Mobb Deep feat. Papoose license to kill

| play
iamsnakeeyez "Verbal Intercourse" with no protection!!...Just how Starky Love likes it!!

Ghostface Killah Stapleton Sex

| play
iamsnakeeyez Ain't nuttin' like hearing the sexcapades of Havoc & Prodigy...
iamsnakeeyez A throwback to the "Jurassic" era of Hip-Hop...You can't get no rawer than this!!
iamsnakeeyez A lot of people don't know that is Paul McCartney(The Beatles) singing background vocals on this record...


| play
iamsnakeeyez You can tell Ghost was influenced by the whole Ronald Isley/R.Kelly "Trapped In The Closet"/"Contagious" theme...

Ghostface Killah ft. Fabolous- Guest House

| play
iamsnakeeyez Originally feat. as a interlude on Nas' I Am Lp, the full length version appeared on his full-length debut For All Seasons(Trackmasters/Columbia,2000)
iamsnakeeyez "Our Feature Presentation..."
iamsnakeeyez Ed O.G. & The Bulldogs told me "I Got To Have It" while Tragedy Khadafi & Cormega are "No Equivalent"...

Singing a Song For My Mother Bohannon

| play
iamsnakeeyez Contains a sample of Parliament's "All Your Goodies Are Gone"('74 Version)...
iamsnakeeyez Contains a sample of Method Man's "Sub-Crazy" Tical(Def Jam, 1995)...Does RZA have to clear his own sample?? HaHaHaHa!!
iamsnakeeyez Mobb Deep/ALC "Scarface" influence is insane!!...
iamsnakeeyez A classic & personal drum sample favorite of mine...Most notably sampled by Old Dirty Bastard "Shimmy Shimmy Ya" (Elektra, 1995)
iamsnakeeyez "King Kong ain't got shit on him!!..."

Ghostface Killah-Gorilla Hood

| play
iamsnakeeyez From the "Blood On The Chef's Apron"(2009) mixtape...
iamsnakeeyez Sampled by De La Soul for "Millie Pulled A Pistol", K-Solo "Long Live The Fugitive", & Crucial Conflict "Hay"...

Funkadelic " I'll Stay "

| play
iamsnakeeyez Marley Marl had sampled this for a Big Daddy Kane record. It was made popular in Quentin Tarrantino's "Jackie Brown". Drums on this record are sick!!
iamsnakeeyez From the Scott Baio("Happy Days", "Charles In Charge") movie, "Bugsy Malone". Sampled by Cam'ron for "So You Wanna Be A Gangster"(Unreleased)...
iamsnakeeyez "How you build shit from the Underground & up!!..."
iamsnakeeyez Produced by Untertainment Records in-house producer Digga, it samples 70's T.V. Sitcom "Good Times"...
iamsnakeeyez "I would've voted for him instead of (Philadelphia Mayor) Michael Nutter..."
iamsnakeeyez Produced by Aftermath Entertainment in-house producer Stu-B-Doo, the track was taken from the tango scene in Dr.Dre's "Been There Done That" video...

Ras Kass featuring Dr.Dre & Mack 10 "Ghettofabolous"

| play
iamsnakeeyez Who can tell me the Mobb Deep song that sampled this??...The bass line on this funky!!

Eric GaleForecast

| play
iamsnakeeyez Pure turntable wizardry on wax accompanied by lyrical/emcee excellence!!...

EPMD -Scratch Bring it Back

| play
iamsnakeeyez Just like me, Cappadonna & Ghostface Killah have a "97 Mentality"...
iamsnakeeyez From the "High School High" Soundtrack(Big Beat/Atlantic,1996)...Marley Marl's protege K-Def & Larry-O aka Iceberg Slick.
iamsnakeeyez From the "High School High" soundtrack(Big Beat/Atlantic, 1996)...
iamsnakeeyez A Das Efx remake by rap's Cheech & Chong...
iamsnakeeyez "It be the Mobb epics/we stole the tablets of destiny..."
iamsnakeeyez R.I.P. MC Breed & 2Pac...Production & writing credit goes to Warren G, D.O.C., & Former Dr.Dre guitarist & Rowdy Records in-house producer Colin Wolfe
aktovoir Wow! Dope story, lyrics and beat. The video is sick. Thanx~~~>@smartard a must see, video @gbell76@scottbuckets (reblip)

