infodiva why is this song not playing??
infodiva Ok This Twitter Mashup Web 2.0 stuff is getting incestuous . What other Librarians You crazy kids.
infodiva Keyshia Cole and Too Short Oakland, CA Represent!
infodiva k.d. Lang from her debut album. I love her voice and her performance in S.F. March 2008 was life altering for me. Eh, Canada!!

kd lang miss chatelaine single version

| play
infodiva oh god what Original Rock music is feeding in right now?? I need Baby Making music right now... smooth soul..
conniecrosby An oldie but a goodie. Thanks for inviting me in @infodiva!
infodiva ok I just deleted users listeners inadvertently ooops! Come Back to me.

J HolidayCome Here

| play
infodiva Here it is!!! I am into Big Band right now.
infodiva I want to hear the Nina Simone Original but Common does Same Title Misunderstood Justice. This used to be my ringtone 2007


| play
Dramagirl OK 'classic' is overused ... but this one will never go away. Listen to the words, ache to the melody. Oh Roberta ... where are you?
Dramagirl I can listen to this one over and over and ... Dunno why.
infodiva oh man Mississippi GodDamm by Nina Simone Think Democratic Convention 1968 Fannie Lou Hamer Voter's Rights.
infodiva oh 'wow. The Last Poets "White Man has a God Complex" oh so political Dedicated to Rev Rick Warren. California Dreaming.


| play
infodiva oh my goodness The Last Poets "Run Nigger" is on You radical Pan African Socialists. Gil Scott Heron are you on Do you Want to Be?


| play
infodiva Its Sunday. I am feeling a bit Kirk Franklin ish . I ;like the lyrics to Imagine Me from the Hero Album. I like the introspection. Happy Sunday Yo!
infodiva Hmmm Don't know this one. Ho visto alcuni Blippers Italiani. Trovero per canzone italiane la prossima.

Kirk FranklinBetter

| play
infodiva oh look its Neffa. He is an Italian Rapper. Bologna born. His Father was a famous old school singer. The Title Il Mondo Nuovo means The New World

NeffaIl Mondo Nuovo

| play
infodiva ok That is Neffa in a more POP sound. Here is some Italian Rap. Cor Veleno is a crew from Roma Rome Robba Coatta de spacca
infodiva Alicia Keys Like you will never see me again I like this song.
infodiva I am waiting for the World to change also John Mayer.
infodiva Daughters This lovely song by John Mayer is very deep. Woman by Raheem Devaughn is also another anthem to the power and care of Women

John MayerDaughters

| play
infodiva Here is Raheem DeVaughn's "Women" . I love John Mayer's Guitar playing. I really want to pick up playing again.
infodiva Kid Rock Now. A bit misogynistic . It Rocks.
infodiva Bono I love you! I Still Have Not Found What I Am Looking For- U2 You Too?
infodiva Mary J. Blige and U2 Yes Mary Mary with Bono. and the song One. I love this song. Better be the full version.
infodiva ok I did a search for a Sunday song and chose Johnny Cash Sunday Mornin' Coming down. This is a blind blip. Hold On!
infodiva ok dammit I need booty shaking. does not have Sunny Hawkins. She seriously gets her praise on. It is a family affair . Let me wikipedia that.
infodiva Ah Depeche Mode Master And Servant This is for you Venus Playground 2008.
infodiva Oh this is Live 105 circa 1990 Ministry Everyday is Halloween Let me find the Straycats Sisters of Murphy Throwing Muses New Order Psychedelic Furs
infodiva Kraftwerk Trans Europe Express was the Hit back in the day. German Techno Sampled 1970's
infodiva OK We need some San Francisco Mabuhay Club Punk Rock 415 Records Jello Biafra Broadway North Beach, CA X is next
infodiva Here it is! Blow it out your ass Anita Bryant. Wow funny how it is Deja Vu all over again. Free Speech 1st amendment
infodiva Siouxsie & the Banshees Cities in Dust. I used to try and dress like Siouxie hahahahaha yeah I know
infodiva Happy House Siouxsie & the Banshees I'll skip Hong Kong Garden does not have her serious 98 degrees or Strange Fruit Yeah she is political.

