ci sei?
julesjulesjules thanks @chrisonhismac for making me giggle

Miracles - Love Machine

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Clippernolan The tail end of the first wave of AM radio power pop...
faclab If you're going to do a cover of another band's stuff, this is how you do it -- REM's Orange Crush, edited.

EditorsOrange Crush

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StacieBee This song is dedicated to everyone at Mental Health Camp #mhc09
Tia_Singh Thanks to KeriLee ColdPlay-such a sweet song, always makes me think of the end of Wicker park! (reblip)
frodofied When I lived in Paris I feel in love with Celine Dion's album "D'eux" (trust that she is better in French) and this song was no. 1 4evr...Still luv it
frodofied "Hello Daddy, hello Mom...." FUCKING LOVE IT!
hummingbird604 Thanks to @frodofied for reminding me of Deep Dish - Flashdance (and yes I'm online for a short bit) (reblip)
frodofied #covertag on #coversunday branches out with Radiohead doing New Order's "Ceremony"
frodofied #coversunday The Deftones doing "Night Boat" by Duran Duran...
hummingbird604 I know some of you may already be in your sweet Dreams (by Stevie Nicks featuring Deep Dish). This is for you ... :)
JustKG_ sorry everyone, I'm on a Celine blipping streak
danudey I discovered that my castle stands on pillars of salt and pillars of sand
danudey East Van boys and West End girls (cheers to @StacieBee for inspiration)


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SongForAFriend picturing Zach Braff running to meet her in the airport..such a good scene

Frou FrouLet Go

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StacieBee It's time for some 80s music that didn't exist in the 80s (reblip)
danudey Always thought this was a beautiful song, can never hear it enough. (reblip)
danudey Thanks to moving the song out from under me, I just blipped Air Supply, which I don't like. #fail (reblip)
hummingbird604 Dear @bifnaked - this is my favorite tune of all your tunes. Namaste!
joshaughnessy Stuck in the 80s today. Might as well make the best of it.


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frodofied Mad soul. MAD SOUL. Robin and Mary...I LIVE!
frodofied #coversunday Remember Jody Watley, love her, listen to her soulful take on Madonna's "Borderline," lovely.
frodofied Patti Smith takes over #coversunday with her take on Tears For Fears "Everybody Wants To Rule The World"


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julesjulesjules "i want to jump up and down in my office right now and dance like a lunatic" (reblip)
gusgreeper this also goes out to @abc4 b/c he is a shitty wing man and he knows it.
joshaughnessy Come home. I love the island. New skool style.
Adeline604 @metaglyph here's a great one for you - "Out of Control (State of Emotion)" By Kenna
Adeline604 A great song recommended by @metaglyph - "The Story I heard" by Blind Pilot. (reblip)
cogno This is *much* better-produced pop. I'll bet @hummingbird604 likes this track...
hummingbird604 This was the version I was looking for of "How Long"

AceHow Long

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hummingbird604 Keep dancing in the night, folks - Jetstream by New Order (feat. Ana Matronic)
hummingbird604 For those of you deep house lovers, Miguel Migs - A Brand New Day!
hummingbird604 "A little bit of this, a little bit of that" Santana and Michelle Branch's "The Game of Love" (reblip)


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hummingbird604 "There's something deep inside of me"... "all we have to do... is take these eyes and make them true"
hummingbird604 #coversunday #musicmonday Duet Alison Krauss & John Waite - and yes, I am missing YOU.

15. Missing you. Duet with John Waite

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hummingbird604 I used to consider myself one of these - Some Guys Have All the Luck (Rod Stewart)
hummingbird604 Hold Me Now (yes, I'm nostalgic and melancolic - so what) #musicmonday #80sballads
hummingbird604 Falling Into You by Turn Off The Stars. Wonderful, energetic and sweet song. Happy Tuesday!
hummingbird604 Was looking for REM's Orange Crush but found Stefy's instead - me likey! :)

STEFYOrange Crush

| play
hummingbird604 This goes to @supersusie and @netchick, both of whom rock my world :)

R.E.M.Orange Crush

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hummingbird604 Gimme Shelter by The Rolling Stones goes out to @monicahamburg @urbanista @Clippernolan @cognoscento @GusF
StacieBee This song was just playing in the car and hubby couldn't believe I'd never heard it before
hummingbird604 I'm thinking of you @luckyfish @nep @supersusie @ianiv @arieanna @peteroa @EmmeRogers @TrisHussey @ericahargreave
hummingbird604 Manoo & Francois A - A Day in December - one of my fave tunes. Down tempo chill deep house. You likey?
hummingbird604 I confronted Ben a few years ago and asked him "if leaving me is easy". He never responded.
Clippernolan Fact: this pop song was often interpreted as a riot song, instead of a dance number...
hummingbird604 @flatcat I'll call your "Go Deep" then :-)

