ilublo test - this Fahey blip shouldn't tweet.
ilublo Frith's Same old me! Auto-Anathema - Twitter Anthem!
threebears @Aluciel haha! for a moment there I thought you might not take the cue. ;D ;D ;D
JimmyHook Al Green – Take Me To The River
JimmyHook Neil Young – Tonight's The Night - Part II
JimmyHook Allman Brothers Band – Whipping Post
ilublo In lieu Redbone's version of "The Sheik of Araby"...
chomperrs Skin like iron, breath's as hard as kerosene
ilublo This one goes out to Will and Zooey
Nedwijdt Heaven is a place where nothing ever happens...

Talking HeadsHeaven

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Nedwijdt These flowers are for you. Care for them, for if you do not, I will know your heart belongs to someone else...


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Diordan very similar @yohanp!!!! you're a monster!!! Thank you very much!!! (reblip)
snackdaniels So what if you catch me, where would we land?

Remy ZeroFair

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The Penguin Cafe Orchestra-Telephone and Rubber Band

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sireneatspoetry heh. ...or lack thereof. Can't seem to find "In which our hero is put under a spell." Nonetheless, DNTEL=<3

DntelDumb Luck

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sireneatspoetry Yes, yummy again, and still. :P


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sireneatspoetry Sounds yummy. Again...where is thankyoubranch (one that plays)?
sireneatspoetry There are quite a few folks I want to dedicate this tune to. . . Jus' sayin'.

8. Lily AllenFuck You

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sireneatspoetry I love this woman. She is effing fantastic! Just saw her live...and she was so lovely and delicious, funny, sarcastic and charming as all get out. (reblip)

Lily AllenThe Fear

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MyleneRenoir hmm, is the name of this band really accurate?


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AllPurposeMonkey Good morning.... WAKE UP!!!!! (#Drowning Pool - Bodies)(Video)
KatieDarden You'll never matter where you search....♥....Oh, I'm not braggin on myself baby ♥~♥~♥
dmoney350z I'm trying so hard to find that fresh, clean smell... (Faith No More, so underrated, so great.)


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crowjane all 'ight~ Um tired~~that's it~~

Rosa ParksOutKast

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Mr_Oneliner The Searchers - Love Potion No.9
chomperrs i'll never go back to Georgia
crowjane @trialbyjury: "Thx! `written by Nawlin's own Allen Toussaint~ one of my favs by Glen ~thanx friend (reblip)
avivajazz Michael Brecker & Bobby McFerrin // Improv for Sax & Voice

Michael Brecker and Bobby McFerrin

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crowjane @StarStruk: "@crowjane: ~don't try this at home kiddies~apologies if it offends" Don't be apologizing for Good Muzik!"~love Your tude sis~ thanx (reblip)

Mystikal Shake Ya Ass

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afrobella For some reason, just thought about Lena Horne. And how important it is to celebrate living legends while they're still living. This is my favorite
Honorabledude The original Gimme Song with a hot 18 Y/O Stevie Winwood on vocals & organ!
avivajazz Mahsa & Marjan Vahdat // Sorrowful Spring /// Striking sound of the duduk during the intro...
avivajazz Anais Mitchell // Your Fonder Heart
avivajazz Stephan Braun // Jazz Cello Improv
CalebBooker more serious hotness

Black Eyed Peas-Pump it

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Diordan never enough 42 - Gotan Project (featuring Calexico) delicioso!! @Flower como un amor porteño : ^) Tiene Facebook, msn or gmail Flor? : ^)
MuseLotus @davejmatthews 'Crash Into Me' = nice transition from 'Fragile'
CMConnelly Just a f*cking great song. In my all time top ten.
avivajazz Bobo Stenson – Alfonsina
Jefeweisen tell me this don't take you back, and I'll give you a dollar.
nofrills A classic Steve Albini. "One, two, f*** you!"

