Tindersticks Running Wild

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TheBrettRosenberg A very important song to @trent_reznor.

Nine Inch Nails 'La Mer' ((Live from AATCHB))

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DownLow yup, I remember this one from childhood too rb@DHS rb@Jalapeno (reblip)
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BklynBagel Nancy's version

Nancy Sinatra Bang Bang

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Our Lady Peace-Not Enough

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butterfly remix

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sheajl19 If ever there was anyone to keep me at home, it would be you...
DOLCETK You spin my head right round right around when u....

You spin my head right round

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The Doors My Wild Love

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Danger Zone-Stone The Crows

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stena okay so maybe i need to rb this before i go. so. ^_^/ "rb"!@Innit @GottaSneeze (reblip)
DOLCETK Dangerous WOMEN : ....Beyonce, Rihanna, Jessica elba, Xtina Agueliera, TONI BRAXTON (SEXY), Britney, Sophia Boutella, NELLY, VICTORIA ECT"..DOLCE !!!

dangerous mix

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Primitive Radio Gods-Standing Outside A Broken Phone Booth

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Losing My Religion (DJ Kue Private Remix) [peacheater up]

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iNAViSiON a perfect little dream. the kind that hurt the most.

Nine Inch Nails: Gave Up (1992)

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sheryonstone im not sayin nuttin ;)@ladypn: "Shhhh, make no sound.... QUIET! ;)" (reblip)
MWeezles What's gonna be on your epitaph??
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shelly_76 I know you think that, I shouldn't still love you...

DidoWhite Flag

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oPONOo Beatles - While My Guitar Gently Weeps... Inspired by @bobthompkin

Beatles - While My Guitar Gently Weeps (Ultra Rare Trax Vol3)

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lyriquediscorde you're the yellow bird that i've been waiting for
seizuresalad Erasure – Blue Savannah (Der Deutsche Mix)
marilovisky I cannot contain myself. It's easier that way.

The Departure Be My Enemy

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iNAViSiON ► Wolfsheim/Once in a life time
iNAViSiON ► Bush- Swallowed

Bush- Swallowed

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iNAViSiON ►"life feeds on life"


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AngelVashir -M.I.A- I don't believe that anybody feels the way I do about you now~♥
Vivnsect Some say a comet will fall from the sky./ Followed by meteor showers and tidal waves.
crashsymptom you will find a better place...in this twilight

In this Twilight: Believe

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iNAViSiON ► "is not too late"

Marco Vc:\del*mp3

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cabrochette voltando àquela vibe de a hora e a vez dos falsos jackson. uma das coisas mais queridas-de-verdade da juvenilia.
marilovisky ... Oh, you didn't understand, I can't sleep... I've tried tea, reading, tv and my window, but there aren't many stars in the sky tonight... :/
iNAViSiON ► "we will not vanish..."


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marilovisky Long time, no hear! But I love³ Damien's songs so much it hurts. Ouch!
marilovisky I really cant sleep. "Ive tried tea, reading, tv, my window" (no stars at all and it sucks). Ive tried also Blip. Ok, maybe some wine. :D Take care!
Jalapeno NEW MUSIC.. check this out.. or if you want to hear a better version go here: http://ow.ly/gDDN.... Jennings -Umbrella <3 it @jodywhitesides

Jennings Performing Umbrella

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marilovisky I'm back, I'm free and I'm looking for my gloves! :D @crispast + @hermetic! Yep, @godninja, I do love winter wear! Chic! Everyday is summer in Brz. :/
Zarabeth rb@inavision: "►" thinking about @caporal_chief... hope you're ok, man. Missing you. :-/ (reblip)
2fast4u "We were meant to live for so much more ~ Have we lost ourselves?"
Zarabeth Yeah... an easy one, I know, but I love it, what can I do?
Koffenbaum ReBlip from @michelle_rox1256 I'm going to do some drinking now. Be back later. (reblip)

Nickelback Just To Get High Lyrics

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Zarabeth rb@inavision: "► thx @Zarabeth" Thank you... you really want me to blip Trent... T_T (@zombieFredrik look what I'm doing! °__°) (reblip)

Trent Reznor- Hurt

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samodiva tnx@bkweb: ""Yo no quiero cobardes que me hagan sufrir."" (reblip)
dilee I should really go to sleep now:) take care blipstars! enjoy! ... yeah, I know I'm really obsessed with this Sia cover:)
crispast uelà..maaa graaazie! :)@Zarabeth: "I'm not very much into videos but this one's amazing. crispast (bacio!)" (reblip)
iNAViSiON ► "luv it" ~I'm bleeding, And if you go, furious angels will bring you back to me!~

30 Seconds To Mars, Attack lyrics

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¡¡Marilyn Manson-Tainted Love!!

