a0805h This one's gotta be kicked!! Healthy body-- sick mind! Well I guess that's a nice description for a lot of people I meet every day :P
a0805h You just woke up after a long party and your head feels kinda dizy?? We've something in common! Check this one!

BlurSong 2

| play
a0805h :D This one makes me smile everytime.. Damn.. What.. I.. I'm simply into this.. damn hard.. cool.. funny life.. (??)
a0805h To keep the fm-toplevel domain in style ;)
a0805h Wow.. this one's premium extra platinum (??) "If you want something don't ask for nothing, if you want nothin don't ask for something!" :D
a0805h @Fated I actually prefer some other kind of plants.. ;)
a0805h Man, I like this track!! Thanks @Heard_of_sheep! (you'd sure had my props but unfortunately I'm mine are out :/ Have a nice evening! (reblip)
a0805h Thanks alot @avflox!! Der geht raus an den kleinen Oli aus Greifswald, der letzte Woche 36 geworden ist.. :D (reblip)


| play
a0805h I just wanted to ask if you can't sleep ;) @Heard_of_sheep I wish you nice dreams!
a0805h ~~ Enjoy yourself everyone ~~ ;)
a0805h This was the first Deftones song I ever listened to.. I still like it very much! Back to school! :D

Deftones - Back To School

| play
a0805h Damn!! ~~ JEDI MIND TRICKS ~~
a0805h I love this tune so much! :D
a0805h Yeah.. :D I really love this one! (I wish I could think of something else than the other town and certain inhabitants ;)


| play
a0805h I hope you had happy Easter everyone!! This one goes out to *the* prop-worth dj: @Heard_of_sheep :D
a0805h OK. 2 last tracks for today.. One of the early electrics.. #selfexplaining


| play
a0805h Damn yeah.. that's what I'd like to express.. Have a nice night blippers! te quero chiqui!
a0805h Yeah!! You can get it if you really want :D
a0805h However most important is: Keep on rocking :D @kingofcph
fegabi Would like to dedicate this song to 2 former Lápiz employees (you know who you are) and Joe.
a0805h Yeah!! Thanks @MoniiVLombardi :) (Chasing props and fame in #Greifswald long ago: klex's not dead ;) (reblip)

The StrokesSomeday

| play
andycarpediem A very peculiar version of Britney's Toxic, I prefer this to the original though

yael naimtoxic

| play
andycarpediem Nico Muhly's work is simply great can you believe he's only 27, he's a genius indeed love how his music creates other realities in your mind and heart
ListenersMusic Sorry. Had to add an MK track eventually! This song should be supplied with the English Dictionary and placed on the page where it says 'beautiful'.
noodlebs STOP...........................................HAMMERTIME!
andycarpediem Sometimes all we need is a good friend -now listening My Friends by Groove Armada
andycarpediem Maybe I don't know what I want anymore
a0805h thanks @irgendwas :D te quiero chiki! (reblip)


| play
avivajazz ♫ Dva – Nunovó Tango // @thrak, thanks for this fascinating track.

DvaNunovó Tango

| play
avivajazz Arabesque – Farah Kitir (Great Joy) // STUNNING! I adore it! A joyful day to you to, @fsimits: "A joyful day to @hajoni @avivamagnolia!" (reblip)
andycarpediem Feeling kinda blue at least I have Ben Harper to fill my hours
avivajazz Blues ~ Restless ~ Langhorne Slim
avivajazz The Dø – Unissasi Laulelet // This is stunning! I haven't heard anything so exciting, so beautiful, so unique, in a while... Thanks@jurpo! (reblip)
andycarpediem Whenever I listen to this tune I think of a foggy street and a sad boy
avivajazz Anouar Brahem – La Chambre, Variations
avivajazz Susanna and the Magical Orchestra – Enjoy the Silence // Bom dia, e obrigada!@bluemountain (reblip)
avivajazz Susanna and the Magical Orchestra ~ Believer // Thanks to @bluemountain for exposing me to this great singer!
irgendwas "@a0805h: nimm mich mit" (reblip)


| play
andycarpediem Song of the day: El son no ha muerto by Israel "Cachao" López
andycarpediem There was a time when this tune was everywhere
andycarpediem I walked down your street the other day I still miss sometimes can't even believe you're gone
DJDelboy Manchester Orchestra singing Alice and Interiors....have you heard this?
malross The Birds and the Bees midweek mobile disco continues...
ironButterfly @music Guru @jude81: "Jetzt ist Sommer" WISE GUYS (reblip)