Esperanza Spalding(Murfy) - Samba Em Preludio

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AlLicks Love the guitar solo in this song, and Lyra loves singing the 'catch it' line, trouble is sounds like ' cat shit', not good
angiece "Nobody Else Can Love Me Like My Old Tomato Can" - Billy Murray 20s/30s

VIOLENT FEMMES-Blister in the Sun

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lodro Jacques Brel Le Moribond with English Subtitles

Jacques Brel Le Moribond English Subtitles

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batistinha rb vi@Kingsalien: "Jony Iliev & Band – Ma Maren Ma" (reblip)
nofrills Brilliant. RB @chaacattac: "an excellent Noir Désir cover > One Trip One Noise mix by Treponem Pal" (reblip)

One Trip One Noise mix

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CrescentMoonglow When I was a little girl, it scared me to hear this song...*lol* I hoped I never heard the Devil calling my name! But I liked/like the song anyway.
KFEM See a theme emerging here? Can you tell it's still rainin' on the plains?
avivajazz The Impossible Duet // Handel-Halvorsen Passacaglia for Cello and Violin

The Impossible Duet: Handel-Halvorsen Passacaglia for Cello and Violin

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avivajazz Cello Trio – Batuque

Cello TrioBatuque

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Junchai Goodnight ladies and gentlemen. Sweet dream!

Lou Reed / Goodnight Ladies

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athomewithrose Neil. There's always Neil. I love you, Mr Young.


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Udokotela Shange Namajaha "Awungilobele"

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SerendipityOfTheSol Good songs should be shared. This song got me ....At Oh Jesus Christ almighty. Its very funny cause I got your fucking money...
avivajazz Hey there, @SouthernGothic! I was pleasantly surprised by the beauty of this song; the voices have a plaintive, honest quality [@avivamagnolia] (reblip)
avivajazz Ani DiFranco | Beautiful Night || Revelling / Reckoning (reblip)
Junchai "@ilublo: "@MikeMc: "Thai "dulcimer" music, Chinese style. The Thai word for dulcimer is ขิม, pronounced "kim"""" (reblip)

ร้อยเรียงสำเนียงจีน Vol.1

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ladypn DMB is "Sweet like candy to my (musical) soul".
MrWondrous Xenakis pioneered electronic, computer music, the application of mathematics, statistics, and physics to music and music theory.
fishdeleuze Thelonious Monk, John Coltrane, Wilbur Ware & Shadow Wilson – Ruby, My Dear
scotgl One of Xenakis' early "electroacoustic" pieces created before the term existed. Fun to try and figure what the original sonic material was

Iannis XenakisBohor

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vdarkbloom ah, thanks, i may need a better translation for this one @hurra: "kan lige meditere lidt til denne her -tak til" (reblip)
zmjezhd Isaac Albéniz wrote it, VS Scherbakov played it, and so on ...
Rainoverlima Arcángel arcabucero bailando en la noche. Piensa en esos terribles ojos..., los más bellos.
Rainoverlima De mi cuerpo al tuyo.

Death in Vegas -- Rocco (Sing for a Drink Mix)

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ilublo Sonny Sharrock - guitar; Bill Laswell - bass; Peter Brozman - sax; Ronald Shannon Jackson - drums
avivajazz Frank Zappa || Stinkfoot ||::>~ 1974

Frank Zappa-Stinkfoot live 1974

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avivajazz Nick Drake || Way to Blue
avivajazz Nick Drake || Cello Song

Nick Drake'Cello Song

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avivajazz The Books ||:~featuring:~ José Gonzalez |:| Cello Song (Cover of Nick Drake song)
PavlovsStepson @soprano: "I want to spread AFP's music. her record label told her she looked fat in this vido. Fuck the media constructed idea of "beauty"" I concur. (reblip)

Amanda Palmer "Leeds United" Music Video

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Akira Ifukube--Master Works: Three Lullabies Among the Native Tribes Part 3

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tattooedxmama13 The Muppets – Manamana the good one!!!!

