imarquez Where the Bad Folks go when they Die? they don't go to heaven where the angels fly..the go to a lake of fire and Fry
imarquez She never really had a chance, on that faithful moonlit night...Sacrificed with out a fight. A victim of the circumstance
imarquez May be one day, I'll be a Honest Man
imarquez Realize You are Living in the Golden Years
imarquez That kinda lovin' turns a man to a Slave
imarquez Hello, is there any body in there?
imarquez Girl, you really got me goin' You got me so I don't know what I'm doin' now Yeah, you really got me now You got me so I can't sleep at nigh
imarquez You take a Mortal Man and put him in control...Watch him become a God!!!


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imarquez Master, Master!!! Ya tengo Boletos,
imarquez You are once again surrounde by a brillian white light...
imarquez The Cover..which one you like the most?
fobregona I am watching the rise and fall of my salvation.
imarquez On the day I was born the rain fell down There was trouble brewing in my home town It was the seventh day, I was the seventh son..


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imarquez But most important of all Let me tell you My lady's got balls She's got balls
imarquez Let's All get on the Rock'N Roll Train
imarquez Once the Stone you are crawling under, is lifted off your shoulders...the noise that you'll hear is the crashing down of hollow years
imarquez a voice never heard or a message with no receiver
imarquez He seemed no different from the rest...
fobregona Jesus was an architect previous to his career as a prophet

01 Ministry - Jesus Built My Hotrod

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fobregona @osolopez un poco de hard core no le hace mal a nadie
imarquez Don't believe what You See..Don't believe what you read (reblip)
fobregona This is the end, my only friend, the end
Denton Pretty simple and fairly shameless song with a great "classic" feel. Really chill for the Queens. Especially love the backing vocals n the chorus.
imarquez I still recall the taste of your tears!!!
imarquez Babe since I've been loving you...i'm about to loose my whole mind ohhhhh yeeaaaaahhhhhh
imarquez I think I gotta Put you down for a while!!

Bob Marley - Redemption Song

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imarquez Can't tell if this is true or dream


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imarquez But I can't seem to recall, when you came along... Ingenue...
imarquez it's lucky for you that we are friends
imarquez Are you sure you want to live like common people?
imarquez We are just two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl, year after year, running the same old ground. What have we found? the same old fears...
imarquez Time..To go to Sleep

Pink FloydTime

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imarquez I know I've dreamed You a sin and a lie...
imarquez Deserves some Weeeeeeeeeeed..jaja
fobregona The look of love says much much more than words will ever say (thx @eaguirreilling) (reblip)
imarquez This is Metallica's most played song in Tour
imarquez This is Metallica's 2nd Most Played Song on Tour
imarquez This is Metallica's 3rd Most Played song on the way this one was recorded in Mexico City...Hell Yeahh!!!
imarquez Metallica's 4th Most Played song on tour...for me, this is THE ONE


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imarquez Continuing with the list.. This one is 5th Most Played song on tour By Metallica
imarquez Metallica's 6th Most Played on Tour
imarquez This is Metallica's 7th Most Played Song on Tour
imarquez Almost done with Metallica's Top 10. This is Fade to Black, 8th Most Played Song on Tour.
imarquez Metallica's 9th Most Played Song on Tour
imarquez Metallica's 10th Most Played Song on Tour... whiplash
imarquez Continuing with Metallica's Top Ten, this is Number 11th!!! Sorry I don't feel like sleeping. Battery
imarquez Metallica's Number 12 on Tour. Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
fobregona Ohh oh oh oh ohh ohh, You don't have to go-oh oh oh ohh ohh
fobregona I can taste you on my lips and smell you in my clothes
fobregona Maestro @osolopezDJ: que rolon!!! (reblip)
imarquez NO quiciera Yo Morirme sin tener
imarquez Will be sleeping under the bridge Soon!!!
fobregona And I don't like a thing about your mother!
imarquez ES UN CLASICO!!! Inmediatamente transportado a la Secu.
imarquez Me gusta mas la que hacen junto a Cuca, pero igual esta buena.


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Bor64 Jimi Hendrix & Jimi Hendrix Experience – Catfish Blues
imarquez Tonite the music seems so loud, I wish we that we could lose the crowd. Maybe It's better this way We'd hurt each other with the things we want to say
imarquez Wish I could See through Her Eyes!!!
imarquez Live another day, climb a little higher, find another reason to stay!!!
imarquez He's just the kind of man You hear about who leaves his family for an easy out They never saw the signs,he never said awd He couldn't take another day
imarquez Look around, where do you belong? don't be afraid You are not the only one...
fobregona I was caught in the middle of a railroad track (Thunder!)
imarquez @imarquez: "This one's for YOU, sucker!!!" Kiss me where it smells funny. (reblip)
imarquez That's what I said when my car Broke this morning!!
fobregona You've made my shitlist

L7Shit List

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fobregona Dame dame dame dame todo el poder para que te demos en la madre!
fobregona From the outside, my sights goddamn electric and these eyes have seen a world (thx @DoctorOctagon) (reblip)
JodyGirl162 B B King & Bobby Blue Bland how good is this? woohoo

B B King & Bobby Blue Bland-The Thrill Is Gone, etc. (1977)

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imarquez THX @fobregona: "Someone just made my shitlist" (reblip)

L7Shit List

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Libiamo Ne' Lieti Calici

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imarquez First song on the World magnetic Tour...
imarquez Second song on the Set list. Metallica's World Magnetic Tour
imarquez Metallica's World Magnetic Tour. 3rd Song
imarquez That's how I am..Broken Beat and Scarred..OK not


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Bor64 Dream Theater – Voices~~Hope and pray everyone has a safe a wonderful Tuesday~~
marsmellowgurl 1 Nothing Wrong with me.... 2 Somethings got to give....
marsmellowgurl some Green Day for my friend @steverino56

Black Sabbath Paranoid

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Iron Maiden The Trooper 2001

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imarquez Getting in to Beach vacation mood

Can't help falling in love- UB40

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UB40 Red Red Wine 1983

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imarquez Could You?

