GinaDunc This is beautiful! Ty @Greengoblin [Vitali Chaconne – Sarah Chang] (reblip)
RicSanti Used on the movie Rollerball of 1975.

Albinoni: Adagio in G Minor

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georgetowndrum This is some beautiful music. I just love this Bach.
jokegls Dankzij @zilvervisjes een nummer waar ik nu regelmatig naar luister, prachtig :) (reblip)

ALBINONI, Adagio in G minor (Herbert von KARAJAN and Berlin Philharmonic orchestra)

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klitoria last night I had a dream about you........
klitoria gotta go now.....will be back later...cause i need your loving........
Wanshangrila @duartesg: "Listening: Banco De Gaia - Last Train To Lhasa *****"@duartesg:in solidarity with the people of Tibet (reblip)

Last Train to Lhasa

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Wanshangrila Mari Boine - Brother Eagle
Wanshangrila Mari Boine - Elle

Mari Boine "Elle"

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jakke2 great!!!!!!!!!

The Airborne Toxic Event: Wishing Well (Acoustic Series Week

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BluJulius aw,I'm so sorry,I'm behind!?much love!!xxoo@HettyElibet: "@droolius ~ so NOW you say Hi ......signed HettyNeglected :(" (reblip)
jakke2 The great,wonderful Miter EELS!!!!!!! Love the music
Mysterymix ∰ You Love Her Coz She's Dead Me Versus You (What Kind Of Breeze Do You Blow Acronymix) #8Mix
akiraboy2010 Augustus Pablo – East Of The River Nile - Dub Rockers | #dub | thanks for the prps @dronnoisseur @wahwahwah @stephietoad @gigii enjoy this I hope
jakke2 Great South-African Jazz-Musician!!Love This music(Dollard Brand =American Name)
akiraboy2010 @jakke2 thanks for the idea! | Glenn Gould – Moonlight Sonata pt. I
eraser ahí tenéis a Gualberto por Tangos en su jardín con el sitar ..otra institución de la música andaluza

Gualberto por Tangos en su jardín con el sitar

| play
jakke2 @eraser I hope you like this!!!!Most friendly regards Jan!!And You gave me an idea... Jan I play more of this!!!
Mysterymix #2Mix When the sun shone down Well they're silver and they're gold And they're longing for the land For nature's forgiving hand
Mysterymix *¨*•♫♪s♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥ ty@joaosete: "assim começa p filme Dead Man Walking, que bela parceria e o aperfeiçoas de uma voz" (reblip)
BluJulius pleased ;) (and X&Os reciprocated)@HettyElibet: "@droolius: "I hope this makes up@HettyElibet :)" ~ am placated :) XXXoooXXX" (reblip)


| play
winukomi thanks4urPrope@jakke2: "@backtoback Also a great one!!!!"have a Great DAY and night!!! (reblip)
akiraboy2010 rb @santamistura | ok I'll go along on this ride! thanks for opening the door! (reblip)

Maahia Maahia By Adnan Sami Khan

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akiraboy2010 check the video... hilarious
Hoopla i don't care if you don't want me, i'm yours RIGHT NOW
S75_BigBandEraRadio Sid's Big Band Radio: - Tommy Dorsey Orchestra - Without A Song
S75_BigBandEraRadio Sid's Big Band Radio: - Walter Murphy & The Big Apple Band - A Fifth Of Beethoven
jakke2 @Franimal Saw her here in Gent(Belgium) She was great!! Hope you like her too!!! friendly regards Jan
melodyofurlife Smell of Coffee, I could use a jolt today, too bad I'm not a coffee drinker, but it does smell nice.
S75_BigBandEraRadio Sid's Big Band Radio: - Wayman Tisdale - Get Down On It
S75_BigBandEraRadio Sid's Big Band Radio: - Wayne Marshall - Taking Me Higher
jakke2 @Franimal Hey I did send you a friendrequest on Twitter!Maybe till there! Jan
S75_BigBandEraRadio Sid's Big Band Radio: - Wayne Newton Mack The Knife Live In Atlantic City 2009