U-N-I "Pulp Fiction Part 1" feat. Fashawn

| play
iamsnakeeyez Sound like something off of an episode of "Dr.Who"...Madlib & Ghostface Killah make the "Block Rock" with the sample.
iamsnakeeyez "It's not were you from but where you at..."
iamsnakeeyez Charles Manson got nuttin' on these dudes!!....
iamsnakeeyez Talib, "Dirty Harriet", X to the Z, & my nigga from the 'Natti with a Lennox Lewis intro...
iamsnakeeyez I was just about to blip this. Good Selection!!...@SuPerlative73. The producer Shawn J. dude was dope!!! " (reblip)
iamsnakeeyez Produced by The Revelations- Wes Mingus: Guitar, Borahm Lee: Keyboards, Josh Werner: Bass, Gintas Janusonis: Drums...
iamsnakeeyez Hollywood Hav, V.I.P., & Mega Montana...
iamsnakeeyez "Push it to the limit like Montana did/army bags full of money bulletproof this..."
iamsnakeeyez One of my favorite intro/outro ever recorded...
iamsnakeeyez Featuring Melachi The Nutcracker of Group Home(Gangstarr Foundation)...
iamsnakeeyez Produced by Casual...One of my favorite producers of the 8 MCs/7 producers collective: Heiroglyphics
iamsnakeeyez One of the tracks that didn't make the final cut of "Ghostdini: Wizard Of Poetry In Emerald City"(Starks Enterprises/Def Jam, 2009)...Sample issues.
iamsnakeeyez "Rhymes, Cash, Weed, Cars/Ghetto Celebrities, Hood Movie Stars/gat slingers now rap singers of who we are/from Nasty to Nas/Nas to Escobar..."
iamsnakeeyez Sampled by Ghostface Killah for "Momma"...There is two versions to his record. One with Megan Rochell another with Keyshia Cole. Which one is better??
iamsnakeeyez The B side to "Summin' Gotz To Give"(1995) Prod. by RZA...Royal Fam consisted of Timbo King, Dark Denim, & Mikey Jarret Jr.
iamsnakeeyez A unreleased track that samples Bob James "Nautilus"..."I'm the Ghost Of Thugs Past..." -Nas
iamsnakeeyez From the '71 "The Big Boss" soundtrack starring Bruce Lee. Sampled by Rampage & Busta Rhymes "Goin Outta Business" & Dilated Peoples "Work The Angles"
iamsnakeeyez Lupe Fiasco & Jill Scott was "Daydreaming"...
iamsnakeeyez Produced by Inspectah Deck...
iamsnakeeyez Nas had "Success" with Jay-Z while he gave a "Public Service Announcement" about Black Moon who know how to "Stay Real"...
iamsnakeeyez Before K-Solo got down with EPMD & the Hit Squad, he was also a "Fugitive"...

Grover Washington Jr.-Knucklehead

| play
iamsnakeeyez I remember at the '92 Hit Squad tour in Philly when Dj Scratch pulled out his dick when Erick Sermon said, "My deejay cut with his..."
iamsnakeeyez Funkmaster Flex, Canibus, & Mike Tyson...60 Minutes Of Funk: Vol.III
iamsnakeeyez "The Lyrical Version Of German Engineering..."
iamsnakeeyez "I keep a Desert Eagle cock back/in my tuxedo with my top hat/what you funny muthafuckas know about that/look at Dougie Fresh in my double breast..."
iamsnakeeyez "Sometime a gurl fi git kuuff/whoo whoo whoo whoo/ain't that the truth frontin' like they bulletproof..."
iamsnakeeyez 1 of my favorite songs from the 80's. I really started liking it when I heard it on GTA: "Vice City" & Adam Sandler's "You Don't Mess With The Zohan".
iamsnakeeyez Dj Clue & a Harlem and Queens connection...

Triborough- Tragedy Khadafi, Mase, Capone N Noreaga, Cam'Ron

| play
iamsnakeeyez Produced by Alchemist...

Jadakiss- From Now Till Then

| play
iamsnakeeyez From the PF Cuttin(Blahzay Blahzy Dj) hosted mixtape, "Donkey Sean Jr."...This was the precursor to his solo lp, "Monkey Barz".

13 Sean Price Aka Ruck Of Heltah Skeltah Paprika Freestyle

| play
iamsnakeeyez "Now back to the topic in hand/glock in my hand/poppin' & scram/salat with Saddam..."

Sean Price It's Nothing Freestyle w Alicia Keys Beat

| play
iamsnakeeyez M.C. Ren & Dr.Dre tellin' stories about "Vietnam, California"...Samples Ohio Players "Players Ballin' "(Players Doin' They Thing)
iamsnakeeyez "So peep out the manuscript/you see that it's a must we drop gangsta shit!!..."

