SpiegelEule "Other peoples problems they overwhelm my mind" TalkingHeads --> new love
Kalhie And I'm only here to bring you freelove.

The Dead Weather "Treat Me Like Your Mother"

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iconmogwai danger mouse + david lynch + spaklehorse


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pitchforkmedia Three years today since Love's Arthur Lee passed on. Still can't imagine a better eulogy than this song. (ryan)

Dead Kennedys-Too Drunk To Fuck

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Laurits Hank III tonight at Vega. Got a few extra tickets.
Kalhie What better way to start than with Leonard...
AndiWoods and i thank those, those who kept me company
marilovisky @tubilino, long time no see! :/ I never meet you on *this earth*, so... it's your turn to play, DJ! ;) Hey, @muzicmajic, thank you! :)
aquietend here's to a better day as it goes on. and maaaybe, some rain. ;)
AlyG i'm hungry...just did a major walk to all the dept stores and down rodeo for recon work with my boss. soooo fun. today i love my job. (reblip)
tyrelassie Glenn Danzig - song from 'Less than zero' soundtrack. Enjoy!!
indiorubber @GabiRapuano De nada, sua playlist é boa! =D

Joy Division Love will tear us apart BBC version

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indiorubber já são 18h, tá na hora de colocar um pouco de peso...
deedes @duo amigo, acrdita na minha felicidade!!! (reblip)
iconmogwai @A_Quiet_End: "the mix on that last blip was a little shoddy. "a DMST fan! great! (reblip)
GrimLuxuria While your cigarette still burns, your messed up world will thrill me....


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iconmogwai dis moi ce que tu penses, de mon adolescence, dis moi ce que tu penses, j'aime aussi, l'amour et la violence,...

Sebastien Tellier, l'amour et la violence

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sangawa Nouvelle Vague - Blister In The Sun
iconmogwai SPEEDY J, a shoking hobby

Speedy JManhasset

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GrimLuxuria I love this... Deftones – KimDracula


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iconmogwai @GrimLuxuria: "I love this... Deftones – KimDracula" cooool*just perfct$$$ (reblip)


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The_Activist this one is for michael

Never Tear Us Apart - INXS

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mkvkelly Haven't blipped this one today ;D. I love it. @Fangbaby Listen!
iconmogwai @acousticpixel thank you for spreading bliss in my ears (reblip)

ElectrelaneIn Berlin

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aquietend :( sorry to hear that. bad timing. I hope it holds off through tonight at least. (reblip)
iconmogwai @A_Quiet_End: ":) thanks. couldn't sleep last night, so some situational things are more bothersome than usual too. " (reblip)
misssabado @monkchips SUCK?!?!?! you suck. ha. here:: is this better for you????

Pink Floyd, Echoes(part 1)

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iconmogwai @Nymph: "luve" YEAH GOOD CHOICE (reblip)


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iconmogwai @Kalhie: "Feeling every word..." there was a time i listen to this song in my bed... ive almsot forget... so tx :) (reblip)

Apparat 'Useless Information'

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iconmogwai charmless until your skin is freezing in the sun
iconmogwai @bunq: "finding the right audio interface is starting to become a daunting task for me :/...." i love this track :)))) (reblip)
GrimLuxuria Bit too much fake tan but, yea, you score high.
iconmogwai @AlyG: "hahaha true. never been in a hurricane and a little jealous. it's the adrenaline riding and" yep this is nice velvet (reblip)

A Dozen Winters Of Loneliness -- Nature & Organization

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CLARITY @kalimar shhhh ;D theres so much on there I can never find to blip. (reblip)
Kaethe_Cox everybody's gotta learn sometimes!!!
iconmogwai @iconmogwai: "this song is magistral" @GlimLuxuria one for you (reblip)
iconmogwai @GrimLuxuria "tu as le chic pour trouver des musiques douces et violentes" (reblip)
iconmogwai I didnt really like the new "Archive" except this one
AlyG @SNIZWHIZ was totally just enjoying this as it came on. perfect for the mood right now :) (reblip)
misssabado @Chekkov did you see my moderat videos on they are INCREDIBLE live. best show i saw this year!

ModeratOut Of Sight

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Kalhie How long before I collapse in ashes?
Kalhie Bring your chains, your lips of tragedy, and fall into my arms...

Depeche ModeHalo

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iconmogwai geoff barro from portishead

Beak'Iron Acton'

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iconmogwai @Nymph: " @Crabcakes // @iconmogwai see though if I am your sister & donkey is my daddy...hmm dAddy... ahah! @donkeyrapist thoughts? :D oh god." :))) (reblip)

Home VideoGas Tank

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camden i don't remember where i got this but it sho' is funky.
GrimLuxuria listening to Gliss - 'Beauty' (reblip)

gliss beauty

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iconmogwai awful haircut but great sounds
iconmogwai HOOD winter sunday track

Hood, They Removed All Trace That Anything Had Ever

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Kalhie You think I'm dead, but I sailed away...
CLARITY I want my next romance to be .. just like this song.