Wayne Newton Mack The Knife Live In Atlantic City 2009

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S75_BigBandEraRadio Sid's Big Band Radio: - Wayne Shorter - 4 Speak No Evil
johno i couldnt agree more. --> rb@megg: "Long may you blip, Mr.@BarryJive." (reblip)
nastysurprise @okmusic: "@jtabz: @nastysurprise72 "...who started the #coversthatdontsuck thing?"" I wish I could take credit for it. I'm not sure who did. (reblip)
Hoopla i'm not on the who bandwagon like most everyone else, but i do dig this little ditty...
johno i like this song too much.
radolo hope everyone's hard at work. Lovely tune found on accident.
Mysterymix ∰ As Tall As Lions Circles (Diplo Remix) #Mix+
organicsue Good Morning Everyone of my followers & listeners sending love and hugs your way. ~~Styx – Sing For the Day
Hoopla oh, by the way, which one's Pink?
AnnaStacy nice rb by @muso: "good choice!! Thanks! @weiiis: "Jewel – You Were Meant For Me"" (reblip)

Dave Matthews DMB Old Dirt Hill with Lyrics

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jakke2 FOR EVERYONE HERE!!!!! Love☚☚☚☚☚☚☚☚☚☛☛☛♡♡♡♡ Jan
Hoopla ain't no fat man's toy!

Gimme Dat Harp Boy

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organicsue Lonnie Brooks & KoKo Taylor "It's A Dirty Job"

Lonnie Brooks & KoKo Taylor "It's A Dirty Job"

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S75_BigBandEraRadio Sid's Big Band Radio: - Ray McKinley/Will Bradley - Beat Me Daddy, Eight to the Bar
Mignon Voor Jari!!


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MrsASoprano Beautiful - thank you. This is new to me @jakke2: "@MrsASoprano Thanks Dear!!" (reblip)
Hoopla RB vi@nawlinswoman: "This one suits my mood today..lyrical but gloomy.." this always suits my mood (reblip)
radolo :-D @Aprilee: "Good call @marianaglz Happy Birthday Mike Patton." (reblip)
santamistura @marienie i have a friend that was born in berlin/divide his life between alemanha+here,he´s back yesterday&said that he was thinking freeze ;o) (reblip)
Thaiangel confusing is nothing new ... time after time .....
nastysurprise @MuzanE: "Did someone say #coversthatdontsuck ?" This is pretty cool. I almost passed it up. Glad I didn't. (reblip)
HobbeLink Please don't

David Byrne & Fatboy Slim-Please don't(ft.Santogold)

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Franimal Make sure and notice the burping in the background of this video... #humanbiology

tori amos- raining blood

| play
jakke2 Le plus beau,la plus belle chanson!!!
akiraboy2010 Edith Piaf – Padam Padam | ok Im off on a tangent, not gonna fight it.
caporal_chief rb@Gen22: "Muse - Undisclosed Desires (Thin White Duke Remix)" (reblip)
akiraboy2010 this is crazy! Billy Preston, Joe Cocker, Patti Labelle – you are so beautiful
S75_BigBandEraRadio Sid's Big Band Radio: - Near You - Elliot Lawrence & His Orchestra (1947)
organicsue Lyle Lovett – Record Lady
Faddic I must get out once in a while, everything is starting to die...
jakke2 HAHAHAHAHA GREAT!!!!!!!!Love this!
BluJulius LOVE Steve Miller!(cool last name 2,lol)xxoo@str8jgirl: ";) @droolius" (reblip)
mammara time to go to bed. goodnight bliplings and thank you.
BryanViper Talking Heads – Burning Down The House
jakke2 @Leonie Thanks I really like it(I am everyday on the train:):):) I did add it to my fav's!! love jan
jakke2 @jakke2: "@Leonie Thanks I really like it(I am everyday on the train:):):) Hahaha now I mixed The song with the group!! I am THESOULMIXER!! Love Jan (reblip)
Leonie The Big Pink – Velvet [Later... with Jools Holland]
jakke2 HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!great!He's coming out of a cartoon!!!Great!!!
DareToEatAPeach #New Dutch band. Name means "remembrance or reverberation" according to #pretty #jan2010
nastysurprise I guess I'll stick with MSTRKRFT for a few.
indyh auto rb◞ര.∿✿♪.◟ღ◞.♪✿∿.ര◟ (reblip)
jvs Waiting for a Train – Flash and the Pan
sir_edward_ross A Day in the Life @scotlandlover "I read the news today ..."

