alessi17 in sprite of ourselves.....sittin on a rainbow
Casualty kann mich gar nicht erinnern woher ich den habe. weiss auch gar nicht wie er heisst :)@lwsrc
DJrainndietrichwilson I think this is kind of a great rock album that would be awesome on repeat on vinyl allowing it to repeat side one until it gets scratched.
sirmitchell Loving this. Bowerbirds - "Ghost Life"

The Darling Buds "Crystal Clear"

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Edison Lighthouse-Love Grows Where My Rosemary Goes

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fantasticplanet @fantasicplanet "what a great version"


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THE ALARM A1 Rain in the Summertime

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fantasticplanet @The_Kraken: "Nearly home time for me. I'll leave you all with this piece of loveliness"@fantasticplanet'great one' (reblip)

Spiral Staircase I Love You More Today Than Yesterday

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fantasticplanet @alexbourg: "Mr.Ntoskrnl.exe veio me visitar novamente , Mr. Blip , tenho certeza que vcs se conhecem !!Mr. Blmudo?"@fantasticplanet"oh, this is cool" (reblip)
fantasticplanet @fantasticplanet"lovin this! Fun video too!"

DJ Format featuring Jurassic 5-We Know Something

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fantasticplanet @fantasticplanet"He was truly one of the greats."

talkin' loud & saying nothing- james brown w/ the JB's

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fantasticplanet @fantasticplanet "I just saw 'this is it' and it was great" Go see it before its gone from theaters!
fantasticplanet @BlessedBea: "goodnight everyone! many thanks for the great music. =0]"@fantasticplanet"great video" (reblip)
jalikat Many gold dreams to this album best heard on vinyl!

Japan: Adolescent Sex

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jalikat Ditto

Under Pressure

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fantasticplanet @plasticsounds: "The Slew – It's All Over!!! (Kid Koala + Dylan “Dynomite D” Frombach + Chris Ross + Myles Heskett)"@fantasticplanet'Wow! (reblip)
jalikat Fantastic song saw them in SF forever ago
anothercraze I got @KlausVonWhiskers + wine to keep me company @BlueZer0net. Does this put me all the way into "lonely catlady" territory? Methinks so.

CHEER ACCIDENT you're it motherfucker 2003

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jalikat sweet voice and beautiful arrangements

"Dance With Me" by Lords of the New Church

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tikal Goapele + Pep Love= match made in heven!

Pep Love Ease Your Mind Bonus Ft Goapele

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jeff From THE GREATEST jazz album of all time. C'mon folks. If you are going to just own ONE jazz album, it should be Kind of Blue... hello modal jazz

So What by.Miles Davis

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fusedmind Never heard of this band but really, really like their sound. (reblip)
sunyata kisses @TarinnAdaria: "Ryan Adams & The Cardinals – Nightbirds" (reblip)
harleywonderpug RT @NiteStar: "~~~♥♥♥ Merry Christmas! ¡Feliz Navidad! Joyeaux Noel! 聖誕快樂! Buon Natale! สุขสันต์ วัน คริสต์มาส! ♥♥♥~~~" (reblip)

Carol of the Bells - Choral

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lou_wee_sa farewell 2009.


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Eclecticist rb @ArtLinkGallery: "Depeche Mode – Peace (Leave Anger in the Past) - Indefinite Cure " (reblip)
Eclecticist rb @fabulous_stain: "The Donnas – Take It Off - @slaughterhouseoflove - 'Cause I get what I want and I like what I see..." (reblip)
Surreality Piano Magic – "You Never Loved This City (Vocals: Brendan Perry)"; 2009 Favorites. Wow...
threebears "There's lots for us to talk about" part/quote'n'rb @ladypn Hi, thanks and more happy 2010 wishes. Impressed that you let us see all the '@' names ^_~ (reblip)
scotlandlover hmmm. have some reading to do....BRB @sir_edward_ross @Intriguingds :-)

Book Of Love-Peter Gabriel

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ElZorro Imagination - Music And Lights
StreamingMimi Susan Jacks and The Poppy Family – That's Where I Went Wrong (1970)
jalikat reminded of the brilliance@borbazon: "levitation" (reblip)
DJrainndietrichwilson If you've got 9.99$ to spend & like roots American music you could do no better than to buy the Avett Brothers "I and Love and You".