Janet Jackson "Go Deep" (Official)

| play
frodofied This song is for @hummingbird604 my most favoritist MO in the whole of Canada....
hummingbird604 Damn, it's been a long while since I have listened to Ashanti (Rock Wit U) - Well, time to shake my booty. (reblip)
StacieBee I was watching this video when a warning came on the screen about the tornado in Edmonton in 1987

Pseudo EchoFunky Town

| play
hummingbird604 Whitney Houston with two other women I don't recognize with "Heartbreak Hotel"
talkingtoair Vancouver is in all her glory today...

Interpol- No I In Threesome

| play
frodofied For rock! And for anyone who doesn't know Ani DiFranco: HEAR THIS! "Who ya gonna be if you can't be yourself?"

ani difranco "Pick Yer Nose"

| play
hummingbird604 I know @frodofied loves Tina Turner. I also know he's not gone to bed yet. So I'll send him a "Private Dancer" :)
hummingbird604 "You gave me the Kiss of Life" :) (by Sade)


| play
hummingbird604 Bad Love by Cher - one of the songs I've loved the most.

CherBad Love

| play
thepetshopboy david soul's "silver lady" from 1977...cuz really...can u ever have enough soul ?

David SoulSilver Lady

| play
jjbreakspear The horns, the bass, the hair, the soundtrack of my youth = why I love this band Chicago- Saturday in the Park
cogno Kenny Loggins... Footloose, Caddyshack and... Top Gun.

Kenny Loggins / Danger Zone / Top Gun

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hummingbird604 Finally, a deep-housey remix of Lonnie Gordon's "Catch You Baby" (Pete Hammond Mix)

Lonnie Gordon, "Catch You Baby" (Pete Hammond Mix)

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hummingbird604 4 my boys - @PINQtweets @Amuseconsulting @realtorblair @trevorboudreau @OUTtv - Ultra Nate's Free :)

Ultra NateFree

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StacieBee If this is love, it breaks my heart
musecrossing Spanish class is in session. Listen up.
hummingbird604 A brilliant song by @TheHushNow - Roleplay :) I love my life, I really do...
hummingbird604 I am so happy and excited I need to Breathe (Telepopmusik) - hat tips to @supersusie and @luckyfish
StacieBee Alan Parsons Project always makes me think of growing up in the 70s/80s #MusicMonday
hummingbird604 "I see, the secret that you keep, when you're talking in your sleep" (reblip)
hummingbird604 And I found them! "She's Some Kind of Wonderful" by Sky

Sky-She's some kind of wonderful

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hummingbird604 "Love Song" by Sky - an ode to the 90's - "it's kind of like, a love song..."
StacieBee I haven't seen this movie in years; I remember paying a pretty penny for this CD in the mid 90s on special order from HMV
liquidchef Embarrassing confessions # 1: I got 2 speeding tickets in 1986 because of this song:

Top Gun - Danger Zone

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hummingbird604 The first time I danced with a boy we danced to Timex Social Club's Rumours. One of my all time faves.
hummingbird604 Have you had a Twitter crush? Jennifer Paige's "Crush" - lovely song.

Jennifer PaigeCrush

| play
SoMisguided I wanna spread the news that if it feels this good getting used Oh you just keep on using me until you use me up

Bill WithersUse me

| play
hummingbird604 Dear @RobCottingham, I see your "Walk On" and I raise you a "Mysterious Ways' :-)

U2 : Mysterious Ways ( Perfecto Mix ) '91

| play
hummingbird604 .@colleencoplick @RobCottingham Good call, but how about some Scorpions' Rock You Like a Hurricane? :)
RobCottingham I, too, have changed my hairstyle so many times now I don't know what I look like.
gusgreeper good morning twitter! :)

Luther Vandross- Never Too Much

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GusF @colbcox this is for you man! -
hummingbird604 Cooly's Hot Box "Over & Over" - this song does remind me of my dearest friend Liz, who is now in Chicago.

Cooly's hot box Over & Over

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TrisHussey No judging. Sometimes a little PCD just wakes you up...
hummingbird604 Ok, so I'm going to Blip MJ's songs to ensure #IranElection comes back to trending. P.Y.T.