A Day in the Life- The Beatles

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jakke2 I am a nasty little P. NIX!

The Penismobile from 200 Motels

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jakke2 @Franimal HE'S THE MAN MY DEAR FRAU_ANIMALKE!!!(lol) EEEEEEELS!!!!!
ElementsOfJazz #jazzthursday ~ video of Chet Baker "Imagination" for @ElliFordyce2 @nutmegdesigns
ElementsOfJazz #jazzthursday ~ video of Marcus Miller "Blast" with Manu Katche ( + interview ) @mannywallace
ElementsOfJazz #jazzthursday ~ 2000 video of pianist Onaje Allan Gumbs performing live for @james3earl

ONAJE ALLAN GUMBS Hitachinaka 2000

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ElementsOfJazz #jazzthursday ~ '06 video of Jan Garbarek Group "Brother Wind March" @curtjazz @blogsupreme
ElementsOfJazz #jazzthursday by request ~ '02 video of the Dave Holland 5tet performing "Metamorphose" live

Dave Holland Quintet Metamorphos and interview 2002

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ElementsOfJazz #jazzthursday ~ video of James Carter soloing at the 2008 Saxophone Summit

James Carter Solos at Saxophone Summit 2008

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Wanshangrila Fairouz - Li Beirut

Fairouz Li Beirut

| play
ElementsOfJazz #jazzthursday ~ video of Pat Metheny describing his latest project "The Orchestrion"
ElementsOfJazz '08 video of trumpeter Ingrid Jensen at NYC's 55 bar for @1WorkinMusician @jazzman23

Ingrid Jensen at 55 bar April 2008

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Wanshangrila @DesertLily: "Have you seen the face of Love? A face made perfect and beautiful by the radiant power of Pure Love? RB@Mysterymix" (reblip)


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bthecat indeed!@CraigMRiding: "@bthecat: "wigan ~" the centre of the universe !!!" (reblip)

A Hint of Wigan Casino ~Toby Legend~ Time Will Pass You By

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| play
Mysterymix ∰ Sonny Boy Williamson ~ Another Half A Pint #3Mix

The Beatles Rock And Roll Music (2009 Stereo Remaster)

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| play
MONIKKA Nossa, que honra @mrojas !!! Fiquei emocionada :)))
Gen22 Suede - She's In Fashion


| play


| play
muzicmajic hello backatcha! you are very welcome! :)rb@anjRulz: "Thank you for the props and "Hi" .....@muzicmajic" (reblip)
jakke2 @mamamiaellen Couldn't find the most beautiful version by Van Morrison!Hope you like this one!! love from far away:):)
markLtuttle Lowell Fulson was a big-voiced blues guitarist and songwriter, and the most important figure in West Coast blues in the 1940s and 1950s.

Lowell FulsonTramp

| play
Gen22 Alice in Chains - Rooster
NoWorries Agreed/Got a tkt fr cops last wknd.1st in 20 yrs@sir_edward_ross Nobody should stand too close to the Police;) @Gidyean "@scotlandlover: "em..ok. :-) (reblip)
ShiaoMei Hello there...:D @TropicsZ4: "Hi Jeannie :) rb @ShiaoMei: "Any World That I'm Welcome To ~ Steely Dan"" (reblip)
ElementsOfJazz '99 video of the Kenny Garrett 4tet "Wayne's Thang" [Part 1/2]
ElementsOfJazz '99 video of the Kenny Garrett 4tet "Wayne's Thang" [Part 2/2]
lantz45 John Giorno – "Logic is a systematic method of coming to the wrong conclusion with confidence."lantz45
lantz45 John Giorno – "Logic is a systematic method of coming to the wrong conclusion with confidence."lantz45
lantz45 John Giorno – "Logic is a systematic method of coming to the wrong conclusion with confidence."lantz45
lantz45 "Logic is a systematic method of coming to the wrong conclusion with confidence."lantz45 (reblip)
creationchord Sarah Chang plays Vitali's Chaconne
creationchord L'Anima e il Volto (II / 2) – Tomaso Antonio Vitali, Ciaccona in sol min.
Wanshangrila Ahmed Soultan - Debut Rhimo
backtoback thank you 35 and again great music sent to keep me moving RB@THEFIREFIGHTERS: "@backtoback: congratulations!!!" (reblip)

