iddybud Tired of the old sh-t? Let the new sh-t begin! Happy New Year!
Temptation_of_Eve All they got inside is Bacon Seats. ROFL ;P
iddybud Great song. It was covered by Simon and Garfunkel.
Ninha Kashmir – Led Zeppelin

Led ZeppelinKashmir

| play
iddybud When it comes to Dar Williams, it's just a question of which song to choose to blip. They're all melodic..they're all smart.
air dedicated to LorsDors if she still gets on the old Happy New Year Lors!
iddybud This one just makes me want to dance.
iddybud I hope you think I am a ....
iddybud 2 keep dat devil way down in the hole.....
iddybud Steve Earle makes Pale Male the Manhattan red-tailed hawk even cooler than he already is.
iddybud If you were here then you would feel the same.....
iddybud Crack open the good times on a street corner busting rhymes..
iddybud Stranded starfish have no place to hide.....
iddybud An old favorite by Ralph McTell
briangreene Kathy's Song ~ Simon & Garfunkel
craigz From the studio recording Mermaid Avenue (Woody Guthrie's unrecorded lyrics).
iddybud Yeah...I'm feeeelin' goooood....

EelsFeeling Good

| play
iddybud will you save the last dance for me?
iddybud You need to live for yourself......
iddybud @mrwondrous take every moment...use what's been given to you.
iddybud Jeremy's a great singer/songwriter from the Twin Cities.
MrWondrous Symphony No.3 2nd movement – Henryk Gorecki. One of the saddest, but most hauntingly beautiful songs of the 20th century, IMHO. Dawn Upshaw I think


| play
MrWondrous Hallelujah – Jeff Buckley - One of the great songs of the world by Leonard Cohen.
GR8FL @lionsant to me this is a classic Joan Baez song.
iddybud if there's ever an answer, it's...
iddybud forgive me pretty baby but i always take the..
iddybud gettin' to know the concrete ...
iddybud if you're a tweedy/wilco fan, give this one a chance to's fantastic!
iddybud anyone can do it. there ain't nothin' to it.
iddybud @mrwondrous Hey Jude - Beatles - for Iddybud Thx (reblip)

Beatles - Hey Jude

| play
iddybud bruce springsteen joins joe ely on this gem.
Clark_Griswold Good tune to listen to while you are running.

U2Beautiful Day

| play
iddybud Favorite Girl - Joseph Arthur
iddybud Kid Charlemagne by Steely Dan ....did you feel like Jesus?
iddybud Judy IS a Punk - The Ramones
iddybud Shenandoah is played oh-so-gracefully by Keith Jarrett
iddybud Tommy Emmanuel is one of the most talented guitarists - ever. If you ever have the chance to see him play live, don't pass it by.
iddybud where I want to stay....
iddybud Natalie Merchant and Tracy Chapman cover Elvis' hit...
iddybud If you haven't heard this one yet, I think you'll be enchanted. Norah Jones is the featured artist.

Wax PoeticAngels

| play
iddybud Starz in Their Eyes - Just Jack fame's a bitch...maybe...
iddybud Terry Riley has worked with composers like Morton Subotnick ( most recently mentioned here at by @mrwondrous )
iddybud @edeusebio -thx! "..listen.. in the middle of the night, alone, or with someone comfortable with silence. You'll feel the sadness of regrets" (reblip)
iddybud wow...what a gorgeous version of Lauryn Hill's "To Zion" me chills...
iddybud "Dream a Little Dream of Me" - Billy Holiday and Louis Armstrong
iddybud Car Wheels on a Gravel Road - Lucinda Williams i love the mandolin on this one
iddybud - from the movie "Magnolia" directed by Paul Thomas Anderson....

Aimee MannWise Up

| play
iddybud - another great song from the movie "Magnolia" directed by Paul Thomas Anderson...

Aimee MannSave Me

| play
iddybud Now Be Thankful - Fairport Convention
iddybud "For the Sake of the Song" by the great Townes Van Zandt
iddybud ...if you're gonna play the jukebox, please don't play "A-11"....