Wise Guys Jetzt ist Sommer

| play

Peter Gabriel & Kate Bush -Don't Give Up

| play
marove Always Remember. No matter how low you are, there´s always a light shining in front of you
bthv Ilse DeLange – So Incredible
tarekesber It has been a long time since I've listened to Sublime. #memories

Sublime Santeria

| play
MPT i am the Jeremy Kile Show and it so funny......cool music video's on blip.fm thats cool shit
avivajazz Time will never be your kindest master; love will never be your.... Listen for the rest! / Thanks@briangreene: "@28apple_chic, I love her so much..." (reblip)
avivajazz Victor Jara | A Desalambrar // I'm afraid I'll "lose this forever" if I don't reblip it, @DukeECP...not trying to be your echo...but I guess I am! (reblip)

Victor Jara A Desalambrar

| play
avivajazz Pan's Labyrinth Lullaby // Intensely, tragically beautiful, @FlashHarry. (reblip)

Pan's labyrinth lullaby

| play
bender74 Now your animal's gone?

SuedeAnimal Nitrate

| play
MusicIsMySunshine hah nice @Gamera: "I challenge anyone to listen to this song without moving a muscle! ~ RB @MusicIsMySunshine" (reblip)
IgnatiusJR me, too! Thanks for this @christhenlee: "I'm a fan of anything with Thom Yorke in it: " (reblip)
avivajazz Rosa Cedrón | Tú, Gitana – Luar na Lubre // Una cantante gallega, conocida por ser la voz durante nueve años en el grupo Luar na Lubre... (reblip)
avivajazz Rosa Cedrón | Heicho de Dar // Nació en Monforte de Lemos (Lugo) el 25 de octubre de 1972, y enseguida se mudaría a la ciudad de La Coruña. (reblip)

Rosa Cedrón Heicho de Dar

| play
avivajazz Luar na Lubre con Rosa Cedrón | Chove en Santiago | Lalín (Galicia) Concert 2008

Luar Na Lubre, Lalín Concert 2008: "Chove en Santiago"

| play
avivajazz Marful | Leverelem | Salón de Baile (Galicia)


| play
avivajazz Marful | Leverelem (II) | Salón de Baile (Galicia)


| play
irgendwas "@a0805h du meintest 'no sé si te sientes así, pero creo que esta canción te identifica' oder so was ;) ich mag dieses sehr, viel Spaß!"

3-. Cómo hablar (CD Una pequeña parte del mundo)

| play
avivajazz Mari Boine – Boadan Nuppi Bealde / I Come from the Other Side
avivajazz Anouar Brahem Trio ~ Astrakan Cafe
andycarpediem Sometimes I feel like there someone else living trapped inside my head
johankuijt This will keep me awake for now...

Limp Bizkit Break Stuff Uncensored Explict

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Sissie Bass ist durch nichts zu ersetzen. Genau wie Hubraum.
Kresss Everybody loves her in Iran. In this video you see a different face of Iran where people are no religious freaks, but just love to love and have fun.

GooGoosh, Hamseda Medly

| play
xxSCHADENFREUDExx Let's slow things down for a minute, Iceland style...

Sigur RosHljomalind

| play
speedyconkiwi looks like it's gonna.. soon. huiiii!
shortiedoowop613 I listen to this on my mp3 player on repeat to got sleep sometimes..so beautiful. Good night friends. Sweet dreams.xoxo

jacques Brel _ La Chanson des Vieux Amants

| play
RobinRoar For my Father Daniel, who passed away the yr this song came out... while at work as an airline Pilot for Pan Am

Daniel(with lyrics)-Elton John

| play
Firecracker16 Thanks to everyone for the props and reblips!! Much appreciated..."They don't write them like that anymore" The Greg Khin Band "The Break up Song"

The Greg Khin Band "The Break up Song" (Subt/English)

| play
lesmorganray This song reminds me of Reggae fest in Austin, and a girl from Austin.