SiouxsieHappy House

| play
infodiva Jason Mraz and John Mayer and some Kidd Rock my speed nowadays. oh just had a Rock Genre Flashback Anthrax Red Hot Chilli Peppers George Clinton prod

Jason MrazI'm Yours

| play
infodiva Under The Bridge The Guitarist died of a heroin O.D. I love the old Red hot Chilli peppers. needs Faith No More "We care alot" S.F. Rock rules
infodiva Yeah I was at the original Lollapalooza. Back when Ice Cube rock out with Jane's Addiction. Perry Farrell this is for you.
infodiva ok maybe this one will play. American Boy Estelle ft Kanye West
infodiva oh Lisa Stansfield All Woman. One rarely hears this track. I like British Soul Will Downing
infodiva Been Around the World and I can't find my Baby!
infodiva Fantasia Barrino When I See U. Hey I wish I could add a voiceover to my Blip transmission.
infodiva Butterflies by Floetry I would have chosen Say Yes but I want to hear this.


| play
infodiva His Eye is on the Sparrow Gospel Classic. This is how I do Church on Sundays. Lauren Hill sang this in Sister Act. Many try this song.
infodiva Casta Diva Opera Maria Callas This is the Diva portion of my name. I can sing this Italian Aria.
infodiva Wow I am impressed you have my other Audition Aria by Henry Purcell Dido's Lamet "When I am dead, and laid in earth may my wrong create no
infodiva Andrea Bocelli Sogno Dream No Celine Dion Le Prieghere spelling the Prayer

Andrea BocelliSogno

| play
infodiva ok I have to hear the Celine and Andrea Bocelli Duet it was for a Disney Movie nel fratempo in the meantime here is Regina Belle & Peabo Bryson
infodiva Reflections I Remember Mary J. Blige
infodiva Mary and Ludacris Runaway Love

Ludacris ft. Mary J. Blige - Runaway Love

| play
infodiva On To Erykah Badu Back in the Day
infodiva REST IN PEACE RIP LeRoi! Dave Matthews Band Feat Santana "Love of My Life" Live. Hope it Plays.
BetteDillinger This woman knew her way around a song. Damn.
BetteDillinger Meet the Godmother of "girl power".....
BetteDillinger @briangreen.....can't help but think of Donna Summer and Madge when I hear that song.
BetteDillinger One of the greatest riffs Malcolm ever came up with....

AC DC - Back In Black

| play
clarkowitz Hey there, Blipsters! Just back from a comically rerouted flight from northeast UK, and boy... are my eardrums tired [lots o' freakin' kids].
infodiva I am the Passenger and I ride and I ride. Iggy Pop Who did the Original? Lou Reed?
infodiva you do not have Got To Be Real by Cheryl Lynn.? Say What!
infodiva I know ! How Can I go from Cheryl Lynn to Dee ..Quiet Riot but You got to Come On and Feel the Noise and get wild wild wild. Boys Rock your Girls.
infodiva Dammit That was not Sisters of Mercy. Blip don't make me upload.


| play
infodiva Night Nurse Gregory Issacs Reggae


| play
infodiva There are serious inconsistencies in's database. Incomplete Songs just won't do. I've Changed Jaheim Featuring Keyshia Cole better work!!!
clarkowitz Spent all my money on high street. And I didn't even get high! Just fashionable (err... as fashionable as I get, I guess.)

Johnny AceNo Money

| play
infodiva Goodnight Twitter I mean Irene. Until Tommorrow!
infodiva ok I'lll take Same John Denver Song Remixed with Method Man and Redman Rocky Mountain High. Play!


| play
infodiva OD'd in Denver by Hank Williams Jr. Hmmm this could be interesting.
infodiva Everybody Wants to Rule the World -Tears for Fears Remember that
infodiva Kyrie by Mr.Mister "Kyrie eleison down the road that I must travel Kyrie eleison through the darkness of the night" 1985


| play
djdiva I aint saying I'm a Goldigger...but I aint messing with no broke n*ggas

Kanye WestGoldigger

| play
Brian @rico00 - are you sure this is your favorite tune?