M. WardPoison Cup

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Kalhie Your mind is restless, they say you're getting better, but you don't feel any better
estrogen with you anytime, sweetie! @paperama: "Good evening my dear #estrogen How about a glass of wine?" (reblip)

Múm- Random Summer

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Lady_Bastet Now I'm found. "Metal Heart" ~Cat Power #nowplaying
Kalhie She will be your living end ...
iconmogwai @Kalhie: "How long before I collapse in ashes?" a life with defeat, miracles, rain & thunder, sun & soft skin (reblip)

David Bowie-Wild Is The Wind

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iconmogwai @Heather_Horton: "Now I'm found. "Metal Heart" ~Cat Power #nowplaying"metal heart/plexiglass skin (reblip)
claire_ can't even express how perfect this song is.
iconmogwai I rediscover this song on disc 2, amazing guitar/beat/voice :)))

10. Redefine The Enemy

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iconmogwai a revolution part 2, stand up kids,mothers, teenagers, girls, boys, dogs

Spacemen3 ~~Revolution

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iconmogwai @thedayinmusic: "schön isses. im schnee. am meer. zuhause. da, wo der winter ein winter ist." midlake = delicous (reblip)
iconmogwai @sanaponic: "@inadaequat selbst ein literat hat mal keine worte..." again ;) (reblip)

Four tetUnspoken -

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iconmogwai please put your headphone on:

Cleast Eatwood "Get Related"

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dm stith "spirit parade"

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elfgirl Local Natives are great! sun hands song too, thx krissie enoy the tunes dollfacee!
brita omg... nina simone! plus troublemaker?! wow, don't mind if I do.
RadioGhost The Chi-lites "Have you seen her"

The Chi-lites "Have you seen her"

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iconmogwai @stellar0240: "she gave me head-phones.... :) lovin this tune." yep, nice!! (reblip)
iconmogwai niiiiice

Cleast Eatwood "Get Related"

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emilymphocyte WELP, I'm a new Stan for Major Lazer.
treakiepop Rb:@redredbeard:"@jtabz@BeardyBrave Great beards think alike, & all that.@Arth (Cheers, bass is marvellous-scratches beard-agrees nodding vigorously) (reblip)

CasiokidsFot I Hose

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The Metric -Succexy

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Mysterymix I'd like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony Cut it up in little tiny bits and give it all away for free Harmony #5mx
MK_Ultra one of my favourite ottawa punk bands
Trip4Music New Order – "Dream Attack"

New OrderDream Attack

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Love Detective by Arab Strap

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CLARITY fuck. back to the books. blip why must you be so distracting? i wish you educated me on american literature while simultaneously providing eargasms.

RadioheadKid A

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iconmogwai a good old teenage fanclub is deliciouuuusss!!
THEORDEROFEARTH o*O thxs @dANGELofLOVE: "Oh...That's Happens Alot! LOL! @Gaz50: "Animals Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood"" (reblip)
iconmogwai @pitchforkmedia: "Three years today since Love's Arthur Lee passed on. Still can't imagine a better eulogy than this song. (ryan)"are you better when. (reblip)

Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood The Animals(1965)

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Stolen See you. The morrow.

BurialNear Dark

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midas22 • One of my favorite remixes... vi@LailaDustFM Bjork - Hunter (µ-Ziq Remix) µ-Ziq kills it in this version. sick. (reblip)
Sparklepony rb @Mysterymix vi@Stendhal [Rei Harakami – Pone] lovely. (reblip)

Rei HarakamiPone

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AlyG i'm pretty obsessed with all versions of this song right now.
sliddy Nice, thx :) @deunen: "danke!! @Leonie: "noch einmal! :) @AirighNamBeist: "rb @Leonie: "dank u :) @deunen""" (reblip)

Massive Attack feat. Hope Sondoval: Paradise Circus (XX Remix)

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sliddy Fantastic! Man, these guys freak me out but I think that's half the allure! :) @GothTinkerbell: "not enough love love love's for this one :) @sliddy" (reblip)
Sparklepony [Tortoise – Autumn Sweater]
claire_ learned this fun little one on piano today. simple, but beautiful (...or, at least I think so! ha)

Royksopp Tristesse globale

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Sparklepony rb @Ineluctable [Sparklehorse – Wish You Were Here] devastating... another great musician lost to depression. R.I.P. Mark... (reblip)
GrimLuxuria I've been dragging around from the end of your coat for two weeks.