Michael Jackson-P.Y.T

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hummingbird604 You Rock My World (MJ) - but please let's go back to Iran news.
StacieBee Surprised I woke up with this song in my head instead of one by Michael Jackson

EchoSeven Seas

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hummingbird604 In loving memory of Farrah Fawcett (Charlie's Angel's theme) (reblip)
hummingbird604 This is an absolute fave - Massive Attack's "Disolved Girl"
juliewright Vampires Will Never Hurt You, by My Chemical Romance - reassuring words for scary times. ;-)
thepetshopboy good god...instead of sleeping now i'm obsessing on early 80's nyc house music...damn this it to
hummingbird604 This song reminds me of Ryan Reynolds in "Buying The Cow" - Gary Neuman's Cars :)

Gary Numan-Cars

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hummingbird604 This is such an anthem for me "Living After Midnight" by Judas Priest, thx to @thepetshopboy (reblip)
hummingbird604 A gay anthem, "Free" by Ultra Nate... Happy Pride Toronto! Proud to be living in progressive Canada.

Ultra NateFree

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jjbreakspear There seems to be a theme (or 2) here... all male bands of the 70s and make out music of my past - Steve Miller Band - Fly Like an Eagle
hummingbird604 I love Montrealer Sam Roberts - 'Every Part of Me'
frodofied @alexgarcia gave me this song...and it is about the only thing that has been able to cheer me the last few days...
hummingbird604 Testing if Blip is linked or not (reblip)

Nelly FurtadoExplode

| play
talkingtoair Watching "Against All Odds" (1984) on TV.
Clippernolan This is how a geek says 'I love you' ...
hummingbird604 Eres Inolvidable.. (Reik).... I can't forget him even though I've tried :(

inolvidable reik

| play

Pictures- Timo Maas -Molko

| play
StacieBee @trickysdecks I hadn't heard this in awhile; thanks for reminding me of it! :) (reblip)

Robert Miles One and One

| play
chicken_scratch RB @joechapman: Robert Palmer, an artist gone too soon. This is such a great song! (reblip)
StacieBee I've had this song running through my head all day thanks to @wowie :)
thepetshopboy "maybe i've forgotten...the names & the address...of everyone i've ever known...there's nothing i regret"

New OrderRegret

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juliewright Blip is for happy sounds! @elland666 @2bjr70 @ncik77 @joechapman @beautifulwreck2 Like your tracks...


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Clippernolan 60s proto-metal meets Eddie Cochran ...
Clippernolan That golden one leads a double life, you'll find out ...
cogno I've seen the future and it will be... a brilliant soundtrack! #80sdanceparty


| play
cogno I love this song soooooo much. I have a crush on it. #80sdanceparty
cogno Time to end the #80sdanceparty for tonight. Thanks for the great tunes everyone!
hummingbird604 For @mozy19 and @kdmurray who are blipping some #90sgroove (wait, this wasn't groove :)

Jennifer Paige crush

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chicken_scratch Stop: because it's Friday and the Spice Girls are a guilty pleasure ~

Spice GirlsStop

| play
supersusie FRIDAY! I know what your wanting, I know what you need, I know what you're feeling, So c'mon and get it on...
hummingbird604 A song that really has touched my heart. Sola Sistim by Underworld. Good morning!

UnderworldSola Sistim

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hummingbird604 Wilson Phillips with "Go Your Own Way" I kind of prefer the Fleetwood Mac version.

Wilson Phillips "Go Your Own Way" 2004 -Video

| play
hummingbird604 I kissed the love of my life while listening to this tune - Over and Over by Wilson Phillips.
thepetshopboy another LA song...gangsta' even...this one's for @frodofied ... MORRISSEY's "first of the gang to die"#musicmonday
elocio Warp Factor 3 – Soul String Section / Wipe His Blues Away
MargorieV Quiero ver, tu risa todo el día, escuchar la melodía de tu voz...
hummingbird604 For @thepetshopboy who is too kind to me :) Cosmic Belt's Event Horizon! We love deep house!
hummingbird604 The Politics of Dancing by Re-Flex @erin_gee @kdmurray @mozy19 @lyteforce @Kiwi05 @CityGirl912 #onehitwonders
hummingbird604 The Outfield's My Paradise :)