Dirty Vegas - Days Go Bye

| play
edsounds Eu aprendi a lição: Alicia Keys é uma diva da black music.
infodiva Brush that dirt off your shoulder!! That's for me.
amberella This entire song rides on the universal appeal of its first verse. But damn, what a verse.
BLIPHOP House of Pain was an Irish-styled American hiphop crew who released 3 albums in the early to mid '90s before lead rapper Everlast decided to go solo.
BLIPHOP Monch's debut 'Internal Affairs' (Rawkus Records) was released in '99. The first single 'Simon Says' was a major hit. It contains a Godzilla sample.
stickylicks thanks 4 having the Specials up! A message to you, @Balbi: A Message To You Rudy : D
stickylicks Also,'don't tell me you don't know the difference between a lover and a fighter with my pen and my electric typewriter'..Everyday I Write The Book

Elvis Costello - Everday I Write the Book

| play
infodiva Amy Lee Featuring Korn Freak On a Leash "Sometimes I cannot take this place"
infodiva "I still believe" Mariah Carey


| play
infodiva The Prayer la preghiera Celine Dion Duet with Andrea Bocelli I love the Italian.
LocoStavos @infodiva no but seriously. get at it. i'm going on a booty call playlist.
infodiva Andrea Bocelli Romanza I am loving this song right now. I am going to sing this. It is in my key.
infodiva Avant Separated needs to improve on the Luther Vandross selections. I am not uploading RIAA!! hello.


| play
infodiva barrington levy here i come I am feeling irie with dancehall feel better work

barrington levy - here i come

| play
infodiva Black Velvet I think the one I want!
infodiva Love my way Psychedelic Furs That was some live could not be the same singer Black Velvet is done by?
ambit @thaisiapastini I haven't heard any anastacia in a long long time. Obscure but good! Thanx
lunarboy alô? gostaria de falar com a baiana da g.l. @gingerlipstick // @Pizzy eu achei que ele estava com um pouco de medo. muita volúpia, possuída.


| play
newSaga whn I found out my son was handicapped this song gave me the words 2 xpress the way i felt. I still cannot listen 2 it without crying. i miss lauryn.

Lauryn HillTo Zion

| play
infodiva I am fixated with John Mayer Neon is the 1st track on Where the light is live in Los Angeles How old is this guy? He friggin Rocks!

John MayerNeon

| play
infodiva I forget who does the original Free Fallin I'll Google it. John Mayer does an excellent version. I want to go sky diving when I hear it. Guitars rule
infodiva I told you I am stuck on the dude. I love the tinge of Spanish guitar in this song. Sort of an Anti-L.A. song don't you think?
marladarladoo Makes me sad.

Ludacris ft. Mary J. Blige - Runaway Love

| play
infodiva Cities In Dust Siouxsie Sue is a time sink.
infodiva Only the Lonely Roy Orbison I may play Crying after this. I am in a mood.,
keane Love. Road trip. Flee. Standing on the other side of the sea.
CGnilka No, this is not a flavor of slurpee, it's the name of a song. You drink too much of that stuff anyway. Look at the color of your tongue. Gross!
infodiva "Sanctum Sanctorum" If this plays it is a Halloween Miracle!!
infodiva The Smiths I am on some English Goth alternative bender
CBDAkira Saigo no Kizu wa tabako no flavor... okeeeeeeeey. Está genial, de todas formas.
infodiva uta o utau "In my Room" Utada Hikaru Japanese R&B singer kashu
infodiva Dead Man's Party Oingo Boingo Music picks for a grown-up Halloween party. Seattle Times article
infodiva "People Are Strange," the Doors I hum this song alot
infodiva Psycho Killer Talking Heads
infodiva "(Don't Fear) The Reaper," Blue Oyster Cult I used to have this cassette hahaha Dating myself again

Blue Oyster Cult - Dont Fear the Reaper

| play
infodiva No dancing before Bed ..repeat after me. hahha Get Funky "Superstition," Stevie Wonder

Superstition-Stevie Wonder

| play
MacDiva The Tubes were a fun detour from tonight's theme. We get back on track with Tom Petty.
MacDiva Anyone here remember The Tubes?
infodiva Dear God XTC Remember this one?