Wailing Souls -They Don't Know Jah

| play
fawaz love it


| play
Gya i need this song in my wedding, soon hehe

Afgan: OST. Bukan Cinta Biasa

| play
DensOnAir ♪♫♥ Beats45 – When I am Sixty Four (blip.up) ♥♫♪ (reblip)
Shadecat Because even though you'll hate me for getting this stuck in your head, you STILL love the song :D

The Muppets-Mahnamahna

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DJRedBeard i'm not here... this isn't happening
ladyspeaker "Apres Moi" - Regina Spektor. Met her backstage once. Cool artist & unbelievably creative.
batato ...

Smashing Pumpkins- "Perfect"

| play
kbuech Ramones - "Judy Is A Punk" (video-live-1974)

Ramones- Judy Is A Punk 1974

| play
Raffila what an odd pairing of voices..it is haunting. (in a good way.lol)
ChankheDJ one of the few hindi songs i like....
TexanOutOfWater random song. Spanish. good for furniture dancing.
a0805h This most beautiful song goes out to @irgendwas :) The Do- On My Shoulders
DJMees @Nikiza: "This one reminds me of care-free days. And playing Nintendo 64 :P" (reblip)
irgendwas "@a0805h ich finde dieses Lied sehr schön, espero que te guste también :)" (reblip)
DJMees rb@SpeersJay: "Good evening - lets listen to some mellow stuff to start..." (reblip)
avivajazz Шилклопер, Волков, Старостин – Пока молод был // @yohanp, did I get this from you a while back? Or perhaps I just found it myself, last night...? (reblip)
AtheDJ "Barclay James Harvest" -Life is for LIVING!" (reblip)
a0805h Damn.. Viva Erfurt!!! :D Northern Lite-- Something
a0805h I get a little melancholic.. Well I think this one's a a really good cover.. Have a nice time blip-addicts!

Metric Between The Bars (Elliott Smith cover) acoustic

| play
a0805h Gotta get this one kicked out to the world.. ;) Kate Nash -- Foundations

Kate Nash "Foundations" video

| play
a0805h @yunkmom I also like this one.. (as played in the movie Donnie Darko)
a0805h Damn.. Womit alles begann..

Mein Block

| play
a0805h Yeah! I think it's the most moving song on her album.. :D
Puh Lautstärkeregler ganz hoch (I like to move it)
dasfrollein so müssen echte schweden sein. bestimmt gehen sie in ihrer freizeit holz hacken.
Msiou Proposition indécente du Friday c'est à prendre ou à laisser
lwsrc @JamesJoyes23: schad, war um halb 4 mal reingepoppt - war wohl zu spät... hoffentlich auf ein baldiges :) (reblip)
annasette @nibiri schönen Tag wünsche ich dir!!! (reblip)

Herbie Hancock "Watermelon Man"

| play
stese das richtige zum freitag - geschmeidig wie immer
drumslurf Voor iedereen die naar Morrissey gaat: 't beste nummer van The Smiths, maar dan in 't Spaans


| play
zx10r07 Nine Inch Nails - Piggy
JustinHerman True Love waits in haunted attics. One of the most beautiful songs about love recorded.

radiohead true love waits first perfomance ever

| play
avivajazz Cirque Du Soleil – Alegría
karabati "@irgendwas" Concierto el Gusanillo con Ana Isabel
avivajazz June Tabor – The Fiddle and the Drum
philkirby Rather listen to this than the BBC news.
sivonclaire The song I needed a cut of...did get it figured out. Plus, Jenns voice makes me weak in the knees.
darklion time for me to sleep, gnight blippers (reblip)
Myr 8. Lily Allen – Fuck You