Thunderclap Newman (Accidents)

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ladypn Haven't heard this in ages@AdamOfDallas!: "Dick Dale & the Del-Tones – "Misirlou"" (reblip)
DependableSkeleton My boss is hovering behind me. I'm risking my job to bring you this blip.
Atomik hello dear @Koshka: "I am great @muso, glad you are well *hugs* thankies for the props and reblips :)" (reblip)
noiseAnnoys83 RB@sandyriverside - I also find the freelance lifestyle more conducive to staying up late and bad eating habits. I haven't had much alcohol. (reblip)
midnightwalker I promise you I won't ever blip Britney but if someone turns her song into a masterpiece like this I won't stop blipping it #coversthatdontsuck

Yael NaimToxic

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noiseAnnoys83 RBing you classic girl @Modster I may have been in 2nd grade when this came out, but Ritual de lo Habitual rules (reblip)
nastysurprise @outofthepinksky Nice playlist. I'm not goo-goo for gaga, though. It was an oversight on your part. I forgive you. (reblip)
noiseAnnoys83 @GorgoMcGuirk - You going to see BRMC on tour? They're touring apparently... coming here in April. Seen them once - pretty good (and long) show.
timbergren not much into hiphop but this, this is so intriguing...
DJrainndietrichwilson Loving Low Vs. Diamond - kind of Killers meets Muse with an LA indie vibe. Cool video too.


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The Beatles- Tomorrow Never Knows

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Beastie Boys- Rhyme The Rhyme Well

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Fangbaby Hi Doll :) @Edainsmom: "YAY! You're here when I'm here! @Fangbaby" (reblip)
transitenator This time no sorrow ... Shangri-La.
Tropicsz4 RB>> Nice<<@ShiaoMei: "~ Rock Steady ~ The Whispers ~~" (reblip)

The Birthday Party- Ho-Ho

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Hypnotica Space – Magic Fly. Another early influence

SpaceMagic Fly

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Tropicsz4 Hi :) Thanks >@CMDoria: "Great pick! I like all the song of Division Bell ;o) RB!@TropicsZ4: "Keep Talking"" (reblip)
Hypnotica Sparks – Number 1 Song in Heaven 1979. In my TOP tracks ever list without a doubt! & definitely a dream come true to see it live :-)
Hypnotica Giorgio Moroder – From here to Eternity. Moog-tastic

? and the Mysterians- Make you Mine

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thegoddess Strong love is what we got and when it's hot it's hot. [Screaming Blue Messiahs - Twin Cadillac Valentine]

Screaming Blue Messiahs TWIN CADILLAC VALENTINE Promo

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outoforder My turn to thank you @MONIKKA: "Thank you @outoforder :) Be welcome !!!" - Imogen Heap – Rolling and Tumbling (feat. Jeff Beck) (reblip)
anothercraze This song goes out to Peyton Manning's giant hedd. MOVE, I can't see the TV! He prolly cries himself to sleep on his giant pillow.
by_starla [Tame Impala - Wander]

Tame ImpalaWander

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by_starla RB@Davrocks-thank you!!!: "by_starla -i put a mp3 version up last night seeing as how you liked it yesterday! now you can search by the proper title!" (reblip)
by_starla [The French Semester - Arrowheadings]
S4Songcrush #poetry #spirituality #sunday "....For behold I have been with you from the beginning-- And I am that, which is attained at the end of desire." -D.V.
Lobsterdemon "Frontier Psychiatrist" by The Avalanches

Frontier Psychiatrist

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DJrainndietrichwilson Trust me, you'll like 'The XX'. Insidious, intimate, stripped-down post-punk. (But, does the name mean they're twice as good as "X"?)
by_starla [John Wesley Harding-The End Of Something] must get some sleep-'night @everythingispop@Epicrates@Alturn8tive@craigz @rakula@Silverfire@all-see u soon.
DependableSkeleton Me neither. RB vi@VinylVenus: "@VinylVenus: "I'll never forget this one"" (reblip)

Slave to Love

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Tropicsz4 Hi, Good quote :) RB @Annimallover: ""i complained that I had no shoes until I met a man who had no feet" Zen saying" (reblip)
Dfrom82 Neon Indian :: 6669 (I don't know if you know) #nowplaying

Neon Indian :: 6669 (I don't know if you know)

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EFR56 Gary Lewis And The Playboys – Run For Your Life
GraceOMalley @pulsar : @GraceOMalley thanks you for this. It reminds her of her time at Ft. Huachuca and Sierra Vista AZ. (reblip)

Arizona Sky Video (China Crisis)

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Lund Some nice Norwegian music to enjoy on a Sunday morning, almost 10am...Morten Abel and The September When. (Soon some Sivert Hoyem coming up!)
acoustic mais qui est cet homme qui tombe de la tour? je suis en cercle: bonsoir.