Buck OwensA-11

| play
iddybud Cinema Paradiso – Itzhak Perlman Thanks @mrwondrous ..this is such a beautiful song! (reblip)
mlee Coolest daylight love song
iddybud Vladiswar Nadishana is a personal favorite of mine


| play
iddybud Django Reinhardt - Bill Coleman Blues [with Bill Coleman]
iddybud ....there's nothing you can throw at me that i haven't already heard...
iddybud Levon Helm from his most recent CD
iddybud Inspiration for music on Loreena McKennitt's "An Ancient Muse" came from Greece,Turkey,the Middle East and the Far East.
iddybud "O Alas I Am In Love' is an old English tune from 1651, sung here beautifully by June Tabor
iddybud Cuddling up to his guitar, Frank Turner sings, "Music is my substitute for love.."
iddybud R.Carlos Nakai - Song For the Morning Star.
iddybud Mavis Staples' version of Stephen Foster's "Hard Times Come Again No More" is my favorite
iddybud From Coltrane's "A Love Supreme" - powerful
iddybud Step Inside This House - Lyle Lovett
iddybud Agricantus, whose name name is Latin, meaning "song of the wheat fields"


| play
iddybud a beautiful song by pianist David Lanz
iddybud so many joys and wonders....
iddybud Cantus In Memory of Benjamin Britten – Arvo Pärt - Haunting oft-used music by contemporary musical giant. (reblip)
iddybud Bela Fleck - Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata/Adagio Sostenuto
iddybud and all of those birds would've sung to your beautiful heart anyhow....
iddybud I saw Pat Metheny in concert performing this song, based on the traditional Cambodian hymn "Buong Suong," with singers from Cambodia.
iddybud ~ The Luckiest - Ben Folds

The Luckiest

| play
iddybud Thomas Newman - Theme for "American Beauty" (reblip)
iddybud "still I look to find a reason to believe." Billy Bragg lives in the UK town where my ancestors lived before they came to America back in 1630.
iddybud thx @wessnet "An der Ecke der Illusion hängen wir rum." (reblip)
iddybud @mrwondrous looking forward to feeling that moonshine - enjoy the pond
iddybud ~ there's a girl here ..and she's almost you....
iddybud everybody's a dreamer and everybody's a star..and everybody's in doesn't matter who you are..

Celluloid Heroes

| play
iddybud (((())))

Pretty Ballerina

| play
iddybud great hand-clapping tune by Fountains of Wayne ( which is actually a lawn decorating store in Wayne NJ )
iddybud ~ "no can do dis no can do dat wat da hell can u do my friend?"
Bennae Another 1 Hit Wonder--Brandy by Looking Glass
iddybud A beautiful song by Marc Cohn
ecocity Some morning coffee music from the infamous Winnipeg Philosphers
iddybud I Don't Like Mondays - Boomtown Rats
iddybud Dedicated to all who struggle for peace and justice in our world
ababelado não consigo mais sair dessa onda lou reed.
iddybud Grateful - Wyclef Jean

Wyclef JeanGrateful

| play
iddybud Bagpipes on Mars - Enter the Haggis
milkfish @iddybud I read your blog! Just the other day! Anyway, it doesn't count till you have four or five blogs nobody reads, like me.
iddybud Any Inmates fans out there? I still have this on vinyl

Inmates_I Thought I Heard a Heartbeat

| play
iddybud I love this Amos Lee recording

Amos LeeSweet Pea

| play
iddybud this was the first 45 i ever owned!
iddybud hahaha!my brother Peter played lead guitar on this Styx song for his high school Senior variety show back in the 70s. Cartman's version rules.
iddybud For the Good Times - Al Green
iddybud Remembering~Avishai Cohen nice musical selections, rosetopal @rosetopal (reblip)
iddybud give this a second to start. it's so very beautiful.
iddybud dedicating this to a fellow blogger who likes Shawn Colvin - this is one of my favorites by Shawn
iddybud superb! Michelle Shocked's live cover of The Weight [The Band]
iddybud Wuthering Heights- Kate Bush - a lovely song thx @DameGlorious (reblip)
iddybud can you make a fench woman's sad heart sing? then you just might have "Hair Like Alain Delon" -
iddybud ~ Magnificat - Pachelbel ~


| play
iddybud North Highland Reels - Laura Risk
iddybud ~ Fairy Dance ~ a nice reel

98Fairy Dance

| play
iddybud good one for listening with headphones - meditating...
iddybud Blinking Lights - Eels

EELSTitel 01

| play
iddybud Packing Blankets - Eels "cross-bridge - the traffic light is green - don't look back to that messed-up scene -"