ChayanneBoom Boom

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hajoni René Lacaille & Bob Brozman – 5 O.P. (Syncope)
akiraboy2010 @Domer1987 your'e too generous... but I'd rather not be there! Its all down hill from there! peace brother!
kcsfann Happy Saturday ! Taking my daughter to play rehearsal. Thank you all ! BBL xo
NoWorries gotta leave to run errands. Will leave with this beautiful song.
jakke2 Love her voice so much!!To all my Fav and Listeners!! Regards Jan
jakke2 My Classic Feelings!!!Love!!

Géza Anda plays Chopin 12 Etudes Op 25 No 7,8,9

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jakke2 This is so great!!!@mamamiaellen

Albinoni: Adagio in G Minor

| play
jakke2 No Comment!!

I. Telemann: Augelletti, che cantate / Werner Güra

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Grieg plays Grieg Butterfly (1906)

| play
jakke2 OH THIS IS FOR EVERYONE HERE!!!!!A Great performance.Makes me feel little sad.....
jakke2 Love-Love Love this ✩✩✩✩☼☼☼♥♥♥♥♥♥❤❤☜☜☜☜☜☜☜☜

Sviatoslav Richter plays Liszt

| play
jakke2 Wonderful!!!!

Sviatoslav Richter plays Liszt

| play
tuatara My teeth hurt thinking about how cold that is! @SylentSyd: "We're lookin' at a high of -9C here (16F?) @tuatara" (reblip)

U2Numb (HQ)

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S75_BigBandEraRadio Sid's Big Band Radio: - Glenn Miller - In The Mood ---Good Morning Everyone! Thank you New Listeners for Joining!! Thank you for blips, props!!
jakke2 @mamamiaellen .......................

Ching-Yun Hu plays Ligeti Etude No. 10, "Der Zauberlehrling

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jakke2 @Angie74 Something Belgian!......regards Jan
MONIKKA Ok then :( No props, no messages ...
Coffeenuts @bradysbeau: Crowded House (don't dream it's over) @Chow322 @Dancer12 (reblip)

Crowded House (don't dream it's over)

| play
S75_BigBandEraRadio Sid's Big Band Radio: - Benny Goodman - Good morning sunshine
caporal_chief A tribute to fallen soldier´s around the my brother´s..R.I.P....Salut,
Dancer12 Nice! rb@TeachAMan2Fish: "Now listen to the full orchestral version of Mangione's Land of Make Believe! FANTASTIC! Chills!!!" (reblip)
S75_BigBandEraRadio Sid's Big Band Radio: - Count Basie - Discomotion
sir_edward_ross I want a lotta fun ;) @scotlandlover: "me too! rb @musecrossing: "... is have a little fun before I die ..."" (reblip)
jakke2 @S75 A Beauty!!

Once Upon a Time in America (Theme by Ennio Morricone)

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scotlandlover rb @Jalapeno: But in the end if Im w/u Ill take the chance Wherevr u go Whtevr u do Whtevr it takes I will b rite here (reblip)
sir_edward_ross ZZ RB @c3p0: "wich one is giggling :-)@klynnDemar: "~giggling~ @c3p0: "you've got a split personality, i KNEW it LOL@BarbieRay:"" (reblip)
DDPlay I'm glad your feeling better! Blip is irritating me today! @Angie74: "I got one @donnadontplay. Dang blip and it's glitches anyway!! I love our (reblip)
jimholley Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers – Fooled Again (I Don't Like It)
S75_BigBandEraRadio Sid's Big Band Radio: - Louis Armstrong & Duke Ellington - Beautiful American
jakke2 @Carmilla This is a beautiful Melody from the wonderful movie "Ghost" with Patrick Swayze, Demi Moore .....
DDPlay YW! @just_some_lady: "♫ ♪ •=( Foxy Lady - Jimi Hendrix )=• RB thanx to @donnadontplay" (reblip)
winukomi @LikeAnAngel: "congrats! hope you don't get distracted by blip.... *mwhahaha* @chameleonpixie: "I just slept for over 11 hours. GREAT!!! my love!'' (reblip)