Dr.DreDeeez Nuuuts

| play
iamsnakeeyez Das Efx told you to "Klap Your Handz"...
iamsnakeeyez Produced by Dr.Dre...Samples Isaac Hayes "The Look Of Love"
iamsnakeeyez From his sophmore solo album "The New Danger"(Rawkus/Geffen, 2004)...Samples Barry White "I'm Gonna Love You Just A Little More".

Mos Def (Feat Minnesota)- Grown Man Business

| play
iamsnakeeyez Featuring MF Grimm & B1...Samples David Axelrod "A Divine Image".
iamsnakeeyez From his solo debut EP "Kizz My Black Azz"(Ruthless/Priority, 1992)...
iamsnakeeyez "Reputation is the cornerstone of respect..." -Dj Premier
COUPdeVIL This is so so dope! Flipin' the 59Fifty LA back on.
iamsnakeeyez "Eye For An Eye..."

02-Nas Freestyle [Jay Z Diss]

| play
iamsnakeeyez "An Alternate Universe"

Sister Souljah The Final Solution; Slavery's Back In Effect

| play
iamsnakeeyez Ninjutsu: The martial art, strategy, & tactics of of unconventional warfare & guerrilla warfare as well as the art of espionage... (reblip)

Ninja Assassin "Legacy" Ft. Raekwon, Murs & Xzibit Music Video

| play
iamsnakeeyez Samples Tyrone Davis "In The Mood"...
iamsnakeeyez "Engineer that!!...Adjust the treble on my ting ting!!"
iamsnakeeyez "Deadly Melody Pt.2"...Produced by Inspectah Deck. Samples Aretha Franklin "Call Me"
iamsnakeeyez Prodigy's verse is censored on the LP version. The words "Boss Man", "Only Son", & "Religious" are all bleeped out. Another version uses God & Jesus..
iamsnakeeyez Produced by Alchemist...Samples Grand Wizard Theodore Theme from the movie "Wild Style"
iamsnakeeyez Malice & Pusha T as James "Sonny" Crocket and Ricardo "Rico" Tubbs...
iamsnakeeyez "Alchemist is Dutch Schultz...P is Bumpy Johnson"
iamsnakeeyez "If it wasn't for the money, cars, the movie stars, the jewels, & all the things I've got I wonder, hey, Would you still want me??...@PreciousSoHot"

JaRule ft. Ashanti & R.Kelly- Wonderful [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

| play
iamsnakeeyez I love the Guitar solo on this...Come lay on my pillow, @PreciousSoHot
iamsnakeeyez Call O' Da Wild, Dj Muggs & his "Conan The Barbarian" sounding beat...
iamsnakeeyez From his album, "G.O.A.T."(Def Jam, 2000)...Samples The Mad Lads "Gone! The Promises Of Yesterday"

LL cool J intro

| play
iamsnakeeyez An unreleased song featured on a J-Love mixtape...Samples the Melvin Bliss record.
iamsnakeeyez Produced by Just Blaze...Samples EPMD "For My People".

The Game No More Fun And Games

| play
iamsnakeeyez "Refugee All-Star Remix"...Samples Rhythm Heritage "Theme From Swat"
iamsnakeeyez Soul Assassins/Likwit Crew collabo...
iamsnakeeyez "Lets see how far the rabbit hole goes..." -Alice In Wonderland

50 cent feat. Tony yayo-follow me gangster

| play
iamsnakeeyez Classic drum sample...Too many to name...Most notable: Erick Sermon "Hittin' Switches"

Skull Snaps "It's A New Day"

| play
iamsnakeeyez Samples Ghostface Killah "Soul Controller" Ironman(Razor Sharp/Epic, 1996)...Does RZA have to clear his own sample??
iamsnakeeyez "The Maker, Owner, plus Soul Controller/Ayatollah rest in the sky the clouds my sofa..." -Inspectah Deck
iamsnakeeyez "It's Christmas time in Hollis, Queens/Mom is cookin' chicken & collard greens..."
iamsnakeeyez "On the radio, they say me & you a item/Nas fall in love with hoes, me I just like'em/I can't be your man Paris head game great..."

Funkmaster Flex Ft.50 Cent And Paul Wall-Just A Touch

| play
iamsnakeeyez Sample by Nas for the intro to "It Was Written"(Columbia, 1996)...
iamsnakeeyez "Shit on ya crew/Nigga it's Wu/Rap athletes/Tracklist bigger than you..."
iamsnakeeyez I felt sad listening to this when Isiah Washington's character got arrested while this was playing in Spike Lee's "Crooklyn"...
iamsnakeeyez Part of this freestyle was featured as an interlude on "Dare Iz A Darkside"(Ral/Def Jam, 1994)...