02 Packing Blankets

| play
iddybud Hey Tonight [live] - a favorite CCR song of mine
iddybud This was performed at the "Vote for Change" concert [D.C.] by REM with special guest Bruce Springsteen [second verse].It rocked being there to see it.
iddybud "Decatur" So many Sufjan Stevens tunes to little time...
iddybud "your dose of from my fav of the genre" - love Richard Buckner's music thx @SevenTenths (reblip)
iddybud For all of my fellow Ukrainian Idiots :)
iddybud The Thoughts of Mary Jane - Nick Drake
iddybud Red Rubber Ball - Cyrkle
iddybud Come On Down to My Boat- The Quest
iddybud Ageless and a rose under the April snow. (reblip)
iddybud Hard Candy - Counting Crows "..never just an ordinary girl...."
iddybud Lay Down (Candles in the Rain) - Melanie
iddybud Beautiful choral music by Antonio Lotti (1667-1740) - a rare find at

Traccia 4

| play
iddybud The Parting Glass - The Wailin' Jennys
iddybud On The Wings of Love - String Quartet Tribute
iddybud River - Joni Mitchell. @air - thx - you made me want to go back and find Joni's original

Joni MitchellRiver

| play
iddybud Oh My Sweet Carolina - Ryan Adams - for @MrWondrous and @Bennae "..oh my sweet Carolina, what compels me to go?"
iddybud you've probably heard this Fountains of Wayne song on a recent L.L. Bean commercial
iddybud Welcome to My World - Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley Welcome To My World

| play
iddybud Acuff Rose - Uncle Tupelo
iddybud King Of Spain - Moxy Früvous
iddybud Volet Fermé - Dick Annegarn
iddybud Holland, 1945 - Neutral Milk Hotel
iddybud Up the Downstair - New Orleans Klezmer All Stars
iddybud Gethsemane - Richard Thompson
iddybud Calling Baton Rouge - Garth Brooks
iddybud @SevenTenths here's one for you "iddybud if you know of anything similar, I'd love to hear it..."
iddybud raze - Richard Buckner

Richard Bucknerraze

| play
iddybud It's Over Now - Paddy Casey
iddybud A Case of You - Joni Mitchell
iddybud Strange Condition by the fabulous Pete Yorn
iddybud here's Black Balloon by The Goo Goo Dolls..going out to Diane and Johnny.
iddybud Across the Universe - Rufus Wainwright
iddybud Goodnight Rose - Ryan Adams & The Cardinals
iddybud Airwaves - Thomas Dolby
iddybud Oh - ho - ho it's magic! - Pilot

PilotIt's Magic

| play
iddybud No One Is To Blame - Howard Jones
iddybud Soldier Girl - Polyphonic Spree
iddybud For Once in My Life - some Michael Buble for @MrWondrous
iddybud As Tears Go By - Rolling Stones @jcbmac good song thx (reblip)

Rolling Stones As Tears Go By

| play
iddybud In Your Eyes - Peter Gabriel @MrWondrous @jcbmac thx (reblip)

Peter Gabriel - In Your Eyes

| play
iddybud Ghost Dance - Robbie Robertson
iddybud Lay-O-Lay - Sacred Spirit
iddybud listen to Joanne's beautiful voice as she sings a traditional Oneida song.

Joanne Shenandoah - Oneida Iroquois

| play
iddybud Heroes - Bowie/Glass/AphexTwin Mix @Manoela gracias! (reblip)


| play
iddybud da da da - trio (uh-huh)

TrioDa Da Da

| play
iddybud The Holy Egoism of Genius - Art of Noise
iddybud Baby Beauty - Danny Elfman
MrWondrous On The Threshold Of Liberty – Mark Isham
iddybud I Believe (When I Fall in Love It Will Be Forever) - Stevie Wonder
iddybud Green Tambourine - Lemon Pipers
iddybud MacArthur Park - Richard Harris
iddybud Reach Out of the Darkness - Friend & Lover
iddybud ~ ((((((((((********)))))))))) ~


| play
iddybud Changes - The Zombies

The ZombiesChanges

| play
iddybud Losing Streak - Eels - "...where else could a creep like me meet such a pretty face?"