XTCDear God

| play
infodiva I love this song. Her voice is so pure. She will be at the House of Soul KMEL 106.1 San Francisco with Jennifer Hudson
epizoic back in the day....when things were cool....
brandonzeuner where do we go, ahhh, where do we go now?
DownLow more than love at first sight
DownLow It still is Sunday, even if is not morning
matsuu これも映画「ヤング@ハート」で。Clashよりもヤング@ハートの方が上手い。
infodiva I feel like dancing now What I like about you The Romantics Air Guitar Alert
infodiva OMG Nina Hagen New York New York Dam booze jogs my memory for some songs.
harveymilk Final blip for the night: Sylvester. Mighty Real.
MedicoGeek Musiquinha grudenta essa...
infodiva Give a little bit of your love to me Supertramp Oprah ended her Thanksgiving show with this song
duo que preguiiiiiiiiça de trabalhar!
jyamasaki work it harder, make it better...
infodiva Hard times spreading just like the flu Watch out homeboy, don't let it catch you P-p-prices go up, don't let your pocket go down Run D.M.C Recession
infodiva For the Love of Money- The O'Jays Oh yeah I am on $$$ money songs.
infodiva What people do for money. by Divine Sounds now this is some old skool.
infodiva Money Pink Floyd I like the sound effects in this song.

Pink FloydMoney

| play
infodiva "The best thing in life is free But you can give it to the birds an' bees I need some money, Need some money. Oh yeah, what I want"
saharabloom Ok - one last song & I'm outta here. But first, I gotta play that funky music....

Wild Cherry - Play that Funky Music White Boy

| play
craftyallsorts our love is Alive ... and so it begins ....
JenTheLibrarian New favorite line: You make me feel brand new.
infodiva It will get better Tweeple, Blippers
infodiva RIP Eartha Kitt This Santa Baby is for you.
michelleoshen This to me is one of the most beautiful mellow classic rock songs. Almost could shed a tear...
infodiva Good Morning-Kanye West!! What What!!
infodiva Hey Ho way to go Ohio!! My City was Gone- The Pretenders
infodiva Ich Ni Son chi Trans Europe Express Kraftwerk I am reliving my youth tonight on
Simchabe LUV this dudes voice. his hair is pretty cool 2 =)
infodiva Ring of Fire Johnny Cash!
ramelot Un poquito de calidad sonora nunca viene mal.
Santinhopp Black Dog – Led Zeppelin
DjsCi Gostei! (reblip)

Pearl Jam - Evenflow

| play
Clark_Griswold mvid set at a lv performance, is perhaps bst remembered 4 the appearance of CourteneyCox as a fan who is invited on stg by Springsteen, & dances w/ hm
Clark_Griswold According to Bono, sng is abt a man who hs lst evrythng but finds joy n what he still hs. He also mentioned tht it cld b seen as a modern ChristmasSng

U2Beautiful Day

| play
infodiva I spilled the red wine. Spill the Wine by War!

WarSpill The Wine

| play
bebomora Algo un poco más ligerón. :)

Jason MrazI'm Yours

| play
infodiva I dreamt I was Sitting On the Dock of the Bay and I fell in. This is Otis Redding. I was singing a Janis Joplin version. Good Saturday.