pâle septembre

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Tropicsz4 luv Allman Brother Music, Good Clean Fun
Tropicsz4 Happy V day :) RB @NikkiPixel: "Happy Valentines Day blippers!! | How Deep Is Your Love – The Bird And The Bee (Lyrics)" (reblip)
Tropicsz4 Thanks I like this song too i was in my 20's RB @NikkiPixel: "LOVED this song when I was a little girl :) Happy V-Day! | Andy Gibb – Shadow Dancing" (reblip)
anothercraze The sky is the same color as the ground is the same color as the sky. Welcome to Kansas, this is your life: INTO THE WHITE.
anothercraze Does anyone else think it's hilarious that "Valentine's Day" and "Venerial Disease" have the same initials? Happy VD @juiceboxjones.
Lobsterdemon The Martian – Sex In Zero Gravity (ono1969)
thatgreenmaid The Lab Rats – What You See Is What You Get *these guys and PhillipMorris together...the world is not ready*
versatilevampire @TinyTania Sorry about the confusion. Have been avoiding pics for a while b/c I want fans but don't want to be *famous* :)
thatgreenmaid Aqualung - Strange And Beautiful (I'll Put A Spell On You) *Sometimes the first thing you want never comes* #musicmonday (reblip)
Lobsterdemon Deftones – Passenger (ft. Maynard James Keenan)
by_starla [The Twilight Sad – Reflection Of The Television] hey there @the_night_manager and @crosby :)
by_starla [Foreign Born - Early Warnings] @Davrocks-how is your day so far?
by_starla [The Radio Dept. - Heaven's On Fire]
nastysurprise I'm about to watch District 9. Anything I need to know, like it causes nightmares or turns me into a nerd?
FLASHBACKFREDDIE Toto, I don't think we're in Kansas anymore ~~
pensivefibers Laurie is making me play music...

Blue Highway Billy Idol

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Atomik rb@crowjane: "hemN these pants $10 a pop my grandma got 50 cents for the same job~ya'll to please Keep Yo damn clothes on~nudist NOT" (reblip)
Atomik rb@VillageGirl: "rb @jroack: "Twin Peaks – Julee Cruise - Questions In A World Of Blue"" (reblip)
everythingispop A long distance song dedication to @badtemperedzombie the sweetest BLIPper.
everythingispop Greets @SabriESC Glad the weekend is upon us?

Dandy Warhols-Bohemian Like You

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everythingispop This song will always improve my mood. Audio melatonin.
akiraboy2010 @erroneous found this one! the rolling stones far away eyes (reblip)

the rolling stones far away eyes '78 ojos lejanos subtitulado

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FLASHBACKFREDDIE so very very young to be standing in the street ~~~
FLASHBACKFREDDIE East is East - West is West ~~
nastysurprise @randomfreckles Would it be easier to stay close to home? Say River Birch?
versatilevampire Just gonna listen to other DJ's for a while ... (reblip)
Koshka whoot lookies @Blahzy 3,333 listeners...Lucky numbers all around for you my baby! *smoochies you hard*
versatilevampire Full moon tonight - scared of lycanthropes :{

Facebook Manners And You

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nastysurprise This is not an obvious way to say goodnight at all. So, goodnight.
Tropicsz4 Ami Stewart – Knock On Wood #partyfavorites 1979
Tropicsz4 Welcome to blip, a fave song:) rb @BigNotBig: "♥ What a beautiful world this will be!" (reblip)
nastysurprise @sliddy Take it from me, being several years your senior, if your boyfriend doesn't placate you by going to see Midlake, dump him. He's no good.


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Hypnotica The Event – A lot of Machines. Superb
DependableSkeleton You mean the Green Lantern one? So that's where that went.
everythingispop Well BLIP Nation. Tis been a fun night. Good night to all.
Tropicsz4 The Cult – She Sells Sanctuary
omnivore Life is good when you dance all night and the world transmits electric power
omnivore she said lover be fair throw your eyes to the floor you're looking at the guilty one
Atomik k.d. lang – Theme From The Valley Of The Dolls
Surreality The Brian Jonestown Massacre – "Anenome" Original version of the last song I blipped RB @jong (reblip)
nastysurprise @kristenboyd: "Yeah he pretty much defines awesome. You a Son Lux fan? @nastysurprise72" I don't think I've ever listened. Sounds good so far... (reblip)

Son LuxBreak

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Surreality Jarboe – " Lavender Girl" RB @CommodoreCreazil: I love your playlist! (reblip)
Surreality B-MOVIE - "Nowhere Girl" RB @Totengrber: "@xxnowheregirl" (reblip)

B-MOVIE B1 Nowhere Girl

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mark_till The Big Pink - Dominos (Official Video)
anothercraze If yr gonna hit me wif lightnin' I'd rather end up with a scar like the bassist for Wolf Parade seen here:
anothercraze Shit. I'd know yr avatar from a mile away @Tiny_Montgomery. From one of my favorite movies! You're in like a screamin' grin.