The MuppetsManamana

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Anton Webern Fünf Sätze 1

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avivajazz Hector Zazou & Björk | Vísur Vatnsenda Rósu
avivajazz Kornél Horváth | Hang Drum
avivajazz Herbie Hancock | Hang Up Your Hangups
Chris1956tian #music #hang Liron Man(Hang) at Suzan Dalal ..fantastic overtone in this his hands..:)" (reblip)

Liron Man at Suzan Dalal

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crowjane dj @dickadcock: "Peach Stealing Monkeys! I can't chew gum and listen to this one, because it requires serious toe-tapping. !!!"~U chew bro~I'll tap (reblip)
avivajazz A Hawk and a Hacksaw | Kertesz
avivajazz Nick Drake | From the Morning
avivajazz Matisyahu | One Day New Song // Thanks, RB@miette (reblip)

matisyahu one day new song

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DJHotShotUnbeliever @xxblondedevilxx Here you go! I like them too. Black Eyes Peas

Black Eyed Peas My Humps

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avivajazz Hadouk Trio | Live in Metz

HADOUK TRIO Live in Metz (F)

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avivajazz Hadouk Trio | World Jazz with Duduk, Djembe, and other Traditional Instruments

Hadouk Trio 2

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Don Cherry/Blood Ulmer/Rashied Ali

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Wadada Leo Smith Golden Quartet

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Frank Vincent Zappa Titties and beer,!

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TuraSatana oh, look it's jack black :-D

Beck Sexx laws

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avivajazz Richie Havens || Here Comes the Sun || Thanks for the sunny messages, @vja! I love them...
buycruises Drifting along with the tumbling tumble weeds. Happy 4th!

Bartok: Solo Violin Sonata ("Melodia")

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DJMees :-) Thanks @Shaman777: "Thanks and reblip@whiteknight: "Wilson Pickett – In the Midnight Hour (live)"" (reblip)
ilublo !

Marc Ducret grand ensemble ::: live at HICAM

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BJAZZAY Watch out y'all some strange stuff comin!
jvs Michael Nyman Band – Time Lapse
MasaruKondo Penguin Cafe Orchestra – Music For A Found Harmonium (Live In London,1987)
PavlovsStepson Nice, thanks! I've never heard of her but she's got a nice voice.... rb @kaaeyl: "@i_Dea, oops :D cheers @PavlovsStepson doh" (reblip)
avivajazz Laibach | Contrapunctus 9, a 4 Alla Duodecima || Laibachkunstderfuge // Curious electronic(a) fugue...very odd, eh? @ilublo (reblip)
avivajazz Pascal Mongénie – Remanence // Can't sleep. Maybe now that I've blipped this, sleep will come...
rubikoO Paula Morelenbaum, Jaques Morelenbaum & Ryuichi Sakamoto – Vivo Sonhando

Marc Ducret grand ensemble ::: live at HICAM

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ilublo ! Step Across the Border !

Fred Frith/ Iva Bittová/ Pavel Fajt "Morning Song" (1989)

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ilublo !

Iva BITTOVA sings *Ne nehledej*

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BleakMouse @Kadri: "Raimond Valgre-Stay for a While-Sulev Luik" (reblip)


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avivajazz Paul Motian Band | Balata
avivajazz Stevie Ray Vaughan | Leave My Little Girl Alone // Stunning! Makes me breathless... Eyes wide open, heart pounding...
In_Cognitus Nurse with wound – Black is the Color of My True Loves Hair
avivajazz Jasser Haj Youssef | جاسر حاج يوسف // Tunisian Jazz Violin

Oriental Jazz Violin / Jasser Haj Youssef

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avivajazz Orchestre Andalou d' Israel (Andalusian Orchestra of Israel) // Ya Rayah
avivajazz Lili Boniche // Alger, Alger! // Jewish Algerian Chaabi master sings about Oran, once home to 100,000 Jews for 500 years after the Spanish Inquisition

Lili Boniche, Jewish Algerian Chaabi master

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PavlovsStepson I wonder if this is from David Bowie's documentary of Scott Walker? "The original avant-garde crooner" Bowie called him. rb @Junchai (reblip)