outfieldMy Paradise

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Miss604 Tunes to accompany writing out on the balcony with a coffee on a sunny Friday morning
hummingbird604 For deep house lovers, Plej with Safe Place [Lounge]
cogno This one's for @hummingbird604; summer sunshine *needs* to be celebrated.
cogno "Ready... steady... go!" (This is what I should be listening to while playing Flight Control...)
hummingbird604 I am SO in love with this song - Starting Over by Jay-J feat Latrice (Rasmus Faber Remix)
hummingbird604 The One by Jay J feat Latrice - possibly one of the nicest deep house tunes out there!
hummingbird604 I've never been sure if @EricaHargreave likes deep house music, but Sean (by Aya) reminds me of her :)
hummingbird604 I Didn't Mean To Turn You On (redux with Dino) - note, video NSFW!
hummingbird604 "I got a crush on you ..." Hakeem Tha Dream
hummingbird604 This is my type of deep house too - sexy, smooth and romantic - Aya's Uptown (2004)

Aya--Uptown (2004)

| play
tlupick First song of the day: Rolling Stones - They make me run. Yep, been a very fast morning.


| play
hummingbird604 Do It by Nelly Furtado #musicthursday #Cdn @mozy19 @Kiwi05 @CityGirl912 @kdmurray @erin_gee

Do It Nelly Furtado [ VERY GOOD QUALITY ]

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RockinRobot @unfinishedperson1 That was odd wasn't it? w/ Rage's Freedom at about same time. Yeah but believe or not that is not the 1st time it has happened 2 me
Stay19 Imogen Heap – Have You Got It in You?<><>
hummingbird604 I love you, Canada. You've given me SO much. KD Lang - Constant Craving - #musicthursday #Cdn mozy19 @Kiwi05 @CityGirl912 @erin_gee
hummingbird604 More music to heal my braincells. Sola Sistim by Underworld
hummingbird604 "Dulce veneno cruel...Olvidalo! (Sasha Sokol)


| play
hummingbird604 Muevete a mi Alrededor by Sasha Sokol. Hey @tyamdm you remember this tune?

Sasha: Muevete a mi alrededor

| play
hummingbird604 I loved Alaska y Dinarama in my childhood. Un Hombre De Verdad (A Real Man) was my favorite.
TheDiva Thank you! @iKrissi: "For @TheDiva who needs a "dark, quiet room" | Pink Floyd – Comfortably Numb" (reblip)
Kiwi05 Could not go past this one. #MusicThursday Basshunter @mozy19 @erin_gee @kdmurray @hummingbird604 @CityGirl912
hummingbird604 The gay anthem by excellence - Free by Ultra Nate - Happy Pride, Vancouver!

Ultra NateFree

| play
deathboots such a funky track and brilliant moves in video
cogno I'm havin' a little dance party in my brain. Care to join? Queue up by the left ear and say you're with the DJ.
hummingbird604 Sting's Fields of Gold #musicthursday #legends @Kiwi05 @kdmurray @mozy19 @erin_gee @CityGirl912 [This song gives me shivers]

StingFields of Gold

| play
hummingbird604 Barbra Streisand's Woman In Love #musicthursday #legends @Kiwi05 @CityGirl912 @mozy19 @erin_gee @kdmurray
hummingbird604 Robin Thicke - Magic (I love this song)

Robin ThickeMagic

| play
financialrunner I wanna rock right now; I wanna dance in the lights; I wanna rock your body; #songoftheday
StacieBee This is one of my favourite Pet Shop Boys songs; it always makes me smile.
StacieBee A Canadian hit from the 90s.

Tal Bachman She's So High

| play
Zoeyjane Thanks to @kaisermommy, dammit.
Zoeyjane I miss Nirvana, still.

You know you're right-Nirvana (with lyrics)

| play
Clippernolan This song just popped into my head. Now it's your turn.

crowded house hole in the river live

| play
auf Hahahahahahahahaha....fantastic!

DamianThe Time Warp

| play
cogno "Boom boom, akalakalaka boom..." (Thanks @Cara_Rouge... <sigh>)
cogno My Friday needs the kind of pick-me-up that can only come from the "Short Circuit" soundtrack.