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1001songs so many great songs on the debut...but i'm partial to this one thanz @Doylex @inavision
Lil_Wing The Doors ~Wishful Sinful "Our love is beautiful to see...I know where I would like to be.."
Babygirlxx8 @Babygirlxx8: "Linkin Park – 99 Problems (Linkin Park Remix) ;)" (reblip)

Yeah Yeah Yeahs- Heads Will Roll (Passion Pit Remix)

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iNAViSiON ► "I ponder greater things..." Candlebox – Change
De_Ann ~Elastica – Connection~ WOW! (reblip)
iNAViSiON ► The Church – Under the Milky Way
leaferi This is fabulous. She is real right? Looks alarmingly like a lead character in either FFVIII or X. rb@kameraguy: "luv this song and video..." (reblip)

Ami SuzukiEventful

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leaferi Like about 1/3rd of the remixes I've heard of this one. This one is okay, though trying to find another...
leaferi I give up. After not being able to find three in a row & not being able to blip-up right now, DM remixes are a no-go. Hmpf.
verichis tell me that you'll open your eyes
iNAViSiON ►My Saddest Song (live)
DJfbbraun olha o aniversariante do diaaa!!! heheheh parabens againnnnnnn Leandro! RB @LeandroAzevedo (reblip)
MWeezles nice remix but doesn't do Amy's vocals enough justice (i.e they're mostly mixed out)
iNAViSiON ► Annie, Would I Lie To You
Apple_chic Well... @Arth the party I went to on Friday involved cocaine and a photoshoot of a chandelier made from chrome, leather and 6 giant glowing phalluses
leaferi Was just about to say goodnight but I can't let this one go by w/out reblipping. Rather dear to me. rb@inavision: "► "and begin again."" (reblip)
Yesha "No matter which way you go / No matter which way you stay / You're out of my mind, Out of my mind Out of my mind / I was walking with the ghost"
leaferi hahaha. Swear I didn't see this first. Good stuff. rb@inavision: "► After The Flesh @leaferi @grizzyb @Nymph @MaxVelocity" (reblip)
Zarabeth Wow! O_O I was looking for something completely different... but... WOW!
iNAViSiON ► Wild Child

The Doors Wild Child Live

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mellomatic wow, thank you @SteveSloan! =) and thanks for this..... (reblip)


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FunkShoi @Nymph: "(distance)" this might work. This might work just fine, thank ya. (reblip)
Dyscalculia James Iha – Be Strong Now
leaferi Aargh. Try to always listen to at least a good minute or so if not all but stil sometimes send out duds (in addition to those of little taste).

ATBToo Much Rain

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iNAViSiON ► "seems like it's been forever that you've been gone..."
iNAViSiON ► "a lil greenery" Trog Wars
iNAViSiON ► The Cellar Door

escape the fate-the cellar door

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truejerseygirl Farewell, I'll miss you. Im sick of these goodbyes. It tore us apart right from the start. I miss you.

Stanley Jordan plays "Autumn Leaves"

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NachtPoet Wenn Neil Gaiman für Amanda Palmer einen Songtext schreibt... I Google You


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leaferi Impossible to not smile at all, not once, when listening to practically any laserdance song.

Laserdance Humanoid Invasion (Original Remix)

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iNAViSiON ►the great destroyer (saint furious mix version murder everything)
iNAViSiON ► Need You Tonight (Mediate MIX)

INXS Hot Trax Need You Tonight Mediate MIX

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natalynha can't you see i'm trying, i don't even like it.... :/
alfonvaina M000000LAN!

The Killers- Human

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P45K couldn't find RZA's original cut, so this will have to do.
Rezzie Driving, satisfying, epic, urgent, desperate, forceful...Just fucking amazing.
Keltois I'm really bad dancer, but would accept a coffee with you ;)@BohlianSunshine: "@djLop: Hi Thanks Love the beat. Would you dance with me?????" (reblip)
iNAViSiON ► My Mathematical Mind

My Mathematical Mind

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dilee @klitoria hello & thanks for props:)

leila, lush dolphins

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threebears "Nothing changes we all stay the same. ∞" ...quote'n'rb @inavision ^(^ thanks! (reblip)
threebears ....There's a place that ends here when they close the gates of crime ...keep one eye on the door ... one eye the bag.. ...we're all losing love ...
threebears "off for sitting....see you later beloved blippers....." ...quote'n'rb @klitoria ^(^ thanks sweetie! What kind of sitting - baby? portrait? ;D (reblip)
leaferi A23 remix

Flesh Field

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leaferi @EddieEntropy Ride fast! Cheerio.