Otis Redding - Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay

| play
infodiva Train Kept A Rollin' - Aerosmith This is for you Mr. Obama.
infodiva Living in America - James Brown
infodiva In the Name of Love(Pride) -U2 They rocked this on the mall for Obama yesterday.
infodiva Happy Federal Holiday Birthday Dr. Martin Luther King! Stevie Wonder
infodiva Dancing with myself- Generation X
masterkid4u One of the bands with so many good songs on their repertoire is UK's Swing Out Sister, simply they have no flat or boring songs! @ncv2929
infodiva And I know Somebody's gonna celebrate tonight somewhere. Step in the name of love- R. Kelly side round and round dip it now separate bring it back
julianlacey ranked number 28 on VH1's 100 greatest songs of hip hop
julianlacey The late 80's and early 90's were good times for hip hop music
Danny_Boy_wlcx RENT - Seasons Of Love. I havent seen this movie since Joe died .. tonight the night?
themadelf Later in their career but still really good.
themadelf This is the only C. D. song I've found here so far. That's tragedy.

Chris DeBurgh - Lady In Red

| play
infodiva Love Is A Losing Game – Amy Winehouse
420thoughts Would you please consider donating to the Blipathon? {Our House - Madness}

MadnessOur House

| play
ambit Classic Anita Baker~Angel

Anita BakerAngel

| play
infodiva Who remembers this? Lonely Is The Night – Billy Squier
deadwood4 Thx @infodiva for this one --> It will get better Tweeple, Blippers (reblip)
ChiGurlCee The Roots – Break You Off (ft. Musiq) (reblip)
SKRILLA The Battle Is Not Yours

Yolanda Adams - The Battle is Not Yours (1)

| play
infodiva I CAN stand the Rain. California needs it. Boyz II Men – Can You Stand The Rain
SKRILLA Reason why I cant get no work done at home. Lets go outside and splash in some puddles with are golashes butt naked.
angfoo Wind the day down with these silky vocals over a hypnotic keys progression


| play
infodiva Ibrahim Ferrer – Bruca Manigua Save the newspapers. I need to hear this song. Bad news on deck for Ash Wednesday 2009
otherworldlydiamonds loved them since this song came out in high school in 1995... and i'mma see them live for the 1st time in june!!! squee!

No DoubtJust a Girl

| play
infodiva blues Eric Clapton & BB King – Lay Down Sally (reblip)
infodiva Debbie Deb – Lookout Weekend (Original Mix) i really do not want to work today.
melodyofurlife Stones Friday Cont … Success, success, success!!!!
infodiva Heart – Barracuda Why I need to hear this song before I go to sleep I will never know!!


| play
infodiva The Mamas & The Papas – Dream A Little Dream Of Me okay this is some bedtime music.
infodiva Gary Wright – Dream Weaver My lullaby tonight. Driver take away my worries of today. Help me to forget today's pain. get me through the night
LucretiaMyReflection I'm in a retro mood... but that 80's kind of retro
infodiva Talking In Your Sleep- The Romantics I like to listen to music b4 I sleep, but this song makes me want to dance. Friday in 1 hour whoo
infodiva A musical interlude. This song makes me think of St. Patrick's Day Dexy's Midnight Runners – Come On Eileen
infodiva Johnny Cash – Danny Boy Yep I have Irish Songs on the brain
infodiva Making light of my sore throat a musical interlude DJ Kool Let Me Clear My Throat

Depeche Mode - Personal Jesus

| play
bibliotheeka brown sugar how come you taste so good. uh-oh, this one's not about sugar either...
infodiva Aretha Franklin – Chain of Fools
infodiva k.d. lang – I Dream of Spring Goodnight people. Sweet dreams.
Abley05 If she does it like this will you do like that if she touches like this will you touch her like that if she moves like this will you move like that
itsRamel Truth Hurts Ft. Rakim – Addictive (reblip)
infodiva War – Cinco De Mayo I wanted to play this today. I'll play it manana also.

WarCinco De Mayo

| play
infodiva Will Smith – DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince - Summertime
infodiva School's out for Summer!! Happy Graduation. Happy Memorial Day. Remember the Veterans.
infodiva Don Henley -Boys of Summer. I love this song.
trxckster ... will I ever hear Steve Perry ("Oh Sherrie") and not think of Memphis & being in high school #fb (reblip)

Steve Perry- Oh Sherrie (Remastered Audio)

| play

Michael Jackson "Man in the Mirror"

| play
Paisano Thanks for the joy & music MJ. Gone too soon.