Scott Walker Tilt

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MyleneRenoir @Raffila. Huge philosopher and interesting composer, Gurdjieff's writings influenced musicians like Keith Jarett or Robert Fripp. (reblip)
SgtMac Waylon Jennings - "Bob Wills Is Still The King" Send this one to my Texican friends, where Bob Wills is still the king!
SgtMac Roger Miller - "King Of The Road"
BuzzBMC OBRIGADO @rahmiranda: É fantastico. (reblip)

PAULINHO DA VIOLA == Argumento ( ao vivo)

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avivajazz Fia na Roca // A Cega da Pena // Music from Galicia // Thanks! @mmeixide (reblip)

Fia Na Roca.- A Cega da Pena

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avivajazz Rabih Abou-Khalil // Ornette Never Sleeps // Great! Thanks, @hajoni (reblip)
avivajazz Trilok Gurtu / Fred Frith / Evelyn Glennie // Percussion Heaven // Shadow 2006

Evelyn Glennie, Fred Frith, Trilok Gurtu, Shadow '06

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Ralph Towner -- Nardis

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ilublo !

Marcin Dylla plays Music of Memory by Nicholas Maw at Wawel Royal Castle

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yohanp via @avivamagnolia: "Art Farmer (Trumpet) Petite Belle | #jazz #trumpet" (reblip)


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HurdAudio #musicmonday Karlheinz Stockhausen - Simmung (I maintain that one has not lived unless you've seen this live at 6am during a marathon concert).
mammara it seems that he will play in contemporary with Andrew Bird and Jarvis Cocker. argh.


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perditus "I'm praying for rain... I wanna see the ground give way, I wanna watch it all go down... Flush it all away."
ilublo .

Danse rituelle du feu de Manuel de Falla

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ilublo ! ZORN ! my favorite Ribot context !

Bar KokhbaKisofim

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fsimits Thanks rb@tirebouchon, @ilublo, @jsalinasi for nice music. (reblip)

Omar Sharif New qawali song 'Peer Man o Murad Man'

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crowjane and da' freak goes on~~~~~~~~~~~~

Messiaen on Birds I

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Transcendental Etude No.4 (Berezovsky) (HD)

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BleakMouse Cool jazz. Am abandoning post to heat.
BleakMouse @BoogalooBob: "@BleakMouse" Encore presentation. (reblip)

Eric Dolphy-''Warm Canto''

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Elliot Carter's 'Luimen' at Tanglewood

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Milton Babbitt : Arie da Capo (part one)

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ilublo Karlheinz

Stockhausen: "Kreuzspiel"

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driveroll Maestrazo Olguín! Ahhh.. nostalgia del Café de Nadie

Jimmy Giuffre -- Suspensions (Gunther Schuller Orchestra) 1957

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Gershwin, 'Fascinating Rhythm' medley (Bolcom, Gershwin/Astaires, Wild)

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paraxenos Michael Jackson – They Don't Care About Us (Official Prison Version)

Szelest Spadających Papierków / Rustle of Falling Papers

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| play

Benjamin Britten Cello Symphony Part 1

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brunomiguel Israel Kamakawiwo'ole - Over The Rainbow

Israel Kamakawiwo'ole Over The Rainbow

| play
threebears they keep trying to tell me ... all you want to do is use me.... all you want to do is use me till you use me up ...

Bill WithersUse Me

| play
ElNito Produced by Fred Frith, wish you could understand the totally spaced out lyrics !!! :D @pulsar@Jazzhole@BleakMouse@FifiDingDang


| play
ElNito leave you with the strange soundscapes of Mr Hageman, thx for all your props & replies, see you late blipmates :)
Shukitty today's a purple sort of day. //@wickawickawhat my boss was gone all last week, he's back now =p //@paulzy I'll try to remember to add it

Erik Friedlander: Live At The Stone 2009

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Charles Ives plays Charles Ives

| play
IKR Barron/Mehldau – Nardis


| play
IKR Charles Ives plays Charles Ives (reblip)