Bob Marley & The Wailers 'Could You Be Loved'

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imarquez Let's get together and feel all right (reblip)

Bob Marley-"three little birds"

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Bob Marley Is This Love

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Bob Marley I Shot The Sheriff

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imarquez Me llaman el desaparecido...cuando me encuentran Yo no soy
imarquez Why don't You get a Job, and stop trying to get My money!!! (reblip)

Zurdok "Abre Los Ojos"

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imarquez I have the Right to Paaaaaaaaaaaaaaarty!!!!!
imarquez y si crees pertinente Llamame Macho...
fobregona Break your heart. Shake your blood (Lemmy rules!!!)
fobregona Hold my breath as I wish for death oh please God, wake me
imarquez Metallica. Mexico City. June 4th 2009 Set List. 1st Song
imarquez Metallica. Mexico City. June 4th 2009 Set List. 2nd Song
imarquez Metallica. Mexico City. June 4th 2009 Set List. 3rd Song
imarquez Metallica. Mexico City. June 4th 2009 Set List. 4th Song
imarquez Metallica. Mexico City. June 4th 2009 Set List. 5ft Song


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imarquez Metallica. Mexico City. June 4th 2009 Set List. 6th Song

Metallica-Broken Beat & Scared *lyrics in descritpion*

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imarquez Metallica. Mexico City. June 4th 2009 Set List. 7th Song
imarquez Metallica. Mexico City. June 4th 2009 Set List. 8th Song
imarquez Metallica. Mexico City. June 4th 2009 Set List. 9th Song
imarquez Metallica. Mexico City. June 4th 2009 Set List. 10th Song
imarquez Metallica. Mexico City. June 4th 2009 Set List. 11th Song
imarquez Metallica. Mexico City. June 4th 2009 Set List. 12th Song
imarquez Metallica. Mexico City. June 4th 2009 Set List.13th Song

Metallica - 01 Blackened

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imarquez Metallica. Mexico City. June 4th 2009 Set List. 14th Song
imarquez Metallica. Mexico City. June 4th 2009 Set List. 15th Song
imarquez Metallica. Mexico City. June 4th 2009 Set List. 16th Song. Encore

Metallica-Helpless (studio Version)

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imarquez Metallica. Mexico City. June 4th 2009 Set List. 17th Song. Encore
imarquez Metallica. Mexico City. June 4th 2009 Set List. 18th Song. ENCORE
Rulo_Vivar Lo que no puedo es arreglarme sin tu amor...

Megadeth-Symphony of Destruction

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Jessy Bulbo-Maldito (Video Oficial)

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La Barranca-Día negro

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Andamos Armados

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Nada zoe reptilectric new

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Cafe Tacuba, Las persianas

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Debajo de tu piel = Caifanes

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Zoé Deja te Conecto Official Music Video

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imarquez Dirán lo que quieran pero para mi esta no es la mejor canción del "Rock Mexicano" de los últimos 20 años...

Cafe Tacuba Las flores

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Cafe Tacuba-el baile y el salon

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fobregona She's got legs, she knows how to use them

ZZ TopLegs

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imarquez Será por eso?

JOSE FORS SAUL HDZ sera por eso

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zx10r07 @marijaanadjSlipknot - The Nameless [@zx10r07] Enjoy!
imarquez E. Charles White...

Molotov E. Charles White

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imarquez Cero Varo men, no traigo un clavo..Ya NO hay quien pueda hacerme el paro!!!

Rage Against The Machine: Know Your Enemy

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Transmetal México Barbaro.

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imarquez Es un Claaaaaaaasico!!!

Transmetal "Enviado del infierno"

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transmetal decorado con clavos

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TRANSMETAL Transmetal en vivo "ahogado en tu propia sangre"

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fobregona Soon I discovered that this rock thing was true, Jerry Lee Lewis was the devil, Jesus was an architect previous to his career
zx10r07 Deftones - Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want [@zx10r07]
fobregona Alien Ant Farm knew it...

Smooth Criminal

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Cannibal Corpse "Evisceration Plague"

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Cannibal Corpse | Sentenced To Burn

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KORN- Creep

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Korn- Falling Away From Me (unplugged) live

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KoRn Got The Life live on MTV Unplugged

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Pearl Jam Jeremy Mtv Unplugged

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Pearl Jam-Even Flow Unplugged

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imarquez Remember when you were Young.

Pink Floyd "Shine On You Crazy Diamond" Syd Barrett Tribute

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Pink Floyd-Marooned

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imarquez Because I got High, Because I Got High, Because I Got High!!!

Enanitos Verdes-Amores Lejanos

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imarquez Nuestros Impuestos están Trabajando!!!


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imarquez Desde 1975 con el mismo tema!!!


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