Biz Markie & Redman freestyle (circa 1990)

| play
iamsnakeeyez State Property/Dipset collabo...Produced by Just Blaze. Samples Hall & Oates "Rich Girl"

Young Gunz Ft Juelz Santana- Rich Girl (remix)

| play
iamsnakeeyez Sampled by EPMD off of their 3rd album "Business As Usual"(Def Jam/Columbia, 1990)...
iamsnakeeyez "Take a walk jerk/this ain't Levert, Sweat and Johnny Gill/this is rap for real/something you feel..."
iamsnakeeyez Produced by Dr.Dre & Chris "The Glove" Taylor. Guitar by Mike Elizondo...
iamsnakeeyez "The track is bangin' like a Amaretto shake, son/take some/50 on whatever we make son..." AZ feat. Raekwon "Doe Or Die"(RZA Remix)

Raekwon "Pyrex Vision" Official Music Video

| play
iamsnakeeyez From the Dj Premier executive produced album, "Street Hop"(One/E1, 2009)...
MOTOWN54 The Real MOTOWN is back!!!

Night Crawler- Bob James

| play
aktovoir Trust me, put it on the top of your Queue. You'll love it! @MissM773 I haven't watched The Wire...I really gotta put it on my netflix...i'll be back
iamsnakeeyez I love the slick use of Rick James vocals on the hook!!...

Freeway-She Makes Me Feel Alright (Prod. by Jake One)

| play
iamsnakeeyez "Praises due to most high, Allah/praises due to the most fly, Prada/baby I'm magic, taa-daa!!..."
iamsnakeeyez From his pre-OB4CL2 mixtape, "Cuban Revolution"...
iamsnakeeyez "The greatest trick the devil ever fooled man with is telling the world that he didn't exist..."

Not Rich Still Lyin

| play
MsButterzworth NEW SHIT! There's already a remix?? PERFECT COLLAB! ~Solider Of Love (remix)-Sade ft Ghostface & Black Thought~
COUPdeVIL West to East = PA to Ghost = Coast 2 Coast
iamsnakeeyez Uncle Bun channels his alter ego and goes "Mighty Joe Young" on this new freestyle...Already.
DeckHead "I taught them everything they know, but not everything I know." -- James Brown R.I.P
rockthetropics Omg I forgot you changed your name! Following now. :o) @deeprez: "my blip account isint complete without you following:) #rockthetropics" (reblip)
COUPdeVIL Uhh, I dreams filthy - My moms and pops mixed me with Jamaican Rum and Whiskey - Huh, what a set up - Shoulda pushed em dead off...
coconuuuuuuuut I just don't want to hear it if you express displeasure when you hear this song.
bankaiAP @bankaiAP: "@MissM773: "I am indeed, thank you! :) how are you this evening? @CargoCulte: "@MissM773 Howdy! Hope you're doing swell. :)""" (reblip)
iamsnakeeyez From their 1st album, "Beg For Mercy"(G-Unit/Interscope, 2003) Produced by Hi-Tek...Samples Triumvirat "Million Dollars"
BiggL RARENESS! *fist bump*@DeafOperations: "More Danger!" (reblip)

DE LA SOUL ITSOWEEZEE ( HOT ) / Quality Remastered Sound

| play

Cocoa Brovaz A k a Smif N Wessun Get Up

| play
iamsnakeeyez "When I grow up, I wanna be..."
DJmelodiemc @AbsoluteVenus: "Check it deep...yuh mon! Cutty Ranks - Sleng Teng Riddim" So fucking raw and in your it!! (reblip)

cutty ranks sleng teng riddim

| play
iamsnakeeyez "Return Of The Boom Bap means just that/it means return of the real hard beats and real rap..."
iamsnakeeyez "Boo-Yaa!! Spittin' out buckshots..."
iamsnakeeyez From his mixtape, "So Far Gone"...Samples Hamilton, Joe Frank & Reynolds "Fallin' In Love".
iamsnakeeyez From his 2nd solo album, "Business Is Business"(PMD/Relativity, 1996)...Produced by 8-Off The Assassin aka Agallah Don Bishop
AUXone Early grave...ft Ol' Dirty Dirt MgGirt (R.I.P.)

Wu-Tang Clan Early Grave ft Bad Luck

| play
DJmelodiemc @ChuckFlavas: "East meets West" (reblip)

Snoop Dogg-The One And Only (Produced By DJ Premier)

| play
tometty [Love Unlimited Orchestra - Strange Games & Things] Love this.
AUXone Royce's Bar Exam mix tapes [Bar Exam 2]

Royce Da 5'9: Happy Bar Exam feat. Marv Won

| play
rockthetropics @aktovoir Huge debut! A great great album.