8. Lily AllenFuck You

| play
thrak un maravilloso domingo para ti @boamorte

Vengo Flamenco soufi

| play

"Galileo" Indigo Girls

| play
Lobsterdemon Manic Street Preachers – Suicide Is Painless
Seebaer musik im radio und im fernsehen ist wieder mal kacke - muss ich also wieder selber ran.

millencolinno cigar

| play
MindSight RB @28apple_chic: "Royksopp with Karin Dreijer, revised by Stanton Warriors. Yum yum. What a delicious Sunday breakfast! :)" mmmmm (reblip)
Fredelsloh Mein Song für die Piratenpartei :)
anna8687 Stereophonics – Feel ... This song was first one playing in my head when I woke up. So. Good morning from me to you all! :)


| play
irgendwas @irgendwas: 'si lo que vas a decir no es más bello que el silencio, no lo vayas a decir' (reblip)
Gaz50 Ah Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh Mmmmm Mmmm ... Gonna Get Along Without You Now ....Viola Wills

Viola Wills Gonna get along without y

| play
Gaz50 @DJKashmir, Inspiring? >>> Working For The Yankee Dollar – The Skids
irgendwas 'yo pregunto a los presentes, si no se han puesto a pensar, que esta tierra es de nosotros y no del que tenga más'... qué verdad más grande (reblip)
rguimaslima DJ Bobo - Somebody Dance With Me

dj bobo- somebody dance with me

| play
zx10r07 Pearl Jam - F*Ckin' Up

Pearl JamF*Ckin' Up

| play
irgendwas i need 2 sleep a little bit, 2day was too difficult a day... but i also need to listen to my song of the weekend :) goodnite!!
zx10r07 Pearl Jam - Baba O'Riley
zx10r07 Pearl Jam - Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town
zx10r07 Bush - Letting The Cables Sleep (The N.O.W. Remix)
irgendwas @zx10r07: "Bush - Letting The Cables Sleep (The N.O.W. Remix)" (reblip)
Sakena got my homework...

O re chabeela (full movie song) saawariya

| play

Les choristes "Vois sur ton chemin"

| play
irgendwas this is my last song for now, to all of the last of the mohicans of this world

The Last Of The Mohicans-End Scene

| play
zx10r07 @zx10r07: "Combichrist - This Shit Will Fuck You Up" (reblip)
bastianoso Manchmal passieren seltsame Dinge, da weiß man gar nicht wie man reagieren soll

Die Toten Hosen Freunde

| play

I think I`m paranoid- Garbage

| play
irgendwas nice music 4 the state of mind i'm in...
lunagalla @Atomik: "Justus Köhncke – Alles Nochmal" (reblip)
irgendwas ese enrique a eurovisión :)

Enrique Bunbury- El extranjero (en vivo)

| play

enrique bunbury -pequeño-

| play
musikra love this!!!


| play
avivajazz Al Green – I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry

Cheb Khaled, Aicha(lyrics)

| play
irgendwas 'must be a devil between us' (reblip)


| play
irgendwas 'don't know about you but i am a chien Andalusia. Wanna grow up to be a debaser' (reblip)


| play
irgendwas me gusta mucho y la oigo a cada rato ahora en la radio... :)
irgendwas no puedo! no conocía al grupo de vista y me he enamorado del cantante!!! ahahahaha! qué bueno el video de antes...
irgendwas se me había olvidao lo bueno que está el cantante... :)

el bicho mama dolores

| play
irgendwas '...que si tú quieres yo me voy contigo, donde tú vayas, donde tú quieras, me voy contigo...'


| play

Chambao y Bebe

| play
irgendwas ahora esta va pa' mi oksi, su canción favorita... espero que podamos ir juntas a barbate algún día...


| play
irgendwas la tengo q reblipear: pa' todos los que se juegan la vida en esas playas y en esos desiertos... ningún ser humano es ilegal (reblip)


| play
irgendwas coolest band to listen to whenever it's more than 35 degrees outside -as in my case, right now...
dzante british 2

the kinks- you really got me

| play
irgendwas @irgendwas: "me gusta mucho y la oigo a cada rato ahora en la radio... :)" me gusta de verdad! (reblip)

Lila Downs .... La Cumbia del Mole

| play

Lila Downs .... El Corrido de Tacha "La Teibolera"

| play
irgendwas @Leizar: "The killer in me is the killer in you..." me encanta (reblip)
irgendwas "@Leizar: uno de mis grupos del momento :) espero te guste"
irgendwas si tú eres de los malos, yo también me apunto.. pa' tos los 'malos' que se creen más malos de lo que de verdad son..