Speed Racer Remix Alpha Team (Dirty version)

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Zarabeth Sorry Trent, but Peter Murphy can sing much better than you.
Zarabeth NIN & Bauhaus covering Joy Division... they keep calling me!
Zarabeth Uhm.. :-/ This is part of the problem.
Elling_ You were what I wanted, I gave what I gave, I'm not sorry I met you!
iNAViSiON ► Strange Days (Thievery Corporation Remix)
iNAViSiON ► Fire It Up

Modest Mouse-Fire It Up

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marilovisky Let it all out!

Disturbed Shout 2000

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mellomatic @Flow - nice! can't wait. =) should be fun...
leaferi @Totengrber This is awesome. Definitely best cover I've heard of this song. (reblip)
iNAViSiON ►"Dreams of a place with a better selection" Burger Queen

Placebo-Burger Queen

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iNAViSiON ► Gravity Kills (Remix with Extrinsic)
iNAViSiON ► "One race" People Are People

A Perfect Circle- People Are People

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Lil_Wing Hi & thank you ;)>@inavision: "► Black Hole Sun [unplugged]" (reblip)
iNAViSiON ► "You are the reason that I am not afraid, Just Zero's and One's..." @DJMJL (reblip)
iNAViSiON ► Sweet Apocalypse►►►►
iNAViSiON ► "check it" @Wolfgirl_Leah

linkin park v beastie boys mash up

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iNAViSiON ► Harlem 6 – Ode to the Wu (DJ Red Diamond Mix)
Wolfgirl_Leah Gives you hell - The All-Amercican Rejects

Gives you hell The All-Amercican Rejects (Official Music Video)

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iNAViSiON ► }The Beatles vs Nine inch Nails{

Mash up Beatles Vs Nine inch Nails

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iNAViSiON ► "o_o" Time Won't Let Me Go (Van She Tech Remix)
iNAViSiON ► Freakshow (remix from Hypnagogic States EP)
iNAViSiON ► How to beat mix

How to beat mix, using the speakers and no headphones

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iNAViSiON ► The End Begins Again (DeathBoy Vs The Phil) [PPMD]
iNAViSiON ► Blow Away

Staind: Blow Away

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iNAViSiON ► Perfect [electronic periodic dark drone mix]
iNAViSiON ► "I WAS BORN TODAY" @inavision

The Crow: Descent (widescreen HQ) feat. Let it Die by Foo Fighters

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2fast4u Nice @inavision: "► With You (Reanimation Edition)" (reblip)

Linkin Park- With You (Reanimation Edition)

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iNAViSiON ►"Shout out ta all y'all new listeners!" Boom (Crystal Method Remix)
marilovisky ... the most peaceful place I would have been so far
iNAViSiON ►The Way You Like It [Sam ''sever'' Citrin Remix]

Adema-The Way You Like It [Sam ''sever'' Citrin Remix]

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leaferi Favorite Curve yet. rb@Surreality: "Curve – "Low and Behold" (reblip)
iNAViSiON ► Sit Down and Listen

Hooverphonic "Eden" (Sit Down and Listen)

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iNAViSiON ► Trouble is a Friend (Sam Roqwell & I Sancho Sequel Mix)
westham999 Gotta hear this remix :-) tx rb @StarStruk: "Kid Cudi – Day N Nite, feat. Pitbull" (reblip)
iNAViSiON ► "in honer of this shark shit" Hammerhead
iNAViSiON ► "you look so pretty" Hey There Delilah
iNAViSiON ► "let it go" Rain (Ashley Beadle Dub) @leaferi [SMILEYS]
iNAViSiON ► "Mama's song" Fairy dust
iNAViSiON ► Small Circle of Friends - Tic Tac (Jet Sounds Instrumental)
iNAViSiON ►"what tha wha!!!" Brr Stickem (lluckj remix)
iNAViSiON ► Moan (Trentemøller Vocal Remix ft. Ane Trolle)

Trentemøller: Moan (Trentemøller Vocal Remix ft. Ane Trolle)

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LikeAnAngel i listened to this song the whole way home last night. People were staring because i was dancing and singing in the car but i dont care. what a song.
iNAViSiON ►"Props to @leaferi" Roscoe (The Wizard's Sleeve Remix)
iNAViSiON ► Beat Masterz Mix [need i say more?]
iNAViSiON ► "luv ya>,%" I'm Good, I'm Gone

I'm Good, I'm Gone by Lykke Li

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iNAViSiON ► Stay The Same [PPMD]