EelsLosing Streak

| play
iddybud Pacific Ocean Blues - Gigolo Aunts


| play
iddybud Radiation Vibe - Fountains of Wayne
iddybud And So It Goes out to Iddybud. - thx so much @MrWondrous and goodnight! (reblip)
iddybud Anthem - Leonard Cohen - "don't dwell on what is passed away or what is yet to be..."

Leonard CohenAnthem

| play
iddybud Adam Duritz sings with Dave Gibbs in this live performance covering Lemonheads "Ballad of el Goodo" - don't miss it!

Kid Lightning2004-09-27d1t05

| play
iddybud If I Should Fall Behind - a Bruce Springsteen song covered beautifully by songbird Linda Ronstadt (who admits she missed Bruce the 1st time around!)
iddybud Angelina Baker:A lesser-known Stephen Foster tune,a lovely instrumental interpretation."She left me here to weep a tear, & beat on da ol’ jawbone."
iddybud My favorite QOTSA tune.I recall being the only person in the theatre(a volunteer usher)hearing the band doing the entire song in a soundcheck.Rocked!
iddybud I Don't Want to Get Over You – The Magnetic Fields
iddybud California Tuffy – The Geraldine Fibbers
iddybud And a Bang on the Ear – The Waterboys
iddybud Fishermans Blues – The Waterboys
iddybud Here Comes The Flood – Oysterband
iddybud In The Midnight Hour – The Commitments
iddybud James Yorkston-Lowlands Away - thx @briangreene

James Yorkston-Lowlands Away

| play
iddybud 1000 coeurs debout – Cali
iddybud Everybody Loves Me, Baby - what's the matter with YOU? ;)
iddybud Don't Cross the River - Garth Brooks - I love Jerry Douglas' dobro on this song
iddybud Darling – Tom Jones

Tom JonesDarling

| play
iddybud I Got You – Split Enz .. thx @ThePassenger :) (reblip)

Split EnzI Got You

| play
iddybud Pulling Mussels From a Shell – Squeeze
iddybud Rock The Casbah – The Clash
iddybud Your Great Journey – The Handsome Family - Thx 4 the Jim White @SevenTenths - here's some Handsome Family 4u
iddybud This is Joseph Arthur's song "In The Sun" covered by Michael Stipe and Coldplay - gorgeous!
iddybud Breathe – Alexi Murdoch "Don't forget to breathe..."
CargoCulte @iddybud @Figgywithit @SlipperyDistortion The Old 97s should been bigger than they are, as they're phenomenal.
iddybud Your Long Journey – Robert Plant & Alison Krauss - to my dear friends, one of my favorite old songs redone by Plant/Krauss @Bennae @MrWondrous
iddybud Fireflies (Duet With Rachel Yamagata) – Rhett Miller - for @CargoCulte @Figgywithit @SlipperyDistortion - thx for the great Old 97s tonight
iddybud Europa and the Pirate Twins – Thomas Dolby
iddybud BlueCheer_121005_ParchmentFarm


| play
iddybud Downhearted Blues – Mildred Bailey and her Alley Cats
iddybud Lena Horne - Stormy Weather


| play
iddybud Part of Your World - Ariel from Little Mermaid [Disney] - for Ariana
iddybud Blue Summer by the awesome band Cherry Twister - for Violet
iddybud I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry – Al Green - @deanus thx for the Al Green
iddybud Jubilee – Willowz - for Noelle


| play
iddybud In Liverpool – Suzanne Vega
iddybud Ordinary World – Katharine McPhee - @MrWondrous
iddybud - @MrWondrous composed "God Breathing" while ruminating upon the subject. In a book on Sufi medicine, it said we don't breathe, God breathes us. (reblip)
iddybud James Connolly – Paddy Reilly
iddybud Lalena – Donovan


| play
iddybud Jennifer Juniper – Donovan
iddybud I Love you Baby – Brak

BrakI Love you Baby

| play
iddybud Tolling of the Bells – @MrWondrous - How all wars end. (reblip)
iddybud Good morning! DJ Iddybud is here to "Turn It On Again"
iddybud Do You Realize – The Flaming Lips
iddybud NightSwimming – REM


| play
iddybud Your Song - Elton John with Luciano Pavarotti

pavarotti e elton john your song

| play
iddybud Chicamunga – Uncle Tupelo
iddybud Marie Marie – The Blasters
iddybud That's Life – Michael Buble
iddybud Fly – Nick Drake