John Cale performs "I Keep A Close Watch"

| play
Carmilla I need to light some candles and mope in my room ;-)
sir_edward_ross @scotlandlover With a Little Help From My Friends ... U could RB 'cause you're special ... I couldn't hahah
backtoback thank you RB@Tubabo: "congratulations re blip marathon! @backtoback Bravo!" (reblip)


| play
rachidkas Merci-Très belle poésie!@SabineWe:"Comme j'aime cette chanson.Merci!@Pascal1792:"Léo Ferré–La mémoire et la mer @digitpt@BBlanca@PsychoMedia@Shanti46" (reblip)
cjh Dire Straits – Brother in Arms
melarimo Prince & The Revolution~When Doves Cry
Wanshangrila @SabineWe: beautiful!!!:Magnifique et apaisant.Superbes images. Rb @Faddic: "Jan Garbarek & Anouar Brahem @Phantasos7 @ducks2007@ShannonGrissom @tbell (reblip)
nawlinswoman Heard movie wasn't is, tho' RB @fayezeewayzee: "Went to see *When In Rome*,didn't start to get good until this..." (reblip)

Modest Mouse- The Good Times Are Killing Me (with Lyrics)

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Tequila_Kitty @Irish_71 Happy Saturday P...take care today *soft hugs*

Keep Breathing- Ingrid Michealson

| play
markLtuttle Adele Laurie Blue Adkins, is a Grammy Award-Winning English soul, jazz, singer-songwriter from Enfield, North London.
jakke2 @Gypsylyn I think you may like this! Fr Regards Jan
markLtuttle India.Arie, born India Arie Simpson is the daughter of former ABA and NBA basketball player Ralph Simpson.
ZONE I'm All Right..............@T_DeBarros........rb@rachidkas..thx! (reblip)
jakke2 @Angie74 ..........

Antony And The Johnsons 'Fistful Of Love' 2005

| play
jerrym53 TY!@Dancer12: "RB@CMDoria: "Awww, TY u 2!! ;oD RB!@Dancer12: "I got U already..C'mon ONLY>> more to go!!@CMDoria: "Robert Plant – 29 Palms"""" (reblip)
jakke2 @CPCDINIZ Hope yu like this!!!


| play
jakke2 @Carmilla A present for you just from a friend!! Jan It is so beautiful!!
markLtuttle Johnny Cash, born J. R. Cash, was a American country singer widely considered to be one of the most influential American musicians of the 20th century
sandiegogil you know i'm thinking of you at this very moment
Dancer12 do yourself a bit long cat stretch, fill cells with fresh oxygen, know you're stretching with me..ENJOY....
cpcdiniz Rb@Gidyean: "BB King – Rock Me Baby" (reblip)
ZONE Chocolat ...........sounds good to eat...........rb@Tubabo, thx (reblip)
sandiegogil HEY your leaving hope to see ya later vi@Djfunkysounds: "See you all later. Have a good one." (reblip)
jakke2 @melarimo For you!


| play
nawlinswoman Or as I call it: woman's work! :) LOL! thx RB @TropicsZ4: "Thanks >@JoanieBeachMusic: "Love this song! (reblip)
jakke2 @Gidyean Something Dutch (Holland)

Is dit nu later, Stef Bos

| play
Louis19 John Cage – Prelude for Meditation
jakke2 @SabineWe I think this Filmmusic played by I.Perlman is so beautiful,sad,.......full of emotion...Love this! Hope you too! Jan

Dave Rawlings Machine- Didn't Leave Nobody But The Baby

| play
jakke2 @Angie74 Something totally different but so ......genius!! jan from belgica

Jascha Heifetz plays Tchaikovsky Serenade Melancolique

| play
killerswp @Earthflakes.... thanks for listening.... Welcome to Philadelphia!!