De los malos

| play
irgendwas "@rxrx1776: what can i say? desolated & devastated... check this out and try to slip away...:)"
irgendwas nooo i need it! i really do

MobyLift me up

| play
irgendwas i rediscovered it recently, i can't get it out of my head (always the same with the pixies...)


| play
irgendwas ooh i wish i were by the sea right now... it's so f*ck*ng hot in here!!

Vetusta Morla "La Marea"

| play
irgendwas @DHS: "wish I spoke German!" :) i love this song too, thanx (reblip)
Snowships This is a song about breaking up.


| play
edwardo This song got me interested in these interesting and moody songwriters
EddieCurrent Kupek - Born Slippy. A most excellent cover.

KupekBorn Slippy

| play
MikeGackler My friend @LynnCareySaylor did an excellent cover to the Pat Benatar classic with Brian May (of Queen). Listen up peeps!!


| play
irgendwas @DeathByStyle: "THIS ALBUM ROCKS, THIS BAND ROCKS!" sure they do! (reblip)

HumanThe Killers

| play
SNIZWHIZ ..wouldnt' say best but its good@RubberCheese: "the best song ever" (reblip)
neitzen This one brings me back! rb@Violetd19: "interstate love" (reblip)

Interstate Love Song Live STP Stone Temple Pilots

| play
AcidWashed @Zahgon. You're right, everyone wins...and everyone would win if we did a Radiohead war in the future, yes? :D

RadioheadThe Bends

| play
irgendwas i hate even more not being able to hear just 1 second... bis denne!

i really want you james blunt traducido subt en espaol

| play
neitzen Straight from the undaground


| play
neitzen Mais oui, j'adore cette chanson! rb@lalai: "#lovesong for valentine's day" (reblip)
jaya @BLIPSKA@sagopal@anitha-kishore special

Yeh Shaam Mastani (Rajesh Khanna & Asha Parekh)

| play

12;51 , The Strokes

| play
irgendwas @lobotom: "the potential you'll be that you'll never see ..." beautiful (reblip)

Metric Between The Bars (Elliott Smith cover) acoustic

| play
irgendwas i knew it... not being able to find what i'm looking for always makes me miserable...

Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now

| play
neitzen rb@myownghost: "goodnight song of the day" (reblip)

The CureLullaby

| play
irgendwas @bruun: ok i'm wicked, i lied, that one wasn't the last one... all apologies :) (reblip)
GothicVampireQueen E Nomine - Mitternacht

E-nomine Mitternacht (german version)

| play
DirtyUrine It rooccccks!!@Leva: "Just love this Green Day song~" (reblip)

Green Day21 Guns

| play
irgendwas real good: "@DirtyUrine: "It rooccccks!!@Leva: "Just love this Green Day song~""" (reblip)

Green Day21 Guns

| play
DiligentRadio605 mary jane song number two

Last Dance with Mary Jane- Tom Petty

| play
irgendwas ciao

Cowboy Junkies / Misguided Angel

| play
irgendwas everybody's gotta learn sometime

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind Music Video

| play
irgendwas @Justamoochin: "Fun,fun,fun...furry happy monsters .. REM xx" great, thanx (reblip)

12;51 , The Strokes

| play
irgendwas @lotuslight: "@Sophizz: "one of my fav" makes me happy...happy....happy :-)))" sehr schön! (reblip)
striker63 Dutch symphony rock at it's best. Ekseption Midbar sessions

Doro- Für Immer

| play

Sex And Drugs And Rock n Roll Ian Dury & The Blockheads (Live Sight And Sound 1977)

| play
irgendwas i wanted to blip 'taking on the world' by GUN but didn't find it... waldeck is another story but real good too

waldeck make my day

| play
DJRoy1 George Harrison – Beware of Darkness
Kubrickx Oxymoron - Life's a Bitch


| play
irgendwas or stressful saturday eve.. (i need to relax some!)
lobotom why can't you just leave me alone? solitude is a faithful friend.