Charles Ives plays Charles Ives

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avivajazz Miles Davis Quintet w/ Wayne Shorter, Herbie Hancock, Ron Carter, Tony Williams | Nefertiti || Thanks! RB@msguttersnipe (reblip)

Nefertiti by Miles Davis

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MASS MoCA:Bang on a Can: Summer Music Institute 2008 #21

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BleakMouse @quasinebulae: "Sunshine Refraction" An old favorite. Yes, THIS version. (reblip)
avivajazz Joe Pass // Joe's Blues (1984)


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ElNito leave you with this cover of "Greeneyed Lady"... see you late blipmates... keep on shaking Blipville !!! :D
avivajazz John Zorn ~:●»~ Ruan ~:●»~ (Pipa Version)
hajoni hello @dronnoisseur ....connaisseur of artful, minimalistic, sometimes weird sounding gems and master of ironic comments. I mean you not J.B. ;)
ekorobot Nice, ありがとう @MasaruKondo: "Ryuichi Sakamoto - Perspective おはようございます( ╹◡╹)" (reblip)
Diordan É como esta noite Passando, passando Em busca da madrugada Falem baixo por favor Pra que ela acorde alegre como o dia Oferecendo beijos de amor.

Tom ZéA felicidade

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Diordan Parecido sempre com um machado Que fere o sândalo e ainda quer sair perfumado. E ainda quer sair perfumado. @Doralice @lavenere =)

Tom ZéO Sândalo

| play
avivajazz Charlie Haden Quartet West | First Song | #jazz (reblip)
avivajazz Richie Cole meets Art Pepper – Art's Opus #2 / #jazz
crowjane @LUSCIOUSDDJA:heyyyyyyyy baby~I have enough Mardi Gras/Saints Partying under my belt~I ought to be able to sit' my ass down for a while--->NOT~~lol (reblip)
THEORDEROFEARTH o*o thxs @maurilao: "kind of a big, yet slow day" (reblip)
ekorobot rb@vtsibo: "...a project featuring Mr. Bungle comrades Trey Spruance (guitar/vocals), Trevor Dunn (bass/vocals), and Danny Heifetz (drums)." Thanks! (reblip)
hajoni John Coltrane – Olé

John ColtraneOle

| play
hajoni Momo Wandel Soumah – Afro Blue (John Coltrane)
jtabz Hello, @palesails @Archiemck // and ciao for now, @space_cadet!: "I'm gone. Thanks for the fun this morning bliplings :)" (reblip)
ilublo awww... i bungled all my blips... @droolius: "going to get my LCD TV in an hour ,woohoo" (reblip)
kalisana The sun might be down but I'm not after hearing this.
Juggernut Such a calming tune

Balanescu Quartet Waltz

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Diordan The Modern Jazz Quartet - Blues in C Minor - Just Sublime @CargoCulte
avivajazz Mikail Aslan | Pelgüzar | Tanıtımı (2010)

Mikail Aslan Pelgüzar 2010 Albüm Tanıtımı

| play
liminal Orchestre Poly-Ritmo de Contonou / Mi Ni Non Kpo
koldo50 Abbey Lincoln reinterpretando a Lady Day
UnPlugg_Live_Acoustic @BigBillyGoat: "Nice selection . . Dave Brubeck's rendition of Perdido . ." (reblip)

Dave BrubeckPerdido

| play
Lovebreath 16 Tons - Tennessee Ernie Ford *Waddaya get, another day older and deeper in debt...I owe my soul to the company store.. (reblip)
liminal ikue mori / marc ribot // mojave // painted desert
liminal marc ribot :.: these foolish things
amphore möge es nicht zu viele Tote und Kummer und Leid geben ..... rb @theOFM: Alex Rostotsky – Tango of Cairo (reblip)

Alex Rostotsky _ Tango of Cairo

| play
classique TY for props! @gadamer: "Shostakovich : String Quartet N° 11 (mvt I, II, III, IV et V) (Borodin Quartet)" (reblip)

Shostakovich : String Quartet N° 11 (mvt I, II, III, IV et V) (Borodin Quartet)

| play