Nick DrakeFly

| play
iddybud There Were Roses – Cara Dillon
iddybud Walk On - U2

U2 - Walk On

| play
iddybud She's A Rebel – Green Day
iddybud Veins Of The Queen – Robyn Hitchcock & The Egyptians
iddybud Local Boy In The Photograph – Stereophonics
iddybud The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway – Genesis - thx @PSoTD (reblip)
iddybud My God – Jethro Tull

Jethro TullMy God

| play
iddybud Mr. Jones (StoryTellers) – Counting Crows
iddybud Dimples – John Lee Hooker
iddybud All Just To Get To You – Joe Ely (Bruce Springsteen on background vocals)
iddybud give me one reason (live unplugged)eric clapton & tracy chapman

give me one reason (live unplugged)eric clapton & tracy chapman

| play
iddybud Just Another Day – Oingo Boingo
iddybud Love Is Blue – Paul Mauriat
iddybud Everywhere That I'm Not – Translator
iddybud Kids In America – Kim Wilde
iddybud Dead Flowers – The Rolling Stones
iddybud Susan's House – Eels

EelsSusan's House

| play
iddybud Stay – Oingo Boingo

Oingo BoingoStay

| play
iddybud Seed Of Wonder – Jesca Hoop
iddybud She's My Friend – Donna Regina
iddybud Go, Lovely Rose - a beautiful choral piece by composer Eric Whitacre - dedicated to my Rose who has gone on....
iddybud All I Want Is That Pure Religion – Blind Lemon Jefferson
iddybud You Are Goodbye – Holly Conlan
iddybud I love Rachel Yamagata's cover of Joni Mitchell's "River"....
iddybud The Days of You and Me – The Real Tuesday Weld
iddybud Connjur – School Of Seven Bells
iddybud Feet Keep Moving – Natural Self
iddybud Saddest Vacant Lot In All The World – Grandaddy
iddybud Sunday Afternoon – The 88
iddybud Six Months in a Leaky Boat – Split Enz
iddybud Someday – Continental Drifters
iddybud The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress – Charlie Haden & Pat Metheny
iddybud 20/20 Vision (Feat. Bruce Hornsby) – Charlie Haden
iddybud Everybody Knows – John Legend
iddybud Daughter – Loudon Wainwright III
iddybud Monkberry Moon Delight – Robbers On High Street
iddybud The band you're hearing is 'Not Drowning, Waving', an Australian group who was the support band for Peter Gabriel on a tour of Australia in 1994


| play
diyei_amilcar What do you call a thousand lawyers chained together at the bottom of the ocean? - A good start.
iddybud "what we do in life echoes in eternity....." - thx @diyei_amilcar (reblip)
iddybud Haunted (w Sinead O'Connor) – Pogues - thx @e_bag (reblip)
iddybud 2 Cool 2 B 4-Gotten – Lucinda Williams
iddybud Izzy Stradlin - Ain't It a Bitch


| play
iddybud Jole Blon – The Flatlanders
iddybud Musta Got Lost – J Geils Band
iddybud Money – Kingsmen


| play
iddybud Great Big Kiss – New York Dolls
iddybud Shangi-las - Give Him A Great Big Kiss - mmmmmmwwwwah! :)


| play
iddybud Shindig – Duane Eddy

Duane EddyShindig

| play
iddybud Heaven on Their Minds – Mayfair Ensemble (from Jesus Christ Superstar)
iddybud Give Me Back My Wig – Hound Dog Taylor
iddybud Jiving Sister Fanny – The Rolling Stones
iddybud The Crystal Lake – Grandaddy
iddybud The Opposite Of The Sea – Oren Lavie
iddybud You Only Live Twice – The Postmarks
iddybud Ride the Tides – Shane Alexander
iddybud Place To Be – Nick Drake
iddybud Kathleen – Josh Ritter

Josh RitterKathleen

| play
iddybud "Writing about the time..." - @megmagdah - thinking of you. (reblip)
iddybud I Wonder – The Gants - great tune -thx @headphone (reblip)

The GantsI Wonder

| play
iddybud Love Is An Unfamiliar Name – The Duke Spirit
iddybud What Is The Light? – The Flaming Lips
iddybud Trondheim – Tom Freund