BentStay The Same

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iNAViSiON ► No Goodbye [{eye will see you later}]... [PPMD]
libron never heard of this band before, but i like it! thanks and have a great night :)@inavision: "► Unending Through the Dark " (reblip)
iNAViSiON ► The Day The Whole World Went Away (Cold & Gray Salvation Remix Cut Edit)
DownLow rb@DJstromer19: "Ronski Speed feat. Aruna – All The Way (Jonas Steur Remix)<><>" (reblip)
Apple_chic Tell that long tongued liar. Tell that midnight writer. Tell the rambler, the gambler the back biter...
iNAViSiON ►"do you where headphones? " Stranger Things Have Happened
Apple_chic the chills that you spill up my back


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iNAViSiON ► "BASS" I Love to Move in Here (Crookers Remix)
iNAViSiON ►Fuck Em All (Remix)

Fuck Em All Ft Yaki Kadafi & Nate Dogg DJ Emon Remix

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iNAViSiON ► Isn't This Really What You Wanted (re-mastered)
iNAViSiON ►"I can't remember" Where'd You Go
iNAViSiON ►"Jimmybean the world would be different know...I need a brand new friend. " Hyacinth House
iNAViSiON ►Wild Child (live)

The Doors Wild Child Live

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iNAViSiON ►Asleep From Day (blue screen)

Asleep From Day Mazzy Star and Chemical Brothers

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iNAViSiON ►"sup...to all ya Friday Night Blip's" Duppy Conqueror (Fort Knox Five Remix)

Duppy Conqueror (Fort Knox Five Remix) Bob Marley & The Wailers**Dance

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Miss_B_Having Simon Hunt – The Burn (Manuel le Seux Remix)LOVE this soo much ! (reblip)
iNAViSiON ►All the Love in the world (TweakerRay's Strings and Electronic Version)
iNAViSiON ►This Is Usually The Part Where People Scream

Alesana -This Is Usually The Part Where People Scream (2008)

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iNAViSiON ►Nothing Better-Styrofoam Remix

Nothing Better-Styrofoam Remix

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iNAViSiON ►Mister Medley – Purple_Moonlight_Mix

FRONT 242 ANGELS VERSUS ANIMALS 03 Serial Killers Don't Kill Their Dog Either

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simplesmente Chiquitita chiquitita chiquitita ... Beijo bom domingo pessoas ....vou curtir o lindo dia e maravilhoso sol q hoje esta abrilhantando este domingo!


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ErikaTapalla ...you always said we'd meet again *sigh*


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iNAViSiON ► All These Things That I've Done [live]
iNAViSiON ►We Ain't Horses [Joe Jack Wagner]

We Ain't Horses

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iNAViSiON ►Orange County Suite "she was such a trip" @Lingerie_Girl
iNAViSiON ►The Sound Of Goodbye (Audiotec Vs. Stereomatic Remix)
iNAViSiON ►)without a sense of confidence and I'm convinced that there's just too much pressure to take(
iNAViSiON ►thiS iS A liE

The Cure...This is a lie...LIVE...

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iNAViSiON ►Lazy Eye

Silversun Pickups- Lazy Eye (w/ lyrics)

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iNAViSiON ►The Time of your Life (feat. Parry Ferrel)
brabul "Yes I need more time just to make things right"... MAs eu vou embora... e ninguém sentirá falta como eu sentirei.

Don't Go Away

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iNAViSiON ►Smells Like Teen Spirit (Butch Vig Mix)

Smells Like Teen Spirit (Butch Vig Mix)

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2fast4u In your heart, in your mind, I'll stay with you for all of time

Puddle of mudd Blurry with lyrics

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Wolfgirl_Leah rb @inavision: "►Leave Out All The Rest " (reblip)

Linkin Park- Leave Out All The Rest (Lyrics)

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Hollywood Undead- Bitches

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iNAViSiON ►Youth Of The Nation

Youth Of The Nation

| play
iNAViSiON ►Watching Me Fall [underdog remix]
Lil_Wing Nite Sexy DJ's ;) ♥ Gavin Rossdale ~ Love Remains the Same ♥ (reblip)
iNAViSiON ►Where'd You Go [4-ever remix]
Dillin_Chillin Drinking and Work... Hard Place – Get Your Hopes Up ...would you like the folded vest again. Check please!!!
iNAViSiON ►I Can Still Feel You [zero's & one's]
iNAViSiON ►If i was your vampire [remix]

If i was your vampire remix

| play


| play
iNAViSiON ► [hello friday] Look to Your Orb for the Warning
iNAViSiON ►Love Song [live]

Tesla, Love Song

| play
iNAViSiON ►A Promise Is'nt a Promise Unless You've Got Something to Lose

A Promise Is'nt a Promise Unless You've Got Something to Lose by Jeff Wetherell

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iNAViSiON ►With You [Reanimated]

Linkin Park- With You (Reanimation Edition)

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iNAViSiON ►[still smiling] Breakdown
iNAViSiON ►Been Down So Long (Live in Detroit)