The NationalBrainy

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Hypermorpheus aperitif blip

Burial 13 Raver [CD] Untrue

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sliddy Crazy sad. @nastysurprise72 @Jazzhole When I mentioned my affinity for this tune, he "confided" that this was in fact his favorite of his works. (reblip)

Xiu Xiu "Bishop, CA"

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sliddy Longest. Day. Ever. Aaaah! @MateoMuhammad: "Were down to the home stretch @sliddy, @jong, @mammara" (reblip)

PixiesAlec Eiffel

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iconmogwai Arab Strap - Kate Moss

Arab Strap - Kate Moss (Live@KVRX)

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oldslut The Prodigy – Voodoo People (Pendulum Remix)
paeix thank you for the good music @Sensa111: "@paeix thanks for props :~)" (reblip)
Bibi_NZ Thank you, a nice sleepy one. Goodnight all :) (reblip)
Sparklepony [Do Make Say Think – Chinatown] for @Goldlife... from Toronto!
midas22 • Thom Yorke - The Eraser (XXXChange Remix)
midas22 • I'm out, g'nite @ll... Minilogue - Space (Roland M. Dill Remix)
Sparklepony [Neon Indian – Sleep Paralysist] makes me want to play donkey kong...
Sparklepony rb @Gen22 [Radiohead - You (acoustic)] (reblip)

Radiohead-- "You" (Thom and Jonny acoustic)

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iconmogwai thx, i love so much this from CAN@jspace3 (reblip)

CanOh Yeah

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autosuggestion - joy division

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sliddy Glad you like! It's all thx to @sufferin_jukebox :) @CrowleysGhost: "perfect! nice one @sliddy ! (reblipping)" (reblip)

Echo and The Bunnymen Stars are stars (J.Peel sessions).

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David Bowie My Death

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iconmogwai @sliddy: "Glad you like! It's all thx to @sufferin_jukebox :) @CrowleysGhost: "perfect! nice one @sliddy ! (reblipping)"" (reblip)

Echo and The Bunnymen Stars are stars (J.Peel sessions).

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pierrot_noir I give this song a 12 out of 10. ♥♥♥ (John Frusciante ~ Going Inside)

The Psychedelic Furs Sleep Comes Down

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Sparklepony [Boards of Canada – Rue The Whirl]
iconmogwai goodnight, spring bloom of the night@sanaponic: "goodnight dears. :)" (reblip)

TychoThe Daydream

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Sparklepony [Junior Boys – The Equalizer]
G_r_e_g Sunday morning but still the head in the night...
Mysterymix ˦˧˨˩˩˨˧˦˥˦˧˨˩˨˧˦˥˦˧˨˩˨˧˦˥˦˧˨˩˨˧˦˥˦˧˨˩˨˧
midas22 • Sunday, Semana Santa coming up, this place is dead... Pixies - Lovely Day

PixiesLovely Day

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MuzanE Aherm. Let's try that again.

YeasayerMadder Red

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arcticarab "we're out of mints, pass the lifesavers..." @PenelopeVintage special favors come in 31 flavors (reblip)
Sparklepony [The Morning Benders – Hand Me Downs]
nemesisurchin Barcelona on the 27th? Damn! They're not coming anywhere near me, bastards @pratinsky: "may here ;) got the tickets ;)) @ nemesisurchin (reblip)

PavementRange Life

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arcticarab "how does it feel..." rb! ~ @SSSIXXX: ":P" (reblip)

Suck (Pigface)

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nutellagangbang hehe .. thanks! you have to try writing a heart with the help of your heart. it'll work. ... no just kidding, it's copy&paste. :) @peppersnaps (reblip)
Mysterymix bonsoirb@aljohn: "#Music pour les drogués de musique type @pathien qui n'ont pas eu leur dose journalière : The Rolling Stones – Cocaine Eyes" (reblip)

Iron and wine- Bird stealing bread.wmv

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DesertLily Charlotte Gainsbourg ~ Everything I Cannot See
naomi_u Destroy!!! ^^

The Bloody Beetroots Death Crew 77 "DOMINO"

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Mysterymix mmm; blip of the day !@mammara: "good morning and happy easter" welcome back ^^ (reblip)

Sunshine Superman- Donovan

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Sparklepony [Thom Yorke – Cymbal Rush]

Thom YorkeCymbal rush

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Mogwai: New Paths To Helicon part 1

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Mysterymix See me in psychic pollution Walking on the moon How could you dare? Who do you think you are? You're insignificant A small piece, No more no less ...

TrickyPast Mistake

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naomi_u Ellen Allien ♥ rb@Mysterymix: "yep!@Emsquared: "weeeee're wide awake"" (reblip)
McJools rb vi@leffi333: "come together. spiritualized." (reblip)
iconmogwai wonderful@McJools: "rb vi@leffi333: "come together. spiritualized."" (reblip)
SlowLife @mnemosine pour toi quand tu vas commencer ta journée demain, bisous la belle :D

The Dirty Projectors-Rise Above

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sliddy A fave from them...thx rb@midas22: "• Plants and Animals - Faerie Dance" (reblip)
midas22 • Department of Eagles - No One Does It Like You (Live)
midas22 • One of my favorite songs for nostalgic reasons... | Smog - Cold Blooded Old Times