My Bloody Valentine-Strawberry Wine

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anothercraze Yr just looking in the wrong places @doubledrat. You should try Knoxville. (Mark Linkous jokes: too soon?)
anothercraze Tell me about yourself @Tiny_Montgomery. I mean not TOO much, we are on the interwebz. Secrets are dangerous here.

Patsy Cline ~ Tennessee Waltz

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anothercraze When I don't know what to say I just quote Sartre (I must know the truth very exactly in order to conceal it more carefully) @haarp. Oh + #sexynurses

The Beta Band (Human Being)

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anothercraze K I gotta bounce. Its too loud in here to think. CUE MOGWAI
Surreality Espers - "Dead Queen" Agreed :) Espers are great. RB @Lunaladee:@PyrettaBlaze "if i could i'd give you 10 props for this" (reblip)

EspersDead Queen

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Surreality Coil – "Things Happen"

CoilThings Happen

| play
jet333 George Shearing – "The Lamp Is Low"..jazz
lou_wee_sa !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! spread the million!!!!!!! representin fla.
Surreality Die Laughing – "Safe Little World":"So what do you do when your whole world falls apart?":One of the best intros ever Especially to such a bouncy song
Surreality The Chameleons – "Soul in Isolation"
lou_wee_sa on a dare - i used this song when a guy tried talking to me at the bar. I'm a dork-yes. if he knew what i was saying he'd still be around :)

Peggy Lee:Is That All There Is?

| play
Sylak ROTFF!! LMAO!!! @loripop326: "you @Sylak: "Everybody say "HI" to @loripop326 ‡‡Red Rider – "Lunatic Fringe"‡‡"" (reblip)
EnchantedA Are the police on your back?@TidyCat: "yeah .. about the river? i didn't do it - i swear! @EnchantedA @iReignMusic @Unaturalsoul @xxx_edward_ross" (reblip)
Surreality Catherine Wheel with Tanya Donelly – "Judy Staring At The Sun" Hi @Epicrates
straywebsurfer ♫ Timo Maas - "To Get Down" THX! rb @Duaze: "I have 2 new listeners: @bankaiAP and @straywebsurfer ... thanx" (reblip)

Timo Maas To Get Down (Timo Maas Dub)

| play
treleaves Blowin' through the jasmine in my mind! @papillon1211
ladypn There is a man inside a room inside the forest...
Fuzzyfacedbandit Powerful stuff.

uncle tupelo sauget wind

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lost_fame hey @Goofy (not twitter goofy) for you! <3 (reblip)

You Showed Me by The Turtles

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z0mb13qu33n this was a great song on an even greater album.
Mister_m00n "I just dropped in to see what condition my condition was in." (reblip)
Epicrates speaking of unappreciated music..luv this too much..anyway just dont see how any of those semilame GPs beats C&C music @SabriESC @craigz @amsiebee =)
BradWest Call on me, Spin Spin Sugar...

Minnie Riperton Only When I'm Dreaming

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everythingispop I was listening to this in my car this afternoon. Loverly (reblip)
everythingispop Hmmmm... How about a Polish Girls theme one night soon? I would be all over that one. (reblip)
Surreality RB @DJVioletSea Faith And The Muse – "Running Up That Hill" (reblip)
nastysurprise I didn't expect the voice this dude has.
by_starla [Spiritualized®-Good Times ('Electric Mainline' EP version)] hello @smilecin and @Pantufas :)

Spiritualized® Good Times ('Electric Mainline' EP version)

| play
by_starla [The Brian Jonestown Massacre - Wisdom]
by_starla [The Apples in Stereo - Radiation (live)] hello @mammara :) (this takes a little while to get started, but the sound is good)
jet333 Stan Getz & Laurindo Almeida - Once Again (Outra Vez)...
thegoddess they found a 2 year-old and took him from his mama...RIP! [Alex Chilton - Dalai Lama]
by_starla RB@the_night_manager--oh yes-good choice--i like this band!! and hello @photogurrl and @livtiludi :) : "This sounds by_starla -esque to me." (reblip)
by_starla RB@livtiludi-likewise! how are you? :) : "Hey by_starla! great to hear ya!" (reblip)
FLASHBACKFREDDIE @jjakubowski: "...everything and more..." Somewhere in the world it's 13 O'clock (reblip)
by_starla hi there @Epicrates--it's so good to see you-i missed you! how are you? you need to come back for a concert again-you can always crash here... :)
by_starla [The Besties – Zombie Song] special doubleshot for @badtemperedzombie--part 2 :)
by_starla @Epicrates-you can stay here anytime-will try to keep the cats from driving you crazy. let me know if anything appeals to you on my lastfm events page
by_starla RB@listeningsky-you're very welcome! how are you? it's been too long :) : "Thanks to by_starla for turning me onto these guys;D)" (reblip)