DeBargeWho's Johnny

| play
thepetshopboy "never...never seen the sun shine brighter...and it feels like me...on a good day :)"
Chrissy1115 Baby's black balloon makes her fly ♥
lpowars Melanie C - I Turn to You
thepetshopboy 1 more & i'm out the door w/ 1 of my current fave's...DASH BERLIN's haunting "man on the run" ! #trancetuesday
tlupick Tom Waits - Hang On St. Christopher.
BanditBoi good mashup

Snow Patrol vs. The Police (Partyben mash-up)

| play
hummingbird604 Chris Botti and Shawn Colvin "All Would Envy" #musicthursday #jazz @mozy19 @kdmurray @CityGirl912 @Kiwi05 @erin_gee

Chris Botti (trumpet) and Shawn Colvin (vocal) "All Would Envy"

| play
hummingbird604 Chieli Minucci "Anything and Everything" #musicthursday #jazz @erin_gee @mozy19 @kdmurray @Kiwi05 @CityGirl912

Chieli Minucci =Anything and Everything=

| play
hummingbird604 Not sure if Herb Alpert is still considered #jazz but throwing "Rise" out there @CityGirl912 @kdmurray @mozy19 @erin_gee @Kiwi05


| play
financialrunner Careless whisper from a careless man, A neutron dance for a neutron fan; Set Adrift On Memory Bliss - #songoftheday
financialrunner Idon't wanna tame your animal style; you won't be caged in the call of the wild; I am the warrior; #songoftheday
supersusie I can smell them tranquil breezes from a mile away
cogno Time to wind down the evening with a few down-tempo tracks...
juliewright My favorite Robert Cray song. Saw him live at the Belly Up this week and he's a-mazing. Give it a listen and give the man some love.
supersusie this is for @zak_private -- the most upbeat depressing song ever.

Tragedy (steps)

| play
cogno One more sample of David Byrne's voice, this time in my favourite song from this spring. I trust @BCRobyn's heard this...

Brian Eno & David Byrne "Strange Overtones"

| play
thepetshopboy one more psb fave & i'm off to dreamland...
lpowars @Edainsmom: "my fave STP song, thx! @shortygal: "Stone Temple Pilots – Sour Girl"" (reblip)
hummingbird604 In celebration of recent happenings, @Collective_Soul's "Better Now" in instrumental version. And yes, I *do* feel better now!!!
hummingbird604 Sending @julesjulesjules much love and cwtches. Sade's "Somebody Already Broke My Heart" is beautiful.
cogno Yeah, I saw Nitzer Ebb live once upon a time. Where did my hard edge go?
StacieBee Thanx to @GinaDunc for putting Styx in my head. :)


| play
supersusie just a little too slow

The Crystal Method- Born Too Slow

| play
nessman @vic_toria this one's for you - good luck tomorrow!

Christopher Cross Ride Like The Wind Live 1998

| play
juliewright Sweet version! RB @RnBE: "Lionel Richie & The Commodores – Three Times a Lady ~ @ DanielleRicks keep the RB love coming! (reblip)
hummingbird604 I'm sure my friends @thepetshopboy @jeremylim &@adhack (Corey) would appreciate this song - Jazzamor's "Tonight"


| play
thepetshopboy the LGBT should convince ROB HALFORD to be their spokesperson...he'd lay the smack down on the right...just saying
StacieBee "Can I get my hands on you tonight?"
hummingbird604 My dear friend @ninjarunner sent me this tune. He rocks. Seriously. Black Lab - Without You (reblip)
cogno @aliasA have you hear this mashup of that song?
thepetshopboy and my NEW theme song..."for all i care" :( #aboveandbeyond
thepetshopboy off to see the genius that is #aboveandbeyond at moon @ the palms "on a good day"...god bless juno, paavo & tony !

OceanLab "On A Good Day" Ashleigh Tritton's winning video

| play
thepetshopboy my fave new TIESTO tune w/ CARY BROTHERS on vocals..."here on earth"...heartbreakingly beautiful.
mynameiskate Just discovered Dala Girls - this is a beautiful song! Incredible voices.

hooverphonic - inhaler

| play
hummingbird604 Lovebirds featuring Marie Tweek of The Rurals with the song "Lovebird". Those of you who love chill, deep house, will like this I hope.
thepetshopboy RB @Nien: "Blijft een heerlijk nummer! Robert Miles – Children" // classic (reblip)

Robert MilesChildren

| play
hummingbird604 Beatchuggers feat. Rahmlee's Soulshaker (in Lindos & Kokoa Beach Mix). One of my favoritest tracks. @ntippe @thepetshopboy @jeremylim should love it.
Clippernolan A sunshiny tune for lunchtime in the sunshine ...
supersusie she sends out an aroma of undefined love (reblip @DareToEatAPeach) (reblip)
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