Cross My Heart-Billy Stewart

| play
iamsnakeeyez Cold World/Free Money/Cash Money/Universal Records...
DjFaiza favor

Styles P And DJ Green Lantern- Make Millions From Entertainment (Prod. By The Alchemist).wmv

| play
iamsnakeeyez From their collab album, "Chemistry"(Duck Down, 2005)...Samples Gwen McCrae "Rockin' Chair"
RoRClubSAVE You are really going to Love this Song and Just Spin it NOW Hank
iamsnakeeyez Samples Nas "Virgo" & Disturbing Tha Peace "DTP For Life"...

De La Soul- "He Comes" Ft. Ghostface Killah

| play
DJLOPZ Mad love homie. #GURU!!!@FuriousStyles53: "Guru f. Bahamadia – Respect the Architect : dag...prayers goin out (reblip)
DJ_Warped Cypress Hill Rise Up #music

Cypress Hill Rise Up

| play
iamsnakeeyez "Giants all around me like Eli Manning..."

Method man, Ghost & Rae Criminology 2.5

| play

WWW.THEMATHFILES.COM "Miranda" (New Ghostface Killah Raekwon & Method Man Joint!)

| play
iamsnakeeyez The first single off of G-Unit affiliate Sha Money XL new record label Dream Big Ventures through digital distributor, The Orchard...
AUXone " pops passed the 'Peace Pipe', and shed light on..."
MissM773 aw yea.@hereticbeats"@MissM773:Thanx for the WB! Heres another dope Premier beat with Heather B on the rhymes. Female MC's sound dope on Premo prods!" (reblip)
PreciousSoHot damn this song has so much *swag* ... *Hall & Oates – I Can't Go For That (No Can Do)*

We Aint-The Game ft Eminem

| play
iamsnakeeyez This was released yesterday on iTunes...
MitchellMckenna Gorgeous day out here in Cali!!! RB @DJLOPZ: "Dedicated to today :o" (reblip)
iamsnakeeyez Before he became a member of Wu-Tang Clan's production arm, "Wu-Elements", he was an artist/producer on Guru's Illkid Records...
iamsnakeeyez This is a song that was featured in two of my favorite movies, "Jarhead" & "The Bank Job"...

T-Rex Bang A Gong (Get It On)

| play
BiggL That's a positive! Good looking, mayne @DJFrankie: "Features Jeru Tha Damaja, yes? @ me R.I.P. Guru." (reblip)

Nas & MF DOOM-Family

| play
aktovoir Prince schooled Mobb Deep on "Young Luv" with this one #cratediggin
iamsnakeeyez Unreleased song from "S.D.E."(Untertainment/Epic, 2000) sessions...Samples the Scott Baio kiddie flick, Bugsy Malone "So You Wanna Be A Boxer"

Cam'ron Wanna Be A Hustla

| play
iamsnakeeyez Off their new mixtape hosted by DJ Green Lantern, "Camouflage Season"...FREE TRAGEDY KHADAFI!!

CNN Ft. Tragedy Khadafi & Imam THUG- Kick It 2 'Em Man

| play
iamsnakeeyez "Allahu Akbar"

Raekwon- "City Of God"

| play
bankaiAP Ice Cube-What Can I Do (Remix) (feat. Mack 10)-Bootlegs & B-Sides

Ice Cube-What Can I Do (Remix) (feat. Mack 10)-Bootlegs & B-Sides

| play

2Pac and Biggy Freestyle (95) Video (RARE)

| play
usin420 The Herbaliser – It Ain't Nuttin' (feat. MF Doom)
iamsnakeeyez From the "Elephant In The Sand" mixtape...

G-UnitThe Mechanic

| play
aktovoir "Thoughts dangerous" I blipped the audio a while back. Thnx for the vid.rb @iamsnakeeyez: ""Masterpiece Theater" coming soon..." (reblip)

Black Thought freestyle on Shade 45's Toca Tuesdays/XM66

| play
iamsnakeeyez Seriously, does it get any more hip-hop than this?!...
COUPdeVIL I used to fuck with chemistry on street Then I switched it, now it's chemistry on the beat... #Alchemist
iamsnakeeyez I don't know where the dope at, but this is dope!!...
BetaSantAna1 Yeah baby .. Oh, oh, have a!!!!!! ... have another little piece of my heart now, baby, you know you got it, child, if it makes you feel good ...
atkillacashpa The Meters – The Look Of Love
2Tall rb@Sandalicious: "GangStarr Vs GangStarr - Mass Full Clip Appeal @2Tall @knowtheledge @DJNickPapag">this is fuckin dope ! (reblip)
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