Tom FreundTrondheim

| play
iddybud Clint Mansell's fantastic theme (Orchestral Version) from Requiem for a Dream - thx @FernandaW (reblip)
iddybud First Snow – Clint Mansell
iddybud Leave The Biker – Fountains Of Wayne - "..i wonder if he ever has cried..."
iddybud Simply Spalding Gray – Steve Forbert - @MrWondrous
iddybud House of cards – Radiohead
iddybud Streets Of Philadelphia – Marah
iddybud Hanging on the Telephone (Blondie cover) – Golden Smog [live]
iddybud The Greatest Sum – The Avett Brothers (from Concord, NC) -
iddybud I Can't Hide – The Flamin Groovies
iddybud Music for 18 Musicians (opening through section II) – Steve Reich - thx @MrWondrous (reblip)
iddybud Afreen Afreen – Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan
iddybud Casimir Pulaski Day – Sufjan Stevens - so many Sufjan tunes, so little time - - i love his songs so much i want to eat them for breakfast.
iddybud i'd swim across lake michigan... thx @zainyk "so many Sufjan little time..." (reblip)
iddybud Disappearing World – David Gray
iddybud When you can't find a friend, you've still got The Radio - Nanci Griffith (note - song title is wrong below)
iddybud The Warming Sun – Grandaddy (i could use some warming sun right now) (reblip)
iddybud Across The Great Divide (live) - Nanci Griffith "now i find myself on a moutainside - where the rivers change direction..."

Across The Great Devide

| play
iddybud The Wannadies – All Over Me
iddybud Year Of The Rat – Badly Drawn Boy
iddybud In Transit – Albert Hammond, Jr
iddybud Caught by the River – Doves
iddybud Save Room – John Legend
iddybud Blue Moon Rising – Gomez
iddybud Folks Like Me – The Geraldine Fibbers
iddybud Happy together – Leningrad Cowboys feat the alexandrov red army ensemble - too cool - tx @BarrysLounge @YFighter @MrWondrous @rglittlejohn (reblip)
iddybud What a Difference a Day Makes – Billie Holliday
iddybud Stay Golden – Au Revoir Simone
iddybud Turn On Me – The Shins

The ShinsTurn On Me

| play
iddybud "It's like a jungle sometimes..." - oh wow - hadn't heard that one in a while...great selection. many tx @NyQuilDriver (reblip)
iddybud "I believe something good good this way comes..." - great tune @GR8FL - thx much! (reblip)
iddybud Our Song – Joe Henry

Joe HenryOur Song

| play
iddybud Adem - "Spirals" 'A really lovely little lullaby that I haven't heard in a while' - tx @JeffreyJDavis (reblip)


| play
iddybud Icn Bin Ein Auslander – Pop Will Eat Itself
iddybud En Douce – Baguette Quartette - "ah, sweet baguettes..." - merci @moonhilda (reblip)
iddybud I'll be loving this song always. thx @MrWondrous (reblip)

Stevie WonderAs

| play
iddybud If I Ever Leave This World Alive – Flogging Molly - thx @jacklhasa (reblip)
iddybud Clint Eastwood – Gorillaz "..i'm useless, but not for long - the future is comin' on is comin' on is comin' on..."
iddybud White Birds Sing – Timothy Leary
iddybud Legend of a Mind (Timothy Leary Lives) - The Moody Blues – Timothy Leary @MrWondrous
iddybud Dark Globe – Syd Barrett
iddybud If the Sea Was Whiskey – Willie Dixon
iddybud Elegy For Dunkirk – Dario Marianelli (from the film "Atonement")
iddybud The Other Side – Michael Nyman
iddybud The Dance/Bye Merrylegs – Danny Elfman
iddybud All The World Is Waiting – Elf Power - thx @HungryKid
iddybud I'm Gonna Love You Too – Blondie
iddybud May the Road Rise – Jude
iddybud Ballard Of Easy Rider – Roger McGuinn
iddybud Omaha – Counting Crows

Counting CrowsOmaha

| play
iddybud ..and now for something completely different.... :)
iddybud's all about being grateful.....
iddybud !Forest Veil – Lisa Gerrard & Pieter Bourke - @NRP (reblip)
iddybud Somethin' Stupid – Devotchka
iddybud Un homme et une femme – Claudine Longet
iddybud God Only Knows – Claudine Longet - thx @spookyloop who says, "I love her even though she murdered her boyfriend over 30 years ago." (reblip)
iddybud Me And Bobby McGee - Janis Joplin -