Martha Argerich play Chopin "Polonaise N°6 l'heroique"

| play
Leo_RJ_2009 @Jazmine50: "listening to "Marvin Gaye - Lets get it on"" (reblip)

Marvin Gaye Lets Get It On

| play
De_Ann beautiful! :)@BruceC: "It's A Beautiful Day ~ White Bird@DJMartica @zpinhead @DANIELLA1 @amyleigh @QueenyKay @jet333 @EFR56" (reblip)

White Bird- It's A Beautiful Day -1968

| play
ShiaoMei @TropicsZ4 <~~ :D Happy Saturday WIll!

A-meiTing Hai

| play
De_Ann ~Gordon Lightfoot 1974 – Sundown~ @jakke2@market007
jakke2 @ShiaoMei So different So beautiful So full of memory and love......

arvo pärt: spiegel im spiegel

| play
jakke2 @jakke2: "@Gidyean Something Dutch (Holland)" It Means IS THIS WHAT THEY CALL "LATER"? (reblip)

Is dit nu later, Stef Bos

| play
jakke2 @ladypn No Music ut a beautiful animation on a wall!!

Walking [animation]

| play
jakke2 @mark_till: "Blip Marathon Badge Theme song: Talking Heads - Stay Up Late" LOVE THIS!! (reblip)
eraser de pequeño, adoradaba este tema la valse a mille tempos de Jacques Brel ... au premier temp de la valse...
cjh Janis Joplin – Me and Bobby Mc Gee
jakke2 @eraser Great!!

Joanna Newsom. New Song. Ribbon Bows/ Barbara.Latitude Festival 08

| play
jakke2 AH OUI!!!!:):):)

FERNANDEL Félicie Aussi Insolite

| play
melarimo I'm ready! @cjh: "Yes I am rb vi@PeaceDiva: ":) Are you ready?...Scorpions...Rock You Like A Hurricane"" (reblip)
arypost Voor @Snoesjka voor een plezierige gedachte dan maar!
sir_edward_ross Don't check my bags if you please Mr. Customs man ... @jas13: "Arlo Guthrie – Coming Into Los Angeles @storylet: "@marilovisky"" (reblip)
jakke2 @cagey2519 hahaha nice accent!!!

"Livin' in the Sunlight" (Maurice Chevalier, 1930)

| play
jakke2 @donnadontplay great haha !!!nice oldie!!

"You Brought a New Kind of Love to Me" (Maurice Chevalier)

| play
jakke2 Nice French Oldie By Monsieur Maurice!!

"Paris, Stay the Same (Paris, Je T'Aime)" (Maurice Chevalier, 1930)

| play
Dancer12 rb@crowjane: "@Lucindalala: "I'm In The Mood"~~luuuuuci~~go girl~~thnx babe" (reblip)

I'm In The Mood/John Lee Hooker

| play
pratinsky bien sur @hajoni

Yves Montand (A Paris) accompanied by Degas & Monet

| play
jakke2 @lisa_michele And now also a song !!Please!!MIMI!!! great regards JEAN(Jan)
nawlinswoman Robert B. Parker writer of over 50 books died at desk working on a new book..reading it to angels now..

"Big Heart" Music Video by John Lurie and the Lounge Lizards

| play
amphore Khaled à Bruxelles "Shab el Baroud"

Khaled à Bruxelles "Shab el Baroud"

| play
melarimo Great Song. @TropicsZ4: "The Police – Wrapped Around Your Finger, #awesome'80s" (reblip)

Billie Holiday & Ben Webster

| play

Outskirts of Town (Jimmy Witherspoon & Ben Webster )

| play

Ben Webster and Billy Taylor

| play
amphore Pyotr TCHAIKOVSKY: Op. 40, No. 2 (Chanson Triste)

Pyotr TCHAIKOVSKY: Op. 40, No. 2 (Chanson Triste)

| play
kcsfann @cjh: "Ray Charles "I can't stop loving you"" nice choice :) (reblip)

Ray Charles "I can't stop loving you"

| play
euskir @jchernandezjazz: "Max Roach 4tet with Abbey Lincoln" - ¡Simplemente genial! / Simply great! #maxroach #abbeylincoln #music #jazz (reblip)

Max Roach Quartet with Abbey Lincoln

| play
nawlinswoman Way to class it up..thx RB @jakke2: @TakeFive (reblip)