Michael Jackson Gone Too Soon Clinton Gala 1992

| play
Rocknchip ok, another favorite... wink, wink... blush....
infodiva Michael Jackson & Paul Mccartney – Say Say Say
ROSIEOLIVEIRA @Jalapeno: "Black Or White.. I'm SO SAD.. :(`` This is a great song with a great message.." (reblip)
infodiva RT @coollibrarian: "One of my absolute favorites." Michael Jackson – Smooth Criminal (reblip)
dhair @SevenTenths Just messin'! Thought you just got banned for spammin' or sumthing.. lolcat!
infodiva Michael Jackson – Do You Remember The Time
infodiva Michael Jackson – Why You Wanna Trip On Me
juicyjewelz "Oh girl I'd be in trouble if you left me now... cause I don't know where to look for love, I just don't know how!"
lizasperling Beast of Burden by Colby Caillat - I'd love to be in the crowd
infodiva Here Comes The Rain Again – Eurythmics
infodiva Wordy Rappinghood - Tom Tom Club This song is going through my head.
infodiva When the lights go down in the city, and the sun shines on the bay...
infodiva Land Down Under – Men at work
infodiva Pink Floyd- Another Brink in the Wall
infodiva Blue Moon -Ella Fitzgerald

Blue moon Ella Fitzgerald

| play
BITT59 It's hard to turn down a DARE @ArmeniQUEEN so here it is for you... Roy Orbison – "Crying" .. also a fav of mine

Roy OrbisonCrying

| play
infodiva Men At Work – Who Can It Be Now (1981)
infodiva Reach Out and Touch Somebody's Hand – Diana Ross Make this world a better one if you can.
infodiva Paul Simon – The Sound Of Silence
infodiva Eye of the Tiger -Survivor
NeraPoesia cerco la strada migliore per me vorrei sapere se c'è e qual'è...
infodiva Articolo 31- Venerdi Friday!!!

Articolo 31Venerdì

| play
infodiva RIP MALCOLM MCLAREN – Buffalo Gals - 1983
infodiva RIP GURU "Keep Your Worries" Angie Stone Ft Guru

Guru Ft Angie Stone Keep Your Worries

| play
infodiva You gotta be bad, you gotta be bold You gotta be wiser, you gotta be hard You gotta be tough, you gotta be stronger

You Gotta BeDes'ree

| play
infodiva You Gotta Be - Des'ree 1994 You gotta be bad, you gotta be bold You gotta be wiser, you gotta be hard You gotta be tough, you gotta be stronger

Des'reeYou Gotta Be

| play
infodiva Higher Love- Steve Winwood "Bring me a Higher Love"
infodiva I Keep Forgettin' Michael McDonald (1982)
infodiva Total Eclipse of The Heart- Bonnie Tyler.
infodiva Christmas Wrapping - The Waitresses Merry Merry
infodiva I have been wanting to Blip this for weeks. Winning - Santana #winning


| play
infodiva Exodus - Bob Marley

EXODUSBob Marley

| play
StreamingMimi Oh Mark, so sorry! Glad she did not suffer! Sending warm thoughts your way! Hugs!!! <3 rb@markharger: "my mom (who lived /w us for 3 years) slowly..." (reblip)

JJ Heller Your Hands

| play
infodiva Heavy D f/ LeVert 'Just Coolin'

Heavy D f/ LeVert Just Coolin'

| play
infodiva Hand Jive -RIP- Johnny Otis

Willie and the Hand Jive--Johnny Otis

| play
infodiva Love Stinks- J. Geils Band. Happy Anti-Valentine's Day. LOL
infodiva RIP Greg Ham. "Who Can It Be Now" Men at Work
infodiva Everyday is Halloween- Ministry
infodiva Black Magic Woman - Santana

Black Magic Woman by Santana

| play
infodiva So far away. Doesn't anybody stay in one place anymore?
infodiva Christmas Feeling Ska- Toots and the Maytals
infodiva NYE 2012

Birthday by the Beatles

| play
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