Janis Joplin - Me And Bobby MaGee

| play
iddybud Way Over Yonder – Carole King
iddybud Way Over Yonder in the Minor Key [LP Version] – Billy Bragg & Wilco
iddybud Hey Jack Kerouac – 10,000 Maniacs
iddybud The Ballad of El Goodo [Big Star] – The New Amsterdams
iddybud Mod Lang – Big Star

Big StarMod Lang

| play
iddybud Summer Highland Falls – Billy Joel (live) "...i can only stand apart and sympathize..."
iddybud Yumeji's theme - Shigeru Umebayashi - from "in the mood for love" - thx @tirebouchon (reblip)
iddybud Wall Of Death – Richard & Linda Thompson - "...this is the nearest to being alive..." ;)
iddybud Give It To Me – J. Geils Band
iddybud Raspberry Beret – Prince
iddybud Walk Away Renee – The Left Banke
iddybud Left Banke - Pretty Ballerina (my favorite Left Banke song)

Left Banke 03 - Pretty Ballerina

| play
iddybud @davidwatts1978 " ba ba ba BA ba ba..!" :)

David Watts

| play
iddybud Death Of A Clown – Dave Davies
iddybud Imaginary Man – Ray Davies
iddybud the bill theme ~ morgan/pask thx @briangreene (reblip)

Overkill (The Bill Theme)

| play
iddybud Last Stop- This Town – Eels
iddybud Fantastic Day – Haircut 100
iddybud Happy birthday, Ville!

Whiter Shade of Pale - Procul Harum

| play
iddybud Happy Birthday, Muriel! ~ Jude
iddybud Good morning! Photograph – Weezer


| play
iddybud here's some music for a Sunday morning: I Shall Not Walk Alone – The Blind Boys of Alabama
iddybud wishing all of you Better Things - The Kinks
iddybud Nocturne, Op. 55 No. 2 E-flat Major (Chopin – Vladimir Horowitz - thx @SoothingWaffle (reblip)
iddybud One Heart In Time – Eliza Gilkyson
iddybud My Apartment – Ben Kweller
iddybud Samson – Regina Spektor
iddybud Political Science (Randy Newman) – Wilco
iddybud Sail Away [Early Version] – Randy Newman
iddybud National Talk Like A Pirate Day – Lambchop - thx - a good song from @TheGlobalCafe top 100 CDs of 2008. (reblip)
iddybud "Gentle Beauty" is perfect for quiet listening - try headphones....

Ken Townshend-Gentle Beauty9

| play
iddybud Record Lady – Lyle Lovett - dedicated to my brother Peter (Record Boy) who's found supreme happiness with his very own Record Lady ;)
iddybud "Ivy Ivy" - Primal Scream
iddybud Ludovico Einaudi - Fuori dal Mondo [film] (Not of This World)


| play
iddybud Run To The Water – Live - one of my favorite Live songs
iddybud Silver Bamboo - Dean Evenson with Li Xiangting - (music for meditation - great on headphones)


| play
iddybud Junebug – Sparklehorse


| play
iddybud The Lucky One – Au Revoir Simone
iddybud Live With Me [With Terry Callier] – Massive Attack
iddybud Evil Son – The Willowz

The WillowzEvil Son

| play
iddybud She Digs My Love – Sir Douglas - you can hear the needle traveling 'cross the grooves on this one - for @CargoCulte
iddybud Congrats to @MrWondrous - 100 listeners!


| play
iddybud You Ruined Everything – Two Dollar Pistols - thx @CargoCulte @vdarkbloom - great song (reblip)
iddybud Shallow Heart, Shallow Water – Caitlin Cary
iddybud I Live Where It's Grey – Horse Flies
iddybud Still Falling – Virgil Shaw
iddybud Last Chapter – Midnight Choir
iddybud But I Did Not – Howe Gelb
iddybud White Bird – Woven Hand
iddybud Soul Rush – Nicolai Dunger
iddybud Leviathan, Bound – Shearwater
iddybud Random Harvest – Friends Of Dean Martinez
iddybud Tell It To The Dust – Anders Parker
iddybud The Orchids – Califone

CalifoneThe Orchids

| play