Pushed Again lyrics (Die Toten Hosen)

| play
lobotom i need excitement and i need it bad
klitoria dear @@G_r_e_g...i wish you a wonderful birthday !!!...may your life be full of love and joy.....may you be happy and healthy...
zx10r07 @marijaanadj: "YES I am!!!!!!!"Deftones – My Own Summer (Shove it) (reblip)
irgendwas i wouldn't mind having a band like theirs either... (reblip)
irgendwas @rxrx1776: sure i'll be! though only in my head.. have a great day:)

The Killers- Somebody Told Me

| play
DeniseMarson Acho que isso é o mais próximo do jazz que eu posso chegar... hehe (reblip)


| play
kasaa almost forgot about Soko

SokoTake My Heart

| play
kasaa and now I can't remember which Tocotronic song I've been wanting to blip...
kasaa Good morning, this might wake you up...
irgendwas sehr schön @paperama: "almost forgot about Soko" (reblip)

SokoTake My Heart

| play
kasaa dieser Blick verdient Applaus
kasaa etwas außer der Reihe für den Herrn @OneBitWonder
dferver g'night folks thanks for the props


| play
lobotom wherever you go today - you go today

Fleet FoxesMykonos

| play
soulitude gorgeous iron & wine - woman king

Iron & WineWoman King

| play
hotlipzz Helemaal hip die fagget fairys, muziek&outfits! I like like yum yum
jo04 ina's reggae

Ina Müller-Wegen einer Älteren #18.

| play

I Love You Mary Jane

| play
larasbathtub youre still here when I close my eyes

Natasha Bedingfield-Still here

| play
irgendwas it'd be nice if someone dreamed about me, wouldn't it?

MobyDream About Me

| play
irgendwas let's see if i manage this blip right.. "deine Musik ist echt schön :) @pulplion"

MobyLift me up

| play
irgendwas echt schön, danke @lotuslight: "Goodbye My Lover – James Blunt" (reblip)
irgendwas in the mood for a little bit of james blunt
irgendwas ich fahre schon nach Hause. Gute Nacht, guten Abend, usw. an alle. Es macht viel Spaß euch zu hören und blippen. Bis naher :)

The KillersHuman

| play
irgendwas i couldnt resist me to this one..

ColdplayViva La Vida

| play
lobotom I wanna see the light, it takes me through the night

The SoundsHit Me

| play
lobotom been there, done that, messed around

La RouxBulletproof

| play
soulitude the softie song...skunk anansie - brazen
irgendwas @pulplion: "Paul Kalkbrenner - Train Berlin Calling" na, ich muss jetzt los. danke für die schöne Musik :) (reblip)

Paul Kalkbrenner Train Berlin Calling

| play
soulitude @crayon is zwar schon lang lang her...aber jetzt dann...thx...ednaswap-torn


| play
irgendwas second try..

moby i like it

| play
irgendwas to everyone on blip.fm.. sleep tight/have fun. i go to bed now.. if only i could kiss you now.. (reblip)

Where You EndMoby

| play
irgendwas and today's raining a lot & looks like quite complicated too..
soulitude @phijef: "Not to be too morbid, but this is a song I want played at my funeral." (reblip)

Radiohead How To Disappear Completely (perfect audio)

| play
soulitude the libertines - what katie did

the libertines-what katie did

| play
scholt Deichkind - Papillon ... a nice video remix


| play
lobotom ich bin dabei, du bist dabei, wir sind dabei uns zu verlier'n
irgendwas @pulplion: "Paul Kalkbrenner – Altes Kamuffel - Special Berlin Calling Edit(klit.up)" ich mag's noch besser (reblip)
irgendwas Grüße an alle und danke für props, reblips und unterhaltung :) bis denne

MobyWhispering Wind

| play
irgendwas ich muss los aber kann nicht irgendwie.. danke für dieses Lied! @lotuslight: "James Blunt - Goodbye My Lover" (reblip)

James Blunt Goodbye My Lover

| play
irgendwas @lobotom: "ich bin dabei, du bist dabei, wir sind dabei uns zu verlier'n " klasse (reblip)
irgendwas könntet jemand mich retten?

Save meAimee Mann

| play
irgendwas good night folks.. blip us tomorrow

Joan OsborneOne of Us

| play
soulitude "ein lebenslauf gebastelt mit den händen eines tanzbären"...kettcar - balu


| play
irgendwas @soulitude: "placebo feat. kate bush - running up that hill" (reblip)
irgendwas hej, deine Musik heute gefällt mir sehr :)@soulitude: "@pixelfreund: "Rock'n'Roll! Serj Tankian – Empty Walls (acoustic)"" (reblip)
irgendwas @soulitude: "the ramones - hey ho let's go... #musicmonday" danke, dir auch! :) (reblip)
irgendwas @irgendwas: "@soulitude: "placebo feat. kate bush - running up that hill"" echt klasse!!!! (reblip)
irgendwas loving it since first i heard it..

You Don't Know Me Ben Folds feat. Regina Spektor

| play
irgendwas why don't they warn that in some videos what you really get is someone silly who can't even sing??? outraged
irgendwas @soulitude: "badly drawn boy - magic in the air..." wunderschön (reblip)

Kate Nash "Foundations" video

| play
ritaDasinger murdeeeeeeeer

Murder on the dancefloor-SOPHIE ELLIS BEXTOR

| play
kasaa should get out of the house. It's flea market time...
kasaa Good morning, good morning to you

Miss LiGood Morning

| play
irgendwas "@pulplion: danke! ich werde gleich träumen :)"

Dreaming my dreams The Cranberries (Acoustic)

| play
brabul if heaven talks, i'm coming too.... @crispast
kasaa @chiron08 Good morning & sunny greetings ☼☼☼

Sie kann Fliegen

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kasaa oh boy

Miss Li "Oh Boy"

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kasaa This is not a Test or an S.O.S.
kasaa @randyhate Oh no, hope you get well again soon. There's some music coming your way, maybe it helps a litttle bit ♫♫♫
kasaa You can take my heart for a walk on the beach

SokoTake my heart

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Kraftwerk-Das Model(Localhost Remix)

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pauladebarba Transport urself to a wonderful place with this song

deep forestnight bird

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pix4pix Wer Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood mag, sollte sich die beiden anhören - Mark Lanegan & Isobel Campbell - Deus ibi est -

Deus Ibi Est

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DJMees :-) Love this!!! - Lily was here – Candy Dulfer / Dave Stewart
DJMees Mindy Abair - "Do You Miss Me"

"Do You Miss Me"

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brabul I wanna love but I don't know if I can...


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SP_ @Mathioso: "[Mando Diao - Dance with Somebody]" (reblip)
DJMees :-) Me too! RB@Reemo: "Luv this song, thnx@joechapman: "Van Morrison – Brown Eyed Girl "" (reblip)
zx10r07 Currently listening to : < Godsmack >< Spiral [@zx10r07] >
SP_ Moby – Love of strings

MobyLove of strings

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Punched Wow, what a smashing pair of legs he has ;) :: Erasure – Little respect ::

ErasureLittle respect

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irgendwas @soulitude: guten morgen auch für dich, und viele viele Sonne, wenn möglich :)

Fan videos from Dido one step too far dido faithless Fa

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kasaa wir könnten uns ja abwechseln @ktinka: "The best song in the world. (Sorry, if I keep posting that again and again)" (reblip)
chiron08 schick dir ein paar warme strahlen... @klitoria " summer plz come back " (reblip)
Gaz50 Gary Moore – I've Still Got The Blues (For You)
SP_ rb @claudioneves: "rt @angiece: "RB @claudioneves "Don't Know Why" - Norah Jones"" (reblip)